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NBC Anglophobic Al Sharpton – Perry Said Black Cloud – Resist We Much!

Racist Alert! Perry Said Black Cloud! Resist We Much! Gee Al, seems to me it is White Elite Democrats who are most responsible for lack of improved employment for minorities. Ohhhhh… The Liberals. They got the Lamestream media in their … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz – Obama’s MSNBC Anglophobic Hate Mongering Racist

Democrat Socialist Mantra Resistance is Racist Oh… The Democrat Party. Obama’s Lame Stream Media Socialists hate everyone who is not submissive to Socialism for whom no blow is too low. …resorting to Blatant Video Re-Editing to make Rick Perry to … Continue reading

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Marxist NBC News Calls Black Conservative Allen West “Bigoted, Ignorant”

Like Governor Sarah Palin Congressman Allen West has joined the Battle Fill Your Hands You Marxist America-Hating Sons Of Bitches Listen Up NBC… KISS MY ASS YOU IGNORANT RACIST SCUMBAGGING CONSERVOPHOBIC MARXIST SONS OF BITCHES Congressman-Elect Allen West is as … Continue reading

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Obama arrogantly attempts Serious Violation of the US Constitution (video)

MESSAGE TO THE PRESIDENT: This is a Constitutional Democracy You are NOT ALLOWED TO VIOLATE THE US CONSTITUTION Under Penalty of Law Obama’s Nixonian Behavioral fallout will chase him like a pack of wolves running down a sheep The arrogance … Continue reading

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Anita Dunn: I turn to Communist Killer Mao Tse-Tung as my Political Philosopher (video); Update: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn

Update: 10/16/09 10:34 am eastern: Media Matters Defends Maoist Anita Dunn When someone tells you their favorite political philosopher is Mao Tse-Tung, you can be certain you are talking to a Maoist Communist. When someone tells you their favorite political … Continue reading

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ABC CBS NBC – Kamikaze Media, Ignored Hurricane ACORN; not Your Grandfather’s Main Stream Media Anymore

Ohh… the slow motion fall from grace and relevancy has been like watching three Japanese Zeros in slow motion colliding against a mighty US Battleship… The American Main Stream Public.

First real eye opener for me was two back-to-back interviews with the GOP Vice Presidental Nominee, Sarah Palin. Enter Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson.

The Kamikaze Media’s hatred of Sarah’s charm, popularity, and political appeal, which were eclipsing Obama’s, was so thick it dripped like cold molasses down the arm of a two year old licking a spoonful of it.
Continue reading

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Obama’s Waterloo; ObamaCare Opposition, A Primal Human Instinct To SURVIVE; DEMs to Launch ObamaCare War on Voters by using GOP as Target

Folks? Be ready to witness an all out Socialist War against the GOP whom they have decided blocked the RAMROD passage of the 1018 pageObamaCare Bill before the August Recess of Congress.

What the Socialists can’t admit to themselves is… it is being rejected by the Majority of Americans who do not want to die waiting for treatment and declared a burden on the government because of their age. Continue reading

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Obama, thus NBC; Frightened over Birth Certificate Issue as ObamaCare runs aground in committee; attempts fruitless clean-up

It has just been announced that Obama’s Federal Health Takeover Bill is stalled in committee and will not be voted on until some time in September. Bad news for The Enchanted One… as his Credibility is Sinking Like a Hot Air Balloon with a gaping hole which is widening daily. Yet Obama does only what he knows how to do… campaign like he was running for president against the dreaded GOP. People wake up when they hear the same BS out of his mouth everyday… day in and day out. Continue reading

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