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Obama is a Liar? HuffPo says: “seems that the answer is yes”

Got a Bad Batch of Koolaid, did ya Socialist Koolaid Drinkers??? aaahahahahahahahaha Huffington Post calls Obama a LIAR… Is Obama Bullshi*tting About 18 Month Afghan Withdrawal to Appease War Critics? December 7, 2009 01:02 PM by Miles Mogulescu After watching … Continue reading

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Obama Blinks; caves to Conservative Proxies for shot calling in Afghan War; Code Pinkies signaled to back off and bake cookies

The Obama Speech on Escalating the Afghanistan War was totally predictable… totally. I can’t wait to see the Leftist foaming at the mouth realizing that even though the most radical leftist president in history is CiC, he is not running … Continue reading

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Leaked Obama Afghan Strategy Revealed; Sets Stage for surrender to Terrorists

What looks to be bi-partisan at first glance, Obama’s leaked plans for agreement to send 34,000 more troops to General McChrystal, is in reality, political window dressing. It comes with triggers (“off ramps”) that will automatically end the US involvement … Continue reading

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Mattel: Then there is the unveiling [pun intended] of Burka Barbie. Just what every little girl living under Sharia Law wants…

Possible options are: lack of educational opportunities being human property of a Taliban goat herder without even the status enjoyed by the goats no driver’s license Burka Barbie’s own personal stoning pit in case she becomes too westernized and of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Two Faces Stimulates 912ers March to coming elections (videos)

Pre-Election OBAMA BS to get elected… Post-Election Determination of America Loving Patriots whom Pelosi and others slander and besmirch Tea-Bagger Astro-Turf Nazi Threatening Special-Interest Funded Racist Mobs of Rednecks… H/T to Tellitlikeitis for the heads-up to this video The above … Continue reading

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Jack & Squat Commander-In-Chief trades Blood for Votes; Obama delays troop reinforcements until after governor races

This is the politician who campaigned as the ‘Hope and Change’ candidate and who, as president, is the Jack and Squat Commander-In-Chief. Couple the two upcoming elections for governors of New Jersey and Virginia on November 7, 2009 with the … Continue reading

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ABC: Global Warming to Blame for Islamic Terrorism

ABC News All The News That Fit To Be Made Up Its a Fringe Media Thang You wouldn’t understand Just read this article at shrugtastic …and have to share it with everyone. Enjoy… Today, Saturday, October 10th, 2009 ABC News … Continue reading

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Obama – Afganistan; He Just Can’t Deal with the Big Decisions; Instead, Forms Committee, will likely invite ACORN to help him decide

Barack’s apparent idea for Winning in Afghanistan without enough troops has General McChrystal is insisting… Send Me Enough Troops to get the job done or find my resignation on your Desk, sir! Continue reading

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