Marxist NBC News Calls Black Conservative Allen West “Bigoted, Ignorant”

Like Governor Sarah Palin
Congressman Allen West has joined the Battle
Fill Your Hands
You Marxist America-Hating Sons Of Bitches

Listen Up NBC…

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Congressman-Elect Allen West is as much a nightmare for snake oil Marxists as Sarah Palin. They are both coming for these enemies of Americans and THEY MEAN BUSINESS. These Marxists are frightened out of their total wits.

Folks… if you thought the Marxist-Leftist Junkyard Dog attacks on Sarah Palin was below the belt, they are just warming up on powerful political figures on the right. That they focused their personal attacks almost exclusively on Sarah Palin over the past two years is their admission  of guilt at failing to connect with the majority of America… thus they seek to demonize us all directly and indirectly. Sarah Palin is the Mother Lode of Anti-Marxism Kryptonite and they know it in spades. Now she has company, which includes Congressman Allen West.

These scumbagger Marxists have no real reason to fear weaklings on the Conservative side of the equation… and they have their progressive friends RINOs on the right as well. Did you observe them rallying around Lisa Murkowski [R-AK] against Joe Miller?

RINOs are their not-so-secret backstabbing weapons and have stabbed Americans in the back yet again today:

Watch what these Marxists do to smear Congressman Allen West.

Can you imagine a presidential ticket with both Sarah Palin and Allen West?

The heads of the Democrat Marxist Elitist Dragons would literally explode in one massive detonation, for they know all they have is snake oil to sell and/or shove down the throats of Americans who have woken up and kicked their Congressional Lamer Asses to hell and back.

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143 Responses to Marxist NBC News Calls Black Conservative Allen West “Bigoted, Ignorant”

  1. Foxwood says:

    How the hell is it that #p2 people continue to call Tea Party people RACISTS! It has nothing to do with color. It’s the persons character and beliefs. A Conservative black man/woman = A Conservative white man/woman. Take the color out of the picture. Listen to the words.

  2. samiam60 says:

    News Flash: Voting Female NOT taking Prisoners.

  3. samiam60 says:

    OOOOOOOOh ho ho ho VF you are on a mission and a good one. Well put using Sarah Palin and comparing the attacks to the new Allen West attacks. Cleaver girl……………………….. 😉

  4. samiam60 says:

    I must simply tweet this immediately.

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  6. Foxwood says:

    It is a hot post, VF! I did a TwitLonger on it.

  7. Liberty says:


    Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III Arrested for trying to Expose Government Corruption
    By JB Williams Thursday, April 1, 2010
    Retired Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III, a citizen of Monroe County Tennessee, attempted to affect a legal citizen’s arrest this morning as the new 2010 Monroe County Grand Jury convened for the first time.

    Fitzpatrick’s actions were peaceful and supported by US and Tennessee Constitutional Law concerning a citizen’s right to expose government corruption, and affect a citizen’s arrest, especially when concerning individuals in government who are unlikely to ever expose their own corruption or arrest themselves.

    Fitzpatrick has been seeking justice in Monroe County for quite some time now, and I have been following those efforts. Background and the string of events leading up to Mr. Fitzpatrick’s arrest can be followed in my previous columns on the subject.

    Is Obama Guilty of Treason? – Jun 10, 2009
    Why Commander Fitzpatrick Is NOT Guilty of Mutiny! – Jun 13, 2009
    Why the Founding Fathers Were “Birthers” – Aug 1, 2009
    Tennessee Grand Jury Joins DOJ in Obstructing Justice – Sep 9, 2009
    The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie – Sep 10, 2009
    The Theory is Now a Conspiracy—II – Sep 15, 2009
    DNC Failed to Certify Obama as Eligible in MOST States! – Sep 25, 2009
    How Crazy are those “Birthers?” – Oct 15, 2009
    Obama Treason Charges Advance In Tennessee Grand Jury – Nov 28, 2009
    Monroe County Grand Jury Still Sitting on Treason Case – Dec 16, 2009
    Monroe County Tennessee Still in Treason Spotlight – Jan 2, 2010
    After months of trying to get what could be the most important question of our time answered in an open court, it became clear that something was very wrong with the justice system, not only in Washington DC, but in little ole Monroe County, Tennessee as well.

    The US Grand Jury Institute (USGJI) investigated events in Monroe County and issued a full report which is posted on Fitzpatrick’s web site, The Jag Hunter.

    In brief, USGJI found that the Grand Jury in Monroe County, Tennessee was nothing more than a good ole boy club set up to deny justice, rather than uphold the state or US Constitutional process of fair and impartial justice, with a Jury Foreman who had held that maximum TWO YEAR position for twenty-seven years now.

    Many more illegal anomalies were identified by the USGJI, all of which are explained in detail in their investigative brief.

    Void of any other peaceful alternatives in his search for justice, Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick III attempted to arrest members of the Monroe County government this morning, for what Fitzpatrick has alleged to be acts of corruption on a grand scale in his local community.

    In return for his efforts to expose local corruption in the Monroe County justice system, Fitzpatrick himself was arrested this morning.

    The message is overwhelming…
    The American people have NO right to ask their president who or what he is… not even if you are a retired Navy Commander, or a top doctor and Lt. Colonel in the US Army.

    If a US citizen dares to expose government corruption, it is likely to be the citizen who will be charged with a crime…

    Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick III was arrested in Monroe County early this morning and as of my most recent query to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office moments before releasing this report, Sgt. Lynn states that Fitzpatrick is “passively resisting” processing, but is expected to be arraigned on the following four charges tomorrow morning.

    Disturbing a meeting by interrupting a Grand Jury while in session, to arrest the jury Foreman Gary Pettway.
    Inciting a riot by gathering a reported five supporters to video the arrest attempt.
    Resisting arrest.
    Disorderly Conduct
    Further information will be forthcoming as events unfold.

  8. Liberty says:

    Oh Blogwood, I just saw you on twitter! hahahah You are funny man.

    Oldduker, I just retweeted you!

  9. samiam60 says:

    Ok then VF, I am already taking heat on twitter for tweeting your post here today. You sure know how to fire up the crowd.

  10. samiam60 says:

    Good afternoon Liberty and thank you so much for re-tweeting my post. Good to see you on twitter.

  11. Liberty says:

    Hey Sami, We watched that last night. I like when Bill was talkng to Juan Williams about the ILLEGAL ALIEN in CA that betrayed,lied,shishted Angle.

  12. Liberty says:

    Great to see you guys too. Take care.

  13. Foxwood says:

    WG, I hope things work for Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick. We can arrest people for exposing corruption, but wont do a thing about @WikiStinks!

  14. VotingFemale says:

    Sami, These Marxists think we are going to lay down and play submissive?

    They are in for an F-ing Shattering SHOCK!

  15. Liberty says:

    Dream Act Amnesty to Displace and Replace Americans

  16. samiam60 says:

    “It is the DUTY of a Patriot to protect his country from its government” … Thomas Paine

  17. Foxwood says:

    WOW! Time flies. Punkin’ Rush’s cat, is 13 years old, and I remember when he got her.

  18. Foxwood says:

    Good words, Sami!

  19. Liberty says:

    sorry about the vids, I’ve even tried adding an extra bracket ]]

    edit: I fixed it for ya, dear. You need lose the [ ] and youtube= all together and type nothing following the youtube link. There be a bug in wordpress.

    **Illegal Alien Supporters Threaten Rhode Island Lawmaker **

  20. AFVET says:

    Personally, I am enjoying watching fools embrace idiots that have embraced the fools of the past.
    The lack of knowledge of our history, and the results of the missteps we have made, are becoming more and more obvious.
    Conservative philosophies are being demeaned by people that are threatened by our common sense approach as to what enables people to be productive in their lives.
    Rome failed using the same principles Obama is imposing on the US.
    The people that are determined to take this country to Her knees are arrogant twisted assholes that the world is watching, and waiting for the outcome.
    The American experiment is still evolving.
    The EU failed, or is in the process of failing.
    Liberalism does not work.
    The monster we have inadvertently placed in the White House will hopefully get the lesson of his life along with We the People.

  21. VotingFemale says:

    AFVET these are indeed bad times for the Marxists=Socialists=Progressives=Liberals

    The more they whine, wiggle and squirm… the worse it gets for them.

    While they have damaged us… it is recoverable… but the damage to them in the process is not recoverable. They are, in my true belief, doomed for decades. That Reid and Pelosi still have top spots is wonderful… they are Marxist Poster-Trolls along with Obama… all detested and rejected…

    We the People are swinging Thor’s Hammer

  22. Foxwood says:

    Lack of knowledge, AFVET, is my biggest pev I have with the left. Dumbing down and indoctrination has been taking place in our PS education system for decades.

  23. samiam60 says:

    Van Jones Emcees Profanity-Laced, Bush-and-Business-Hating, ‘Green’ Poetry Slam

    Guess where Van Jones is popping up now? The former Green Jobs Czar shared emcee duties at the Brave New Voices Speak Green poetry slam — a competition where “youth from around the country, ages 13 – 24, compete for the opportunity to travel on behalf of Youth Speaks to some of the key conferences and summits on the Environment to date.” The topic of this year’s event? Global warming.

    As you’ll see, the young poets stayed on point. One blasted BP head Tony Hayward and made sure to include the “F” word and mock the man’s wife. Another said Bush didn’t deserve his second term, and alluded to the former President not caring about hurricane Katrina.

    That’s where Van Jones comes in. This year’s annual poetry slam was held in L.A. and featured the deposed Green Czar. After the event, Jones spoke candidly about young people embracing the green movement as “social justice,” and how that’s been his plan for the last 10 years.

    “To see young people, this new generation, they have a new vision for the environment,” he said. “They don’t see the distinction between social justice and the environment — they want to see healthy people and healthy planet. That‘s what I’ve been talking about for 10 years.”

    He went on to call the poems and their messages “beautiful.” The full 11 minute video is below, featuring two poets and Jones at the end:

  24. samiam60 says:

    Hey wheres the White People? How Racist of Van

  25. AFVET says:

    VF, We the People are swinging Thor’s Hammer.
    Indeed we are.
    However, the hammer must strike home on the next generation or the efforts we are making will fall to not.
    Listening to Rush now, and Beohner and Canter are wimping out on us.
    They both sound like they need more education as to what the Tea Party Movement desired.

  26. Liberty says:

    Thanks VF. Finally got it girl!

    Baby, it’s cold outside!

  27. VotingFemale says:

    AFVET, if they value their political hides they better tow the mark.

    Or Thor’s Hammer swings on them

  28. samiam60 says:

    GOP Reps Blast Smithsonian Exhibit Featuring Ant-Covered Jesus on Cross

    The Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery is under fire for hosting an exhibit that is filled with homoerotic art, an image of Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts and a video of Jesus on a crucifix covered in ants, outraging conservative leaders and prompting some Republican lawmakers to call for a congressional investigation.

    “Absolutely we should look at their funds,” Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, told Fox News.

    “If they’ve got money to squander like this – of a crucifix being eaten by ants, of Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts, men in chains, naked brothers kissing – then I think we should look at their budget.”

    The video, “A Fire in My Belly,” is included in the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibit titled, “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture,” which is scheduled to run through the Christmas season.

    National Portrait Gallery historian and exhibit co-curator David C. Ward told, which first reported the story, that “A Fire in My Belly” reflects the “violent, disturbing and hallucinatory” aspects of the AIDS epidemic.

    “Fire in My Belly is an example of political engagement in artistic form with the AIDS epidemic by an artist deeply concerned with the exploration of our response to that medical and societal calamity,” Ward said. “That it is violent, disturbing, and hallucinatory precisely replicates the impact of the disease itself on people and a society that could barely comprehend its magnitude.

    Kingston saw it differently and called it, “In your face perversion paid for by tax dollars.”

    And incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., called it an “outrageous use of taxpayer money and an obvious attempt to offend Christians during the Christmas season.”

    “When a museum receives taxpayer money, the taxpayers have a right to expect that the museum will uphold common standards of decency. The museum should pull the exhibit and be prepared for serious questions come budget time,” Cantor said through a spokesman.

    Incoming House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he condemned the use of taxpayer money for the exhibit but would not call for the removal of the exhibit.

    “American families have a right to expect better from recipients of taxpayer funds in a tough economy,” Boehner said. “While the amount of money involved may be small, it’s symbolic of the arrogance Washington routinely applies to thousands of spending decisions involving Americans’ hard-earned money at a time when one in every 10 Americans is out of work and our children’s future is being threatened by debt.

    “Smithsonian officials should either acknowledge the mistake and correct it, or be prepared to face tough scrutiny beginning in January when the new majority in the House moves to end the job-killing spending spree in Washington.”

    The exhibit also drew the ire of Catholic League President Bill Donohue, who said it is “hate speech.” “This is clearly designed to offend,” he told Fox News.

    “What concerns me is that the government is underwriting this assault on Christian sensibilities calculated to offend during the Christmas season.”

    Susan Gibbs, executive director of communications for the Archdiocese of Washington, told she was unable to comment immediately on the issue and referred to Donohue’s statement issued earlier in the day.

    Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, said, “This exhibition is a direct assault on Christianity and the timing – the Christmas season! – shows how offensive it is intended to be. This federally funded vulgarity by the Smithsonian Institution must come to an end immediately. How dare anyone use a federal facility – The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery no less – to exhibit such obscene materials …

    “We are also calling on Congress to launch a full investigation into the approval process of the Hide/Seek exhibit.

    The Smithsonian declined numerous opportunities to comment on the controversy. Spokeswoman Linda St. Thomas told the New York Post that it does not comment “on people’s opinions on art.” She also told the newspaper that while the museum receives funding from Congress, the exhibits are funded through private donations.

    But Kingston refuted that assertion.

    “For them to say this is not tax-funded is absurd,” he said, noting that 65 percent of the Smithsonian budget comes from taxpayers and that the National Portrait Gallery receives $5.8 million in tax dollars.

    “If the art community wants to do it, they should do it on their own nickel, but they are doing it in a building that is paid for by the public, with staff that is on the federal payroll,” he said.

    Kingston said he was not sure what form a congressional investigation would take, but he said some options included “calling them up in front of the Appropriations Committee, asking for some resignations, auditing all their budget – all their books.”

    “We need to move in that direction,” he said. “As stewards of the tax dollars in these very difficult times, we don’t have the money to squander like this.”

    Read more:

  29. VotingFemale says:

    Deano Sings for WG…

  30. Foxwood says:

    Guess Who’s Paying For The Greece Bailout? That’s Right — YOU
    Henry Blodget | May 3, 2010, 8:35 PM

    LETTERS TO BUSINESS INSIDER: Greece Objects To Our Plan To Seize The Parthenon As Bailout Collateral

    The bailout outrages never stop.

    Of the 110-billion Euro Greece bailout, 30-billion (approx $40 billion) will be paid for by the IMF.

    The US supplies almost 20% of the IMF’s funding (per quotas). So that means US taxpayers are providing ~$8 billion of the $145 billion going to kick the Greek can down the road.

    That’s the first outrage. (Why is this our problem?)

    Read more:

  31. Foxwood says:

    My Tweet to @WikiStinks:

    @wikileaks Whos Ur sponsor,Soros? DOJs shutting down Pirate music websites. Y not Urs? What deal U got going? #tcot #teaparty #gop #sgp #ocra

  32. Liberty says:

    Hey Blogwood, I like! I’m gonna check your tweets man.

  33. Liberty says:

    What does the YR mean? I gotta run right now but will check back later. Y’all gotta help me on the twitter lingo.

    Thanking you in advance. Liberty the WG

  34. arlenearmy says:

    And newly elected Kirk (the republican who took Burris seat) also voted for the 510 bill. Also Vitter.

  35. arlenearmy says:

    Folks… Looks like the nation is on fire & burning down. As for Allen West, he will deal with there asses after he’s sworn in.

  36. tellitlikeitis says:

  37. tellitlikeitis says:

  38. tellitlikeitis says:

  39. arlenearmy says:

    I wonder if it’s time for bayonets & muskets? Never mind answering. We know the answer.

  40. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Evening Arlene!! right on! LTC Allen West!

  41. tellitlikeitis says:

  42. arlenearmy says:

    How you doing tellit? Allen West may very well be the one to lead the charge to save this republic.

    Did you see beck this afternoon? He says the perfect storm is already here.

  43. VotingFemale says:

    I believe he will, Arlene. West wont back down from the effers.

    arlenearmy says

    Folks… Looks like the nation is on fire & burning down. As for Allen West, he will deal with there asses after he’s sworn in.

  44. AFVET says:

    Arlene, the perfect storm is on the radar, but not here yet.
    If we see it we can avoid it.
    We did see it and hopefully elected the potential remedy for it.
    Also, bayonets and muskets are not the way to retake the country, although, mine are cleaned and ready.

  45. Foxwood says:

    Good evening Arlene!

    Good evening Tellit!

    WG, I think I used Ur, meaning you’re or your.

  46. Foxwood says:

    Mine are ready as well, Arlene, AFVET. I will not use until last resort.

  47. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Evening Everyone!

  48. tellitlikeitis says:

    The Obama voters are going crazy!!!!

  49. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Evening Arlene,Foxwood,AFVET, VF, and whoever else might be on.

  50. tellitlikeitis says:

    Subject: How to fix the economy.

    AND – It would only add up to a ‘measly’ $40 Billion!! When have we seen a price tag THAT low lately??

    The Fix
    There recently was an article in the St. Petersburg , Fl. Times. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on: “How Would You Fix the Economy?” I think this guy nailed it!
    Dear Mr. President,
    Please find below my suggestion for fixing America’s economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the “Patriotic Retirement Plan”:
    There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:
    1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings – Unemployment fixed.
    2) They MUST buy a new AMERICAN Car. Forty million cars ordered – Auto Industry fixed.
    3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed.
    It can’t get any easier than that!
    P.S. If more money is needed, have all members in Congress pay their taxes…
    Mr. President, while you’re at it, make Congress retire on Social Security and Medicare. I’ll bet both programs would be fixed pronto!

  51. tellitlikeitis says:

    Subject: Fw: How many zeros in a billion?

    Subject: How many zeros in a billion?

    >> How many zeros in a billion?
    >> This is too true to be funny.
    >> The next time you hear a politician use the
    >> word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about
    >> whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending
    >> YOUR tax money.
    >> A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,
    >> but one advertising agency did a good job of
    >> putting that figure into some perspective in
    >> one of it’s releases.
    >> A.
    >> A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
    >> B.
    >> A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
    >> C.
    >> A billion hours ago our ancestors were
    >> living in the Stone Age.
    >> D.
    >> A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.
    >> E.
    >> A billion dollars ago was only
    >> 8 hours and 20 minutes,
    >> at the rate our government
    >> is spending it.
    >> While this thought is still fresh in our brain…
    >> let’s take a look at New Orleans ..
    >> It’s amazing what you can learn with some simple division.
    >> Louisiana Senator,
    >> Mary Landrieu (D)
    >> is presently asking Congress for
    >> to rebuild New Orleans . Interesting number…
    >> what does it mean?
    >> A.
    >> Well … if you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans
    >> (every man, woman, and child)
    >> you each get $516,528.
    >> B.
    >> Or… if you have one of the 188,251 homes in
    >> New Orleans , your home gets $1,329,787.
    >> C.
    >> Or… if you are a family of four…
    >> your family gets $2,066,012.
    >> Washington , D. C
    >> HELLO!
    >> Are all your calculators broken??
    >> Building Permit Tax
    >> CDL License Tax
    >> Cigarette Tax
    >> Corporate Income Tax
    >> Dog License Tax
    >> Federal Income Tax (Fed)
    >> Federal Unemployment Tax (FU TA)
    >> Fishing License Tax
    >> Food License Tax
    >> Fuel Permit Tax
    >> Gasoline Tax
    >> Hunting License Tax
    >> Inheritance Tax
    >> Inventory Tax
    >> IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
    >> IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    >> Liquor Tax
    >> Luxury Tax
    >> Marriage License Tax
    >> Medicare Tax
    >> Property Tax
    >> Real Es tate Tax
    >> Service charge taxes
    >> Social Security Tax
    >> Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
    >> Sales Taxes
    >> Recreational Vehicle Tax
    >> School Tax
    >> State Income Tax
    >> State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    >> Telephone Federal Excise Tax
    >> Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
    >> Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
    >> Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    >> Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
    >> Telephone State and Local Tax
    >> Telephone Usage Charge Tax
    >> Utility Tax
    >> Vehicle License Registration T ax
    >> Vehicle Sales Tax
    >> Watercraft Registration Tax
    >> Well Permit Tax
    >> Workers Compensation Tax
    >> (And to think, we left British Rule to avoid so many taxes)
    >> Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago…
    >> and our nation was the most prosperous in the world.
    >> We had absolutely no national debt…
    >> We had the largest middle class in the world…
    >> and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.
    >> What happened?
    >> Can you spell ‘politicians!’
    >> And I still have to
    >> press ‘1’
    >> for English.
    >> I hope this goes around the
    >> U S A at least 100 times
    >> What the heck happened?????

  52. Liberty says:

    Hey Tellit, Ok, thanks Fox gotcha on that twitter.
    Earlier I said Angle and meant Whitman.

  53. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Obama still has a fat lip from being attacked with a liberal elbow.


    dumbass cant even play basketball without screwing up

  54. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF and all my favorite American Patriots who comment here. It is a great day to be on the right side of history and to stand for the moral values which made this the Greatest Nation the World has ever known.
    God Bless the United States of America and each and everyone of you.

  55. samiam60 says:

    We Once had Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash: Now, We Have Obama, No Hope and No Cash.

  56. samiam60 says:

    “The Bush recession was better than the Obama recovery.”

  57. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  58. Foxwood says:

    Good morning VF!

    Good morning Sami!

    You have a good tweet there Sami!

    “The Bush recession was better than the Obama recovery.”

  59. samiam60 says:

    News Media extremely quiet on the Korean Crisis?

  60. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sami! Foxwood!

  61. VotingFemale says:

    NOKO must be forced to back down or Obama will incite them to take additional aggressive steps believing no consequences will happen.

    If Obama fumbles this he will prove even more how totally ignorant and politically extreme he is.

  62. samiam60 says:

    U.S. and S. Korea Plan More Military Exercises

    The U.S. and South Korea are planning more joint military exercises as early as this month, South Korea’s military said Wednesday, as the two sides wrapped up four days of war maneuvers aimed at North Korea after a deadly attack.

    A South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff officer said that Seoul and Washington are discussing when to conduct the new joint drills. The officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, citing agency rules, would only say that the drills would take place off South Korea’s west coast.

    “Discussions are still under way on when and where the drill would take place and on what scale,” a spokesman told AFP.

    South Korea’s drills with the U.S. involving a nuclear-powered supercarrier in western waters south of the disputed border were set to end Wednesday. The drills were largely aimed at testing communications systems and didn’t have live fire, but North Korea expressed its fury over them.

    South Korea’s military separately plans what it calls routine weeklong naval live-fire exercises from 29 sites next week. Similar naval firing drills will follow in coming weeks, but Yeonpyeong Island and other front-line islands have not been immediately designated as firing sites, the officer said.

    Beijing is pressing for an emergency meeting in coming days to discuss ways to ease tensions embroiling the region after the North Korean artillery attack on a front-line island that killed four South Koreans and wounded 18 others on Nov. 23. But Washington, Tokyo and Seoul are wary of talking with the North.

    Beijing wants talks among the six nations who have negotiated over North Korea’s nuclear program — the two Koreas, China, Russia, Japan and the United States. After walking away from the six-nation talks in April 2009, Pyongyang has shown it is now eager to restart them to gain much-needed fuel oil and aid in exchange for nuclear disarmament.

    Seoul has reacted coolly, saying North Korea must show real commitment to disarm and noting that the North has gone in the wrong direction with its revelation late last month of a new uranium enrichment facility that would give North Korea a second way to make nuclear bombs.

    Tokyo and Washington have backed Seoul in its cool response to China’s proposal for emergency talks, and the three powers arranged to meet in Washington — rather than Beijing — next week to discuss North Korea in a move that clearly underlined the fault line in the “six-party” negotiations.

    U.S. officials said Washington was ruling out the six-party talks for the time being. The United States wants “China to urge North Korea to stop the destabilization,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. “But I think there has to be a seriousness on the part of the North Koreans to get back to these talks.”

    Japan, too, rejected an immediate round of aid-for-disarmament talks, but sent its envoy to the North Korean nuclear discussions to China.

    China, belatedly waking up to its role as North Korea’s mentor, invited high-ranking North Korean official Choe Thae Bok, an aide to leader Kim Jong Il, to Beijing for talks. Kyodo reported from the Chinese capital that State Councilor Dai Bingguo was to visit North Korea, possibly on Wednesday, to urge North Korea to join the emergency meeting. The agency cited unnamed diplomatic sources.

    A Russian nuclear negotiator, Grigory Logvinov, was to visit South Korea on Wednesday to discuss stalled nuclear disarmament negotiations, the North’s artillery barrage and other issues, according South Korea’s Foreign Ministry.

    Read more:

  63. samiam60 says:

    Looks like we will do more military exercises in Korea which allows us to move more assets into the region. I am thinking this whole Korea thing may eventually come to head. God help us with Obama in charge.

  64. samiam60 says:

    ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ License Plates Approved in TX

    Texas drivers will soon be able to make a Texas-sized statement with their license plates. The popular Tea Party symbol of the Gadsen flag, featuring the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me,” has been approved as a Lone Star specialty plate and could be available as early as February.

    The Texas DMV board voted to approve the plates on November 9, after the public was allowed to comment on the possible plates on the state’s DMV website.

    “The Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag is a significant one to American and Texas history, and our market research, both formal and informal, shows that there’s a lot of interest in Texas in state history,” Kim Miller Drummond, spokeswoman for, the company contracted by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to design, market and sell new specialty license plates in the state, told Fox News.

    According to the DMV, the Gadsen plate was approved after it was deemed that it is not a political, but a historical, symbol, and that it doesn’t just represent the Tea Party.

    “Generally if a plate is not deemed to be offensive to public sensibilities,” or too political, it passes, Texas DMV Public Information Officer Kim Sue Lia Perkes told Fox News. “‘Don’t Tread on Me‘ isn’t exclusive to the Tea Party. It’s been around for a long time, so I think that the TxDMV, we would be inclined to look at it as a historical plate and not that we stepped into some kind of political debate”.
    Other states could soon follow suit. We’ve already reported on Virginia’s Gadsen plate plans, and on October 14 Virginia House Delegate John M. O’Bannon III submitted the plate proposal to make them happen. Nevada Assemblyman Ed Goedhart submitted a similar proposal.

    In Nevada, “if you can sell over a certain number of plates, you’re allowed to have specialty license plates,” Goedhard told Fox News. “So my bill would put the Gadsden flag as one of those specialty plates that would have to wait its turn to move up the list.” He hopes his bill will pass in late February.

    Portions of the proceeds from the Texas plates will go to, with the rest going directly to the DMV. In Virginia, the proceeds will go directly to the DMV, while in Nevada the plate’s proceeds will go to a nonprofit group that distributes pocket U.S. Constitutions to high school students.

    “I believe there are a lot of people that basically embrace the concepts of Constitution, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets that our country was based upon and I believe there are a lot of people that would like to show their solidarity with those founding values by having a plate,” Goedhart said.

    Read the entire article at

  65. VotingFemale says:

    I would love to have a Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag license plate.

  66. Foxwood says:

    I may be out of pocket for a while… My work computer has issues. Long story, not really my computer as the cellsite.

  67. Foxwood says:

    Having computer issues… will be back soon!

  68. Liberty says:

    Hey! I’m gonna steal that tweet! hahah

    Good morning fellow Patriots! Woohoo!

  69. Foxwood says:

    “I would love to have a Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag license plate.”

    Would like to have one next to my American flag.

  70. Foxwood says:

    Good morning WG!

    Feeling the best I have felt in years this morning.

  71. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning WG!!! did you see my tweet msg to you last evening?

  72. Foxwood says:

    The America experiment is that man can rule himself. The Progressive elites think the experiment failed or are trying to make the experiment fail so the can say, “see, we have to step in.”

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  74. Bob Mack says:

    Ooops. Embedded cartoon code didn’t take.

  75. VotingFemale says:

    Just post the link to it Bob

  76. Foxwood says:

    Source: No new drilling in Gulf for seven years
    By: CNN Correspondent Dan Lothian

    (CNN) – A senior administration official confirms that President Obama will not be allowing new drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico for at least seven years. This is a result of the BP oil spill.

    The official said Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will hold a call on this news at 1:30pm today.

  77. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Patriot Bob!

    The FCC is pushing through Net Neutrality today.

  78. VotingFemale says:

    Progressives need to be called out and publicly humiliated for being ignorant extremist dangerous psychopaths who should all be rounded up and given psychotherapy to relieve them of their mental conditions.

  79. Foxwood says:

    Glenn: If I’m found in the closet hanging with Victoria’s Secret wings on, I’m not into auto-asphyxiation. I don’t do suicide.

  80. samiam60 says:

    Newest mission completed VF and it pinpoints your last comment above:

  81. Foxwood says:

    This is getting scrubbed off the internet as we speak…

  82. Foxwood says:

    Snafu could stall food safety bill
    Wednesday, December 1, 2010; 11:01 AM

    WASHINGTON — A procedural snafu may hold up action on food safety legislation that passed the Senate Tuesday.

    The Senate bill contains fees that could be considered tax provisions, which under congressional rules supposed to originate in the House, according to House and Senate aides who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the situation.

    Read more:

  83. Foxwood says:

    Rush: My Republican friends say, We like Sarah, but you know, she’s not Presidential material. I used to argue with them. Now I just agree and say, I would rather see 4 more years of Obama over Sarah in office.

  84. samiam60 says:

    Since we’re paying the black farmers & indians reparations, maybe they should pay the white people whose jobs got axed for affirmative action

  85. AFVET says:

    Roxy has posted a great piece on NPR etc.
    Worth a look.
    Just more information for our drive to take the country back from the communistic efforts designed to destroy the republic.

  86. Foxwood says:

    Cancun climate summit: UN calls for worldwide phase out of incandescent bulbs

    Traditional light bulbs should be banned across the world as part of plans to help tackle climate change, according to a new United Nations report.
    By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent in Cancun 5:00PM GMT 01 Dec 2010

    Britain is already phasing out traditional bulbs as part of European regulations to save energy, with high wattage bulbs no longer on the shelves.

    The scheme has been unpopular with many because compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) take longer to warm up and can give some people headaches.

    However they last ten times longer and require far less electricity to produce the same amount of light.

    Read more:

  87. Foxwood says:

    Sorry I missed you AFVET!

    Good Afternoon!

  88. Bob Mack says:

    G’Evnin’ Extremists,
    Sittin’ here tryin’ to read a book by the dim light of the swirl. Don’t know why these numnuts are called Progressives when what they really want is for everybody to be living in caves again…well, everybody except them.

  89. m2 says:

    I want to see Roxy’s post on NPR… heading over there after I say this,

    Samiam, someone linked to this on a social network site:

    I know it’s old (February), but I looked at the list of the 20 most miserable cities in America- Cleveland is Number 1.

    Also on the list:

    Now sam…. What the?????????

    No wonder we had Clevelander’s on Hannity saying that they’re voting Republican, and they even surprised Rush Limbaugh, I remember hearing him comment.

    Why is northern Ohio so Democrat, they’re worse than Detroit and Chicago? Oh well I guess you all threw some of the bums out, huh??

  90. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  91. Foxwood says:

    Been up all night… and still driving…

  92. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Foxwood! And Everyone!

    Up all night???? dang, dear!

  93. Foxwood says:

    And still driving…

  94. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF, Foxwood, M2, Bob, and AFVET 😀 What can I say M2, Cleveland Sucks. I moved away from the City about 4 years ago and none too soon. In a word: Cleveland became a Ghetto plain and simple. Call me a Racist if you will but the facts are the facts. Take a look at every American City where the demographics change and you see the same results. Cleveland is also number 3 I believe in the Nation for violent crime. Again same reasons and we have a 33 or 34% graduation rate in our schools. I am really tired of all the pussy footing around the facts for the sake of Political Correctness. As Joe Friday often says: The Facts just the facts. I do believe I am a bit grumpy this morning.

  95. samiam60 says:

    I spoke on this subject a while back and so this seems appropriate this morning on VF’s sister blog:

    January 11, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    by samiam60

    Is it any wonder why the lefties refer to us as:

    Those so-called astro-turfing redneck illiterate racist tea-bagging racist selfish gun-toting racist bible-carrying small-minded terrorist Jihadist-hating anti-communism torture-loving townhall-ranting non-existent 912 DC rallying racist tobacco chewing carbon-dioxide spewing racist confederate-nazi troglodytes and neanderthals? Did I mention racist?

    I can remember a time in America when we had all Polish, all Irish, all Italian neighborhoods.

    Folks, this Country is a melting pot of many nationalities and races. Is it no wonder that some tend to keep to themselves and that some choose to not associate with others. Is that not what Freedom means.

    Find me one Country on planet earth where there are different races and nationalities that don’t always care to associate with one another.

    Why is that so wrong. It happens within our own Families and Circles of Friends.

    Political Correctness is really just Bullshit.

    We are a free society and if someone don’t like me for who I am or what I stand for well that’s just ok with me. I don’t expect everyone to like me or agree with me in this life.

    So what am I saying?

    I am saying the people will pick and choose whom they like and dislike and nothing is ever going to change that.

    All men/women are Created Equal. It stops there.

    What a person does with his or her life determines just how equal we are.

    That applies to Race, Ethnic background and gender.

    America is messed up these days because folks who clearly are not equal are given positions of importance based on their Heritage rather than their Qualifications.

    Affirmative Action weakened American industry by virtue of unqualified individuals being placed in positions of power and decision making.

    It is just plain wrong!

    This is the land of Opportunity for anyone who is willing to ” work ” for it. ( PERIOD. )

    It is not the land of Opportunity for people who demand it by virtue of heritage.

    That’s just wrong.

    So I guess that just makes me a Bigot and Racist now don’t it?

  96. samiam60 says:

    Ok, I feel better now. 😀

  97. Foxwood says:

    Yea! I get relief. Going home.

  98. m2 says:

    Good morning Fox, VF, Sam!

    I am about to head out to the grocery!

  99. m2 says:

    well, sam- as a former inhabitant of Columbus, I had to book it out of their violent city because I got tired of turning on the local news and hearing about Wendy’s drive through workers getting shot in the face, and Gas station attendants bodies being stuffed in the freezers of their quickie marts.

    There’s only 2 decent neighborhoods to live in Slumbus- in my opinion.
    Worthington/Dublin/Upper Arlington and Bexley…. and Bexley is for the uppercrust.

    You literally drive through poverty and (really scary streets) then Bexley slopped right in the middle with their mega mansions and pristine lawns, and right back into the scary ‘watch your back’ streets again.
    That’s how Columbus was.

    Makes one sick.

    Also, my husband lived on a road near OSU where a kid got off work from a restaurant at 2am and was gunned down after exiting the bus.
    A student.

    I mean, the senseless random crime (and VERY POOR weather) was what made us leave Slumbus.

    The news went like this “murder” “murder” “murder” “Buckeyes” “murder” “weather” “murder”…. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

    I would have needed anti-depressants to stay…
    (No offense ‘belle!)


  100. m2 says:

    But after traveling to Cleveland- I have also seen a people that are pretty unconnected from each other… Maybe it’s just a southern thing, to look people in the eye and greet them when you pass.

    I have been in the downtown areas of Cleveland, there’s a strong artist community there (American Greetings brings them in).

    But most of Northern Ohio, …well I couldn’t believe they were Kucinich liberals. I thought Ohio was full of sensible people. I had to learn that Cleveland was full of libs gradually by experience.

    Now they are the most “miserable” city in the nation because of all the corruption. Sads.

  101. samiam60 says:

    Beautiful story…. makes you understand that things happen for a reason

    The brand new pastor and his wife, newly assigned
    to their first ministry, to reopen a church
    in suburban Brooklyn , arrived in early October
    excited about their opportunities. When they saw
    their church, it was very run down and needed
    much work. They set a goal to have everything
    done in time to have their first service
    on Christmas Eve.

    They worked hard, repairing pews, plastering walls,
    painting, etc, and on December 18
    were ahead of schedule and just about finished.

    On December 19 a terrible tempest – a driving
    rainstorm hit the area and lasted for two days.

    On the 21st, the pastor went over to the church.
    His heart sank when he saw that the roof had
    leaked, causing a large area of plaster about
    20 feet by 8 feet to fall off the front wall
    of the sanctuary just behind the pulpit,
    beginning about head high.

    The pastor cleaned up the mess on the floor,
    and not knowing what else to do but postpone
    the Christmas Eve service, headed home.
    On the way he noticed that a local business was
    having a flea market type sale for charity, so he
    stopped in. One of the items was a beautiful,
    handmade, ivory colored, crocheted tablecloth
    with exquisite work, fine colors and a Cross
    embroidered right in the center. It was just
    the right size to cover the hole in the front
    wall. He bought it and headed back to the church.

    By this time it had started to snow. An older
    woman running from the opposite direction was
    trying to catch the bus. She missed it. The pastor
    invited her to wait in the warm church for
    the next bus 45 minutes later.

    She sat in a pew and paid no attention to the pastor
    while he got a ladder, hangers, etc., to put
    up the tablecloth as a wall tapestry. The pastor
    could hardly believe how beautiful it looked and
    it covered up the entire problem area.

    Then he noticed the woman walking down the center
    aisle. Her face was like a sheet. “Pastor,”
    she asked, “where did you get that tablecloth?”
    The pastor explained. The woman asked him to check
    the lower right corner to see if the initials, EBG were crocheted into
    it there. They were. These were the initials of the woman, and she had
    made this tablecloth 35 years before, in Austria ..
    The woman could hardly believe it as the pastor
    told how he had just gotten “The Tablecloth”. The
    woman explained that before the war she and
    her husband were well-to-do people in Austria ..

    When the Nazis came, she was forced to leave.
    Her husband was going to follow her the next week.
    He was captured, sent to prison and never saw her
    husband or her home again.

    The pastor wanted to give her the tablecloth;
    but she made the pastor keep it for the church..
    The pastor insisted on driving her home. That
    was the least he could do. She lived on the other
    side of Staten Island and was only in Brooklyn
    for the day for a housecleaning job.

    What a wonderful service they had on Christmas
    Eve. The church was almost full. The music and the
    spirit were great. At the end of the service, the
    pastor and his wife greeted everyone at the door
    and many said that they would return.

    One older man, whom the pastor recognized
    from the neighborhood continued to sit in one of the
    pews and stare, and the pastor wondered why he
    wasn’t leaving.

    The man asked him where he got the tablecloth on
    the front wall because it was identical to one
    that his wife had made years ago when
    they lived in Austria before the war and how
    could there be two tablecloths so much alike?

    He told the pastor how the Nazis came, how he
    forced his wife to flee for her safety and he was
    supposed to follow her, but he was arrested and
    put in a prison. He never saw his wife or his home
    again all the 35 years between.

    The pastor asked him if he would allow him to
    take him for a little ride. They drove to Staten
    Island and to the same house where the pastor
    had taken the woman three days earlier.
    He helped the man climb the three flights of
    stairs to the woman’s apartment, knocked on
    the door and he saw the greatest Christmas
    reunion he could ever imagine.

    True Story – submitted by Pastor Rob Reid
    who says God does work in mysterious ways.

  102. samiam60 says:

    You are right on M2 and you can only imagine how it saddens me to think I grew up in Cleveland at a time when it was called The Greatest Location in the Nation. I could get on a bus at 10 years old and go to a Cleveland Indians game with my friends and have no fear nor even the thought of fear. Now I would be afraid to get on a Bus anywhere in Cleveland. It truly sickens me and the Lame Stream Media will never touch the true facts concerning the causes of all this Poverty and Crime.

  103. AFVET says:

    My job took me throughout Columbus for ten years.
    I would never live there.
    2nd largest Somali population in the US, 1st is in Minnesota I believe.
    I am a big fan of small towns, and live in one of about 13000 folks.

    Perfect !

  104. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sami! M2! AFVET!

    Columbus is the New Detroit? say it ain’t so! lol

  105. VotingFemale says:

    Team Obama Scores!!!! A Big Fat Goose Egg.

    No 2022 World Cup For You!

    Eric Holder, with Bill Clinton’s help, can’t even screw in a Communist China Twirly Bulb with the instructions translated into English and Spanish on the box.

  106. Angel says:

    hey girl..of course he is attacked because he has an ideology and isn’t PC or driven by power or fear of Muzlim reprisal..great post!

  107. AFVET says:

    Heard on Beck this morning that net neutrality will again be debated by Dec. 21 in congress.
    Another attempt at last minute legislation by the socialist congress that will hopefully go away for a long time come January.
    Gird your loins my conservative blogger friends.
    Onerous FCC regulations could come into play if it is not passed.

  108. roxannadanna says:

    The beauty of the TEA party is that it’s avoided ALL social issues, like race, abortion, religion etc and focused on mostly fiscal concerns. This is what’s driving the left crazy and why they keep trying to sledgehammer us with crap like calling us all racists, homophobes, and religious nutwings.

    They want to make social issues THE issue and the TEA party has refused to play into that. We keep redefining the narrative and they can’t stand it. Hence the attacks on West, Palin, et al.

  109. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone! I have to repost this video that Foxwood posted earlier. This video just goes to show how stupid the people are in this country and why it will not survive. These dumb-asses gave us this P O S president.

    Keynesian economics (pronounced /ˈkeɪnziən/, also called Keynesianism and Keynesian theory) is a macroeconomic theory based on the ideas of 20th century British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynesian economics argues that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes and therefore advocates active policy responses by the public sector, including monetary policy actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government to stabilize output over the business cycle.[1] The theories forming the basis of Keynesian economics were first presented in The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, published in 1936; the interpretations of Keynes are contentious, and several schools of thought claim his legacy.

    The Republic of Kenya (pronounced /ˈkɛnjə/) is a country in East Africa, made up of 42 different ethnic tribes. Lying along the Indian Ocean to its southeast and at the equator, Kenya is bordered by Somalia to the northeast, Ethiopia to the north, Sudan to the northwest, Uganda to the west and Tanzania to the south. Lake Victoria is to the southwest and is shared between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya has numerous wildlife reserves, containing thousands of animal species. The capital city is Nairobi. Kenya’s area is 580,000 km2 with a population of nearly 39 million[5] which is diverse: more than 40[6] different ethnic groups are present. The country is named after Mount Kenya, a significant landmark and second among Africa’s highest mountain peaks.

    This is why people in this country should have to take a history quiz and an IQ test before they can vote.

  110. tellitlikeitis says:

  111. tellitlikeitis says:


    Reid Angers GOP by Pushing Four Versions of DREAM Act Without Hearing

    Read more:

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has pushed four different versions of the controversial immigration bill known as the DREAM Act without a hearing on any of them, drawing outrage from the top Republican on the committee that would have handled the package.

    The Nevada senator, who narrowly escaped a defeat in the November election, has pursued an unusual approach to advancing the bill that gives young illegal immigrants who attend college or join the military a pathway to legal status.

    Since September, his deputy Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., has introduced four slightly different versions all bearing the same name. Reid has moved them all to the calendar — he appears to be teeing up for a test vote, which could happen sometime later this week, on the latest version introduced on Tuesday.

    But Republicans balked at the maneuvering. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, railed against the bill and the process Democrats were using to push it.

    “We now may have a fourth version of the DREAM Act,” Sessions said Wednesday. “We haven’t had a hearing on that in seven years.”

    He decried the bill as “amnesty” and pledged to fight it “with every strength and every ability that I have.”

    A statement to put out by the Republican side of the Senate Judiciary Committee said all four versions have the same “fundamental” problems, but that Democrats’ approach causes unnecessary confusion.

    “Democrat leaders, in their rush to pass an unpopular bill during the lame-duck session, have completely bypassed the Judiciary Committee. They have introduced four separate versions of the same bill and, without any committee review, placed each and every one of them on the legislative calendar,” the statement said. “This unusual approach creates a chaotic situation, one that makes it more difficult for the public and their representatives — as well as the press — to review this deeply controversial measure.”

    A representative from Reid’s office could not be reached for comment.

    The latest version of the bill was not available online, but a Senate source said it would lower from 35 to 30 the age at which an illegal immigrant would be eligible to go through the program.

    The new version also made illegal immigrants who had committed marriage or voter fraud ineligible, the source said, though those responsible for other infractions like document fraud could still apply.

    The changes could be a sign that Democratic leaders are watering down the bill in response to behind-the-scenes grumbling in the Democratic caucus. But the changes appear unlikely to win much support from the Republican side.

    All 42 Senate Republicans signed a letter Wednesday vowing to block any legislation until a government spending bill is passed and the Bush tax cuts, set to expire at the end of the year, are extended. A couple of Senate Republicans could cross over once those issues are resolved, but Reid would still have defecting Democrats on his hands.

    Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., wrote in a column on his Senate website that he would oppose the plan to give “hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants” a path to residency.

    “I’m not going to support any legislation that I don’t think adds to jobs, or to the military or to the economy. Consequently, I won’t support any motion to proceed or any kind of cloture measure on the DREAM Act,” he wrote. “In addition, I think that it must be part of an overall comprehensive solution to immigration once we have the border secured, and not until then.”

    Democratic groups, though, are putting on the pressure. Organizing for America sent out an e-mail urging supporters to call moderate Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both from Maine, and urge them to vote yes.

    Democratic Party Chairman Tim Kaine said the bill would help build the military, urging Republicans to support it.

    “The DREAM Act is based on two very simple principles: that children brought up in this country should not be penalized for the actions of their parents and that our country is made stronger by hard-working immigrants who are willing to do what it takes to build a better life in America in a way that makes our country both stronger and more secure,” Kaine said in a statement.

    But Sessions argued that the bill is not as innocuous as it sounds.

    “This is not a good idea, it’s not well written, it does far more than its supporters say, and it will create litigation in massive amounts that will disrupt the entire ability of immigration officials to do their jobs,” he said.

    Read more:

  112. AFVET says:

    Once Reid and Pelosi are out of power, Obama will have to contend with the conservative Tea Party electorates that hopefully will kneecap his socialistic agenda, and defund the attempts to regulate our very freedom.
    Obama’s ego blinded him to the power of the Giant that he sought to control through misdirection and outright lies.
    We are not stupid Barry.
    You think you are the bully on the playground; we are the crowd that will pound you into the dustbin of history.
    Barry, enjoy the ride, your administration cannot live on rice.
    Watch out, it’s coming.
    Sorry about your ego Barry.

  113. tellitlikeitis says:

  114. VotingFemale says:

    Liberal Elitism according to Liberal Elitism

  115. VotingFemale says:

    This just in…

    GOP has no hope of winning in 2012 without Sarah Palin Supporters.

  116. Orca says:

    Now a word from the past to use as a light to the future:
    Thoughts on the obamination that others elected because he was a good talker

    “An army of sheep led by a lion are more to be feared than an army of lions led by a sheep”
    Napoleon Bonaparte
    Our sheep in chief
    “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see”
    John Lennon
    Our blind sheep in chief
    “Against logic there is no armor like ignorance”
    Our ignorant, blind, sheep in chief
    And for VF, Fox, Afvet, Tellit and the rest of the crew,
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”
    Mahatma Gandhi
    A little something to ponder as you deal with Friday

  117. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  118. Foxwood says:

    It’s 3:30 am.

    Do you know where your Foxwood is?

  119. Foxwood says:

    I think I’m going to need a Red Bull.

  120. Foxwood says:

    Maybe a cup of coffee…

  121. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Foxwood!

    Great Comments yesterday evening Ya’ll!

    Good Morning Everyone! Happy #FF Day!

  122. Bob Mack says:

    Mornin’, VF, Fox, & the rest of you Domestic Extremists. Gettin’ the Christmas spirit yet? TG for Internet shopping. No crowds.

  123. tellitlikeitis says:

    Isn’t this great!!! Can anyone say Soviet Union! For those worried about communism in the USA. I say it is already here!

    Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time

    Federal law enforcement agencies have been tracking Americans in real-time using credit cards, loyalty cards and travel reservations without getting a court order, a new document released under a government sunshine request shows.

    The document, obtained by security researcher Christopher Soghoian, explains how so-called “Hotwatch” orders allow for real-time tracking of individuals in a criminal investigation via credit card companies, rental car agencies, calling cards, and even grocery store loyalty programs. The revelation sheds a little more light on the Justice Department’s increasing power and willingness to surveil Americans with little to no judicial or Congressional oversight.

    For credit cards, agents can get real-time information on a person’s purchases by writing their own subpoena, followed up by a order from a judge that the surveillance not be disclosed. Agents can also go the traditional route — going to a judge, proving probable cause and getting a search warrant — which means the target will eventually be notified they were spied on.

    The document suggests that the normal practice is to ask for all historical records on an account or individual from a credit card company, since getting stored records is generally legally easy. Then the agent sends a request for “Any and all records and information relating directly or indirectly to any and all ongoing and future transactions or events relating to any and all of the following person(s), entitities, account numbers, addresses and other matters…” That gets them a live feed of transaction data.

  124. Foxwood says:

    I was headed to Tulsa today… but I worked way late last night.

    Headed to Tulsa in the morning for the weekend. Should be back Tuesday at the latest.

    I should have time to fire the canon… Just in case…

  125. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Have a safe trip Foxwood and keep in touch, dear!

  126. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF and Foxwood. It is beginning to feel like Christmas 😀

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  128. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sami dear!

    Yes it was fun putting up the Blog Christmas Decorations! weee!!!

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