Sarah Palin baits the Leftwing Loons into going ‘Profile Postal’ hahaha

Sly as a fox..

Sarah Palin voiced the majority thinking on what went wrong in the Pentagon that allowed Assassin Hasan to slip through huge ‘Politically Correct’ cracks in the defense of American Citizens.

Hannity: So you think Ft. Hood was an act of terrorism?

Palin: I certainly do, and I think that there were massive warning flags that were missed all over the place, and I think it was quite unfortunate that, to me, it was a fear of being politically incorrect to not—I’m gonna use the word—profile this guy.  Profile in the sense of finding out what his radical beliefs were.  Simple things like looking at his business card that had the secret code word for who it was that he actually—

Hannity: How about contacting Al Qaeda?

Palin: —well, that too—

Hannity: —trying to contact Al Qaeda.

Palin: Now, because I use the word “profile,” I’m gonna get clobbered tomorrow morning.  The liberals, their heads are just gonna be spinning.  They’re gonna say, “She is radical.  She is extreme.”  But I say profiling, in the context of doing whatever we can to save innocent American lives, I’m all for it then.

It is a perfectly clear case of the Pentagon shooting its own foot clean off in bowing at the altar of false political correctness which has served to be deadly to American citizens and has been socially destructive  to the very people it was intended to protect from social bias… namely, non-jihad supporting, non-violent, non-Al Qaeda supporting folks who are Muslims.

There is a profile which is used to filter out and pinpoint the enemies of the United States who are serving members in the US Armed Forces… including enemies who are Islamic Jihadists and/or active sympatric enablers of anti-American Jihadism, in addition to other categories of enemies.

The Left Wing Loons have already started coming unhinged, focusing on the word ‘PROFILE” and it was expected and planned for. Sarah knew exactly what she was saying and thus controlling the national dialog into a constructive debate on the subject.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and acts like a duck, then it must be a duck. That, folks, is common sense… and it is profiling.

Let the Left Wing Loons step up and deal with real issues and stop being  clowns like Newsweek, NBC/MSNBC, and Huffington Post with their sexism and school boy gutter low IQ mentality.

But the Left Wing Loons won’t… they can’t… they have been correctly profiled as lacking the requisite intellect and maturity… but there are others who are Liberal who will rationally debate this. The rest will be ignored and dismissed as the Left Wing Loons they are who write articles like these, LOL:


The Palin ASSAULT: Fox News LIARS caught red-handed (again) doctoring PALIN video; Palin admits she was a ‘D’ student


Palin visited with ‘King of Mis-Information‘ Sean Hannity last night — during which she admitted she is was a ‘D’ student — among many other things

Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis:: Palin on tour…my head hurts**UPDATE


What these people don’t understand: profiling can actually be a distraction, causing authorities to focus on someone for their religious beliefs while ignoring the potential dangers from someone actually exhibiting signs of mental instability or violence.

But since Sarah Palin has no real experience with any of this, she can comfortably blow it out of her ass.

Clueless Palin Supporters? « The Fifth Column


That way, those who are Palin fans and still read this blog won’t have to say that I’m picking on her. However, I do find it curious, that a woman who complains about sexism in the media, has also called for racial/religious profiling


So folks… all is going according to plan… and the Left Wing Loons are obligingly spinning their heads like Pavlov’s Dog. HAHAHAHAHAHA

(Pavlov’s research on conditional reflexes greatly influenced not only science, but also popular culture. The phrase “Pavlov’s dog” is often used to describe someone who merely reacts to a situation rather than using critical thinking. Pavlovian conditioning was a major theme in Aldous Huxley‘s dystopian novel, Brave New World, and also to a large degree in Thomas Pynchon‘s Gravity’s Rainbow.)

Oh, and Obama will likely not be successful in stopping Congressional Investigations and Hearings on the lack of acting on Profiling Data gathered to protect members of the US Armed Services from enemies who are sleepers within the US Armed Forces.


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  1. VotingFemale says:


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    God Bless,



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  2. Steve says:

    We have the entire interview Sarah did with Fox New’s Sean Hannity posted on Common Cents:

  3. tellitlikeitis says:

  4. boudicabpi says:

    I caught most of this last night and guess tonight it is O’Reilly.

    Bob A.

  5. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Bob,

    Did you catch the body language interpretation on Sarah reacting to Bill O’s aggressiveness?

    Bill was lucky he was not interviewing me… I can get in a blowhard’s face and make him look wimpy with the best of ’em.

    Her self-reserve was laudable… and Bill O defended his aggressiveness as “I didn’t want to give her a cupcake interview….”

    The portion I saw was an ‘interrogation style’ worthy of the CIA extracting information from a Al Qaeda Suspect lol

    He did not do himself any favors… and if there is any more of it showing up in the interviews scheduled for tonight, tomorrow night, and monday night… he is going to get some needed flack for it.

    You do not need to be aggressive to hold a non-cupcake interview… but it is good experience for her to replay and dissect in preparing to deal with real rabid dogs in the future.

  6. VotingFemale says:

    Tellit… Lindsey Graham blew so many holes in Holders credentials, credibility, an partisan asshat-ness I had tears streaming laughing as I watched it…. OMG

    Holder looked like a Coward

    I want Graham on my side! And this is just the beginning… the Big O is turning into a little o on so many fronts… it is like watching that old old movie …Incredible Shrinking Man. (help me help me… in a tiny little voice)

  7. m2 says:

    have you guys heard about the plaque released in the Ukraine, and the whistle blower in LA that was smuggled away by Police the day after he predicted that Baxter released a plague in late October?

  8. tellitlikeitis says:

    VF, I doesn’t surprise me that an incompetant president would surround himself with incompetant people. These people are in positions of power which make them dangerous and scary. I haven’t been sleeping too well these days since that idiot was elected.

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  10. AFVET says:

    Glenn Beck stated today on his radio show, that the deficit in 2019 will be a staggering 24 TRILLION DOLLARS !
    The debt to the taxpayers at the end of fiscal 2009 will exceed 12 Trillion.
    Just give a credit card to your teenager and tell them don’t worry, someone else will pay for it.

    As far as what’s in the senate bill, who the hell knows. It’s the same size as the house bill.

    Our Constitution was 7 pages long on the parchment that they used at that time. If you print it on today’s printers it is 19 pages.

    The people we have allowed to serve us as our representatives have no idea what is in the 2000 pages of this abomination of a bill.

    Obama consistently shields his balls from the fire. In fact he never gets too close to it, voting present over 100 times in the Senate displays an
    attitude that “hey, I have no opinion”,

    He is still doing it!
    He lies over and over and the sheep that voted him into office, that have the intelligence of a mold spore, think he’s just the greatest pres we ever had.

    My MIL thinks he is fantastic….

  11. VotingFemale says:

    Great Comments and Vids!!!
    Wooo Hoo!!!!!!!!!

    a new blogpost is published…

    opps! missed seeing your new blogpost SamH so it is not pinged in the new blogpost below.

  12. LisaInTX says:

    LMAO at the loons!!!
    It’s very simple. God is in Control. We have the freedom to CHOOSE what we do. The difference is that we ask that God point us in the direction he wants us to go, good or bad does not matter. His will be done.
    Bad things happen to good people. That does not mean we loose faith or blame God for the bad things. Depending on the person, it will either strengthen or weaken us—the choice of good versus bad is still yours to make.
    Giving thanks to God for the good things that happen in our lives, which bring us the pursuit of happiness is self-explanatory.

    From the Loon’s blog:
    “Sarah Palin’s ‘rogue’ Christianity — Did God plan for her to become Governor of Alaska. If so, did God plan for her to step down. Did God plan for her to run for Vice President? If so why did she and McCain lose? Did God plan for her to have a child with Down’s Syndrome? If so why did she consider an abortion? Did God plan for her to have a huge wardrobe? Then why did she apologize for it? “

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