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1 in 4 DEMs agree with Tea Party; wants to Repeal ObamaCare; Eat That Obama

From “Healthcare reform is hurting the reelection chances of freshman Democrats in the House, according to The Hill/ANGA poll.A majority of voters in key battleground districts favor repeal of the legislative overhaul Congress passed this year.” Gee… Imagine that! … Continue reading

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and… another one bites the dust; no not that one; the other one

Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome It’s sometimes lethal to political careers. New Hampshire Rep. Timothy Horrigan found out the hard way. Horrigan is the latest Palin Derangement Syndromer to come to the end of his political career as a direct result … Continue reading

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Progressive Exploding Head Parade: re: Sarah Palin Tea Party Address

Just so everyone knows who to laugh and point at! 😉 Below is just a sampling, mind you! 😉 (edit: Thank you! to sister conservative blogger, Christine, at Talk Wisdom for her push of this blogpost!) Lame Stream Media Cranial … Continue reading

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Pavlovian Left Wing Loon Baiting, an Artform of exploitative takedown; UPDATED

Enticing Left Wing Loons into Raging Emotional Attack while controlling the circumstances, thus the playing field, is an interesting and powerful skill. Consider this Radio Interview of Sarah Palin by Rusty Humphries yesterday… First Half: Remaining Half: What did Sarah … Continue reading

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Apparently, 71% of American Voters are Angry Right Wing Extremists if you believe Pelosi! hahaha; Rasmussen Poll Tells the Real Story…

Latest Poll from Rasmussen Reports: 71% Angry at Federal Government, Up Five Points Since September What leaps out at me are strong data trending indications… The data suggests that the level of anger is growing. The 71% who are angry … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Envy triggers Socialist Head Spinning… would ObamaCare cover Exorcisms for Socialists? hahaha

Sorry Socialists! Your head spinning is a national laughing stock! A few days ago, Mary Walsh in the character of Marg Delahunty, a Susan Boyle Of Canadian Broadcasting, wanted a little attention from Gov. Sarah Palin during one of Sarah’s … Continue reading

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