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Apparently, 71% of American Voters are Angry Right Wing Extremists if you believe Pelosi! hahaha; Rasmussen Poll Tells the Real Story…

Latest Poll from Rasmussen Reports: 71% Angry at Federal Government, Up Five Points Since September What leaps out at me are strong data trending indications… The data suggests that the level of anger is growing. The 71% who are angry … Continue reading

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Anita Dunn: I turn to Communist Killer Mao Tse-Tung as my Political Philosopher (video); Update: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn

Update: 10/16/09 10:34 am eastern: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn When someone tells you their favorite political philosopher is Mao Tse-Tung, you can be certain you are talking to a Maoist Communist. When someone tells you their favorite political … Continue reading

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Socialists Fall on Own Sword; ObamaCare V1.0 is Dead On Arrival

Charles Krauthammer puts it as well or better than has anyone on the planet. ObamaCare Version 1.0 is DEAD! What the Socialists fail to accept is this… We Don’t Want your Freeking Communism and we are not going to let you force it on us. Thus, the world is watching the censure you are receiving from the Majority of Americans and will watch as you Socialists lose your Majority in Congress in 2010.

In Addition… Barack Obama has outed himself as a full Blown Socialist to ALL Voters, including voters who gave him the benefit of the doubt and ignored the warnings from Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and John McCain. Better late than never but what a painful lesson this has been for those who trusted this bastard. Keep the fight against Socialism White Hot and do no relent, fellow Citizens of all races.

And those Anti-Paliners? The World is ignoring their pitiful squeaky sounds now that she has been proven correct about Obama! Their Youtube and Blog View Counts are in the toilet where they dwell. Continue reading

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ObamaCare = ObamaSnoop; Socialist Backdoor to everything you hold PRIVATE!

While Folks have been distracted with the White House Tracking Cookies that allow Obama Administration tracking your every move on the internet if they so choose… a deeper much more sinister trap lies in store for all Americans if ObamaCare is put into Federal Law

Check out HR-3200: pages 195-196 (out of 1,107 pages), in Section 431, entitled DISCLOSURES TO CARRY OUT HEALTH INSURANCE EXCHANGE SUBSIDIES. Continue reading

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