NBC Anglophobic Al Sharpton – Perry Said Black Cloud – Resist We Much!

Racist Alert! Perry Said Black Cloud! Resist We Much!

Gee Al, seems to me it is White Elite Democrats who are most responsible for lack of improved employment for minorities.

Ohhhhh… The Liberals. They got the Lamestream media in their pocket and send in a rocket scientist like Al Sharpton to rally black voters back to the Socialist Plantation. Problem is, Big Al is the most teleprompter-challenged media personality in the country… perhaps in history.

Rev Al bases his on air rant on an already apologized for Ed Schultz edited video clip which leaves out the part that Perry said it is the debt that is the black cloud.

Does Rev Al think Black Voters are totally stupid? I don’t.

Black Voters have been lied to by Liberal Blacks and Democrat Whiteys for decades… they finally got one of their own into the WH and wonder of wonder, they expected actual RESULTS. So what happened? The unemployment has hit race minorities the hardest. Black unemployment in Washington DC is at 50%.
Polls show black voters are trending away from Obama and have reduced their 2008 Obama support by 10% and it continues to mount.

Why now is Maxine Waters running from a sinking Socialist Obama boat?
Her career is in serious condition. She now points fingers at a President who has no chance of reelection.

Black Voters who turned out for Obama in 2008, believed his chant of Hope & Change. What they got for their vote was massive layoffs and sky-high unemployment. In Washington DC, black unemployment is 50%.

Obama disapproval is now at record lows and all Barack can do is make excuses and blame everything and everyone for the failure of the Democrat Controlled Government.

Minorities have been the hardest hit… they have given this President time and things continue to go from bad to worse.

The Liberal Media can not spin Obama out of his self-created web of failure.

Al Sharpton’s performances at MSNBC is a total embarrassment.

Black Community leaders like Tea Party Congressman Alan West and GOP Presidential Contender Herman Cain actively confront the Monolithic Voices of the Liberal NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and the Democrat Party with no-nonsense common sense based on proven principles which Socialists are compelled to attack.

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6 Responses to NBC Anglophobic Al Sharpton – Perry Said Black Cloud – Resist We Much!

  1. arlenearmy says:

    Excuse my french .. But Sharpton is 1 stupid ignorant ass mother f***ker. He know damn well what Perry meant.

    Remember what happened to Alan Grayson when he did his cut & edit commercial.

    MSNBC must be damn desperate for black viewers to keep this ignorant fool on the air.

  2. VotingFemale says:

    Arlene… I watch Al Sharpton struggling with the teleprompter… seeing that the words are not even his but knowing he would use similar words.

    Al has got to be …got to be an egg placed on a railroad track by Comcast knowing full well he would get run over by the first train coming down.

    NEVER have I see a more pathetic example of a media “journalist.”

    I practically have to turn my head in embarrassment. But this due deserts for the Rev Sharpton… the simpleton has been milking the race card professionally for decades. Damn he’s dumb.

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  4. arlenearmy says:

    Most blacks I know do not follow Sharpton. It’s the white liberals who keeps recognizing Sharpton as leader of the black folks.

    Sharpton radio show was so bad that he hardly had any listeners. His radio show was 60 minutes long. But out of that 60 min., about 55 of it was commercials.

    Without a doubt, MSNBC did not pick him for his journalist skills. He’s an affirmative action hire.

  5. Sharpton is the best that blacks can do, really?
    John wilder

  6. And the media contiues wtih Al after the Twanna Brawley fiasco

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