Strip Searching is Offensive to Muslim Suicide Bombers Boarding Airplanes

Strip Searching is Offensive
to Muslim Suicide Bombers
Boarding Airplanes.

What the hell good is a Watch List if people on a watch list are  not automatically flagged and subjected to being Stripped Searched?

Question: Where the hell is the Obama TSA Strip Search List?

Answer: There is None

The Watch List would be the Strip Search List but ohhh nooosss, Obama/Napolitano would not dream of doing that because it would offend the people on the Watch List if they were stripped searched.

Right Janet? Right, Barack?

The TSA No Fly List is available to Al Qaeda.

We have to assume the TSA ‘Watch List’ has been compromised and is in the hands of Al Qaeda.

With that knowledge, who is Al Qaeda going to send board a plane with a bomb? A Muslim who would be offended by being stripped searched.

Al Qaeda-1, American Public-0



To Obama, it is…


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11 Responses to Strip Searching is Offensive to Muslim Suicide Bombers Boarding Airplanes

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  2. roxannadanna says:

    Maybe if they knew they were in for a strip search, they’d be less likely to try and board a plane… and then go after our crowded airports or malls instead.

    But I don’t care who or how I offend. You’d think we learned a lesson at Ft.Hood.

    They will always have another angle, won’t they?

  3. Foxwood says:

    “If we don’t fight them on their soil, we will surely fight them on our soil.” — Famous Foxwood Quote

  4. samiam60 says:

    The CIA is concerned that the Terrorist Organizations around the world are developing new tools of Terrorism after the failed airline attack of last week.
    Word has it that the Terrorists are developing a
    ” Crotch Caddy ” able to hold several explosive devises at one time including the dreaded
    ” Tampon Bomb “.

    The Tampon Bomb will have a fuse instead of the standard string attached and will be long enough to hang down a pant leg and be lit just above the shoe.

    In response to this new threat President Obama has order that all flights coming into the United States must now be No Smoking flights.

  5. samiam60 says:

    The first ever human cattle-litic converters are being installed on humans this week. Liberals are flocking to research centers as I type to be fitted with these new Save The Earth devices.

    In the spirit of the ” Smart Car ” these new anal devise’s will be called ” The Smart Ass “

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  7. Foxwood says:

    “Leave it to Bin Ladin” is brought to your by our sponsor:

    ***Commercial Break***

    As seen on Al Jazeera TV, The CROTCH CADDY! Are your sleeper cells falling asleep thinking of new ways to commit Jihad? Not getting to your 72 virgins fast enough?

    You need the CROTCH CADDY!

    Get past those sniffers, wiffers and full body screeners. Fits snuggely up your butthole! Don’t be a Jihady come lately like Richard Reed. Tell the infidels to stick it with the CROTCH CADDY! Be the first in your sleeper cell to get yours.

    not for use in full body cavity searches. may not be eligible for 72 virgins if ball are blown off. read instruction thoroughly before insertion.

    ***And now back to our regularly scheduled program Leave it to Bin Ladin!***

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  9. AFVET says:

    Americans, CRY HAVOC AND LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR. I can’t remember where that phrase came from, but it applies.
    Our country is under siege.
    Pay attention.

    God Bless America, Her principles, and the people that have given their lives defending Her from tyranny, outside and inside.
    Don’t let our country fall into the hands of socialism, or worse.

    2010 WE the CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS have a chance to send a message to left wing lunatics that think they have a wrap on our precious Country.

    Let Freedom Ring.

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