Hey Katie Couric? how’s that Conservophobia workin’ out for ya?

How’s  your stash of CBS CBC News business cards holding out?

“these are tough times for everyone,” Couric said.

Seems Sarah Palin is doing swimmingly, no thanks to you and your Kate-Hate. Sarah has amassed over $12 million dollars this year and is a political powerhouse not to be fooled with. Socialists tremble at the mention of her.

Perhaps after you are laid off like your soon-to-be ex-boss, David Westin, you can start a Socialist Talk radio show and show Rush Limbaugh how it is done Socialist style. What do ya think?

Say, didn’t ABC News axe 300 staffers, 20 percent of its news division, in February of this year? Is anyone getting your coffee, these days? Are you doing your own make-up now? Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can give you some pointers, eh?

Sooo… inquiring minds want to know. Will MSNBC get your nod for a spot on their little cable channel? Perhaps you can team up with fellow Conservophobic, Keith Olbermann. I’ll bet Janeane Garofalo is available to sub for you when you want a few days off …seeing as how Garofalo gigs are few and far between these days. You could start off with an interview of Michael Moore and discuss how his cash flow is going these days as a professional Conservophobe. Just an idea.

Perhaps Obama would hire you as a personal aide, so long as you wear blue dresses. What do you think? Nahhh… scratch that. At your advanced age it would be difficult to rise gracefully from a kneeling position.

Well… gee, I am running out of ideas here Katie ole girl  …unless Uncle Fidel could use you as a professional socialist propagandist on his state owned Radio Havana. It probably doesn’t pay much but think of all those communist fringe benefits like free health care and free Fidel pep rallies! Perhaps you could wine and dine those CBC socialists who like to visit the Pearl of the Antilles and reminisce about the good ole days when Obama won the election. sigh…

Gee… the socialist troll business just ain’t what it used to be, huh Katie?

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16 Responses to Hey Katie Couric? how’s that Conservophobia workin’ out for ya?

  1. Foxwood says:

    Rush: “Obama says Republicans talk about him like he’s a dog. Funny, Obama’s name backwards is doG.”

  2. Foxwood says:

    “so long as you wear blue dresses.”

    I’m sure Obutthole needs a humidor…

  3. VotingFemale says:

    Katie probably needs a magnifying glass…

  4. VotingFemale says:

    “Obama’s name backwards is doG.””

    yeah, it is. I wonder how many mirrors he has cracked with that doG face of his.

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