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Obama Declares National Emergency; His Poll numbers – the real emergency

*NATIONAL EMERGENCY* TURN TO OBAMA TO SAVE YOU!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!! *NATIONAL EMERGENCY* Yeah right, Barack… We all know this ploy and have been awaiting it… yawn This is the Real ‘National’ Emergency Obama Faces This is the ‘Emergency’ Obama … Continue reading

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Red China defends Anita Dunn from Glenn Beck; saying Praise of Mao is normal

Well… as the world turns. Anita Dunn? You can now rest easy knowing the People’s Republic of China’s Government Controlled News outlet, NEWS sjna not only has Barack Obama’s back but also has your back, Anita. Fellow Mao Lovers Hearts … Continue reading

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Obama covers his Communist Heart with a Smiley Face; Lesson Learned from Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro covered up the fact that he was a communist until after he overthrew the Government in Cuba. Pre-revolutionary Castro and his speeches were popular in the US and Fidel Castro was even a guest on the Ed Sullivan … Continue reading

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