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Obama arrogantly attempts Serious Violation of the US Constitution (video)

MESSAGE TO THE PRESIDENT: This is a Constitutional Democracy You are NOT ALLOWED TO VIOLATE THE US CONSTITUTION Under Penalty of Law Obama’s Nixonian Behavioral fallout will chase him like a pack of wolves running down a sheep The arrogance … Continue reading

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Obama to Gays: You are only 4% of the DEM party, I don’t need you so shut up

As the world turns… Obama has his spokesman tell protesting gays to STFU and put your clothes on. What’s that you say Barack? It’s not easy being president, what with these meanies? Ohhh realllly… “Welcome to the party, PAL!” Public … Continue reading

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SNL – Obama Accomplishments? Just 2, Jack & Squat (video)

SNL is now classified as a Right Wing White Supremacist Terror Group; The No-Fly List is being Updated; Federal Marshals are being briefed; Napolitano has made an emergency trip to NYC to head up the SNL Threat Task Force; SNL Sniffing Dogs are under emergency training; Tina Fey to get facial surgery to look like Valerie Jarrett; Oprah is changing her name to OhNoPrah. Continue reading

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