Sarah Palin joins contributors Karl Rove, and Newt Gingrich as contributor at FOXNews; confirmed

Now we know the next weapon Sarah Palin Reloaded as she goes on air as a contributor at FOXNews in 2010.

Ohhhh… what a year of liberal whining this will be what with the mid-term elections and all.

And, bashing Palin not only will not save them, it digs their political grave deeper and deeper!


Looks like the Liberals will now have to watch FOX in spite of themselves!

After all…No one can get enough of Sarah!
Right Barack? hahahahaha

I wonder if Sarah will bring her Bearskin??

By Howard Kurtz
Sarah Palin, who regularly rips the media, is becoming a television pundit at a place where she’s likely to feel at home.

A Fox News executive says the network will shortly announce that the former vice-presidential nominee is signing on as a contributor.

Palin, who resigned as governor of Alaska last summer, will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows. She will also host an occasional program that will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans.

Palin will join Mike Huckabee as a Fox contributor who was also involved in the 2008 campaign. The exposure can only help Palin if she decides to pursue a 2012 presidential bid.

At the moment, Palin makes pronouncements mainly through her Facebook page. The Fox connection would give her a platform on the nation’s top-rated cable news channel.

Palin is extremely popular with her conservative base, which has fueled the sales of her best-selling memoir. But she is a divisive political figure who not only draws the ire of liberals but some Republicans, including staffers who deal with her during her run as John McCain’s running mate. Steve Schmidt, a top McCain strategist, said on “60 Minutes” last night that “there were numerous instances that she said things that were — that were not accurate that ultimately, the campaign had to deal with.”

Hiring Palin could further boost the popularity of Rupert Murdoch’s network among conservative viewers. The network already employs former Bush White House aide Karl Rove and former House speaker Newt Gingrich as highly visible commentators.


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10 Responses to Sarah Palin joins contributors Karl Rove, and Newt Gingrich as contributor at FOXNews; confirmed

  1. samiam60 says:

    Sarah Palin just knows how to make a plan and follow that plan.

    I never saw this one coming but am so glad it is.

  2. VotingFemale says:

    She is really good at keeping the Pajama Libtard Bloglodytes and the Lame Stream Media guessing for sure Sammy!


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  4. samhenry says:

    Excellent posts today, CAT. You are running strong. Until a moment ago I was in a dry period. I was listening to CNN and really getting my blood pressure up. After a long, hard day of work around here I had just laid down for a rest and then Paul Begala hit. He is a worm. I just cannot tell you how upset he has made me.

  5. samhenry says:

    CNN pundits like Begala are convinced that her new assignment means that she will not be running in 2012. Don’t count on it, boys. This is just the most excellent opportunity she has to sharpen her wits and join the debate on foreign and domestic issues.

  6. samhenry says:

    I’m going out for dinner and the movie “It’s Complicated.” Hope it’s not about politics.

    French Filmmaker Rohmer died today. Just this AM discovered that Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast 1946 is now on YouTube. It is wonderful.

  7. samhenry says:

    Hope I see you later, CAT

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  9. boudicabpi says:

    Let her get her feet wet and wish Laura Ingraham would replace O’Reilly.
    Bob A.

  10. AFVET says:


    I’m with you on Laura Ingraham replacing O’Reilly.

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