Progressives pass extension of BUSH Patriot Act, shhh… it’s supposed to be a secret hahaha

Remember the Socialists Protesting the Bush era passage of…

The Patriot Act in 2003?

Consider the below image as a memory refresher

September 2003 Patriot Act Protest in Boston by Leftists

Now, with a Socialist President, a Socialist Majority in the House and Senate, the Patriot Act renewal has passed in the House as of yesterday in a 315-97 vote.

Must be a GOP Right Wing Conspiracy in the US House of Representatives, right CODE PINKERS??? HAHAHAHAHA

Opps, the GOP is the minority party so that wont fly. gee…

Socialist Hypocrisy
What’s Not to Sneer At?

From Politico:

After a wave of news about attempted domestic terror attacks, Democrats facing a tough election year quietly voted this week to extend the Patriot Act legislation that many of them had decried under former President George W. Bush.

The House passed a one-year reauthorization of the Patriot Act Thursday night 315-97, just a day after the Senate moved the bill on a late-evening unanimous voice vote.

With the law facing a sunset date of Feb. 28, the Senate opted to vote for the extension of three crucial provisions of the act rather than opening debate on a revised bipartisan plan passed by the Judiciary Committee in October that would have imposed stricter privacy safeguards.

“In the end, it became non-controversial,” Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) told POLITICO. “[There was] the growing concern about increase on the pace of attacks on the homeland… and frankly, I think the Patriot [Act] got a bad name under the Bush Administration.”


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517 Responses to Progressives pass extension of BUSH Patriot Act, shhh… it’s supposed to be a secret hahaha

  1. samhenry says:

    Ya know, in governing as in other of life’s pursuits, practice makes perfect.

    I’ll just bet the Obama Administration has been singing choruses of “Who Knew”? since coming to Office and discovering that there are certain norms in governing as everywhere else – especially while governing in a heavily regulated atmosphere put in place by previous socialist administrations and congressional hacks.

  2. VotingFemale says:

    It’s the Socialists’ hypocrisy I have the most trouble with, SamHenry.

    They prove time and time again… its all about attack for hatred’s sake, damn the reality of the country.

  3. Foxwood says:

    It’s ok for Regressive Liberals to peek and poke into our lives. Conservatives aren’t allowed.

  4. Foxwood says:

    BTW, our cellphone conversations are public domain. Obutthole made sure of that.

  5. AFVET says:

    Obama appears confident, however underneath, he doesn’t trust anybody.
    Keep in mind where he was nurtured.
    Chicago style thug politics need connections to survive.

  6. samhenry says:

    It’s the Socialists’ hypocrisy I have the most trouble with, SamHenry.

    Good point VF.

    I will no longer call them liberals. They are not. They are true bred Socialists – many Marxists. That is how it is.

  7. samhenry says:

    Have to work on my socialist taxes. See you all later.

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  10. ohiobelle says:

    HAHA! The left is so damn weak! It’s like taking candy from a child. lol

  11. Foxwood says:


    Work is a 4 letter word…

  12. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: DAMN OUTAGES!!!

    Work is a 4 letter word…

    Stop making me jealous. lol

  13. ohiobelle says:

    I’ve never been so sick and tired of winter. This latest snow storm has stalled over Ohio.

  14. ohiobelle says:

    Barry must be thrilled Paterson is not running.

  15. ohiobelle says:

    Rangel Violates House Gift Rules

    The joke of a House Ethics Committee could no longer ignore a famously unscrupulous—and seemingly untouchable—New York congressman’s corrupt activities, finally admonishing him for one of his many transgressions.

    Democrat Charles Rangel, who has represented Harlem in the U.S. House for three decades, has been reprimanded for taking a couple of corporate-funded trips to the Caribbean during lavish Congressional Black Caucus jaunts. The House ethics panel concluded this week that the veteran lawmaker, who chairs the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, violated the chamber’s gift rules in taking the trips.

    While a “public admonishment” from the notoriously remiss House Ethics Committee is merely a figurative slap on the wrist with no further consequence, it certainly presents a dilemma for the Democratic leadership which is already facing serious midterm election loses and all-time low approval ratings.

    Like the crooked politician that he has repeatedly proven to be, Rangel claims he knew nothing about major corporations funding the luxurious excursions and blamed it all on a staffer. Members of congress shouldn’t be held responsible for their staffs’ mistakes, the embattled lawmaker asserted at a press conference to address the committee’s ruling which he described as “disturbing.”

    This could very well be the tip of the iceberg for Rangel, who is under investigation for a multitude of transgressions, including tax evasion, using his office to raise money from corporations with business before him and illegally accepting multiple rent control apartments in his New York district. Incredibly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues supporting her good friend and refuses to remove him from his prestigious tax committee chairmanship.

    Madam Speaker’s ardent support hasn’t wavered even though, fearing the tax probe would reveal his hidden assets, last fall Rangel disclosed that he is at least twice as wealthy as reported in congressional disclosure forms. For years he has concealed assets worth more than $1 million, including a federal credit union account worth between a quarter of a million and half a million dollars, a separate account at a private institution worth about the same, tens of thousands of dollars in municipal bonds and tens of thousands more in rental income.

    Rangel has tried to fend off punishment with money. He has actually made generous campaign contributions to members of the House Ethics Committee charged with investigating him. The back-door deals and political power peddling have bought him some time, but his mounting legal problems can’t go unpunished forever.

  16. ohiobelle says:

    “Mr. DeLay has proven himself to be ethically unfit to lead the party,” Pelosi said at a news conference the following day. “The burden falls upon his fellow House Republicans. Republicans must answer: Do they want an ethically unfit person to be their majority leader or do they want to remove the ethical cloud that hangs over the Capitol?”

    -Quote is from 2004, Pelosi talking about Tom Delay. I wonder if she is willing to say the same thing to one of her own!! It’s time to remove that “ethical cloud” a.k.a., Charlie Rangel

  17. m2 says:

    So are we gonna see these protesters on ABC news (et al) like we did during Bush?

    Well, we know the answer …

  18. m2 says:

    Dodd, and Pelosi, and Feinstein all have “ethical” clouds of their own…

  19. ohiobelle says:

    Hello M2!!!

    M2 wrote: Dodd, and Pelosi, and Feinstein all have “ethical” clouds of their own…

    M2, I think the whole Democratic party is an “ethical cloud” that hangs over our Capital.

  20. ohiobelle says:

    I have a couple of things to get done.

    I’ll check back in a little bit.

  21. Foxwood says:

    Missed Glenn 3 nights in a row… I can get it on Tivo later, but I’ve had to work late all week!

  22. m2 says:

    Hey Belle, apparently Pelosi wants this Rangel thing to go away… LOL.

    Well the fact is, that photo of Reid and Pelosi in front of the “Honest Leadership, Open Government” banners will make us chuckle for years to come…

    So the left wingers are sooooo angry at Jim Bunning for holding up a ten billion dollar bill that extends unemployment benefits and subsidizes satelite TV, among other junk. So I watched this Kos vid of c-span where Durbin or someone was bloviating about Bunnings nerve, and then a badly edited cut of Bunning where apparently all he says is “uh I object”… So I researched it, and actuall Bunning has the same proposal set forth only using unspent stimulus funds, which Kos and Politico won’t tell you. (You had to see the c-span non-Kos edited video.) And also, Bunning is angry because they had extended benefits in the bi-partisan jobs bill that Reids socialist dems hated (so they made their own useless “special interest laden spending bill).. And I guess “pay go” was a gimmick.

    So there you go. We need Honesty and Openness in media too, but really Kos is not media. I just think it’s interesting how Politico spins it.

  23. rosehips says:

    m2, it’s time to stop extending benefits and see who sinks and who swims. The swimmers should start now and if the water isn’t warm enough, they should put wet suits on. The ones who sink should be thrown an rope and then put to work like we do here in Washington to welfare recipients. They do not have the luxury of simply making 3 jobs searches as those on ui do. They have to put in hours looking for work, retraining, or some other skills building activity. When the free train left the station, welfare bums either left the state or got off the couch.

    Excuse me while I go send my resume to Do you think they could use someone with my blogging skills? lol

  24. samhenry says:

    Dems are blaming a Republican for stalling the extension of jobless benefits.

  25. samhenry says:

    I’ve been digging into what government agencies supervise marine mammals in captivity. There are three. Talk about a mess. No one is actually responsible for protecting them – that is my understanding but I am not sure.

    I think it looks as if the trainer who died was implicated in breaking protocol in the way she worked with the whale just before she died. This must be the reason they are allowing the shows to continue using the killer whale who did the trainer in.

  26. rosehips says:

    I dunno sh. doesn’t seem right to keep them in captivity but I think in some cases there may be justifiable reasons, like if the whale would have died if not taken in. I haven’t followed the case except I saw some woman just shut a guy who was advocating for Sea World…right down. She was a pit bull, was she. haha

  27. m2 says:

    Sorry all, I keep stepping out.

    Yeah rose, there is data (facts, numbers) that says extending unemployment does nothing to help the economy (hurts it, because of spending), and more importantly- all it does is extend the time before an citizen finds work. They find work 3 weeks sooner if there is no extension (on average). However, I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, as I know you like to be wiley… So I’ll leave my curiosity up to you to lay straight for me, lol!

    And SH, I heard that the sitting was the breech of protocol, and the whale thought he had a new toy to play with- a ponytail. Tragic accident.

    Yet I mean he’s killed 3 ppl now. That’s pretty bad odds!

  28. Foxwood says:

    Has anyone taken the quiz yet?

    I didn’t even see Confederate Nazi on the list, but that’s were I was!

  29. Foxwood says:

    Speaking of whales…

  30. Foxwood says:

    That’s a bad case of gas!

  31. rosehips says:

    no m2, I’m serious. I know too many people who are on extended unemployment who have no incentive to get work. Granted the work they might find is very low wage. In fact, some people I know will take a cut in pay if they even can find a job. I’ve expressed this before. I am for letting the chips fall where they may and if people have to go on welfare, they will have to sell their assets first if they can, and then do what the others on welfare have to do.

    I’m not concerned about myself. I’ve got survival skills. It’s the millions of others who don’t have a clue that will be in big trouble. But the cord needs to be cut, imo.

  32. Foxwood says:

    The government needs to be weened also. Cut taxes by 50% or more across the board and people will have money to spend, Corporations will have the money to hire. Stop all government programs but the necessities. Government and people have to pick themselves off the ground. People need to be self reliant.

  33. SamHenry says:

    I agree with you Rose. It can’t go on forever. It needs to go to another leve. I fault the fact that there isn’t a heck of a lot to keep the job seekers seeking – especially when discouraged and no jobs really are not there.

    When benefits run out, we need to put them into another level with special help for them.

  34. rosehips says:

    killing is killing and that’s why their called killer whales. Not sure what they are thinking by turning them into circus animals.

    I once saw a cougar burying a deer about 50 ft from my bedroom door. It didn’t hurt my kids or threaten anyone. It simply got too close to our home. We encroach on their habitat and then we kill them if they get too close. I thought the game dept would relocate the young female cat, but instead they let an off duty border patrol guy come up and track it down. I saw the body in the back of his truck. It made me sad.

  35. SamHenry says:

    Rose, it drives me crazy that we allow development willy nilly. We need to respect other species. We need to have areas in the public parks that are forever wild and that no humans are allowed to visit unless they are rangers. We have got to learn our limits.

    I am saddened that they allow such large whales to be captive. The belugas are not large. Still I think that the numbers of them in any facility should be restricted. I do not think they should be allowed to perform. That is cruel. Marine mammals are not properly cared for in any facilities – they can’t be because the facilities are not as large as the ocean. Out there, they are constantly in motion and travel long distances daily.

  36. SamHenry says:

    Regarding this extension of jobless payments. I think we would save money by having back all of the unemployment offices closed (and have the unemployed travel to them every day as if they were going to work. That is what the private agencies make people they are helping do. It works. It is better for the unemployed.

  37. rosehips says:

    I guess one of the rationales is that people learn about whales and become advocates for them when they visit a marine park. I don’t buy that. Real animal advocates wouldn’t support the captivity of whales. Whales are one of the most revered of all animals on the planet.

    Save the Whales. and the salmon too!

    It’s a dismal looking day but I am going out to find some trouble. if it doesn’t find me first. later!

  38. Foxwood says:

    “Save the Whales. and the salmon too!”

    Salmon’s taste… I don’t know about whales…

  39. rosehips says:

    hmmm, I dunno SH. you may be right. But the cost to gov’t would be more on top of everything else. I like that I can do everything online. But I agree that if there was more staff to support the unemployed, more people might find work. Around here they don’t know what to even tell us. The job listings are sometimes as little as 20 and that covers more than one county! They tell us the best way to find work is by socializing. Ya know what? they are right! off to the coffee shop!

  40. Foxwood says:

    Did you know that the Seaworlds of the world make more money for “Save the Whales” than any government agency? Makes you thing government wastes money…

  41. Foxwood says:

    Thing = think 🙂

  42. Foxwood says:

    Wow, all those captive whale make money to save the rest of the whales of the world… Who’da thunk it?

  43. SamHenry says:

    Yes, FOX but how much money do they raise? Zoos could do it too. I don’t know what the answer is. Have a whale or twa in captivity but for goodness sakes, study him in his pod not as a performer.

  44. Foxwood says:

    Just from what I’ve learned from Seaworld, more than the government can tax people for. Businesses always raise more money than government.

  45. Foxwood says:

    What if the whale is raising money for the good of the others? More than government could possibly raise, which is what Seaworld claims.

  46. SamHenry says:

    Well, that’s not too bad but still, let them have the whales but leave them out of performance perse. I have heard that it shortens their lives. That’s why I don’t perform.

  47. m2 says:

    Well y’all… I stepped out again! I went to a fish fry, but the line for dine in was so long- we went to carry out. Mmmm fish.

    Speaking of, I don’t think those giant dolphins should be attractions either, esp. if an innocent mistake can = death. Kind of like how the olympics blamed that luger for dying, due to one athletic error. I’m with the guy in Georgia that said one athletic error shouldn’t mean death is acceptable.

    Unemployment is a necessary evil, but I feel the longer a person stays fully “unemployed”, the more demoralized, and ill confident they feel about entering the workforce. And those feelings are probably measurable in psychological values and have nothing to do with Feds or one party grinching out on the other. I think humans need something worthwhile no matter what, to be fulfilled. Just look at all those socialites that end up dead because they didn’t have any purpose.

  48. Foxwood says:

    Can’t find anything on their website and all google has is about the trainer. The information I have, I got when I visited.

  49. Foxwood says:

    Never ate a dolphin either, that is unless it was in a can of tuna…

  50. m2 says:

    And by fully unemployed, I am talking about the ppl that stay on the system without trying or doing anything to help their situation, (“help their situation” ie. Volunteering to get experience, working partially when work is offered, or planning a new career)

    I’m not trying to put down all unemployment benifiters is what I mean. I’ve had benifits myself… of course.

  51. m2 says:

    Fox, did you just see that Jimmy Kimmel Live skit on Healthcare Summit they just showed on Fox Report?!


  52. Foxwood says:

    I’m 10 minutes off on my Tive… It’s coming up…

  53. Foxwood says:

    You don’t think Obutthole was bored, do you?

    That was funny… 🙂

  54. m2 says:

    OMGooosh!!! 22 inches of snow in Central NY!

  55. m2 says:

    The Obama and the pillow- lol….

  56. m2 says:

    I wish Obama was as likeable and goofy as the skits make him, instead of angry and arrogant like reality.

    That’s one thing about Bush I liked. He was a goof. A likeable goof.

  57. Foxwood says:

    He was even goofy on purpose at times…

  58. samiam60 says:

    Finally get some time to be here with my cyber friends and True Patriots.

    Is it true? Is Obama really on Video picking his nose? roflmao

    That should be a blog post all by itself.

  59. m2 says:

    My favorite was the time he played drums on a trip to Africa. (For his AIDS initiative, I believe.) It cracks me up.

  60. m2 says:

    I have a friend that does the “pick and roll” when I’m talking to her. It’s very strange. It reminds me of Obama.

    Good to see you off work sam!

  61. m2 says:

    Sam, I think it is a blog post by itself, I think it’s the one before this one.

  62. samiam60 says:

    Hi M2, Foxwood, SamH, VF, Rosehips and Belle and if I missed anyone I am sorry. I spent yesterday till 9PM and today digging out cars in the wind and snow. Will be doing it even more tomorrow and if need be Sunday. Part of me has been wishing Global Warming was true. I am way to fricken Old to be out in this weather for that many hours. I am hoping the taxes from my first paycheck get me off of the VA Hospital’s Termination Schedule.

  63. Foxwood says:

    I couldn’t find the revenge of the nerds booger vid…

  64. m2 says:

    How much snow do you have sam? We’re lucky to have none here.

  65. m2 says:

    Oh yeah, Booger from RotN, lol.

  66. samiam60 says:


    It is hard to tell with all the drifting but I think close to a foot. I cannot get my self thawed out yet. I hate the cold, it goes right through me.

  67. Foxwood says:

    Check out the vid, Sami. That will warm you up! 🙂

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  69. m2 says:

    I’m cold. I’m tired of it. Very tired.

    I’d take the medieval “warm period” (ie. global warming), over this.

  70. samiam60 says:

    Maybe SNL picked up on the nose groomers habit and will do a skit on it.

  71. samhenry says:

    Ok, men – are you into Friday night pole dancing – should M2 and I retire?

    Hi M2 and Sami. I can tell when the FOX is ready to launch into raunch

  72. samhenry says:

    M2 – I’m near central NY – not as much as them – perhaps a foot at most but it got windy last night and that is the tough part for us out in the country. Drifts for drifts for drifts everywhere. Looks like Arabian sands. Oh, Lawrence …

  73. Foxwood says:

    Has anyone taken the test yet to see if they are Conserative, Commie lib, Libertarian or Progressive?

  74. samiam60 says:

    Copied from VF’s previous post. This is way too funny not to re post here.

    I am sure Keith Olbermann considers picking on a Socialist Black President for picking his nose on live television as the act of a RAAACIST! Right, Keith?

    Though I could not find the specific Obama Nose-Picker YouTube clip of what I saw (yet), I DVR’ed the HC Summit yesterday and not only witnessed the repeated Presidential Nose-Picking, I witnessed one instance of Barack parking one of his nose-oysters on his lips.

    I played it back and forth in slow-motion and the act was clear as a bell. Barack, your butt kissing friends wont mention your disgusting habit to your face… likely to avoid being thought a RAAACIST. lol

    I have no such compunctions, Mr Nose-Booger Fisherman. Progressives have been calling everyone a RAAACIST for so long now that the Socialist throwing of the RAAACIST CARD completely flamed out …now when the Socialists do it it is a National standing joke on the THEM!!! 🙂

    Knowing Obama, when he gets wind of folks laughing at him for his low-class nose-picking behavior he will flatly deny he did it, get angry, and refuse to watch the recorded evidence of his on-camera nose-mining operations to preserve his Obama Version of Reality. Barack has a slick way of dropping the boogers from his fingers but tends to watch their fall to see which way they bounce or if they stick to his suit.

    Perhaps Barack considers his nose nuggets as Presidential ACORNS.

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  76. m2 says:

    Have you been able to leave your house samhenry? I’m so spoiled living here I get bitchy if we have 3 inches of snow with drifts of 6 inches, lol.

  77. m2 says:

    Well I tried to load the page fox but I’m on the little iPod because I’m too cold to go on my basement computer- and it wouldn’t load.

    I think my result would be: I am Margaret Thatcher.

  78. Foxwood says:

    Everybody that watched Glenn are still trying to login to the page…

  79. Foxwood says:

    I finally got on, filled out the form, then it booted me out.

  80. m2 says:

    VF has away of “visually illustrating” her writing. … “presidential ACORNS” LOL LOL

  81. m2 says:

    Oh!!! It was on Glenn! I missed Glenn because I went to the bank…

  82. m2 says:

    Fox, what did you get? Conservative?

  83. m2 says:

    Uh, guess your other comment popped up after I pasted my last one, weird.

  84. Foxwood says:

    It booted me out. Too many people are still trying to get on…

  85. Foxwood says:

    Barack Hussien Obutthole!


    Finger lickin’ good!

    Did someone say BAAAAARAAAAACK!

    Think I just threw up in my mouth, just a little.

  86. m2 says:

    Now that is a deep pick! It’s Olympian to go for such a deep pick at that kind of venue!

    Obama successes so far:
    debt & pick n’ roll

  87. samiam60 says:

    This is huge! The leader of the Free World teaching us how to recycle our boooggggers!

  88. m2 says:

    I think he was trying to hide it behind his ear!

  89. m2 says:

    I think there’s a lot of Obama-loonies that would pay top dollar for his dried boogs.

  90. Foxwood says:

    He could hide alot of boogers behind his ears…

  91. samiam60 says:

    Dare we call him the Booggie Man?

  92. m2 says:

    Ahhh ha ha! I just saw this, too funny!

    SamHenry said:
    “Hi M2 and Sami. I can tell when the FOX is ready to launch into raunch”

  93. samiam60 says:

    This is better than his Wee-Weeded comment.

    Hey Barrack, Lets boogy!

  94. Foxwood says:

    I was waiting for Sami, before I launched… 🙂

  95. m2 says:

    I believe the English call them bogies.

    I prefer “boogs”.

    Obama’s got guts or maybe just dismissal of others, to be so overt!

  96. samiam60 says:

    Sami thinks someone is going to lay this one on the libs over at CNN. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, someone already did. lolololololol

    Veins will pop now for sure. lololololololol

  97. m2 says:

    Wee weed up. That was the greatest…. Wow.

  98. samiam60 says:

    Let er rip Foxwood. I could use some entertainment tonight.

  99. Foxwood says:

    He’s the boogie woogie booger boy in Washington DC!

  100. samiam60 says:

    I wonder if his Teleprompter is all splattered with em?

  101. m2 says:

    Someone did????? Hahahahaha. That will really get em wee wee’d up.

  102. samiam60 says:

    Ahahaha M2, it is posted.

    Thanks to Foxwood’s selection we can now replace Hail to the Chief with:

  103. m2 says:

    Yeh if they pop a neuron over Palin writing a word on her hand, then surely the man that is to ‘heal the sick’ and ‘raise the waters’ is worthy of some finger pointing over boog rolling on national tv during his premiere “issue”!

  104. Foxwood says:

    If I could do video’s I’d remake the vid with new lyrics.

  105. samiam60 says:

    I re-posted it over at CNN Facebook Discussion Board. No bites yet from the libs but I am sure by morning it will be filled with Rants.

  106. Foxwood says:

    So did anyone see in the video? Does he flick em or eat em?

  107. Foxwood says:

    Didn’t you know, Sami, it’s racist to point out that the President picks and flicks!

    Or eats…

  108. m2 says:

    It’s probably his serious habit he does while he does his presidential thinkin’ the Oval office. I wonder if there’s forty-four wads of gum under the desk too.

    We know he already puts his shoes on that historical desk!

  109. Foxwood says:

    I’m sure it would be world wide if Bush was caught.

  110. samiam60 says:

    M2 says
    Yeh if they pop a neuron over Palin writing a word on her hand, then surely the man that is to ‘heal the sick’ and ‘raise the waters’ is worthy of some finger pointing over boog rolling on national tv during his premiere “issue”!


    I have been using that source as a weapon against them for a few weeks now. It is way so much better than Ireports because cause it is more interactive.

    I have one thread over there with over 900 comments titled More Failed Policies.

    That thread caused heads to explode over there and it is still going 8 days later. lolololololol

  111. Foxwood says:

    If he keeps picking, he won’t have any brain matter to run office with!

  112. samiam60 says:

    M2 says

    It’s probably his serious habit he does while he does his presidential thinkin’ the Oval office. I wonder if there’s forty-four wads of gum under the desk too.

    We know he already puts his shoes on that historical desk!


    There are most likely burn holes in the carpeting and ash trays on the window sills.

  113. samiam60 says:

    Foxwood says
    If he keeps picking, he won’t have any brain matter to run office with!


    He hasn’t run the Office yet. Everything has failed


    Do you think he bites his toe nails in there?

  114. m2 says:

    I believe it! I heard he took all the priceless art work down and replaced every piece with a photo of himself!!!

    The “resolute” desk is what it’s called, i knew that but forgot.

  115. Foxwood says:

    “He hasn’t run the Office yet. Everything has failed”

    There you go! He’s picked too far!

  116. samiam60 says:

    Here is my first response from a lib over at CNN:

    LOL! That’s what I would end up doing, with all the fighting going on in Congress, just stand there and pick my nose! LOL Each of your posts are funnier than the last! Thanks I needed that! LOL—————Hee Haw
    7 minutes ago · Report

  117. m2 says:

    This just cracks me up, I can imagine…

    Sam said:
    I have one thread over there with over 900 comments titled More Failed Policies.

  118. samiam60 says:

    M2 says
    I believe it! I heard he took all the priceless art work down and replaced every piece with a photo of himself!!!


    Yah and he replaced our National Treasures with Priceless Artwork. Priceless as in it will never be worth anything.

  119. Foxwood says:

    The sites back up… Maybe it will tell me I’m a Confederate Nazi!

  120. m2 says:

    That comment makes me laugh, sam. I’m glad our ideologies can come together to agree that Otrauma is a booger picker.

  121. Foxwood says:

    Wow… I’m on the right side of Libertarian.

  122. Foxwood says:

    I would have thought I was a strong Conservative…

  123. samiam60 says:

    Here is another lib comment from my booger thread:

    This is why men should always have a handkerchief in their breast pocket.

    While not the most graceful of manners, he is human after all and I certainly can’t begrudge the fellow; those of us who’ve never had a boogie go wonky at an inopportune time, and *had* to do something about it, please, feel free to cast the first stone.

    I have no such stones to throw.

    Besides, this is petty. Go after the policies, not the human.

  124. m2 says:

    I still can’t get on that site. Boo.

  125. Foxwood says:

    But it so much funner to make fun of the man, when you consider how much fun was made of Bush. 🙂

  126. samiam60 says:

    Hey, if you have a facebook account you can to to CNN facebook discussion board and join in. My More Failed Policies thread is back up on top also.

    The boogie thread is the best.

  127. m2 says:

    Well just tell them you meant it to be petty, Sam. Because it’s FUNNY AS Hell!

  128. samiam60 says:

    I would post a link but that give away my identity.

    I can email it if you would like. I trust everyone on here. (even RosehipsLOL)

  129. samhenry says:

    Did you guys see the patent on feeds Facebook now has? It will disrupt the entire social network industry. They are just so bad I have closed my account.

  130. samhenry says:

    Hey sam is this a thread over at Facebook?

  131. Foxwood says:

    I’m on the CNN facebook site, but it all looks like news.

  132. samiam60 says:

    Yes it is SamH. CNN discussion board@facebook

  133. m2 says:

    It’s kind of like the visual representation of the “compromise” bullshit.

    Pickin a booger. For 7 hours.

    This democrat congress has really done themselves in. It’s actually funny despite all the bullshit they’ve pulled!

  134. samhenry says:

    I’m staying away from Facebook.

  135. samiam60 says:

    Did you really Foxwood? Wow, guess Agent Smith will find me too.

  136. m2 says:

    Apparently Nasty Pelosi said the compromise (from the summit) was an “itsty bitsy spider going up a water spout”.

    folks meet your third in line to be President, -right after “grandpa – I don’t do anything” Joe, and Barack Boogers.

  137. Foxwood says:

    “Did you guys see the patent on feeds Facebook now has?”

    Do you have a link to more information, SamH?

  138. samiam60 says:

    Being Vice President is easy. I just say stupid stuff and they tell me to stay home for National Security Reasons. lollolololol

    How’s that M2

  139. m2 says:

    Sam did you hear the news? CN!N cameras caught Biden on mic before the summit started, telling someone. “I don’t do anything. I’m like a nice grandpa”

    Or something. I mean I can’t make this stuff up!

  140. samiam60 says:


    You pissed off a lib on my thread at CNN. lol

    While your taking care of him stop by and look at the More Failed Policies thread too. I could use a comment from you on that one.

  141. m2 says:

    Just moments before the afternoon session got underway, C-SPAN’s cameras picked up audio of Biden chatting casually with participants.

    “It’s easy being vice president — you don’t have to do anything.”

    Whomever Biden was chatting with said, “It’s like being the grandpa and not the parent.”

    “Yeah, that’s it!” replied Biden.

  142. samiam60 says:


    I did hear about that and that is why I posted what I did. Ya gotta like good ole Joe.

    Our White House is now more like the old TV show F Troop.

    You are too young to have seen it but it is on utube.

  143. m2 says:

    Sorry it was C-Span cameras nit CNN.

    Welp, it’s been hilarious. I got to settle in for
    some ice cream and Dexter now! Goodnight SamHenry, samiam, and Fox!

  144. samiam60 says:

    The Obama White House:

  145. samiam60 says:

    Good Night M2.

  146. Pingback: Hillary Finds Her Voice « ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry

  147. samiam60 says:

    Thanks for the comments Foxwood.

    Good stuff over there ifin your itchin for a fight.

  148. Foxwood says:

    We’re done with the pole dancing SamH!

  149. samiam60 says:

    Good Job over there Foxwood.

    There are endless opportunities there for harsh debates. I love it.

  150. Foxwood says:

    I’m sure they’ll be ralled up by morning!

  151. samiam60 says:

    Foxwood, Mike over there has been a great ally for me. He is Canadian and really packs a punch to the libs.

  152. Foxwood says:

    I’m a bad boy… They are going to be calling me names in the morning!

  153. Foxwood says:

    I figured that was a maple leaf. 🙂

  154. samiam60 says:

    He is cool Foxwood. And VF, please allow Mike to comment here in the morning. He is one of us.

  155. samhenry says:

    So glad the pole dancing is over FOX. I hate when that happens – and that M2 a mother joined in and learned how to do it – disgusting! Oh, boy. I guess I’m off to bed. I am so sorry I can’t go on facebook to join you -oh well, maybe I will tomorrow. It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m all for it.

    Sami – stay out of the snow in the company of a shovel.

    FOX, don’t shovel any more sh..t

    M2 – good night dear.

    Love to all, SamH

  156. Foxwood says:

    Did you see the Ernest Borgnine video over there, Sami?

    Here it is!

  157. samiam60 says:

    Good Night SamH.

    Please do remember that if you go to that thread it is a Battle Zones and the libs show no mercy.

    Of course neither do we!

  158. Foxwood says:

    I bet you don’t see him in public ever again…

  159. samiam60 says:

    I did Foxwood Ernest is so funny. I grew up watching that man. He is now 91 years old and full of life. God Bless him.

  160. samhenry says:

    What is the thread called, Sami? Do you have a url for it? Do you get to it through facebook or CNN

  161. samhenry says:

    I will never shake EB’s hand – never.

  162. Foxwood says:

    Oh… that’s just my hair gel!

  163. samiam60 says:

    You have to have a facebook account.
    go to CNNdiscussionboard.

    I have about ten threads there. Look for these two,

    Joe Biden does nothing.

  164. Foxwood says:

    I really liked him in the Poseidon Adventure.

  165. samiam60 says:


    Here is the other thread to look for:

    Did I see Obama picking his nose yesterday during the Health Care Summit? Yes, Yes I did.

  166. samiam60 says:


    I like him in Air Wolf and Mchale’s Navy.

  167. Foxwood says:

    Tim Conway was a hoot also!

  168. Foxwood says:

    The day they made the Commander sea sick was funny.

  169. samiam60 says:

    Tim Conway is from my area here. He is totally funny and was great on Carol Burnette show.

    I have to sign off for tonight. Have to be up at 4:30 again. Cheers

  170. Foxwood says:

    Later Sami, Check out the bloopers later.

  171. Foxwood says:

    Sea World and Busch Gardens Fund page. It tell you most everything you want to know about money used for wildlife conservation.

  172. samhenry says:

    Thanks, Sami and FOX for your info.

    GOOD Morning fellow soldiers marching as to war against socialists!

  173. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning SamH and all of my Fellow Patriots.

  174. samiam60 says:



    I am telling you this 2012 prediction has some merit.

  175. samhenry says:

    Sami and FOX – I will need more info on how to access the blogs you mention.

  176. samhenry says:

    OMG – Chile joined Brazil and Argentina in complaining to the UN and South American organizations about Britain drilling for oil off the Falkland Islands. It’s God’s work. You need to keepa your hands offa our friends!

  177. samhenry says:

    It’s back to bed for me.

  178. samiam60 says:

    Ahahahaha, we all knew Michelle would not want this woman around:

    White House social secretary to step down amid heavy criticism


  179. samhenry says:

    Thanks for the reference Sami.

    I am a member of facebook – How do I get to the threads you mention?

    I think not only security issues were involved here. The Social secretary was not to plan events and then attend them. But she did.

  180. m2 says:

    Good morning compatriots: sam, samhenry!

    Of course my ipod died rt after signing out last night but Ive charged it to 20% this morning. I might need to drop out and charge more.

    Sam! Desiree supposedly wants to get a job in the “corporate” world. That may be the first Obama employee to do so.

  181. m2 says:

    I wonder if you google CNN Discussion Facebook, if you can find it without an account samhenry. Because I don’t think one needs an account to view Sarah Palin’s page. You only need an account to comment.

  182. samhenry says:

    That was the charm, M2. Thanks.

  183. rosehips says:

    morning peeps!

    This is for all you liberal bashers who berate the intelligence of liberals. oh sure, go ahead and discredit it. It’s coming from CNN afterall, lol.

    You won’t see this on Fox News, that’s for sure. HAHAHAHA

    Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ

    CNN) — Political, religious and sexual behaviors may be reflections of intelligence, a new study finds.

    Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa at the the London School of Economics and Political Science correlated data on these behaviors with IQ from a large national U.S. sample and found that, on average, people who identified as liberal and atheist had higher IQs. This applied also to sexual exclusivity in men, but not in women. The findings will be published in the March 2010 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly.

    The IQ differences, while statistically significant, are not stunning — on the order of 6 to 11 points — and the data should not be used to stereotype or make assumptions about people, experts say. But they show how certain patterns of identifying with particular ideologies develop, and how some people’s behaviors come to be.

    The reasoning is that sexual exclusivity in men, liberalism and atheism all go against what would be expected given humans’ evolutionary past. In other words, none of these traits would have benefited our early human ancestors, but higher intelligence may be associated with them.

    “The adoption of some evolutionarily novel ideas makes some sense in terms of moving the species forward,” said George Washington University leadership professor James Bailey, who was not involved in the study. “It also makes perfect sense that more intelligent people — people with, sort of, more intellectual firepower — are likely to be the ones to do that.”

  184. rosehips says:

    Waste Not, Want Not

    President Obama’s decision to cut federal funds for the Yucca Nuclear Waste Repository leaves operators of the nation’s reactors holding more than 120 million pounds of high level waste. Federal officials say that the waste is safe, but critics say spent fuel pools are vulnerable targets for terrorists. Several State Attorneys General are suing to change that. Senior Correspondent Bruce Gellerman investigates the Pilgrim reactor in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

  185. rosehips says:

    sounds like they are bracing for a tsunami in the Pacific. This is from a civil defense bulletin.




    1119 AM HST SAT 27 FEB 2010


  186. Foxwood says:

    The reason you won’t see in on FOX is because it’s BULLSH!T!

  187. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  188. Foxwood says:

    Just some examples of a liberal idiot…

    Obutthole, the dumbshit President

    You made fun of President Bush. Now you make fun of Palin. Guess what? I got stuff on your Piece of Shit President to make your Progressive lefty head explode. You’ve never heard of it because what you call “the news” doesn’t play gaffes by your pea brained leader, Obutthole. You can find any of this on Google and YouTube.

    YouTube Obutthole stemmering and stammering when his Teleprompter breaks or isn’t available:

    And here, we can take a good look at just how intelligent Obutthole really is:

    A Community Organizer and Part time voting present Senator who was out Campaigning most of his time in the Senate makes not for a good President. What he is is a groomed, scripted puppet and when he goes off script, his stupidity shows.

    His inexperience and on the job Training (Joe Biden admitted to this) is hurting America. This moron will be a one term President. I thank all of you that didn’t do your homework on this man… POLITICS IS NOT A GAME, ASSWIPES!

    You Progressives (I will call Regressives throughout most of this article) make fun of Sarah for the 6 “talking points” on her hand when Obutthole has to use a teleprompter to REMEMBER his WHOLE speech at an ELEMENTARY school? You’re as brain deficient as your Piece of Shit President if you didn’t know this one.

    Does your Regressive brain work well enough to Google Obutthole and corpsmen? What dipshit would call it “corpse men”? How about a dumbshit President I like to call Obutthole?

    The man really doesn’t have a brain of his own. That would be because he what is know as a Regressive. Regressives aren’t allowed to think. They are to follow their Communist leaders. Then every brain dead follower below Obutthole, follow him.

    Alot of it has to do with the last 60 years of indoctrination, but also in public school and ivy league colleges that don’t teach how to think, which leads to brain atrophy. You poor Regressives can’t help it, but I still like to make fun of your sorry ass brain dead answers.

    Just how smart is your President? Is he as smart a Bush?

    May 14, 2008 in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Obama demonstrates his intelligence and knowledge of the war in Afghanistan. “We only have a certain number of them, and if they are all in Iraq, then it’s harder for us to use them in Afghanistan.” The reason it’s hard for us to use them in Afghanistan is because Iraqis speak Arabic or Kurdish, the Afghanis speak Pashto, Farsi, or other non-Arabic languages.

    September 7, 2008: “you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith…” Obama on ABC’s “This Week”.

    On March 3, 2009 Gordon Brown presents the new President with a pen holder carved from the timbers of HMS Gannett, a sister ship of HMS Resolute; the commissioning certificate of HMS Resolute; and a seven-volume biography of Winston Churchill. Obutthole in return, gives the Prime minister 25 DVDs, which don’t work in England.

    On May 9, 2008 in Oregon, we added new states. “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”

    May 4th 2007, tornadoes ripped through Kansas. Later Obutthole claimed: “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” The accurate death toll was 12.

    On March 29, 2008, “I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

    Let’s look at what your “Progressive” lame President did with the Christmas crotch bomber. When his superiors don’t make decisions for him, this is what happens.

    For five weeks he took flack for the crotch bomber getting Miranda rights, which by the way gives a non US person, US citizen rights.

    This includes the right of “Innocent until proven guilty”. If you “YouTube” Obutthole and Bob Gibbs, they have KSM convicted which makes for a good mistrial and should let him go free on US soil. Slick move shitheads, but I digress.

    “Anything you say can and will be used against you”, which gives the crotch bomber Fifth Amendment rights. Obutthole’s polls dropped, and when he figured out why, he got the crotch bomber to talk, and leaked to the media that he did. It was a PR ploy so he could say, “looky look! My way works!” Ya big dummy dumb dumb.

    Guess what Mr. Smartass. You need to use your information before you announce you have it. That would be the smart thing to do (but my point is that Progressives are NOT smart). So he lets the media know and now the enemy knows.

    So, for political reasons Obutthole gets the crotch bomber to talk and then “stupidly” announces it to the world. For you Regressives that don’t get it. If you let your enemy know you have information, they know what that information is and do what it takes do reduce damages or even leave the area. That information becomes useless. STUPID!

    This idiot for a President was being Narcissistic again, not thinking of what is best for our country, but what is best for him.

  189. rosehips says:

    Interesting info on reconciliation, which apparently the dems are threatening to do. I bet the Repubs are regretting ever coming up with that idea.

    from Wiki:

    Reconciliation is one of the most important developments to emerge from the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. (See Pub.L. 93-344, § 310; 88 Stat. 297; 2 U.S.C. § 641.) Reconciliation developed into an important procedure for implementing the policy decisions and assumptions embraced in a budget resolution, in a way that was unforeseen when the Budget Act was written. Under the original design of the Budget Act, reconciliation had a fairly narrow purpose. It was expected to be used together with the second resolution adopted in the fall, and was to apply to a single fiscal year and be directed primarily at spending and revenue legislation acted on between the adoption of the first and second budget resolutions. But Congress has used the procedure to enact far-reaching omnibus budget bills, first in 1981. Since 1980, 17 of 23 reconciliation bills have been signed into law by Republican presidents (a Republican has been president for 20 of the last 29 years). Since 1980, reconciliation has been utilized nine times when Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate, six times when Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate,one time when the Democrats controlled the Senate and the Republicans the House, and seven times when the Republicans controlled the Senate and the Democrats controlled the House. Reconciliation has been used at least once nominally for a non-budgetary purpose, namely the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 (a Republican was president and the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate). The 1986 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) contained some healthcare type reforms.

    The Byrd Rule (described below) was adopted in 1985 and amended in 1990. Its main effect is that reconciliation cannot be used for provisions that would increase the deficit beyond 10 years after the reconciliation measure.

    Congress used reconciliation to enact President Bill Clinton’s 1993 (fiscal year 1994) budget. (See Pub.L. 103-66, 107 Stat. 312.) Clinton wanted to use reconciliation to pass his 1993 health care plan, but Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) insisted that the health care plan was out of bounds for a process that is theoretically about budgets.

  190. rosehips says:

    gee foxy, I think we should preserve your above comment. It may become a viral document. Your manifesto so to speak. You scare me sometimes.

  191. rosehips says:

    I think the most significant part of the reconcilation bill is the amendment that Byrd introduced in 1985…

    “The Byrd Rule (described below) was adopted in 1985 and amended in 1990. Its main effect is that reconciliation cannot be used for provisions that would increase the deficit beyond 10 years after the reconciliation measure.
    Congress used reconciliation to enact President Bill Clinton’s 1993 (fiscal year 1994) budget. (See Pub.L. 103-66, 107 Stat. 312.) Clinton wanted to use reconciliation to pass his 1993 health care plan, but Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) insisted that the health care plan was out of bounds for a process that is theoretically about budgets.”

  192. m2 says:

    I’d say IQ is the same. Just one side (*cough* conservative *cough*) has obvious copious amounts of common sense, which I think gets you further in life. LOL.

    Besides the sample would be more authentic if it were reported by foxnews! Of course! A shill story like that on CNN is just throwing a bone to a broke down, homeless base who have nothing else to cheer them up, not even more welfare! (UE benefits).

    For every 4 podunk red-necks counted there was obviously only 1 Obama sponge voter who’s goal is to get a govt job or pop out as many kids possible, counted- among the actually intelligent folk.

  193. Foxwood says:

    Thanks for the Correction Rose. It was a Sheets Bird idea… 🙂

  194. Foxwood says:

    Oh, BTW, Sheets was a Grand Dragon and is a Democrap.

  195. Foxwood says:

    Did you know that when Harry Reid lied about reconciliation, the Republicans used it, like Harry said, but used it the way it was meant to be used, and not to push through Communized plans?

  196. Foxwood says:

    Thanks for the complements on the post. It just goes to show how much bullshit the lame steam media puts out to the indoctrinated liberals.

  197. rosehips says:

    lol m2! and I didn’t say I agreed with the study but I must say that you help to pull the conservative’s numbers up, you do. 😉

  198. Foxwood says:

    of course you know Wiki can be edited… by say wack job liberals.

  199. m2 says:

    Reconciliation is for contentious budgets. I find it
    ok. Byrd, the KKK Dem better hold up his own standards- cause the healthcare bill is not a contentious “budget” but a damning entitlement. Anyway, they can’t do it, their own House will never pass the Senate bill. I guess all that squeezing and dealing wasn’t good afterall, cause instead of real legislation they passed skim-bys, and the moderate Democrats are seeing the lack of morals by Obama and company.

    The House passed their bill by 3 votes now 1 guy is dead… I dunno, but they created quite a mess, Pelosi, Reid, Rahm and Obama.

  200. Foxwood says:

    M2, the Regressives have done such a job on our public school systems and colleges that those that didn’t get corrected by their parents don’t know how to use the brain God gave them. That is why Obutthole doesn’t see the future effects of what he does.

  201. m2 says:

    Ah well, I got to scoot. Kids birthday party….


  202. Foxwood says:

    Rose, Every piece of evidence in that post can be found in newspapers, and the internet. Why would it scare you. It shows the truth of Obutthole being a moron. Why doesn’t M2, Sami, or VF scare you? They feel the same as me.

    I think you just have a secret crush on me. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  203. rosehips says:

    foxy, it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. If you maybe took the potty language out of your rants and toned down the namecalling, you’d be taken more serious. just a suggestion.

    of course I realize that you are just stooping down to the regressive’s level. I know you think that is your duty. It just seems so juvenile.

  204. Foxwood says:

    It pissed the Regressive Liberals off. That’s the reason I do it. I shall continue…

  205. rosehips says:

    and yes, perhaps deep down I have a secret crush. hehe I have a masochistic streak.

  206. Foxwood says:

    Rose, I’ve never grown up. I think I should by Never Never land.

  207. rosehips says:

    I got that about you foxy. I know guys just like you. I suppose all of us have our inner children to battle. haha keeps us young I guess. 😉

  208. Foxwood says:

    WOW! I haven’t seen that Smokey the Bear commercial in a LOOOONG time.

    Smokey says: “Remember, only you can shoot a 12 point buck”!

  209. Foxwood says:

    In case you missed the discussions last night…

  210. rosehips says:

    So, CO2 can actually be deadly when put in the wrong hands. lol
    note that the weapons were found in South Havana. maybe it’s part of a communist overthrow?

    Police find stolen guns and CO2 canister with fuse in apartment raid

    SPOKANE VALLEY — Spokane Sheriff’s deputies raided an apartment on South Havana Friday night while searching for a robbery suspect. When they got there, they found many stolen items, including stolen fire arms and a CO2 canister with a fuse in it.
    Police find stolen guns and CO2 canister with fuse in apartment raid

    Deputies were searching for Marcus Jolly, 27, who is a suspect in the burglaries of two homes last week. Authorities got a tip that Jolly was renting a room at the Loma Vista apartments to hide from police. That room was full of stolen property but the suspect was not there.

  211. rosehips says:

    I think I know why the cat is missing….

    Northeast storm’s wake: Nearly 600k without power

    ALBANY, N.Y. – Utility crews pushed through deep drifting snow and fallen trees Saturday to restore electricity to homes and businesses that lost power during a slow-moving winter storm that pounded the Northeast with heavy snow, rain and hurricane-force winds.

    Nearly every state in the region was left to deal with the fallout of powerful, gusting winds that created near-blizzard conditions areas that now have faced three strong storms this month. Parts of New York got more than two feet of snow while some areas of coastal New England got drenched with flooding rains

  212. rosehips says:

    Once again the US is closely monitoring the situation. It was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Are we thinking we may not be needed? How long will we wait to send help? Is this a deja vu all over again? What in haitis are we waiting for?

    US offers help to Chile
    WASHINGTON – The U.S. pledged to help Chile after a powerful earthquake struck Saturday and kept watch on a tsunami heading for Hawaii.

    All 118 employees of the U.S. Embassy in Chile were accounted for, State Department spokeswoman Megan Mattson said. She had no immediate information on the status of other Americans who may be living in or visiting the South American nation. The U.S. military said it had no reports that any of its forces had been affected either on land or at sea.

    “We are closely monitoring the situation, including the potential for a tsunami,” White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Chile, and we stand ready to help in this hour of need.”

  213. rosehips says:

    in a little under 5 hours, Hawaii will be bracing itself for a killer wave. Is it time to polish up the surfboards or head for higher ground? I would opt for a fast flight outta there.

  214. rosehips says:

    nah, I think I’d tough it out. I’d head to the beach and the tallest hotel. I’d take my camcorder and grab a mai tai and wait for the show.

  215. rosehips says:

    well, I always can tell when I’m being ignored. See, we libs are smart!

  216. Foxwood says:

    Naw! just being ignored… 😉

  217. Foxwood says:

    Thanks for the song, SamH! 🙂

  218. Foxwood says:

    Here you go Hawaii, go grab those surf boards!

  219. Foxwood says:

    For those of you too squeamish to go surfing today, you might head up to Mount Killawhale…

  220. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips wrote: nah, I think I’d tough it out. I’d head to the beach and the tallest hotel. I’d take my camcorder and grab a mai tai and wait for the show.

    HAHA!! Meet me there.

  221. ohiobelle says:

    Did you guys see the video of the shaking? Oh my god, the amount of shaking was incredible.

  222. ohiobelle says:

    Rose, I’ll buy the first round if you work on getting that tramp stamp… lol I want it to read… “Crazy Like A Fox”

  223. Foxwood says:


  224. ohiobelle says:

    Fox, She is going to get “Crazy Like A Fox” on her lower back or “I Love Rush” on her arm. I think it is going to look so very hot. lol

  225. ohiobelle says:

    I just read this on Moneynews. I can’t believe this crap!

    Obama Considers Halting All Home Foreclosures

    By: Frank McGuire

    President Barack Obama reportedly is considering stopping all home foreclosures unless they have been rejected by the administration’s struggling $75 billion mortgage assistance program.

    The move comes as Republicans take aim at Obama’s mortgage assistance program. Republicans argue the effort is making the economic crisis worse and say many homeowners would be better off as renters.

    The president has been trying to convince investors and the general public that the country is slowly emerging from the recession, but the threat of foreclosures and a faltering housing recovery has been looming over the economy.

    Meg Reilly, a Treasury Department spokeswoman, told Bloomberg that the proposed foreclosure ban was “one of the many ideas under consideration” in Obama’s attempt to stabilize the housing market.

    “This proposal has not been approved and there are no immediate planned announcements on the issue,” she wrote in an e-mail. She confirmed the authenticity of the plan, which hasn’t been made public, Bloomberg reported.

    Right now, lenders can initiate foreclosure proceedings on any loan that hasn’t been submitted for Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, eligibility. Under current rules, foreclosure litigation can proceed while borrowers are under review for the program or even in a trial modification.

    The proposed changes would prohibit lenders from initiating new foreclosure actions before loan screening by HAMP and would require lenders to halt existing proceedings for borrowers once they are in a trial repayment plan, Bloomberg reported.

    Meanwhile, Reps. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., on Thursday called the program a misuse of taxpayer money, The Associated Press reported. Though $75 billion has been set aside for the program, so far only $15 million has been spent.

    The lawmakers also said Obama’s plan distorts the housing market by keeping people in their homes who would be better off going through foreclosure.

    Homeowners who enroll in the program but then drop out “would have been better off if they had defaulted earlier and spent the payments on more affordable housing options,” the two lawmakers wrote.

    Obama administration officials, however, reject that argument. They say the program gives a second chance to homeowners who were given shoddy loans during the housing boom.

    And they defend their track record, even though only 116,000 homeowners have completed the process out of the 1 million enrolled since the program’s launch last March.

    Earlier this week, Freddie Mac, which has lost a total of almost $80 billion since the housing crisis started in 2007, said a record 4 percent of its borrowers are at least three months behind on their payments and facing foreclosure.

    Freddie Mac Chief Executive Charles Haldeman warned a “potential large wave of foreclosures” may sweep the nation.

    The faltering housing recovery and threat of foreclosures are major problems for the federal government, which seized control of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in September 2008. The two companies have already siphoned $111 billion from the government to stay afloat. That number is expected to hit $188 billion by fall 2011.

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration reportedly also is considering forcing lenders to make principal reductions to help struggling homeowners.

    Asked about the possibility of using principal reductions on mortgages to stem the tide of foreclosures, Phyllis Caldwell, chief of the Treasury’s Homeownership Preservation Office, said the department was open to the idea, Reuters reported.

    “Our office has been aggressively considering proposals on all areas that we can do to address the foreclosure crisis in this country,” Caldwell told lawmakers on the House Oversight and Government Reform Domestic Policy Subcommittee.

  226. ohiobelle says:

    “The lawmakers also said Obama’s plan distorts the housing market by keeping people in their homes who would be better off going through foreclosure.”

    It’s kind of like all those stupid bailouts!

  227. Foxwood says:

    I think they should call it HEMP, because that seems to be what they are smoking!

  228. samhenry says:

    They should keep people in their homes – this should have been done from the get go. When they leave, the neighborhood goes downhill because the houses are looted for appliances, etc and become crack houses. Best to prevent displacement and keep things level until a way out is found.

    Hi Belle

  229. samhenry says:

    I have to say that my spam attacks are higher than hits on my postings lately – WAH

  230. Foxwood says:

    The solution:

    “You have 90 days to remove yourself from the promises. Upon 90 days the new tenants will be moving in.”

  231. ohiobelle says:

    Hello SamH!

    SamH wrote: They should keep people in their homes – this should have been done from the get go. When they leave, the neighborhood goes downhill because the houses are looted for appliances, etc and become crack houses. Best to prevent displacement and keep things level until a way out is found.

    SamH, I think we are only prolonging the recession by keeping people in a house they can not afford. The housing bailout was a bust from the very start. People can not afford to refi if their house value has gone down. People that are hurting don’t have $20,000.00 to refi and if they did then they wouldn’t be hurting. Does that make sense??

  232. Foxwood says:

    Gives them time to look for a new place to live (rent), the house is still lived in, and the mortgage holder has time to find renters or buyers.

  233. ohiobelle says:

    We have prolonged the problem by allowing these people to stay in their homes . We need to fix the problem in order to have a solid recovery. This recession was caused by the housing bubble. It’s time to fix the problem with a real solution.

  234. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: The solution:

    “You have 90 days to remove yourself from the promises. Upon 90 days the new tenants will be moving in.”

    I don’t want to throw somebody out on the street but I don’t want them to keep a house they can not afford. I think we should help these people find a home that they will be able to afford. That’s how the money should be spent.

  235. ohiobelle says:

    The affordable house may not be their dream house but it will be a house they can afford. I think people might be staying in the wrong house because they can’t sell their house or they are afraid the bank won’t approve a loan for a more affordable home. If the money was spent to get them in a more affordable home then we might begin to see a solid recovery. We are using the money to keep them in a house they still won’t be able to afford.

  236. Foxwood says:

    I can see both points of view, but someone who can’t afford the house should not be rewarded for it. But 90 days give them time to move out and the mortgage owner to find someone new to live in it and hopefully keep the rats out.

  237. ohiobelle says:

    I wonder if history repeats itself. This is the tsunami information for the Chili earthquake in 1995.


    Tsunami generated with maximum wave heights (peak-to-trough, in cm) recorded at the following selected tide stations: 55 at Valparaiso, Chile; 10 on Easter Island; 75 at Hilo, 70 at Kahului, 15 at Honolulu and 12 at Nawiliwili, Hawaii; 27 at Crescent City, 25 at Santa Monica, 11 at San Diego and 10 at Los Angeles, California; 30 at Adak, 21 at Sand Point, 20 on Shemya, 10 at Kodiak and 9 at Seward, Alaska; 25 at Pago Pago, American Samoa; 9 at Papeete, Tahiti; 29 at Miyako
    and 26 at Hachinche, Japan.

  238. ohiobelle says:

    This is the tsunami information for the Chili earthquake in 1985.


    Tsunami generated with wave heights at selected tide stations as follows: 1.1 m at Valparaiso; 48 cm at Hilo, Hawaii; 15 cm at Sand Point, Alaska; 12 cm at Adak, Alaska; 11 cm at Rikitea, Gambier Islands; 10 cm at Papeete, Tahiti; 10 cm at Kushiro, Nemuro and
    Miyako, Japan; 5 cm at Seward, Alaska; 4 cm at Kodiak, Alaska; and 3 cm at Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The focal mechanism is poorly controlled and corresponds to reverse faulting.

  239. samhenry says:

    FOX, Belle, it really makes me mad all the people who are benefiting from the misery of others.

    I think perhaps a middle of the road approach. I agree Belle they should not be enabled to stay somewhere they can’t afford. But perhaps they could rent the house for 90 days – perhaps time to sell it.

  240. samhenry says:

    One of my brothers is currently in a water front condo in Kona. We just go from disaster to disaster rather than strength to strength as the Bible says somewhere. Bible did not mention tsunami but I am sure there is someone doing exegesis to find it somewhere – perhaps Moses used a tsunami to part the waters – who knows. All I know is the earth is flat and so is the economy.

  241. samhenry says:

    O is speaking now

  242. samhenry says:

    I have read that all US (3) war ships have been instructed to put out to sea. Same instructions at SanDiego.

    This Chilean quake one of the most powerful ever.

  243. rosehips says:

    belle, I am with you on this one! (no, not the tramp stamp girl haha).

    I think people who can’t make their payments need to find a place to rent. It is a hard reality but they signed a contract and they should have known the consequences of non-payment. I’ve carried a mortgage and paid it off. I wouldn’t expect you or anyone else to bail me out if I couldn’t. I rent because I don’t want to be burdened or risk foreclosure. I do not feel that we the taxpayers should foot the bill for their unfortunate position.

    and I’ll take you up on that first drink. but I am not going to let you get me too drunk. I am a liberal, but I’m not stupid. I may get a hammer and sickle tatted over my heart but I want to be sober when I do it. No pain, no gain….lol.

  244. ohiobelle says:

    Can you tell I am bored? lol

    If you run a comparison of the new earthquakes (1985 & 1995) you’ll see the following pattern.

    Significant earthquakes that followed:

    Michoacan, Mexico
    New Britain Region
    Central California
    Southern Iran

  245. samhenry says:

    My brother’s twit

    Let me get this straight,we are running away from water & towards an active volcano?I swear vacationers are stocking up on H2O & gas!WTF?

  246. Foxwood says:

    Can I hammer the sickle for you?


  247. ohiobelle says:

    I meant to type two earthquakes not new earthquakes.

  248. samhenry says:

    He also twitted:

    Who is this woman, Sue Nammy and why are people running from her?

  249. rosehips says:

    wow SH! all warships? that is serious. I think this may have been a HAARP induced earthquake, designed to destroy Hawaii. omg. I hope the good people of Aloha land will be safe.

    Some say that HAARP can cause an earthquake. I wonder if it’s true…

  250. ohiobelle says:

    Hello Rose!

    Rose wrote: and I’ll take you up on that first drink. but I am not going to let you get me too drunk.

    Rose, I will have you get that perfect buzz so I can get you that tramp stamp you want.

  251. Foxwood says:

    RUN! Head for Mt. Killawhale!

  252. rosehips says:

    of course there is no logical reason to destroy Hawaii. They must have another target in mind.

  253. ohiobelle says:

    I hope Barrys dad is out of harms way.

  254. Foxwood says:

    I knew a guy that had a naked woman on a horse. She has a pointy hood over her head.

  255. ohiobelle says:

    I was being serious about Barry dad. I would be freaking out if my parents lived there.

  256. rosehips says:

    okay belle. I’ll go for the buzz and the slow burn but nothing about Rush and nothing about Fox. period.
    my final answer

  257. Foxwood says:

    He fancied himself a supremest.

  258. rosehips says:

    belle, who is barry’s dad? I thought Malcolm X was dead.

  259. Foxwood says:

    I thought you might want to get Lathered up, Rosey!

  260. rosehips says:

    foxy, tell him to head to John Day, Oregon. That is where the neo nazis from North Idaho are planning to move. They are not exactly getting a warm welcome so I’m sure they’d appreciate a guy like your friend. I’m in complete awe of a guy that shows his moron-ness on his skin. Of course my own son has a tat with a coffin and the caption “Your coffin or mine?” geesh Where did he get his common sense? lol

  261. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: okay belle. I’ll go for the buzz and the slow burn but nothing about Rush and nothing about Fox. period.
    my final answer

    I will start you out slow… maybe a couple cherry bombs. lol

  262. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: belle, who is barry’s dad? I thought Malcolm X was dead.

    I am sorry I meant his grandfather.

    Fox, you can join us for the cocktails. lol

  263. ohiobelle says:

    Doesn’t his grandfather live there??

  264. ohiobelle says:

    I bet I would get Rose and Fox so buzzed that they’d end up married by the end of the day… lol

  265. rosehips says:

    I didn’t think grandad was still alive. I’ll check on that.

  266. Foxwood says:

    DAMN! It can’t be true! I ran all of the Commie libs off of CNNs facebook? It just completely died!

    Sami’s not going to be happy… 😦

  267. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: I didn’t think grandad was still alive. I’ll check on that.

    Ahhh I thought that is where they spent their Christmas vaca?

  268. Foxwood says:

    I’m an alcoholic, you can’t get me drunk.

  269. rosehips says:

    from wiki

    Stanley Armour Dunham
    Stanley Dunham is the grandfather of Barack Obama. He was born in 1918 and served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War II, enlisting just after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Stanley and his wife Madelyn raised Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii. In addition to President Obama, Stanley is related to six US presidents: James Madison, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush.[23][24] He died in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1992 and is buried at the Punchbowl National Cemetery.

  270. Foxwood says:

    I have to admit, once I woke up with an empty bottle in my hand… there was no booze on the floor.

  271. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: DAMN! It can’t be true! I ran all of the Commie libs off of CNNs facebook? It just completely died!

    Sami’s not going to be happy…

    Fox, now I find that hard to believe…. lol

    Rose, I only know about their Christmas vaca because Rush was in the hospital.

  272. rosehips says:

    you’ll have to slip foxy a roofie belle. me too for that matter. lol

  273. rosehips says:

    belle, yes they go to hawaii but it’s not to see grandpa. He died in 1992. Maybe they visit his grave.

  274. rosehips says:

    lol foxy. more like you woke up on the floor with an empty badder and no, that’s not booze on the floor although it looks a lot like beer.

  275. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: you’ll have to slip foxy a roofie belle. me too for that matter. lol

    No way. It will be love at first site. lol

  276. rosehips says:

    belle, what is a cherry bomb anyway?

  277. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: belle, what is a cherry bomb anyway?

    Really?? It’s red bull with cherry vodka. It’s very good. lol

  278. rosehips says:

    belle, do you like joan jett?

  279. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: I have to admit, once I woke up with an empty bottle in my hand… there was no booze on the floor.

    hahahaha. Maybe the dog drank it? lol

  280. rosehips says:

    belle, I have never had a red bull but I don’t think I’d like it. Is it very sweet?

  281. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: belle, I have never had a red bull but I don’t think I’d like it. Is it very sweet?

    I only drink the sugar free and that’s not very sweet. If you have never ever had a red bull… I HAVE TO BE THERE WHEN YOU TRY YOUR FIRST ONE! LOL

  282. ohiobelle says:

    I only drink diet drinks or sugar free. I am not a sweet fan either.

  283. rosehips says:

    my son said cherry bomb sounds like a girl’s drink, but hey we girls.

    He also told me of a story of a red bull advertisement that had a real can of red bull velcroed to it. He felt it was his obligation to lift it to teach the marketers a lesson. and now he tells me that any drink with red bull is just a marketing tactic. okay. I can’t argue with him. he is too much like me. 🙂

  284. rosehips says:

    belle, I hope you don’t drink anything with aspertame. It has been linked to MS and I don’t mean Microsoft.

  285. rosehips says:

    oh and foxy, I did like that lather song. thx.

  286. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: my son said cherry bomb sounds like a girl’s drink, but hey we girls.

    Tell your son that Mr Belle loves them. lol

    Rose wrote: belle, I hope you don’t drink anything with aspertame. It has been linked to MS and I don’t mean Microsoft.

    I know but I love my diet coke. When I heard about aspertame I just wanted to die… I am a diet coke junkie. I have about 2 cans a day.

  287. rosehips says:

    well we know mr belle is no sissy. or maybe he is just very secure with his masculinity? lol

  288. ohiobelle says:

    This is for Fox and Rose…lol

  289. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: well we know mr belle is no sissy. or maybe he is just very secure with his masculinity? lol

    hahahaha.. he’s very secure. lol

    What do you think of your wedding song?

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  291. Foxwood says:

    All ready drinking vodka and lime

  292. Foxwood says:

    I’m ignoring her Rosey… 🙂

  293. samhenry says:

    I’m baaaaack. My brother just tweeted that they think the waves will not be as bad as predicted. They are due to hit out there in about an hour and 1/2.

  294. rosehips says:

    I have been disenrolled from my health insurance. grrrrr…

    I just received notice. I am pissed. I have been trying to resolve an issue for weeks and they tell me they will call me back and never do. The feds sent the state money but the state sent it back and now they say I”m disenrolled.

    Yesterday I got a letter from B of A saying my credit card had been compromised. I called and some business with my info got burgled and my cc info was stolen. Now they are cancelling my card and I have to deal with the auto payments that I make with my old card. Just another inconvenience in this modern world we live in. I’ve been amazingly lucky that no fraud has ever targeted me. knock wood.

  295. Foxwood says:

    Tho I’d be impressed with the Foxy tat on the derriere.

  296. ohiobelle says:

    Fox, hahah. I love the Simon and Garfunkel!!

  297. samhenry says:

    Rose I am very upset that you have lost your medical insurance.

  298. Foxwood says:

    There you go! HC reform… It’s needed.

  299. rosehips says:

    good news SH!

  300. rosehips says:

    belle, I was trying to ignore the inference you are making by posting a vid with a song entitled “Let’s get it on” I don’t want to encourage you. This is a public blog and we have VotingFemale’s reputation to protect.


  301. Foxwood says:

    Belle, I just realized it was about winter and all of your snow… I actually played it because I was drinking my vodka and lime… part of the lyrics…

  302. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: I have been disenrolled from my health insurance. grrrrr…

    I know just how you feel. I love my insurance when I lost my job and I am having a very difficult time getting on Mr Belles because of my high blood pressure. It sucks!

  303. samhenry says:

    Personally, I think the CAT is on vacation. I hope she is.

  304. rosehips says:

    foxy, it has nothing to do with reform. It’s a bureaucratic twisted mess.

    I am not even sure if I will be able to resolve it. I hope my son doesn’t get sick or have an accident. I hope I don’t become incontinent. I would hate to have to live with diapers because I can’t afford the surgery required to control my bladder. well, I guess I should count my blessings. I ain’t there yet.

  305. Foxwood says:

    I had to do a double take, SamH… I thought you said medieval insurance.

  306. ohiobelle says:

    love… wtf lol

    I LOST my insurance…

  307. m2 says:

    You guys have it all wrong! The new official “tramp stamp” is the Che-like artwork of Obama “HOPE” that appeared all over cars, and shirts, and facebook profiles, and stickers on binders in 2008. It’s official, I read about it on Breitbarts site.

    Afterall, a tramp stamp is an embarrassing reminder of stupidity that will haunt you forever.


  308. Foxwood says:

    “foxy, it has nothing to do with reform. It’s a bureaucratic twisted mess. ”

    I have to agree, but that is part of the problem with the system. I do believe government needs to be involved. Just not take over.

  309. ohiobelle says:

    I still don’t want ObamaCare. We need reform but not that type of reform. I am standing my ground on this.

  310. rosehips says:

    and thank you belle and SH for your concern. I am healthy and very coordinated and I drive defensively. What possibly could go wrong?

    wtf? is that an earthquake rumbling towards my door? Duck and cover!

  311. ohiobelle says:

    M2 wrote: You guys have it all wrong! The new official “tramp stamp” is the Che-like artwork of Obama “HOPE” that appeared all over cars, and shirts, and facebook profiles, and stickers on binders in 2008. It’s official, I read about it on Breitbarts site.

    Afterall, a tramp stamp is an embarrassing reminder of stupidity that will haunt you forever.


    Hello M2!

  312. Foxwood says:

    I have never had a tat. Will try not to either. Can’t believe my daughter got them… I know I taught them right!

  313. m2 says:

    Rose, sorry to hear about your credit and insurance. Were you saying someone stole your card number but not your identity?


    But we all get care in the U.S. Wouldn’t you get Medicaid if you were in an accident, or do you have to be an illegal to get that.

    Oh “government”.
    What a tangled mess they weave.

  314. Foxwood says:

    I can see a sailor getting one. Maybe even someone getting one that says “Mom”.

    I had a boss that had tats over his nipples. One said sweet the other said sour.

  315. rosehips says:

    hey welcome back m2! how was the par-tee?

    lol @ the stupidity of tramp stamps. I read somewhere that a majority of people regret their tats at some point later on down the road. I would consider carefully before I ever got one. I really have no desire whatsoever but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it. I can be spontaneous sometimes (and I don’t mean that ireporter chick…she was an oddball, but aren’t we all?).

    my son’t first tat was the ghoulish misfits logo, on his torso. I told him he’d live to regret it. I should ask him if he does yet.

  316. samhenry says:

    I don’t know what country we can escape to Rose where we can avoid the bureaucratic twisted mess tsunami.

  317. m2 says:


    My cousin has the tazmanian devil with a baseball bat tattoo on her calf.

    I personally, would never get a tattoo. But I enjoy other peoples! Like the tazmanian devil with a baseball bat! LOL!

  318. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: I have never had a tat. Will try not to either. Can’t believe my daughter got them… I know I taught them right!

    I don’t have any either. My parents always said and still say that they would use sandpaper to remove any tats we got. Mr Belle has 1 that he got in college.

  319. rosehips says:

    m2, I have too many assets to be eligible for medicaid. I’d have to deplete just about everything. All I really want is catastrophic coverage. I don’t want to have to spend my retirement savings and sell my land if something really bad happens.

  320. ohiobelle says:

    Guys unfortunately I have to run. Mr Belle just sent a text that he is coming home early! UGH It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t lie about shoveling the driveway. lol

    I’ll be back later.

  321. m2 says:

    The party was exhausting. I almost am about to take a nap. I like weekend naps.

  322. rosehips says:

    my son just left to go share a six pack with his tatoo artist friend. they are going over designs for his latest tat. It is a homage to a friend of his who commited suicide by oding. I think it will say “Tiger Army Sucks” I don’t know what it means but it means something special to him. We got to pick our battles. You really can’t tell a 21 year old what to do anyway.

  323. rosehips says:

    belle, lol @ your fib. haven’t you learned anything by now. fibbers always get caught eventually.

    It is amazing how much snow you all are getting this winter. It reminds me of our winter last year. This year we’ve gotten less than a foot all together, I think. I can’t recall another winter like this.

  324. m2 says:

    That’s the prob with Obamacare right there rose. It’s going to mandate you get much much more than catastrophic. You sound like a republican when you say you only want catastrophic. LOL. My dad says the more you go to a doctor the more pills you don’t need you take…. My dad says stay away from doctors… Hahaha,

  325. ohiobelle says:

    Rose wrote: You really can’t tell a 21 year old what to do anyway.

    hahaha. ahhh I’m 36 and still listen to my parents. lol It’s more out of respect at this age.

  326. m2 says:

    I mean, the more pills you get to take. Get off the pills is what we should be tryig to do. Although some are necessary.

  327. rosehips says:

    m2, I am very bad about avoiding doctors. I haven’t been to one in over a year, except for the dermatologist I tried to go to last week.

    I am afraid they will find something wrong with me. haha I think I can outsmart them if I just don’t go. What I don’t know, won’t hurt me, right?

  328. rosehips says:

    belle, wait to you get old enough that you start telling your parents what to do. It is really strange when that happens. But if you are lucky enough, it will.

  329. m2 says:

    I got to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzz

    watch your heart out there Belle. Snow shovlin’ us hard on the heart.

    Talk to y’all later…

  330. Foxwood says:

    you guys wouldn’t believe the money I spend on herbals and supplements… Keeps the checkout girl asking me for my ID… 🙂

  331. rosehips says:

    later m2!

    and belle, I mean by lucky that if they get old enough that your roles change you will be lucky.

  332. rosehips says:

    foxy, you are probably wasting more than half of the money you spend on supplements. I don’t do them myself. My son has an arsenal that his dad buys for him. Some of them cost over $20 a bottle. Ridiculous imo.

  333. rosehips says:

    well, I better go attack my to do list. damn, it’s growing everyday. It’s spring cleaning time, on top of everything else.

  334. Foxwood says:

    I can attest that my blood pressure is decreasing for my use of fish oil, and L-Arginine.

  335. Foxwood says:

    Damn, Rosey… That leave me by myself here now…

  336. Foxwood says:

    Ran everybody off again!

  337. Foxwood says:

    BTW Rose…

    I’m glad I didn’t run you off…

    You piss me off, but you sure are fun sometimes!

  338. Foxwood says:

    Here’s another San Fran group…

  339. Foxwood says:

    You got to roll me…

    And I don’t mean get me drunk and take my wallet…

  340. samhenry says:

    Hilo will be the first to feel the tusami. It will hit in about 10 minutes.

  341. Foxwood says:

    Something ancient and pink…

  342. Foxwood says:

    Grab those surf boards, brothers!

  343. Foxwood says:

    Rosey, that was a lame way of saying I’m sorry.


    I apologizes.

  344. samhenry says:

    My brother’s update:

    # Kona harbor virtually empty as boats head out to deep water safety! About a mile off shore they are in 1500 feet+ Sirens are on continuously 5 minutes ago via Twitterrific

  345. Foxwood says:

    So, if you didn’t get anything from the stimulus package, ie your vibrator didn’t come in the mail, I got something for you…

  346. samhenry says:

    Another update

    I am high and dry about 300 feet above sea level and inland! Worried about Hilo on other side! 3 minutes ago via Twitterrific in reply to annemiekeh

  347. samhenry says:

    All roads on all islands near shore closed.

  348. samhenry says:

    Belle – it would not load for me but thanks much.

    Highest waves will hit Hilo on island opposite Kona where my brother is.

  349. samhenry says:

    I think Belle that everyone is trying to access the page in the western world!

  350. Foxwood says:

    Same here… I can’t get on the BJPenn page. Must be swamped at the moment.

    no pun intended…

  351. Foxwood says:

    If your on shore right now…

  352. samhenry says:

    I can’t load comments here.

  353. samhenry says:

    Naturally the one I did not want to load loaded. I had said Ventura, California hit hard.

  354. Foxwood says:

    WordPress does something, SamH, to put your comments into the spam file.

    It’s a wordpress problem… I’ve had it happen alot!

  355. Foxwood says:

    Voting Female’s blog has been brought to you by:

  356. Foxwood says:

    Here’s a K-FOX twin spin!

  357. Foxwood says:

    Did you learn to duck and cover under your desk at school?

    This message was brought to your by:

  358. Foxwood says:

    More pink and ancient…

  359. Foxwood says:

    Alan Parsons was the original producer for Pink Floyd…

  360. Foxwood says:

    This portion of the K-FOX broadcast was brought to you by:

  361. Foxwood says:

    Please don’t take the brown acid!

  362. samiam60 says:


    We make a most excellent Tag Team! 🙂

    It is so fun smackin down the Libs.

  363. Foxwood says:

    I figured they would be more on me today than they were, but Rose is so much happier for it tho…’:)

  364. samiam60 says:

    I think she rather enjoys the spankings from time to time. lol

  365. samhenry says:

    Spankigs – in your dreams men, in your dreams! I like Filet of FOX and Wolf Won Tons.

  366. samhenry says:

    You guys have got to give me the url you are on for all this CNN fun. I am on FaceBook. I just can’t find it. All I saw was an entrance to some kind of blog with a Picture of a mournful creature called Ginger bemoaning all the people giving them a hard time on the blog.

  367. Foxwood says:

    Give me GO GO GIRLS!

  368. Foxwood says:

    Sami, Tammee couldn’t be happy with me!

  369. Foxwood says:

    Don’t try to save me, Sami. Someone has to take the arrows!

  370. Foxwood says:

    Some more go go girls and Sammy Davis too!

  371. asil says:

    Hey everybody, been missing you guys, this is a drive by.

    One of my brothers sent me this. I hope no one thinks it’s sacreligious or that it offends because I love the Lord but I wanted to share.

    PSALM 2009
    Obama is the shepherd I did not want.
    He leadeth me beside the still factories.
    He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
    He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party’s sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
    I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.
    He has anointed my income with taxes,
    My expenses runneth over.
    Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,
    And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.
    I am glad I am American,
    I am glad that I am free.
    But I wish I was a dog ….
    And Obama was a tree.

    Ok, who needs a spanking?

  372. Foxwood says:



  373. samiam60 says:

    Good morning my Fellow Patriots 🙂

    Quite a night last night eh Foxwood?

  374. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning WG! Foxwood! Sammy!

  375. VotingFemale says:

    I was really tied up with stuff yesterday… hate that… such is life

  376. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF 🙂

  377. samiam60 says:

    Jobless Benefits about to expire for Millions of Americans. This will make the Unemployment numbers go down and make Obama look good to the unsuspecting person seeing the report.

    We know better.

  378. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  379. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Sami!

    Good morning VF!

  380. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Foxwood.

  381. VotingFemale says:


    The GOP needs to start hammering the false positive projection of gauging unemployment percentage on unemployment compensation.

    its BS

  382. Foxwood says:

    Your supposed to be at work!

  383. VotingFemale says:

    Sammy? you work 7 days a week?????


  384. samiam60 says:

    Working from noon to 5 today. Finally caught a break. Back at it Monday though.

  385. VotingFemale says:

    can you say what it is that you do?

  386. samiam60 says:


    I am off on Wednesdays only. So it is a 6 day week and so far working out to be about 60 hours.

  387. samiam60 says:

    Not really but I am out in the Weather a lot and with this last snow storm, yuk.

    Ever see the movie: NO Country for Old Men?

    lol, just the title applies.

  388. VotingFemale says:

    mmmm… and yes I saw that movie… yikes!!!

  389. samiam60 says:

    VF, it is a sham the manor in which unemployment is being reported. If the voting public had an accurate figure they would be appalled.

  390. Foxwood says:

    Who is that Chris Wallace guy at CNN? Someone really needs to break something for him.

  391. VotingFemale says:

    Nancy Pelosi has gone and done it…

    what a freeking self-serving Communist a-hole

  392. samiam60 says:


    This Chris guy is just a troll but can be chased off by bitch slapping him a few times. He is easy to frustrate and sometimes I just string him along to the point of him popping a vein and then and only then I finish him off. He leaves the thread after that and looks for someone more vulnerable.

  393. samiam60 says:

    What has Nancy done now?

  394. VotingFemale says:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged her colleagues to back a major overhaul of U.S. health care even if it threatens their political careers, a call to arms that underscores the issue’s massive role in this election year.

  395. Foxwood says:

    Chris seem to be pulling some dirty crap, and that’s one person I wouldn’t mind showing the error of his/her ways to.

  396. samiam60 says:

    I see now, Nancy is up to her old dirty tricks on jobs and the Tea Party. That’s ok, her poll numbers need to drop even more now and they will.

  397. Foxwood says:

    Someone what’s healthcare now, because they believe that even if they are out of power for a decade, it will be for the good of Socialism in the long haul.

  398. VotingFemale says:

    she doesn’t have the votes, she knows it and knows one of the reasons why she doesn’t.

    Obama & Co pretend ObamaCare will not totally foul up the country… and try to paint a false picture… but people are not stupid…

    the gall of these asshats… and it must piss them off to no end they haven’t to pass that piece of crap

  399. samiam60 says:

    Go for it Foxwood. That guy or girl is the most hated over there. Just look at all the threads about him. He has multiple personalities as you can see.

  400. VotingFemale says:

    like all trolls, that troll feeds on attention and it sounds like he has plenty of people giving it to him. he must be in his glory.

  401. samiam60 says:

    We can only hope we see sweeping changes come November and that the Socialists are wiped out of our Government.

  402. samiam60 says:

    Foxwood I use this comment over there to end all debates with the trolls.

    ” I will not respond to ignorant comments, so if you find yourself being ignored you now know why.”

    It works like a charm each and everytime.

  403. Foxwood says:

    I told him I couldn’t have a real discussion if his only news source was Jon Steward.

  404. Foxwood says:

    I’m pretty positive VF, Natzi Palosi doesn’t have the votes… I hope she doesn’t anyway!

  405. rosehips says:

    morning peeps!

    It is gonna be a real wake up to America when a million peeps stop getting their ui checks. Maybe it’s time to bring back the CCC and redevelop our railway system. We could connect every community to its hub by rail. Improve efficiency of the trains and make it cheap to travel that way so people are less inclined to take their cars and trucks. Then increase the gas tax. yep, I know this will get some of your panties tied up in knots. Settle down. You’ll get used to it and I bet you’ll thank me later! 😉

  406. VotingFemale says:

    She is a total menace, Foxwood… a TOTAL Menace…

    She again called the Tea Party astro-turf.

    I take that as a sign of who she is most afraid… voters who will not stand for a Socialist Hijacking of the Country.

    And she is using Lies, and Attacks on us… as though she is totally immune to having any responsibility for it. It is a driver of anger and she feeds on it. likely she is the best thing (motivation wise) that has happened for the anti-socialism movement (Tea Party) after Obama.

    they both put a face on Maoists in America

  407. Foxwood says:

    I already tied all of your panties in a knot in your dresser last night. Gives you that PO attitude all day! I provide this service to you for free!


  408. m2 says:

    Hello VF, Sam, Fox!

    So Pelosi says it took guts to pass social security and Medicare. Why don’t these journalists ever point out the ridiculous lib logic: those programs are responsible for over 100 trillion in liabilities and are about to bust in under a decade?


    Why is there no one in the (dinosaur) media who is even doing their job or intellectually curious?

    It’s totally ridiculous.

    Also, when Pelosi starts attacking tea party and using derogatory language, it means she is vulnerable. Think about the last time she did that! Their entire “plan” was derailed and became what we see today. This insecurity from her screams that she’s doing her 1 and only “play” of trying to bolster votes she doesn’t have by pretending things are the opposite of reality. Again, the Dems in the House know what she’s about, and instead of telling Americans the truth on the Sunday circuit, she’s trying to force public opinion in hopes that it will change her House Dems mind. It’s all very shallow.

    This woman is a straight up bitch and should be in jail soley on her deception and evil will.

  409. Foxwood says:

    Hang on a sec. I got to go start my Escolade and let it warm up for about 3 hours before I head out today…

  410. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Rosey!

    Good morning M2!

  411. rosehips says:

    lol foxy. I though I heard something last night. In fact, is this a piece of your ankle hanging out of Buckley’s mouth? come here, bucky, come to mama. Did that big bad man try to scare you? I see you got a nice chunk outta him. good doggy. here’s a bone Buckley. you deserve it.
    tee hee

  412. rosehips says:

    hey m2! are you mad at me?

  413. m2 says:

    Morning to you too rosehips, I didn’t see your comment and didn’t know you were on.

    Rose, I don’t believe UE benefits extension will not go through. In fact Reid could have kept the senate in session over the weekend if he cared. But it’s better for him to give his base a target to hate, then pass it by Tuesday.

    Bunning was making a point on principle. He’s got nothing to be afraid of, he is not coming back after his term. But he knows they’ll do it by Tuesday.

  414. Foxwood says:

    That was the bait meat. That’s how I got it… I didn’t want to make him sick, just sleepy.

  415. rosehips says:

    and excuse my manners: good morning foxy, VF, sami.

    I’d like to offer up a round of Guatemalan estate grown coffee. It’s on me. The cup and cream however will cost you. Got to make a buck anyway I can. haha

  416. Foxwood says:

    It’s on you? are you going to clean up?

    Just make mine black… I’m a cheep skate. 😉

  417. m2 says:

    Sorry it’s the ipod…. And I know everyone is tired of hearing the word ipod, lol. It takes like two minutes to scroll to the bottom on this comment thread. So while I’m doing that, y’all usually post tins more comments I haven’t seen.

    (regarding: rosehips greeting)

    400 comments lol, tough to view on a mobile.

  418. samiam60 says:

    Michelle Obama has 23 staffers in the White House to assist her.

    Hilary Clinton had 3

    Laura Bush had 1.

  419. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning M2! Rosehips!

    great summation on Pelosi… Pure Evil… and a heart as black as space.

    She is the embodiment of sinister evilness… of the worst kind.

  420. VotingFemale says:

    what? no shipping and handling? lol

    rosehips says

    and excuse my manners: good morning foxy, VF, sami.

    I’d like to offer up a round of Guatemalan estate grown coffee. It’s on me. The cup and cream however will cost you. Got to make a buck anyway I can. haha

  421. m2 says:

    I need to refill my coffee, time for second breakfast (hobbit style)…

  422. rosehips says:

    m2, you’re probably right. They are not going to let a million saps suffer needlessly when they can borrow from China to pay off interest on a debt that will ultimately lead us to bankruptcy and decline as the leader of the free world. Does anyone think this can’t happen? It’s happening right before our eyes and I wish I could say that conservatives have the answers. If I had faith in the solutions conservatives offered, I’d stand in line for days to register for party membership. That will happen when I see a lipstick smattered pig floating past my window. and I don’t count ballons or other inflatables. I want to hear squealing and see ham hocks.

  423. Foxwood says:

    GREAT! More global warming on the way! I want to start my garden!

  424. VotingFemale says:

    The Obamas will go down in history as the most self-indulgent pair to ever live in the White House…

  425. VotingFemale says:

    I really must go do a blogpost for this morning… sometimes it is a treat to do it… sometimes it just needs to get done…


  426. rosehips says:

    ahhh foxy. so that is bait eh? you sly pervert you….

  427. samhenry says:

    Good morning VF, Sami, Fox, RoseHenry and M2. Boy everyone is up early.

    Dame Pelosi is being interviewed or rather is pontificating to Candy Crowley right now on CNN or C-hasbeen.

  428. VotingFemale says:

    Conservatism is not a party…

    it is basic common sense

    rosehips says

    m2, you’re probably right. They are not going to let a million saps suffer needlessly when they can borrow from China to pay off interest on a debt that will ultimately lead us to bankruptcy and decline as the leader of the free world. Does anyone think this can’t happen? It’s happening right before our eyes and I wish I could say that conservatives have the answers. If I had faith in the solutions conservatives offered, I’d stand in line for days to register for party membership. That will happen when I see a lipstick smattered pig floating past my window. and I don’t count ballons or other inflatables. I want to hear squealing and see ham hocks.

  429. Foxwood says:

    “I wish I could say that conservatives have the answers.”

    Why do you say that when it was Regressive Liberalism that put us here?

  430. rosehips says:

    VF, for you I will only charge shipping. the handling is free. But be careful. I just might slip some kool-aid into your cup and it may have a direct effect on your subsequent blogposts. I am anxiously awaiting the day. 😉

  431. samhenry says:

    I was at a good site, Slate, last night:

    A very important civics lesson re-remembered. The Washington Post babbled again today about Obama inheriting a huge deficit from Bush, blah blah blah. Amazingly enough, a lot of people swallow this nonsense. So once more, a short civics lesson. Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party. They controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases. For FY 2009, though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, by continuously passing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets.
    And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he lat

  432. rosehips says:

    good point VF. I will stand in line for days to buy a stamp for my forehead. I have not decided what it should say though….

    VF said: Conservatism is not a party…

    it is basic common sense

  433. Foxwood says:

    Good Morning SamH!

  434. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning M2, Rose, SamH.

  435. rosehips says:

    hey SH!

    foxy, where did they put us?

    my contention is that we’d be in deep sh!t no matter who is in office. What do you think our streets would look like if McCain/Palin had won? I’ll tell you, there’d be a lot more homeless people out there, some with three piece suits. It should be clear by now that I don’t advocate for endless entitlements. But I also think that we can’t abandon our fellow Americans either. Our society has evolved to a point where families are not providing the safety net they once did. Many can’t. I know it’s not the government’s obligation to provide relief, but I think we would endanger people’s lives by cutting them off of gov’t assistance. I’m not sure I could support that.

    foxy said: Why do you say that when it was Regressive Liberalism that put us here?

  436. rosehips says:

    here’s something to look forward to…

    Solar Storms Could Be Earth’s Next Katrina
    February 26, 2010
    A massive solar storm could leave millions of people around the world without electricity, running water, or phone service, government officials say.

    That was their conclusion after participating in a tabletop exercise that looked at what might happen today if the Earth were struck by a solar storm as intense as the huge storms that occurred in 1921 and 1859.

    Solar storms happen when an eruption or explosion on the surface of the sun sends radiation or electrically charged particles toward Earth. Minor storms are common and can light up the Earth’s Northern skies and interfere with radio signals.

    Every few decades, though, the sun experiences a particularly large storm. These can release as much energy as 1 billion hydrogen bombs.

  437. samiam60 says:

    2006 the Democrats take control of the house and push through their agenda. The rest is history and here we are today. Rose, Foxwood is right on.

  438. Foxwood says:

    Who was in Congress, Rosey? Look at the time frame of the decline and who was in Congress.

    Regressive Liberals. All it takes is home work, And I have already put the links on this blog before.

  439. Foxwood says:

    That’s kind of like your argument that free market Capitalism has got us where we are so we need to try something different.

    That is what Marxists are saying.

  440. samiam60 says:

    The video I posted shows CLEARLY the root cause of our current financial Meltdown. Watch it and weep Rose. There is no avoiding this issue!

  441. Foxwood says:

    I think your nose picking discussion has been dropped, Sami. You can’t get on it.

  442. rosehips says:

    You guys need to throw away your old economics books. This recession is not a text book case. I have seen this build for decades. I believe we will experience a depression like none before and you will not recognize our country when we finally pull our heads out of our asses. but that’s just my uninformed opinion so take it will a grain of truth and tear it apart with every weapon you have, because you know in your hearts that you have all the answers and are so determined to educate those of us who wallow in our ignorance. bully, bully.

  443. rosehips says:

    so sami, do you agree about the need for a strong, gov’t regulatory agency to oversee the prudential operations of the GSE’s?

    I’m sure foxy doesn’t. So what would you have done?

  444. Foxwood says:

    “This recession is not a text book case”

    Your right Rose. Obutthole took Bush, measly deficit and spent 5 TIMES more!

    Let’s not forget (which is why I remind you) it all started after the Dems took over Congress.

    You have to continually remind Regressive Liberals.

  445. samhenry says:

    Rose – you bring news of so many disaster I feel like I have been sucker punched this AM!

  446. Foxwood says:

    You’ve never heard of Limited Government, have you Rose. Did you ever read a history book?

    Limited Government does not mean NO GOVERNMENT. Just a history lesson.

  447. samiam60 says:


    Get real, Fanny and Freddie are filled with corruption and the Government is looking the other way. Not so with other banks or Auto makers is it!

  448. Foxwood says:

    Marxists, Socialists and Communists do very much agree with you and your strong government regulation ideas.

  449. samiam60 says:


    The nose picker thread is back up.

  450. samhenry says:

    I truly have to go back to bed. Rose, It’s all your fault with your hard-hitting reporting LOL.

    It is informative but it is also depressing and I’ve got about a foot of depressing all over my yard.

  451. Foxwood says:

    I can’t get on it. Check out the Chris Wallace thread tho.

  452. rosehips says:

    my strong gov’t regulations ideas foxy? You mean like making corporations pay up front to prevent pollution instead of the regressive conservative way of making them pay for clean up later?

  453. samiam60 says:

    Your thoughts about the revealing video I posted Rose????? Are you going to ignore all the warning the Libs were given?

  454. rosehips says:

    so foxy are you saying that agree about the need for a strong, gov’t regulatory agency to oversee the prudential operations of the GSE’s?

  455. samiam60 says:

    Good One Fox,

    You nailed Chris good.

    You are also on the Nose picker thread.

  456. Foxwood says:

    Sound logic for losing more jobs, cost of living raise, and producing more poor people. Yep, that’s how a Marxist, Socialist or Communist think, red Rose.

  457. Foxwood says:

    Green: the new Red!

  458. samiam60 says:


    You are about to enter a no spin zone.

  459. Foxwood says:

    The nose picker blog bumps me off when I comment or go to another page.

  460. Foxwood says:

    “so foxy are you saying that agree about the need for a strong, gov’t regulatory agency”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Read that book Rose.

  461. Foxwood says:

    “I refuse to discuss climate change here anymore. You all know what I think and it does no good whatsoever to repeat myself.”

    We are sliding slowly toward a discussion you don’t want to talk about. CO2 is NOT pollution!

  462. rosehips says:

    foxy, at first your accusations of me being a communist perturbed me. But now it makes me chuckle. Truth is that I’ve been learning more about communism since your tirades began. I am not an advocate but I do have a better understanding and realize that although far from perfect, it would produce a far better society than what we we would live in if you were in charge.
    And because of you I am now thinking of traveling to Nepal, the communist country that I have chosen to seek asylum to when I am expelled from my homeland for my radical beliefs. What a hypocritical day that will be when those who quote so freely from the constitution will stand on the shores of our great country to make sure that those who extoll virtures that have been corrupted into sins are banished from America for good. and good riddance too!

  463. Foxwood says:

    Yet you still spout the spew!

  464. rosehips says:

    correct foxy. CO2 is not pollution unless it is in amounts that upsets the natural balance. This is caused when too much CO2 is produced and too many trees are cut down. I don’t care what it’s called, it’s bad for the earth and ultimately all life will be affected if we don’t control our emissions.

  465. rosehips says:

    yes I spout the spew because it make sense. As Engels pointed out, Marx was a genius. I am in awe of his insights and enlightenment.

  466. Foxwood says:

    You refuse to see facts, Rose. I have no time for an ostrich. Your facts are phony and have been proven phony. So I guess the conversation has ended. I’ll never get my grilling done.

  467. Foxwood says:

    Later Little Red Roseyhood.

    You like Marx, huh?

  468. Foxwood says:

    “ultimately all life will be affected if we don’t control our emissions.”


  469. samiam60 says:

    Rose you are ignoring my request for a comment from you on the Fanny and Freddie video.

    Whats up with that girl?

  470. Foxwood says:

    All of the facts have been laid out Sami. Regressive Liberals have always screwed up the government leading to a screwed up market system.

    She tries to throw it off on the Conservatives, but people like Bush and McCain are nothing but Regressive Lite. You have your Regressive Liberal and Regressive Lite. Not the same a Conservatives, Little Red Roseyhood.

  471. Foxwood says:

    Dr. Rosenfeld says nuts are good for you, Sami.

    I guess we have to keep Rosey…

  472. samiam60 says:

    She has been ignoring me lately.

    It appears Rose has left the building.

  473. Foxwood says:

    She says she’s been reading about Commies. I wonder which revised history book that is? She seems to have the same philosophy, even tho she denies it.

    I also hear the same Marxist talking points.

    Is there something I’m missing, Sami?

  474. Foxwood says:

    You can’t deny what you’ve said…

    Right Berry Obutthole?

  475. rosehips says:

    sami, please see my above comment at 9:42 in response to the frannie/freddie vid:

    “so sami, do you agree about the need for a strong, gov’t regulatory agency to oversee the prudential operations of the GSE’s?

    I’m sure foxy doesn’t. So what would you have done?”

  476. samiam60 says:


    I used all caps cause Belle isn’t here to do it today.

  477. samiam60 says:

    I have to get ready and leave for work. Fox take good care of Rosie in my absence and Oh don’t let the libs at CNN run over the thread with their dribble.

    Have a good one folks.

  478. Foxwood says:

    Our country was founded on LIMITED GOVERNMENT!

    None of the heavily regulated marxist/socialist/commie government crap.

  479. Foxwood says:

    Yes, Sami, it is futile to argue with the looney left.

  480. Foxwood says:

    Oops! Wrong blog!

  481. Foxwood says:

    I wonder if all of that extra CO2 is causing all of this snow?


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