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SEIU has “Jumped The Shark”

h/t to wizbang Ohhhh yeah… SEIU has most definitely “Jumped The Shark.” from Big Hollywood: The term “Jump the Shark” has been with us for a while. The clever metaphor is used for the moment when something of cultural significance … Continue reading

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Maher & Garofalo – Leaders of the DEM Party, Say You are all RACISTS! hahaha

Mr and Mrs Socialist, HBO’s Bill Maher and his partner Jeanane Garofalo, are clearly the Leaders of the DEM Party and set the examples for correctly applying the Number One Socialist WMD …for prosecuting Zombie RACEer Attacks on a majority … Continue reading

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No Chicago Olympics for Obama; Packs up Snake Oil and Heads Home; Congrats Rio!

It is now official… Rio De Jeneiro Wins as Host of the 2016 Olympics!!! There will be NO CHICAGO OLYMPICS for the Obamas and their pals, “The Slum Lord Gangs of Chicago.” Tough Luck Valerie Jarrett! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a way … Continue reading

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