Obama approval sets new record as mid-terms approach

Rasmussen Report’s Obama Presidential Approval Tracking Poll Index dips to yet another record level of minus 23 on Sunday, September 05, 2010:

Obama set in motion the constant erosion of voter approval with his mishandling of the economic recession wasting almost a trillion dollars of borrowed money and now wanting to throw an additional $50 billion away for which taxpayers, young and old alike, are on the hook. And, the US economy just keeps losing ground.

This downward spiraling disapproval is also strongly coupled to Obama’s year-long plus obsession of forcing an Obamacare square peg into a voter round hole. This is undoubtedly the biggest single hole of all in Obama’s floundering boat.

Add to this, Obama’s management of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which further increases voter majority disapproval as a result of his far-left partisan pandering acts of setting arbitrary deadlines of withdrawal which aids and abets the enemy. All the Islamic Extremist enemy has to do is wait the Obama specified time period then fill the NATO armed forces vacuum purposefully designed by a commander-in-chief  obsessed with creating an American defeat as opposed to victory.

And lets not forget the Obama War on Arizona, a state that, in good faith, fruitlessly repeated appealed to Obama’s deaf ears to  fulfill the Federal Government’s unavoidable responsibility under law to prevent the ongoing invasion of tens of thousands of Mexican Foreign Nationals illegally crossing the US international border into their state thus burdening that state with hundreds of millions of dollars of rightly preventable annual  expenses heaped on the state’s voting taxpayers.

And, an American voter majority is just supposed to shut up and sit down under threats of being slandered as “a bunch of tea bagging redneck racists?”

Not in this lifetime.

Pushing the building of the Ground Zero Mosque drilled another huge hole in Obama’s already sinking boat. His insensitive publicly declared disconnect with the American people is absolutely astounding. He still doesn’t get it. We are the boss and he is the public servant working on a time-limited four-year contract.

Thus, Obama & Co owns their looming defeat come November 2, 2010, and all the onslaught of slander-strewn attacks by Soros funded groups and the lamestream media only serves to further increase the ranks of the voter majority which disapproves of Obama and DEM politicians across the nation. The hundreds of millions of left-wing dollars spent, and planned to be spent in the next two months, on DEM campaign propaganda is a serious squandering of their time and money.

Lets face it… a pompous arrogant self-serving far-left political activist is a very poor choice for a president. Americans give this guy the benefit of the doubt and, because of his race and not in spite of it, elected the first black president. He started with a virtual blank slate and has carved his track record of defeat into that slate ever since. That trend shows no sign of stopping.

Obama is being rightfully and historically judged as the absolute worst president in the history of the United States… and he has only himself to blame. If America were inherently racist, he would have never been elected. That is a fact no one can dispute.

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41 Responses to Obama approval sets new record as mid-terms approach

  1. samiam60 says:

    I don’t think you missed a thing on this Post VF. Very informative history of the Anointed One and all of his mis-steps and evil deeds. These are nothing less than Crimes against the American People.

  2. Foxwood says:

    He sets a “New World Record”!

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  4. VotingFemale says:

    Yes, Sam, When Obama declared “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” he neglected to account for his own self-inflicted damage. And like a minority looking to use his race to insulate himself from responsibility, he has his people shout RAAACIST at Americans responding to his misdeeds and evilness.

  5. samiam60 says:

    That Race Card ain’t gonna Hunt no more VF. Not this time, Not Now. lol

  6. VotingFemale says:

    Obama’s legacy of of alarming failures eclipses the past43 presidents by a margin as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon.

    HELLLOOO …helllooo …helllooo …helllooo …helllooo

    ANYBODY HOOOME? …hooome …hooome …hooome …hooome

  7. VotingFemale says:

    That left wing race card instead, now hunts the Democrats… 😀

    Imagine DAT!

    samiam60 says

    That Race Card ain’t gonna Hunt no more VF. Not this time, Not Now. lol

  8. Foxwood says:

    Obutthole stands next to a Dem seeking re-election and the Dem instantly loses 5 points.

    That’s why Michelle is stumping…

  9. samiam60 says:

    My pingbacks aren’t working here VF 😦

    What I posed to do now?

  10. VotingFemale says:

    verify that link is correct and then make a minor edit change to your blog post and save the change. Sometimes the pingback server gets stuck and an update to the post re-triggers the darn thing.

    samiam60 says

    My pingbacks aren’t working here VF 😦

    What I posed to do now?

  11. VotingFemale says:

    I found the problem… now your pingbacks are visible.

    Akismet spam filter incorrectly dumped the pingbacks into the spam folder.

    it gets hinky sometimes. I have even had my own pingbacks to earlier blogposts dumped into the spam folder of all things. lol

  12. samiam60 says:

    VF says:
    it gets hinky sometimes.

    VF, is that a typo?

  13. samiam60 says:

    Ahhhhhhhh, Thanks VF, see you can fix anything.. 🙂
    That woulda kept me up all night. (for real) 😀

  14. VotingFemale says:

    not a typo…

    hinky: Acting suspiciously; strange, unusual; acting in a manner as if having something to hide, or seemingly crooked; Suspicious (of something); Weird; nonstandard

    samiam60 asks

    VF says:
    it gets hinky sometimes.

    VF, is that a typo?

  15. Foxwood says:

    Hinky as in NCIS…

    No video available… 😦

  16. Foxwood says:

    Cote de Pablo can beat me up any day…

  17. VotingFemale says:

    Well… nothing is perfect but God. And in his infinite wisdom he created imperfect human beings who also write imperfect computer code. 😉

    samiam60 says

    Ahhhhhhhh, Thanks VF, see you can fix anything.. 🙂
    That woulda kept me up all night. (for real) 😀

  18. VotingFemale says:

    Foxwood, I willingly admit to never having known about Cote de Pablo.

    …till now.


  19. VotingFemale says:


    Hinky is as Hinky does.

  20. samiam60 says:

    Ahahahaha Foxwood. Cote de Pablo…………… 🙂

  21. samiam60 says:

    I am wondering if on days like this when Obama’s Poll numbers continue to drop if the White House Dog is not tied up with a Bungy Cord.

    PUNT 😀

  22. VotingFemale says:

    “De Pablo is best known for her role on the CBS drama NCIS as Ziva David, a former Israeli Mossad Liaison Officer, now a Special Agent for NCIS. De Pablo describes the character as “someone completely different from anyone else on the show because she’s been around men all her life; she’s used to men in authority. She’s not afraid of men.”

    That ‘splains it… I don’t watch NCIS as a ‘followed’ series, though I have watched a few old reruns of that show.

  23. VotingFemale says:

    “I am wondering if on days like this when Obama’s Poll numbers continue to drop if the White House Dog is not tied up with a Bungy Cord. PUNT” 😀

  24. Foxwood says:

    I got into watching NCIS after the series stated and had to go back and watch the old shows. The forensic scientist, Abby, uses hinky alot in the show. David (pronounced dah-veed) uses alot of martial arts to take down opponents. She drops Denozo (Mike Weatherby) every so often in the show, just to show who’s boss.

  25. Foxwood says:

    He can’t punt the wife, Sami, She’d put him down like a dog.

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