Saudia Arabia drops ClimateGate Bomb on Copenhagen


This just in from POLITICO:

Saudia Arabia calls for ‘climategate’ investigation

COPENHAGEN — Saudia Arabia called for an independent investigation into “climategate” Monday, warning that the scandal over stolen emails threatened to undermine the global-warming negotiations beginning here.

“We believe this scandal — or what has been referred to as the ‘climategate’ scandal — we think this is definitely going to affect the nature of what could be trusted in our deliberations,” the Saudi Arabian negotiator said.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has promised to investigate the scandals, although its chairman said Monday that he said it provided no basis for questioning the science behind global warming.

But the Saudi negotiator told delegates that “the level of confidence is certainty shaken.”

At one Google Hosted AFP News web link, an that ignores ClimateGate and amplifies Emotion Propaganda of the Leftists’ Tactics of baiting the Public with Fear and toxic Climate Data Lies:

Copenhagen climate conference opens to dire warnings
By Richard Ingham and Marlowe Hood (AFP) – 4 hours ago

COPENHAGEN — A landmark conference on tackling climate change opened here on Monday, with negotiators from 192 countries aiming toward a deal to ward off global warming’s potentially catastrophic effects.

The meeting will climax on December 18 with more than 100 heads of state or government in attendance.

Opening ceremonies began with a short film featuring children of the future facing an apocalypse of tempests and desert landscapes if world leaders failed to act today.

“There will be hundreds of millions of refugees,” Rajendra Pachauri, head of the UN’s panel of climate scientists, said in the film.

“Please help save the world,” said a little girl, plaintively.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen told opening ceremonies that the world is looking to the conference to safeguard humanity.

“The world is depositing hope with you for a short while in the history of humanity,” Rasmussen said. Poll: Public want action

I got suspicious at the framing of what is in red (my color emphasis) as Danish PM Rasmussen is not Rasmussen Reports Polls who reports: Most Americans (52%) believe that there continues to be significant disagreement within the scientific community over global warming.

Isn’t it interesting??? …that a Majority (52%) of Americans, whose multitude of Television and Print ‘News’ Outlets are IGNORING CLIMATEGATE, are obviously not being brainwashed by the Socialist Lame Stream Media, the Socialist White House, and the Congressional Socialist Deniers that THEIR DATA, data upon which they base their False Claims of Global Warming, is tainted and fake.

At a different Google Hosted AFP News link the SAME Article, the article is written differently as compared to the version above:

Copenhagen climate conference opens to dire warnings

By Richard Ingham and Marlowe Hood (AFP) – 4 hours ago

COPENHAGEN — A landmark conference on climate change opened in Copenhagen on Monday, with grim warnings of the apocalyptic dangers for mankind if world leaders fail to agree a way to stave off global warming.

The impact on humanity of man-made drought, flood, storms and rising seas were spelt out at the start of the 12-day meeting, which will climax with more than 110 heads of state or government in attendance.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen warned that the world was looking to Copenhagen to safeguard the generations of tomorrow.

“For the next two weeks, Copenhagen will be Hopenhagen. By the end, we must be able to deliver back to the world what was granted us here today: hope for a better future,” he said.

Opening ceremonies began with a short sci-fi film featuring children of the future facing an apocalypse of tempests and desert landscapes if world leaders failed to act today.

“Please help save the world,” said a terrified little girl at the end of the film. Poll: Public want action

A choir of Danish youngsters then sang a plaintive song to delegates, accompanied by a brass ensemble.

The Socialist Marxists are going for their only trump cardFEAR TACTICS AND PROPAGANDA… they will ignore Inconvenient Facts to their grave as their Global Scam of ripping off Trillions of Dollars from productive Citizens World Wide slips through their fingers.

Meanwhile… They have yet to explain why the Globe is Cooling, inspite false claims CO2 is causing it to do the reverse.



THAT… is the question
Socialists CAN’T ANSWER

In an article at American Power, Global Warming Fraud an Attack on Humanity, Sunday December 6, 2009, a screen capture of DAILY KOS: Seas to rise 4.6 feet by 2100 as Antarctic melt quickens Wed Dec 02, 2009 at 03:42:56 PST by FishOutofWater.

In that article FishOutofWater  cites:

Accelerated glacial melting will cause sea levels to rise 1.4 meters – 4.6 feet – by 2100, a much greater rise than the IPCC forecast, according to a massive new report on Antarctic Climate Change. 555pg PDF

Sorry Mr. FishOutofWater at the DAILY KOS… the document was produced by Socialists masquerading as “Objective Scientists.”

The document, and its authors, are not accepted as objective and correct... the authors must defend their data, their scientific methods, and their stated conclusions before bi-partisan vetted independent Scientific Peers who seek real scientific truth, as inconvenient as that truth may be to Marxist Political Scammers seeking World Domination.

I agree with American Power in the advice offered to FishOutofWater at DAILY KOS:

In any case, check Charlie Martin, “Fast Facts About Climategate: A one-stop source for information about the biggest scientific scandal in a century.” Plus, Marc Sheppard, “Understanding Climategate’s Hidden Decline


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    According to what Glenn did say on the Healthcare Bomb he has tonight, Healthcare is as much a scam as Global Warming.

    So we know that the only way Liberalism can work is for it to be a scam. And since everything they do is a scam, Liberalism can’t work. Liberals are such idiots.

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