, OFA Arm Rewards US Flag Defacing Slap in America’s Face; Lou Dobbs Assassination Attempt

Organizing for America | is sponsoring a contest for a video Barack Obama will use to promote passage of ObamaCare in Congress.

According to the Organizing for America |, the best 20 videos have been declared Finalists in the “Health Reform Video Challenge” and were chosen by a panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges.”

Here is a video that panel of “qualified” Democratic National Committee “employee judges” selected as belonging in their top twenty favorites:

Subliminal Communist Propaganda

God Bless America? NO-NO-NO God Damn America
Unless Obama gets His Way
That’s the Chicago Way

In Other News…

ALIPAC: Shot Fired Into Home of Lou Dobbs of CNN!

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti Defamation League, the National Council of La Raza, Media Matters, and Geraldo Rivera of Fox News are using false information to foment hatred towards Lou Dobbs or any American who speaks out against Amnesty or illegal immigration.

and so, we now learn….

…someone has fired a gun at the home of Lou Dobbs, with his wife just a few feet away from the incident. The gunfire followed a series of threatening phone calls.

Lou Dobbs is being targeted by the pro-illegal alien groups and pundits who feel that Dobbs is stopping Amnesty from passing.

What is Lou Dobbs’ response??

Are you getting the picture?

Intimidation and Felony Tactics…

This is not going to work, Communists
We the People
have faced far more worthy opponents
than you asshats.

Then there is this: comments on’s justification of the video by trotting out the ‘moral equiv’ tactic to defend the Flag Desecration Video …by attacking Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, and President George W. Bush:

    • Author by oscar the grouch (October 28, 2009 9:26 pm ET)

      Better take another swig of “Maloxx.”
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      • Lou Dobbs, As long as the person defacing the American Flag is not Hispanic it’s all Good.
        Because according to Mr. Dobbs if you’re Hispanic you better have Documentation even if you’re Homeless in the Hood.
        It was all made clear to me when Fox News showed a Vid of Hispanics being arrested at the Boarder & then they segued into Judge Sonia Sotomayor.
        News Corp. “A Racist Enterprise” An organization just a little to Mean & Hateful to Ignore.

        Speak truth to power.

        Mr. News

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        • Bill O’Reilly, I imagine you feel real good getting away with Hurting a Woman?
          I bet you even walk around with a Slight Strut, with no one able to read your “Body Language” showing that you actually feel SubHuman.
          The True Power of Sin is that when you Hurt someone you also Hurt Yourself Some.
          Apologize to Andrea Mackris Bill, in the end you’ll have a more Harmonious Outcome?

          Speak truth to power.

          Mr. News

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    • Author by News Corpse (October 28, 2009 9:43 pm ET)

      3 1
      In September of 2006, Bush actually walked on the flag. This was after complaints about an artwork that featured a guest book that, in order to sign it, one would have to walk on the flag.



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    • Author by rdelong23 (October 28, 2009 11:11 pm ET)

      1 2
      I think it’s time everyone just ignored Glenn Beck. Just don’t give him any coverage at all. That is the best way to deal with this type of shock-jockism. if we don’t pay attention, he will either go away or lose relevance.
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      • Author by DellDolly (October 28, 2009 11:33 pm ET)

        Sorry, but no, we aren’t going to ignore people like Glenn Beck. We found out the result of ignoring people like Limbaugh for the first 15 years of his nationwide talk radio show. It wasn’t pretty.
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      • Author by Brabantio (2 minutes ago)
        That sort of advice has never made any sense. We’re not talking about some hyperactive child that’s running amok to get attention, and they’ll just stop if you ignore them. There’s money involved here. There’s an audience. Ignoring it provides no conflict or sense of disapproval for people to bear in mind.

        What this means is that while people like Beck are trying to mainstream their radical conspiracy theories, viewers are not presented with any reason to dismiss that nonsense. It’s common sense to think that someone would object if there wasn’t really something to what he was saying. Sponsors wouldn’t be pressured in any way to withdraw from the show or give Beck an ultimatum if people aren’t inspired to contact them and complain about the programming. Consider Imus. If nobody covered what he said, would he have paid any price for his words? Without a documented history of other comments, then would his “nappy-headed hos” line have gotten him fired? That same concept applies to Beck, where there will never be a “straw that breaks the camel’s back” if none of the other straws are put on there to begin with. Along the same lines, a lack of coverage would allow him to contradict himself any number of times without taking a significant hit to his credibility. When he says that he opposed Bush’s bailouts now, the vast majority of viewers aren’t going to remember the exact words he said to the contrary two years ago or whatever.

        Typically your argument relies on some “controversy is what they want” concept. We don’t really know what anyone wants. People will surely act like they enjoy it, because it’s not like they’re going to admit otherwise. But it’s not a trumping concern anyway. It’s not about what anyone wants, it’s about protecting the public dialogue and holding people accountable for unacceptable behavior.


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Normal Americans…

Jammie WearingFool: ‘It Makes the Democrats Look Really, Really Bad’ “It seems when you have a liberal agenda and are part of Obama’s “Organizing for America” group then flag desecration is acceptable. Why else would this video be selected as a finalist in something called the “Health Reform Video Challenge?””

PoliJAM: U.S. Flag Is Desecrated in Democrats’ Health Reform Video
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23 Responses to, OFA Arm Rewards US Flag Defacing Slap in America’s Face; Lou Dobbs Assassination Attempt

  1. VotingFemale says:

    Keep it up Communists…

    Just keep it up. Your Arrogance is your undoing…

  2. Foxwood says:

    Apparently this is what they teach in school. How can you deface your flag and country? Seems more and more younger people have no respect, but this comes from the Commie teaching in the class room. You would not believe the youngsters I get that say “I have a proper education, don’t tell me I’m ignert”.

  3. Foxwood says:

    As for Lou Dobbs. I used to hate him a Gretta. I thought both were Commies. I didn’t watch Gretta when she came to Fox cus I knew I would throw something at the TV.

    Then I found this blog and you guys talking about her, so I watched. She’s changed. Apparently so has Lou.

  4. VotingFemale says:

    Gretta was a conservative liberal trapped in CNN land… and I remember not liking her.

    Some of the strongest critics are those conservatives who once were registered dems… and we have a population of them here in our group…

    When Gretta went to FOX it all changed for her… she is where she belongs…

    Lou Dobbs is persona non grata at CNN and they use him as a target to whip up their communist fed viewers into a frenzy.

    Foxwood says

    As for Lou Dobbs. I used to hate him a Gretta. I thought both were Commies. I didn’t watch Gretta when she came to Fox cus I knew I would throw something at the TV.

    Then I found this blog and you guys talking about her, so I watched. She’s changed. Apparently so has Lou.

  5. VotingFemale says:

    Lou Dobbs aired for a week calling out Obama to release his Long Form Birth Certificate and took the path of saying he, Lou, believes Obama is a legal American and he, Lou, fails to understand why Obama holds that document in secret… why? why? why?

  6. VotingFemale says:

    Obama never responded himself but his thugs attacked Lou Dobbs 24/7 for it…

    a google result:

    CNN should fire Lou Dobbs Petition
    CNN should fire Lou Dobbs Petition, hosted at – Cached – Similar
    t r u t h o u t | Fire Lou Dobbs
    Oct 19, 2009 … Mon, 10/19/2009 – 22:19 — Frances in California (not verified). No need to fire Lou Dobbs; just ignore his sponsors out of business. … – Cached – Similar
    Linda Milazzo: Ted Turner Would Fire Lou Dobbs
    If Jonathan Klein were as responsible an executive as Ted Turner, and as conscientious a citizen as Ted Turner, he would be as concerned as Ted Turner about ……/ted-turner-would-fire-lou_b_325514.html – Cached – Similar
    Major Civil Rights Group Demands CNN Remove Lou Dobbs From The Air
    Jul 24, 2009 … If you really want Dobbs fired, please be sure to sign the petition!…/major-civil-rights-group_n_244532.html – Cached – Similar
    Show more results from
    POLL: Should CNN fire Lou Dobbs for his continued coverage of the …
    President Obama. AP Photo Martinez Monsivais CNN seems to have a bit of insubordination in the ranks as Lou Dobbs continues to cover the Obama birth ……/x-5738-Political-Buzz-Examiner~y2009m7d25-POLL–Should-CNN-fire-Lou-Dobbs-for-his-continued-coverage-... – Cached – Similar
    Revoke lou dobbs
    Petition to ask CNN to revoke LOU Dobbs. … We will continue to push CNN to let Lou Dobbs go. This is the proper and best thing to do. Email Us.. … – Cached – Similar
    Fire Lou Dobbs – The Petition Site
    Lou Dobbs’ broadcasts are shoddy and dishonest. His boss, CNN President Jon Klein, promotes Dobbs’ lies about Pres (282 signatures on petition) – Cached – Similar
    SPLC urging CNN to fire Lou Dobbs over Obama Birth Certificate …
    Jul 26, 2009 … SPLC urging CNN to fire Lou Dobbs over Obama Birth Certificate issue … 6 Responses to “SPLC urging CNN to fire Lou Dobbs over Obama Birth ……/splc-urging-cnn-to-fire-lou-dobbs-over-obama-birth-certificate-issue/ – Cached – Similar
    Ted Turner Would Fire Lou Dobbs If He Could | Media and Technology …
    Oct 19, 2009 … Kind of an emphatic statement, but Ted Turner did say so explicitly.…/ted_turner_would_fire_lou_dobbs_if_he_could?... – Cached – Similar
    Why are liberals wanting CNN to fire Lou Dobbs while staying …
    Lou Dobb’s Crime: He keeps talking about the “birthers” and made a joke … To be fair, she did use it in the context of a story…but yeah, funny how that …… – Cached – Similar
    News results for fire lou dobbs

    CNN Special on Latinos Stokes Debate Over Dobbs‎ – 4 days ago
    Some Hispanics have accused the anchor Lou Dobbs of unfair criticism and argue that CNN should fire him. By BRIAN STELTER Instead of being simply a draw for …
    New York Times – 32 related articles »

  7. VotingFemale says:

    FOX News has Geraldo Rivera

    CNN has Lou Dobbs

    Both for the same reasons… ratings

  8. Foxwood says:

    Getting ready for work. Write Sami a note and tell him we miss him.

  9. Foxwood says:

    I think Fox has Horendo for laughs.

  10. VotingFemale says:

    mmm… ok… I will do a second blogpost

    off to do the typing…
    email me if needed till I get back

  11. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning Everyone. Someone fired shots at Lou? His wife too? I am surprise some crazed liberal hasn’t tried to take shots at Sean Hannity or Glen Beck. If Cnn ever fires Lou he will be working for Fox News the next day. lol

  12. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning my Fellow Patriots 🙂

    I am on briefly this morning and it sure seems I am missing a lot. I need to go back and catch up on the comments and such but will have to do so sparingly. I will try as much as possible to be on here more and more as time goes on.

    God Bless all of you and God Bless the United States of America and all those who Stand Firm for our Freedom.

  13. roxannadanna says:

    Unbelievable! and scary. What is wrong with these people? How did they get this far off the charts?

    Hi everyone. Hope you all have a great day!

  14. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Tellit! Samiam! Roxy!

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  16. tellitlikeitis says:

    The Grating Communicator
    by Ann Coulter

    The Bush campaign commercial about Dukakis’ furlough program never showed a picture of Horton. In fact, the actors playing “criminals” passing through a revolving door in the ad were all white. Voters considered it relevant that a candidate for president was so beholden to the ACLU that he backed an idiotic furlough program that released first-degree murderers.

    Every informed student of the 1988 campaign knows that the Bush ad didn’t show Horton’s picture. And yet in Keith’s discussion of Bush’s allegedly vile, racist use of Willie Horton, he used a phony version of the ad, doctored to include a photo of Horton.

    I don’t blame Keith personally for this blatant distortion: He gets all his research material from Markos Moulitsas and other left-wing bloggers, so he can’t be held responsible for the content of his show. Keith’s principle contribution to the program is his nightly display of self-congratulation and pompous douche-baggery.

    Remember, Keith, like his MSNBC colleague Contessa Brewer, majored in “communications” in college, not a research-related field, such as political science. In his coursework, he learned such skills as: Dramatically Turning to Camera, Hysterical Self-Righteousness, Pausing Portentously and Gravely Demanding Apologies/Resignations From Various Public Figures.

    Given this background, it’s understandable that Keith will make errors. As viewers witnessed recently, he can’t even pronounce the name of prominent American economist and philosopher, Thomas Sowell. (Although he did spend three weeks at a Berlitz course in Arabic honing his pronunciation of “Abu Ghraib” to razor-sharp prissiness.)

    The bloggers and Keith bring different skill sets to the game. They provide the tendentious half-truths, phony opinion polls and spurious social science, while Keith provides his booming baritone, gigantic “Guys and Dolls” suits and gift for ridiculous, fustian grandiloquence. Keith is far better equipped than, say, the pint-sized, girly-voiced, Frito Bandito-accented Markos Moulitsas to deliver the party line.

    But here’s the fly in the ointment: Keith has once again been victimized by left-wing blogs into thinking that the 1988 Bush ad showed Willie Horton’s picture, when in fact, Horton’s race was deliberately scrubbed from the ad.

    Again, in fairness to Keith, he’s never been a “content guy.” He was a communications major. (The agriculture school Keith attended offered a degree in this field.) He lifts the material for his show from liberal blogs, overwrites it, and throws in his trademark smirking and snorts. But that’s all he does because, again, he was a communications major.

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  18. arlenearmy says:

    Hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but what if the shots at Lou Dobbs was a CNN inside job.

    No doubt in my mind that is was the liberals who did this. I hope we are kept updated as to the ballistics of the bullet.

  19. arlenearmy says:

    I dont know if this is true, but I heard sometime ago that Greta’s husband is a liberal.

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