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Osama to Obama: notify the defense lawyers, I’m starting up a new crime spree ;)

Osama is doubtlessly laughing at Obama from the safety of Pakistan over Obama’s Politically Correct fumbling & bungling approach of dealing with Al Qaeda’s “Crime Spree.” Hell.. Obama is in violation of his own executive order to close GITMO before … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin has the answers, Obama Does not; Lastest Al Qaeda Recrutment Tool: Janet Incompitano’s Infidel Photo Invasion of Islamic Modesty

When is Obama going to admit his Political Agenda based decisions on homeland defense is a failure and start listening to the common sense advise Sarah Palin is providing to this administration and to all Americans? Obama signaled his Chief … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Crushes Barack Hussein Obama Junior; Updated

Update: Hat tip and thank you to David L Riddick (aka The Aged P) at the blog Conservatives4Palin for recognition of this blogpost with their post: Commander-In-Chief ____________________________ Sarah Palin minced few words in evaluating the National Security disaster  occurring … Continue reading

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Detroit Muslims Brazenly Flaunt Islamic Jihad; This is an OUTRAGE

As an Infidel and an American Citizen I am OUTRAGED and OFFENDED by the socialist permissiveness and utter arrogance of American Muslims flaunting Islamic Jihad in the Face of America! I want all perpetrators of these acts sued to the … Continue reading

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Obama to utilize Al Qaeda Johnson Bomber as tool to “Reform” America?

Obama, at the time of this writing, is hosting a White House ‘Security’ meeting with his administration key players (I wonder if SEIU Chief  Andy Stern got an invitation, lol). I suspect, if at all possible, Obama will utilize the … Continue reading

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