DEM-O-DRAMA: Paterson, Massa, and Obama; Who’ll land the final blow? (last one laughing wins, ya know)

ObamaCare, The Movie

the players:

President Barack Obama (D-IL) under fire

Barack Obama

  • Said he will do “whatever it takes” to put ObamaCare over the finish line.
  • A well known Chicago Style Politician known for stopping at nothing to get his way.
  • Failure to get passage of ObamaCare will ruin him as a politician and contender for president in 2012.

Rep Eric Massa (D-NY) under fire

Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY)

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  • Voted NO on the House version of the ObamaCare Bill; Did so because it did not contain a public option.
  • An allegation was leaked last week that Massa made an inappropriate remark to a staffer.
  • Embroiled in an embarrassing situation, Massa wrote a letter of resignation effective 5pm eastern today, March 8, 2010.
  • Massa, this weekend,  alleges Obama & Co is behind an intentional procedure violation for leaking a misconduct allegation push Massa out of office in order to cancel his pending House NO vote on the Senate Version of ObamaCare.
  • Massa said this weekend he may or may not cancel his letter of resignation before it becomes effective at 5 pm today depending on whether the Lame Stream Media picks up his weekend statements.

Governor David Paterson (D-NY) under fire

Governor David Paterson (D-NY)

  • Governor Paterson is responsible for deciding how to handle the replacement of Massa should his resignation go into effect.
  • Patterson is embroiled in scandals allegedly publicized by Obama & Co acting behind the scenes for political reasons.
  • Patterson alleges Obama & Co has been pulling dirty tricks to scandalize him in order to force him out of re-election on the basis of his centrist/moderate politics.

Possible Massa Decisions

  • If Massa decides not to resign he says he will vote NO on House Passage of the Senate version of ObamaCare and that his vote would be the single deciding vote.
  • If Massa resigns, all eyes will turn to Governor Paterson; a man who alleges he, Paterson, has been victimized by the Obama Socialist Political Machine to prevent his reelection; that he is not left enough to suit Obama & Co.

Governor Paterson decides the immediate fate of Massa’s House seat if Massa resigns

  • Do not replace Massa in the House and instead wait for the November 3, 2010 election to fill the vacant seat.
  • Appoint an interim replacement that will vote NO.
  • Appoint an interim replacement that will vote YES.
  • Set a special election to take place ASAP that could pave the way for a Republican to be voted in to take the seat.

Ohhh what political webs they weave… when first DEMs play hardball with  each other  …when DEMs practice to ram ObamaCare into law resulting in a DEM Congressional bloodbath at the polls in November.

I know what I would like to see happen 😉

How about you???

from FOX News…

Updated March 08, 2010

Massa Details ‘Salty’ Comment That Led to Resignation, Slams Dem Leaders

A “salty” comment made in the company of drunken staff members at a wedding reception on New Year’s Eve was all the Democratic “forces that be” needed to push him out of the House of Representatives and prevent him from possibly casting the vote that would kill health care reform, says outgoing New York Rep. Eric Massa.

Massa, while acknowledging he made an “inappropriate” remark, defended himself Sunday against the firestorm of criticism he’s endured since it was revealed last week that he was the subject of a House ethics probe. Speaking on his local radio show on WKPQ-FM, he accused House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of lying and the Democratic Party of pushing him out of Congress over sexual harassment allegations in order to pass health care reform.

Massa, who supports a robust government health insurance plan, was one of 39 House Democrats who voted against the health care bill last year.

Massa said the incident that got him in trouble occurred at a staff member’s wedding reception on New Year’s Eve.

“I was with my wife. And in fact we had a great time. She got the stomach flu,” he said.

Massa said he had just gotten up to sing Auld Lang Syne and had finished dancing with the bride and bridesmaid — in full view of cameras — when he sat back down at a table with male staff members.

That’s when he made the “inappropriate” remark.

“One of them looked at me and, as they would do after, I don’t know, 15 gin and tonics, and goodness only knows how many bottles of champagne, a staff member made an intonation to me that maybe I should be chasing after the bridesmaid, and his points were clear and his words were far more colorful than that.

“And I grabbed the staff member sitting next to me and said, ‘Well, what I really ought to be doing is fracking you,'” he said.

Click here to read the rest of the background on this situation.


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  1. Foxwood says:

    Very interesting Blog post, VF!

  2. samhenry says:

    Great and unique blog post CAT.

    How about a one was ride on Air Force One to Hawaii.

  3. samhenry says:

    Regardless of what he says, this is only step one in the process to public option.

  4. VotingFemale says:

    Thanks, you two!

    It took a while to sort it all out… going with bullets was the only way to make it intelligible in my opinion.

    dang!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  5. samhenry says:

    The prez is in PA to remind folks THEY are in charge of health care. My post on that forthcoming. What a dunce.

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  7. Foxwood says:

    It’s interesting as it is, but you made it so a non political junky will enjoy it.

  8. Foxwood says:

    Wasn’t Julius Cesar killed by his Senators on March 15? When does Obutthole want the bill voted on by?

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  12. AFVET says:

    VF,… Vicki has a post of the billboards going up across the country concerning Obama’s legitimacy for the presidency.
    Very interesting.

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