THE MURKOWSKI THREE: “We all respect the system, and she still is a Republican senator’’

Tea Party Voters? Take note


Senator Orrin Hatch (RINO-HUGGER: UTAH)

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (RINO-HUGGER: TEXAS)


The Murkowski Three decided to reward voter decided lame-duck Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (RINO: ALASKA) write-in campaign against We the People Of Alaska’s Republican Primary choice of  Joe Miller over Senator Lisa Murkowski as their Senator. Was the primary a fair fight? Yes.

These three GOP Establishment Republican Senators decided to override the GOP Senate proposal to instruct Murkowski to step down from the Energy Committee for reasons of treasonous party behavior by running against the GOP Senate Candidate Joe Miller. Had the proposal gone forward as an ultimatum to cease and desist an opposing Murkowski campaign against Joe Miller, Murkowski herself would make the final decision: Cease Campaigning Against Miller -or- Step Down from the Energy Committee.

This is a GOP Establishment Slap In The Face
of Alaskan GOP Voters

The 2012 GOP Primaries for Senate seats in Utah, Texas, and Tennessee will be another lesson for these GOP Establishment ‘progressive-enablers’ who don’t take Tea Party Voters seriously

But they will…

The Wall Street Journal:

Sen. Murkowski Keeps Energy Post


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I am a female voter, as my blog name implies. I vote for conservatives. I am a political opponent of Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.
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214 Responses to THE MURKOWSKI THREE: “We all respect the system, and she still is a Republican senator’’

  1. Foxwood says:

    RINOs are in office to keep Progressives in power.

  2. VotingFemale says:


    And the old guard RINO Huggers need to go for trying to protect them.
    The is a whole new world… and they are the arrogant dismissive Dinosaurs of the Party… the gauntlet has been thrown. Now it’s OUR TURN

  3. Foxwood says:

    It’s like they don’t know their day is over. Their brains work as slow as a dinosaur also.

    Oh… maybe I’m being too hateful.

  4. Foxwood says:

    Maybe I need to go to PC classes to learn not to be so hateful.

  5. Foxwood says:

    I’m a bad boy. – Lou Costello

    Yeah, Lou is one Italian I do like.

  6. Foxwood says:

    Oh, man! Do you know what that means? I can’t be like Dirty Harry!

  7. VotingFemale says:

    are you teasing ‘them?’ again?

    you are a baaad boy!

    check out the libtard comment spanking I did yesterday on my newest youtube vid, here: (see the comments)

  8. Foxwood says:

    Goldline was brought up to the Senate yesterday on conspiracy with Glenn Beck to raise the price of gold. Today Steve Cobert is being brought up as an expert on illegal emigrants picking vegetables.

    Next thing you know, Obutthole will get a horse and make him a councilor.

    Wait a minute… didn’t Caligula do that?

  9. Foxwood says:

    DLing video right now… Aircards aren’t all that great.

  10. VotingFemale says:

    Wait a minute… didn’t Caligula do that?


    And it makes the DEMs look like total retarded dorks they are

  11. Foxwood says:

    Stu on Beck show: “Congress and Cobert is worse off for Cobert’s shtick. It was boring and not funny.”

  12. VotingFemale says:

    DLing video right now… Aircards aren’t all that great.

    dang… I should have posted the web page with just the comments…

    here it is…

  13. VotingFemale says:

    I can get all the combat I want with libtards at my youtube vids… and keep my blog free of libtardish, concern trollish, filth

  14. Foxwood says:

    I misunderstood… I’m reading the comments now… Shitbot is a dunghead for sure.

  15. VotingFemale says:

    I can smell him from my bedroom window, lol

  16. Foxwood says:

    Unlike other blogs who would be better off ignoring comments… I can’t think of who that would be…

  17. VotingFemale says:

    you should see my ‘Moderate’ Islam vid comments lol

    OMG they came unglued… I had to delete a lot of the IslamoBot comments and commenting privs… but you can see the flavor of the interchange nonetheless…

  18. VotingFemale says:

    Unlike other blogs who would be better off ignoring comments… I can’t think of who that would be…

    ‘they’ would be well served to stop reading comments here… and focus on the task at hand… Defeat of Socialism in the mid-term election.

  19. Foxwood says:

    I left a parting comment to sami before he left for work this morning. But he couldn’t let it out as some of it rang true. I embarrassed the lad. I can’t show all of it, as I was pretty cruel.

    Turn the other cheek.

    Hmmm… that one didn’t work, now did it?

    It must be easy to stab your friends in the back, especially if you’ve done it before. Is that what happened in Viet Nam, with your buddies that fought Communism with you?

    I was surprised that you defend Lilith the schizoid, half nuts, possessed demoness. sami boy, you do know that Satan knows the bible better than any man, huh?

    You really defend her hatred of the Jews and tolerance of “freedom fighter” terrorists? That’s not the sami I thought I knew. Sometimes she’s like the crazy old aunt that babbles on about her precious “research”, which ends up being nonsensical fantasy fabrication. Take auntie to the nuthouse and let them medicate her.

    And SH


    I’m sure Rose will end up on your blog and… be happy, but it won’t be fighting Communism. Do you really believe Rose and SH… would support any Conservative candidate (Palin or any Reagan type). And unless your blind and deaf, you know Lilith won’t.

    You even took the “Fighting Communism” logo off of your blog. Maybe that’s why you stabbed your friends in the back. Your not into fighting Communism anymore, sami. Your coddling it. Makes you a sympathizer to me.

    “I am here and this Blog Post exists because I chose Love over Hate”

    And I read the replies after that, and it’s all hate and hypocrisy. 🙂

    I’ve showcased your blog and it’s commenters for what they are. My job is done. No, don’t thank me, it was my pleasure.

    I’m a bad boy. – Lou Costello

  20. VotingFemale says:

    but… with several concern tolls on board, that will really get side-tracked.

    some folks have to learn the hard way.

  21. VotingFemale says:

    So much for “Free Speech!”


  22. Foxwood says:

    Glenn Beck has Chris Christy porn music when he does a CC update… My sides hurt, I’m laughing so hard!

  23. Foxwood says:

    Bring it over to me groovy mama baby!

  24. VotingFemale says:

    Samiam left this blog because I condoned koran burning as a last resort push back against the determination to build the Ground Zero FU America Mosque.

    I took a stand and was honest… he, however slinked off to create a blog to undermine this one. what a cowardly passive-aggressive act.

    In reality he has given comfort and aid to those who oppose the Tea Party, and Sarah Palin, regardless of their pretenses. I saw through SH watching her dismissive work to relegate Sarah Palin blogposts to a “quite little there-there page” at the Friends blog so no one would see them and turn that blog into her personal concern troll blog… and I fired her as editor for it.

    I also remember her little vid she made when she decided to go to a Palin book signing, pretending to be one thing yet being another. All she did was ignore Sarah and focus on the anti-Palin protesters.

    She lied and attempted to cover up calling General McChrystal “The Vampire General” when I commented on that statement. She deleted it from her blogpost then said, “I never said that.” I proved she was lying and had attempted unsuccessfully to cover it up. It was her opinion which was her right, and my comment about it had to do with pretense to be something she obviously was not and is not. She opposes the opponents of the DEM party. See, I have this thing about liars. They are thieves of trust, and she is a classic example of a leftist concern troll.

    I don’t have time for concern trolls and distractors… I am glad samiam has a place for them… no one really reads non-substantive blogs anyway and it keeps those concern trolls safely off the blogosphere main streets and out of my hair.

  25. Foxwood says:

    What’s going on with the lame stream media that all of the CEOs are getting fired?


  26. VotingFemale says:

    24/7/365 Obama Socialism rah-rah propaganda and bashing every citizen who opposes it as racists, stupid, islomophobic, redneck ignorant idiots, comes at a price… it is called no revenues.

    When a company, media or otherwise, substitutes socialist ideology for sound business decisions, their executives and laid-off workers get to go to the end of the bread line.

    They are running their media companies into the ground, and I recall Obama proposing a congressional bailout for these media trolls.

    no Hopey-Changey for them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  27. Bob Mack says:

    What happened to Orrin Hatch? At one time (in a universe far, far away), he was semi-respectable, but he supports the GZ mosque, & now this. Another argument for term limits, or does Potomac water destroy brain cells?

  28. Foxwood says:

    “I recall Obama proposing a congressional bailout for these media trolls.”

    If they do this out right or even in the dead of night, the people will have a sh!t fit!

  29. Foxwood says:

    The 3 above mentioned think Murkowski has a chance, so they left her in her position…

    Bob, we do need term limits for these elitists.

  30. Foxwood says:

    Good afternoon, Bob!

  31. Foxwood says:

    I was going to call them Bozos, but I didn’t want to hurt Bozos feelings…

  32. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Bob!

    Hatch is a self-serving, rather than constituent-serving, asshat, to put it bluntly, and haughty enough to believe he can control the thinking of the majority of Americans with a wave of his hand. He will learn a bitter lesson, as Karl Rove is learning, self-serving asshats are not leaders… they are future Tea Party election road-kill on the highway of government reform.

    They really don’t get it yet… but they will.

  33. VotingFemale says:

    Asshat worx


    Foxwood says

    I was going to call them Bozos, but I didn’t want to hurt Bozos feelings…

  34. VotingFemale says:

    Bob, I recall you saying you are relatively new to wordpress, so you might want to setup an Gravatar for yourself in your wordpress dashboard, such as the ones you see for foxwood and myself for our comments. The one showing for you is a default one for folks with no Gravatar. (Gravatar means an avatar with gravity, in it that it follows you around when you comment on other websites like this blog and elsewhere).

    I can e-mail you with the instructions, if you like.

  35. Foxwood says:

    Rush: “These RINOs are going to end up being the minority third party.”

  36. Foxwood says:

    I see his gravitar, VF. It’s two drummers and a fife player.

  37. Foxwood says:

    I’m gonna have to go back to PC classes, I guess…

  38. VotingFemale says:

    That’s exactly why the Socialist backed off on the frontal assualt… and switched to backhanded tactics within the FCC which they presently control.

    They want to bring back the so-called Fairness Doctrine to shut down conservative and neutral-news companies and flood citizens with Socialist propaganda.

    Free Speech is the enemy of the Socialists

  39. Foxwood says:

    El Rushbo: “20% of dumbocraps believe the United States did 9/11.”

    Imanutjob said the same thing.

    Could we have had dumbocrap truthers here?

    Wasn’t Van Jones a truther?

    All questions we need to have answered!

    Stay tuned! Same bat time! Same bat station!

  40. Foxwood says:

    Fighting Communism everywhere it raises it’s ugly head.

  41. Foxwood says:

    I guess I need to take some lessons from the Messiah… 😦

    Not welcome here
    Obama: Ahmadinejad was ‘hateful’
    By CAROL E. LEE | 09/24/10 12:01 PM Updated: 09/24/10 1:01 PM

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, addresses the 65th session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010. AP Photo Close

    NEW YORK – President Barack Obama condemned Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech Thursday at the United Nations, in which Ahmadinejad blamed the United States for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, calling it “offensive” and “hateful.”

    “And particularly for him to make the statement here in Manhattan, just a little north of Ground Zero, where families lost their loved ones, people of all faiths, all ethnicities who see this as the seminal tragedy of this generation, for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable,” Obama said in an interview Friday morning.

    Read more:

  42. Bob Mack says:

    Has anybody checked to see if Obama threw an apology in there somewhere?

  43. Foxwood says:

    I’m sure he’s sorry for something…

    Let’s just let him have a general gimme..

    He’s sorry.

  44. tellitlikeitis says:

  45. tellitlikeitis says:

  46. Foxwood says:

    Good afternoon Tellit!

    I am the eggman!

  47. tellitlikeitis says:

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
    See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly.
    I’m crying.

    Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.
    Corporation tee-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday.
    Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long.
    I am the EGGMAN, they are the EGGMAN.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.

    Mister City Policeman sitting
    Pretty little policemen in a row.
    See how they fly like Lucy in the Sky, see how they run.
    I’m crying, I’m crying.
    I’m crying, I’m crying.

    Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog’s eye.
    Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess,
    Boy, you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down.
    I am the EGGMAN, they are the EGGMAN.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.

    Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.
    If the sun don’t come, you get a tan
    From standing in the English rain.
    I am the EGGMAN, they are the EGGMAN.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob.

    Expert textpert choking smokers,
    Don’t you thing the joker laughs at you?
    See how they smile like pigs in a sty,
    See how they snied.
    I’m crying.

    Semolina pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower.
    Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna.
    Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.
    I am the EGGMAN, they are the EGGMAN.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob.
    Goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob g’goo… (etc.)

  48. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good afternoon Foxwood!

  49. Foxwood says:

    Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dogs eye!

    Dat’s some good eatin’

    Mmm mmm mmm!

  50. tellitlikeitis says:

    Harry Reid Minions Set Up Sharron Angle Supporters Causing a Brawl at Campaign Event

    Brawl erupts at Reid, Angle election forum


    Supporters of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and his GOP challenger Sharron Angle brawled at the end of a Senate race forum at a local Christian school.

    A half-dozen bystanders tried to separate the combatants, one male Angle backer and two female Reid supporters, before security guards intervened.

    “I didn’t expect anything like this, not in a million years,” said the Rev. Robin Joyce, one of the organizers of the event at Faith Lutheran Junior/Senior High School in Summerlin. “Our whole aim was to have an educational forum to hear from the candidates about their economic positions.”

    Instead, tempers flared in the high-stakes race between the Democratic incumbent and the Tea Party upstart three weeks before early voting starts Oct. 16.

    “He punched me twice, so I punched him back twice,” Kay Mehta said as she nursed a red, tearing eye and waited for police to arrive. “I was just defending myself.”

    No arrests were made. Police interviewed those involved for a report on the incident. The names of all of the participants were not released.

    At the start of the 7 p.m. forum, the audience was asked not to applaud or to shout out as Reid answered questions in a prerecorded videotape because he is in Washington, D.C. Angle answered a moderator’s questions live from the stage.

    But partisan members of the audience became boisterous as the hourlong forum progressed. As Angle was giving her closing statement, a stream of Reid supporters among the 800-member audience began to leave the auditorium, which has close rows of theater-style seating.

    A Reid backer, Kelly Tanaka, said one male Angle supporter refused to let her pass in front of him.

    She alleged he tried to push her over the seats in front of him when she tried to pass. That is when the Reid and Angle partisans began to tussle and then exchange blows.

    Tanaka accused the Angle supporter of hitting her. Mehta said she then got involved. Some bystanders said one of the women shoved the man back into his seat when he tried to get up.

    The fight escalated after Angle finished speaking and blew a kiss to supporters in the audience. She left quickly to catch a flight to Reno as the scuffle disrupted the auditorium.

    “I was just trying to get him off her,” said Mehta, a Reid supporter. “We were just trying to get by.”

    The auditorium was packed mostly with conservative Republican Angle supporters who were drawn to the event sponsored by the Faith Lutheran Business Advisory Council, the Christian Businessmen’s Network, Businesswomen for Christ and Media Fellowship International.

    Reid backers appeared to account for up to one-fifth of the audience judging by reactions from the crowd, including scattered boos and jeers when Angle was speaking.

    Some of Reid’s videotaped answers attracted rude noises and open scoffing from the Angle crowd.

    The loudest protests came when Reid made his closing statement and made the case, using a baseball analogy, about why voters should give him a fifth term.

    “Why would you pull somebody out of the game that’s done so much for the state of Nevada?” Reid asked.

    His remark elicited scattered boos and scoffing. One man said derisively, “Ha, ha, ha.”

    In Angle’s closing remarks, she said voters should choose her because she will do what she says, including voting against tax hikes as she did as a Reno assemblywoman. She said she voted against taxes and fees more than 100 times, while Reid has voted for them more than 300 times.

    “They can trust me,” Angle said of voters. “I kept my promises, and I will keep my promises as your U.S. senator.”

    A man interrupted, calling out, “You lie!” Angle ignored him.

    Reid and Angle largely kept to their standard campaign talking points during the forum.

    The incumbent touted his record of pushing for more renewable energy projects to create jobs in Nevada, and he defended the Democrats’ stimulus spending.

    Angle said the best way to create new jobs is to cut taxes and regulations on businesses to free them to hire people without fear of increasing the costs of doing business.

    Reid and Angle, who are running neck and neck in most polls, will engage in one televised debate on Oct. 14, two days before early voting starts in Nevada.

    The debate will be moderated by Mitch Fox, the Vegas PBS, Channel 10, talk show host who moderated Thursday night’s forum.

  51. Foxwood says:

    I got one for you, Tellit. I fell in love with this one. It was written by Sonny Bono.

  52. tellitlikeitis says:

    Foxwood, LOL!

  53. tellitlikeitis says:

    This one is for the poor Obama kool-aid drinkers.

  54. Foxwood says:

    El Rushbo: “The reason Cobert is in Congress is to keep the attention off of the DOJ Whitey case.”

  55. Foxwood says:

    Hanging on like a dingleberry to a hemorrhoid!

  56. tellitlikeitis says:

    This one is for Nancy Pelosi and how appropriate since Halloween is right around the corner. LOL!

  57. tellitlikeitis says:

    I hope dingleberry gets defeated in Nov.

  58. Foxwood says:

    More koolaid drinking music!

  59. Foxwood says:

    I would like to see all of the hemorrhoids get put out of office.

  60. tellitlikeitis says:

    me too!!!

  61. VotingFemale says:

  62. How To Defeat Liberals
  63. excerpt…

    Liberals have to hide the fact that they’re liberals.
    Why can’t they admit and be open about who they are and what their real objectives are? One reason is their realization that voters are not nearly as socialistic as they are.

    Conservatives do not have to hide the fact that they’re conservative.
    Conservatives are proud to be conservative and need to realize that they are playing in a friendly environment. They have the home-field advantage and do not need to act like underdogs. Too many conservatives seem to have self-esteem issues. Conservatives have ideas that people are buying, liberals don’t.

    Liberals have also shown that they can’t stand clarity.
    They don’t really want to communicate, they want to obfuscate. The latest and somewhat comical example is Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, claiming that the term “global warming” is a “dangerous misnomer.” He wants to replace it with “global climate disruption.” If we can’t figure out ways to exploit that kind of nonsense, we need to be trying harder.

    Liberalism is essentially the “muddled-talk express.”
    Political correctness is about as helpful to communication as a mouthful of marbles. We need to answer their wussy double-talk with clear, muscular words that actually mean something. (The Urban Dictionary defines “wuss” as “characterized by being, feeble, cowardly, and generally no fun.”)

    You may have noticed lately that liberal commentators can’t resist offering advice to Republicans.
    Such advice is not offered in good faith. They are not concerned about the well-being of the Republican Party. Whenever liberals give advice and sympathy, do the opposite. They do not wish us well.

    Democrats are scared out of their wits that the Republican Party might stand for something. Democrats love liberal Republicans. They can be even more useful to them than liberal Democrats.

    The above are only representative of the universe of opportunities available to conservatives. A political-philosophical war is underway and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Conservatism can win the war, but we will need to employ every advantage we possibly can. And the more fun we have in the process the more likely we are to keep up the intensity. Liberals certainly don’t seem to be having much fun lately.


  64. tellitlikeitis says:

    American people take notice.

    Have More Children and Go Back to Church or Europe Will Become Islamicized: Senior Vatican Official

    By Hilary White

    ROME, September 22, 2010 ( – Europe will grow more “Islamicized” if Christian Europeans do not start having more children, and going back to Church, a senior Vatican official said this month. Msgr. Piero Gheddo, a famous missionary and an official with the Vatican’s Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, told Zenit news service that Europe’s indigenous inhabitants have abandoned Christianity and are becoming “paganized.”

    “The fact is that, as a people, we are becoming ever more pagan and the religious vacuum is inevitably filled by other proposals and religious forces,” said Msgr. Gheddo, who founded AsiaNews, the Christian missionary news service. As religious practice diminishes in Christian Europe, “indifference spreads; Christianity and the Church are attacked.”

    “If we consider ourselves a Christian country, we should return to the practice of Christian life, which would also solve the problem of empty cradles.”

    Msgr. Gheddo pointed to demographic statistics showing that the population of native Italians is decreasing by 120,000 or 130,000 a year “because of abortion and broken families.” At the same time, 200,000 legal immigrants a year are moving into Italy. More than half of these, he said, are Muslims who continue to have the large families that Italians now eschew.

    “Newspapers and television programs never speak of this,” he said. “However, an answer must be given above all in the religious and cultural fields and in the area of identity.”

    Msgr. Gheddo was responding to the taunts of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, who angered many on a recent official visit to Italy when he said that Europe should convert to Islam. He gave a lecture to 500 young women, who had been paid to attend, in which he urged them to convert and offered to find them Muslim husbands in Libya. The comments were denounced by Archbishop Robert Sarah, secretary of the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, who called them a “provocation.”

    But Msgr. Gheddo warned that the provocation could well have been a mere prediction.

    “No newspaper – except Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian Episcopal Conference – has seriously taken into consideration how to respond to this challenge of Islam, which sooner or later will conquer the majority in Europe,” he said.

    Recent surveys conducted in Italy by local Catholic dioceses have found that the much-quoted number of Italians claiming to attend Mass weekly, 30 percent, can be deceptive. In Venice, it was discovered that the number of those actually attending is closer to 18 percent, and the numbers drop dramatically among younger Italians.

    Although the Italian birth rate has crept up in recent years, from being the lowest in Europe at 1.2 children per woman, it still sits at only 1.31, a level sometimes referred to by demographers as the “death spiral,” in which a society’s population will inevitably begin to shrink.

    Piero Gheddo is the author of over 80 books on the conditions of people in the developing world, with the first being published in 1956.

    In a recent blog post, Fr. Gheddo, who refers to himself as a “missionary journalist,” decried the closure of Christian youth facilities and churches and the deterioration of schools and family life due to high Italian divorce rates.

    What, he asks, has the “so-called ‘secular morality’ thing” done for young people?

    “It replaced the [Church-run youth facilities] with the clubs that many call centers of distribution of alcohol and drugs.” Secularism has created a culture in which teenagers run wild, a new phenomenon in Italy. The culture promoted in these clubs, he said, is one in which “perversion and chaos and spiritual emptiness reign supreme.”

    “Drugs, alcohol, free sex and psychedelic music for hours at high volume are some ‘diversions’ that kids seek and find allowed in these places, which are sometimes encouraged and financed by local governments.”

    “All this is the fruit of our civilization ever more distant from God and then from the education of young people.”

  65. tellitlikeitis says:

    END OF STORY!!!!

  66. ohiobelle says:

    Hello everybody!!

    Colbert made an ass out of himself (not too hard to do) today. Did you guys hear John Conyers response to Colbert?

    John Conyers said the following: But I would like to recommend that now that we’ve got all this attention, that you excuse yourself and that you let us get on with the three witnesses and all the other members there and we– we’re sure it will be shown on the show tonight and maybe Monday– I don’t know– you run your show. We run the committee, but what do you say to that, Stephen? You didn’t hear the question? You don’t understand the question? The question was that– no, I’m not asking you not to talk. I’m asking you to LEAVE the committee room completely and submit your statement, instead.

  67. tellitlikeitis says:


    Stink Bugs (THE CURRENT CONGRESS LOL! )Taking Area by Swarm

    They’re everywhere

    Smelly, pesky bugs known as stink bugs have been swarming the Washington, D.C. area — and when you try to kill them, they just smell worse.

    “When you try to kill them, before death, they stink,” said Michael Raupp, an entomology professor at the University of Maryland. “They want to find a place to chill out for the winter. They’re not coming in for warmth, they’re coming in for refuge.

    “They’ll invade your attack and come in for the winter time. But on a nice warm day in February, they’re going to say, ‘Oh, spring,’ and come down and be all over your windows and your baseboards and things like that.”

    Some frustrated area residents have gone as far as using their vacuum cleaners to combat these stinky critters. Scientists call their kind halyomorpha halys. They smell so badly because when threatened, they release a smelly defensive chemical.

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Stink Bugs
    Everything You Wanted to Know About Stink Bugs

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Stink Bugs

    And right now, they’re flooding houses.

    “This is the time of year that they get the natural cue to move to buildings,” said Wayne White, of American Pest

    For us, they are mostly a nuisance, but in places where there’s a lot of agriculture they are a big problem.

    “The bug definitely has the ability to puncture fruit and cause some damage and make it un-marketable. For a few years now, we’ve been watching this migration and watching the numbers build up,” White said.

    Matt Nixon, the owner of American Pest, watched the numbers build up around his home.

    “In the last two or three days there have been about a dozen or so outside and some inside every day,” he said.

    The best way to combat them is to close off the spaces where they enter a home, experts said. Places like small spaces around windows and screens. You can also always call pest control.

    “They really cause no harm,” White said. “Just a nuisance.”

  68. tellitlikeitis says:

  69. tellitlikeitis says:


  70. tellitlikeitis says:

  71. ohiobelle says:

    Check this out!!

    As if the $10 billion “public education bailout” wasn’t enough to stomach, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has introduced a bill, titled Education for All Act of 2010, which would spend American tax dollars on education systems around the globe. It’s S.3797.

    U.S. Rep Nita Lowey (D-CA) has introduced similar legislation as H.B. 5117.

    I think Washington has officially lost its marbles.

    While no dollar amount is contained in the legislation, the bill states, “Credible estimates indicate that approximately $16,000,000,000 per year of financing assistance is necessary for developing countries to achieve universal basic education by 2015.”

    Is Sen. Gillibrand really proposing to spend an additional $16 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars elsewhere?


  72. tellitlikeitis says:

  73. ohiobelle says:



  74. tellitlikeitis says:

    Belle, that article is a great example of why we have to vote these bastards out in Nov.

  75. Foxwood says:

    END OF STORY!!!!”

    Burn a koran for me!

  76. Foxwood says:

    Good afternoon Belle.

    Can we burn a koran for you too?

  77. tellitlikeitis says:

    Foxwood, I would love too but I don’t have one to burn. Can you send me one? LOL!

  78. ohiobelle says:

    Tellit: I couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    I just heard that banks are going to approve home loans that they rejected during the recession! Can you say DEPRESSION??? What are these idiots thinking?? This is what got us in this mess to begin with!! UGH!!

  79. tellitlikeitis says:

    Stinkbug invasion in DC? All the more reason to vote out the Democrats. LOL!

  80. ohiobelle says:

    Hello Fox!!

    Fox wrote: Good afternoon Belle.

    Can we burn a koran for you too?

    Fox, Only if I can burn a few with you!

  81. tellitlikeitis says:

    Belle, The banks are desperate now. The foreclosure rate is OFF THE CHARTS AND THEY ARE TRYING TO UNLOAD THESE FORECLOSED HOUSES AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE.

  82. Foxwood says:

    Herman Cain, CEO of Godfathers Pizza is making a run for President?

    I hope so! I will vote for this man!

  83. Foxwood says:

    He is considering a run! I will vote for him!

  84. ohiobelle says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I am sick and tired of Ahmadinejad! It makes me sick to see our reporters interviewing this nut job! He should not be allowed to step foot on US soil!

  85. tellitlikeitis says:

  86. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: Herman Cain, CEO of Godfathers Pizza is making a run for President?

    I hope so! I will vote for this man!

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Are you serious?

  87. tellitlikeitis says:

    Where has Sam been?

  88. Foxwood says:

    I would like to see a Palin/Cain or Cain/Palin run. The man is great. I like his Pizza also… 🙂

  89. Foxwood says:

    Sami doesn’t come here anymore. We had a scuffle about koran burning. 😦

  90. tellitlikeitis says:

  91. tellitlikeitis says:

    What Happened?

  92. Foxwood says:

    Let’s just say he didn’t see it our way. VF and myself did some research on islam and the koran, but sami took Liliths side on koran burning and the FU mosque.

  93. ohiobelle says:

    How much do you guys want to bet that Barry will find a White House position for Jeff Zucker once he leaves NBC? It better not be Chief of Staff!!

  94. Foxwood says:

    He calls us haters.

  95. tellitlikeitis says:

    This is funny as sh^t!!!! You gotta watch this!!!

  96. Foxwood says:

    I heard he was going to take Robert Gibbs place.

  97. ohiobelle says:

    Sorry guys but my computer keeps freezing up on me!! UGH!!

    Fox wrote: I heard he was going to take Robert Gibbs place.

    Now I know you must be kidding… right?? sigh..

    I’ve got to take off for now. It’s happy hour Friday!!!! I’ll be back soon.

  98. Foxwood says:

    For real. I heard it on Rush today.

  99. Foxwood says:

    Happy hour!


    Time for Jim Beam!

  100. Orca says:

    Hey VF did you read about Loretta Sanchez (progressive) out here on the left coast.
    She goes on a Spanish speaking program crying alligator tears that the Republicans and Vietnamese are trying to take “her seat” after she has done so much for her community(read that hispanic) she said:
    “The Vietnamese and the Republicans are, with an intensity, trying to take away this seat — this seat that we have done so much for our community – take away this seat from us and give it to this Van Tran, who is very anti-immigrant and very anti-Hispanic,”

  101. Pingback: Powerful: “The Last Best Hope”… We The People Have Had Enough, Will Take America Back — Spread It, Share It Before November Elections (video) « Frugal Café Blog Zone

  102. Foxwood says:


    Boo hoo hoo hoo. Those Wepubwicans and Vietnamwese are so mean…

    Boo hoo hoo hoo!

    I love it!

  103. tellitlikeitis says:

    Seven Armed Guards Escorted Comedian Colbert Through Congressional Office Building

    Comedian and cable television personality Stephen Colbert was escorted by seven armed Capitol police officers past the Capitol Hill press corps.
    Friday, September 24, 2010
    By Nicholas Ballasy

    ( – When comedian and cable television personality Stephen Colbert exited a hearing room inside the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C. today, he was escorted through the hallways of that secured building–that no one can enter without first going through a metal detector–by seven armed Capitol police officers.

    The phalanx of police officers took Colbert past a group of reporters seeking to ask him questions. Entertainment-industry celebrities visiting the Capitol usually have a security escort, but Colbert’s large contingent of police officers was unusual. By contrast, members of the U.S. House and Senate routinely move around the Capitol complex without guards and are open to questioning by the press.

    This has been true even of the most famous members of Congress, such as the late Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

    The police officers escorted Colbert out the main doors on the main level of the building, where a car was waiting to drive him away.

  104. Foxwood says:

    I been watching “Swamp People” on History… but these guys live down the road from me… I’m tempted to take a trip with these guys…

  105. tellitlikeitis says:

  106. Foxwood says:

    Please don’t be offended by the word coonass. It refers to anyone born south of I-1o and eats rice. That includes most whites in this area.

    You can get a RCA (Registered CoonAss) license here and apply it to your truck.

  107. tellitlikeitis says:

    CoonAss? That sounds racist. LOL!

  108. Foxwood says:

    That was great, Tellit! Good video!

  109. tellitlikeitis says:

    Tommy is great and no relation to Rom. LOL!

  110. Foxwood says:

    “CoonAss? That sounds racist. LOL!”

    It sounds racist, but that’s what they call each other here. I was born in Kansas, so I’m considered a Yankee.

  111. tellitlikeitis says:

    I hope Sami comes back. I didn’t realize he was a moslem lover.

  112. Foxwood says:

    Check out the link on Coonass. It’s got the RCA sticker there. Everybody here has one on their truck.

  113. Foxwood says:

    “I hope Sami comes back. I didn’t realize he was a moslem lover.”

    I can’t say much… I think the bridge was burned.

  114. tellitlikeitis says:

    Colbert turns Hill hearing into performance art

    Comedian Stephen Colbert commandeered a hearing on migrant farm workers with lewd one-liners Friday morning, creating a public relations pile-up at the tail end of a legislative session that is limping into a pre-election recess.

    It was lost on no one that the Comedy Central faux news anchor delivered his off-color rant against the backdrop of the House canceling floor votes for the rest of this week as Democratic leaders struggle to reach consensus on how to move a simple stopgap spending bill that will prevent the government from shutting down on Oct. 1.

    “I would like to submit a video of my colonoscopy into the Congressional Record,” he told mortified lawmakers at one point. “Sorry for saying cornpacker, I know it’s an offensive term for gay Iowans,” he told conservative Iowa Rep. Steve King. He made reference to getting a “Brazilian” — a wax-based hair-removal service in a very delicate area of the body — from a Chilean at a spa serving tomatoes sliced by a Guatemalan.

    Colbert’s comedic rant was also a sleight of hand – his “prepared” testimony was passed out to the media before he spoke, and it was a bland, seemingly straightforward speech on migrant workers in America.

    Asked about whether the comedian’s appearance before a House panel Friday morning was appropriate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she hadn’t seen it but applauded him for testifying before Congress.

    “Of course I think it’s appropriate. He’s an American, right? He came before the committee. He has a point of view. He can bring attention to an important issue like immigration. I think it’s great.”

    Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.) defended Colbert’s appearance, noting that Republican-led committees had invited celebrities such as Elmo the muppet to testify in the past.

    But it’s not as if some Democrats on the committee couldn’t see the disaster coming.

    Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) implored Colbert to simply enter his testimony into the record without speaking.

    Some in the room gasped. Colbert muttered into the mic: “No hablo Ingles,” before straightening up and asking Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), the subcommittee chairwoman, if she’d prefer if he left the room.

  115. Foxwood says:

    I told Arlene I was burning a koran on 9/11 and she asked me to burn it in bacon grease and burn it slowly.

  116. tellitlikeitis says:

  117. Foxwood says:

    U.S. Education Secretary Vows to Make American Children ‘Good Environmental Citizens’
    Thursday, September 23, 2010
    By Nicholas Ballasy

    “Today, I promise you that under my leadership, the Department of Education will be a committed partner in the national effort to build a more environmentally literate and responsible society,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan looks on as President Barack Obama talks to students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va., Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

    ( – U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan vowed on Tuesday that his department would work to make American children into “good environmental citizens” through federally subsidized school programs beginning as early as kindergarten that teach children about climate change and prepare them “to contribute to the workforce through green jobs.”

    Read more:

  118. Foxwood says:

    The Cobert fiasco was to cover for Coates so no one would see it.

  119. tellitlikeitis says:

  120. tellitlikeitis says:

    I AGREE!

  121. Foxwood says:

    5 oz. steak and a 10 oz. salad. Well, and a 3 oz. shot of Jim Beam.

  122. Foxwood says:

    Everybody dies… some just sooner than others.

  123. Orca says:

    Fox that’s like the saying everyone makes us happy,
    some by coming in, and some by going away.
    You must admit with so much corruption it really is a target rich environment.
    Maybe we should start a pool of how long Holder will last after the first of the year. That will be when the gloves really come off.
    Maybe we could arrange for holder to have one of those pink jump suits and have to serve his time with uncle Joe in Az.

  124. arlenearmy says:

    “muslim” & “koran” is a bad word where i live at.

    I was working in yard the other day & had scarf tied around my head 2 keep hair out the dirt. I think I better wear a bandanna instead in case folks get the wrong idea.

  125. Orca says:

    memo to self
    November 2 take out the trash

  126. arlenearmy says:

    11/2 will be make-or-break time. Our very lives may depend on that day.

  127. VotingFemale says:

    good Morning everyone!

  128. VotingFemale says:

    my I internet was down when I got up this morning and it is still down. DRATZ!!!!!

    i’m using the smart pnone. what a pain.

    will be back when it is back up.

  129. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Orca,
    I agree. Our future as individuals and as a country is on the line in this mid-term.

  130. VotingFemale says:

    My internet is back up and going again. I hate it when that happens.

  131. Foxwood says:

    It’s a good day to be a subject of the Dictatorship!
    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  132. Foxwood says:

    Could someone please explain to me, why are we still under a National Emergency?

  133. VotingFemale says:

    I am so excited about the pending mid-term elections…

    I believe… in Miracles and I believe in my stalwart friends

    stalwart: marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind, or spirit

    Thank you for your defense, Foxwood, you dear man.

  134. Orca says:

    Interesting thing about trash the more it piles up the more rats appear to take over, the more sickness and disease and sickness follow
    sounds like the WH and DC in general
    I say again, nov 2 time to take out the trash and maybe get some new garbage men to cut down the trash that has already piled up
    Maybe some exterminators to deal with the vermim infestation in DC and other parts of the country.
    BTW Arlene if it we just me life it would not be as bad, we are really talking about our country
    I have 10 children of my own and several grandchildren, it’s them and the country they choose to live in that is in grave danger. There future as well as the future of all the children that has been mortgaged by the current powers that be.
    If this country is ever to be defeated it will be at the ballot box and come from within.

  135. Foxwood says:

    Some gotta wiiiiiiiiiiin
    Some gotta loooooose

    Good Time Charlie’s got the blues!

  136. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Orca!

  137. VotingFemale says:

    @Conner H.,

    Did you bother to read this blogpost? Do you assume? looks like it.
    There are decent people who work to stop the progressive political see-saw. You are the one who started throwing names like ‘neo-con,’ I just reciprocated in kind.

    Frankly, I don’t care what you have to say. You attacked my Pledge To America video on youtube like a socialist wank. Sooo… shove off and pontificate elsewhere. This is not a forum for socialists and wonkers to spread their snake oil.

    We are taking control of the government out of the hands of politicians who are self-serving and not servants of the will of the majority of the people.

    The Murkowski Three are all Republicans. They need to go as the progressive-enablers they are along with the progressive Republican RINOs they hug and the Progressive Democrats who are ruining this country.

    Conner H. said:


    You blocked me on YouTube, and I wanted to finish my point. You assumed to know my political ideology without even asking. If the only defense you have to my comment that following the republican party is just as stupid as following the democratic one is to call me a socialist it just shows how scared you are of the truth. Name any political issue and I will be happy to show you why BOTH democrats and republicans don’t give a lick what you think/about you. You have played right in to their game of “diversion arguments” instead of focusing on the fact that they are all one monster.

    Ok, your turn, call me a socialist without asking me my opinion on one issue. Also, it is quite funny to call me a socialist and then block me, which is a pretty socialistic, if not communist, tactic. I have been nothing but civil.

  138. VotingFemale says:

    The thread Conner H. AKA PsychoSocialChange was following up on on this video:

    1 hour ago

    I like how they all coordinated to not be wearing jackets. Fail.
    1 hour ago


    We are coming for the socialists… in the mid-terms and 2012.

    Does GTFO say it? yes it does.


    You guys had your turn. Thank you for waking the Sleeping Giant.

    Now it is our turn.

    You can run, hide, or leave but you can’t stop us.
    56 minutes ago

    @VotingFemale Who is you guys? I assume you are referring to democrats, which I am not. I sir am independent, I don’t just blindly follow a party because my parents happened to. Wake up and realize these people are every bit as bad as one another. Mindless drone.


    Well, ma’am, plenty of socialists claim to be independents… that means nothing. It is your personal ideology that is showing.

    And I, ma’am, am a Tea Party voter and we are not party hacks… both parties are on notice.
    VotingFemale 51 minutes ago
    @VotingFemale Who is you guys? I assume you are referring to democrats, which I am not. I sir am independent, I don’t just blindly follow a party because my parents happened to. Wake up and realize these people are every bit as bad as one another. Mindless drone.
    54 minutes ago

    @VotingFemale And also, I had to laugh at your sleeping giant comment. I suppose the neocons were sleeping the past decade when ruining the economy and starting wars. What a joke.


    Careful there, Socialist Girl, your Socialist ideology is showing! HAHAHAHAHA
    VotingFemale 50 minutes ago

    47 minutes ago

    You Socialists are such sore losers. You’ve had the congress since 2006 and the WH since 2008… and your RESET hunts you.

    All you have left is hate… poor babies coo….

  139. Foxwood says:

    Wait? I thought I was the hater…

  140. VotingFemale says:

    God Morning Orca!

    you said: If this country is ever to be defeated it will be at the ballot box and come from within.

    I reply: isn’t that the truth.

    This is the closest we have come to losing it… thank God enough people have woken up and stood up for themselves.

    We shall not go down.

  141. VotingFemale says:

    Good Afternoon, Foxwood!

    love the video!!!

  142. Bob Mack says:

    “Could someone please explain to me, why are we still under a National Emergency?”

    Well, the Democrats are running Washington…that’s an emergency, isn’t it?

  143. Foxwood says:

    Thanks for the laugh, Bob!

    Good morning!

  144. Foxwood says:

    Good morning VF!

  145. VotingFemale says:

    Foxwood, When the going gets tough; the tough gets going…

    I have been derided most of my life… rolls off now like water off a duck’s back.

    (Orca, FYI, I am a ‘breed’, from Texas, one-quarter Chickasaw)

    Chickasaw, the most fearless, the most successful warriors, of all the ‘nations.’

    The Chickasaw Nation

  146. Foxwood says:

    Having trouble with my pw, VF.

  147. VotingFemale says:

    Ohhh it is SUCH a Good Day!!! 😀

  148. VotingFemale says:

    and a dedication for ‘those’ on the run…

  149. VotingFemale says:

    A bit of Chicasaw History…

    Revered in ancient times as….

    “Spartans of the Lower Mississippi Valley.”

    The first contact with Europeans was with Hernando de Soto in 1540.

    Living in sophisticated town sites, the Chickasaws possessed a highly developed ruling system complete with laws and religion. They conducted a successful trade business with other tribes and with the French and English, and lived largely an agrarian lifestyle, but were quick to go to battle if necessary.

    They allied with the English during the French and Indian War. Some historians give the Chickasaws credit for the United States being an English-speaking country.

  150. Orca says:

    Hey my wife claims that saying is
    When to going gets tough, the tough go shopping
    Are you telling me my wife was wrong, that never happens LOL
    Chickasaw, I thought that was some islam gig about wacking a chicken’s head off with a chain saw. Are you telling me there is a whole cult out there doing it?
    Dang wait till the left coast, land of fruits and nuts, finds out LOL
    They will probably blame the TEA Party

  151. VotingFemale says:

    hahahaha Orca!

    you are too funny!

    Chickasaw is a Native American Indian Tribe as you now know. 😉

  152. Orca says:

    I by the way am 3/4 french, they practice war games by making white flags and learning how to say we give up in several languages.
    French diplomacy is taught in their university, is listed as follows:
    surrender 101,
    surrender advanced,
    and surrender before you are even threatened.
    However I will say, lately the French have been forced to deal with Islam and have forcefully done so.
    Maybe it’s the 1/4 Irish Sinn Fein in me that balances out the French

  153. VotingFemale says:

    Orca, lol yes, it must be that butt bustin’ Irish Sinn Fein!

    The rest is me is Deutsch

  154. Orca says:

    Just had a thought, (yea right)
    VF did you say you were 1/4 chickasaw, well since the chickasaw would be considered in some parts to be redmen (or women)
    Would that make you a Raspberry Tea Partyer, lol
    Or due to your demeanor when speaking about fools and dumocrap’s would you be an Arnold Palmer maybe

  155. Foxwood says:

    Well Irish eyes are smiling! I’m 1/4 Irish also!

    Been busy today… My Antennas moved for my local channels and I’ve been adjusting them. It sucks when you have to get all of your network channels from different cities. Local cable nor DirectTV carry them.

  156. VotingFemale says:

    Orca: Would that make you a Raspberry Tea Partyer

    1/4 Raspberry Tea Partyer lol

  157. Orca says:

    don’t miss this VF one of my favorite things

  158. VotingFemale says:

    I didn’t know that you were 1/4 irish!

    no local channels on the cable or dish… mmm… that sux

    I added a pic to the sidebar… see if you can find it 😀

    Foxwood says

    Well Irish eyes are smiling! I’m 1/4 Irish also!

    Been busy today… My Antennas moved for my local channels and I’ve been adjusting them. It sucks when you have to get all of your network channels from different cities. Local cable nor DirectTV carry them.

  159. VotingFemale says:

    Orca, the girl in the vid looks stunningly like me at that age… dang

  160. Foxwood says:

    Well, You little ghost, you!

  161. Foxwood says:

    Did you see the gator video I put up yesterday? That’s about how it is here.

  162. Orca says:

    Just a reminder of the WHO we are really fighting for and for whom the bell tolls, not so much for yea or me but more for those that will go one far after I am gone.
    They will pay the price if we lose
    Will we let the American Dream go into that good night as some would allow, or do we fight to preserve what was given to us but now threatened.

  163. Foxwood says:

    Well said, Orca!

  164. VotingFemale says:

    missed it… sorry

    Foxwood says
    Did you see the gator video I put up yesterday? That’s about how it is here.

  165. VotingFemale says:

    Mark my words, men: We are going to unleash a political tsunami on Nov 2

    And the DEMs know it is heading straight for them

  166. Orca says:

    Soo talented, Soo gifted, and Soo beautiful at 13 no less
    She must be saved from the evil plans of the progressives

  167. Foxwood says:

    “I didn’t know that you were 1/4 irish! ”

    Probably the why to my temperament…

  168. Foxwood says:

    It’s what they call each other here. They take it as the badge of honor.

  169. Foxwood says:

    You see RCA stickers on trucks all over around here.

  170. Foxwood says:

    These guys live down the road from me.

  171. Foxwood says:

    Is that your daughter, Orca?

  172. VotingFemale says:

    Then I will make a point of watching ‘Swamp People’ if you will root for the whale-huggers tee-hee

  173. VotingFemale says:

    Orca, I agree… she is all that and more

  174. Orca says:

    I am reminded of his lack of an answer, when Obama was asked if the American dream was dead by one of his supporters.
    To him and those that wish to play executioner of the American Dream we are coming for you Nov 2 mark your callender
    Arnold Palmer and the raspberry tea partyers is gonna take out the trash

  175. VotingFemale says:

    Fox? how did he know Arnold Palmer was a golfing hero of mine?

    Orca, I’m a golfer

  176. Orca says:

    She is my daughter just as she is yours, she is an American soon to be a Woman, She is in danger, her health, her wealth, and her liberty from the progressives in power

  177. VotingFemale says:

    my #1 golfing hero however, is Ben Hogan… fiercely Irish and a Texan

  178. Orca says:

    VF fits
    I’m sure you know an Arnold Palmer is also half raspberry tea and half lemonade in a tall glass with crushed ice and a sprig of mint

  179. Foxwood says:

    The video said Oklavision… I lived in Oklahoma for about 35 years.

    Truth said, Orca.

    Ok, VF… I’ll root for the whale huggers…

    Got to get back…

  180. VotingFemale says:

    An Arnold Palmer is a beverage consisting of half iced tea and half lemonade named for golfer Arnold Palmer. It is often called a half and half

  181. VotingFemale says:

    Foxwood… my people come from Oklahoma… it was where they were settled after the Trail of Tears

  182. VotingFemale says:

    Actually Orca, I never heard of that drink till you brought it up. sounds yummy! I make lemonade and ice tea year ’round. No reason not to try it out!

  183. VotingFemale says:


    Ok, VF… I’ll root for the whale huggers…

  184. Foxwood says:

    Sounds good with a shot of Jim Beam.

  185. Foxwood says:

    Best lay off the Beam till I get off the roof…

  186. VotingFemale says:

    don’t be fallin’ offa that roof!

  187. VotingFemale says:

    What we’re witnessing today, despite the screaming and gnashing of teeth of the establishment, is yet another revolution. But this one is different. Unlike the Reagan revolution, this movement is not led by a central figure. Unlike the Republican revolution of 1994, this revolution is not led by a small coterie of a party establishment. Rather, this revolution has as its focal point a general awakening — a collective, bottom-up realization that the economic and personal liberties Americans have enjoyed for the past two and a half centuries are unbelievably fragile. They must be defended not only from outside enemies, but from those within (including Republicans) who wish to destroy them.

    We are entering uncharted waters. It is a very real brave, new world, the likes of which have not been navigated since the American Revolution. For far too long Americans have slumbered and/or stewed in the notion that “you can’t fight City Hall.” But if the election of Obama and the ensuing events have taught us anything, it is that ordinary Americans cannot only fight City Hall, they can win.

    This is the opinion of Leo Pusateri, an educator and tea party activist who blogs occasionally at Psycmeister’s Ice Palace and Blogs for Victory.

  188. VotingFemale says:

    gotta run… back later

  189. VotingFemale says:

    oh… by the way, Orca… ten kids… WOW!!!

    YOU GO!

  190. Orca says:

    well I figure social security will go broke so I got more of a chance with lots of kids.
    It’s like lotto tickets who buys just one or two

  191. Orca says:

    After 3 kids the crazy level does not go up very much more, even past 10

  192. Foxwood says:

    “This is my libation of choice:”

    The Champs members included Glen Campbell and Leon Russel. They also were together as part of the Crypt Kicker 5 with the “Monster Mash”.

  193. Foxwood says:

    Of coarse I like the “sour mash”.

  194. VotingFemale says:

    Orca, good plan! folks need more children!

  195. VotingFemale says:

    Taaa KEEEE Laaaaa

    I started dancing!

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