Socialist Global Warming Hoaxsters – the Village of the Damned

Seems the Obama White House and the Lame Stream Media are choosing to remain silent and forge ahead with their Global Warming Scam in spite of the UN’s IPCC expanding collapse of the Socialist inspired Man-Made Global Warming Hoax on the wealthy governments of the world.

Hey Professor Obama? Remember that Copenhagen Treaty you wanted to saddle American Taxpayers with for untold billions in restitution for Man-Made Global Warming? Well…  meet Professor Philip Jones, head of the United Nation’s IPCC who has recently considered suicide:

According the below interview in the United Kingdom Professor Philip Jones admits there is no data which can be cited from which the infamous ‘Hockey Stick Graph’ was derived.

Enlarge Chart

Professor Philip Jones further admitted (in addition to there being no evidential data that Global Warming occurred from 1995 to present) that new research suggests existing evidential data does not  support claims of any man made global warming, ever. And, furthermore that it was hotter in 1000 BC than it is now.

Lets take a look at that article from The Daily Mail in the UK, shall we?

Mail Online

Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995

By Jonathan Petre
Last updated at 5:12 PM on 14th February 2010

  • Data for vital ‘hockey stick graph’ has gone missing
  • There has been no global warming since 1995
  • Warming periods have happened before – but NOT due to man-made changes

Colleagues say that the reason Professor Phil Jones has refused Freedom of Information requests is that he may have actually lost the relevant papers.

Professor Jones told the BBC yesterday there was truth in the observations of colleagues that he lacked organisational skills, that his office was swamped with piles of paper and that his record keeping is ‘not as good as it should be’.

The data is crucial to the famous ‘hockey stick graph’ used by climate change advocates to support the theory.

Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now – suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon.

And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming.

The admissions will be seized on by sceptics as fresh evidence that there are serious flaws at the heart of the science of climate change and the orthodoxy that recent rises in temperature are largely man-made.

Professor Jones has been in the spotlight since he stepped down as director of the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit after the leaking of emails that sceptics claim show scientists were manipulating data.

The raw data, collected from hundreds of weather stations around the world and analysed by his unit, has been used for years to bolster efforts by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to press governments to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

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  1. samiam60 says:–.html

    “It has been tough to keep up with all the bad news for global warming alarmists. We’re on the edge of our chair, waiting for the next shoe to drop. This has been an Imelda Marcos kind of season for shoe-dropping about global warming.

    At your next dinner party, here are some of the latest talking points to bring up when someone reminds you that Al Gore and the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won Nobel prizes for their work on global warming.

    ClimateGate – This scandal began the latest round of revelations when thousands of leaked documents from Britain’s East Anglia Climate Research Unit showed systematic suppression and discrediting of climate skeptics’ views and discarding of temperature data, suggesting a bias for making the case for warming. Why do such a thing if, as global warming defenders contend, the “science is settled?”

    FOIGate – The British government has since determined someone at East Anglia committed a crime by refusing to release global warming documents sought in 95 Freedom of Information Act requests. The CRU is one of three international agencies compiling global temperature data. If their stuff’s so solid, why the secrecy?

    ChinaGate – An investigation by the U.K.’s left-leaning Guardian newspaper found evidence that Chinese weather station measurements not only were seriously flawed, but couldn’t be located. “Where exactly are 42 weather monitoring stations in remote parts of rural China?” the paper asked. The paper’s investigation also couldn’t find corroboration of what Chinese scientists turned over to American scientists, leaving unanswered, “how much of the warming seen in recent decades is due to the local effects of spreading cities, rather than global warming?” The Guardian contends that researchers covered up the missing data for years.

    HimalayaGate – An Indian climate official admitted in January that, as lead author of the IPCC’s Asian report, he intentionally exaggerated when claiming Himalayan glaciers would melt away by 2035 in order to prod governments into action. This fraudulent claim was not based on scientific research or peer-reviewed. Instead it was originally advanced by a researcher, since hired by a global warming research organization, who later admitted it was “speculation” lifted from a popular magazine. This political, not scientific, motivation at least got some researcher funded.

    PachauriGate – Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chairman who accepted with Al Gore the Nobel Prize for scaring people witless, at first defended the Himalaya melting scenario. Critics, he said, practiced “voodoo science.” After the melting-scam perpetrator ‘fessed up, Pachauri admitted to making a mistake. But, he insisted, we still should trust him.

    PachauriGate II – Pachauri also claimed he didn’t know before the 192-nation climate summit meeting in Copenhagen in December that the bogus Himalayan glacier claim was sheer speculation. But the London Times reported that a prominent science journalist said he had pointed out those errors in several e-mails and discussions to Pachauri, who “decided to overlook it.” Stonewalling? Cover up? Pachauri says he was “preoccupied.” Well, no sense spoiling the Copenhagen party, where countries like Pachauri’s India hoped to wrench billions from countries like the United States to combat global warming’s melting glaciers. Now there are calls for Pachauri’s resignation.

    SternGate – One excuse for imposing worldwide climate crackdown has been the U.K.’s 2006 Stern Report, an economic doomsday prediction commissioned by the government. Now the U.K. Telegraph reports that quietly after publication “some of these predictions had been watered down because the scientific evidence on which they were based could not be verified.” Among original claims now deleted were that northwest Australia has had stronger typhoons in recent decades, and that southern Australia lost rainfall because of rising ocean temperatures. Exaggerated claims get headlines. Later, news reporters disclose the truth. Why is that?

    SternGate II – A researcher now claims the Stern Report misquoted his work to suggest a firm link between global warming and more-frequent and severe floods and hurricanes. Robert Muir-Wood said his original research showed no such link. He accused Stern of “going far beyond what was an acceptable extrapolation of the evidence.” We’re shocked.

    AmazonGate – The London Times exposed another shocker: the IPCC claim that global warming will wipe out rain forests was fraudulent, yet advanced as “peer-reveiwed” science. The Times said the assertion actually “was based on an unsubstantiated claim by green campaigners who had little scientific expertise,” “authored by two green activists” and lifted from a report from the World Wildlife Fund, an environmental pressure group. The “research” was based on a popular science magazine report that didn’t bother to assess rainfall. Instead, it looked at the impact of logging and burning. The original report suggested “up to 40 percent” of Brazilian rain forest was extremely sensitive to small reductions in the amount of rainfall, but the IPCC expanded that to cover the entire Amazon, the Times reported.

    PeerReviewGate – The U.K. Sunday Telegraph has documented at least 16 nonpeer-reviewed reports (so far) from the advocacy group World Wildlife Fund that were used in the IPCC’s climate change bible, which calls for capping manmade greenhouse gases.

    RussiaGate – Even when global warming alarmists base claims on scientific measurements, they’ve often had their finger on the scale. Russian think tank investigators evaluated thousands of documents and e-mails leaked from the East Anglia research center and concluded readings from the coldest regions of their nation had been omitted, driving average temperatures up about half a degree.

    Russia-Gate II – Speaking of Russia, a presentation last October to the Geological Society of America showed how tree-ring data from Russia indicated cooling after 1961, but was deceptively truncated and only artfully discussed in IPCC publications. Well, at least the tree-ring data made it into the IPCC report, albeit disguised and misrepresented.

    U.S.Gate – If Brits can’t be trusted, are Yanks more reliable? The U.S. National Climate Data Center has been manipulating weather data too, say computer expert E. Michael Smith and meteorologist Joesph D’Aleo. Forty years ago there were 6,000 surface-temperature measuring stations, but only 1,500 by 1990, which coincides with what global warming alarmists say was a record temperature increase. Most of the deleted stations were in colder regions, just as in the Russian case, resulting in misleading higher average temperatures.

    IceGate – Hardly a continent has escaped global warming skewing. The IPCC based its findings of reductions in mountain ice in the Andes, Alps and in Africa on a feature story of climbers’ anecdotes in a popular mountaineering magazine, and a dissertation by a Switzerland university student, quoting mountain guides. Peer-reviewed? Hype? Worse?

    ResearchGate – The global warming camp is reeling so much lately it must have seemed like a major victory when a Penn State University inquiry into climate scientist Michael Mann found no misconduct regarding three accusations of climate research impropriety. But the university did find “further investigation is warranted” to determine whether Mann engaged in actions that “seriously deviated from accepted practices for proposing, conducting or reporting research or other scholarly activities.” Being investigated for only one fraud is a global warming victory these days.

    ReefGate – Let’s not forget the alleged link between climate change and coral reef degradation. The IPCC cited not peer-reviewed literature, but advocacy articles by Greenpeace, the publicity-hungry advocacy group, as its sole source for this claim.

    AfricaGate – The IPCC claim that rising temperatures could cut in half agricultural yields in African countries turns out to have come from a 2003 paper published by a Canadian environmental think tank – not a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

    DutchGate – The IPCC also claimed rising sea levels endanger the 55 percent of the Netherlands it says is below sea level. The portion of the Netherlands below sea level actually is 20 percent. The Dutch environment minister said she will no longer tolerate climate researchers’ errors.

    AlaskaGate – Geologists for Space Studies in Geophysics and Oceanography and their U.S. and Canadian colleagues say previous studies largely overestimated by 40 percent Alaskan glacier loss for 40 years. This flawed data are fed into those computers to predict future warming.

    Fold this column up and lay it next to your napkin the next time you have Al Gore or his ilk to dine. It should make interesting after-dinner conversation.”

    With all of the above scandals, some which have been perpetuated for decades, one must automatically question this “science.” When science is objective, it works. When it is politically or ideologically driven, however, it ceases to be science. Then it becomes an agenda. A fraudulent one, at best.

  2. Foxwood says:


    Oh, too bad!

  3. Foxwood says:

    Somebody has to break it to Rosey gently, Sami.

    Can’t be me, I’m the bull in the China shop.

  4. Foxwood says:

    The pingback didn’t work… so

    Do you want to see evidence of Obutthole, the dumbshit President?

  5. Foxwood says:

    Climate Crappers! It’s over! There is NO man made global warming. In fact, it’s cooling. CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It was all a LIE to push an agenda and make elites wealthy.

    And you hate the rich. hee hee hee…

  6. Foxwood says:


    Worse Than We Thought February 12, 2010 : 7:08 PM

    More evidence of the climate crisis is unfolding before our eyes. The situation in the Arctic is worse than data from satellite pictures have told us:

    “For scientists studying the health of Arctic sea ice, satellite observations are absolutely essential for providing the big picture. It was satellites that revealed in September 2007 a record minimum ice coverage in the region — the result of a massive summer melt. And it was satellites that showed in 2008 and 2009 the modest recovery of late-summer Arctic ice that suggested to some that the specter of a totally ice-free polar ocean might be somewhat less imminent than feared.”

    “But those high-altitude observations need occasional reality checks from scientists down on the surface. It was during one such on-the-ground research expedition last fall that David Barber, an Arctic climatologist at the University of Manitoba, got an unwelcome surprise.”

    “Barber was aboard the Canadian research icebreaker Amundsen, checking on ice in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska and Western Canada. The ship was well inside a region the satellites said should be choked with thick, multiyear-old ice. “That’s pretty much a no-go zone for an icebreaker of the Amundsen’s size,” says Barber. But the ship kept going, at a brisk 13 knots — its top speed in open water is 13.7 knots — and even when it finally reached thick ice, he says, “we could still penetrate it easily.””

    “In short, as Barber and his colleagues explain in a recent paper in Geophysical Review Letters, the analysis of what the satellites were seeing was wrong. Some of what satellites identified as thick, melt-resistant multiyear ice turned out to be, in Barber’s words, “full of holes, like Swiss cheese. We haven’t seen this sort of thing before.””

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That lefty loser is so F-ing funny!

    He didn’t read the admissions of lies or he thinks your too stupid to understand the truth.

    Whacha gonna do with all of that LIE money, funny boy?

  7. ohiobelle says:

    I swear it looks like a snow globe outside! We are getting another FOOT of snow today. UGH!!!

  8. ohiobelle says:

    There is finally a break in the snow. I’ll be shoveling for the next hour or so.


  9. samhenry says:

    I just heard the forecast for the Ohio Valley, Belle, and immediately thought of you. Sledding with the kids gets tiring by mid-February does it not? I’m all for bringing on March winds about now to snow blow it out of here.

    We have missed a lot of the snow along Lake Ontario this winter but that also means the water tables will be low. However, it has been one of the coldest winters in recent years.

    Hang in there, Belle. Hope the snow doesn’t being the communications to a halt. Keep us updated.

  10. samhenry says:

    Such good research, illustrations, etc. VF. Great post.


  11. ohiobelle says:

    Hello SamH!

    Sam wrote: I just heard the forecast for the Ohio Valley, Belle, and immediately thought of you. Sledding with the kids gets tiring by mid-February does it not? I’m all for bringing on March winds about now to snow blow it out of here.

    Sledding with the kids is fun the first snow fall. lol It just looks like somebody is shaking a big snow globe. I’ve not seem this much snow in years! I’ve never been so sick and tired of shoveling. I have to get it started to get it done… sigh

    I’ll be back soon.

  12. Foxwood says:


    Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown took a swipe at Vice President Joe Biden today — saying that President Obama’s No. 2 was “off base” when he said the Republican get his facts straight when it comes to military tribunals and whether he is aware that terrorists have the right to a lawyer.

    “It was insulting,” Brown, a critic of Obama during his recent Senate campaign, told

    The comments came a day after Biden blasted Brown during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” when he said he didn’t “know whether the new senator from Massachusetts understands: When you get tried in a military tribunal, you get a lawyer, too.”

    “He’s trying to give me a lesson on military law, and I didn’t think it was appropriate,” said Brown. “And I thought he was off base when it comes to explaining to the American people that somehow I need a lesson on whether people get attorneys — of course they get attorneys. There’s a difference as to what type of attorney they’re going to get and when they’re going to get that attorney, and how are they treated, and what rights do they in fact get.”

    The newly elected lawmaker, who served in the Massachusetts Army National Guard for 30 years, added, “I know the military rules and regulations and procedures from A to Z.”

    Biden’s comments are part of the Obama administration’s push to defend its controversial, and unpopular, plan to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four cohorts in Manhattan federal court — just a few blocks from Ground Zero — instead of a miliary tribunal.

    By a nearly 2-to-1 ratio, American voters reject Obama’s plan to try the plotters in civilian courts, according to a national Quinnipiac poll released last week.

    Others who oppose the move include Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.).

    “I’ve always felt that suspected terrorists should be tried in military tribunals and not civilian court, and as a matter of fact so do the majority of Americans,” said Brown. “The big difference is are we going to pay $1,000 an hour for a private attorney and treat him as a civilian or ordinary criminal in a criminal court, or are we going give him a military attorney who’s going to be paid as a captain, major or lieutenant colonel, and obviously go through the military tribunal process?”

    Last Sunday, Obama said he was considering moving the terror trials out of New York.

    “I have not ruled it out, but I think it is important for us to take into account the practical, logistical issues involved,” Obama said. “If you have got a city that is saying no, and a police department that is saying no, and a mayor that is saying no, that makes it difficult.”

    Obama’s taped remarks to CBS’s Katie Couric during the Super Bowl pre-game show came a week after White House spokesman Robert Gibbs vowed to see the 9/11 plotters “brought to justice in the place in which the crime was committed.”

  13. Foxwood says:

    Bye bye Bayh. Looks like the rats are jumping ship.

  14. samiam60 says:

    ( – President Obama’s newly appointed envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference was quoted in 2004 as saying an American who aided a Palestinian terrorist group was the victim of “politically motivated persecutions” who was being used “to squash dissent.”

    Rashad Hussain was quoted as telling a Muslim students’ event in Chicago that if U.S. Muslims did not speak out against the injustices taking place in America, then everyone’s rights would be in jeopardy.

    The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) cited Hussain as making the remarks in connection with Sami al-Arian, a university professor and activist sentenced in 2006 to more than four years in prison (including time already spent in custody) after he had pleaded guilty to conspiring to aid the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

    The U.S. government designated the PIJ as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997, and in 2003, then Attorney-General John Ashcroft described it as “one of the most violent terrorist organizations in the world.”

    Palestinian Islamic Jihad has killed more than 100 Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks. Its victims include American citizens Alisa Flatow, a 20-year-old New Jersey college student killed in a 1995 suicide bombing in Gaza, and 16-year-old Shoshana Ben-Ishai, shot dead in a bus in Jerusalem in 2001.

    In sentencing al-Arian, Judge James Moody of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida described him as a “leader of the PIJ” and a “master manipulator.”

    Al-Arian remains under home detention in Virginia pending contempt of court charges relating to his refusal to testify in an unrelated case involving an Islamic think tank. Sympathizers view him as a victim of post-9/11 law enforcement zeal and anti-Muslim prejudice. (The WRMEA article described him as “an innocent man targeted for free-speech activities, whose rights were stripped thanks in part to the PATRIOT Act.”)

    Among those sympathizers, evidently, was Rashad Hussain, who at the time of the cited remarks was a Yale Law School student and an editor, from 2003-2005, of the Yale Law Journal. He went on to serve as a Department of Justice trial attorney and in January 2009 was appointed White House deputy associate counsel.

    On Saturday, Obama named the Texas-born, 31-year-old Indian-American as his envoy to the OIC, the 57-member bloc of Islamic states. The appointment is in line with the president’s goal, expressed in his speech in Cairo last June, to reach out to the Islamic world.

    Obama made the announcement in a video address at a U.S.-Islamic World Forum meeting in Qatar, which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Hussain attended over the weekend.

    “Rashad has played a key role in developing the partnerships I called for in Cairo,” Obama told the gathering in the video message. “And as a hafiz of the Koran, he is a respected member of the American Muslim community, and I thank him for carrying forward this important work.” (A hafiz is someone who has memorized the Islamic text.)

    Article edited

    Around three years after the WRMEA article quoting Hussain first appeared, it was edited to remove all references to him.

    A copy of the original 2004 article, retrieved via the Nexis news database, includes the following sentences:

    Al-Arian’s situation is one of many “politically motivated persecutions,” claimed Rashad Hussain, a Yale law student. Such persecution, he stated, must be fought through hope, faith, and the Muslim vote (…) Along with many others, said Yale’s Hussain, Dr. Sami Al-Arian has been “used politically to squash dissent.” The Muslim community must speak out against the injustices taking place in America, he emphasized. Otherwise, everyone’s rights will be in jeopardy.

    But in the version of the same story currently available on the WRMEA Web site those sentences – and only those sentences – have disappeared. An Internet archive search indicates that the edits were made sometime after October 2007.

    Contacted by email on Sunday, the writer of the original article expressed surprise but said she no longer worked at WRMEA and could not explain the edit. Queries sent to WRMEA editors brought no response. They were asked whether either Hussain, or anyone else, had asked for the archived story to be altered (see the revised pages).

    How to combat terrorism

    Some of Hussain’s views on how the U.S. should deal with terrorism and extremism can be found in his writings.

    A lengthy 2007 article in the Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights examined anti-terrorism initiatives in the U.S. in the post-9/11 era, such as a requirement that nonimmigrant visitors from specified countries register for fingerprinting and questioning. Of 25 countries identified, all but North Korea were Islamic, and 17 were Arab.

    “Some policies appear to be based on the notion that certain characteristics make one more likely to be a terrorist: e.g., membership in a particular religious group, having a particular national origin, and membership in a particular racial group,” Hussain wrote.

    Not only was selective enforcement unconstitutional, but it might also be
    “counter-productive from a national security perspective,” he argued, noting for instance that aliens from non-Muslim nations where al-Qaeda had an active presence, such as Britain and Spain, were not targeted.

    Hussain concluded: “Federal law should adopt a standard that protects national security while forbidding the targeting of non-citizens solely on the basis of their racial, religious, or ethnic backgrounds.”

    In another article, published by the Brookings Institution in 2008, Hussain and co-author Al-Husein N. Madhany explored the role of Islam in U.S. counterterrorism policy.

    They said policymakers should understand that people attracted to terrorist ideology would be less persuaded by calls to Western-style freedom and democracy than by “calls to Islam.”

    “[B]ecause the vast majority of Muslims view Islam as fundamentally opposed to terror and many Muslims associate American freedom and democracy with immorality and impermissible secularism, does it make sense to advertise our efforts as anti-‘Islamic terrorism,’ ‘pro-freedom,’ and ‘pro-democracy?’” Hussain and Madhany asked. “Or, might it be more effective, to focus on the notion that terrorism is antithetical to the teachings of Islam?”

    Hussain will be the second U.S. envoy to the OIC; President Bush first appointed one in 2008, naming Pakistan-born Texas businessman Sada Cumber to the post.

    Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, the 40-year-old OIC has become increasingly visible in recent years, thanks to its activism at the U.N., where it continues to promote a campaign against the “defamation” of Islam.

    The Islamic bloc says there is a need to combat “Islamophobia” that has reared its head since 9/11; critics of the campaign include free speech groups and religious freedom advocates, who call it an attempt to shield Islam and Islamic practices from legitimate scrutiny.

  15. ohiobelle says:

    I would like to see Al Gore shovel my driveway. Maybe that would shut him up for a while.

  16. ohiobelle says:

    Do you guys ever reply to negative post on your blogs? Do you even bother to approve the comment?

  17. Foxwood says:

    I allow the post but put their email in the spam filter, so they can’t come back without my approval. I point out the flaws and fallacy in their thinking or rather non-thinking.

  18. Foxwood says:

    Just me, but I even allow the foul mouths, because of the nature of my blog. But most of the idiots I get on my blog have had brain atrophy from public schooling and college.

  19. Foxwood says:

    Now that Climate Crap is no longer an issue, we need to drill the sh!t out of our natural recourses to help get us out of debt and stop the funding of terrorists.

  20. Foxwood says:

    We don’t have to worry about spending the extra money it takes to use clean coal. Since Climate Crap is a myth, we can just use it dirty and save even more money!

  21. ohiobelle says:

    fOXWOOD WROTE: I allow the post but put their email in the spam filter, so they can’t come back without my approval. I point out the flaws and fallacy in their thinking or rather non-thinking.

    Fox, that is what I was worried about. I don’t mind a comment here and there but I want to be able to monitor what is said.

    I’m off to shovel for the 3rd time today. They’ve already closed our school district for tomorrow. Maybe now I might get some help shoveling.. lol

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  23. ohiobelle says:

    My god we have another snow storm headed our way!! I honestly don’t know if my roof can handle all the pressure of this global warming. Al Gore better be hiding.

  24. Foxwood says:

    Hmmm… I got alot of hits to my blogpost, but the Commie libs don’t want to comment.

    Maybe I’m not p!ssing them off enough…

  25. Foxwood says:


    I’ve posted an article they cannot refute without looking like the idiots they are.

  26. Foxwood says:

    Do you have access to your attic, Belle?

    If so, maybe you can put a safe heater up there to warm up the attic possibly melting the snow on the roof.

  27. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: I’ve posted an article they cannot refute without looking like the idiots they are.

    I am going to say that is the reason! lol

    I’ve been getting some of the funniest emails ever. One I just opened is of Al Gore swimming naked in 3 feet of snow. haha

  28. Foxwood says:

    Another possiblity is to take one of your air vents and have it blow in the attic. It will raise your heating bill, but would be safer than a heater.

    I’m not an expert, so I don’t know of any consequences or if it will even work.

  29. ohiobelle says:

    Sorry he is snorkeling naked in 3 feet of snow. I saw why bother with a breathing tube.

  30. ohiobelle says:

    I’ve got to rescue one of my dogs. She appears to be stuck in the middle of the yard. I’ll be back in a few.

  31. ohiobelle says:

    My dog is now on a diet! In the the snow drifts go up to my waste in some parts of my backyard. I am so close to packing up and heading south.

  32. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: Do you have access to your attic, Belle?

    If so, maybe you can put a safe heater up there to warm up the attic possibly melting the snow on the roof.

    Are you serious?? Why doesn’t that sound safe to me??? lol

  33. Foxwood says:

    The second idea would be better, but if it melts the snow off of the roof, it just might save it.

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  36. m2 says:

    Whoah check this out!

    CNN, Huffington Post Urge Violence Against Republicans

  37. m2 says:

    Don’t forget the last time they [Obama] said “Get In Their Faces!”
    —a senior citizen got his finger bit off by HCAN guy,

    —Kenneth Gladley got beat up by SEIU,

    —and one of Martha Coakley’s henchmen physically assaulted a reporter.

    These mush brained liberal zombies head any type of “message” as literal reality.

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  39. arlenearmy says:

    speaking of global warming, seems like every time i get ready to go somewhere, it snows.

  40. arlenearmy says:

    I went to an Obama rally in Houston when he was on campaign trail (shortly prior to caucus). And I heard the remark – “get in their faces”.

    My brother was at a caucus in Dallas. He told me that one of Hillary supporters got physically jumped on. He said it was riot – like behavior in the building.

  41. arlenearmy says:

    About CNN / Huffington Post urge to violence, I did some tweeting on it last nite. Apparently, Huffpost didn’t like what I tweeted.

    Following is what was sent to me:

    Yes, Huffpost author of that Huffpost article initiated a confrontation w/me. I was not gonna back down. If they dont like what I tweeted, then they need to retract the article & remove that base ball bat weapon.

  42. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Arlene. I am seeing where Romney was attacked yesterday leaving the Olympics and you getting it from Huffpost. I tell you the libs are at wits end and now lashing out with violence. Their hatred is becoming more and more blatant.
    Check out the video I posted last night.

    Good Morning my Fellow Patriots. I think we are in for a fight.

  43. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Sammy!

    WTG, Arlene! He says disregard the Title? That’s rich!

    I lowered the boom on the blog ‘Western Experience’ and removed them from my conservative blog link list for a blog title of theirs… in which he called Palin an idiot…

    his response was disregard the title… I let him have it in no uncertain terms and that I will not associate myself with conservative attack dogs on Sarah. They can BITE ME

  44. samiam60 says:

    Anyone who knows anything can clearly see that the White House has become:

  45. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VF. I see you are up and at em early this morning.

  46. samiam60 says:

    Next Monday Feb. 22nd I have my follow up visit from my Emergency Room visit of 10/4/2008.

    Don’t ya just love Government Run Health Care at the Veterans Hospital?

  47. VotingFemale says:

    Obama and his Progressive-Socialist rat bastards are going insane… their propaganda now works against them and it is exploding their little heads…

    America woke up… and we are not going to buy Progressive-Socialist propaganda… instead we gather forces to throw the asshats out of Washington en masse… like the scurvy rat bastards they are.

  48. VotingFemale says:

    it totally disgusts me, Sammy! GRRRRRRR

    samiam60 says

    Next Monday Feb. 22nd I have my follow up visit from my Emergency Room visit of 10/4/2008.

    Don’t ya just love Government Run Health Care at the Veterans Hospital?

  49. samiam60 says:

    When they draw blood for testing they will find that I am 80 Proof Garlic as I have had to self medicate myself due to their refusal to prescribe antibiotics. I smell like a clove and may chew a clove during my visit at the Veterans Hospital.

  50. VotingFemale says:

    keep me posted on what happens in your follow-up, dear. Keep a diary of it all.

  51. VotingFemale says:

    I need to go do the ground work for some blogposts… the topics have once again become fertile… BLOG ON! lol

  52. samiam60 says:

    Let er rip VF and show no mercy.

  53. VotingFemale says:

    NO MERCY sammy…

    I am going after Huffington Post and CNN for advocating Socialist-Inspired violence against American Citizens.

    Pick on my conservative sister, ArleneArmy?

    I will BLOG-MAUL the RAT BASTARDS!!!!

    I am almost finished… and it is going to raise the roof.

  54. ohiobelle says:

    I am sitting here with a bottle of ibuprofen 800 and a shovel. I can’t believe I actually have to go out and shovel a path for the dogs… haha There is no end in sight to all this global warming!

  55. ohiobelle says:

    I might trade the dogs in for cats. I wouldn’t have to shovel a path for cats!!!

  56. Foxwood says:


    Sieg Heil und Guten Morgan fellow unAmerican Nazis!
    It’s time to unfurl the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon!

  57. Foxwood says:

    Had to work again last night. I so love on call.

  58. ohiobelle says:

    Fox wrote: Had to work again last night. I so love on call.

    I am so jealous of you!! I would love to have a job!!!!!

  59. ohiobelle says:

    I am creating a job as we speak! I am posting a wanted ad for somebody to shovel my driveway. I am creating one job at a time… Obama should take notes. lol

  60. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Belle! Foxwood!

    Enjoy your Global Warming, Belle!

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  67. “I love global warming scientists.
    They taste like chicken.”

    Hannibal Lecter

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  75. dancingczars says:

    In spite of overwhelming evidence that there never was any evidence to this global sham the EPA and the Congress would like to pass this agenda. It will never happen. The fact that the left is made up of such lemmings leads me to believe that reading and reading comprehension must be compulsory for all member who choose to be our masters. Jim

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