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Iran’s Feb 11 surprise? perhaps a test of a NOKO supplied nuke

Yes, it is speculation, based on what Iran could do without evoking an attack on themselves by the Allies. I perceive Iran as wishing to bait Israel into attempting a preemptive strike for the political mileage it would yield Iran. … Continue reading

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Anita Dunn: I turn to Communist Killer Mao Tse-Tung as my Political Philosopher (video); Update: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn

Update: 10/16/09 10:34 am eastern: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn When someone tells you their favorite political philosopher is Mao Tse-Tung, you can be certain you are talking to a Maoist Communist. When someone tells you their favorite political … Continue reading

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Obama will Never Use US Military Against Iran to stop NUKES; Places Own Political Agenda above US Security; Will Blame Inaction of Other Countries as Excuse

Barack Hussein Obama is more interested in his political goal of ascension to the throne of Socialist King of the World than making the hard decision to use military action to prevent Iran from creating NUKE Weapons when all else fails. Continue reading

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