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Progressives’ Political Tactics, Ego, and Superbowl Ads

I view the Audi Green Police Ad as a singular finger pointing mock of the Obama Administration’s Goal of an American Progressive/Socialist/Communist Nation ‘Utopia.’

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Reply to HillBuzz: Perhaps the question should be: Should you vote ‘against’ someone because she is a woman?

Active perverse suppression, more so than promotion, of female candidates seems more relevant to the debate of gender and politics. Hi there to friends at HillBuzz!  I read your recent article about female office seekers with interest and found myself … Continue reading

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Obama Hogzilla Stimulus Bill failed; Congress is scared; Senate hits brakes on Cap and Trade; Obama Distracted and Losing Traction

While Obama is distracted in Europe seeing the ‘sights’ and pontificating before members of the G-8 about Global Warming, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif), who chairs the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said her committee is just too busy grappling with the Obama Universal Health Care Bill to attend to the Obama Cap & Trade Bill. Continue reading

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Obama Job Approval Index hits minus 3; Sarah Palin Changes the Game; Gore calls people Nazis

What matters is what people think… and Palin, pulling nets wearing her hip waders while being interviewed by Andra Mitchell, is far more powerful than Obama using his Teleprompter in front of his hand picked Town Hall Audience SELLING his Obama Health Care Snake Oil on the heels of the Democrat Majority House of Representatives passing his Cap & Trade Energy Tax on All Americans to solve a non-existent Global Warming “Problem…” the biggest single tax increase in the history of Human Kind. Continue reading

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Boycott Kellogg’s – They Advertize on David Letterman Show

Well Kellogg’s? My Family Values do not include buying anything from an Advertiser on Dave Letterman’s Lewd Disgusting Show joking about statutory Rape of a 14 year old girl.

You are Being Called upon to End your Advertising which gave Letterman a voice to “joke” attack a 14 year old girl being statutory raped by a grown man. The Nation Wide Call to Boycott you has been Issued. Continue reading

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Fire David Letterman; That Socialist Pervert crossed the line; Boycott Letterman’s Advertizers NOW

This time… the Sexist Socialist slime balls are being held accountable, even by the National Organization of Women (NOW) who placed David “the Perv” Letterman in the NOW’s Hall of Shame. Continue reading

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