MAUREEN DOWD, a case of Leftist Irrelevancy

Poor thing… no Bush to beat on …Obama is screwing up on a daily basis.

What is a frustrated Socialist/Marxist Bloggette like  Maureen Dowd to do?

Rummage around and invent stuff to complain about is about all these days.

Such is life in the Far Left Lane on the Socialist Highway to Irrelevancy.

It is with a smile I read her meager efforts to deflect the failures of Obama Socialism by writing about children of GOP Politicians.

That the New York Times is all but bankrupt bound is, in no small way, a result of such journalistic suiciders…

She should stock up on “Internet Fringe Left” Pajamas and let her hair go “ratz nest.”

Her latest in NYT styled Irrelevancy…

Daisy Chain of Cheneys

I imagine that if you called the new consulting firm of Cheney, Cheney & Cheney and got put on hold, you’d hear the “Ghostbusters” theme:

“If there’s someone weak,

if you’ve sprung a leak,

if the world looks bleak,

if you hide and seek,

who ya gonna call?


You write that yourself Maude???

If so don’t admit it… it’s a flop, dear.


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3 Responses to MAUREEN DOWD, a case of Leftist Irrelevancy

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  2. m2 says:

    Oh my!!! Now this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!
    Are you serious? This is what she actually wrote?

    Lame x Eleventy seven bazillion, and also really funny to laugh at. I hope she keeps up the work that brings in the NYT dough…


  3. VotingFemale says:

    Yup M2, she actually wrote that… it must suck to be her.

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