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ABC network actually thinks they have the power of Sharia Jedi Mind Control? hahaha Silly Socialists! ;)

From Media Research Center: ABC Works to Rehabilitate Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s Reputation After Pining for George W. Bush By: Brent Baker a August 23, 2010 21:15 ET ABC News set out Monday night to rehabilitate the reputation of the … Continue reading

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Obama arrogantly attempts Serious Violation of the US Constitution (video)

MESSAGE TO THE PRESIDENT: This is a Constitutional Democracy You are NOT ALLOWED TO VIOLATE THE US CONSTITUTION Under Penalty of Law Obama’s Nixonian Behavioral fallout will chase him like a pack of wolves running down a sheep The arrogance … Continue reading

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ABC: Global Warming to Blame for Islamic Terrorism

ABC News All The News That Fit To Be Made Up Its a Fringe Media Thang You wouldn’t understand Just read this article at shrugtastic …and have to share it with everyone. Enjoy… Today, Saturday, October 10th, 2009 ABC News … Continue reading

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ABC CBS NBC – Kamikaze Media, Ignored Hurricane ACORN; not Your Grandfather’s Main Stream Media Anymore

Ohh… the slow motion fall from grace and relevancy has been like watching three Japanese Zeros in slow motion colliding against a mighty US Battleship… The American Main Stream Public.

First real eye opener for me was two back-to-back interviews with the GOP Vice Presidental Nominee, Sarah Palin. Enter Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson.

The Kamikaze Media’s hatred of Sarah’s charm, popularity, and political appeal, which were eclipsing Obama’s, was so thick it dripped like cold molasses down the arm of a two year old licking a spoonful of it.
Continue reading

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Obama: Shut Up or ELSE; Can you spell Tyranny?

Obama using Socialist Fascist Tactics to Suppress America into Submission is typical of his Marxist Buddies, Castro, Chavez, and additionally the Mullahs of Iran in their suppression of Citizen Dissent.

Additionally, Obama engages in Presidential Disinformation by telling the world that AARP endorses his ObamaCare Legislation… it turns out to be a Bald Face Lie. Continue reading

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Obama’s Waterloo; ObamaCare Opposition, A Primal Human Instinct To SURVIVE; DEMs to Launch ObamaCare War on Voters by using GOP as Target

Folks? Be ready to witness an all out Socialist War against the GOP whom they have decided blocked the RAMROD passage of the 1018 pageObamaCare Bill before the August Recess of Congress.

What the Socialists can’t admit to themselves is… it is being rejected by the Majority of Americans who do not want to die waiting for treatment and declared a burden on the government because of their age. Continue reading

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Blue Dog DEMs Bite Obama – Slow The Hell Down!; Time is Against Obama who wants to jam Socialist Takeover down America’s throat

Using Health Care as a tool to take over the American Health Care Industry is a tactic that will ruin the quality of care the majority of Americans now have… and what do they get in return for letting you control their health care? Continue reading

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