Ed Schultz – Obama’s MSNBC Anglophobic Hate Mongering Racist

Democrat Socialist Mantra
Resistance is Racist

Oh… The Democrat Party. Obama’s Lame Stream Media Socialists hate everyone who is not submissive to Socialism for whom no blow is too low.

…resorting to Blatant Video Re-Editing to make Rick Perry to appear to say Obama is a BLACK CLOUD over America.

Ed Schultz deleted that Perry said the black cloud is the $14 to $16 trillion dollar debt hanging over America.

Ed Schultz, and his fellow Media Socialist Anglophobes, attack whites for a political advantage in common predictable Anglophobic ways including putting words in the mouths of whites which they never said.

Moderates are not idiots. Moderates see these Democrat stunts as pride going before the fall for the Democrat Party whom Moderates will vote out of power.

Too bad for the multitude of Media’s  “Ed Schultz-s,” that Obama is a One Term Wonder regardless of how much feces they sling and how putrid it may be.
The Socialist Race Card is impotent… why? The only racist Politicians shooting off their mouths are Democrat Anglophobes.

Hey Ed? The Black Voting Block continues to leave Obama in droves. Latest polls shows steady decline in support for Obama… now down 10% from 2008 numbers. As Joe Biden would say, This is a BIG F’ING DEAL

Guess blacks deserting the Democrat Party are racist against Obama, huh?
Try calling Conservative Blacks Uncle Toms and Oreos and see how far that gets the Racist Anglophobe Hate Mongers. lol

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5 Responses to Ed Schultz – Obama’s MSNBC Anglophobic Hate Mongering Racist

  1. Foxwood says:

    VF, That vid tells you how desperate Socialist Dems are to keep power. Natch that MFNBC is the one doing the editing. “Got to keep our Socialist Prez in office. We can’t find anything on Perry, so let’s edit and make him look racist.”

    Hey, Ed. That was not a mistake. You did that on purpose. And now the Rev. Al jumps on the lie wagon after MFNBC played the full context.


  2. VotingFemale says:

    Foxwood, it was deliberate on Ed Schultz’s part… without that heavy editing, he had no point to attempt to make about Perry, Obama, and the word “Black.”

    These socialist idiots are making it all to easy to defeat them… and they are too stupid to realize their judges are the moderate voters whom they offend.

  3. John Wilder says:

    Yes the libtards don’t have a record to run on so they keep pulling the race card and if is offensive to me and should be offensive to blacks
    Kudos on you for posting it.
    John Wilder

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