Arlen Specter and ObamaCare lawsuits; DEM strategy at work?

Comrade Obama's favorite RINO idiot, Arlen Specter

Arlen Specter showed up on Hannity at FOX News yesterday to push Presidential MalPractitioner Obama’s latest pet project… legislation to televise Supreme Court activities.

As they say, timing is everything, right Obama?

Why???  And, Why Now??? Why would Comrade Obama suddenly get a burning itch to get a law passed to force televising of goings on at the US Supreme Court? For anti-US Supreme Court propaganda purposes, is the obvious answer.

Call me circumspect, but this pitch by Specter on FOX News yesterday on Hannity’s program, and likely other TV channels, smells of further Obama skullduggery.

Obama got shot down in Federal court on his motion to dismiss the Virginia lawsuit on the grounds of lack of standing.

The judge denied that Oba-motion and granted standing to the State of Virginia thus allowing the Virginia lawsuit to move forward in challenging Obama’s ObamaCare Law on the grounds of the unconstitutional  provision of forcing US citizens to purchase a product (a health insurance policy) under penalty of law.

This lawsuit is most certainly headed to the Supreme Court for the final ruling after all the appeals have run their course.

Obama, an avowed enemy of the current Supreme Court, will certainly enjoy televised Supreme Court activities to further attack the Judaical Branch of Government.

Why? …to further increase Executive Branch Powers. That is to say, further increase his powers at the expense of the balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judaical branches of the US Government. Folks, this is what aspiring dictators do.

This is the president who ran on transparency and runs the Executive Branch in secret.

By the way, Obama, I see one of your pet illegal aliens was repeatedly released by your Immigration Department who then, as a repeat DUI offender, killed a Catholic Nun.

Shame on the Nun for damaging his car, right man-child president? After all, she is a Christian, right? She was white, thus an ‘automatic racist,’ right, Mr Racial Politics President?

She must have acted stupidly for depending on the Obama Administration for enforcing anti-illegal immigration laws, right Mr LowT Obama?

Ohhh… I forgot. You have a favorite scapegoat for everything: It must be George Bush’s fault this illegal alien scumbag killer was not deported before he killed that Nun, right?

Good luck with your little Amnesty Project to add 12 million Mexican National voters to the Dem Party, NOT.


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14 Responses to Arlen Specter and ObamaCare lawsuits; DEM strategy at work?

  1. Foxwood says:

    You stimulus money in action, from The Motley Fool…

    Scientist Attempts to Create Joke Machine (Evanston, IL) – $712,883

    It’s already been invented. It’s called Congress…

  2. Foxwood says:

    Truth told, VF… Truth told!
    Our Constitution is being used in the Whitehouse outhouse.

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