Newark Traveler:1, TSA:O; The System Worked, right Janet?

The Obama/Napolitano TSA allowed a man entry to the secure area of  Newark Airport’s Terminal C via the exit corridor from the Terminal C secure area.

But “The System Worked,” right Janet? Right, Barack?

That man was never found.

But “The System Worked,” right Janet? Right, Barack?

There is a TSA Watch List but a watch listed person was allowed to board a plane bound for Detroit with a bomb in his crotch without a strip search.

But “The System Worked,” right Janet? Right, Barack?


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7 Responses to Newark Traveler:1, TSA:O; The System Worked, right Janet?

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  2. AFVET says:

    This insidious interruption to Obama’s takeover of the greatest free society that has ever existed is being dealt with an attitude of yeah, yeah, don’t worry we’ll take care of it.
    More and more , the American People are coming to the opinion that this administration is:
    1-utterly inexperienced.
    2-given to socialistic policies
    3-determined to take America’s Sovereignty away from US.

  3. arlenearmy says:

    Is that man in that photo asleep?

  4. israel4zion says:

    When Janet Napalitano was governor of Arizona, she allowed her capital city of Phoenix Arizona to become the # 1 Kidnapping City in all of America.

    And 100 % of the Kidnappers were illegal alien Mexican Drug Dealers.

    With a Security Track Record like that, who would dare promote her to Secretary of Homeland Security?

    If she couldn’t even make one capital city safe, imagine what she’s doing to the entire nation.

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