whining RINOs to the left of me, Sarah Palin to the right

Sarah Palin’s endorsements in Republican Primaries is an act of replacing entrenched business as usual GOP politicians who have over stayed their usefulness.

So it is… that 9-term entrenched Georgia US Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA) got the pants scared off him when Sarah Palin endorsed a Georgia Governor candidate underdog, Karen Handel, running against his good buddy, Nathan Deal, whom he endorsed in the race.

Karen Handel came from behind in the election which was so close a recount was undertaken to determine the winner. Nathan Deal won by a very slim margin, a margin too close for comfort for Jack Kingston.

So… what has Jack Kingston decided to do? Make the rounds at the networks and radio instructing Sarah Palin to stop endorsing candidates in GOP primaries.

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Of interest is  that Huckabee, Gingrich, and Romney also endorsed Georgia Gov candidates and were split between Handel and Deal. Gee… perhaps the weakness of the endorsement vote influencing powers of Huckabee, Gingrich, and Romney don’t merit a a complaint from Kingston. Perhaps Kingston’s angst is rooted in fear that Palin is a force to be reckoned with who is determined to throw out incumbent bums  who have not well represented the views and needs of their conservative constituents.

What does Jack Kingston actually fear??? Read this and come to your own conclusions. According to Nevin Batiwalla of The Brunswick News:

“Kingston, in the second year of his ninth two-year term, shied away from talk of repealing the health care overhaul President Barack Obama signed into law. He didn’t use the word “repeal” once during his hour-long talk to a packed crowd of constituents at College of Coastal Georgia auditorium.

Instead Kingston, who had joined all other Republicans in the House in voting against the overhaul, focused on changes he thinks should be made to make it better. He said lawmakers have “unfinished business” and both parties should work together to improve the nation’s health care system.

On the heels of a legislative defeat, Kingston tried to turn down the volume on what has been a rancorous and drawn-out debate. At one point, he assured the crowd there are no “death panels,” a charge made by some conservatives over the course of the year-long debate and echoed by at least one citizen in attendance Wednesday.

He also said it is too early to tell if the new law violates the U.S. Constitution.

“We really don’t know if it is unconstitutional until the Supreme Court decides,” he said.

There are parts in the bill that make sense to Kingston.

“There are a lot of things in this bill I think you and I certainly like,” said Kingston, mentioning that he supports prohibiting insurance companies from denying health insurance to people with a preexisting medical conditions.”

Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin also weighs in on this RINO:

Jack Kingston is a Republican Party Hack

Kingston went on Bill Maher’s show to denounce Governor Palin’s “death panel” metaphor. Only a Republican Party hack would go on that extremist’s show to dismiss one of the most potent descriptions of the monstrosity that is Obamacare. Even the extremely left-leaning Kaiser poll found that a near plurality of adults believe that Obamacare allows “a government panel to make decisions about end‐of‐life care for people on Medicare.”

I agree with Ian’s assessment. If you have ever witnessed the socialist cesspool at HBO called Real Time with Bill Maher, you will understand that NO ONE but a RINO would DREAM of chit-chatting with Maher on that show.

RINO Jack Kingston is obviously
back door deal making
with the Progressive-Socialists
Time for him to go

Georgia US Rep Jack Kingston - RINO

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