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Youtube user D3R3K1600 chilling call for conspiracy to murder Glenn Beck (video)

The chilling boldness of Youtube user D3R3K1600’s call for conspiracy to murder Glenn Beck is a testament of a lack of concern of some on the extreme left for making such a video. That Facebook link in the graphic just … Continue reading

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Jed Brandt, the ‘Bald Communist,’ is mad at Glenn Beck

As the World Turns… I located the blog of the ‘Bald Communist’ who’s video’ed anti-American pro-Communist rants were shown on the Glenn Beck Show this week. Seems Jed ‘the Bald Communist’ Brandt watches the Glenn Beck show along with the … Continue reading

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Anita is Done, Medium Well, I’d say, bye Comrade Anita, we will miss you! hahaha

The Obama Administration will be minus one more Communist Radical shortly. Anita the Dunn announced she is DUNN! going away! Finished at the White House! Thus, good citizens of America, another outed-to-the-world Obama Appointed Communist Mao Tse-Tung quoting Little Red … Continue reading

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REDSTATE reports Pawlenty follows in Palin Path of full support for Hoffman; Daily KOS responds with attacks on REDSTATE; Glenn Beck gives Hoffman on-air Face Time

According to Dana Loesch at  DumpDede: Republicans in New York’s 23rd District have chosen to nominate and support an ACORN-backed, Working Families Party-endorsed liberal over conservative candidate Doug Hoffman. Newt Gingrich called this shift to the left the “new revolution.” … Continue reading

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Obama arrogantly attempts Serious Violation of the US Constitution (video)

MESSAGE TO THE PRESIDENT: This is a Constitutional Democracy You are NOT ALLOWED TO VIOLATE THE US CONSTITUTION Under Penalty of Law Obama’s Nixonian Behavioral fallout will chase him like a pack of wolves running down a sheep The arrogance … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – Just Say NO to RINOs; backs Doug Hoffman (video)

Sarah Palin puts her money where her mouth is in her opposition to both Red and Blue Socialism and declared her support and endorsement of Doug Hoffman. This action adds her name to others of like mind, namely,  former Sen. … Continue reading

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Red China defends Anita Dunn from Glenn Beck; saying Praise of Mao is normal

Well… as the world turns. Anita Dunn? You can now rest easy knowing the People’s Republic of China’s Government Controlled News outlet, NEWS sjna not only has Barack Obama’s back but also has your back, Anita. Fellow Mao Lovers Hearts … Continue reading

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FOX News Been Pickin On Obama!! boo hoo hoo, Team Obama sobs

A formal declaration of a STATE OF WAR with a television media channel by Barack Obama, announced this week by Obama’s anti-media-insurgency field commander, Anita The Dunn, is a prime example of  The Chosen One’s refusal to stop his community … Continue reading

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ACORN attacking Glenn Beck with Website? Daily Kos sending Troll Joe Lyles to Disrupt the 912 Rally in DC?

ACORN and the Friends in Political Power have now elevated Glenn Beck as their Number One Target. While pursuing Free Republic this morning I came across a very interesting entry. It appears that ACORN is the entity operating a GLENN BECK SLANDER WEBSITE.

Additionally… There is this Daily Kos Troll and former ACORN employee, Joe Lyles, who is going to Slime Patriots with “Creative Video Editing” during the 912 Project Event in Washington, DC, today.

The following alert comes from our friends and neighbors at… Continue reading

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