Obama’s Organizing For America sends Organized Hater Spewing Extremist Lib Astro-Turfers to Harass Conservative Event (AMAZING VIDEO)

Organizers Of Hate
The Democrat National Committee &
Obama’s Organizing For America:

The Two Eyes of
Socialist Extremism

Obama’s Organizing for America, the Democratic National Committee, and SEIU organized their plot called ‘Accountability Project‘ on their website, bussed in, and handed out protest signs to the Liberal Socialist True Believers to disrupt and harass the Right Nation 2010 event which Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck were appearing on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at the Sears Center Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Watch as Andrew Breitbart confronts the Socialist Protesters one-on-one asking each to cite an example which supports what their protest sign said. Not a single Liberal Socialist Protester could offer a single reason for the sign they carried. Some got angry and called Breitbart a “Homo” and one of them spit on him. Nice job Obama… too bad it fell flat on its scumbaggery trollish Homophobic Spitting Face.

H/T to Founding Bloggers for the video and who also has an in-depth discussion of C.J. Hawking’s role (among others) as an organizer of the Socialist Astro-Turf spectacle and who is up to his neck in the communist front called Democratic Socialists of America.

What is so ironic about this statement from the Accountability Project?

Accountability Project – For too long, our politics has been poisoned with misinformation, lies and double-speak. The most powerful way to combat these tactics is to drag them into the light of public scrutiny.

The Accountability Project is a volunteer platform to document Republican candidates and their public statements at local events, as well as their campaign tactics. The Accountability Project allows you to submit videos, recordings, and other items for publication online, so that candidates see that there’s a cost to their dishonesty.

ANSWER: Their own words haunt and hunt them like a bloodhound on the trail.

How does it feel, Socialists? to have accountability beating down your door and exposing your scumbag trolling to the light of day

See ya November 2, 2010


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2 Responses to Obama’s Organizing For America sends Organized Hater Spewing Extremist Lib Astro-Turfers to Harass Conservative Event (AMAZING VIDEO)

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  2. Orca says:

    The problem is that now they have been caught unprepared, they will simply educate their minions before they try again.
    I think the communists gave them the title useful idiots.
    When you sell out your security for small comforts today you also sell your tomorrow

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