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What Marxist Radical would deny his stripes: one running for the senate

Interesting that CNN was the host of the O’Donnell – Coons debate this week. Unless you have been marooned on a deserted pacific island for the past ten years, you know full well CNN is Obama & Co’s water carrying … Continue reading

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1 in 4 DEMs agree with Tea Party; wants to Repeal ObamaCare; Eat That Obama

From “Healthcare reform is hurting the reelection chances of freshman Democrats in the House, according to The Hill/ANGA poll.A majority of voters in key battleground districts favor repeal of the legislative overhaul Congress passed this year.” Gee… Imagine that! … Continue reading

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Ask Carol Browner, What would a Communist do and not do as a Energy/Climate Obama CZAR?

Ask Carol Browner, What would a Communist do and not do as a Energy/Climate Obama CZAR? …and watch the song and dance show… deflecting from the question and changing the subject to the lipstick imbued topics of “for the good … Continue reading

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CNN is Laughing Stock at Twitter for actually Fact Checking an SNL Comedy Skit

Leave it to the TWITS at CNN to actually Fact Check a bloomin’ Comedy Skit!!!! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Here is Twit Blitzer with the “NEWS” A Twitter Hash, #CNNFactCheck was created at Twitter for the express purpose of making CNN the butt … Continue reading

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Obama Law Enforcement, WESLEY CHEEKS, Declares: It Ain’t America No More, Okay?: UPDATED

This Socialist Police Officer, Wesley Cheeks, of the Reston Virginia Police Department violates the US Constitutional Civil Rights granted by Article I, and suppresses freedom of speech. Additionally, while Officer Wesley Cheeks violates the Constitutional Rights of an American Citizen, he also informs this citizen that “It ain’t [America] no more, okay?”

Well… it is YOU, Officer Wesley Cheeks of the Reston Virginia Police Department who is not okay, OKAY? Continue reading

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Socialist Congresswoman Racist Diane Watson Worships Fidel Castro and Hates Capitalism

Socialist/Communist Diane Watson has gone on record as a Socialist and a Racist who Worships Fidel Castro and his Communist Regime. Gee… Barack Obama is too smart to publicly reveal his own love of Communism for it would be an admittance that the Change he is Hell Bent on Bringing Down on Americans is in fact, Pure Communism.
But… that is not the case with Diane Watson who publicly Celebrates Communism. And, make no mistake, Diane Watson is all for RACISM and uses it with Zest on any Political Critic of Obama. Continue reading

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Palin Blasts ObamaCare; AARP = CRAAP

Obama & Co not only wants you to bend over and take his ObamaCare where the Sun don’t Shine, he has also declared War on Millions who object to bending over, asking Snitches to help him amass a list of people who do not agree with him and communicates their dissatisfaction via the Internet. Well, Mr President? HERE THE HELL I AM! COME SILENCE ME! But you better change the Constitution FIRST! I have a RIGHT TO DISSENT Continue reading

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