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1 in 4 DEMs agree with Tea Party; wants to Repeal ObamaCare; Eat That Obama

From “Healthcare reform is hurting the reelection chances of freshman Democrats in the House, according to The Hill/ANGA poll.A majority of voters in key battleground districts favor repeal of the legislative overhaul Congress passed this year.” Gee… Imagine that! … Continue reading

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ACORN’s alias con game for money and power

Did you notice? …when a Socialist ‘Brand’ gets in trouble, the Democrat Party throws that brand away by giving it an alias in the belief that American Voters are too stupid to know what is going on and what the … Continue reading

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Does Obama see NASA as Racist? Takes $3.6 billion from NASA; Gives $4 billion to ACORN

Obama’s actions speak in words that are sometimes so tall it is difficult to actually see them and what they really really mean till one backs up and looks at them from afar. The action: Obama has laid out, in … Continue reading

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REDSTATE reports Pawlenty follows in Palin Path of full support for Hoffman; Daily KOS responds with attacks on REDSTATE; Glenn Beck gives Hoffman on-air Face Time

According to Dana Loesch at  DumpDede: Republicans in New York’s 23rd District have chosen to nominate and support an ACORN-backed, Working Families Party-endorsed liberal over conservative candidate Doug Hoffman. Newt Gingrich called this shift to the left the “new revolution.” … Continue reading

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SEIU has “Jumped The Shark”

h/t to wizbang Ohhhh yeah… SEIU has most definitely “Jumped The Shark.” from Big Hollywood: The term “Jump the Shark” has been with us for a while. The clever metaphor is used for the moment when something of cultural significance … Continue reading

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ACORN Scandal – Tentacles Reach Deep into White House

Who is Patrick Gaspard and what role does he serve as an ACORN Tentacle at the White House? And, who is Matthew Vadum? …and Erick Erickson? And, what do they know? Well… as the world turns so turns Hurricane ACORN … Continue reading

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Katie Couric? BigGovernment.Com is coming for you; Run, Fringe Media Socialist, Run

Seems Katie Couric’s turn in the expose-a-fringe-media-socialist-moonbat barrel is coming…

Andrew Breitbart, the blogger at BigGovernment has more Socialist Moonbat ACORN Crushing coming your way… Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Leaves The Fringe Media Shipwrecked; Reveals hidden Socialist Agendas hiding inside ObamaCare Bill; TeamSarah On Deck!

This is why she ended her Governorship ahead of schedule… to render the Socialist Zombie Troll Squad powerless to do anything meanful to block her relentless advance on Obama and his Congressional Mob of Socialists.

Today Obama is struggling against the tide sweeping over him… a tide of opposition set loose and given focus by none other than Sarah Palin.
Continue reading

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The Fringe Media – Proof Socialism Fails; The Titanic had a band, not so ABC CBS NBC CNN

The alphabet soup Networks are sucking mud from an empty well of viewership/readership. These Socialist run Fringe Media companies sank into non-relevance and the proof? read more… Continue reading

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ObamaCare, A Cost Too Great; Socialists’ “Concessions” Don’t Address near $1 Trillion Costs

Ok, sooo… lets say the Socialists actually create ObamaCare Version 2.o and get it written into a Congressional bill and lets say… the ObamaCare Version 2.0 Bill actually accommodates fixes to the Primary Policy Issues Raised by the Congressional Minority and Americans throughout the Country.

Lets say that for the moment… Now we get down to the real issue!!! Continue reading

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