Why Sarah Palin resigned is now becoming clear to the Socialists, and why they are so utterly fearful

I came across a comment made by ‘ted c‘ on a blogpost at HotAir.com titled “1500 wait in freezing weather to meet Palin on book tour”


In case anyone needed an example of the drawing power and political energy that Sarah Palin wields, the Detroit Free Press report on the start of her book tour should fill the gap nicely.  Despite freezing temperatures, people gathered by the hundreds early this morning to greet Palin in person at a Grand Rapids bookstore.  By 5 am, five hundred people stood outside the Barnes & Noble — and two hours later, the numbers had swelled to 1500:

And that’s 4:55 this morning when the thermometer had dipped into the 30s. But the 500 or so people in line didn’t mind the sleepless night or the onset of winter.

“What she represents is what we’re standing in line for,” said Robin Case, 44, of Traverse City, who set up a chair and sleeping bag at 9 p.m. Tuesday to make sure she got the chance to meet Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate. “She’s real and she’s standing up for what we believe in.”

Palin was scheduled to begin her “Going Rogue” book tour at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in suburban Grand Rapids.

By 7 a.m., the line had swelled to more than 1,500 people as Barnes & Noble wrapped orange wristbands around Palin fans’ wrists.

Most authors would be pleased to get 1500 people in total to show up for a book tour.  (Heck, most authors would kill to sell 1500 books.)  Even the Lord of the Rings openings didn’t attract 1500 fans for a 7 am show.  Star Wars didn’t get this kind of response.  And if Massachusetts is any indicator, not even Barack Obama can pack a house like this any more.

I see the comment by ted c as a crystallization of what is going on and how it came to be:

Sarah Palin has her run of the board right now. She has freedom of movement to conduct standoff, deep strike attacks upon the statist liberal agenda. She will selectively pick principled and bloody knife-fights which she can capitalize on her freedom of movement afforded her by her resignation. Her target, Obama, is frozen in the White House. He is busy and she can thump him at will. Moreover, he provides her with a daily full combat load of ammunition with which to do it. Obama’s ammo? Well, 11 AP reporters are trying to comb through her book to see if they can scratch up a round or two to use against her. Her advantage? She has withered the 2008 Alaska Lawyer Invasion as well as attacks on multiple fronts from every aspect of the print and television media. The result? She’s stronger and people are waiting for hours in the cold to see her. Obama? Well, we’re just always going to be in the cold…. thanks to cap and trade, which takes us back to sarah palin.

The way the story ends you ask? I’ll tell you….like this, “I Sarah Heath Palin, do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic….”


ted c on November 18, 2009 at 11:06 AM

Now couple all at that ….with this:


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48 Responses to Why Sarah Palin resigned is now becoming clear to the Socialists, and why they are so utterly fearful

  1. VotingFemale says:

    Turns out the previous low record was -14, which I missed seeing for some reason, on August 23, 2009.

    So today’s index number of -14 ties the all time low…

    thanks for the heads up Vicki over at Frugal Cafe.

  2. tellitlikeitis says:

    More bullsh^t from the fool on the hill.

    Obama: ‘We’ve restored America’s standing’

    Beijing, China (CNN) — A little more than a year after his election, President Obama said his administration has laid the groundwork for success on global and domestic matters.

    “I think that we’ve restored America’s standing in the world, and that’s confirmed by polls,” he told CNN’s Ed Henry in a wide-ranging interview this week during his trip to China.

    “I think a recent one indicated that around the world, before my election, less than half the people — maybe less than 40 percent of the people — thought that you could count on America to do to the right thing. Now it’s up to 75 percent.”

    The president said that makes it easier for world leaders to cooperate with the United States, noting Chinese and Russia involvement in nuclear talks with Iran.

    Obama has visited 20 countries during his first year in office, more than any other U.S. president.

    Guantanamo Bay
    A decision on troops levels in Afghanistan is “very close,” the president said. “I will announce that decision certainly in the next several weeks.”

    Obama has been holding regular meetings with his war council to develop options for sending more troops to Afghanistan. Last week, the president told the group — comprising top Cabinet, Pentagon and administration officials — that the U.S. troop commitment to Afghanistan is not open-ended and then asked for revisions to options he previously received, a senior administration official said at the time.

    The war council is considering a request by the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan for up to 40,000 more troops.

    “We have a vital interest in making sure that Afghanistan is sufficiently stable, that it can’t infect the entire region with violent extremism,” Obama said. “We also have to make sure that we’ve got an effective partner in Afghanistan. And that’s something that we are examining very closely and presenting some very clear benchmarks for the Afghan government.”

    On the China trip, Obama gave interviews to other networks as well, including Fox News, NBC and CBS. During the talk with CBS, the president said he was angry about multiple leaks over his Afghanistan policy deliberations. He said leaking such information is a firing offense.

    “We have deliberations in the situation room for a reason,” he said. “We’re making life and death decisions that affect how our troops are able to operate in a theater of war. For people to be releasing info in the course of deliberations is not appropriate.”

    In his interview with Fox, Obama indicated concern that a growing national deficit may contribute to a loss of confidence and eventually a “double-dip” recession. He said he is willing to consider targeted tax cuts to help bring down rising unemployment.

    The president told CNN that he’s confidence efforts to overhaul health care will succeed despite missed deadlines along the way.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, said Tuesday that he was still waiting for a cost estimate of the legislation from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. That estimate won’t be completed until at least Wednesday, a senior Democratic source said.

    Sixty votes in the 100-member Senate are required to overcome a filibuster and open Senate debate on the bill. Democratic leadership sources said a Saturday vote to start debate is likely. It remains unclear, however, whether the Democrats have enough votes.

    “There are just a lot of procedural hurdles that explain why health care hasn’t been dealt with in 40, 50, 70 years,” Obama said.

    “But I remain confident that we are going to get this done, and we’re going to have a bill that reduces our deficit, bends the cost curve, covers millions of people who don’t have health insurance right now and, for people who do have health insurance, makes their insurance more secure.”

    In a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Tuesday, 46 percent of respondents said they favored the version of the bill that the House of Representatives recently passed, while 49 percent opposed it. The survey’s sampling error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    Asked about running for re-election, Obama didn’t say “yes,” but he acknowledged the long-term nature of his policy goals.

    “I don’t want to be making decisions based on getting re-elected, because I think the challenges that America faces right now are so significant,” the president said. “Obviously, if I make those decisions and I think that I’m moving the country on the right direction economically, in terms of our security interests, our foreign policy, I’d like to think that those policies are continued, because they’re not going to bear fruit just in four years.”

    Obama said if he were concentrating on re-election, he wouldn’t be tackling politically hot topics such as health care and education reform, development of a clean-energy economy and the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

    The U.S. military is holding about 215 men at Guantanamo. Among the detainees are five suspects with alleged ties to the 9/11 conspiracy, including accused mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week that Mohammed and four others will be tried in a civilian court in New York.

    “There are a whole series of choices that I’m making that I know are going to create some political turbulence,” the president said. “But I think they’re the right thing to do. And, you know, history will … bear out my theories or not.”


  3. tellitlikeitis says:

    The Obama song.

  4. tellitlikeitis says:

    The Obama Song.

    Fool On The Hill.

    Day after day alone on the hill
    The man with the foolish grin
    is keeping perfectly still
    But nobody wants to know him
    They can see that he’s just a fool
    And he never gives an answer

    But the fool on the hill
    sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning round

    Well on the way, his head in a cloud
    The man of a thousand voices
    is talking perfectly loud
    But nobody ever hears him
    Or the sound he appears to make
    And he never seems to notice

    But the fool on the hill
    sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning round

    Oh, round, round, round, round, round
    And nobody seems to like him
    they can tell what he wants to do
    And he never shows his feelings

    But the fool on the hill
    sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning round

    Oh, round, round, round, round, round
    And he never listen to them
    He knows that they’re the fools
    But they don’t like him

    The fool on the hill
    sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning round

    Oh, round, round, round, round, round

  5. VotingFemale says:

    Tellit, his bullsh!t is seen for what it is… and now it becomes a negative for him instead of spin to help him…

    people can count… past 10… as in 10.2% and climbing…

  6. samhenry says:

    SOB OB said:

    “There are a whole series of choices that I’m making that I know are going to create some political turbulence,” the president said. “But I think they’re the right thing to do. And, you know, history will … bear out my theories or not.”

    What arrogance.

    Wonderful analysis of Palin, wonderful. I have lots I have to do this afternoon and will return later. Will miss all of you.


    DOG enters harbormaster’s launch and speeds off thinking of ways to help sink Obama’s ship of state when he and the harbormaster are swamped by the wake of a passing freighter. So much for thinking about a sinking.

  7. VotingFemale says:

    i am working on a Sarah Palin/Matrix Parody… the graphic is under construction as we speak…

    remember Neo stopping the bullets?

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  9. VotingFemale says:

    FIFY = Fixed It For Ya

  10. Steve says:

    Great post! I really like your blog!!

    ps. Link Exchange???

  11. Foxwood says:

    Oprah had better ratings with Sarah than she did with Obutthole. Imagine that!

  12. Foxwood says:


    November 18, 2009
    Sarah Palin gives Oprah biggest audience in two years

    Oprah palin Oprah Winfrey’s interview with former vp candidate Sarah Palin scored the talk show host her highest rating in two years.

    Monday’s episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” drew a 8.7 household rating and 13 share — the best since Oprah had the entire Osmond family on the show in 2007.

    That means Palin also topped Oprah’s heavily viewed interviews with Whitney Houston at the start of the season.

    Palin is making the rounds to promote her new book, “Going Rogue,” which came out Tuesday.

    Winfrey began the interview by asking Palin if she felt snubbed at not getting an invitation to appear on the show last year. Winfrey said she didn’t have any candidates on her Chicago-based show during the campaign because of her support for President Barack Obama.

    Palin said she didn’t feel snubbed and told Winfrey, “No offense to you, but it wasn’t the center of my universe.”

    Palin said in another interview broadcast Tuesday that a 2012 presidential bid is “not on my radar,” but wouldn’t rule out playing some role in the next presidential election.

    “My ambition, if you will, my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be, and I cannot predict what that will be, what doors will be open in the year 2012,” she told Barbara Walters.

    When asked whether she’d play a major role, the former Republican vice presidential candidate replied that “if people will have me, I will.”

    This means her ratings with Sarah were larger than with Obutthole, because Obutthole was on last year.

  13. AFVET says:

    Now She has the ball in her court.
    We’ll see what she does with it.
    I support Sarah, and want to see her defeat the media that attempted to take her down.

  14. samhenry says:

    I’m headed for the dog bed early tonight. I’m going to slip Clarence a little sleep time tea.

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  16. Foxwood says:

    Yeah, I’m drinking some sleep time tea also, Jim Beam. Night SamH, Clarence.

  17. Foxwood says:

    Look at the line up of D!CKS next to Harry Reid. LIES! MF LIES coming out of you a$$. My mistake, that was your face.

  18. Foxwood says:

    I’ve been calling my Senators. Mary Landreiu in particular. WE CAN NOT HAVE HEALTH CARE PASS! (unless they eat it, then I will still not want it to pass).

  19. Foxwood says:

    I think the CBO was bought off!

  20. arlenearmy says:

    Sarah will do just fine. There is a tweet site at


    that is dedicated to fighting the smears against her.

    Folks, I hate to say this, but I truly feel that we are under attack from within our own borders.

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  22. samhenry says:

    OK boys, here I am – on deck here at 5:33, I’ll leave it to OX to light the canon; Sami you could run up the weather and VF fallllllllls

  23. samhenry says:

    falllllllls meant to be flag.

  24. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning to all my wonderful Patriot Friends.

  25. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Governor Sarah Palin and thank you for standing up for our Freedoms.

  26. VotingFemale says:

    Thanks for the head up mutnodjmet13!

    always great to hear from you dear!

  27. VotingFemale says:

    Thanks Steve!

    I checked out your blog and am very impressed.

    Yes! lets do linky love! lol

    Steve says

    Great post! I really like your blog!!

    ps. Link Exchange???

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  29. samiam60 says:

    Fox News Poll: Approval of President Obama Hits New Low

  30. samiam60 says:

    President Obama’s approval rating has hit a new low of 46 percent, according to a FOX News poll released Thursday. An equal number — 46 percent — disapprove of the job he’s doing.

    Breaking down the numbers by political party shows how sharply split American voters are over the president’s job performance. While 85 percent of Democrats approve of their party leader, 80 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of independents disapprove.

    The president’s average approval rating for his term so far is 56 percent.

    Click here to see the poll.

    Overall, a 57 percent majority says President Obama is providing the kind of leadership they expected, while 17 percent say he is a stronger leader than expected and 23 percent say he’s a weaker leader. When this question was asked about President George W. Bush early in his first term, 68 percent said his leadership was what they expected, 14 percent said he was a stronger leader than expected and 13 percent a weaker leader (July 2001).

    Despite the drop in Obama’s approval rating, the president continues to outperform the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. More than twice as many Americans disapprove (63 percent) as approve (26 percent) of the job Congress is doing.

    Moreover, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s favorable rating is still in the doldrums, with a 28 percent minority of Americans saying they have a positive view of her and 50 percent holding a negative view. While half of Democrats (50 percent) have a favorable opinion of Pelosi, majorities of Republicans (77 percent) and independents (58 percent) view her unfavorably.

    For President Obama, 54 percent of voters have a favorable opinion and 42 percent unfavorable. When he took office in January, 76 percent had a favorable view and 15 percent unfavorable.

    First Lady Michelle Obama bests her husband with a 63 percent favorable rating, down from a high of 73 percent favorable in April.

    Opinion Dynamics Corp. conducted the national telephone poll of 900 registered voters for Fox News from November 17 to November 18. For the total sample, the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    When asked about next year’s Congressional elections, there’s a split similar to the president’s job rating. If the election were held today, 39 percent say they would vote for the Democratic candidate to help Obama pass his policies and 42 percent say they would back the Republican to provide a check on Obama’s power. For 15 percent it is too soon to say.

    Does a U.S. President Bow?
    President Obama has been criticized for inappropriately bowing to foreign leaders while traveling overseas. The first was for bowing when it wasn’t protocol, and on his most recent trip, for bowing too deeply. Most Americans — 67 percent — believe the president should bow if it is that country’s custom. For some 26 percent it is “never appropriate” for the president to bow to another leader.


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