Is Rep Debbie Halvorson’s NAZI squad taxpayer-funded or Soros-funded? inquiring minds want to know; Update

Rep Debbie Halvorson’s (D-IL)

Watch National Socialist Rep Debbie Halvorson’s (DIL) NAZI squad in action as they picket the Chicago offices of Americans for Prosperity on September 15, 2010 carrying NAZI signs like good little rent-a-brown-shirt troll boys and girls on their National Socialist Astro-Turf field trip.

Folks, you will notice …the tired little Halvorson Brown Shirt trolls returning to their Halvorson Eagle’s Nest after their ‘field trip.’

Hey Fräu Halvorson? What do Halvorson Brown Shirts get paid an hour? Did Media Matters supply the signs of Glenn Beck with a Hitler mustache or did your Brown Shirt squad add that on themselves? Or, did you do it personally? You and your trolls got caught, din’cha?

Sieg Heil to YOU
Fräu Hälvorson

UPDATE: Seems the Swamp Monster of the House, Nancy Pelosi ala Pelosi Special Assistant Julie Merz who just signed on recently to assist Frau Halvorson, is indirectly implicated in this NAZI parade.


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15 Responses to Is Rep Debbie Halvorson’s NAZI squad taxpayer-funded or Soros-funded? inquiring minds want to know; Update

  1. Foxwood says:

    What a bunch of lemmings. They must like that koolaid. I prefer tea.

  2. VotingFemale says:

    I have another post in the hopper almost ready to go…

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  4. Orca says:

    The Chicago style of political discourse, long on thugs short on substance.
    Is it just me or does it seem that more criminal enterprises have there start in that great city by the lake.
    A little history is in order about Chicago’s place in politics
    In 1908 in Chicago MoMo Giancana was born. At the age of 21 Momo had learned the art of persuasion by Baseball bat and was responsible for many murders.
    Momo went to prison and upon his release he came under the boss of Chicago at the time, Anthony Accardo.
    Accardo was a former killer for Al(Scarface) Capone.
    Momo was allowed to set up the rackets in Chicago.
    Accardo was so impressed with the way Momo operated he became a “Made Man” in the Chicago Mafia
    In 1957 Accardo retired and named MoMo as his replacement.
    Now Momo was the boss of bosses and controlled the teamsters and the underworld as well.
    People came to him for help, one of those people was Joe Kennedy.
    Kennedy told Momo his son was going to run for president of the united States.
    Joe asked Momo to deliver as much help as possible so that Momo would have a friend in the White House.
    Because of John Kennedy’s womanizing and Momo’s connection into the sex trade it was not long before Momo had pictures and tape of john being serviced by three women at a time. Momo had the goods on the president.
    Through the years organized crime and chicago politics have always ran hand and hand.
    Now we have Soros and company, already convicted in France of insider trading attempting to be a power player.
    Debbie Halvorson is simply taking a page from he patron saint Al Scarface Capone.
    The same players and unions that helped elect John Kennedy, upon the request of Joe Kennedy to the boss of all bosses, Momo Giancana now supports Debbie Halvorson.
    The faces grow old and sometimes change but the reason remains the same.

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  6. VotingFemale says:

    Is it just me or does it seem that more criminal enterprises have there start in that great city by the lake

    Orca, it’s not just you. Chicago is a disgusting sewer pit of criminality.

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