Sarah Palin forces Obama to bow down to her superior nuclear expertise

Nuclear Policy Expertise Results:
Moose Hunter: 1, Community Organizer: 0

On CBS Face the Nation on Sunday, April 11, 2010, Secretary of State Clinton reversed Obama’s removal of the Nuclear Retaliatory Response option in response to biological or chemical attacks on the American mainland that Obama made public last week.

SOD Robert Gates: “We were concerned about the biological weapons,” Gates said, “and that’s why the president was very clear[really? hahaha nice try Gates]… if we see states developing biological weapons that we begin to think endanger us or create serious concerns, that he reserves the right to revise this policy.”

That was followed up…

SOS Hillary Clinton: “If we can prove that a biological attack originated in a country that attacked us, then all bets are off.”

By Hillary doing that, Obama just got his nuclear ‘expert’ community organizer ass kicked by nuclear savvy Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; avoid him.”

In the case of common everyday fools, this is relatively easy to do …but, when it comes to avoiding a slick-talking community organizing fool who believes he is the wisest person living and who managed to get himself elected to the most powerful position of power in the entire world, no one can afford to avoid this dangerous madman.

Last week Obama publicized his changes to the Nation’s Nuclear Policy Statement having removed the option of a Nuclear Retaliatory Strike in the event of a massive biological or chemical attack against American citizens in this country.

Anyone who defends this policy change is also a dangerous moron.

Sarah Palin, in recognition of this appalling reckless and dangerous precedent of removing the nuclear option in response to these types of attacks, called Obama out publicly for this mortally dangerous act of supreme idiocy.

Palin: No administration in America’s history would, I think, ever have considered such a step that we just found out that President Obama is supporting today.
You know that’s kinda like getting out there on the playground, a bunch of kids ready to fight and one of the kids saying ‘Go ahead, punch me in the face and I’m not going to retaliate. Go ahead and do what you want to with me.'”

To which Obama responded publicly:

“I really have no response. Because last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues,” Obama told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “If the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff are comfortable with it, I’m probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin,”

To which Sarah Palin responded publicly:

“Obama, with all the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a ‘community organizer…’”


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116 Responses to Sarah Palin forces Obama to bow down to her superior nuclear expertise

  1. dancingczars says:

    IMHO had Sara ran against Obama head to head, she would have kicked his ass. Had the Republican Party been solidly behind her, and supported her, remember she told them the interview with cutesy Katie would be a bust. Sara would have killed him in debates, received untold votes from women that would have also liked to see the glass ceiling broken with a first woman president, and of course even more guys would have turned out because they knew John McCain well a damn good guy, patriot, is a RINO and a bit long in the tooth. Jim

  2. Foxwood says:

    I love this woman! The Communists just don’t get her.

    Obutthole, I believe, was sent to Washington to manage the decline of America. He knows it doesn’t matter if he knows anything about nukes, tactics, or if the enemy know about our policies. His job is to bring us down to third world status.

  3. Foxwood says:

    Working on my company truck while on vacation… WAH!

  4. AFVET says:

    You have to give him credit for offering anybody with common sense an easy target.

  5. AFVET says:

    We are quickly coming to a point at which Obama’s opinion on just about anything will be disregarded by any one who is far more knowledgeable on the subject.
    I disagree with Hilliary’s philosophies on domestic issues, however I have to give her credit for espousing strength militarily.
    We’ll see if there is a slap down by the one of the Sec. of State.

  6. Foxwood says:

    I think Hillary forgot her place…

    I wonder what the backlash will be… 🙂

  7. AFVET says:

    Foxwood, if you visit Roxy’s blog you will see my new avatar displayed along with your old one, (gray donkey.)
    ohiobelle also displays my new one.
    Roxy changed her’s and said it took a couple of days to take effect.
    SamHenry displays the new one and so does LisainTX.
    A curiosity to say the least.
    When only two blogs didn’t switch over to the new gravatar, it makes me wonder if they need to refresh something to accept the input from wordpress.
    Could be wordpress, or the settings Czars and VF have set up with them.
    Gravatar displays the new one, WordPress also displays my new one (P40 Warhawk).
    My old one was an airplane flying thru a blue sky.
    Trivial to say the least, but after spending time on networks, it has to be something these two sites are doing as opposed to the other sites.

  8. Foxwood says:

    I see your tigershark display here. I had problems all day yesterday with my gravatar not showing up, but then I put in a ticket to wordpress and they fixed it this morning.

  9. AFVET says:

    There’s the rub.
    The administrators of blogs can see my new one.
    The public display has not been updated.
    I still see my old one on this site, and Czars.

  10. Foxwood says:

    Do you use Gravatar or are you uploading you pic through WordPress?

  11. AFVET says:

    Gravatar displays my p40 as my Avatar.
    Wordpress has also accepted the Avatar.
    Two sites have not converted to the new one.
    Both are wordpress sites.
    If I log into wordpress, or Gravatar, my new avatar is displayed.
    I was just on Roxy’s site and left a comment.
    The new one appears next to my comment.

    I don’t know what else to tell you.
    From my standpoint, it appears that it is site specific.

  12. Foxwood says:

    I was just having that problem yesterday. I thought maybe it was a wordpress problem because I opened a ticket, but now I think it’s something I did. You might try it and see if it works.

    I reloaded my avatar on Gravatar. If wordpress didn’t have a problem but my avatar is now fixed, I’m thinking it might help you. Worth a try.

  13. AFVET says:

    Fox,… I had the image on my hard drive, downloaded from google.
    Gravatar gives you an option on the source of the avatar as you know.
    The image existed locally and was extracted to Gravatar and submitted as my Avatar.

    Again,…two sites do not display the current avatar,…CZARS and VF.

  14. m2 says:

    good stuff:

    New Obama Bio Strengthens Case for Dreams Fraud

    “In his 600-plus pages of surprisingly lifeless prose — Ayers is the better writer — Remnick does, at least, find his way into certain corners of Obama’s life that the media had not previously penetrated. Among these are the New York years, about which Obama had declined even the New York Times’ “repeated requests” for information. Post-election, Remnick makes a little more headway.

    At Columbia, Remnick tells us, Obama was an “unspectacular” student. Northwestern University communications professor John McKnight reinforces the point, telling Remnick, “I don’t think [Obama] did too well in college.”

    McKnight, a Chicago friend, wrote a letter of reference for Obama to attend Harvard Law School. Remnick assures us that Obama was a “serious” student at Columbia, just not a particularly good one. Still, Obama finessed his way into a law school that chooses its 500 new students each year from 7,000 applicants whose LSAT scores generally chart in the 98th to 99th percentile range and whose GPAs average between 3.80 and 3.95. How this “unspectacular” student got in is a mystery that Remnick chooses not to explore. As to Obama’s LSAT scores, Jimmy Hoffa’s body may well be discovered before those are.

    Obama certainly did not write well when he was at Columbia. Remnick charitably describes the one article Obama wrote for Columbia’s weekly news magazine, Sundial, as “muddled,” and he is referring only to the content. The grammar is worse. As I have previously noted, in his 1800-word article Obama manages an appalling five noun-verb mismatches, and the punctuation is equally capricious.

    Still, like millions of other Americans, Obama saw himself as a would-be novelist. Unfortunately, as Jerry Kellman, the organizer who recruited Obama to Chicago, informed Remnick, “[Obama] told me that he had trouble writing, he had to force himself to write.”

    After leaving for Harvard Law in 1988, Obama returned to Chicago in 1991, where he signed on at the law firm of Davis Miner. There he worked as a full-time associate until he launched his state senate campaign in 1995. During those same years, Obama also taught classes at University of Chicago Law School — not as a professor, as Obama claimed during the campaign, but as a lecturer. Despite the fudge, Remnick makes a point of detailing how thorough and meticulous Obama was as both lawyer and teacher. Still, for all of Obama’s presumed literary talents, it strikes even Remnick a bit strange that “he never published a single academic article.”

    In 1991, Obama also began to work in earnest on the book that he had contracted to write for Poseidon, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. “The advance was reportedly over a $100,000,” Remnick writes. “Obama received half of that amount on signing the contract.”

    By 1991, Obama had met Michelle, and the two indulged in a social life that would have left Scarlett O’Hara dizzy. Writes Remnick, “He and Michelle accepted countless invitations to lunches, dinners, cocktail parties, barbecues, and receptions for right minded charities.” Obama also joined the East Bank Club, a combined gym and urban country club, and served on at least a few charitable boards.

    Obama’s obligations were taking their toll. “Obama had missed deadlines and handed in bloated, yet incomplete drafts,” Remnick tells us. Simon & Schuster lost patience. In late 1992, weeks after the Obamas’ marriage, the firm canceled the contract.

    Not surprisingly, Remnick skips some of the details that Andersen included, like how Obama had spent $75,000 of the advance and could not pay it back. According to Andersen, the publisher let Obama keep the money only after he pled poverty due to “massive student loan debt.”

    At the time, the Obamas, still childless, were making well into six figures between them as they partied their way through progressive Chicago’s frenzied social life. According to Remnick, Bill Ayers and weatherwoman bride Bernadine Dohrn played a highly visible role in that life. Remnick calls them collectively the “Elsa Maxwell of Hyde Park.”

    After his agent secured Obama a smaller contract with the Times Books division of Random House, Barack decamped to Bali — Bali? — in early 1993 in the hope that he would be able to finish the book without interruption. The sojourn proved fruitless. He still could not produce.

    Remnick papers over the two years between Bali and the book’s 1995 publication. He quotes Henry Ferris, the Times Book editor, to bolster Obama’s claim to authorship. Ferris “worked directly with Obama,” Remnick tells us, but Ferris edited in New York while Obama wrote in Chicago. Ferris would have had no way of knowing just how much of the editing or writing Obama was doing himself.

    In late 1994, Obama finally submitted his manuscript for publication. Remnick expects the faithful to believe that a mediocre student who had nothing in print save for the occasional “muddled” essay, who blew a huge contract after more than two futile years, who wrote no legal articles, and who turned in bloated drafts when he did start writing, somehow found the time and inspiration during an absurdly busy period of his life to write what Time Magazine would call “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.”


    By any standard, Andersen’s account of Dreams’ publication rings truer than Remnick’s. As Andersen tells it, Obama found himself deeply in debt and “hopelessly blocked.” At “Michelle’s urging,” Obama “sought advice from his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers.” What attracted the Obamas were “Ayers’s proven abilities as a writer.” Obama had already taped interviews with many of his relatives, both African and American. A tellingly specific sentence in Andersen’s account is the one that follows: “These oral histories, along with his partial manuscript and a trunkload of notes were given to Ayers.”

  15. m2 says:

    Another from the Commie-Obami CEO of Google:

    Eric Schmidt runs the biggest single blog network in the world, which makes it all the more bizarre that the Google CEO was insulting bloggers at a newspaper conference today. Was it something we said, Eric?

    Here’s what Schmidt told the American Society of News Editors by way of trying to ingratiate himself with the print media crowd, a veritable viper’s nest of Google haters (via Nieman Lab):

    There is an art to what you do. And if you’re ever confused as to the value of newspaper editors, look at the blog world. That’s all you need to see.

    Of course, as the overlord of Google’s, Schmidt stands to profit from the unruliness of said “blog world;” Blogger still attracts far more visits than chief rivals Twitter and WordPress, according to Quantcast and others. Perhaps, when he spoke, Schmidt had some non-Blogger blogs in mind. Like his ex-mistresses’. In any case, it sounds like the Google chief is as uncomfortable with blogging, as practiced at, as he is saving and searching his old email, as practiced at GMail. Are there any Google products he does enjoy using?

    Update: Here are some Google Trends numbers that show is bigger than, so there’s some debate over whether Blogger is truly the largest blog network.

  16. samiam60 says:

    Tea Party Opponents Hope to Infiltrate Party, Dismantle It


    Jason Levin, creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party
    events for April 15 — federal tax filing day, when tea party groups across America are planning to gather and protest high taxes.

  17. samiam60 says:

    ALBANY, New York — Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.

    Jason Levin, creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15 — federal tax filing day, when tea party groups across America are planning to gather and protest high taxes.

    “Every time we have someone on camera saying that Barack Obama
    isn’t an American citizen, we want someone sitting next to him saying, ‘That’s right, he’s an alien from outer space!”‘ Levin said.

    Tea party members said the backlash comes from ignorance.

    “They can’t actually debate our message and that’s their problem,” said Bob MacGuffie, a Connecticut organizer for Right Principles, a tea party group that also has members in New York and New Jersey.

    The tea party movement generally unites on the fiscally conservative principles of small government, lower taxes and less spending. Beyond that the ideology of the people involved tends to vary dramatically.

    Levin says they want to exaggerate the group’s least appealing qualities, further distance the tea party from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them.

    “Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a moron? No, absolutely not,” Levin said. “Do I think most of them are homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely.”

    The site manifesto says they want to dismantle the Tea Party by nonviolent means. “We have already sat quietly in their meetings, and observed their rallies,” the site said.

    Another tea party organizer said the attempt to destroy the movement was evidence its message is resonating.

    “We’ve been ignored, we’ve been ridiculed. Well, now they’re coming after us,” said Judy Pepenella, a co-coordinator for the New York State Tea Party. “Gandhi’s quote is one we understand: ‘First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”‘

  18. samiam60 says:


    To answer your Question I did change my avatar back to what it was on my own.

    I am not having any problems with the avatar so far.

  19. samiam60 says:

    ps. Obama is an Idiot.

  20. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning my Fellow Patriots 🙂

  21. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  22. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Sami!

    I stayed up way too late last night.

  23. Foxwood says:

    Another Example of Obutthole managing the decline of the United States…

    White House Science ‘Czar’ Tells Students: U.S. Can’t Expect to Be Number One in Science and Technology Forever
    Monday, April 12, 2010
    By Christopher Neefus

    ( – The Obama administration’s top science and technology official, who has argued for the economic de-development of America, warned science students last Friday that the United States cannot expect to be “number one” forever.

    Read more at:

  24. Foxwood says:

    Kind of makes me homesick…

    Okla. tea parties and lawmakers envision militia

    By SEAN MURPHY and TIM TALLEY, Associated Press Writers Sean Murphy And Tim Talley, Associated Press Writers – Mon Apr 12, 7:09 pm ET

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Frustrated by recent political setbacks, tea party leaders and some conservative members of the Oklahoma Legislature say they would like to create a new volunteer militia to help defend against what they believe are improper federal infringements on state sovereignty.

    Tea party movement leaders say they’ve discussed the idea with several supportive lawmakers and hope to get legislation next year to recognize a new volunteer force. They say the unit would not resemble militia groups that have been raided for allegedly plotting attacks on law enforcement officers.

    Read more:

  25. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sam! Foxwood!

  26. Foxwood says:

    Good morning, VF!

    Do you think Andy Stern is leaving SEIU for a job in the white house?

  27. Foxwood says:

    SEIU officials: Stern to resign

    Service Employees International Union President Andrew Stern, one of America’s most prominent labor leaders, is set to resign, according to a member of the union’s board and another SEIU official.

    The President of an SEIU local based in Seattle, Diane Sosne, broke the news to her staffers at 11:35 this morning, local time.

    “Last night I received confirmation that Andy Stern is resigning as President of SEIU. He has not yet made a public announcement; we will share the details as we become aware of them,” reads an email from Sosne’s account obtained by POLITICO.

    Read more at:

  28. Foxwood says:

    Boo Hoo Hoo! Cry me a river, you pinko Eco-Commies… Boo Hoo Hoo!

  29. Foxwood says:

    I bet the Commie libs are peeing in their panties. You know the Kennedy family is. Could there be info about Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne? Maybe about Teddy and Chris Dodd, the two heals in the “waitress sandwich”. You’ve got to admit, he was an embarrassment to the Communist party. 🙂

    FBI Making ‘Steady Progress’ Toward Releasing Massive Kennedy File
    April 13, 2010

    The FBI records center is making “steady progress” toward completing its review of Ted Kennedy’s 3,000-page file and plans to release it well before the end of the year, a records official said Monday.

    In this June 2007 file photo, Sen. Ted Kennedy discusses immigration legislation at a news conference on Capitol Hill. (AP Photo)

    The FBI records center is making “steady progress” toward completing its review of Ted Kennedy’s 3,000-page file and plans to release it well before the end of the year, a records official said Monday.

    The FBI, as a courtesy, plans to give the Kennedy family advance notice before making the file public and may allow immediate family members to raise objections to parts of the record — a veritable encyclopedia on the late Massachusetts senator that could date back decades.

    Read more at:

  30. Foxwood says:

    I wonder what files will be missing after the family looks at those files…

    Maybe they need to talk to Hillary about tips on missing files… 🙂

  31. Foxwood says:

    Watch these videos on how Commie libs have been indoctrinated to believe the Climate Crap hoax.

  32. Foxwood says:

    Poor brain impaired, indoctrinated Climate Crappers… It’s not your fault you ate lead paint as a child and can’t think for yourselves.

    Looks like the debate is over… 🙂

    59 Additional Scientists Join Senate Report…More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

    Posted By Marc Morano

    Update: More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

    Outpouring of Skeptical Scientists Continues as 59 Scientists Added to Senate Report

    ‘The ­science has, quite simply, gone awry’

    Read more, if you dare:

  33. roxannadanna says:

    While I’ll admit and agree that nuclear weaponing is a dangerous and complicated issue, a community organizer who, under normal circumstances not be given a security clearance, knows any more or any better than a whole lot of people.

    With his past alliances, all Marxists, he would never have been given the clearance he has now.

  34. Foxwood says:

    You Commie libs CAN NOT compare Ronaldus Magnus to Obutthole!!!

    He does NOT even think like Ronald Reagan, your logic is BULLSHIT!

  35. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Roxy! 🙂

  36. Foxwood says:

    Nobody has taken Andrew Brietbart up on his offer because… WHY? There is no footage! Hee hee hee! You see… the Congressional Black Caucus are known Communists. They agree with Castro and Chavez and it has been documented by their travels this year… 🙂

    That very much means that the FOUR Congressmen are liars, ie; Piece of sh!t Commie Crappers. Some Commies like to think themselves journalists, but show themselves to be complete failures. But Brietbart continues to show his brilliants.

  37. Foxwood says:

    Congress get a dose of it’s own medicine!!!


    Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers
    Published: April 12, 2010

    * comments
    * Sign In to E-Mail
    * Print

    WASHINGTON — It is often said that the new health care law will affect almost every American in some way. And, perhaps fittingly if unintentionally, no one may be more affected than members of Congress themselves.
    Readers’ Questions on the New Health Care Law

    * Go to Prescriptions.


    Could Health Overhaul Incentives Hurt Some? (April 13, 2010)
    Times Topics: Health Care Reform

    The Caucus

    The latest on President Obama, his administration and other news from Washington and around the nation. Join the discussion.

    * More Politics News

    In a new report, the Congressional Research Service says the law may have significant unintended consequences for the “personal health insurance coverage” of senators, representatives and their staff members.

    Read more:

  38. Foxwood says:

    Cleaned up.

    Congress get a dose of it’s own medicine!!!


    Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers
    Published: April 12, 2010

    WASHINGTON — It is often said that the new health care law will affect almost every American in some way. And, perhaps fittingly if unintentionally, no one may be more affected than members of Congress themselves.
    Readers’ Questions on the New Health Care Law

    The latest on President Obama, his administration and other news from Washington and around the nation. Join the discussion.

    In a new report, the Congressional Research Service says the law may have significant unintended consequences for the “personal health insurance coverage” of senators, representatives and their staff members.

    Read more:

  39. Foxwood says:

    I’m betting a Republican slipped that one in. lol!

    It goes to show, you can be brain dead and be a lawmaker. 🙂

  40. Foxwood says:

    The Commie libs are so sad and desperate.

  41. Pingback: We are BORG (Big, Organized and Really Grassroots)! « Temple of Mut

  42. Foxwood says:

    YES! YES! YES!!!

    DZs attempt at shutting the “crash the teaparty” site has succeed! It is down! EAT THAT YOU Fing COMMIE LIBS!

  43. Foxwood says:

    There is an all out assault on “crash the teaparty”. DOS attacks. It is a great thing. Join the fun at:

  44. Foxwood says:

    Nazi Uniforms to Be Worn By Tea Party Crashers
    Tuesday, April 13, 2010 | Kristinn

  45. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

  46. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF 🙂

    Good Morning my Fellow Patriots 🙂

    Good Morning Foxwood…. and the Cannon Fire to come.

    China hit with a 6.9 Earth Quake.

    I see a pattern here and now reports of a Volcano that may erupt.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock is 2012 coming?

  47. samiam60 says:

    Quake in Western China Kills 400, Buries More


    Paramilitary police were forced to use shovels to dig through the rubble in a township where most of the homes had been flattened.

  48. samiam60 says:

    BEIJING — A series of strong earthquakes struck a far western Tibetan area of China on Wednesday, killing at least 400 people and injuring thousands as houses made of mud and wood collapsed, trapping many more, officials said.

    Paramilitary police were forced to use shovels to dig through the rubble in a township where most of the homes had been flattened, footage on state television showed. Officials said excavators were not available and with most of the roads leading to the nearest airport damaged, equipment and rescuers would have a hard time reaching the area.

    Downed phone lines, strong winds and frequent aftershocks were also hindering rescue efforts, said Wu Yong, a local military chief.

    Workers were racing to release water from a reservoir in the disaster area where a crack had formed after the quake to prevent a flood, according to the China Earthquake Administration.

    The magnitude-6.9 temblor struck an area in southern Qinghai province, near Tibet, on Wednesday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake was centered on Yushu county, a Tibetan area in Qinghai’s south, with a population of about 100,000, mostly herders and farmers.

    The USGS recorded six temblors in less than three hours, all but one registered 5.0 or higher. The China Earthquake Networks Center measured the largest quake’s magnitude at 7.1.

    The main quake sent residents fleeing as it toppled houses made of mud and wood, said Karsum Nyima, the Yushu county television station’s deputy head of news, speaking by phone with broadcaster CCTV.

    “In a flash, the houses went down. It was a terrible earthquake,” he said. “In a small park, there is a Buddhist pagoda and the top of the pagoda fell off. … Everybody is out on the streets, standing in front of their houses, trying to find their family members.”

    The death toll rose to about 400 by afternoon, according to CCTV. Emergency official Pubucairen was quoted as saying that the number of injured has risen to more than 10,000.

    The earthquake comes a little less than two years after a magnitude-7.9 quake in neighboring Sichuan province left almost 90,000 people dead or missing.

    That quake flattened several schools, killing thousands of students. Poor design, shoddy construction and the lax enforcement of building codes were found to be rampant.

  49. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  50. Foxwood says:

    Good morning VF!

    Good morning Sami!

  51. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Foxwood.

    800 People evacuated in Iceland Town as Volcano begins to erupt.

    Being that humans live near this volcano, should it erupt the libby’s will say it is a Man Made Global Warming disaster.

  52. samiam60 says:

    The Loony Left seems to be getting a whole lot Loonier as more and more Americans support the Tea Party Movement. A wave of Patriotism is sweeping over America now and the loony left is getting washed out to sea as We the People begin to take back our Country.

  53. Foxwood says:


    I read the crap on “Crash the Teaparty” all day yesterday. But the best thing that has happened is that it has gotten so much press on Fox, Hannity radio, Rush radio and the Conservative blogs, that most of the people on the site are Conservatives and the site crashed several times yesterday.

  54. samiam60 says:

    True Patriots at the Tea Party are being encouraged to take pictures and videos of the Loony Leftists and their signs.

    I feel this may very well expose once and for all the disruptive and violent nature of the Loony Left.

  55. samiam60 says:

    Obummernomics 101:

    Watchdog: Obama Foreclosure Aid Leaves Many Out


    The Congressional Oversight Panel says in a report released Wednesday that the administration projects only one million families will end up with lower monthly payments as a result of the program.

  56. samiam60 says:

    WASHINGTON — A watchdog panel overseeing the financial bailouts says the Obama administration’s flagship mortgage aid program lags well behind the foreclosure crisis and leaves too many families out.

    The Congressional Oversight Panel says in a report released Wednesday that the administration projects only one million families will end up with lower monthly payments as a result of the program. The report says six million families are more than two months behind with their payments, and 200,000 more families receive foreclosure notices each month.

    A year and a half after launching the program, “Treasury is still fighting to get its foreclosure programs off the ground,” Elizabeth Warren, who heads the independent panel set up by Congress, told reporters Tuesday.

    Warren warned that borrowers who have their monthly payments lowered as a result of the program still could lose their homes because the payments remain high and many Americans are facing new financial strains.

    “Redefault signals the single worst form of failure” by the Treasury Department, said Warren, who is a professor at Harvard Law School. “Billions of taxpayer dollars will be spent and families will nonetheless lose their homes.”

    The main program gives money to mortgage investors and collection companies that reduce borrowers’ monthly payments.

    Treasury highlighted the panel’s finding that the administration has continued adjusting and expanding the program as the crisis deepens.

    “We strongly agree with the (panel’s) assessment that foreclosures are at an unacceptable high rate, which is why this program has been designed to prevent avoidable foreclosures,” Treasury spokeswoman Meg Reilly said in a statement. She said the program was not designed to prevent every foreclosure, and “we cannot help those who simply bought a home they could not afford.”

    The report comes a day after top banking industry executives expressed skepticism about a new plan designed to help troubled borrowers by forgiving a portion of their debt.

    The executives told lawmakers on Tuesday they are reducing the amount that troubled borrowers owe on their home loans only in limited cases. That’s because consumers who are paying their mortgages on time are likely to see such reductions as unfair, they said.

    Such programs “could raise issues of fairness,” said Sanjiv Das, Citigroup’s top mortgage executive, who appeared in front of the House Financial Services committee with top executives from Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Co. and JPMorgan Chase.

    David Lowman, chief executive of Chase’s mortgage business, told lawmakers that large-scale mortgage principal reduction “could be harmful to consumers, investors and future mortgage market conditions.”

    Chase estimates that reducing home loan balances so that no homeowners would owe more than the value of their homes would cost up to $900 billion, with $150 billion of that borne by the government.

    Many homeowners aren’t satisfied. After the hearing was over, dozens of activists from the Boston-based Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America chased Lowman through the marble-floored hallways of the Rayburn House Office Building, pressing him to do more to help troubled homeowners.

    He did not respond to their requests for a meeting and eventually left the building with the assistance of police.

    The four mortgage companies represented at the hearing are the largest in the country and have come under fire for not doing enough to help borrowers as part of the Obama administration’s $75 billion mortgage relief program.

    Through March, more than 230,000 homeowners have completed loan modifications. That’s about 21 percent of the 1.1 million borrowers who began the program over the past year, the Treasury Department said Tuesday.

    Last month, the administration expanded the program, launching a plan to reduce the amount some troubled borrowers owe on their home loans and give jobless homeowners a temporary break. But the details of those programs are expected to take months to work out.

    President Barack Obama’s housing secretary, Shaun Donovan, said in a speech to a group of mortgage bankers Tuesday that administration did not foresee how much effort it would take for the mortgage industry to launch the program.

    Many mortgage companies, he said, “were too slow to make the investments in systems and staff needed” to put the program in place. But he noted that many families are getting relief.

    Republicans, however, say the Obama administration should abandon the effort and focus on creating jobs.

    “The market needs to find its own footing free of government intervention and manipulation so we can revive our economy and get on with a full housing market recovery,” said Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama, the committee’s senior Republican.

  57. Foxwood says:

    DZ had a real good comment on his blog on pointing out the infil-traitors.

  58. samiam60 says:

    Here comes a second American Financial MELTDOWN

    Yes, it sure appears to be coming, based on the fact that the Obama Administration and this current (soon to change) Congress have done absolutely nothing to determine exactly what caused the first melt down of our financial systems.

    All the eloquent speeches in the world from the Anointed One will not improve our economy nor, is it in any way shape or form, create jobs. We now have a President that is so full of himself that America may very well suffer another financial setback that all the kings men and all the kings czars cannot put back together again.

    The good news is that America is waking up and come November we will put real American Patriots in the seats now filled with Corrupted and stagnant career politicians who have forgotten the Power of We the People. These are people who have become absolutely Corrupted and morally challenged in their day-to-day lives.

  59. samiam60 says:

    Obummers vision of Hope and Change in America:

  60. Foxwood says:

    Something is fishy…

    Obama Attends Non-Existent Soccer Game?
    By Cat Corben
    April 13, 2010

    Reading the story about President Obama breaking tradition and ditching the presidential press pool over the weekend to watch one of his daughter’s soccer games, it appears harmless, right? Not so. It is rather disturbing when you dissect it. So let’s do just that. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the press pool was to assemble at 11:30AM.

    Read more:

  61. Foxwood says:

    I’m thinking drug dealer.

  62. Foxwood says:

    Maybe he’s getting a Drug Czar?

  63. samiam60 says:

    Actually Foxwood, some of that is what I am responding to today.

    I am off today and so I have time now to ” Catch Up” on the events being reported on this blog.

  64. Foxwood says:

    Yesterday was a big news day.

    BRB. I got to take a quick shower before Beck radio comes on.

  65. Foxwood says:

    Another example of Obutthole managing the decline of the United States.

    Armstrong: Obama hurting space effort
    By PATRICK GAVIN | 4/13/10

    Former astronaut Neil Armstrong criticizes the president for proposed revisions to the U.S.’ space program.

    Former astronaut Neil Armstrong has issued a strongly worded rebuke of President Barack Obama, criticizing the president for proposed revisions to the U.S.’ space program.

    Armstrong, along with astronauts James Lovell and Eugene Cernan, called the proposal “devastating” in a letter obtained by NBC News.

    Read below for the full text:

  66. Foxwood says:


    FBI Destroyed File on Obama’s Grandfather, Journalist Discloses
    Christian Newswire ^ | April 12, 2010 | Cliff Kincaid

    Posted on 04/12/2010 10:58:38 AM PDT by Sopater

    MEDIA ADVISORY, April 12 /Christian Newswire/ — The FBI destroyed a file on Barack Obama’s grandfather, the man who selected Communist Frank Marshall Davis to be the future president’s mentor during his growing-up years in Hawaii.

    “The FBI confirms that a file was maintained on Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham,” states Cliff Kincaid, the journalist who runs the public policy group, America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI). “This is a troubling development in the effort to understand the Marxism that drives Obama’s policies as president today.”

    Read more:

  67. Foxwood says:

    What’s the difference between a liberal and a douchebag?














    a douche bag is actually useful

  68. Foxwood says:

    “Crash the Teaparty” is down again! YES! YES! YES!

  69. Foxwood says:

    Sami, There is something bad coming…

    Israel tells its citizens to get out of Sinai now

    Israel’s Netanyahu vows response to Gaza attacks Reuters – Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in his office in Jerusalem …

    By MARK LAVIE, Associated Press Writer Mark Lavie, Associated Press Writer – Tue Apr 13, 7:37 pm ET

    JERUSALEM – Israel issued an “urgent” warning Tuesday to its citizens to leave Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula immediately citing “concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai.”

    The statement from the Israeli prime minister’s anti-terror office took the unusual step of calling on families of Israelis visiting the Sinai to establish contact with them.

    Read more at:

  70. samiam60 says:

    Good find Foxwood. I do believe a pre- arranged world crisis is looming and Obama’s disappearance may be a small part in what is about to unfold.

    Brace yourself America

  71. Foxwood says:

    “Obama’s disappearance may be a small part”

    Hadn’t thought of that, Sami.

  72. samiam60 says:

    Obama selling out America? You Decide!

    Star Wars: Neil Armstrong, Obama Spar Over NASA’s Future

    By Jeremy A. Kaplan


    The first man to walk on the moon has blasted off at the Obama administration’s stripped-down space plans, describing the president’s proposals as “devastating.” But supporters of the president’s latest plan, which will be unveiled on Thursday, insist all systems are go for an accelerated rocket program that sets new goals for the American effort in outer space.

    Moonwalk icon Neil Armstrong, in an open letter co-signed by Apollo Commanders James Lovell and Eugene Cernan, wrote on Tuesday that “The … decision to cancel the Constellation program, its Ares 1 and Ares V rockets, and the Orion spacecraft, is devastating.

    “America’s only path to low Earth orbit and the International Space Station will now be subject to an agreement with Russia to purchase space on their Soyuz (at a price of over 50 million dollars per seat with significant increases expected in the near future) until we have the capacity to provide transportation for ourselves. The availability of a commercial transport to orbit as envisioned in the President’s proposal cannot be predicted with any certainty….

    “It appears that we will have wasted our current $10-plus billion investment in Constellation,” the former astronauts wrote.

    In another letter, released on Monday, more than two dozen Apollo-era veterans called the plan a “misguided proposal that forces NASA out of human space operations for the foreseeable future.”

    Visitors view a full-scale mockup of NASA’s Orion crew exploration vehicle during its one-day display August 12 at StenniSphere, the visitor center at John C. Stennis Space Center. President Obama will announce plans to salvage the Orion module from the overbudget Constellation program in a speech Thursday.
    related links


    Lost in Space

    NASA Chief Maps Out Space Agency’s Future Beyond Shuttle

    Cost of Rides on Russian Rockets Soaring

    The harsh criticism from the men and women celebrated for decades for having “The Right Stuff” has sharply raised interest in America’s space program in advance of Obama’s planned address on Thursday to top NASA officials at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

    The president will announce a set of stepping-stone achievements that will take the United States farther into space, along a range of destinations including lunar orbit, so-called “Lagrange points” (prime destinations for permanent, orbiting fuel depots), near-Earth asteroids, the moons of Mars, and eventually Mars itself.

    Whle Armstrong and others derided the elimination of Constellation, the planned replacement for the aging space shuttle, Obama will announce plans to salvage a portion of it: the Orion space capsule, which was intended to house astronauts during their travel to the International Space Station and on later missions to the Moon. It also was to be capable of docking at the Space Station for six months and returning crews to Earth.

    “We wanted to take the best of what was available from Constellation,” a NASA official told The Associated Press as part of a White House briefing.

    Orion will serve temporarily to provide standby emergency escape capabilities for astronauts on the Space Station, addressing fears from some experts that U.S. astronauts on the space station would be held “hostage” to Russian interests.

    “The U.S. has surrendered its advantage in space, conceding the high ground to others who are probably our enemies,” Jane Orient, a science policy expert and professor at the University of Arizona, recently told “We are apparently leaving seven astronauts in space as hostages. Their loss would be a tragedy, but only a small part of the total disaster. It would symbolize the lack of respect that America has for its pioneers.”

    Obama hopes NASA will be able to launch the Orion vehicle within the next few years, creating an escape capability that will increase the safety of Americans on the Space Station, reduce U.S. dependence on foreign providers and simplify requirements for other commercial crew providers.

    Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin weighed in following the revelations of Obama’s plans, strongly endorsing the president’s new direction for NASA.

    “The truth is, that we have already been to the moon — some 40 years ago. A near-term focus on lowering the cost of access to space and on developing key, cutting-edge technologies to take us further, faster, is just what our nation needs to maintain its position as the leader in space exploration for the rest of this century,” Aldrin said.

    To address Armstrong’s other major fear, that replacement for the Ares heavy lift vehicle is “likely to take substantially longer and be more expensive than we would hope,” administration officials said NASA will speed up development of a larger “heavy-lift” rocket that would take cargo and crew away from Earth orbit to the moon, asteroids and other places.

    The president on Thursday will announce his commitment to choosing a single heavy-lift rocket design by 2015 and then starting its construction, officials said. This shift means NASA would launch a heavy rocket years before it was supposed to under the old Constellation plan, the NASA official said.

    But the new rocket will be different from the Apollo-like Ares V rocket that the Constellation plan would have used. Instead, it will incorporate newer concepts, such as refueling in orbit or using inflatable habitats, officials said.

    Overall, the Obama program will mean 2,500 more Florida jobs than the old Bush program, a senior White House official said. In addition, the commercial space industry on Tuesday released a study that said the president’s plan for private ships to fly astronauts to and from the space station would result in 11,800 jobs.

  73. Foxwood says:

    Got to drop my truck off at dealership. Should be gone about an hour.

  74. samiam60 says:


    All that you Cherish, Love and Hold Dear are systematically being dismantled before your very eyes by our Marxist/Communist President Obama.

    How much more proof do you the American people need before you get involved and work now to vote out these scum bags come November 2010 and ultimately the 2012 Presidential Election.

    What will you do America? What will you do if Marshal Law is Declared and your rights to vote are canceled? Hmmmmmmmm?

  75. samiam60 says:

    Nebraska Governor Signs Landmark Abortion Bills


    Two bills, one barring abortions at and after 20 weeks of pregnancy and the other requiring women to be screened before having abortions for mental health and other problems, became law in Nebraska on Tuesday.

    LINCOLN, Neb. – Two landmark measures putting new restrictions on abortion became law in Nebraska on Tuesday, including one that critics say breaks with court precedent by changing the legal rationale for a ban on later-term abortions.

    Republican Gov. Dave Heineman signed both bills, one barring abortions at and after 20 weeks of pregnancy and the other requiring women to be screened before having abortions for mental health and other problems. Both sides of the abortion debate say the laws are firsts of their kind in the U.S.

    A national abortion rights group already appeared to be girding for a legal challenge, calling the ban after 20 weeks “flatly unconstitutional” because it is based on the assertion that fetuses feel pain, not on the ability of a fetus to survive outside the womb.

    “It absolutely cannot survive a challenge without a change to three decades of court rulings,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. “Courts have been chipping away at abortion rights … this would be like taking a huge hacksaw to the rights.”

    The law focusing on late-term abortions is designed to shut down one of the few doctors in the nation who performs them in Nebraska.

    Set to take effect in October, it is based on the claim that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks. The current standard in abortion restrictions is viability, or when a fetus is able to survive outside the womb — generally at 22 to 24 weeks.

    The law could lead to changes in state laws across the country if upheld by the courts, said Mary Spaulding Balch, legislative director for National Right to Life.

    “It would broaden the interests of states in protecting the unborn child,” she said. “It says the state has an interest in the unborn child before viability.”

    Heineman also signed the other bill, approved by lawmakers on Monday, that requires the screening for mental health problems and other risk factors indicating if women might have problems after having abortions.

    The fetal-pain bill is partially meant to shut down Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who attracted attention after his friend and fellow late-term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was shot to death by an abortion foe in Kansas last year.

    Kansas, worried that he might move there, has passed new bills that are awaiting action from Gov. Mark Parkinson, an abortion-rights Democrat. They would require doctors to list an exact medical diagnosis justifying a late-term abortion and also adjusts the definition of viability so that a fetus would be considered viable if there’s a “reasonable probability” it would survive outside the womb with life-sustaining measures such as an incubator.

    Also, it codifies a state rule that the required second opinion on whether late-term abortions are necessary come from doctors in Kansas.

    Attempts to restrict abortion across the country aren’t unusual — in Oklahoma, for example, new laws on abortions have been approved this year including a ban on abortions based on the gender of the child and tighter restrictions on the use of the RU-486 abortion pill.

    South Dakota voters in 2006 and 2008 turned down proposals to ban abortion outright.

    Nebraska’s law barring abortions after 20 weeks is sure to be challenged in court. Carhart has suggested he might do so. In January, he told The Associated Press, “they can pass any law they want to … and spend millions of dollars to go to court and lose.”

    A spokesman for Carhart said this week that he has no plans to leave Nebraska, but is exploring his options and isn’t ruling out a move to Kansas.

    The switch from viability to fetal pain in justifying abortion limits raises fresh legal issues.

    Abortion opponents say a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a federal ban on certain late-term abortions opens the door for such legislation because it suggests states have an interest in protecting fetuses. They also say new studies and testimony from doctors prove fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks.

    “The Nebraska Legislature has taken a bold step which should ratchet up the abortion debate across the nation,” Nebraska Right to Life director Julie Schmit-Albin said. “What we didn’t know in 1973 in Roe versus Wade … we know now.”

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, says it knows of no legitimate evidence that fetuses experience pain at that stage.

    “There is certainly no solid scientific evidence establishing that a fetus can perceive pain at these earlier stages, so any court decisions to uphold such broader laws could only do so by disregarding the importance of good scientific evidence,” said Caitlin Borgmann, a law professor at The City University of New York.

    The U.S. Supreme Court would have to overturn earlier abortion-related rulings to uphold the Nebraska law, Borgmann said, including a 1992 ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey that upheld the right of women to have abortions before fetuses were viable.

  76. samiam60 says:

    Many of our States are lining up to file a law suit against the Federal Government over Obamascare.

    Are we seeing the beginning of a SECOND AMERICAN CIVIL WAR?

    We may well be on that road thanks to a Socialist/Marxist President who has done all he can to divide this once great Nation.

  77. samiam60 says:

    Gingrich reminded conservative activists why he was one of the nation’s most polarizing leaders in the 1990s, opening the Southern Republican Leadership Conference with a biting assessment of Obama’s policies.

    “The most radical president in American history has now thrown down the gauntlet to the American people: ‘I run a machine. I own Washington and there’s nothing you can do about it,”‘ Gingrich said. He urged his fellow Republicans to stop what he called Obama’s “secular, socialist machine.

    Highly charged words, for sure. But that’s standard fare at the three-day GOP gathering that is drawing several presidential hopefuls. Friday’s headliner is former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

    Gingrich has not declared his intentions for 2012, but his appearances in New Orleans had all the trappings of a fledging presidential campaign, from an intimate meeting with tea party activists — his staff photographer took grip-and-grin pictures of Gingrich posing with every activist — to his wade-through-the-crowd entrance at the GOP conference, with the thumping beat of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” drawing the crowd to its feet.

    He said Obama’s policies — particularly health care and economic stimulus legislation — have put the United States on the road to socialism. The former speaker did not specifically explain why he thought Obama is a secularist, though he did say the GOP wasn’t afraid of recognizing faith’s role in American society.

    Gingrich offered Republicans an antidote to Democratic accusations that GOP leaders do little more than oppose policies — the so-called party of no. He said Republicans should underscore the policies they favor — yes on tax cuts, a lower deficit, fewer regulations and a sensible energy plan.

    “The point is there are many things we can say yes to,” Gingrich said.

    Will he say yes to a presidential campaign?

    “That will be up to God,” he said, “and the American people.”

  78. samiam60 says:

    Mr. Obama and all Liberal Democrats in Congress:

    What have you done to Our America?
    What have you done to Our Constitution?
    What have you done to “We The People”

    Have you not seen, have you not heard that the American People are a strong People and will not let you take from us the very Freedom we have fought so hard to preserve?

    We are a People of Faith in God.

    Why then to you continue to insist on Removing God from our Society?

    Do you not Fear even God?

    Have you not Seen, have you not Heard that Our God is an awesome God. Do you not think he will defend the People who love Him?

    Oh Vanity of Vanities. You have fallen prey to Power and Greed.

    We are coming for you and Our God will lead us in Truth and Righteousness. We are not afraid of your power for Our Power comes by Faith in the One who Created all things.

    Come to your senses and repent your evil deeds lest you find yourselves removed from the high offices you occupy. 2010 and 2012 are coming and your power and corruption shall end for all time.

    We are Americans and you have under estimated our Resolve.

  79. samiam60 says:

    We The People can and will Destroy this Cancer of Liberal Socialism once and for all by making the American People wake up to this life threatening disease and by Our VOTE in 2010 and a final defeat of Socialism in 2012.
    Now is the time for ALL AMERICANS to speak out with ONE LOUD VOICE and put Washington on notice that their days are now numbered. RISE UP AMERICA and be heard like never before. RISE UP AMERICA and let Washington know we are on the move. WE THE PEOPLE Mr. President are now WIDE EYED and aware of all of your deceptions and ill will for our way of life. Your Socialism will never survive the Voice of America. Make no mistake about it, we have had ENOUGH!

  80. Foxwood says:


    The Commie libs in office know better than us serfs, so they are doing things for us for our own betterment.


  81. Foxwood says:

    Crash the Teaparty leader under investigation.


    The man is a middle school teacher indoctrinating children in the Communist Manifesto.

    Beaverton teacher faces investigation over Tea Party “infiltration”

  82. samiam60 says:

    Make no mistake about it. Liberal Progressive Socialism is a Cancer in America.

    We have all seen this first hand.

  83. samiam60 says:

    A letter from George Washington:

    What has Happened to My America?

    Where is the Great Republic we fought for?

    What has happened to our Constitution?

    This is not the America we envisioned all those many years ago. How is it that you became the Greatest Nation the World has ever known only to throw it all away because of fear.

    How dare you embrace Socialism and tax my people into poverty. How dare you remove our Creator from our citizens. How dare you hinder Free Speech, and divide this once Great Nation.

    America you need to return to the days of your sanity and once again stand up for the values that made this the Greatest Nation in the World. Return to the morals of your forefathers and stand strong and be brave. No one can defeat a nation that is unified and under God. Return America to your former self and be that light of Freedom for the whole World to see. Do not wait America, stand up and speak out against tyranny and corruption. Forsake what is Evil and replace it with what is Good.

    America does not need change, America needs to remember what made it Great and return to those things that we all stood for, Freedom.


  84. Foxwood says:

    George Washington is rolling over in his grave. These people who think this is what the founding fathers wanted, or think the founding fathers were bad men received their indoctrination from Commies like Jason Levin of Crash the Teaparty.

    Thank God that this evil bastard is getting a rectal exam.

  85. Foxwood says:

    Nuclear blast victims would have to wait…

    President Obama holds a news conference at the Nuclear Security Summit on April 13, 2010 in Washington, D.C.

    By Steve Sternberg, USA TODAY
    The White House has warned state and local governments not to expect a “significant federal response” at the scene of a terrorist nuclear attack for 24 to 72 hours after the blast, according to a planning guide.

    President Obama told delegates from 47 nations at the Nuclear Security Summit on Tuesday that it would be a “catastrophe for the world” if al-Qaeda or another terrorist group got a nuclear device, because so many lives would be lost and it would be so hard to mitigate damage from the blast.

    Read more at:

  86. Foxwood says:

    Sami, do you remember what you have to do it you see a bright blast? I’m betting those under the age of 45 never learned…

  87. samiam60 says:

    Obama sounds more like he is preparing us for what he knows is coming. After a nuclear devise is detonated in an American City he can than institute Marshal Law.

  88. samiam60 says:

    The White House has warned state and local governments not to expect a “significant federal response” at the scene of a terrorist nuclear attack for 24 to 72 hours after the blast, according to a planning guide.

  89. Foxwood says:

    Obutthole is managing the decline of these once great United States…

    It’s what he was placed in office to do. I’m sure Soros or China has something to do with it. We see him bow to the Chinese. If someone gets a pic of Obutthole bowing to Soros, that will be telling.

  90. arlenearmy says:

    If nuclear device is detonated, it would be every man, woman & child for him or herself.

    The WH & Capital Hill is in D.C. which is located just around the corner from the rough / dangerous part of town. If they impose martial law, the politicians would stop meeting in D.C. out of fear. Remember 911?

    When I think of the WH & Capital Hill, being surrounded by the “bad” side of town (neighborhood); I think of the President palace in Haiti which also was literally surrounded by the “bad” impoverish neighboods. Now just imagine what would happen if Haitian president imposed martial law when Earthquake hit.

  91. arlenearmy says:

    SamI said:

    “Are we seeing the beginning of a SECOND AMERICAN CIVIL WAR?”


    My response: I think we are on the razor edge of it. I fear some of us good folks will be casualties.

  92. samiam60 says:

    Always so good to see you Arlene. Your presence is a comfort for this Veteran.

  93. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning my Fellow Patriots…………..!

  94. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sam!

    Hey Arlene!!! Great to see you. Going to a tea party today?

  95. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF 🙂

    The Iceland Volcano seems to be causing some problems in England and parts of Europe.
    This is the first eruption in 200 years and so this could well have been caused by something Bush said or did.

  96. samiam60 says:

    Foreclosure rates have surged to a 5 year high the first three months of this year.

    Imo, this will be the catalyst for the Second Financial Meltdown in America.

  97. VotingFemale says:

    Gore will probably spin that volcano melting the glacier above it as man made global warming

  98. samiam60 says:

    Actually VF, they did have to evacuate some people from a small town near the volcano. Therefore Man was involved to some degree in this incident and is therefore responsible for the Global Warming Effects that will be felt as the Glacier melts and floods the rest of the World.

    My biggest concern at this point is for the Polar Bears that will be left treading water.

  99. samiam60 says:

    Poll: Opposition to Obama’s Health Law Surges

    Associated Press

    A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds Americans oppose the health care
    remake 50 percent to 39 percent and disapproval for the president’s handling of the issue also increased.

    A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds Americans oppose the health care remake 50 percent to 39 percent. Before a divided Congress finally passed the bill and Obama signed it at a jubilant White House ceremony last month, public opinion was about evenly split. Another 10 percent of Americans say they are neutral.

    Disapproval for Obama’s handling of health care also increased from 46 percent in early March before he signed the bill, to 52 percent currently — a level not seen since last summer’s angry town hall meetings.

    Nonetheless, the bleak numbers may not represent a final judgment for the president and his Democratic allies in Congress.

    Only 28 percent of those polled said they understand the overhaul extremely or very well. And a big chunk of those who don’t understand it remain neutral. Democrats hope to change public opinion by calling attention to benefits available this year for seniors, families with children transitioning to work and people shut out of coverage because of a medical problem.

    “There are some things I like, because I think that there are some people who need health care,” said Jim Fall, 73, a retired computer consultant from Wrightwood, Calif.

    But “I don’t like the idea of the government dictating what health care should be like,” added Fall. “Nor do I like them taking money out of Medicare. They are going to create more waste and they are going to take away benefits.”

    Seniors — reliable voters in midterm congressional races — were more likely to oppose the law. Forty-nine percent strongly opposed it, compared with 37 percent of those 64 and younger. Seniors’ worries that Medicare cuts to insurers, hospitals and other providers will undermine their care represent a formidable challenge for Democratic congressional candidates this fall.

    Analysts said the level of public wariness on such a major piece of social legislation is unusual.

    “The surprise of this poll is that you would expect people to be more supportive of the bill now that it’s the law of the land — and that’s not the case,” said Robert Blendon, a Harvard public health professor who follows opinion trends on health care. “The election for the House is going to be competitive, and health care is clearly going to be an issue.”

    The nearly $1 trillion, 10-year health care remake would provide coverage to nearly all Americans while also attempting to improve quality and slow the ruinous pace of rising medical costs.

    Nonpartisan congressional budget analysts say the law is fully paid for. Its mix of Medicare cuts and tax increases, falling mainly on upper-income earners, would actually reduce the federal deficit. And people covered by large employers may even see a dip in their premiums.

    The public doesn’t seem to be buying it.

    Fifty-seven percent said they expect to pay more for their own health care, contrasted with 7 percent who expect to pay less. And 47 percent said they expect their own medical care to get worse, compared with 14 percent looking forward to an improvement.

    “Based on the little information we know, somebody’s going to have to pay for it, so it makes sense that taxes would go up,” said Lang Fu, 48, an oil and gas engineer from Houston.

    Politically, Americans are polarized. Democrats support the overhaul by 68 percent to 18 percent, while Republicans oppose it 85 percent to 9 percent. Independents are roughly even, with 44 percent opposed and 40 percent in favor — within the poll’s margin of error. That suggests there’s some space for Obama and the law’s supporters to make an appeal in its favor.

    Donna Christian of Kingsport, Tenn., is a political independent who says she’s leaning in favor of the law. A bad heart forced Christian, 45, to leave her job as a supervisor at a wireless phone company a few years ago. She and her 10-year-old daughter make do on a limited income, and have coverage through Medicaid.

    “I think Americans are going to be better off in the long run even if they don’t see that now,” Christian said. “More will have coverage, and they’ll be able to go to the hospital when they need to.”

    Ron Pollack, head of Families USA, a liberal advocacy group that supports the overhaul, said it will be “a real task” to turn public opinion around, but he’s confident it will happen.

    “When you dig deeper, individual provisions of the law have enormous support,” he said. Pollack believes current polls reflect public disgust with a “very lengthy and messy process.”

    But Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., says Democrats have already lost their chance to persuade the public.

    “They have had 16 months to explain this bill,” Camp said. “Good luck trying to explain it in the next six.”

    The AP-GfK Poll was conducted April 7-12, 2010, by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media. It involved interviews with 1,001 adults nationwide on landline and cellular telephones. It had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.3 percentage points.

  100. VotingFemale says:

    almost finished with new blogpost…

    be back shorty 🙂

  101. samiam60 says:

    * Number of States won by: Democrats: 19 Republicans: 29
    * Square miles of land won by: Democrats: 580,000 Republicans: 2,427,000
    * Population of counties won by: Democrats: 127 million Republicans: 143 million
    * Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Democrats: 13.2 Republicans: 2.1

    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory Republicans won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

    Democrat territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”
    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

  102. samiam60 says:

    Once upon a time I was invited to the White House for a private
    dinner with the President. I am a respected businessman, with a
    factory that produces memory chips for computers and portable
    There was some talk that my industry was being scrutinized by the
    administration, but I paid it no mind. I live in a free country.
    There’s nothing that the government can do to me if I’ve broken no
    laws. My wealth was earned honestly, and an invitation to dinner with
    an American President is an honor.

    I checked my coat, was greeted by the Chief of Staff, and joined the
    President in a yellow dining room. We sat across from each other at a
    table draped in white linen. The Great Seal was embossed on the
    china. Uniformed staff served our dinner.

    The meal was served, and I was startled when my waiter suddenly
    reached out, plucked a dinner roll off my plate, and began nibbling
    it as he walked back to the kitchen.

    “Sorry about that,” said the President. “Andrew is very hungry.”
    “I don’t appreciate…” I began, but as I looked into the calm brown
    eye across from me, I felt immediately guilty and petty. It was just
    a dinner roll.

    “Of course,” I concluded, and reached for my glass. Before I could,
    however, another waiter reached forward, took the glass away and
    swallowed the wine in a single gulp.”And his brother, Eric, is very
    thirsty.” said the President.

    I didn’t say anything. The President is testing my compassion, I

    I withheld
    my comments and decided to play along. I don’t want to seem unkind.

    My plate was whisked away before I had tasted a bite. “Eric’s
    children are also quiet hungry.
    With a lurch, I crashed to the floor. My chair had been pulled out
    from under me. I stood, brushing myself off angrily, and watched as
    it was carried from the room.

    And their grandmother can’t stand for long.”
    I excused myself, smiling outwardly, but inside feeling like a fool.

    Obviously I had been invited to the White House to be sport for some
    I reached for my coat, to find that it had been taken. I turned back
    to the President.

    “Their grandfather doesn’t like the cold.”
    I wanted to shout, “that was my coat!” But again, I looked at the
    placid smiling face of my host and decided I was being a poor sport.
    I spread my hands helplessly and chuckled. Then I felt my hip pocket
    and realized my wallet was gone. I excused myself and walked to a
    phone on an elegant side table. I learned shortly that my credit
    cards had been maxed out, my bank accounts emptied, my retirement and
    equity portfolios had vanished, and my wife had been thrown out of
    our home. Apparently, the waiters and their families were moving in.
    The President hadn’t moved or spoken as I learned all this, but
    finally I lowered the phone into its cradleand turned to face him.

    “Andrew’s whole family has made bad financial decisions. They haven’t
    planned for retirement, and they need a house. They recently
    defaulted on a subprime mortgage. I told them they could have your
    home.They need it more than you do.”

    My hands were shaking. I felt faint. I stumbled back to the table and
    knelt on the floor. The President cheerfully cut his meat, ate his
    steak , and drank his wine. I lowered my eyes and stared at the small
    grey circles on the tablecloth that were water drops.

    “By the way,” He added, “I have just signed an Executive Order
    nationalizing your factories. I’m firing you as head of your
    business. I’ll be operating the firm now for the benefit of all

    There’s a whole bunch of Erics and Andrews out there and they can’t
    come to you for jobs groveling like beggars.”

    I looked up. The President dropped his spoon into the empty ramekin
    which had been his crème Brule. He drained the last drops of his
    wine. As the table was cleared, he lit a cigarette and leaned back in
    his chair. He stared at me. I clung to the edge of the table as if
    were a ledge and I were a man hanging over an abyss. I thought of the
    years behind me, of the life I had lived. The life I had earned with
    a lifetime of work, risk and struggle. Why was I punished?
    How had I allowed it to be taken? What game had I played and lost? I
    looked across the table and noticed with some surprise that there was
    no game board between us.

    What had I done wrong?

    As if answering the unspoken thought, the President suddenly cocked
    his head, locked his empty eyes to mine, and bared a million teeth,
    chuckling wryly as he folded his hands.

    “You should have stopped me at the dinner roll,” he said.


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