Obama the Anti-Israel Socialist has refused all Military Sales since taking office. Anti-Semitic or Anti-Zionist? there is a diff? lol

Next thing you know, Obama will be supplying arms to HAMAS and Hezbollah to destroy Israel.

Obama ineffectiveness in stopping Iran’s Nuke Weapons program, a convenient “I’m uhhh uhhh uhhh trying?”

To all Jews who voted for Obama and still support him and his gang of Socialists: You are traitors to your religion, your race, and to Israel. For that you will face eternal hell. The Jews are God’s chosen people and his wrath will be swift and terrible on any who hurt them.

Obama, if he can, will end the existence of Israel and provide aid and comfort to her enemies.

From Gateway Pundit:

Thursday, April 1, 2010, 5:13 AM
Jim Hoft
C130J Super Hercules from Lockheed Martin
The World Tribune reported:

Officials said the U.S. Defense Department and Israeli Defense Ministry concluded an agreement that would enable the sale of at least three C-130J Super Hercules aircraft to Israel.

They said the agreement was signed in Washington on March 24 but has not been announced.

“There is a signed agreement,” an official said. “The announcement requires a political decision.”

Under the accord, Israel would be able to purchase three C-130Js from manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The agreement called for an option of another six air transports for a total value of $1.9 billion. The Israeli request for the Super Hercules had been approved by the administration of then-President George W. Bush in 2007.

The administration of President Barack Obama has refused to approve any of Israel’s military requests since it entered office in January 2009. The Pentagon did not announce any weapons contracts to Israel over the last 14 months.

Israel was expected to receive its first C-130J in 2013, officials said. They said the next step would be to sign a contract with Lockheed Martin, which has been processing requests from such Middle East countries as Iraq, Oman and Tunisia.

When Obama says America is a friend of Israel, he is correct, we are. Obama’s dishonesty is that he, Obama and his gang of Socialist Thugs, are dangerous Enemies of Israel.

The American Socialist Media is in lockstep with Obama and the rest of the Socialists who are hell bent on grinding Israel into the dust.


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14 Responses to Obama the Anti-Israel Socialist has refused all Military Sales since taking office. Anti-Semitic or Anti-Zionist? there is a diff? lol

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  3. dancingczars says:

    The stance of our resident-in thief will ultimately be catastrophic. His hand holding and talking didn’t work, his sanctions didn’t work. So now the world will be faced with a nuclear Iran and subsequent arms race by all the countries in the Middle East. This guy needs to be removed from office very soon. My only hope is that the recent information on the Daisy Cutters headed for Israel but diverted to Diego Garcia was disinformation, and that the US sells Israel every thing they need. It’s tough to believe that the U.S. Military won’t be dropping bombs against them. But hey let’s be clear, it’s because we are mean that Islamic Jihidists exist and we will just be creating new ones. LOL Actually he is just creating more people that want him and his ilk out of office, Jim

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  5. boudicabpi says:

    Obama is a scumbag. While continually talking about sanctions against Iran and doing nothing he has applied military sanctions against Israel. Not if but when war breaks out in the ME blood will be on Obama’s hands.
    Bob A.

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