Maxine Waters Attacks Barack Obama – Socialists Fleeing the Sinking Obama Ship

Maxine Waters, doing what any trapped Socialist does when reality collides with promises unfulfilled, place blame elsewhere.

There is no member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) who is more an Avowed Socialist Extremist than Maxine “We Will Take You Over” Waters.

Maxine Waters’ career is in serious trouble. How convenient it is that President Obama, who has no chance of reelection, is now the scapegoat of the Queen of the CBC.

This reminds me of German generals blaming der Führer for everything they did and failed to do.

Black Voters who turned out for Obama in 2008 and his CBC generals, believed their promises of Hope & Change. What black voters got for their vote and faith was massive layoffs and sky-high unemployment and lost homes. In Washington DC, black unemployment is 50%.

As GOP Presidential Hopefuls fill the cable channels and news print, Obama’s voter disapproval has broken into record lows and all Barack can do is make excuses and blame everything and everyone for the failure of the Democrat Controlled Government. Blaming Bush, the Tea Party, and bad luck just doesn’t cover your track record, Barack. It’s your track record… your downgrade, your unemployment misery.

Minorities have been hit the hardest… they have given this President ample time and opportunity and who can blame them for bitter disillusionment. Black Americans have been dealt a Socialist Satan sandwich and whether they openly express it or not, their only hope is defeat of the Democrat controlled Senate and White House.

All the President’s men and all the President’s Liberal Media can not spin the President out of his self-created web of failure. When a Socialist President goes down, he falls a long long way. Just ask Jimmy Carter.

The Black Community has to be quitely looking at leaders like Tea Party Congressman Alan West and Presidential Contender Herman Cain; Americans who proudly and confidently confront the Monolithic Voice of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), President Obama, and the Democrat Party with no-bull common sense based on proven conservative principles, principles which Socialists are compelled to attack even in their failures.

There is a battle out there in the Socialist Universe… who will stay on the socialist plantation and who will leave? Time is telling us that answer with every tick of the clock. 10% of Obama’s black voter base has turned their back. That is one in ten. dang…

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5 Responses to Maxine Waters Attacks Barack Obama – Socialists Fleeing the Sinking Obama Ship

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  3. arlenearmy says:

    What Waters is trying to do is signal a blackmail message to Obama. In others words if he don’t come down to the hood, she’s gonna organize a black march on his ass.

    This bitch is unreasonable. See, this is why Obama was anxious to go to Mexican neighborhoods.

  4. VotingFemale says:

    Obama is afraid of venturing into “the hood,” Arlene. They are likely as not to throw a Molotov cocktail or worse. Many folks are seriously pissed off.

    Yeah, he has liberal activists to clap and smile but in a bus tour… you basically get what you get.

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