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Pres Carter to N.Korea: I heart you, Communist Brothers

Communist China’s Flag Communist North Korea’s Flag:Progressive Jimmy Carter’s Flag: Let there be no doubt in case there be those who live in a political cave: Communist Overlords in China instigated revolution in Korea and Vietnam to further their personal … Continue reading

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Billy Wharton, SP-USA Co-Chair – Race Card vs Communist Card

You’re a Communist vs You’re a RAAACIST I recently had a Twitter-Debate with the Co-Chair of the Socialist Party USA, Billy Wharton, discussing  the use and impact of the Communist Label attachment to Extremist Left-Wing Operatives. Wharton’s asserted that You’re … Continue reading

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NYT’s Krugman Extortion: Let us tax you else the Baby Boomers die

When a government is powerful enough to give you everything you need, it is powerful enough to take everything you have, including all of your property and your very life. Sometimes, one of these Communist asshat’s says what Obama & … Continue reading

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Liberal DEMs discussing Obama & Co’s Communist threat to DEM party and the US

I want to share an Easter Day 2010 family gathering commentary from one of the member commenters on this blog. He has a years-long established reputation as an honest and truthful person. -VotingFemale Samiam says: VF, At my family get … Continue reading

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Breaking: Obama announces proposals aimed at saving a job, His

Obama just announced his brand spanking new agendas to create jobs… What the hell was the $787 Billion Stimulus bill for? We will have to actually get our hands on this new Socialist Plan to Un-Stimulate Jobs Loss… and likely … Continue reading

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Number of Democrats Falls to Four-Year Low, so says Rasmussen Poll; butt kicking of Socialsim mounts

Selling Socialism to Americans A DEM Load Too Heavy American Voters are dissociating in record numbers from the DEM Party which has in thirty days lost an additional two percent. This brings the total of DEM Membership loss for the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Un-Stimulus of Private Sector yields 10.2% unemployment dividends; Cloward & Piven Strategy on Schedule

The one year mark of the Election of Barack Obama by 53% of American Votes cast (not accounting for Election Crimes by DEM Party Gangs like ACORN and SEIU) arrived today, November 6, 2009. The national unemployment rate has now … Continue reading

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Comrade Obama Refuses to Celebrate Failure of Communism in Berlin; spurns Berlin Wall Invite; “Ich bin Beschäftigt” (I’m too busy)

The Obama Berlin Wall Celebration Snub; yet another dot to connect, Americans. Comrade Obama tells Germany he is just too too busy… and ignoring the fact he was not too busy to go to Denmark with Michelle and Oprah to … Continue reading

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Hey CNN? Fact Check This! ObamaCare Rejected by Voter Majority, so says Rasmussen

The Socialists are spinning the facts and the Fringe Media is totally in the tank with them in extreme desperation that FOX NEWS will expose their BS and report this important information to the Entire WORLD… that ObamaCare IS NOT … Continue reading

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Doug Hoffman, a Republican rejected by the GOP in favor of a Socialist; get a clue Newt (video)

73% of GOP voters nationwide think Republicans in Congress have lost touch with their voting base Dede Scozzafava is the Spoiler, not Doug Hoffman Doug Hoffman will vote WITH the GOP and Against the SOCIALISTS… What’s not to like? Key … Continue reading

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