Obama Admits He is an Un-Electable Economic Failure

So, Barry goes to the Lamestream Media’s NBC and cries poor poor me. If I don’t turn around the economy the Majority of American Voters will fire me.

[youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ7QCzeUCYo%5D

The economy will not turn around in six months or ever, under the stewardship of the Liberals within the Democrat Party.

Well… Mr President, You took a faltering economy which your party caused by forcing banks to give loans to folks who were too much of a risk and they defaulted in droves.

That started the Democrat economic avalanche and the Democrat housing market bust. It has cost Americans trillions out of their savings, home investments, retirement accounts, and for a minimum of 12 to 29 million, their very jobs.

Then… THEN… you squandered almost a trillion on a so-called stimulus package which not only failed, it put the country in hock up to our eyeballs.

You then saddle American businesses with mounting increases in additional regulations and started micro-managing even things like what kind of lightbulbs you decide we can use.

Your cozy relationship with Big Union Bosses has cost Americans many many billions of additional costs disguised as Auto Company “bail-out” where you put the union in charge of the henhouse.

All in all, you have managed to snatch failure from the jaws of success, and voters are coming for you with political blood in their eyes.

You messed with the wrong country, sir. And your self-earned political “reward” approaches with every tick of the clock. tick… tick… tick… tick… NOV-2012 approaches with inevitability.

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84 Responses to Obama Admits He is an Un-Electable Economic Failure

  1. cheryl says:

    Great post! Enjoyed reading it. Especially like the tick, tick, tick to your reward Obama.

  2. VotingFemale says:

    Hiya Cheryl!

    Obama is now a haunted man and his presidency is going down as the worst failure in the history of America.

  3. Yes kudos for this and he is now usurped Carter as the worst president of all time. I did not see how anyone could beat Carter’s record, but I would love to have Carter now instead of the Liar in Chief.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  4. arlenearmy says:

    Not only is Obama unelectable. He’s also impeachable. If only we had a brave soul to start the process.

  5. cheryl says:

    Hi backatcha Voting Female. Love your blog. Bookmarked and added to Favorites!

  6. arlenearmy says:

    And the scariest part is that Obama more likely will cause greater damage if he suspects he will lose reelection. Look at the mentally disturbing stuff he’s doing. Like Rush Limaugh said, Obama is getting ready to snap.

  7. cheryl says:

    Arlenearmy, I agree. I think it is a very dangerous time we are getting ready to go through. The total disregard of the constitution leads me to believe they are capable of anything to hold on to the power of the office. You can almost feel it in the air, this struggle between freedom and tyranny.

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  9. samiam60 says:

    Here is the Proof in the Pudding of your post VF…… Great job as always 😉

  10. samiam60 says:

    Obama’s Twilight Zone is coming 2012:

  11. AFVET says:

    Arlene, you are correct.
    Desperation is indeed setting in and it will be interesting to see how OB deals with it.
    He has never been confronted with this much opposition in his life, and we have all observed how thin skinned he is.
    The row has always been plowed for him, and for the first time, he can turn around and see the weeds he has sown.

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  14. Bob Mack says:

    Tyrannus Obamus, suffering from severe narcissistic personality disorder, will never admit he is a failure. It’s up to us to do it for him…

  15. Orca says:

    just when you though government could not possibly go farther
    Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Harvard-affiliated Children’s Hospital Boston, proposes a solution in his July 13th, 2011 opinion piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The report advocates for severely obese children to be be taken from their parents and placed in foster homes to get them the proper care they need.
    fit’s right in with michelle it ain’t over yet

  16. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning to all my Favorite American Patriots and Friends 😀

  17. Excellent post, VF. The Democrats stink like raw sushi laying out at the beach, and the only thing left is for the seagulls to sweep down and carry them out to sea.

  18. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    So many excellent comments. I think it is safe to say that we all knew this was coming if Obama were elected as far back as early early 2008.

    A bit more than half the Democrat party voted against Barry in favor of Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries, and for good reasons. Even his vice president, Joe Biden, was on record as saying Barry was not presidential material. Jesse Jackson saw Barry’s pompous egotistical asshattery and it angered him so much he was recorded saying he would like to rip his balls off.

    Well… with all this said, it boils down to his track record as America’s Chief Executive. Barry’s economic record is beyond abysmal.

    He can and did tell folks that 80% of them want him to raise taxes. But it is a glaring lie and folks know it.

    As the election cycle gets underway and moves towards the 2012 election I predict we will see the most vicious personal attack campaign ever launched by the Liberals in the Democrat party. Reason being… to create the illusion of: The GOP Candidate/s is the greater evil of two choices.

    That worked in 2008. That worked for a few fire-walled incumbent Democrats running for reelection to the Senate and House… but this is the big tamale… the Presidency of the United States. To that end, I believe we must all speak out for all to hear: The Economy is DOOMED with a Liberal in the White House… even if they do not control the Senate and the House of Representatives. And that folks is an iron clad truth.

  19. VotingFemale says:

    Thank you rogueoperator!

    Just remember our conservative noses are tuned to detect the stench of a loser liberal like Obama…

    Moderate America is not so well equipped.

    It is your job, my job, all our job to speak to Moderate America going forward in terms that grab them.

    The is a war of economic track records of certain past presidents and 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls and economic track records of Conservatism vs Liberalism …of the economic failures of Liberals and the economic successes of Conservatives… with warnings of how much worst the economy will get if Obama is reelected to the Presidency…. the Presidency… the greatest strangle hold that exists on the throat of American Exceptionalism and Abilities to grow and prosper.

    …that even if all income from all “Rich Americans” were confiscated 100% by a Liberal Government, it would not solve the debt crisis …that if IF a Liberal is elected in 2012 to the Presidency, our economic situation will inevitably go from real bad to real real real bad… so bad that we could not mount sufficient military defense against those who seek to finish off our country in her hour of economic weakness. Such a defense would require borrowing the money to finance that effort and we are tapped out.

    While I and many believe this has been the Liberal plan all along… many moderates can’t and don’t see that.

    I know that is exasperating in the extreme but that is truly how uninformed and unaware moderate America is.

    The Liberals attack Conservatives as “Extreme” in order to cloak their Extremism slyly angling to plant seeds of distrust… and Senators like Mitch McConnell and former Governor Mitt Romney, Liberals love.

    We are dealing with moderate voters… the voters who will swing the tide either to the left or to the right.

  20. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sami! what a Patriot you are! I am proud to call you friend.

  21. VotingFemale says:

    Hiya Orca!

    That piece you have shown about the depths of Liberal Extremism is good fodder with which to teach Moderate Americans about the political dynamite with which they are playing.

    I think it is excellent blogging material.

  22. VotingFemale says:

    Yup… an old saying comes to mind:

    If you cant dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullsh!t.

    Bob Mack said

    Tyrannus Obamus, suffering from severe narcissistic personality disorder, will never admit he is a failure. It’s up to us to do it for him…

  23. VotingFemale says:

    Hiya Arlene & AFVET!

    This is so very interesting, the effects of the fall from “grace” that has set upon “Obama the Magnificent in his Own Mind.”

    The Liberals have a track record of feeding upon their own when they cease to be useful… at least for a while.

    Obama is reported to be under a doctors care for stress and anxiety for the last few years. It has been leaked he is a nervous wreck… who is so afraid to make a political decision it drives him off the deep end.

    The man’s life is a charade… a stage show …smoke and mirrors propped up by enablers. I believe this is why he spoke to Matt Lauer on NBC… to beg in a sense for more propping up by the Lamestream Media and die hard Liberals. I believe Obama sees his chances of reelection in terms of Campaign Contributions and though he reported $64 million so far from bundlers that is not representative of the future.

  24. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Cheryl!

    I agree with you. I firmly believe, and have reason to believe, the Liberals in the Democrat Party are capable of ANYTHING a human can dream up in order to retain ultimate power in this country including capitol murder of opponents if they can get away with it without getting caught.

    That is, in my view, who we are dealing with. Now that is conjecture on my part but it is based on their record of behavior. Look at the events still unfolding in Wisconsin… these rats believe they have the moral imperative to dominate and regardless of the rules regardless of the consequences.

  25. VotingFemale says:

    Oh… has he ever surpassed the former “Worst. President. Ever.” Jimmy Carter. The Liberals can now wear the awards for the Two Worst. President. Ever” spots with Carter moving to number two.


    Yes kudos for this and he is now usurped Carter as the worst president of all time. I did not see how anyone could beat Carter’s record, but I would love to have Carter now instead of the Liar in Chief.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  26. VotingFemale says:

    Hey wdednh! Thank you for your cross-post of the blog article.

    The liberals want this message buried as deeply as they can bury it… and I believe we will see outfits like Google, and Google Owned YouTube playing games to bury articles from view as much as possible that bodes ill for their chosen side… the Democrat Party.

  27. Foxwood says:

    It’s time to tweak the Commies! So let me say…

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  28. Foxwood says:

    Good morning to all the newcomers, but I want to ask…

    What time is it?


    I can’t hear you!


    That’s right, so put on your headphones,
    and put up those 8-tracks.
    Sit and relax
    as I get out my stacks of wax.
    You’ll be listening to K-FOX!

    And today we will start with a K-FOX twin spin.

  29. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Patriot Foxwood! Been defending our Constitution?

    I just LOVE K-FOX! Keep the platters spinnin! woo HOOO

  30. AFVET says:

    VF, we can’t afford moderates or as I call them fence sitters.
    Now is the time the dial needs to go strongly to the right, otherwise, this government will dither into the rest of our lives to rectify Obama’s socialistic policies that have been embedded in the maze of governmental policies.
    Wishy washy policies, and legalese is how we got where we are.
    Always keep in mind Pelosi grinning broadly while wielding an oversized gavel in front of the American People who TOLD them NO !

    The parasites must go.

  31. VotingFemale says:

    Hi AFVET,

    I totally agree with you RE: Moderate (RINOS & Blue Dog DEM) Politicians and Moderate Media Talking Heads on TV.

    The “Moderates” I am talking about are VOTERS. Moderate voters choose the presidents in an elections… these are the “Swing Voters.” And I should switch to using that term, Swing Voters, rather than “Moderates.”

  32. VotingFemale says:

    Obama Be Shakin All Over! NOV-2012 be comin for his liberal presidency.

  33. Foxwood says:

    So now it’s time for Obutthole, Palosi and Reid to Leave!

  34. Foxwood says:

    Let’s make this another K-FOX twin spin!

  35. Foxwood says:

    Did we judge Obutthole by looking at his cover? Seems we didn’t see his Commie roots.

  36. Foxwood says:

    The song was written by Jaggar and Richards, but this bands leader who played previously for the Byrds asked if he could use the song in 1970 before the Stones put it on Sticky Fingers in 1971. Piano player in this version is Leon Russell.

  37. Foxwood says:

    While we’re in the country mood…

  38. Foxwood says:

    Stand by for a word from our sponsor:

  39. Foxwood says:

    Eric Burdon broke off with the Animals and started War. After two albums Eric Burdon quit and War became known for their own music, most notable “Why can’t we be friends” and “Low Rider”

  40. Foxwood says:

    Damn, another K-FOX twin spin!

  41. Foxwood says:

    One more K-FOX twin spin, before the night is done.

  42. Foxwood says:

    Pray to God and be a simple kind of man. Life will be much easier.

    Thank you friends.

  43. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Everyone! James O’Keefe been a busssy boooy again! LOL

    Video Sting of Progressive Govt Workers Enabling Fraud if the Medicaid System

  44. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  45. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Co-Conspirators!

    Congress and the President have no control of themselves. It’s time to balance the budget. You will find the Democraps, RINOs and Obutthole will not vote for this.

  46. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Foxwood!

    FOX News had a panel of “Independents” on F&F this morning crapping all over the GOP and patting the backs of Liberals.

    Guess this is FOX’s new strategy… to cave to Communism and crap on conservatives… for a broader market share.

  47. VotingFemale says:

    RINOS believe Conservatives cant win on logic… that the Lamestream Media is too powerful to defeat thus conservatives should just bow down and shut up.

  48. Foxwood says:

    I hope this is not the case, VF. I like some of the Fox shows and F&F is one of my favs. It looks like the Commies are trying to put FOX and the WSJ out of business. The LSM is doing it’s best to topple Rupert Murdoch.

  49. VotingFemale says:

    Well… there is a lot going on with News Corp thus by association, FOX news. This phone hacking scandal is obviously a big issue for them. Perhaps this all goes to creating a path of reporting that seems more balanced to their critics on the left in this time of high drama.

  50. VotingFemale says:

    This could be the reason for Beck’s early departure as well… his contract was reported to be up in December. FOX is ducking for self-defense reasons.

  51. Foxwood says:

    Consider that Murdock took care of these problems 10 years ago. This is the Commies trying to take him and FOX down. FOX is only hurting themselves if they are ducking.

  52. Foxwood says:

    Why do you bring up an incident that was taken care of 10 years ago back up again? Well, if the incident happened to a Conservative organization, there is no time limit, even if the problem was resolved. It is a tool to take out Murdock and FOX. Someone needs to grow some.

  53. Foxwood says:

    Levin: Constitutional genius Obama can’t veto balanced budget amendment
    Posted by The Right Scoop on Jul 18, 2011

    Earlier today Obama threatened he would veto the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill if it reaches his desk. Levin says the only problem with this is that, while he can veto the Cut and Cap part, if the Balanced Budget Amendment passes both the House and the Senate it goes to the states, not Obama. He’s got nothing to do with it.

    One would expect a brilliant, ivy league Constitutional Law Professor to know these things:

    To view video go to:

  54. Foxwood says:

    The thing is, the American People don’t know this. It used to be taught in high school, and now the Commie twits on Twitter make uniformed, ignorant comments about it. Go on Commies, show your ignorance and stupidity.

  55. Great advice, VF. I think I will do just what your propose. Keep up the good work, RO

  56. Foxwood says:

    Good afternoon Co-Conspirator RO!

    Good to meet you. I fire my cannon in the mornings to PO the Commies. They like to call me a Nazi. Tho I am not I give them some bait. Can’t catch fish without bait.

  57. VotingFemale says:

    Glad to be of help RO!

  58. VotingFemale says:

    Interesting Poll, Foxwood. National Poll, eh?

    BTW, there may be troubled waters for Michele. “Anonymous Sources” suggest she has on going health problems brought on by “nervousness.”

    Don’t know if it is true or not. But it smacks of gender profiling to me.

  59. VotingFemale says:

    Foxwood, the only comeback for being called out for them being commies, it to call folks nazis. The irony of that is actual German Nazis were Socialists. ROFL

  60. Foxwood says:

    So true, but I love to wack them over the head with it. 🙂

  61. Foxwood says:

    So tell me more of this Michele having nervouse problems. I haven’t heard this yet.

  62. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  63. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Foxwood, methinks there is war brewing in Florida. Allen West is not going to let that Racist Socialist Slimeball Debbie Schultz get away with her asshattery.

  64. Foxwood says:

    It’s about time Conservative grow some and Allen West is showing how to do it. I hope we get more Allen West’s in Congress. We can put the Mitch McConnell’s out to pasture.

  65. AFVET says:

    I think McConnell is in the election cycle.
    You’re right Fox, put him out to pasture.
    Walsh made an imprint on Chris Mathews’ show and exposed Matthews for the moron he is.
    The circular conversations the libs engage in is maddening to me.

  66. Foxwood says:

    Chris tell Walsh, that cut, cap and balance is not a plan? What a moron. What is not a plan is Obutthole not having a plan. Democraps don’t want to balance the budget? Obutthole calls it sybolism? A gimick? POS MORONS!

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