breaking: Charlie Crist seen with Obama’s Secret Service on Martha’s Vineyard

H/T to CSNNews and RedState

RINO Charlie Crist doing what RINOs Do, sucking up to their real friends and trying to pull the wool over voter eyes.

According to CSN News, RINO turned Independent Charlie Crist was spotted de-planing on Martha’s Vineyard by Nantucket Republican Town Committee Chair Donna Hamel.

CSN News reports Crist spokesman Danny Kanner, when questioned about Crist’s reasons for being on Martha’s Vineyard this past Friday during Obama’s vacation there, responded “He [Crist] was in New England for a private campaign event.”

When asked by CSN News if Crist met with Obama or Obama’s staff Kanner responded “No he did not.”

Crist’s staff would not divulge who hosted the fundraiser, according to CSN News. To view the complete CSN News article click here.

But the plot thickens as  RedState reports…

But our witnesses say he[Crist] very clearly was, at one point, in the company of secret service agents.

Crist was visiting Obama on the eve of the Florida Senate primary.

For what purpose? Ambassadorship? Undermining Kendrick Meeks? Promising support of Chuck Schumer for Senate Majority Leader in the next Congress?

To view the complete article click here.

Oh what webs we weave when first we practice to deceive, eh Charlie?

This is why we need people like Sarah Palin to help weed out these voter back-stabbing RINOs so voters know what is what and who is whom.

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73 Responses to breaking: Charlie Crist seen with Obama’s Secret Service on Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Foxwood says:

    Dirty rat-ass bastard. People need to read, investigate, and educate themselves to know who they are voting for. You can’t vote for a person just because they are a Republican… they might be a RINO. Learn a lesson.

  2. arlenearmy says:

    I figured something was not right w/Crist. So now it comes to light. I

  3. arlenearmy says:

    I hope Rubio uses this against him in TV ads & go viral on it.

  4. Foxwood says:

    Hey, Arlene! You need to stop by more often! We need your input!

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  6. samiam60 says:

    The United States Government PROVES that this Nation was and still is:

  7. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning my Fellow Christian Patriots 🙂

  8. samiam60 says:

    Snapshot of Economy About to Get a Lot Bleaker

    Published August 27, 2010

    WASHINGTON — The government is about to confirm what many people have felt for some time: The economy barely has a pulse.

    The Commerce Department on Friday will revise its estimate for economic growth in the April-to-June period and Wall Street economists forecast it will be cut almost in half, to a 1.4 percent annual rate from 2.4 percent.

    That’s a sharp slowdown from the first quarter, when the economy grew at a 3.7 percent annual rate, and economists say it’s a taste of the weakness to come. The current quarter isn’t expected to be much better, with many economists forecasting growth of only 1.7 percent.

    Such slow growth won’t feel much like an economic recovery and won’t lead to much hiring. The unemployment rate, now at 9.5 percent, could even rise by the end of the year.

    “The economy is going to limp along for the next few months,” said Gus Faucher, an economist at Moody’s Analytics. There’s even a one in three chance it could slip back into recession, he said.

    Many temporary factors that boosted the economy earlier this year are fading. Companies built up their inventories after cutting them sharply in the recession to match slower sales. The increase provided a boost to manufacturers, but now many companies’ stockpiles are in line with sales and don’t need to grow as much.

    In addition, the impact of the government’s $862 billion fiscal stimulus program is lessening.

    That leaves the private sector to pick up the slack. But businesses are cutting back on their spending on machines, computers and software, according to a government report earlier this week. And the housing sector is slumping again after a popular home buyer’s tax credit expired in April.

    “What we’re seeing is that the hand-off to the private sector is not looking as robust as we had previously hoped,” said Ben Herzon, an economist at Macroeconomic Advisors.

    Many analysts say the uncertainty surrounding the economy is holding back consumers from spending and companies from investing and hiring.

    Consumers can’t be sure their jobs are safe, with unemployment so high. Business executives don’t know if sales and profits will grow enough to justify adding jobs. And potential changes to tax laws at the end of this year and other policy reforms also make it hard to plan ahead, economists say.

    “People have been overwhelmed by uncertainty,” said Ethan Harris, an economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

    A big reason the government will mark down its estimate of last quarter’s gross domestic product is that imports surged much more in June than expected. GDP is the broadest measure of the economy’s output and covers everything from auto production to haircuts.

    Imports rose by 3 percent to just over $200 billion in June, while exports fell to $150.5 billion, pushing the trade gap to almost $50 billion, the biggest in nearly two years. Friday’s report may show that the higher imports knocked as much as 3 percentage points off second quarter growth, economists at Goldman Sachs estimate.

    But trade isn’t likely to be as big a drag in the current quarter. With businesses slowing their spending on inventories and capital equipment, imports are likely to slow.

    Housing, which added to the economy’s growth in the second quarter, is now likely dragging it down. The homebuyer’s tax credit boosted home sales in the spring, raising real estate brokers’ commissions.

    But home sales fell sharply in July, and new home construction also declined. That will weigh on economic growth this quarter, but its impact won’t be as bad as earlier in the recession. That’s because housing has shrunk so sharply.

    It made up more than 6 percent of the economy at the height of the boom in 2005, but now accounts for only 2.5 percent.

    High unemployment is making it harder for people to make their mortgage payments and stay in their homes.

    About 9.9 percent of homeowners had missed at least one mortgage payment as of June 30, the Mortgage Bankers Association said Thursday. That number, adjusted for seasonal factors, was close to a record high of more than 10 percent at the end of April.

    Friday’s report is the second of three estimates the government issues for each quarter’s GDP.

  9. samiam60 says:

    America is at a cross roads as November approaches and what America remains or becomes will depend on the outcome of that election.

  10. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  11. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Patriot Sami!

    The pain is going to get worse, but we have to bite the bullet and throw the rat bastards out of office. Communists, Marxists, and RINOs. Then the Commie in Chief! And if we find more have infiltrated back in, throw them out next election.

  12. Foxwood says:

    Theses elitists think they were born to rule. Like King George found out, they are nothing. I blow my nose on them. I wipe my shoes on them. They are nothing. Manure has more worth.

  13. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning to one less day of Obama!

    Good Morning, Sam! Fox!

  14. Foxwood says:


    Does that include “lives touched” by the taxes taken for the “stimulus” package?

  15. VotingFemale says:

    Did you guys happen to see the blogpost I cross-posted at Texas4Palin?

    I was invited to be a contributor there and they have a very good circulation.
    This will bring traffic here and increase readership of your comments here.

    Every little thing helps. Obama/Reid/Pelosi and their rabid pack of leftist snake buddies are runnin’ ‘skart’

    Did anyone catch Obama’s new BullCrap? “Lives Touched” by the Socialists… They touched my life and just like the induced motivation that inspired The Patriot from the movie by that name, I decided to push back starting in late May, 2008. Obama gave a voice to many of us including Sarah Palin.

    Hooo YAAAA

  16. Foxwood says:

    Explaining ‘Lives Touched’ to the Mainstream Media
    By Rusty Weiss
    Wed, 08/25/2010 – 16:38 ET

    In late July, a Government Accountability Office report circulated which analyzed stimulus funding being spent by the Department of Energy. The main gist of that report involved the cost of each job being generated by the stimulus bill – a staggering $194,000. Tucked away in that report was a phrase that was new to most of us, a way to calculate jobs through a term called ‘lives touched’.

    Read more:
    Read more:

  17. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Patriot VF!

    “Lives Touched” is nothing more than BULLCRAP!

  18. Foxwood says:

    Yes, VF, I did read the cross posting. That’s great news!

  19. VotingFemale says:

    Fox, all the Marxist BullCrap in the world will not now reinvent the reality that the jig is UP for these Socialists.

    No amount of propaganda and Socialist-Speak will save them from the voters.

    They had their run… and now they are being run to ground by the hyper-pissed off voter Majority.

    And I expect to see violence from the leftists as they realize after Nov 2, 2010, they are finished.

  20. VotingFemale says:

    The treatment of voters in the Socialist’s townhalls cements their fate at the hands of voters.

    We are living one of the most important chapters in American History… and you all are writing it as we live it.

  21. Foxwood says:

    Sami, those were some great photos you emailed. My baby girl was over and I got to show her her great great great aunt, Blanche Barrow. She ask me why she was screaming…

  22. VotingFemale says:

    I didn’t do it for me personally, Fox. I will never accept a single penny for my writing… this is about my love for my country… OUR COUNTRY.

    Foxwood says

    Yes, VF, I did read the cross posting. That’s great news!

  23. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF and Foxwood and YES 😀 I did see that cross post VF.

    That is quite a well deserved Honor and recognition of all your efforts to re-set the course of America. Bravo and I am sure you will see even more interest of your work here coming your way.

    I feel honored in knowing you dear.

  24. samiam60 says:

    Foxwood!!!!!!!!! you are related to Blance? Wow 😀

  25. samiam60 says:

    Here is an Ireport that generated so much rage in only 4 hours. It is the most commented Ireport already. The looney left is frothing at the mouth over this one. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    68 Comments in under 4 hours.

  26. VotingFemale says:

    It is me who is honored your presence Sam.

    samiam60 says

    Good Morning VF and Foxwood and YES 😀 I did see that cross post VF.

  27. Foxwood says:

    Naw, My suedo son in law is related to Blanche. But that makes the baby girl related.

  28. samiam60 says:

    Here is some much needed help for all of you Liberals out there suffering from the Disaster brought on America by your Anointed One, Obama:

  29. Foxwood says:

    Can you feel the hate, Sami!

  30. VotingFemale says:


    The comments on the iReport is hilarious. Just as it will be hilarious watching those koolaid bottom feeders go insane when Obama is exited from the WH and replaced with Sarah or another conservative.


  31. samiam60 says:

    Oh yes Foxwood I can feel the hate and I must tell you. The most Hate I ever felt or saw was when I was doing Ireports @CNN about of all things:

    The Love of God

  32. Foxwood says:

    Sarah makes the Commie libs steam.

  33. samiam60 says:

    I knew you would get a kick out of seeing the same ole libs ranting and raging over one name: SARAH PALIN.

    They wreak from FEAR.


  34. Foxwood says:

    The #1 hit in 1965…

  35. VotingFemale says:

    Sarah “NUDGES” Scott Brown for his Rhinocerosity

    You wouldn’t make it in Alaska, bub.

    Sarah Palin: We wouldn’t stand for Scott Brown in Alaska

    Update at 2:52

    In an interview Wednesday, Sarah Palin told Fox Business that while it makes sense that Massachusetts might “put up with Scott Brown,” the new Republican star senator wouldn’t last in Alaska.

    “By the way, is Scott Brown on notice? I mean, he’s gone along with the Pelosi-Reid message for the past couple of votes,” the anchor asked.

    Palin nodded. “Well, you know, take the consideration, though, that’s Massachusetts, and perhaps they’re not going to look for such a hardcore constitutional conservative there, and they’re gonna put up with Scott Brown and some of the antics there,” she said.

    In her state, she went on, those “antics” wouldn’t last.

    “But up here in Alaska, and so many places across the U.S., where we have a pioneering, independent spirit, and we have an expectation that our representatives in D.C. will respect the will of the people and the intelligence of the people — well, up here, we wouldn’t stand for that.”

    See the video at:

  36. samiam60 says:

    Today will be a huge day in Washington, DC for all that we hope for and all that we Cherish.

    I will be Praying for Peace and Safety as Glenn Beck and Our Fellow Patriots stand up tall for America.

  37. Foxwood says:

    Trying to get out the door early. If Verizon keeps their promise, I have a vacation this week. More house remodeling.

  38. VotingFemale says:


    The New Black Panthers voiced a thinly veiled treat to Glenn Beck that they will “See Him” in Washington, August 28, 2010.

    I expect there will be high security present to defend and protect Glenn… and any who think violence is due Glenn will likely get multiple caps popped in their marxist asses by Glenn’s security.

    Will Glenn wear body armor? Would you under the same circumstances?

  39. Foxwood says:

    Oh great, Herindo again.

  40. VotingFemale says:

    mmm… Ok, dear.

    BTW, how is your garden doing?

    Foxwood says

    Trying to get out the door early. If Verizon keeps their promise, I have a vacation this week. More house remodeling.

  41. Foxwood says:

    I bet Glenn will be sweating gravy… 🙂

  42. Foxwood says:

    “BTW, how is your garden doing?”

    Global warming has killed off a lot. I still have cucumbers, some peppers and some tomatoes.

  43. VotingFemale says:

    Jurrassic-Aldo is such a shmuck… and always has been.

  44. VotingFemale says:

    Global Warming will kill us all, lol

  45. samiam60 says:

    If I need to take a drug test to get a job, then you need a drug test to get welfare!

    This message is being spread throughout Facebook.

  46. samiam60 says:

    It is sure as hell killing Al Gore:

    VF said:

    Global Warming will kill us all, lol

  47. Foxwood says:

    “Jurrassic-Aldo is such a shmuck… and always has been.”

    But it’s funny to watch him fall off a horse…

  48. VotingFemale says:

    twitter account: PARK51PR , a parody of PARK51 which is the voice of the Ground Zero Mosque Cordoba Club, is still going strong.

    the owners of PARK51 complained to Twitter about it and twitter ignored their whines…

  49. VotingFemale says:

    I love it when Bill O spins him up to 10,000 rpm! 😉

  50. VotingFemale says:

    so many marxists and RINOs, so little time… time for me to do some blogpost writin’ 😀

  51. Foxwood says:

    A cellsite is down! My services are needed!

    Off I go, wearing my tight pa-ja-mas,
    Flying high, this is the life!

  52. samiam60 says:

    Off to FEMAcampObama for me. See ya’ll laters………….. 😀

  53. Foxwood says:

    Everybody has cell phones… never can find a phone booth……

  54. VotingFemale says:

    bye Sam! go make them ObamaBux! His majesty’s bank account is running low.

  55. VotingFemale says:

    no phone booth…. dang…

    What IS a super hero to do?


  56. Foxwood says:

    Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber
    By Peter Finn
    Thursday, August 26, 2010; 8:47 PM

    The Obama administration has shelved the planned prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the alleged coordinator of the Oct. 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, according to a court filing.

    Read more:

  57. Foxwood says:

    Once they figure out that they can pay a monkey bananas to press a button, I’m out a job.

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