amnesia-prone Clinton giving himself credit for GOP inheritance

Bill Clinton at a fund-raiser for Rep Maurice Hinchey in Binghamton New York on October 10, 2010:
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Talk about amnesia… I was there during the Bush Sr. administration and watched President Bush the senior set in motion the economic recovery of his time. Had he been reelected, George would have taken the credit Billy is claiming is his and his alone.

George increased taxes despite his “watch my lips, no new taxes;” An act that handed him a defeat at the hands of Bill Clinton, a tax-n-spend liberal who tried and failed to institute universal healthcare which would have bankrupted the economy.

Two years after the Clinton win, voters shifted congress to a GOP majority forcing Billy to move to the center for the remainder of his presidency.

Bill’s amnesia is as predictable as his personal attacks on folks who don’t agree with him; the majority of American voters in this election cycle.

Did he mention he was impeached by congress for lying under oath as a sitting president? no? …just another amnesia moment for the former horndog-in-chief.

While I’m at it… since when did Democrats take issue with angry voters?

Answer: when it is not their voters.

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21 Responses to amnesia-prone Clinton giving himself credit for GOP inheritance

  1. Foxwood says:

    Orca said:
    “Hey I heard that barney frank was so depressed last night thinking about his bleak future, that he called the Suicide Lifeline and was connected to a call center in Pakistan . When he told them he was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if he could drive a truck.”

    Orca, If I were a betting man, I’d bet he’s gone from chain smoking to rope smoking (hemp).

  2. Foxwood says:

    Bill Clinton, best known for getting a Lowinski.

    Clinton, the first man to put the United States Presidency in the trash.

  3. VotingFemale says:

    bill has a nerve showing his impeached lying face in front of voters.

  4. Orca says:

    I sometimes wonder if the real reason that the skirt chasing of JFK was revealed was so that clinton would not look so bad.

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  6. Foxwood says:

    Bill has no shame.

  7. VotingFemale says:

    JFK got away with it because the media covered for him… and no doubt J. Edgar Hoover black-mailed Kennedy to whatever ends.

  8. AFVET says:

    Bill and Hillary are still striving for their ultimate goal.
    Even Carter is still out there blowing his opinions across the media .
    Hey Billy, it ain’t worth it.
    You guys are finished.

  9. Foxwood says:

    Why would any “American” say we deserved these attacks? It is my opinion that these “Conservatives” (leftie RINOs) are terrorist sympathizers.

    Remember The Cole: 10 Years
    posted at 12:15 pm on October 12, 2010 by Cassy Fiano

    10 years ago today, two Al Qaeda terrorists pulled alongside the USS Cole during a routine refueling in Aden, Yemen and detonated a suicide bomb. It was the deadliest attack on a United States naval vessel since 1987.

    17 sailors were killed. 39 more were wounded. The 17 sailors who died left behind 11 children. Never forget the names of the fallen who gave their lives in service to our country.

    Read more:

  10. Foxwood says:

    Good afternoon AFVET!

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