Palin Blasts ObamaCare; AARP = CRAAP

Sarah Palin Throws Down the Gauntlet

Sarah Palin Throws Down the Gauntlet

Obama & Co not only wants you to bend over and take his ObamaCare where the Sun don’t Shine, he has also declared War on Millions who object to bending over, asking Snitches to help him amass a list of people who does not agree with him and communicates their dissatisfaction via the Internet.

Well, Mr President?

But you better change the Constitution FIRST!


Sarah Palin will not remain silent either, nor will the people who support this blog and the rights of all Americans to be Heard
Nor Will MILLIONS of Like Minded Americans be Shut Up by YOU.

Obama? Watch this video and YOU tell ME
that we are wrong about your intent to end Private Health Insurance… and tell me to my face to shut up.


That is what the Socialists DO
with their RENT-A-THUG
bussed in paid protesters ala ACORN.

Also… it is now CLEAR AS A BELL that AARP has been commandeered by the Socialist Party at the top levels of its management. Check it out for yourself.

Just Tell AARP
that you will not buy their CRAAP

End your membership


Let’s take a Look at what is being reported about Sarah Palin’s Shout Out to the Socialist-In-Chief…


Palin Says Obama’s Plan to Overhaul Health Care is ‘Evil’

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate says such Obama’s plan is “downright evil.”

Friday, August 07, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called President Obama’s health plan “downright evil” Friday in her first online comments since leaving office, saying in a Facebook posting that he would create a “death panel” that would deny care to the neediest Americans.

“Who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course,” the former vice Republican presidential candidate wrote on her Facebook page, which has nearly 700,000 supporters.

“The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil,” Palin wrote.

An e-mail sent to Palin’s spokeswoman to confirm authorship was not immediately returned Friday.

Obama, a Democrat, campaigned on a promise of offering affordable health care to all Americans. He has proposed a system that would include government and private insurers.

Republicans say that private insurers would be unable to compete, leaving the country with only a government-run health program. They warn that could leave Americans with little control over their health care.

Republican criticism has included claims that the reform plans will lead to rationing, or the government determining which medical procedures a patient can have. However, millions of Americans already face rationing, as insurance companies rule on procedures they will cover.

Denying coverage for certain procedures might increase under proposals to have a government-appointed agency identify medicines and procedures best suited for various conditions.

In the posting, Palin encouraged her supporters to be engaged in the debate. “Nationalizing our health care system is a point of no return for government interference in the lives of its citizens. If we go down this path, there will be no turning back,” Palin wrote.

“Let’s stop and think and make our voices heard before it’s too late,” the posting said.

Palin resigned as Alaska governor on July 26 with nearly 18 months left in her term. She cited not only the numerous ethics complaints that had been filed against her also her wish not to be a lame duck after the first-term governor decided not to seek re-election next year.

Palin, popular with conservatives in the Republican party, has said she wants to build a right-of-center coalition, and there is speculation she will seek the presidency in 2012. In the two weeks since she resigned, Palin has made only one public appearance, giving a Second Amendment rights speech last Saturday before a gun owners group in Anchorage.

Palin also has been largely silent before Friday’s post. She was a voracious user of the social networking site Twitter, and promised to keep her supporters updated with a new private account after she left office. But that hasn’t happened, leaving some of her fans begging for updates in the past two weeks.


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I am a female voter, as my blog name implies. I vote for conservatives. I am a political opponent of Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.
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607 Responses to Palin Blasts ObamaCare; AARP = CRAAP

  1. m2 says:

    m2 says “Obama is evil.”

  2. VotingFemale says:


  3. VotingFemale says:

    Agreed M2!

    He is more EVIL than even I thought…

    And this will be the cause of his ultimate disgrace and downfall

  4. m2 says:

    Here’s what I wrote on Mab’s report, to those will selective “Stalinist” memory:

    at least Bush went to the NSA to wiretap American Calls overseas
    at least Clinton went to the NSA for his “Echelon Program”


    The government’s Echelon spy program was reported on during the Clinton administration, in a 2000 report on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” host Steve Kroft intoned:

    “If you made a phone call today or sent an e-mail to a friend, there’s a good chance what you said or wrote was captured and screened by the country’s largest intelligence agency. The top-secret Global Surveillance Network is called Echelon, and it’s run by the National Security Agency and four English-speaking allies: Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. The mission is to eavesdrop on enemies of the state: foreign countries, terrorist groups and drug cartels. But in the process, Echelon’s computers capture virtually every electronic conversation around the world.”

  5. samiam60 says:

    President Obama STAND DOWN! America rejects your Socialist Policies. Stop trying to divide our people and Resign for the sack of all that is America.

  6. samiam60 says:

    President Obama STAND DOWN! America rejects your Socialist Policies. Stop trying to divide our people and Resign for the sake of all that is America.

  7. m2 says:

    VF, I just saw footage on TV of him screaming with his eyes popping out “Get the people who caused this mess out of the way, we have work to do!”

    1. the president does not treat the population like that, that is BENEATH THE OFFICE.
    2. It is BIG GOV’T that “caused” the major needed reform in Healthcare, and NOT REPUBLICANS, but DECADES OF BOTH PARTIES, and PRIVATE INDUSTRY.
    3. This man is as close to a Dictator as this country has ever seen.

  8. samiam60 says:

    We the People are Howling Mad at all the destruction you have attempted to bring down on us. We will not go quietly into the night.

  9. VotingFemale says:

    OBAMA is not as powerful as the voters of this country… elections are the levelers of the playing field.


  10. samiam60 says:

    Resign now Obama and save us the Impeachment Process. RESIGN

  11. m2 says:

    I heard the audio yesterday on Hannity, but I thought he was playing old audio…

    From when he used to be “himself” to his benefactors, ie. Unions and corrupt ACORN….

    But it was RECENT! I couldn’t believe it!!!!

  12. m2 says:

    I just attached a clip of “real” Obama…
    and I think Yesterday’s Rage-Obama was the real Obama too.

    The Great Community Divider!!
    Heil Obama!

  13. VotingFemale says:

    Yeah I saw that Obama Pulled a BUG-EYED rant again… he would lose his shirt at a poker table… DUMBASS-IN-CHIEF

  14. m2 says:

    I can’t find the vid,
    did you see VF- after Obama made his Call to Arms to his Union Management to go “get in their faces”…

    a black conservative, peacefully protesting was kicked and beat and hospitalized by SEIU?

  15. m2 says:

    I think this is what he wants…
    No SANE person could DO what OBAMA is DOING.

  16. VotingFemale says:

    Good Vid, M2… I will add it right now to the blogpost

  17. samiam60 says:

    Divide and Conquer! Divide the American People and quickly pass these Socialist Programs and you control the Country.

    Not so fast Bug Eyes! We have rallied against you and your power grabbing Socialist Agenda.

  18. m2 says:

    here’s another good vid…
    shows what type of “man” RULING this nation Obama is… watch the whole thing, see anything Similar? Vote for Change ?
    Especially get to the 5 min. point. See how Obama campaigns and supports a man who commits GENOCIDE.

  19. m2 says:

    well I have to go visit my grandma in the Rehab center… good thing Obamacare doesn’t take effect until 2013 or he’d certainly prescribe DEATH instead of “costly” rehabilitation!!

  20. m2 says:

    one thing VF, Canada has 33 million people. With Rationing.

    the US has 300 million people. Obama’s shell of a healthcare is Government-takeover.


    and after watching his cousin murder people…
    I wonder if that’s why Obama wants his plan….

    See you two later…

  21. VotingFemale says:

    Obama Tells The Socialist SHEEP to get in our FACES

  22. Foxwood says:

    Thank you VF. I thought the worst. I’m glad your back.

  23. Foxwood says:

    A lot of house work today. Working on my office to get the computers off of my dining room table. I’ll check in and out today. Someone please bring SamH back. She is wanted here also. And check out my new article if you haven’t yet.

  24. arlenearmy says:

    I will call AARP Monday to find out if the insurances they offer will be cut off if the member cancels membership.

  25. arlenearmy says:

    The reason why I mention this is because several AARP members in my area have purchased several insurance thru AARP. And Im not sure if AARP is telling them that if they cancel membership, they will cancel the insurance.

    I personally don’t think they can cancel the insurance because the various insurances are written by insurance companies.

  26. samiam60 says:

    If you are an Unborn Baby or a Senior Citizen, Obama has a plan just for you. All on the Tax Payers Dime.

  27. karmahd says:

    El Gato!!! Hola Mi Amigo!!!

    Well good to have you back since the alternative was tenouious, but no need to go there, Glad to see you are back and fighting the good fight, Karma and others missed you, bowl of milk???

  28. samiam60 says:

    Obama’s take Vacation after 200 daze in the WH:

    Most of us have to work a whole year before we get a vacation. Hmmmmmmmm

  29. VotingFemale says:

    Karma, lol

    its La Gata!

    milk is good

  30. karmahd says:

    You are correct, I always had trouble remembering the feminine from the masculine when it came to LANGUAGE only!!

  31. karmahd says:

    Most of us have to work a whole year before we get a vacation. Hmmmmmmmm

    And some of us need a job to take a vacation from!!!!

  32. VotingFemale says:

    Obama is pissed… that makes me happy!


  33. VotingFemale says:

    lol Karma, you never struck me as a man confused when it comes to women, dear!

  34. karmahd says:

    Well that is one thing I got right 99.9% of the time, but there was this one time in Bangkok????

  35. arlenearmy says:

    History repeats itself. A few yrs. ago I did some research on a civil uprising in this nation, that involved union folks. I will look it up to find the references.

    Anyways, its not a favorable history because the participants who whipped up on citizens were a group of veterans. These groups were utilized as a defacto police (enforcer). Again, I need to pull that research to get the facts.

  36. samiam60 says:

    Karma says:

    Well that is one thing I got right 99.9% of the time, but there was this one time in Bangkok????

    Ya know Karma women fake it. Re adjust your percentages please. I’m at 23%.

  37. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Arlene,

    Good to see you. Let me know what you find out about the AARP insurance.

    And for sure, Obama is trying to build a political army.

  38. VotingFemale says:

    fake it? never lol

  39. VotingFemale says:

    Lets all go protest at his vaca spot!!

    Boo Obama! We Don’t Like You!

  40. samiam60 says:

    Barrache , Pelosi and gang on Health Care Reform:

  41. karmahd says:


  42. karmahd says:

    You know Samiam, I did used to drink quite a bit back in the day, the 99.9% might be an aggressive number??

  43. samiam60 says:

    I’ll bet he kicks their dog.

  44. samiam60 says:

    lol Karma

  45. samiam60 says:

    I’ve faked it in the past.

  46. VotingFemale says:

    Samiam, that laughing video is priceless! OMG

  47. VotingFemale says:

    His dog will get better health care than old folks and babies.

  48. you guys are such naughty boys…

  49. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Warrant… boys will be boys lol

  50. samiam60 says:

    Hey Barache, What are your OBJECTIVES?

  51. karmahd says:

    OK where did everyone go, one hour no talkie, got to run but will be back, ciao Karma

  52. samiam60 says:

    Send a message to Obama. Cancel your AARP membership.

  53. arlenearmy says:

    Folks, I contacted 1 of the insurance companies that offers insurance to AARP’s members. They told me that if a member cancels AARP membership , the cancellation WILL NOT affect the insurance & that as long as the person was an AARP member at the time he/she got the “group” insurance, then the insurance is still good.

    The insurance rep. told me that if a person wants to cancel their AARP membership, they should call:

    888-687-2277 on Monday. AARP is closed today.

  54. hey VF, boys will be boys honey, NO KIDDING! hahahaha

    My son had his dirt bike out last week, and was using his little sisters kett car (peddal car) and got his friends and the tree stand straps, tied it to his dirt bike and was pulling them all over, it was so stinking funny!!!!

    here these boys are 13 yrs old getting deep voices and hairy legs doing this, I got my laptop out there and video’d them doing it, I was laughing so hard! boys will be boys…

  55. arlenearmy says:

    I just got this via email from some local friends:

    “FoxNews, is going to air a very important documentary about Barack Obama,
    Sunday night at 8:00 PM central / 9 PM eastern. He stated on the air this evening that no one in the news media was willing to do this. Hannity is going back to Obama’s earlier days, showing even then his ties to radical professors, friends, spiritual advisers, etc., he stated this evening that he will show in detail his ties to Rev. Wright for 20+ yrs. How he was participating with this man, and not for the reasons he states! He has uncovered more of Obama’s radical leaders and we will see things that no one in the media is willing to put out there. This will be a night that you will learn more about Obama than ever before Hannity is very passionate about this program and asked that everyone please, please watch~~
    Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET “

  56. arlene army, good work on AARP, I copied and pasted your comment above into an email and mailed it to all my senior citizen friends. Thanks!

  57. samiam60 says:

    Government healthcare prescription breakthrough

  58. samiam60 says:

    Kimjohnill at it again with the missles:

  59. samiam60 says:

    Liberal News network hails first woman dictator.

  60. samiam60 says:

    These are just a preview of the kinds of news we will be getting under the Obamanews networks:

  61. karmahd says:

    A topic that is a bit specific to my industry, but this is the guy Obama hired to run HUD, not exactly a background one would think is sufficient to run such a large and valuable operation which basically holds the key to the turnaround of our economy. This is also the genius that was behind the closing of my company, maybe I should call him and school him on how to fix the problems we now face, him being an architect background hardly inspires much confidence in his ability to fix housing, maybe build a house, but not to fix!!!

    On January 26, 2009, Shaun Donovan was sworn in as the 15th United States Secretary for Housing and Urban Development. He has devoted his career to ensuring access to safe, decent, and affordable housing nationwide, and will carry on that effort in the Obama Administration. Secretary Donovan believes that America’s homes are the foundation for family, safe neighborhoods, good schools, and solid businesses, and that housing represents and confers stability – a base from which to raise America’s children. He joins HUD with the commitment to make quality housing possible for every American.
    [Photo: Shaun Donovan]
    Shaun Donovan
    Secretary U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Secretary Donovan previously served as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). When he became Commissioner of HPD in early 2004, Shaun Donovan engaged the agency in a top-to-bottom strategic planning process. This resulted in new and innovative policy and programmatic solutions, and better measurement of results. During his service, HPD’s New Housing Marketplace Plan to build and preserve 165,000 units of affordable housing was the largest housing plan in the nation.

    Before his service as HPD Commissioner, Secretary Donovan worked in the private sector on affordable housing portfolios, and was a visiting scholar at New York University, where he researched and wrote about the preservation of federally-assisted housing. He was also a consultant to the Millennial Housing Commission on strategies for increasing the production of multifamily housing. The Commission was created by the United States Congress to recommend ways to expand housing opportunities across the nation.

    Secretary Donovan rejoins HUD after his previous service as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing, where he was the primary federal official responsible for privately-owned multifamily housing. At that time, he ran housing programs that helped 1.7 million families access affordable housing. He also served as acting FHA Commissioner during the presidential transition.

    Prior to his first service at HUD, he worked at the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) in New York City, a non-profit lender and developer of affordable housing. He also researched and wrote about housing policy at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University and worked as an architect. Secretary Donovan holds Masters degrees in Public Administration and Architecture from Harvard University.

  62. karmahd says:

    Ahh the Millennial Housing Commission and its ties to ACORN, Brilliant pick MR. President!!

  63. karmahd says:

    Here is a PDF about the creation fo the Millenial Housing Commission, it basically supports offering housing to those who cannot afford it, IE; a Barney Frankish approach to lending that created all the problems we now face, is there no end to the hypocrisy in this administration, putting someone who created the problem in charge of HUD who has to fix the problem they created?? Where in the hell was the press on this appointment????????

    Click to access MHCReport.pdf

  64. karmahd says:

    More of the same Democratic involvement in housing for the undeserved that led to the current crisis!!

    National Neighborhood Coalition Members
    May 2001

    NNC members include national nonprofits, community and neighborhood-based organizations, intermediaries, faith-based organizations, labor organizations, government agencies, foundations, private corporations, trade associations, neighborhood residents and activists, and others seeking to improve the quality of like in lower income neighborhoods. As noted below, there are two categories of NNC membership: regular members and associate members, as listed below.

    Regular Members

    AFL-CIO, Housing Investment Trust
    American Planning Association

  65. Ya’ll we’ve got to start figuring out how to stop the usurper from really screwing up/gerrymandering our nation with ACORN doing the census. good grief.

  66. samiam60 says:

    Hitler gets banned!!!!!

  67. arlenearmy says:

    SEIU & the likes of ACORN are more than just townhall thugs… they are WORLDWIDE TERRORISTS !!

  68. Patriots Heart Network, with our brave Chalice, is in Washington, DC with other Patriots to take back the America we love. Thanks and Prayers go out to Chalice, David, Della, Melissa, Penny, Carl, and VirginiaGent, our Citizen Journalists and Citizen Grand Jurors.
    This week !!!!! This was done.
    Tuesday 8/3: Our Group had a very productive day. They served all members of the Senate today and are preparing to serve all of the documents to the House members on Wednesday.

    The groups are serving the following documents to Congress:

    We the People’s Foundation’s formal Petitions for Redress (2nd formal service; 1st in 2008 by Bob Schulz)
    American Grand Jury Presentments
    Citizen Grand Jury Presentments
    Charges of Treason and Fraud by (6) former Military Veterans
    Amicus Brief
    WND Petitions (without signatures)
    Petition filing in District Court
    This video shows the offices as they go in to serve the Grand Jury Presentments. Amen!

  69. Hey ya’ll, I’ve been told to watch Obama during Ramadan, got it in an email and did a blog on it too, from a settler in Judea.

  70. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good God VF! I am happy you are back! We were all worried about you!!! I hope you enjoyed your short hiatus!! Anyway it seems the tide is turning for Obama and the socialist. The American people are waking up and are getting fired up. It’s about time.

  71. tellitlikeitis says:

  72. tellitlikeitis says:

  73. tellitlikeitis says:

    Arrogance in it’s finest hour.

  74. tellitlikeitis says:

    Obama thugery.

  75. tellitlikeitis says:

  76. tellitlikeitis says:

    The sheeple are waking up.

  77. tellitlikeitis says:

  78. tellitlikeitis says:

    More sheeple are waking up!

  79. samiam60 says:

    Very interesting videos Tellit, thank you.

  80. tellitlikeitis says:

    The sheeple are finally getting it.

  81. tellitlikeitis says:

    No problem Sam. We are the new warriors. It is our job now to get the word out. The internet is our new tool. As you can see from the videos the masses are now waking up. Our so called leaders have 2 choices now. The first is to change direction and recind some of this garbage. The second is to continue down the path of socialism at their own peril.

  82. samiam60 says:

    2010 is coming and as America wakes up I am sure we will see a huge change in the congress by then.
    Obama and Thugs underestimated the Will of the American People.

  83. tellitlikeitis says:

    I found this article on the internet.

    You Are Terrifying Us’ Voters send a message to Washington, and get an ugly response.

    We have entered uncharted territory in the fight over national health care. There’s a new tone in the debate, and it’s ugly. At the moment the Democrats are looking like something they haven’t looked like in years, and that is: desperate.

    They must know at this point they should not have pushed a national health-care plan. A Democratic operative the other day called it “Hillary’s revenge.” When Mrs. Clinton started losing to Barack Obama in the primaries 18 months ago, she began to give new and sharper emphasis to her health-care plan. Mr. Obama responded by talking about his health-care vision. He won. Now he would push what he had been forced to highlight: Health care would be a priority initiative. The net result is falling support for his leadership on the issue, falling personal polls, and the angry town-hall meetings that have electrified YouTube.

    In his first five months in office, Mr. Obama had racked up big wins—the stimulus, children’s health insurance, House approval of cap-and-trade. But he stayed too long at the hot table. All the Democrats in Washington did. They overinterpreted the meaning of the 2008 election, and didn’t fully take into account how the great recession changed the national mood and atmosphere.

    And so the shock on the faces of Congressmen who’ve faced the grillings back home. And really, their shock is the first thing you see in the videos. They had no idea how people were feeling. Their 2008 win left them thinking an election that had been shaped by anti-Bush, anti-Republican, and pro-change feeling was really a mandate without context; they thought that in the middle of a historic recession featuring horrific deficits, they could assume support for the invention of a huge new entitlement carrying huge new costs.

    The passions of the protesters, on the other hand, are not a surprise. They hired a man to represent them in Washington. They give him a big office, a huge staff and the power to tell people what to do. They give him a car and a driver, sometimes a security detail, and a special pin showing he’s a congressman. And all they ask in return is that he see to their interests and not terrify them too much. Really, that’s all people ask. Expectations are very low. What the protesters are saying is, “You are terrifying us.”

    What has been most unsettling is not the congressmen’s surprise but a hard new tone that emerged this week. The leftosphere and the liberal commentariat charged that the town hall meetings weren’t authentic, the crowds were ginned up by insurance companies, lobbyists and the Republican National Committee. But you can’t get people to leave their homes and go to a meeting with a congressman (of all people) unless they are engaged to the point of passion. And what tends to agitate people most is the idea of loss—loss of money hard earned, loss of autonomy, loss of the few things that work in a great sweeping away of those that don’t.

    People are not automatons. They show up only if they care.

    What the town-hall meetings represent is a feeling of rebellion, an uprising against change they do not believe in. And the Democratic response has been stunningly crude and aggressive. It has been to attack. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, accused the people at the meetings of “carrying swastikas and symbols like that.” (Apparently one protester held a hand-lettered sign with a “no” slash over a swastika.) But they are not Nazis, they’re Americans. Some of them looked like they’d actually spent some time fighting Nazis.

    Then came the Democratic Party charge that the people at the meetings were suspiciously well-dressed, in jackets and ties from Brooks Brothers. They must be Republican rent-a-mobs. Sen. Barbara Boxer said on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that people are “storming these town hall meetings,” that they were “well dressed,” that “this is all organized,” “all planned,” to “hurt our president.” Here she was projecting. For normal people, it’s not all about Barack Obama.

    The Democratic National Committee chimed in with an incendiary Web video whose script reads, “The right wing extremist Republican base is back.” DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse issued a statement that said the Republicans “are inciting angry mobs of . . . right wing extremists” who are “not reflective of where the American people are.”

    But most damagingly to political civility, and even our political tradition, was the new White House email address to which citizens are asked to report instances of “disinformation” in the health-care debate: If you receive an email or see something on the Web about health-care reform that seems “fishy,” you can send it to The White House said it was merely trying to fight “intentionally misleading” information.

    Sen. John Cornyn of Texas on Wednesday wrote to the president saying he feared that citizens’ engagement could be “chilled” by the effort. He’s right, it could. He also accused the White House of compiling an “enemies list.” If so, they’re being awfully public about it, but as Byron York at the Washington Examiner pointed, the emails collected could become a “dissident database.”

    All of this is unnecessarily and unhelpfully divisive and provocative. They are mocking and menacing concerned citizens. This only makes a hot situation hotter. Is this what the president wants? It couldn’t be. But then in an odd way he sometimes seems not to have fully absorbed the awesome stature of his office. You really, if you’re president, can’t call an individual American stupid, if for no other reason than that you’re too big. You cannot allow your allies to call people protesting a health-care plan “extremists” and “right wing,” or bought, or Nazi-like, either. They’re citizens. They’re concerned. They deserve respect.

    The Democrats should not be attacking, they should be attempting to persuade, to argue for their case. After all, they have the big mic. Which is what the presidency is, the big mic.

    And frankly they ought to think about backing off. The president should call in his troops and his Congress and announce a rethinking. There are too many different bills, they’re all a thousand pages long, no one has time to read them, no one knows what’s going to be in the final one, the public is agitated, the nation’s in crisis, the timing is wrong, we’ll turn to it again—but not now. We’ll take a little longer, ponder every aspect, and make clear every complication.

    You know what would happen if he did this? His numbers would go up. Even Congress’s would. Because they’d look responsive, deliberative and even wise. Discretion is the better part of valor.

    Absent that, and let’s assume that won’t happen, the health-care protesters have to make sure they don’t get too hot, or get out of hand. They haven’t so far, they’ve been burly and full of debate, with plenty of booing. This is democracy’s great barbaric yawp. But every day the meetings seem just a little angrier, and people who are afraid—who have been made afraid, and left to be afraid—can get swept up. As this column is written, there comes word that John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO has announced he’ll be sending in union members to the meetings to counter health care’s critics.

    Somehow that doesn’t sound like a peace initiative.

    It’s going to be a long August, isn’t it? Let’s hope the uncharted territory we’re in doesn’t turn dark.

  84. tellitlikeitis says:

    Sam, You are right Obama and the socialist thought the 2008 election was a mandate for socialism. The are going to get a reality check in 2010. In the meantime we have to do everything we can to slow down or stop the Obama socialist express from doing more damage before 2010.

  85. samiam60 says:

    In my life time I have never never ever seen so much fear and anxiety over a new President. From not being certain if he is American born to his Socialist policies. As more and more Truth is coming out I foresee a great wave of revolt over this man in the White House. The American People have sacrificed too much for too long to ever let our Freedoms be taken away.

  86. samiam60 says:

    Civil Unrest is brewing and August is a Hot Month.
    Americans will fight on their own soil to protect that which has guided us since our beginning. The Constitution!

  87. samiam60 says:

    Say Good Night Barrack.

  88. samiam60 says:

    Well, Mr President?
    But you better change the Constitution FIRST!

  89. tellitlikeitis says:

    Sam, I cannot disagree. It appears this recession has touched almost everyone this time and the American apathy is waning. People tend to respond to issues that hit home and affect their lives. There is no dubt a storm is brewing. The arrogant SOB in the whitehouse might light the fuse on this powder keg. If that happens all bets are off.

  90. arlenearmy says:

    Sami & Tellit
    We all here know that we have rights & we know there there is a U.S. Constitution. But Obama don’t give a damn about that.

    Obama has a black heart. That doesn’t have anything to do w/race or skin color. Im talking about “black” heart as in sinister, dark & bitterness.

    I hate to think this, but I really believe that Obama has a score to settle. That dude has serious issues.

  91. arlenearmy says:

    Obama is careless & reckless about his lies. He knew damn well he was winging it on this “healthcare reform”. You will notice that he is not trying to spin it by renaming it as “health insurance reform”.

  92. arlenearmy says:

    “You will notice that he is NOW trying to spin it by renaming it as “health insurance reform”.

  93. arlenearmy says:

    There is another point about this whole healthcare ordeal. Bill & Hillary Clinton KNEW that Obama was stepping into dangerous waters, because they been down that road when Clinton was in office.

    But Bill & Hillary kept their mouths shut. Bill hates Obama & no doubt he & Hillary encouraged Obama to push the healthcare stuff to be passed before end of July. Obama was foolish & eager, so he fell for it & as a result of his foolishness he’s been going down hill real fast.

    See, Bill Clinton took it to heart & real personal when Obama played the race card on him. Bill will NEVER forgive that for as long as he lives.

    So while Obama is being slashed & publicly raked over the coals over this Obamacare controversy, Bill Clinton emerges as the Hero by rescuing the hostages (American prisoners).

  94. arlenearmy says:

    So be on the look out for the Clintons to do another set-up (entrapment) on Obama. Bill Clinton aint finished yet.

  95. karmahd says:

    Its Sunday, the escalation of the anger at the town halls could be sending a dual message. I do sincerely believe that the Democrats are now fully aware of the penalty for voting for this health plan, but on the other hand the message is getting pretty ugly, any resort to violence or bereavement can easily be sold by the opposing party as right wing extremists. The message has been sent and the frustration you see is do to the ignoring of an entire party. There is no, zero none of an effort to work bipartisan. I don’t say this out of ignorance, but to shed light on the process of dominant party rule over another. Remember 48% of all people who have voted did not vote for Obama, and that soft middle that was disenchanted with the Bush years leaned left to what they thought at the time was a moderate liberal? Is there such an animal, from all the data that has come forth, albeit not all validated as true beyond reasonable doubt is Obama is was and always will be a radical left, he is acting like he isn’t in his daily interaction with the people, he smooth talks to the sheeple, they say well “he’s such a nice guy that really speaks well”, bull shit.

    More and more in the news you will hear about the Chicago style of politics, there is a great deal to bone up on to understand how they rule. And primarily it is with cold hard cash they buy favors and influence. Lots of special inside pork crap that feeds a street corner but that comes at a price of the vigg. Tax and spend and use the tax revenue to broaden your base. Look what has come out of that town, read; Daily, Blogoviowhoever, and a litany of other transgressors that are as crooked as my spine after 25 years of sports.

    Behold the myth of Obama, where the rubber hits the road, he wants to own the road! Stay vocal but do so with class and intelligence, don’t stoop to the civil unrest, that my friends is playing into there strength, LOGIC AND FACTS, rhetoric be dammed, and lastly follow the MONEY!!

  96. karmahd says:

    Case in point in an effort to post a site on Chicago Politics this came up, I don’t usually go to this site for facts but for a quick opinion, one GLARING propaganda item stuck out like a sore thumb, Obamas net techies tore every part of the article posting apart seeking citations for the statements, the MIND police are busy!

  97. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning all.
    The United States Chamber of Commerce has come out Against Obama’s Health Care Plans and also his Banking overtures. This speaks Volumes to all of us who oppose Big Government in our Lives.

  98. samiam60 says:

    Three rather Large Earthquakes this week. Interesting chain of events seems to be unfolding that may very well change the course of Human History. imo

  99. karmahd says:

    Totally off topic, but dog intelligence ranked by breed. My Weeiner dog is 50 out of 100, I think they are being kind…

    Rank Breed
    1 Border Collie
    2 Poodle
    3 German Shepherd
    4 Golden Retriever
    5 Doberman Pinscher
    6 Shetland Sheepdog
    7 Labrador Retriever
    8 Papillon
    9 Rottweiler
    10 Australian Cattle Dog

  100. samiam60 says:

    The Outcry from the American People is being heard now around the world:

  101. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Karma!

  102. samiam60 says:

    They didn’t rate the Wolf? It has survived where no other dog ever could. The Husky came in at number 45.

  103. karmahd says:

    Sam the Wolf is the father of all dogs, they do not get rated because they are not domesticated, but they are the top of the food chain!!

  104. samiam60 says:

    Now I feel better Karma cause they are really smart:

  105. samiam60 says:

    Sarah Palin is On the Move folks. Look Out Bomba.

  106. samiam60 says:

    We have a new Gaffe Czar!


  107. samiam60 says:

    Hillary Clinton has been in Kenya for some time now. I wonder if she is bringing back Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate?

  108. samiam60 says:

    I would not be surprised to see Hillary Clinton run in 2012. Think about it.

  109. samiam60 says:

    Hillary on her way to Angola. One of our largest suppliers of Oil and Natural Gas. Hmmmmm

  110. SamHenry says:

    I just can’t keep quiet when some things cross my computer screen. This supports my theory in my latest iReport about white fears being natural fears. I believe Sarah Palin addresses these fears at times. I will not be on a lot but will make the occasional drop:

    From the UK Telegraph
    A fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050
    Britain, Spain and Holland will have an even higher proportion of Muslims in a shorter amount of time, an investigation by The Telegraph shows.
    By Adrian Michaels
    Published: 10:56AM BST 08 Aug 2009

    On a hope and a prayer: lack of debate over influx of Muslims, some experts claim.

    Last year, five per cent of the total population of the 27 EU countries was Muslim. But rising levels of immigration from Muslim countries and low birth rates among Europe’s indigenous population mean that, by 2050, the figure will be 20 per cent, according to forecasts.

    Data gathered from various sources indicate that Britain, Spain and Holland will have an even higher proportion of Muslims in a shorter amount of time.

    The UK, which currently has 20 million fewer people than Germany, is also projected to be the EU’s most populous country by 2060, with 77 million people.

    The findings have led to allegations that policy-makers are failing to confront the widespread challenges of the “demographic time bomb”.

    Experts say that there has been a lack of debate on how the population changes will affect areas of life from education and housing to foreign policy and pensions.

    Although some polls have pointed to a lack of radicalisation in the Muslim community, little attention is being given to the integration of migrants, it is claimed, with fears of social unrest in years to come.

    Daniel Hannan

  111. samiam60 says:

    Good to see you SamHenry. Your input here is so very valuable to us all.

  112. SamHenry says:

    In Europe and America, our culture and our laws are under fire. We have already seen how Barack Obama does not observe the US law that all people are considered innocent until evidence or a trial prove otherwise (Gates affair).

    Europeans have given us a heritage in this country that we would like respected and our contributions honored. At times these things are filtered through weak vessels but in the main we all observe our laws and customs. Both our dignity and our culture are under fire on two continents. We need to survive and we will. Like the Boy Scouts, we are prepared. To keep this edge we must assess current conditions and try to project out consequences and trends for the future. Huzzah

  113. SamHenry says:

    RE dog intelligence – SamHenry does not even approach #7. I have just had a serious discussion with him about is bad habits. He is either stupid ( a word whose use must be scrutinized) or smart enough to ignore me. Whatever, it is frustrating and I fear that Labrador Retriever customs and heritage will soon replace mine in this house.

  114. SamHenry says:

    Dog overboard….

  115. SamHenry says:

    Thanks for your comments Sami

  116. karmahd says:

    SamHenry Labs are very smart, but play dumb very well!!

  117. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil and Good Morning, Nazi Teabagging, Townhall Meeting Brothers and Sisters.

  118. SamHenry says:

    OK so I’m still here. I was waiting for FOX before I really jumped ship. I guess you men did not notice that I did not swim to shore.

  119. Foxwood says:

    Men notice? Men don’t notice. We make alot of assumptions, but we rarely notice.

  120. Foxwood says:

    I’m glad your here SamH.

  121. samiam60 says:

    Hi everybody, there is a blog post out there stating concern at ALL the violence at the Town Hall Meetings. I have only heard of ONE instance of violence against an African American Conservative. How people try to distort facts amazes me.

  122. samiam60 says:

    Yep, all we ask is that you show up and bring beer. lol

  123. Foxwood says:

    Busy day again, I’m going to try to check in more today. Soon as I get my office finished, things will streamline in my house and work. I really like efficiency.

  124. Foxwood says:

    I’m sure the distortion is to try to get less people to show up at these meetings, but from what I’m seeing on Fox news, more people are pissed at the attempted thuggery.

  125. Foxwood says:


    You have to buy beer on Saturday before Sunday in most Louisiana Parishes, or your SOL for your cookout. 😦

  126. Foxwood says:

    I am glad to see more people showing up at these town hall meetings. What I’m concerned about is it’s the older generation. The young folk still don’t seem to care. The indifference of the youth is where our country is heading, and that is from our school system.

    The Constitution and American history are taught in such a dull mundane manner so as to bore our youth.

  127. samiam60 says:

    Mnnnnnnnnnnn Duff’s beer, Mmmmmmmmmmm

  128. samiam60 says:

    Oh Noooooooo,, we are having a Global Warming day up north. It is going to be 92 degrees. Ohhhh Nooooooooooooooooooo. That is so unusual for the dog days of August, Ohhhhh Noooooooooooo.

  129. Foxwood says:

    VF VF Where are you?

  130. rosehips says:

    hey peeps!

    This is a good article about Canada’s health care system by a Canadian doctor. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about single payer health care. There are a lot of reasons why the insurance and drug companies don’t want it. I just read that the drug companies are spending $150 mil to push Obamacare. Guess why? I think they don’t want a single-payer system, which is our best option if we are to provide care for all Americans.,0,538126.story

  131. Foxwood says:

    I’ll be glad when global warming is over in south Louisiana. It get’s hot during global warming season.

  132. Foxwood says:

    There are a lot of reasons why Americans don’t want single payer healthcare.

  133. rosehips says:

    sami, I just heard that the glaciers in my state are melting much faster then anyone predicted.
    We are in an el nino summer and it is cooler this summer then average in much of the country. I hope the global coolers are right and we are in a cooling phase. But I’m not holding my breath.

  134. Foxwood says:

    The Constitution and the piece of CRAP called Healthcare

    You are losing your rights as an American. It seems to me, you don’t give a shit. Your ignorant and happy. No, I’m not talking about you Commie Libs that are getting what you want with Socialism. I’m talking about the ignorant that voted for Obutthole because it was cool, or didn’t vote, or don’t pay attention to politics and what it’s doing to their freedom, and then sit eating potato chips and playing with their Wii (your going to go blind doing that).

    I’m tired of pounding my head till it’s bloody, so I will pound your head some more in hopes that you do something, such as:

    Read the Constitution.
    Read a bill.
    Call and email your Reps and Senators.
    Join a tea party.
    Walk on Washington.

    You were taught the Constitution and American history in such a dull, bland way (if taught it at all) that you do not recall any of it. That is what these Commie libs want. They depend on you being so dumbed down that you will fall for such a smooth talking Commie Lib, Obutthole.

    Healthcare is one example Obutthole talks about and the ignorant fall for. Healthcare is NOT in our Constitution. I know your Commie Libs want to shove this shit sandwich down our throats. Not that you care about the Constitution.

    I can hear you disbelievers now, “WHAT! Your nuts, Foxwood. Everyone has the right to healthcare.” That is why I have told you to read the Constitution. THE CONSTITUTION IS THE LAW.

    The Tenth Amendment tell you healthcare is NOT Constitutional therefor NOT A RIGHT:
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    In working mans terms, if it’s not in the Constitution, it’s not for the Federal Government (Obutthole and Congress) to decide. It’s up to the States to make it a state law.

    With that said, and I know we won’t get rid of things already passed that are unconstitutional, what do we do with healthcare?

    Well, we don’t pass this bill. Keep government out of it. And we fix the problems our current system has. The United States has the best healthcare in the world. People from around the world come to the United States to see our doctors. The problem with our healthcare is that the insurance doesn’t cover 10% of Americans. The healthcare bill will increase coverage to the American people by 4%. We want to spend all of this money for a measly 4%?

    Let’s not forget how well the government runs the post office, the DMV, the Indian Hospitals, the VA Hospitals, Medicare and Medicade, Amtrack, Social Security, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Government can’t run shit. They are having a hard time running themselves. Why would you trust them with your health.

    Now, let’s not say anything bad about Obutthole’s healthcare plan, as I just did. He has spy’s. I know you informed Americans and you Commie libs know this. I want the ignorant to see what an Orwellian society Obutthole wants. Go to their “Snitches for Bitches” website at:

    So what happened to the First Amendment? Only Commie Libs have freedom of speech. The First Amendment does not apply to anyone who opposes Obutthole. Here’s your chance, you piece of shit Commie libs. Add Foxwood to the shit list.

    Here is the healthcare bill the House of Representative propose.

    Click to access AAHCA-BillText-071409.pdf

    Now read for yourself what others are saying about this bill. You’ll find the American Citizen (who is getting beaten at town hall meetings) is more informed than your Senators and Reps.

    And then the Obutthole administration wants you to turn in your fellow American. You Commie libs can stop lying to us on your Commie lib blogs. Your leader has shown himself. And you ignorant bastiches, we will lose our country if you don’t get your hand off your Wii and learn something, then do something. You better start giving a shit NOW!

    “I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration’s policies. We are Americans and have the right to participate and debate any administration.” – Hillary Clinton

  135. Foxwood says:

    “I just heard that the glaciers in my state are melting much faster then anyone predicted.”

    It’s a myth.

  136. SamHenry says:

    Rose – I am against single payer for two reasons:

    1) No competition to go to to give us a choice. Under Medicare I could not travel outside the country and be covered medically. That is when my backup insurance kicked in.

    2) If something went very wrong in patient care, you would really be up against it in court.

    Rose, there are ways of keeping private insurance and in offering public insurance to more people. For those for whom private insurance is their main carrier, it will keep them off the public insurance and allow coverage for others who can’t afford private insurance.

    With private long term care insurance, I have a choice about the level of care I will receive. I would like to retain that right.

    Right now Medicare and Medicaid and the Veterans hospitals are going broke. What is needed is a competitive health care system in which the government is forced to be competitive. To do that, they will need to be more efficient. That IS possible.

    You seem to have made up your mind that single payer is the ONLY alternative. It’s not.

  137. samiam60 says:

    Rose says:

    sami, I just heard that the glaciers in my state are melting much faster then anyone predicted.
    We are in an el nino summer and it is cooler this summer then average in much of the country. I hope the global coolers are right and we are in a cooling phase. But I’m not holding my breath.

    Holding your breath for more than 3 minuets is far more dangerous than Global Warming.
    The Earth is going through a 10,000 year cycle that it has done for billions and billions of years. If it wipes out Mankind than it is in the order of things and not man made. If Mankind survives we will have alot more tropical resorts to go to.
    Anyway, that’s what I Heard.

  138. SamHenry says:

    Under the new health care law, Federal and state employees should be required to be on it thus lowering costs and providing more monies to support the new system.

  139. samiam60 says:

    Please Rose, put some clothes on that crab.

  140. SamHenry says:

    Sami I believe in the cyclical theory. I also believe that man’s ways may have hastened the process.

  141. samiam60 says:

    The Veterans Hospitals are a mirror reflection of what Government Healthcare Reform would be like. Need I go into detail on the horrors of my health care to open the eyes of the blissfully misinformed.

  142. Foxwood says:

    The government want’s to take control of your healthcare (heath insurance, whatever), your energy needs, your businesses (auto and banks). People where upset that Bush was “spying” on it’s citizens, when Obutthole is continuing what Bush started. I can’t believe there are sheeple who give Obutthole a pass or believe his every word when the evidence is right in front of them. Oh, that’s right, it’s for the good of the people, because they know what’s good for us.

    How hard is it to add 2 + 2?

  143. SamHenry says:

    Sami – Rose is all natural in her lifestyle. We need to respect that. By the way, the nude beaches in France and Monaco have seen a large decline in attendees. At worst, Rose is outside the trend!

  144. samiam60 says:

    SamH I am sure mankind has played some part in global warming. How could it not? Of course I don’t see where the part Mankind has played would be enough to dramatically change the entire Earths Temperatures.

  145. Foxwood says:

    I believe in Global Whining more than Global Warming.

  146. samiam60 says:

    SamH, I appreciate that note on Rose being all Natural in her lifestyle.

  147. Foxwood says:

    I’m sure the Dinosaurs contributed to Global Whining also.

    Big Animal
    Big Gas

  148. SamHenry says:

    Actually, you could buy Dino gas for your car for a time!

    Sami – I believe we have exacerbated the sime frame but not significantly and we certainly have not caused it. It is on it’s own clock.

  149. samiam60 says:

    I myself am all Natural with the only exception being the food I eat and the beverages I drink.

  150. samiam60 says:

    I also heard that the frogs all around the planet have been croaking.

  151. Foxwood says:

    I’ve heard that anyone on the planet that has ever eaten carrots have died, or will someday.

  152. Foxwood says:

    Yeah, SamH, I think it was called Sinclair Gas and Oil. They had headquarters in Oklahoma when they were around.

  153. samiam60 says:

    That may be true Foxwood but Carrots are also very good for the eyes. It is kind of a trade off I think. imo

  154. Foxwood says:

    I’m all natural sitting here in my leisure suit.

  155. Foxwood says:

    The tag on my suit says, “All Natural Polyester”.

  156. SamHenry says:

    Have to go overboard and make lunch – organic eggs but regular whole wheat bread for a sandwich. I guess you could say that I am a half-A… in this area and perhaps many others.


  157. samiam60 says:

    Hope everyone remembers to watch Sean Hannity tonight at 9 eastern. Gonna expose some very interesting facts held back by the main stream media. Be there or be square.

  158. karmahd says:

    Foxwood do not go near an open flame with that Leisure suit on, many of bad fires were started by them in the 70’s on the disco floors. One minute dancing like crazy, the next poof a brown spot!!!

  159. m2 says:

    Hey Friends- A drive-by, MUST SEE Video concerning Socialized Healthcare!

  160. Foxwood says:

    Not sure what that brown spot might be…

  161. Foxwood says:

    When you concider the amount of money we will spend to raise coverage from 90% of the Americans and illegal aliens, to 94%, it really makes you first wonder if it’s worth it, and second what the real agenda is. Is it to hard to think about this matter? It’s to easy to use your feeling on this issue.

  162. Foxwood says:

    Karma! You Genius Bastich! You’ve solved the energy crisis! How many leisure suits do you own? I still have 6, tho they don’t fit as well as they used to. Start adding all of us Dinosaurs up that still have our suits, build a refinery and we burn the suckers for fuel.

  163. SamHenry says:

    Fox has said: It’s to easy to use your feeling on this issue.

    That’s why disruptors at Town Meetings need to not yell and punch. If they pipe down, they will bet

  164. SamHenry says:

    to finish the above

    they will better get their point across and perhaps ever garner some followers.

  165. SamHenry says:

    Do you think Michael Jackson had polyester hair? I’m just sayin.

  166. SamHenry says:

    Radar love – that’s what I need now. My dish satellite is overwhelmed by rain and wind and now I am in for a cloudy day when i would rather blog and listen to TV. Oh for that warning voice to read and listen to the egg timer!

    I do like the song, FOX

  167. karmahd says:

    Eureka, leisure suit energy, we can use it to power all the old Chrysler Cordoba’s with 400 cubes in them. I say we get about 3 suits to the gallon!!

  168. Foxwood says:


    The Dems are using the meetings to tell the state run media that they need protection, but it didn’t get violent until the Union thugs and ACORN started showing up.

    But your right, There needs to be freedom of speech maybe in a more orderly manner, but I understand some of them feel like they are not heard.

  169. m2 says:

    another driveby, sorry! THIS IS AWESOME!

    Denver photojournalist El Marco was at the event and has an amazing pictorial essay detailing how Pelo-cchio’s Astroturf brigade had to be coached by professional organizers — including several day laborers who didn’t speak English and couldn’t tell what the signs they were holding read. And they accuse Tea Party folks of being puppets?!

  170. Foxwood says:

    I had a friend who used the stuff MJ had in his hair. It’s very flammable. Could probably add it to the polyester mix.

  171. m2 says:

    “Congress has CADILLAC healthcare; Americans will have CLUNKER healthcare!”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha…

  172. Foxwood says:

    Just like Congress will have Jets, but CEOs can’t.

    No animal will sleep in a bed…
    unless it has sheets.

  173. SamHenry says:

    I hate to brag but when this hideous health care plan that will become single payer was first unfurled, I spoke out and said OK first the Federal Government employees need to sign up for it. That will help pay for the new system. I’m so generous in my praise of my dear self and of course of my fellow bloggers on the great info ship VF.

  174. samiam60 says:

    New Obama add to air this week:

    Trade in Grandpa and get 1 year of Free Healthcare

  175. SamHenry says:

    Do I need to dig him up?

  176. SamHenry says:

    I am horrified, FOX. During the playing of this last music vid of yours, Google ran an ad about Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Rochester, NY near me. They are like Santa – the first big brother in all senses of the term: “he knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you’re awke….

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  178. SamHenry says:

    Sadly, other than Sami, no one in America has been impassioned about defending “truth, justice and the American Way” – except…

  179. SamHenry says:

    Here’s one for all of us who backed the wrong horse in the last election.

  180. Foxwood says:

    ROTFLMAO at you gals and guys.

  181. SamHenry says:

    Thanks FOX. I have to do penance – have been on too long today.

    Dog overboard…

  182. Foxwood says:

    Steven Tyler Airlifted to Hospital After Fall

    By Stephen M. Silverman
    UpdatePosted Thursday August 06, 2009 02:00 PM EDT

    Originally posted Thursday August 06, 2009 10:00 AM EDT
    Steven Tyler Photo by: David “Bagel” Ungar / FilmMagicSteven Tyler Airlifted to Hospital After Fall | Steven Tyler
    Steven Tyler was airlifted to a hospital early Thursday after falling from the stage during a concert at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in western South Dakota, according to the Rapid City Journal.

    The Aerosmith singer, 61, reportedly suffered minor head and neck injuries and a shoulder injury, though the seriousness of his condition is not yet clear.

    It is being said that Tyler fell off the stage as the band was performing “Love In an Elevator” and was then assisted backstage before being rushed to the Rapid City regional Hospital.

    Mike Sanborn, spokesman for the Buffalo Chip Campground, which hosted the outdoor concert, tells the Associated Press about the incident: “He was good-natured about it. He was in good spirits when he got in the helicopter. He was talking and joking with the physician.”

    According to the band’s rep, Aerosmith’s show on Friday Winnipeg, Canada, has been canceled as Tyler recovers.

    Last year, Tyler returned to rehab in order to address a dependency on pain and sleep medication.

    Hope that healthcare plan holds out for you Steven! Might be hard to tour in a wheelchair.

  183. samiam60 says:

    Here is a preview of what you might look like after having surgery under Obamacare Trust me on this I am under Veterans Health Insurance:

  184. samiam60 says:

    OK, now our lawmakers in Washington are debating if the Town Hall meeting Protest are real or contrived. Our tax dollars hard at work!

  185. Foxwood says:

    Lord help me. Don’t put me under that knife.

  186. Foxwood says:

    They really don’t care about our rights, Sami. They think silence is golden. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

  187. Foxwood says:

    Better DEAD than RED!

    That is the only way I will be silenced.

  188. Foxwood says:

    Or maybe some long cool woman.

  189. samiam60 says:

    Foxwood says”

    Better DEAD than RED!

    That is the only way I will be silenced.

    Fox, I am sure they will discuss that option with you at your end of life consultation.

  190. SamHenry says:

    That is and is not LOL Sami.

  191. samiam60 says:

    How ironic. Our military forces in Iraq with Swine Flu. Government set up maybe? I dunno.,2933,538641,00.html?test=latestnews

  192. Foxwood says:

    I’m sure they will Sami. The red pill or the blue pill.

    Will you eat the soilent green or will you be the soilent green

  193. SamHenry says:

    OK blog buds, hot off the press from Organizing for America:

    All throughout August, our members of Congress are back in town. Insurance companies and partisan attack groups are stirring up fear with false rumors about the President’s plan, and it’s extremely important that folks like you speak up now.

    So we’ve cooked up an easy, powerful way for you to make a big impression: Office Visits for Health Reform.

    All this week, OFA members like you will be stopping by local congressional offices to show our support for insurance reform. You can have a quick conversation with the local staff, tell your personal story, or even just drop off a customized flyer and say that reform matters to you.

    We’ll provide everything you need: the address, phone number, and open hours for the office, information about how the health care crisis affects your state for you to drop off (with the option of adding your personal story), and a step-by-step guide for your visit.

    According to our records, you live near Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office in Rochester, NY.

    Sign up now to visit Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office in Rochester this week.

    (Not your representative, or think there might be another office that’s easier for you to get to? Click here to find a different office.)

    As you’ve probably seen in the news, special interest attack groups are stirring up partisan mobs with lies about health reform, and it’s getting ugly. Across the country, members of Congress who support reform are being shouted down, physically assaulted, hung in effigy, and receiving death threats. We can’t let extremists hijack this debate, or confuse Congress about where the people stand.

    Office Visits for Health Reform are our chance to show that the vast majority of American voters know that the cost of inaction is too high to bear, and strongly support passing health reform in 2009.

    Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. The congressional staff is there to listen, and your opinion as a constituent matters a lot. And if you bring a friend, you’ll have more fun and make an even greater impact.

    Click below to sign up for an Office Visit for Health Reform:

    Wherever you live, these visits matter: Many representatives are pushing hard toward reform, and they are taking a lot of heat from special interests. They deserve our thanks and need our support to continue the fight. But those who are still putting insurance companies and partisan point-scoring ahead of their constituents must know that voters are watching — and that we expect better.

    Earlier this week, the President wrote that “this is the moment our movement was built for” and asked us all to commit to join at least one event this month. This is the way to answer that call, and rise to the challenge of this moment together.

    Thank you for going the extra mile when it matters the most,


    Mitch Stewart
    Organizing for America

  194. SamHenry says:

    As you’ve probably seen in the news, special interest attack groups are stirring up partisan mobs with lies about health reform, and it’s getting ugly. Across the country, members of Congress who support reform are being shouted down, physically assaulted, hung in effigy, and receiving death threats. We can’t let extremists hijack this debate, or confuse Congress about where the people stand.


  195. Foxwood says:

    Don’t forget, I will be their with my Confederate Swastika.

  196. Foxwood says:

    This is really depressing.

  197. samiam60 says:

    SamH the above accusations for the most part are false. Physically assaulted, Hung in effigy, etc.
    I have not seen any reports of this at all. Whats up with that?

  198. Foxwood says:

    It gets worse…

  199. samiam60 says:

    I believe the Second American Revolution is about to begin. I believe Obama is pushing for this.

  200. samiam60 says:


  201. SamHenry says:

    Judging from the e-mail I copied above from Organizing for America, the group that represents the President is fanning the flames of dissent and closing down public debate. And they are blaming it on unnamed organized “mobs” of people. They are focusing on the few whom they could easily control in meetings (have them removed) and not on the majority of Republicans and Independents that are against his policies. NOTICE THAT THEY HAVE AVOIDED MENTIONING THE INDEPENDENTS THEY NEED TO HELP THEM IN THE NEXT ELECTION.

    So if you go to your Congressional office, you can get your name on a list of supporters. I guess those who don’t show up or who have not been “invited” will be put on another list.

    This is unbelievable that things are being orchestrated in this way.

  202. samiam60 says:

    SamH, thank you for sharing this. This is Chicago Style Sleezball Politics endorsed by a Sleezball President. He will be Impeached.

  203. samiam60 says:

    SamH I do believe a Middle Class Tax increase is coming and when it does I believe many a Liberal will run screaming Impeachment. They would feel so betrayed and once Obama starts taking their money their Loyalties will vanish just like the empty ideals they claim to possess.

  204. Foxwood says:

    Got one for you to SamH

  205. Foxwood says:

    Don’t be offended… I was in a humorous mood today after all you guys and gals antics.

  206. samhenry says:

    FOX I am serious that the dogs are looking at the computer and barking. God, I wish it were Christmas and this whole health care mess would be behind us …or will it? If it is over, we will be on to the next part of the process to revolutionize the country in under a year!

  207. Foxwood says:

    JJ Cale, Another Okie boy!

  208. samhenry says:

    I have published a new post at that asks the question:

    Where are independent voters these days?

    Read it; treasure it.

  209. samhenry says:

    Sami it is certain that there will be a middle class tax increase and watch the people who will lose their houses. Democrats never learn.

  210. Foxwood says:

    I’m checking it out SamH.

    But I got a question.

  211. samiam60 says:

    Here is an interesting thought by samiam. Please correct me if any of this info appears to be wrong.

    Two thirds of the Earth are covered by water.
    One third of the Earth is land.
    Mankind inhabits one tenth of all the land.

    Now IMO, man cannot be the cause of Global Warming.

    I believe it might be caused by Fish and Whale Farts bubbling up to the surface.

    And now you know. Thank You, Samiam

  212. Foxwood says:

    “Democrats never learn.”


    Some actually do.

  213. samiam60 says:

    I would like to address Rosehips concerns about the melting Glaciers:

    As you know Rose I am a Flatist. In that I mean I believe the Earth is Flat.

    Now if the Glaciers are infact melting, according to my view the excess waters will
    simply run off the edge of the Earth.

    I know you will sleep better tonight know this.

  214. Foxwood says:

    Just my opinion, Sami. Some of it could be because of Global Whining.

  215. samiam60 says:

    Global Whining is also a suspect, but again the tears would just run off the edge of the Earth.

    I am trying to give Rose some of my beliefs Foxwood as she does always seem to say ” she heard” after stating her facts.

  216. Foxwood says:

    You know, Sami, Since the earth is getting warmer, just crank up that air conditioner a little lower to compensate. You will feel better about that also.

  217. Foxwood says:

    With the healthcare plan… we can all hope we die before we get old.

  218. samiam60 says:

    What I beleive by Samiam:

    1. I believe that President Obama is half White.
    2. I believe Global Warming is a summer event.
    3. I believe Barney Franks is Angry and not Gay.
    4. I believe Sex is more fun with a Partner.
    5. I believe Nancy Pelosi is still a Virgin.
    6. I believe Joe Biden should not play poker.
    7. I believe Welfare should be earned.
    8. I believe Red Necks got it right.
    9. I believe CNN is a propaganda machine.
    10.I believe 2010 will give us real Change.

  219. Foxwood says:

    “8. I believe Red Necks got it right.”

    I’ll fly a Confederate Swastika for that one.

    Wait? Where is Nancy Palosi?

  220. samhenry says:

    I am leaving a message in the conference room

  221. Foxwood says:

    Before Led Zeppelin

  222. samiam60 says:

    Remember to watch Hannity tonight at 9 eastern.

    It is supposed to expose something not covered by the media.

  223. Foxwood says:

    Ovation has the history of Hendrix on.
    Might catch it before Hannity comes on.

  224. samhenry says:

    And I might catch a cold before Hannity – anything can happen FOX. We still have choices. But will the President ask us to turn in our clickers? Will there just be one channel playing his speeches and other vids and interviewing the faithful? It looks as if we are headed that way.

  225. Foxwood says:

    Watching the Jimi Hendrix history reminds me I need to buy some denture grip.

  226. Foxwood says:

    Hah!,,, SamH, I got a secret! My TV has buttons on it!

  227. Foxwood says:

    Hmmm. My computer is going haywire.

    Too much Jimi I guess.

  228. samhenry says:

    Have to run – Hannity is on in my area. I won’t say where that area is in case I am on some list or other.

  229. Foxwood says:

    I’m flying my Confederate Swastika while Hannity’s on.

  230. samhenry says:

    Careful FOX – there may be a brown shirt hidden camera in your “medicine” cabinet.

  231. samhenry says:

    My most recent video may be on CNN in the 10:00 hour although I doubt it. It has not been doing well on the CNN.COM front page.

  232. Foxwood says:

    “Careful FOX – there may be a brown shirt hidden camera in your “medicine” cabinet.”

    Hmmm… That could be scary. I’m still trying to figure out how to get that outhouse inside.

  233. samiam60 says:

    That Hannity was a repeat. What the heck.

  234. tellitlikeitis says:

    Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo! Thae American communist are getting frustrated by President Obama.

  235. tellitlikeitis says:

  236. tellitlikeitis says:

    You guys gotta watch this!!! This is great!!! The sheeple are waking up!!! I love it!!! Fuck these socialist assholes and they can take their government health and stick it right up their asses. They are a bunch a lying c#^ksuckers!!!

  237. tellitlikeitis says:

  238. tellitlikeitis says:

    More Obama thugary! The Chicago way! Al Capone is smiling in his grave.

  239. samhenry says:

    This victim above has the same problem as Janet Jackson had in a football stadium in recent memory. Lady GaGa had a similar problem. How is it that people don’t complain when it happens to a man, eh?

  240. tellitlikeitis says:

  241. tellitlikeitis says:

  242. tellitlikeitis says:

  243. tellitlikeitis says:

    SH! LOL!

  244. tellitlikeitis says:

    You are a lying asshole! For once in your life! Tell ther fucking truth!

  245. tellitlikeitis says:

    The Obama brownshirts are mobilized now.

  246. tellitlikeitis says:

    Obama health care for seniors.

  247. tellitlikeitis says:

    I wonder if Sol got end of life counceling from Obama healthcare.

  248. tellitlikeitis says:

    Obama’s plan to feed the US population.

  249. tellitlikeitis says:

    The Obama commies just don’t get it.

  250. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good evening Lisa!

  251. LisaInTX says:

    Hi everyone, just checking in to say WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AWESOME!!! Never knew a horse could climb a 10-15ft wall from the bottom of a creek bed, leaping like a panther up that straight no path ‘wall’, but two horses that we own did and so did a friends mare of similar breeding!!!
    I’m thrilled and thankful that we all accomplished such a feat, my husband included!
    Heading to bed….will check back in when I get caught up on things around here.

  252. LisaInTX says:

    Hi Tellit…
    Wished I could stay and chat, but I am exhausted….I’ll see ya tomorrow…..

  253. tellitlikeitis says:

    Lisa , Sounds like shades of George Orwell. The book 1984 is another liberal bible.

  254. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good nite Lisa! Congrats!

  255. m2 says:

    To all that love the idea of Gov Health care listen to my story. I will make it quick. My father is 64 and had a brain tumor (Obama already spoke that they may have to ration some care to older patients). Doc told him that he needed it out in two days or be paralyzed permanently. Doctor took it out two days later (would not have happened in Gov care). He stayed a week, had rehab, etc. Came home and has been doing well. Received the bill, $36,000, which is actually a deal. The bill also said that Insurance would only cover $2,500 of the procedure. They sited that that is how much they pay for procedures like that. Now my parents have to pay back the rest. What I didn’t tell you is that my Dad is retired Coast Guard, he is on Gov Care. My parents have to pay 15% of what was not paid. The doctor, out of $36,000 will only receive $6,000. This is why doctors will leave the profession. Do you know how much stress is put on surgeons? Did you know that we are running low on surgeons already? That barely pays for insurance, (which is why tort reform is needed to stop frivolous lawsuits. My parents insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and VA are all Government Insurance. They have all failed. We need health care reform, but not this. We need tort reform to stop frivolous lawsuits. We don’t need Canada and England’s health care, read article about their coverage on, you will see why. We need a change but Obama’s way will destroy the industry.

  256. m2 says:

    Excellent here:

    If you want to stop or change ObamaCare, I have some suggestions.

    Opponents of Obama’s single-payer scheme, government-funded abortion, Medicare rationing by age, increased government spending on government health programs that give free health care to illegal immigrants, 60% marginal income tax rates and giving politicians the power to reward their health care friends and punish their enemies should continue to use fear to fight the fear strategy that Obama has been using with such futility.

    Ask some of these simple questions:

    1. Do you think one person or one company can manage 20% of the American economy fairly and honestly?

    2. When you get a big NO, ask, do you trust any politician or the 535 members of Congress to skillfully, honestly and fairly to run health care in a way that is good for anybody but their campaign contributors and favorite lobbyists?

    3. Then ask, do you think Congress and the President could radically change 20% of the economy, the health care markets, and get it right? Ever?

    4. Are you prepared to see Washington’s careerist politicians turn your health insurance and health care into another mismanaged, corrupt Katrina, California, New York , Illinois or New Jersey?

    5. Do you realize that on a per person basis, Medicare is more expensive to administer than private health insurance and that nothing Washington will do will cut administrative costs?

    6.Do you want government-run health care that favors the rich and powerful as well as the political class who will take care of their friends and themselves regardless of how it hurts you?

    7. Will you support changes in health care insurance laws and regulations that won’t put the employers of large and small businesses out of work?

    8. And, finally, are you ready for some minor changes in state and federal insurance laws that will let private health insurers sell and administer policies that don’t discriminate based on your medical history, can’t be cancelled when you get sick, can’t be made more expensive after you submit major claims and make it possible to take your insurance with you when you change jobs?

    These questions should be asked in townhall meetings, letters to members of Congress, speeches, TV appearances and in conversations with your friends and acquaintances.

    Don’t defend insurers as Jim DeMint and most Republicans do.

    Don’t let Democrats push a bill that favors their friends in the pharmaceutical industry, the American Hospital Assn. and the unrepresentative American Medical Assn.

    When people bring up AARP’s strong support for ObamaCare, point out that AARP makes money selling supplemental Medicare insurance and Medicare Part D drug coverage. It is dependent on the president and Democrats, because they make it possible for AARP and its executives to make big money. Yes, AARP is tax-exempt, but it is in business to make its executives rich and its board members powerful.

    Not everyone will agree with your questions or answers, but that’s okay, because you’ll continue to expose the unworkability and corruptibility of ObamaCare.

  257. m2 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself:

    If the President and Democrat members of Congress were serious, which they are not, about real health system reform then they would pass legislation, using the Commerce Clause, to overrule all state level health insurance regulation and nurture a national market. They would allow insurance companies to sell a wide range of policies based on peoples’ needs without costly mandates that cause people to forgo coverage. They would allow for the expansion of HSAs and push high deductible, low premium health insurance plans. They would allow personal tax deductions for health care to help break the employer/health benefits link. They would expand these changes and eventually phase out Medicare and Medicaid by giving participants in those programs prefunded HSA debit cards with which the recipients can buy their own insurance plans and keep the money they don’t spend.

    But since their REAL goal is to take over they system and further socialize our free nation they refuse to consider these ideas. The Democrats claim the GOP hasn’t offered any alternatives but each idea I wrote above are current GOP ideas.

    The president and Democrat party leadership are simply, statists who seek to control as much of our lives as possible.

  258. SamHenry says:

    Tellit – Excellent vids per usual.

    M2 – Excellent articles per usual.

    VF is lucky to have you.

  259. SamHenry says:

    Here’s an article from THE ECONOMIST that supports the theories of many – even the current tax structure is unhealth form Some of the ELderl:

  260. SamHenry says:

    Fox news reports on the 3 Amigos summit in Mexico – it is not going well. Read the entire article. One bone of contention is:

    Obama told Calderon that human rights is a major priority for him, but also assured him that the State Department is working to prepare a report that recognizes all Mexico’s efforts to prevent abuses, said a senior administration official, who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity in order to more freely describe private meetings.

    Drug violence has killed more than 11,000 people since Mexico launched its crackdown.

    Mexican cities are essentially under siege, and the killings are spilling over the border into the United States and as far as Canada.

    Calderon also quizzed Obama on his earlier promise to restore a canceled pilot program that had allowed Mexican truckers to travel into the United States, the official said.

    The North American Free Trade Agreement required the United States to grant Mexican trucks full access to its highways by January 2000, but domestic opposition stalled that plan until a 2007 pilot program allowed some trucks. Facing opposition from U.S. labor unions and consumer groups, Obama signed a spending bill that included a ban on spending for the program.

    Mexico retaliated by imposing tariffs on dozens of U.S. products ranging from fruit and wine to washing machines.

    Obama told Calderon he would work “to try to move forward” but also said Congress has “legitimate safety concerns” about Mexican trucks, the official said.

  261. samiam60 says:

    Obama Falls short by half of Bush Record.

  262. Foxwood says:

    Nancy Palosi call the people at town hall meetings unAmerican. Just saw this on Fox and Friends.

    I just wrote her a note:

    “I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration’s policies. We are Americans and have the right to participate and debate any administration.” – Hillary Clinton

  263. Foxwood says:

    Pelosi finds dissent un-American… now.
    posted at 2:03 am on August 10, 2009 by Karl

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer attack anti-ObamaCare protesters at Congressional town halls in the USA Today:

    These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.

    Pelosi knows a thing or two about raucous protesters, and has not always considered them un-American. Since becoming Speaker, she has occasionally run into resistance from the antiwar movement generally, and Code Pink in particular. In January 2006, Pelosi got a decidedly mixed reseption at a town hall meeting in San Francisco:

    Dozens of heckling, sign-toting anti-war protesters tried to take center stage at the congresswomen’s town hall forum on national security — calling for an immediate de-funding of the Iraq war and impeachment proceedings against President George Bush.


    The protesters stood quietly in front of Pelosi waving their signs for the entire two-hour meeting, while hecklers from the audience frequently interrupted the talk.


    But Pelosi never summoned help from police or security. She negotiated with the hecklers and at times even thanked the protesters for their advocacy and enthusiasm.

    “It’s always exciting,” she told reporters after the meeting. “This is democracy in action. I’m energized by it, frankly.”

    Or this incident from June 2007:

    The congresswoman who hails from liberal San Francisco was introduced on Wednesday by Rep. John Murtha, a longtime Iraq war dissenter. Murtha was greeted with raucous applause, but, at the mention of Pelosi’s name, members of the antiwar women’s group Code Pink were quick to shout at her and continued to do so throughout her speech until she responded.

    As Pelosi was discussing “…preserving our climate, protecting our country, growing our economy and strengthening our families as we care for our children and preserve our planet,” activists from the group interjected.

    “And bring our troops home now,” a protester yelled from the crowd, following by several other “now”s.

    “Preserving our planet is a national security issue…,” Pelosi said and paused. “I always say the best preparation for combat is combat,” she responded. “So just go for it, I respect your enthusiasm.”

    “Your impatience with the war is justified,” Pelosi said, trying to ease tensions between those heckling her and those shushing the hecklers.

    The Hill reported:

    At the end of her remarks, she said, “Instead of fighting with us, which is your right to do, let’s work together.”

    Pelosi would later complain about Code Pink protesters and refuse to meet with them, but that is a far cry from branding them un-American.

    “Un-American” is an epithet Pelosi and other top Democrats save for the Right. Sen. Blanche Lincoln apologized for calling anti-Obamacare protests un-American, with a big whiff of political expediency. Pelosi, safely entrenched in San Francisco, has accused the GOP of being un-American time after time. It’s not difficult to find example after example of top Democrats questioning the patriotism of their opponents.

    As for her attempted government takeover of the US healthcare system, Pelosi writes that “it is healthy for such a historic effort to be subject to so much scrutiny and debate,” and that “[t]he dialogue between elected representatives and constituents is at the heart of our democracy and plays an integral role in assuring that the legislation we write reflects the genuine needs and concerns of the people we represent.”

    The reality is that Pelosi wanted the healthcare bill passed before the August recess and threatened to keeping the House in session through the August recess to pass its healthcare overhaul. She had no use for a dialogue between the members of her caucus and the voters who elected them.

    Nor was she encouraging debate within the House of Representatives. Pelosi has run a more debate-free House than the GOP did from 1992-2006, and was willing to shut down the House to shut off debate about it. So it is no shock that Pelosi will not promise a week to review the final text of a health-care reform bill before a vote.

    In sum, Speaker Pelosi is quite tolerant of disruptive protests, so long as they are on the Left. And if Pelosi is not the person most responsible for trying to shut down democratic debate on healthcare and other vital issues, she is certainly in the front row of the team photo. Is there a word for that?

  264. SamHenry says:

    Hi guys. Unfortunately I went to the Gallup site last night and Obama’s approval record is rising. We need to strategize how to deal with this.

  265. Foxwood says:

    Morning Sam and Sam!

    Getting ready for work. BBL.

  266. karmahd says:

    Morning all, getting a late start here, I reviewed the poll numbers and from 7/30-8/2 Obamas approval went from 52-57, no big deal, that is his personal approval, and somehow the numbers have been cooked, people are still very upset with the overall direction of the country, and what has happened over the last 8 days will surely show in decreased approval ratings.

  267. m2 says:

    check this SHIZZAH OUT.

  268. karmahd says:

    Go about half way down the page and you will find some interesting numbers!

  269. m2 says:

    LOL !!! Even Science mag is running away from the causes of Global Warming. It ain’t what Al Gore said- there’s a hint!!! JUST AS I THOUGHT!

    Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages — may also help predict future
    August 6th, 2009 in Space & Earth / Earth Sciences
    Researchers have largely put to rest a long debate on the underlying mechanism that has caused periodic ice ages on Earth for the past 2.5 million years – they are ultimately linked to slight shifts in solar radiation caused by predictable changes in Earth’s rotation and axis.
    In a publication to be released Friday in the journal Science, researchers from Oregon State University and other institutions conclude that the known wobbles in Earth’s rotation caused global ice levels to reach their peak about 26,000 years ago, stabilize for 7,000 years and then begin melting 19,000 years ago, eventually bringing to an end the last ice age.
    The melting was first caused by more solar radiation, not changes in carbon dioxide levels or ocean temperatures, as some scientists have suggested in recent years.
    “Solar radiation was the trigger that started the ice melting, that’s now pretty certain,” said Peter Clark, a professor of geosciences at OSU. “There were also changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and ocean circulation, but those happened later and amplified a process that had already begun.”
    The findings are important, the scientists said, because they will give researchers a more precise understanding of how ice sheets melt in response to radiative forcing mechanisms. And even though the changes that occurred 19,000 years ago were due to increased solar radiation, that amount of heating can be translated into what is expected from current increases in greenhouse gas levels, and help scientists more accurately project how Earth’s existing ice sheets will react in the future.
    “We now know with much more certainty how ancient ice sheets responded to solar radiation, and that will be very useful in better understanding what the future holds,” Clark said. “It’s good to get this pinned down.”
    To make their analysis, the researchers used an analysis of 6,000 dates and locations of ice sheets to define, with a high level of accuracy, when they started to melt. In doing this, they confirmed a theory that was first developed more than 50 years ago that pointed to small but definable changes in Earth’s rotation as the trigger for ice ages.
    “We can calculate changes in the Earth’s axis and rotation that go back 50 million years,” Clark said. “These are caused primarily by the gravitational influences of the larger planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, which pull and tug on the Earth in slightly different ways over periods of thousands of years.”
    That, in turn, can change the Earth’s axis – the way it tilts towards the sun – about two degrees over long periods of time, which changes the way sunlight strikes the planet. And those small shifts in solar radiation were all it took to cause multiple ice ages during about the past 2.5 million years on Earth, which reach their extremes every 100,000 years or so.
    Sometime around now, scientists say, the Earth should be changing from a long interglacial period that has lasted the past 10,000 years and shifting back towards conditions that will ultimately lead to another ice age – unless some other forces stop or slow it. But these are processes that literally move with glacial slowness, and due to greenhouse gas emissions the Earth has already warmed as much in about the past 200 years as it ordinarily might in several thousand years, Clark said.
    “One of the biggest concerns right now is how the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets will respond to global warming and contribute to sea level rise,” Clark said. “This study will help us better understand that process, and improve the validity of our models.”

  270. m2 says:

    “Communism: A History” by Richard Pipes: “…Communist regimes thrived on crises. Crisis alone permitted the authorities to demand – and obtain – total submission and all necessary sacrifices from its citizens. The system needed sacrifices and sacrificial victims for the good of the cause and the happiness of future generations. Crises enabled the system in this way to build a bridge from the fictional world of utopian programs to the world of reality.” (the quote was footnoted from “Utopia in Power: The history of the Soviet Union from 1917 to Present” by Mikhail Heller).

  271. samhenry says:

    Boy o boy o boyo – Karm and M2 – what homework assignments you have given us. Good and thorough research – the kind of thing for which this site is noted.

  272. samhenry says:

    And now the White House itself speaks. This is the kind of thing they should have done rather than have people report people whose views did not jibe with theirs. In any event, I feel this is not the proper source for this info. They should turn it over to Nancy!

    Dear Friend,

    Anyone that’s watched the news in the past few days knows that health insurance reform is a hot topic — and that rumors and scare tactics have only increased as more people engage with the issue. Given a lot of the outrageous claims floating around, it’s time to make sure everyone knows the facts about the security and stability you get with health insurance reform.

    That’s why we’ve launched a new online resource — — to help you separate fact from fiction and share the truth about health insurance reform. Here’s a few of the reality check videos you can find on the site:

    CEA Chair Christina Romer details how health insurance reform will impact small businesses.
    Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes tackles a nasty rumor about euthanasia and clearly describes how reform helps families.
    Matt Flavin, the White House’s Director of Veterans and Wounded Warrior Policy, clears the air about Veteran’s benefits.
    Kavita Patel, M.D., a doctor serving in the White House’s Office of Public Engagement, explains that health care rationing is happening right now and how reform gives control back to patients and doctors.
    Bob Kocher, M.D., a doctor serving on the National Economic Council, debunks the myth that health insurance reform will be financed by cutting Medicare benefits.
    There’s more information and a number of online tools you can use to spread the truth among your family, friends and other social networks. Take a look:

    We knew going into this effort that accomplishing comprehensive health insurance reform wasn’t going to be easy. Achieving real change never is. The entrenched interests that benefit from the status quo always use their influence in Washington to try and keep things just as they are.

    But don’t be misled. We know the status quo is unsustainable. If we do nothing, millions more Americans will be denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions, or see their coverage suddenly dropped if they become seriously ill. Out-of-pocket expenses will continue to soar, and more and more families and businesses will be forced to deal with health insurance costs they can’t afford.

    That’s the reality.

    Americans deserve better. You deserve a health care system that works as well for you as it does for the status quo; one you can depend on — that won’t deny you coverage when you need it most or charge you crippling out-of-pocket co-pays. Health insurance reform means guaranteeing the health care security and stability you deserve.

    President Barack Obama promised he’d bring change to Washington and fix our broken, unsustainable health insurance system. You can help deliver that change. Visit, get the facts and spread the truth. The stakes are just too high to do nothing.

    Thank you,

    David Axelrod
    Senior Advisor to the President

  273. m2 says:

    I wonder if Axelrod will just lie (ie. tell people what they want to hear) or actually be truthful. Because according to many, Obamacare is a Death Sentence for America’s economy, and people:

    The White House wants to be appraised of “fishy” things? Very well. Let us appraise them. Let us send them every study by every reputable research institute – Heritage, CATO, AEI, Galen, Pacific Research – which uses solid economic and historical data to argue against Obamacare; send them every op-ed or article written by any respected economist, author, or pundit (and they are legion) who makes a solid case against further government intrusion into health care.

    But if they really want fishy, send them this report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, which gives the lie to the president’s assertion that his reform measures will reduce costs. Instead, according the CBO, Obama’s proposals would produce economically suicidal deficits as far as the eye can see.

    The White House’s blog may be illegal – some experts claim it is a clear violation of the Privacy Act of 1974, which places strict legal limits on how and why federal agencies can collect and maintain data on private citizens (instituted – rightfully so – after Nixon’s abuses). Whether or not it is illegal, it is certainly repugnant for the president to ask us to spy on his political opponents for him.

    Really, what country does he think this is?

  274. m2 says:

    Nevermind, Axelrod did lie in that letter. “The stakes are too high to do nothing” ? Really? Just like we actually would have been better off had we NOT given Obama’s cronies 800 billion “Stimulus”… and just like all of the GOP has put forth reform that Senator Obama voted AGAINST. And just like all the people who have ideas and it is Democrats who have none except to take a crap on our constitution and enslave the people in ANOTHER failed Government solution.

    Right Axelrod. Rot!

  275. karmahd says:

    Hello all, and thank you M2 for the “communism: A History” I will bring light a quote by Rhame Emanuel, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. This is the mentality of this administration, we are but pawns in the process for the octopus to reach its tentacles out and grab what they can while they can. Why else do you think everyone is in such a hurry to pass all this legislation???

  276. samiam60 says:

    The Disinformation we are now hearing from the White House leads me to believe anything is possible with Obama. This is a fictional depiction of what we seem to be seeing and hearing in America today:

  277. samiam60 says:

    Today the White House has launched a new web site called “Reality Check”. It is a Tattle-Tale web site for Americans to report anyone who is publishing anti-healthcare reform information.
    Not to far fetched from the video above is it?

  278. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning everyone!

    Deficit grew by $181 billion in July
    By Walter Alarkon
    Posted: 08/09/09 06:06 PM [ET]

    Bailouts for financial firms and billions in tax revenue lost because of the recession drove the deficit to a record $1.3 trillion in July, according to the independent Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

    Tax receipts that have fallen due to the poor economy and increased spending to save car companies, banks and mortgage firms were major contributors to the federal deficit, according to CBO, which provides official budget numbers for Congress. The federal deficit grew by another $181 billion in July.

    Falling tax receipts and increased spending on bailouts for auto companies and the financial sector and for the economic stimulus package added to the deficit, according to CBO.

    Spending through July of 2009 has increased by $530 billion, which is 21 percent over the same period in 2008. The bailout money for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae accounted for almost half of the spending increase. Unemployment benefits have more than doubled, Medicaid spending has grown by a quarter and Medicare spending has increased by 11 percent.

    Tax revenue for the first three quarters of 2009 has fallen by approximately $350 billion, or 17 percent compared to the same period last year, due mostly to the effects of the recession on payroll, income and corporate taxes. A third of the decline is due to tax breaks in the stimulus, including the middle-class tax cut that President Obama campaigned on during last year’s election.

    The independent budget scorekeeper has projected the deficit to reach $1.8 trillion by the end of the fiscal year, Sept. 30. The deficit in 2008 reached $455 billion, which was a record at the time.

    The latest deficit projections come as Democrats in Congress and the White House are pushing for healthcare reform criticized by Republicans as too costly.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stressed during a town-hall meeting in Colorado this week that the healthcare bill won’t add to the deficit or restrict benefits and instead will increase access to care. But lawmakers have yet to settle on a way to pay for the bill, expected to cost roughly $1 trillion over the next decade. Pelosi has supported an income surtax on the highest earners, those making more than $280,000, while senators are considering a tax on insurance companies that offer expensive health plans.

    Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.), the top Republican on the Budget Committee, said that Democrats in Congress aren’t doing anything to address the record deficit and are instead pushing ahead with “wildly expensive” healthcare legislation.

    “To allow the deficit to hit these previously unthinkable levels – while still planning to implement massive new spending programs – shows an incredible lack of fiscal responsibility, especially toward the future generations who will be saddled with the consequences of today’s actions,” Gregg said.

    One poll released last week suggests that the GOP attacks are starting to work. A Rasmussen survey of likely voters found that 71 percent believe Obama’s policies have increased the deficit. While most — 54 percent — blamed the recession that started during the Bush administration for the country’s fiscal situation, 39 percent blamed Obama’s policies

  279. tellitlikeitis says:

    Geithner Asks Congress to Increase Federal Debt Limit

    Washington — U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner asked Congress to increase the $12.1 trillion debt limit on Friday, saying it is “critically important” that they act in the next two months.

    Mr. Geithner, in a letter to U.S. lawmakers, said that the Treasury projects that the current debt limit could be reached as early mid-October. Increasing the limit is important to instilling confidence in global investors, Mr. Geithner said.

    The Treasury didn’t request a specific increase in the letter.

    “It is critically important that Congress act before the limit is reached so that citizens and investors here and around the world can remain confident that the United States will always meet its obligations,” Mr. Geithner said in a letter to lawmakers.

    Mr. Geithner said the that it is “clearly a moment in our history” that requires support from both Democrats and Republicans for the increase.

    “Congress has never failed to raise the debt limit when necessary,” Mr. Geithner said.

    The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said Thursday the federal government’s budget deficit reached $1.3 trillion through the first ten months of fiscal 2009, on track to reach a record high of $1.8 trillion for the 12-month period.

  280. samiam60 says:

    No more Secrets!!!! So where is your long form Birth Certificate????

  281. tellitlikeitis says:

    Health care protests ‘clearly being orchestrated,’ senator says

    From Rebecca Sinderbrand

    (CNN) — The Senate’s second-ranking Democrat slammed recent town-hall protests over health care on Sunday, insisting they violate “the democratic process,” while the Senate’s top Republican accused Democrats of “attacking citizens” with such complaints.

    Sen. Dick Durbin, center, says protests disrupting recent town hall meetings go against “the democratic process.”

    Speaking to CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, said: “We have these screaming groups on either side. That isn’t helpful. Let’s be honest about this. Town meetings are not bean bag. I’ve had hundreds of them, and sometimes folks get upset. And that’s part of America, part of our process.

    “But this is clearly being orchestrated, and these folks have instructions. They come down from a Texas lobbyist in Washington.”

    Durbin said that when “there’s a group of people honestly sitting in the middle trying to ask the important questions and get the right answers, and instead someone takes the microphone and screams and shouts to the point where the meeting comes to an end, that isn’t dialogue, that isn’t the democratic process.

    “We need to respect free speech, but we need to respect one another’s rights to free speech, too. When these people come in just to disrupt the meetings, no, that isn’t right,” Durbin said.

    On “Fox News Sunday,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said such complaints were “absurd.”

    “I think attacking citizens in our country for expressing their opinions about an issue of this magnitude may indicate some weakness in their position on the merits,” McConnell said. “And I also think it’s particularly absurd for the Democrats, who have over an $8 million e-mail list over at the DNC (Democratic National Committee) called Organize America, to be criticizing citizens for being organized.

    “Frankly, the truth of the matter is we don’t know who’s organized and who isn’t. The point is the issue, the substance. They need to deal with it. Americans are concerned about it. ”

    On CNN, Durbin defended the White House’s new effort to track and rebut rumors about the president’s health care plan, following Republican criticism that the move was intended to intimidate opponents.

    “What I can tell you is that the White House is not trying to collect names of any Americans. What they’re trying to do is post on some of these Web sites a rebuttal to some bad information,” he said, pointing to rumors that provisions in the proposal might be used to fund abortions, cover undocumented immigrants or raid Medicare funds. “There’s so much bad information out there, you can understand the effort to at least let people hear both sides of the story.”

    Both Durbin and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, signaled the precarious status of any “public option” — a possible government-run insurance plan — in the final version of any health care legislation. Cornyn called the idea a deal-breaker. Durbin repeated a reluctant willingness to sacrifice the idea to assure passage of a bill. Watch Durbin, Cornyn discuss situation »

    The idea is not considered likely to be included in the final Senate version of the bill, although a modified public option remains in the House version of the legislation.

    Cornyn said one possible administration proposal might have GOP support: an extension of unemployment benefits.

    “I think we need to take a close look at that. We don’t want to provide a disincentive to work, but where people are out of work and they need some help, sure. We’re open to that,” he said.

    President Obama calls reforming health care the centerpiece of his current domestic platform.

  282. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil Komrads and Good Morning.

    Time to put out my Confederate Swastika and shoot the cannon.

  283. samhenry says:

    Hi gentlemen. Sami – I posted the letter I received notifying me of the website you mention.

    FOX – now watch that flag action lol. If you don’t you may be prematurely buried wrapped in it lol. WAH

  284. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning Foxwood and Sam.

  285. tellitlikeitis says:

    White House Launches Web Site to Battle Health Care ‘Rumors’
    A White House Web site activated Monday uses the same set-up as the “Fight the Smears” page the Obama campaign maintained last year to battle rumors seen as potentially damaging to his candidacy.

    The Obama administration has launched a new Web site to battle what it calls “wild rumors” about the health care reform plans being pushed through Congress — including an invitation for the public to tattle on any other “myths” they come across.

    It comes a week after the White House asked the public to send in “fishy” information about health care reform.

    The Web site, activated Monday, uses the same set-up as the “Fight the Smears” page the Obama campaign maintained last year to battle rumors seen as potentially damaging to his candidacy.

    The new “Reality Check” site features a half-dozen alleged rumors about health care reform, responding to them with videos of top aides rebutting them.

    “We’re offering the site and tools to empower individuals across the country to take this content into their own hands and share it among their networks,” a senior administration official said.

    “That’s the sort of bottom-up process that got us to the White House, and it’s what’s going to deliver meaningful change to the health insurance system.”

    In one clip, an aide to adviser Valerie Jarrett disputes the claim that health care reform will lead to “rationing.” Kavita Patel says rationing already occurs in the form of private insurers determining how to fund clients’ health care, but said the notion that government will interfere in health care is “laughable.”

    In another clip, Melody Barnes, director of the Domestic Policy Council, disputes what the White House calls a “malicious myth” — the idea that reform would lead to euthanasia for seniors.

    That claim is rooted in a provision in the House bill that provides Medicare coverage for an end-of-life consultation every five years.

    Barnes says the claim that such counseling amounts to euthanasia is false and that nothing is mandatory about the consultations.

    “We’ve seen these antics too many times before,” she says.

    The Web site is part of an aggressive effort to keep the health care reform push from losing traction as lawmakers break for the summer recess.

    Those lawmakers who have been hosting town hall meetings during the break have been confronted by vocal critics of the legislation, some of whom are concerned about the claims the White House tries to address on the new Web site.

    It’s unclear whether the claims addressed on the site were solicited via the effort last week to gather “fishy” e-mails. That effort led to charges that the administration was gathering information on health care reform critics, something the White House denies.

    But the new site continues the effort to solicit information, featuring a “We Want to Hear From You” section which encourages readers to submit their “myths” for the White House team to address.

    The site has tools that allow readers to e-mail the videos and pages to others.

  286. m2 says:

    Aw just like the honest ACORN. Getting Paid to be EVIL.

    Astroturf For Healthcare – $10-$15 Hr!
    From one of the dozens of current ads on Craigslist:

    Date: 2009-07-27

  287. karmahd says:

    Wow that is scary M2, good find by the way.

  288. tellitlikeitis says:

    This is the scenerio Obama and company want. Any excuse to declare martial law.

    Swine Flu’s Worst Case Scenario: Paranoia or Preparedness?

    An uncontrollable, deadly virus ravages America, shutting down civilian institutions and triggering martial law. Vaccinations are compulsory, and there are mass quarantines throughout the country.

    It’s the stuff of Hollywood — but rumors that it could be real are spreading like the flu in the blogosphere, where some people are loudly expressing their fears that the federal government is seriously considering such measures as it maps out a worst-case-scenario response to the swine flu pandemic.

    During the bird flu scare of 2005, the Bush administration added novel forms of influenza — including the swine flu — to the official list of “quarantinable communicable diseases,” clearing the way for the forced detention of people who exhibit symptoms of the disease.

    Now a proposal awaiting Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ approval would allow the military to set up regional teams to assist civilian authorities in dealing with the impact of the swine flu pandemic. And some observers see this level of government preparedness as little more than a pretext for tyranny.

    “The implications are far reaching,” Michel Chossudovsky wrote on the Global Research Web site, which averages 18,000 visitors daily. “The decision points toward the establishment of a police state,” he said.

    “It would be extremely troubling and raise serious constitutional questions,” Chris Calabre, ACLU counsel for technology and liberty, told when asked how the civil liberties group would react to mandatory quarantines. “We opposed this in 2005 and will do so again because it gives the government blanket authority to hold anyone and has no due process.”

    Foreign governments, too, are thought to be drawing up worst-case emergency plans that rely heavily on armed forces.

    “In addition to planning mass graves and crematoriums operating around the clock, governments are planning to implement martial law in response to a pandemic,” Kurt Nimmo wrote on, which has been tracking disturbing developments in swine flu preparedness.

    Nimmo pointed to a report in the Daily Telegraph that referred to the British government’s emergency plans for “mass graves, inflatable mortuaries, 24-hour cremations and ‘express’ funerals.”

    Simon Barrett, press officer with the Home Office Press Office, referred questions about Britain’s plans to a 2004 Department of Health publication titled, “Pandemic Flu: a national framework for responding to an influenza pandemic,” which makes no mention of mass graves and rapid body disposal.

    “Whilst there may be an increase in the number of flu-related deaths, local authorities will be able to cope using normal practices,” Barrett said.

    Britain’s planning document makes no mention of martial law, but stresses the need to maintain operational readiness.

    “Plans should not assume that local military units would provide support or have personnel available with either the requisite skills or equipment to perform specialist tasks,” according to the document.

    But — even if such severe measures were in the planning stage — would they amount to hysteria? Or would they be prudent precautions? Many point to the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, which killed between 20 million and 50 million people worldwide. Extrapolating those numbers to today’s population suggests a comparable death toll of 360 million people, according to Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy.

    “Expect nothing to happen and prepare for the worst, ” says Dr. Peter Katona, an infectious disease expert at UCLA. “We will need ample supply of vaccine and a distribution system that prioritizes who gets it and when.” But, he added, “we won’t need the military unless it becomes really bad, and the National Guard will be called in first.”

    Defense Department spokeswoman Almarah Belk acknowledged the rumors, saying, “There is a camp of people out there concerned about civil liberties and the use of force.”

    But she said the planning at the Pentagon is in response to a request from the Department of Homeland Security, and it primarily involves logistics like airlift capabilities for patient transport or delivery of medical supplies.

    Except in special circumstances, the military is forbidden from enforcing civilian law under the Posse Comitatus Act, a Civil War-era law that ended the use of federal troops to oversee elections in former Confederate states.

    “There are checks and balances in place that prevent the use of the military to restrict people’s movement or go house to house,” said attorney Robert L. Shannon, Jr., an expert on legal restraints covering the military in civilian affairs.

    “But it’s important to remember that the president has the option and authority to use federal troops in a national emergency,” he added. ” I think if we do have a doomsday scenario with swine flu, the American people are going to want their government to respond.”

    Shannon, who is vice commander of the Georgia Air National Guard, has firsthand experience from deployments during Hurricane Katrina.

    “If we learned anything from that experience,” he said, “it’s that thorough advance planning for worst-case scenarios is essential, especially when you’ve got to coordinate so many different state and federal agencies.”

    Forced quarantines were common in the era before vaccines, but health experts doubt their effectiveness and practicality in fighting swine flu.

    “This doesn’t appear to be an especially deadly strain,” said Deborah Lehman, Director of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. “At this point it looks like the seasonal flu will be responsible for more deaths than swine flu.

    Many experts privately worry not about an overwhelming government response — but about an inadequate one. “There’s simply not going to be enough vaccination doses to go around,” said one pharmaceutical industry executive who declined to be named.

    “You’re more likely to see the military protecting health facilities and hospitals instead of forcing people to get medication,” the executive said.

    So rewrite the script: An uncontrollable, deadly virus ravages the population, triggering martial law to protect a handful of survivors lucky enough to get a vaccination.

  289. arlenearmy says:

    The page is dragging down too slow

  290. Foxwood says:

    And has anyone heard from VF in the last 2 days?

  291. tellitlikeitis says:

    No VF for 2 days. Have we lost her again? lol

  292. tellitlikeitis says:

    Hi Arlene

  293. Foxwood says:

    Arlene, Tellit! It’s a good day to be a Nazi.

  294. tellitlikeitis says:

  295. tellitlikeitis says:

    You guys gotta watch this video. This is scary.

  296. samhenry says:

    Hi Arlene, M2, Tellit

    Scary is that part of the Health Care reform bill that directs physicians to help patients fill out forms for a kind of living will and to fill out durable attorney forms.

  297. arlenearmy says:

    No I have not heard from her.

    Our Democrat congressman has decided to have a telephone meeting. He’s ducking & dodging the voters. This congressman is actually telling us that we got to make an APPOINTMENT to attend his telephone townhall meeting. I will help to get that congressman voted OUT office.

  298. Foxwood says:

    It’s a good day to be UnAmerican.

  299. Foxwood says:

    These Reps and Senators are gutless and spineless.

  300. arlenearmy says:

    What I am wondering about is WHO will be the witnesses to the Living Will & Power of Attorney at the hospital. I personally know of several cases where the hospital staff don’t want to sign as witnesses. Also the durable POA has to be notarized. And that could be a problem, because family members have to bring a notary to the hospital bedside of the patient.

  301. tellitlikeitis says:

    Arlene, That what a lot of them are doing now because they are afraid to confront the people.
    Foxwood, the only thing that is unAmerican are the representatives we have in congress.

  302. Foxwood says:

    They don’t want to know how pissed “WE THE PEOPLE” are so they can go ahead and pass this piece of CRAP agenda.

  303. Foxwood says:

    Diff subject Tellit. Did you see Hendrix last night on Ovation? It was him at Monterrey. Reminded me to buy some denture grip.

  304. tellitlikeitis says:

    No Foxwood I didn’t watch that but I did watch the return to woodstock instead.

  305. tellitlikeitis says:

    Town halls push on amid fears of more disruptive protests

    From Ed Hornick

    (CNN) — Senators, like many in the House, continue to face grilling from constituents concerned about proposed health care legislation before Congress.

    Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, says her goal is to have a “civil” debate at town hall meetings.

    1 of 2 Although some meetings have been “civil,” as one senator pointed out Monday, at least one lawmaker has received a threat from those angry about a plan being devised by Democrats.

    Three House committees are working have been working on a plan. On the Senate side, two committees are working on a proposal — before negotiations begin between top members of both chambers.

    And the negotiations are heating up. On Thursday, Obama met privately at the White House with the “Gang of Six,” three Democrats and three Republicans working to find middle ground on the issue.

    Not all town hall meetings have been raucous. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, held a town hall meeting Monday morning in Kennett, Missouri, to help clarify what she says is some of the misinformation that is being circulated.

    “This is Missouri manners at its best. People have really strong opinions here, but I think we’ve had a good, full discussion,” said McCaskill, who supports a public health care option. “I think I was able to hopefully correct some some really bad misinformation. … People are just getting information that is just flat wrong.”

    As for claims by interest groups and some Republicans, seniors will not face dire conditions under a Democratic plan, she said.

    “The most important thing: I have an 81-year-old mother that is incredibly important to me. And the notion that I would ever or our government would ever do anything to cut short or dismiss the quality of life for our seniors is so offensive to me as an American. As the AARP said, it’s a flat lie.”

    And it’s not just McCaskill who is trying to clarify; so is the White House on a new Web site.

    Citing “a troubling trend” of “wild rumors and scare tactics,” on Monday the White House announced the Reality Check Web site, which “focuses on what reform really means for you and your family” and “debunks some common myths along the way,” White House New Media Director Macon Phillips wrote.

    Officials hope that the new site, coupled with a push by politicians debunking health care rumors, will help ease the tension at these town halls. Watch more on the town hall anger »

    The Web page features half a dozen videos from Obama aides who discuss various aspects of health care reform, and it has a set of FAQs, or frequently asked questions, about reform.

    Don’t Miss
    White House ‘Reality Check’ site
    Protests ‘clearly being orchestrated,’ senator says
    Meanwhile, for one member of Congress, the anger over health care has become dangerous.

    Rep. Brad Miller said that on Monday, a caller said that “if I supported the health care plan, it could cost me my life.”

    “My staff member who took the call was taken aback and asked them to repeat it, and he did. And then he said, “Is that a threat?” And he said there are a lot of angry people,” the North Carolina Democrat added.

    Miller said that although the meetings are made up of constituents, there are some who are being encouraged by conservatives and the Republican Party.

    On “Fox News Sunday,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, said such complaints were “absurd.”

    “I think attacking citizens in our country for expressing their opinions about an issue of this magnitude may indicate some weakness in their position on the merits,” McConnell said. “And I also think it’s particularly absurd for the Democrats, who have over an $8 million e-mail list over at the [Democratic National Committee] called Organize America, to be criticizing citizens for being organized.”

    Conservative groups critical of Democrats’ overhaul proposals have created their own plans: sending out information such as links to search engines, lists that relayed the locations of upcoming town halls, confrontational questions to ask members of Congress and chants and slogans to use in and around the venues.

    The conservative group Freedom Works urged supporters in a post on its Web site entitled “Turn Up the Heat in August: Help Defeat ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade” to take to town halls, organize and demand answers from their representatives.

    “Obama and his liberal allies are working with PhRMA, the big, bad drug companies, to push government-run healthcare on the American people,” according to the Web site.

    Liberal organizations, meanwhile, have sent supporters detailed instructions on strategies to counter what they call organized disruptions of congressional health care town hall meetings.

    Groups such as Health Care for America Now and, along with top labor groups, passed along logistical tips for dealing with any hostile conservative presence at the town halls, and for organizing lobbying efforts to neutralize their impact.

    Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, backed up Miller’s claims.

    The Senate’s second-highest Democrat slammed recent town hall protests Sunday as organized disruptions of the democratic process.

    “We have these screaming groups on either side. That isn’t helpful. Let’s be honest about this. Town meetings are not bean bag. I’ve had hundreds of them, and sometimes folks get upset. And that’s part of America, part of our process,” Durbin told CNN’s John King on “State of the Union.” Watch more of Durbin’s comments »

    “But this is clearly being orchestrated, and these folks have instructions. They come down from a Texas lobbyist in Washington,” he said.

    A health care town hall meeting in Florida on Thursday dissolved into bouts of heckling and violent pushing and shoving among attendees.

    The meeting in Tampa, which featured Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor and Florida state Rep. Betty Reed, was another example of the tense battle lines that have been created in the passionate health care debate.

    As Castor first began to speak, scuffles broke out as people tried to get into the meeting room. Parts of the congresswoman’s speech was drowned out by chants of “read the bill, read the bill” and “tyranny,” video of the meeting showed.

  306. tellitlikeitis says:

  307. tellitlikeitis says:

  308. tellitlikeitis says:

  309. tellitlikeitis says:

  310. samiam60 says:

    Mr. Obama you can only push the American People so far:

  311. arlenearmy says:

    I was watching Foxnews a few minutes ago & heard a Democrat spokeswoman who was that Obama is the ‘PERFECT WEAPON’.

    It might had been a Freudian slip when she said it. Now I know what the Dems got in mind for “we the people”.

    A “weapon” is used to injure or kill. But f a “PERFECT” weapon is a lethal one. So folks should ask themselves, if they feel safe w/a president who will be used as a perfect weapon against them. What will this PERFECT weapon do?

  312. karmahd says:

    “Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted.”

  313. rosehips says:

    hey peeps. Just wanted to check in wit you all.

    karma, I don’t think we will ever accept things as they are. Not 100%. There will always be change. This is good.

    I just got an invite to my rep, Cathy McMorris Rodger’s town hall meeting on Wed. It’s about health care and is geared for seniors. They better not card me at the door or I may get a little rowdy. heeheehee

  314. SamHenry says:

    Rose – glad to see your pretty Rosehips avatar! When you go to the meeting ask a question for me, would you? Ask if it is appropriate for a physician to help a patient fill out forms re living will and discuss durable power of attorney with them. IMO that is turning the DR. into an attorney and open to a lawsuit if the form is not properly completed or if the person did not fully understand. I think the DR. should discuss end of life reasonable treatments but hand out materials that inform and direct Pts. to legal reps – and give alternatives for those without funds or those for whom English is not the primary language or if the pt. is illiterate.

  315. Pingback: Phony-Baloney Democrat Astro-Turfing: Dems Hiring Fake ObamaCare Protesters from Ads Placed on Craigs List « Frugal Café Blog Zone

  316. rosehips says:

    sh, I am not sure how much chance I will have to ask questions. I want to wait until I am there to decide what I will ask. I would love to ask a proxy question for you, but can’t promise. I have to represent the minority in a conservative district. I have to let my rep know that some of us here in eastern washington want a single payer system, like medicare and vets care. I know that they are not perfect and I hope they will make improvements, but it is better than what we currently have from my perspective. I understand those who have good insurance want to keep it. But I am an advocate for ensuring that all Americans have affordable insurance. I might need police protection, but since it is geared for seniors I hopefully won’t have a problem. But ya never know….

  317. rosehips says:

    Thanks sh re: rosehips… i changed my avatar because I know that it made sami blush. I hope you like my new avatar sami. You’ll notice that my rosehips lean to the left. heehee

  318. samhenry says:

    Rose – I fully understand. Thanks for considering it.

    RE Private insurance – I would like the ability to keep it as a backup insurance. For example, you will not, as I understand it, be covered by Medicare if you travel outside the US. I also like the flexibility it gives me. I have it through my former employer. I think there is room for both. We will have to cover most people. We cannot afford to be surrounded by people who have no medical care and may have contagious illnesses. Also, it is the moral thing to do to help someone in need.

  319. rosehips says:

    sh, I think we all should be able to have a back up plan to cover what our gov’t does not. I don’t know why this would not be allowed although some might say that private insurers won’t be able to survive with gov’t health care. I am not convinced of this. I know that people in Canada can have a back up and most people who come down here for treatment have insurance to cover it, I believe.

  320. karmahd says:

    I am all for improving health care, I am against having the government which is the most inefficient business in the world run it!!!

    Why do we have a deficit, if a business looses year after year they go out of business, not our government they just tax us more and continue to throw good money after bad. The government is rife with the worst customer service in all business, they do not fear loosing there job, so they do what is required and nothing more, the management cannot make decisions at the front lines, it must be approved by committees and altered so that everyone in power has his/her little slice of the action. VA and Medi Care are two such government operations that are currently perfect examples of how poorly two operations can be run. When you have NO accountability, you have no excellence. This is a very simple problem, once the government can show they can run a business at a profit or at least break even I for one am not interested in letting the government spend any more of my money!!!!

  321. m2 says:

    under Obama’s plan- HSA’s are not included, me and my family will get bumped to government-run healthcare.

    The Congressional Budget Office has tried crunching the numbers on Barack Obama’s plan to reform health care, which Obama says will save money and protect the uninsured. The CBO director on his official blog says, “Wrong!” — on both counts. The reform plan will cost more than a trillion dollars over the next decade, and while it will put 39 million people on insurance plans, it will drive off more than 23 million more from their existing plans. The cost doesn’t include Obama’s public plan option, either:

    According to our preliminary assessment, enacting the proposal would result in a net increase in federal budget deficits of about $1.0 trillion over the 2010-2019 period. When fully implemented, about 39 million individuals would obtain coverage through the new insurance exchanges. At the same time, the number of people who had coverage through an employer would decline by about 15 million (or roughly 10 percent), and coverage from other sources would fall by about 8 million, so the net decrease in the number of people uninsured would be about 16 million or 17 million.

    These new figures do not represent a formal or complete cost estimate for the draft legislation, for several reasons. The estimates provided do not address the entire bill—only the major provisions related to health insurance coverage. Some details have not been estimated yet, and the draft legislation has not been fully reviewed. Also, because expanded eligibility for the Medicaid program may be added at a later date, those figures are not likely to represent the impact that more comprehensive proposals—which might include a significant expansion of Medicaid or other options for subsidizing coverage for those with income below 150 percent of the federal poverty level—would have both on the federal budget and on the extent of insurance coverage.

    A net decrease of 16-17 million would still leave about 30 million uninsured, according to the figures thrown around by ObamaCare advocates. It would simply exchange individuals in the uninsured category, and those most likely to lose their coverage would be those in lower-income jobs, as well as people working in small businesses and startups.

    We would spend a trillion dollars to achieve a net result of solving a third of the uninsured problem. We could have exceeded that by simply paying for private insurance. Assuming an annual cost of $5,000 for basic catastrophic and wellness coverage, we could purchase 20 million plans for the ten years, without overhauling the rest of the American health-care system.

  322. karmahd says:

    HMMM timely article, Canadian Verses US health care and why it won’t work in the US

  323. m2 says:

    I don’t know Karma- what is painfully obvious is that you can tell Obamaplan supporters that the bill is bad, that it only covers 4% more, that it will kill our economy due to cost (this is proven), that it will still leave 20 to 30 million uninsured

    … and they will still say the same things. Like a broken record.

    Is this some kind of a disorder?

    The ability to totally ignore what’s on the table?

    Someone explain to me, rosehips- can you explain this?

  324. m2 says:

    It’s the difference betw. a thunderstorm and a tornado wipeout. Think of it like this RH. What we have now is the thunderstorm. What the Democrats offer is a tornado that will wipe us out completely… so where’s the rational again?

    I need some liberal to explain to me why they want a wipeout. Cause I’m not seeing their “logic”… lol, if that is even what it can be called.

  325. m2 says:

    Check out the new numbers on Cap and Trade:

    Cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) losses are $9.4 trillion between 2012 and 2035;
    Single-year GDP losses reach $400 billion by 2025 and will ultimately exceed $700 billion;
    Net job losses approach 1.9 million in 2012 and could approach 2.5 million by 2035. Manufacturing loses 1.4 million jobs in 2035;
    The annual cost of emissions permits to energy users will be at least $100 billion by 2012 and could exceed $390 billion by 2035;
    A typical family of four will pay, on average, an additional $829 each year for energy-based utility costs; and
    Gasoline prices will rise by 58 percent ($1.38 more per gallon) and average household electric rates will increase by 90 percent.
    This CDA analysis extends only to 2035, as this is the forecasting horizon for the macroeconomic model used to prepare these estimates. But it should be noted that the emissions reductions continue to tighten through 2050 and that model-based analysis by other groups whose models extend beyond 2035 shows increasing harm to the U.S. economy.

  326. karmahd says:

    Yes M2 it is a disorder, it is called Marxistrepeatism!!! They see a big pile of cash, and they will do anything to bath in it!!!

  327. m2 says:

    Ha ha ha ha… maybe Obama should divert funds to cure his o-bots from repeating the same thing over and over which has nothing to do with the ACTUAL plan!

  328. m2 says:

    Let me repeat this then for those slow to grasp:

    A net decrease of 16-17 million would still leave about 30 million uninsured, according to the figures thrown around by ObamaCare advocates. It would simply exchange individuals in the uninsured category, and those most likely to lose their coverage would be those in lower-income jobs, as well as people working in small businesses and startups.

    HSA’s are not protected. My family/husband being a small business, we have HSA. (Some are protected if they are “qualified” under the Government’s mandates. I believe that we will end up with nothing, nothing but the plan that Congress won’t even sign up for.

    F THEM.

  329. samiam60 says:

    Well Gosh Golly thar Rosehips, shucks, why’d ya go en tell evrybody that I blushed????

    Rose says:

    Thanks sh re: rosehips… i changed my avatar because I know that it made sami blush. I hope you like my new avatar sami. You’ll notice that my rosehips lean to the left. heehee

  330. ohiobelle says:


    It’s taken me 25 minutes to leave this comment!! At least my computer didn’t freeze up this time!

    How is everybody?? I apologize in advance for the slow response… it make take another half hour for me to reply!!

  331. samiam60 says:

    I Don’t Blush Rose.

  332. m2 says:

    ha ha belle…

    we’ve got thunder here in the ville.

    it’s cozy. I’m making cupcakes.
    and looking at non-obama related sites, trying to stay Obama-free for the hour or so…

  333. Foxwood says:

    The problem with single payer healthcare is it is public and non-profit. When the government finally take control of healthcare (and they will because private can’t compete when the government can take money from anyone when they want) there will be no incentive to create or find new and better ways to take care of patients. As much as you hate it, people and businesses work for profit. What’s the point of inventing, creating, or finding anything if there is no profit in it.

    It’s a cruel world Rose, but it’s crueler to throw away the old people and kill babies. It’s crueler to let people die because we could have had a way to save them, but the inventor of some miraculous item gave it up because he couldn’t get the funding.

    What will you do when your government adviser tell you the best thing you can do, Rose, is die.

  334. samiam60 says:

    Mr. Obama on video saying maybe its best for the elderly to just take the Pain Pill:

  335. samiam60 says:

    Now is this the misinformation our elderly are sharing at Town Hall Meetings Mr. Obama. You just said it yourself fool.

  336. Foxwood says:

    Better turn yourself in Sami.

  337. samiam60 says:

    Let em come and get me Fox.

  338. Foxwood says:

    Oregon cops are going to let Oregon woman be publicly nude. I wonder if it’s anyone we know?


  339. arlenearmy says:

    Has anybody heard anything bout Lanny Davis quitting Foxnews? Im talking about the Clinton’s Lanny Davis.

  340. SamHenry says:

    Arlene – that was delicious! What a video. What channel is the Black Conservative Show on?

  341. arlenearmy says:

    Hillary got pushed over the limit. She got demoralized by N. Korea. She had to suck up the international insult when her husband went to N. Korea to rescue the hostages (prisoners). This made Bill look more effective. Then when somebody ask “what does your husband think”, she blew a gasket.

    Remember, Bill Clinton is the “1st Black President”. And that’s a hard act to follow.

  342. rosehips says:

    lol foxy, who do we know in Oregon?

    fox said: Oregon cops are going to let Oregon woman be publicly nude. I wonder if it’s anyone we know?

  343. rosehips says:

    I just came from some friends’ house who are gonna make some “single-payer health care” signs for the town hall meeting on Wed. I’ll have my camera ready.
    We thought about asking some q’s about Obama’s birth certificate since our rep, Cathy McMorris Rodgers is one of the members who came out publicly and questioned Obama’s citizenship. I’m not sure if we will. They might accuse us of hijack. lol

    I’ll have my camera at the ready.

  344. arlenearmy says:

    Click in the middle of the video & his channel shows up.

  345. Foxwood says:


  346. SamHenry says:

    Sami – you have a really bad case of rosachea there man.

  347. rosehips says:

    fox, I’ve changed my avatar. You need to refresh your browser history. 😉

  348. samiam60 says:

    Rose I changed my avatar to blushing Wolf.

  349. Foxwood says:

    That’s weird. I didn’t refresh, just submitted and it changed.

  350. SamHenry says:

    Sami – whoever sold you that avatar sold you a bill of goods. That’s not a blush; that’s a clinical condition – rosachea. I think you should see a doctor for a little end of life chat.

  351. samiam60 says:

    Ahahahaha, SamH you are most likely right. Red Wolves are very rare and on the endangered species list ya know. I’ll just take a pain pill.

  352. SamHenry says:

    That’s a good man-wolf. Whew! OK am I being disloyal to watch Levi Johnston on Larry King? Will Sarah approve?

  353. SamHenry says:

    FOX – having trouble with your aratar or with unfurling your flag – is everything I said OK because I’m old and I use 1942 speak.

  354. samiam60 says:

    Utube is down.

  355. samiam60 says:

    Government must be cleaning out all the negative Obama videos.

  356. samiam60 says:

    Obama tells Forrest Gump’s Momma to take the pill

  357. SamHenry says:

    The hackers are really getting good at taking our sites down. We are into a new phase in our computer lives.

    By the way, I just read in Huffy Puffy that our recent Grads are going to China for jobs. Who would have thought. We can’t afford to lose our best brains. They are the future.

  358. SamHenry says:

    YouTube is back up

  359. tellitlikeitis says:

    Godd evening everyone! Obama is becoming the joke that he is.

  360. tellitlikeitis says:

    This guy is a true patriot.

  361. samiam60 says:

    Where did everybody go?

  362. samiam60 says:

    Town Hall meeting’s give New Name to the President: BOO BAMA!

  363. Foxwood says:

    I got busy reading James Madison, father of the Constitution.

    Rose, did you know that the Constitution was written to limit government?

  364. samiam60 says:

    Ok so I got me a one man show huh?

    One time when I was in Band Camp…….

  365. samiam60 says:

    Fox, she might have” heard” that somewhere.

  366. Foxwood says:

    Bad things happen in band camp, Sami.

  367. Foxwood says:

    Yeah, Sami, more people need to hear it.

  368. samiam60 says:

    People tell me that I shouldn’t believe the Bible because it was written by men.
    I’m curious: In all of man’s history and science.

    What is there in human knowledge that wasn’t written by men?

  369. Foxwood says:

    Hope VF get’s back soon. The blog is slowing down again.

  370. samiam60 says:

    She got banned.

  371. Foxwood says:

    Sami said:
    “People tell me that I shouldn’t believe the Bible because it was written by men.
    I’m curious: In all of man’s history and science.

    What is there in human knowledge that wasn’t written by men?”

    God spoke to the Israelite’s, but they could not understand him. Only Moses could, but with great difficulty. This is why he was on the mountain for so long. And yet, the Commandments were still written by a man.

  372. Foxwood says:

    Who got banned?

  373. SamHenry says:

    Well, about all of that men, men, men amen stuff – you do know that we have been the power in the clouds and behind the throne for centuries. We only came out of our burkas because the economy turned sour. Writing? Why write. We were the muses. It’s wonderful being a muse – you inspire and in doing so more than once suggest a few edits. Cultural habits kept us quiet but just like a lot of Afghan women, we have learned late in life to be proficient with a “pen”

  374. SamHenry says:

    Dog goes into the pilot house and picks up the phone, and calls VF: “Hello Cat? Yes, all the hatches have been secured, all hands on deck. Fox and Arlene are saying that the blog is slow. Can you send over a technician? That would be wonderful. Yes, Yes, we all miss you. Thanks for accepting the charges.” Dog carefully puts phone back and cradle and is happy he did not have to use his cell phone. He has arthritis in his thumbs so he can’t text and there is no wyfi on the Great Info Ship VF.

  375. Foxwood says:

    SamH, I put up the flag for the night, but they won’t let me fire the cannon this late.

  376. Foxwood says:

    Got to go to bed ladies and gentlemen. Night.

  377. SamHenry says:

    Thank you Lord that he decided to pass on firing the cannon tonight. I need a good night’s sleep. Nite Fox, nite sami boy, night Karm, nite Rose girl, Nite Arlene, nite Lisa, Nite, WG, nite Belle, Night Tellit – well I guess I have to turn out the lights although VF really likes them left on. Hey she is a beacon to the intellectually infirm.

  378. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Nite All!

  379. rosehips says:

    thanks karma, I needed that.

    brought a tear to me eye, it did. nice dog.

    good night peeps!

  380. Foxwood says:

    Sieg Heil und guten Morgen alle.

    Time to put up the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon.

    It’s a good day to be a Nazi and Un-American.

  381. Foxwood says:

    Here is a sight to catch up on some light reading.
    Pay particular attention to Article 1 Section 8

  382. Foxwood says:

    Then read Amendment 10.

    I see nowhere in the Powers of Congress the word Healthcare.

    For that matter, I didn’t see the word Abortion anywhere in that document.

  383. vigilocanis says:

    Well, it finally happened. I’ve been busted by the WH thought police. I just received by email from ole David Axelrod asking me to help spread the “truth” about Obamacare (or Pelosicare, since she wrote it, not Obama).

    And if I don’t? What’s next, a visit from the “anything fishy?” squad?

    No wonder, concealed weapons permits are going at a record pace with over 700,000 packing heat in my home state of Florida.

    update:……Foxwood, tellitlikeitis, votingfemale, rosehips,karmahd,samhenry,samaian60, I hate to tell you, but you are all headed for the bloggers’ ghetto with me. When they dragged me to head quarters and tortured me, I sang like a canary. My pain threshold has never been that high. My apologies.

    See you in the ghetto or the underground resistance!

  384. karmahd says:

    You mean this letter??

    Dear Friend,

    Anyone that’s watched the news in the past few days knows that health insurance reform is a hot topic — and that rumors and scare tactics have only increased as more people engage with the issue. Given a lot of the outrageous claims floating around, it’s time to make sure everyone knows the facts about the security and stability you get with health insurance reform.

    That’s why we’ve launched a new online resource — — to help you separate fact from fiction and share the truth about health insurance reform. Here’s a few of the reality check videos you can find on the site:

    * CEA Chair Christina Romer details how health insurance reform will impact small businesses.
    * Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes tackles a nasty rumor about euthanasia and clearly describes how reform helps families.
    * Matt Flavin, the White House’s Director of Veterans and Wounded Warrior Policy, clears the air about Veteran’s benefits.
    * Kavita Patel, M.D., a doctor serving in the White House’s Office of Public Engagement, explains that health care rationing is happening right now and how reform gives control back to patients and doctors.
    * Bob Kocher, M.D., a doctor serving on the National Economic Council, debunks the myth that health insurance reform will be financed by cutting Medicare benefits.

    There’s more information and a number of online tools you can use to spread the truth among your family, friends and other social networks. Take a look:

    Health Insurance Reform Reality Check

    We knew going into this effort that accomplishing comprehensive health insurance reform wasn’t going to be easy. Achieving real change never is. The entrenched interests that benefit from the status quo always use their influence in Washington to try and keep things just as they are.

    But don’t be misled. We know the status quo is unsustainable. If we do nothing, millions more Americans will be denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions, or see their coverage suddenly dropped if they become seriously ill. Out-of-pocket expenses will continue to soar, and more and more families and businesses will be forced to deal with health insurance costs they can’t afford.

    That’s the reality.

    Americans deserve better. You deserve a health care system that works as well for you as it does for the status quo; one you can depend on — that won’t deny you coverage when you need it most or charge you crippling out-of-pocket co-pays. Health insurance reform means guaranteeing the health care security and stability you deserve.

    President Barack Obama promised he’d bring change to Washington and fix our broken, unsustainable health insurance system. You can help deliver that change. Visit, get the facts and spread the truth. The stakes are just too high to do nothing.

    Thank you,

    David Axelrod
    Senior Advisor to the President


  385. vigilocanis says:


    Yes, comrade.

    If they pick you up first, just hold on, the resistance will make breaking you out, top priority.

    The Brotherhood.

  386. Foxwood says:

    I didn’t get the email. I guess they are going to go easy on me since I turned myself in.

  387. karmahd says:

    Vigilocanis, the map to the tunnels can be obtained by your local underground, don’t forget the handshake!!!

  388. karmahd says:

    Best line yet in Spectors town hall meeting, “in Canada my tax rate for my FREE HEALTH care was 60%”

  389. SamHenry says:

    Good morning gentlemen. Just here for a moment. Another doctor’s appointment in the emerald city – because of all the rain it looks like merry old England here.

    Fox surely you have been given the royal boot. I got the e-mail and posted it yesterday hot off the press. It is thoroughly disgusting how many e-mails from OFA and the WH I have received in recent weeks. I think they are running scared. They are running on empty!

  390. SamHenry says:

    Dog realized how late it is; runs to the nearest point on the deck of the great info ship VF; clears the side rail and belly flops into the water. Such an inconsiderate dog of others as his fellows get wet (he always thought they were lol). As Rose as said “you can’t just come and go as you please.” Well, Rose, there are emergencies!

  391. samiam60 says:

    questions to ask Mr. Obama at his Town Hall Meeting. Anyone wanting to add to this please feel free to join in:

    Mr. Obama as long as you are Reforming our Healthcare system why not just give us “We The People” the exact same Health Care our Congress has?

  392. samiam60 says:

    Mr. Obama as long as you are Reforming our Healthcare system why not just give us “We The People” the exact same Health Care our Congress has?

  393. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning everyone! Where’s VF been. Is she mia again? lol

  394. tellitlikeitis says:

    Trinkets that stick it to Obama start to sell
    Cashing in on ‘No, he can’t’
    By Andrea Billups (Contact)

    BuzzIn the political paraphernalia department, “Yes, we can” is becoming “No, he can’t.”

    Anti-Obama memorabilia — from T-shirts to bumper stickers to buttons — is increasingly emerging in the marketplace as the president’s economic and health care policies polarize supporters and detractors.

    While “Mama for Obama” was a popular slogan during the 2008 election cycle, that design has been retooled with angry and fickle disenchantment: “To the Mama for Obama — thanks for the tax hike.” The “Audacity of Hope,” the title of Mr. Obama’s popular book, has been replaced by the “Audacity of Hype.”

    “It really started peaking about a month ago,” said Amy Maniatis, vice president of marketing at the online seller

    “You see it as a direct response to some of the promising messages that happened a year ago. Whereas we had the campaign of Obama centered around hope, and it was a very optimistic message, now they’re asking: ‘How’s that hopey-changey thing going?’ ”

    The store, a cultural barometer of sorts for political and social expression, offers about 3 million Obama products, she said, but now is up to about 1 million that are “anti-Obama-oriented,” reflecting a “significant shift in the last couple of months than what was the trend a year ago.”

    Pro-Obama gear is still selling well, she said, “but now we’re seeing a much larger swing toward the critical designs. It will be lighthearted as commentary on his gaffes as in ‘Acted Stupidly,’ ” a play on his remarks about the Cambridge, Mass., police officer who arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., “or with folks reacting to headlines or what is going on with the economy.”

    The political change in memorabilia mirrors the public-opinion divide on Mr. Obama as he moves to reform health care and attempts to revive the economy.

    A poll of likely voters by Rasmussen Reports, released Thursday, found that 32 percent “strongly approve” of the way the president is doing his job, while 38 percent “strongly disapprove.” Overall, 49 percent at least ?somewhat approve? of his performance, and 51 percent at least somewhat disapprove.

  395. Foxwood says:

    Guten Morgan, fellow UnAmerican Nazis. It’s a fine day to fly the Confederate Swastika.

  396. SamHenry says:

    Dog yells from shore before getting in car to drive to the emerald city: “I just saw a repeat of the tape of Hillary Clinton in Africa snapping at the student because of a bad translation. I am not as concerned with the snap as I am with her slouch in the chair, her ill fitting pantsuit, her weight gain and her flat hair. The poor woman is so very over tired from her travels and has a bit further to go before heading home. H – if I were you, I’d just sleep on the plane nights. Some people here in the states have had to in recent memory.

  397. tellitlikeitis says:

  398. SamHenry says:

    I really think that at this juncture it is VERY important for congressmen conducting these Town Hall meetings to set them up for success not failure. They are in control – not the audience. I have said this so much I sound like a horse – Oh I did not recognize that in human speak that would be I sound hoarse?

  399. tellitlikeitis says:

  400. tellitlikeitis says:

    I a m glad people are finally waking up to see these lying weasels for what they are. Get them out in 2010.

  401. samiam60 says:

    There can be nothing more powerful than an Angry America Public. Wake up Congress, your days are numbered. 2010 is coming and you are seeing your votes disappear.

  402. tellitlikeitis says:

    You gotta watch this!

  403. Foxwood says:

    Whether we like it or not, Obummers plan is to shove it down our throats before the end of the year.

    This is not about debate on if it’s good or bad. It’s about saving the country. Shitting on the Constitution is NOT saving the country.

  404. tellitlikeitis says:

  405. tellitlikeitis says:

  406. tellitlikeitis says:

    Foxwood, I agree. These town hall meetings are an exercise in futility because the socialist are going to ram this down our throats whether we like it or not, however if they do the democrat party will be extinct by 2012.

  407. karmahd says:

    Correction 2010!!

  408. tellitlikeitis says:

    Hi Karma! Good to see you! Do you like my videos? Dissent is alive and well and growing.

  409. karmahd says:

    Yes Tellit, I do, and I was just watching Bama on tv trying to sell his 1000 LBS of shit in a 5 pound bag!!

  410. samiam60 says:

    See everyone, Obama says everything will be ok.

  411. samiam60 says:

    OK Rose just Calm down:

  412. tellitlikeitis says:

    Sam, We’ll see if anyone is buying the load of sewage sludge he dumped today and at the staged town hall. Have to check the rasmussen pole tomorrow to see how far his approval numbers went down. lol

  413. samiam60 says:

    He is so like a typical Car Salesman.

  414. karmahd says:

    Well Samiam he does own Chevy and Chrysler!!

  415. LisaInTX says:

    McKaskill –Sinnator from MO….is quite a piece of screwed up empty headed dribble!!!When asked IF the Obamacare bill will fund abortions, She said that it is illegal for our TAX dollars to be used for abortions!!
    Ahhhhh……so sorry honey but OUR TAX DOLLARS are ALREADY being used for that CRIME along with stem cell research!!!!

  416. karmahd says:

    Hey stranger (Lisa), I find it amazing that they do not even know what is in the bill, but something will get passed, I just hope it is nothing near what was passed by the browbeaten house.

  417. Foxwood says:

    Missed you Lisa, Hope all is ok.

    Karma, they don’t know what’s in it, but they all know what it will do. They don’t have to read it because they know once it’s passed, the road to Communism is all downhill from there..

  418. samiam60 says:

    It don’t even matter what is in it. Once the Government gets the control they can Change it to what ever they want it to be. Now that’s real Change.

  419. karmahd says:

    I think it is called plausible deniability, “well I did not vote for that” I can see it now on the campaign trail. Plus if they do not know what is in it then they can add whatever they want!!

  420. tellitlikeitis says:

    Patriotic Americans! Right wing nuts? This is brand new from today.

  421. tellitlikeitis says:

    Specter is a F’ing joke.

  422. karmahd says:

    Yep, stay off there sites, they are tracking you regardless of what the Boma states!!

  423. samiam60 says:

    Trust me Google has given the WH good documentation of our activities. Just google your name. They have our number folks.

  424. karmahd says:

    Sam I am scared to do that, wait I just did it, I stand by my right given me by the constitution, I believe it is FREE SPEECH!!

  425. samiam60 says:

    Lisa amazing blog post you put up. I encourage everyone to visit Lisa’s post link above and check it out. Awesome work 🙂

  426. SamHenry says:

    Sami – I’m in Google for my iReports. Selected things I have blogged here are there. Is the selected stuff what you are talking about?

  427. tellitlikeitis says:

  428. samiam60 says:

    Yes SamHenry. There is a cyber trail that leads right back to our IP addresses and front door.

  429. Foxwood says:

    I clean my cookies every night. And every time I go to a .gov website.

  430. karmahd says:

    Well I searched my name and 14 pages of stuff on me or KarmaHD that is, but some of those are for another couple of KarmaHD’s

  431. samiam60 says:

    Foxwood a keep your personal hygene to yourself buddy.

  432. samiam60 says:

    Karma every single Ireport I ever did concerning God was removed when I got banned over there as samiam60. All of my alias’s are still there or on google search. I think I was in there with 12 different names after my banment, lol. I may still be there……..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  433. Foxwood says:

    I always thought, Karma, that if I had a clone, I’d send him to work so I could stay home.

  434. samiam60 says:

    Karma says:

    Sam I am scared to do that, wait I just did it, I stand by my right given me by the constitution, I believe it is FREE SPEECH!!

    Karma Bama don’t cares bouts no friggin Constitution. We walks all over it every day and your free speech means nothing to him. He even has a snitch bitch web page at the white house to rat you and me out. Hahahahahahah,
    They coming to take us away ahuh, they coming to take us away Hehe. To the internment camp you see Aha.

  435. Foxwood says:

    Hey! I said I washed!

  436. samiam60 says:

    AAAAAAAAhahahahah, Foxwood picked up on my comment. Your a funny guy Fox 🙂

  437. SamHenry says:

    I think you are all a bunch of dirty dogs.

  438. karmahd says:

    They could not afford to feed me Samiam!! Hey maybe someplace cooler than Florida, lots of reading material, three meals a day and if not careful a male a day LOL.

  439. Foxwood says:

    No, SamH, I’m a… er… dirty ass… hmmm… :/

  440. samiam60 says:

    Obama Care Internment Camps VS We the People:

  441. Foxwood says:

    I hear Leavenworth is nice in the summer.

  442. tellitlikeitis says:

    Obama said this today and this says it all about government healthcare.

    “They do it all the time,” he said. “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. … It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”
    You have to wonder why Fedex and UPS are doing fine and the post offic e is struggling. UPS and FedEx are private corporations run by competant people and that is not the luxury the post office has with it’s incompentant beauracrats. And you want this same incompetant government running the healthcare for millions of people. I don’t think so. The dumb bastard just blew a big whole in his argument with that statment.

  443. samiam60 says:

    Tellit I picked up on that when the Dali-Bama said it. He is like Klink.

  444. SamHenry says:

    Tellit – that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

  445. SamHenry says:

    Do you have the vid for that or the url Tellit?

  446. samiam60 says:

    Hope everything went well with the doc today SamH? Hope your not spending too much of Obama’s money on tests.

  447. Foxwood says:

    Yeah, and don’t take any pills that they say will make you “feel good”.

  448. SamHenry says:

    Thank you for your concern about my health and pocketbook. Both are in medium rare condition (wolves like meatspeak). At my age I spend money in two places: the grocery store and the doctors’ offices. I don’t mind because I get to choose both. Then of course the government wants in so they barge in on this duo with unwanted taxes.

  449. Foxwood says:

    Tellit, I thought it was oxymoronic when he said it. Emphasis on M O R O N I C.

  450. samiam60 says:

    Wonder how much Coke Air Force One brought back from Mexico?

  451. Foxwood says:

    I thought Airforce One had a Coke machine in it…


  452. SamHenry says:

    Check out every few days. Essays on current events and living through them changing more often. You might even find a little humor to cheer you. Snake oil sales on the side.

  453. tellitlikeitis says:

    Here’s the link SH. Last comment.

    Hannity and Limbaugh are going to have a field with that.

  454. tellitlikeitis says:

  455. tellitlikeitis says:

    This is some bold sh*t.

  456. samhenry says:

    Thanks for the link, Tellit. About that flag incident – that is not recent. It would be interesting if another has happened. This is the true feeling of so many Mexicans. They know all they have to do to reclaim California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas is to just keep coming.

  457. Foxwood says:

    Didn’t sleep good last night. Rolling up the Confederate Swastika and firing the cannon off early tonight.

    I wanted to finish my article before I went to bed, but I don’t have it in me.

    Congress is all messed up. James Madison wrote the Constitution to limit government. Article 1, Section 8 along with the 10th Amendment give you what the Powers of Congress are. Healthcare is not included and not for the Federal government to deal with. Congress is given specific duties , and no more.

    No one knows the Constitution and American history anymore, except the so called “Constitutional Lawyers”, like Obutthole, so the politicians can count on our ignorance to do what they want. We have to learn the Constitution and use it on these politicians, before they take the Constitution and our rights away from us. Know the Constitution and you will know your rights.

    “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.” — James Madison

    “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” — John Adams

    “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” — Benjamin Franklin

    “If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one….” — James Madison

    “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.” — Thomas Jefferson

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” — Ben Franklin

    “The greatest calamity which could befall us would be submission to a government of unlimited powers.” — Thomas Jefferson

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.” — James Madison

    “Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated.” — Thomas Jefferson

  458. samhenry says:

    Hey, you’re missing this interview with Mrs. Osama Bin Laden on the blog site. She somehow looks so … familiar.


  459. samhenry says:

    Here’s the text that came with this incredible video:

    I have discovered that Osama Bin Laden has got a wife among wives he truly adores. The press has trailed her for years. She rarely travels away from her walled, guarded home. When she does venture forth, it is usually to the hairdresser. There, she has to remove her burkah or risk wasting her money on a result to be had free of charge standing in the rain. Here then is the unprecedented interview:

  460. rosehips says:

    hey peeps!

    sami, I got a laugh outta the Airplane vid.

    great to see you lisa!

    I just read this thought provoking piece about drugmakers. Check it out. here’s the last two paragraphs:

    “Yet moves to change the current system are blocked by the drug companies and their armies of lobbyists. That’s why the way we regulate the production of medicines across the world is still designed to serve the interests of the shareholders of the drug companies – not the health of humanity.

    The idea of ring-fencing life-saving medical knowledge so a few people can profit from it is one of the great grotesqueries of our age. We have to tear down this sick system – so the sick can live. Only then we can globalise the spirit of Jonas Salk, the great scientist who invented the polio vaccine, but refused to patent it, saying simply: “It would be like patenting the sun.”

    tomorrow is our local townhall meeting. I hope I can get some good vids!

  461. samiam60 says:

    Rose be sure and post those vids for us tomorrow.
    We are looking forward to it dear.

  462. samhenry says:

    Hey wolf – did you see my Mrs. Bin Laden video above?

  463. samhenry says:

    No one cares about my video. I’m going to jump ship. Dog overboard.

  464. LisaInTX says:

    Hey everyone! Sorry I got a phone call right after I posted that last video.

    I’m still trying to catch up on everything I missed.
    Beck Rocked today and thanks to him, I was able to finally piece together ALL my past reports into a socialist game plan that made sense.
    I’m not happy with the truth of it, but at least I understand where all this crazy shit is headed and WHY.
    I knew that POWER and CONTROL was the driving force, but I did not understand all of it until now.
    God Save our Nation and our people.
    Heading to bed now….good night my friends.

  465. LisaInTX says:

    SH…from the link you posted
    “Hussein and Chavez seem to be partnering on a resolution where the UN will re-instate Zelaya- a wrong move on so many levels it is hard to know where to start.

    The United Nations on Thursday begins a debate over a new U.N. military doctrine called the “Responsibility to Protect,” which would authorize the world organization to be used as cover to intervene in the sovereign affairs of a nation state, supposedly to protect the people of a country against their own government. The first target could be anti-communist Honduras.

    The “Responsibility to Protect,” also known as RtoP or R2P, is mostly the work of the World Federalist Movement, a group dedicated to world government by strengthening the United Nations system. It is the major force behind the “International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect.”

    R2P was sold as something to be exercised against regimes practicing genocide against their own people. But the new doctrine is so vague and subject to political manipulation that one can speculate it could be used to justify some form of U.N. intervention in Honduras on the pretext that the people there are somehow being victimized by a popular military-backed regime. In fact, some Hondurans are telling this columnist that they are fearful that U.N. “blue helmets” are right now being prepared to invade their country.”

  466. SamHenry says:

    That old broad on iReports, that INFOADDICT, she’s quite a woman. She’s strutting her considerable stuff over there at all hours and in all weathers. But you know, she just came up with a comment on her post she seems proud of. Here is is:

    THANK YOU ALL for your comments – the good, the bad and the ugly. You know I like you to have some lively debates on my posts – void of name calling of course. I think while some discussion was heated, we had a pretty good town meeting right here. Because of the “setup” we have to take turns and “listen.” On-line forums led by congressmen are an alternative to in person versions of Monday Night Raw. In the end, we are all Americans and if we were stranded elsewhere and needed help, I am certain we would help each other. That is really part of the American Psyche. We all are dealing with unbelievable pressures – so many of us have lost so much including our sense of security and selfhood over job loss, home foreclosures. There will always be thugs, paid or otherwise. The majority of us are not and we need to remember that. We can keep those numbers down by not taking on those tactics just because “the other side did it.” Keep in touch. Keep RESTED. We all have a lot ahead of us and we need to think clearly and, I hope, compassionately of OUR future together.

  467. SamHenry says:

    And of course, in the fullness of time, INFOADDICT took up the camera and made a video out of it:

  468. Foxwood says:

    Seig Hiel und Guten Morgan, fellow UnAmerican Nazis. It’s time to put up the Confederate Swastika and fire the cannon.

  469. Foxwood says:

    Who is telling the truth? Obama or Obama?

    OBAMA TODAY: I have not said that I was a single-payer supporter because frankly we historically have had a employer-based system in this country, that private insurers.

    OBAMA 2007: My commitment is to make sure that we’ve got universal health care for all Americans by the end of my first term as president. I would hope that we can set up a system that allows those who can go through their employer to access a federal system or a state pool of some sort, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There’s going to be potentially some transition process. I can envision a decade out or 15 years out or 20 years out.


    OBAMA 2003: I happen to be a proponent of single-payer, universal health care plan. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, is spending 14% — 14% of its gross national product on health care — cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim’s talking about when he says, “Everybody in, nobody out,” a single payer health care plan, universal health care plan. That’s what I’d like to see but, as all of you know —

    OBAMA TODAY: I have not said that I was a single-payer supporter because frankly we historically have had a employer-based system in this country with private insurers.


    OBAMA June 24: I don’t think that we can make judgments based on people’s spirit. Uh, that would be, uh, a pretty subjective decision to be making. I think we have to have rules that, uh, say that we are gonna provide good quality care for all people. End-of-life care is one of the most difficult sets of decisions that we’re going to have to make. But understand that those decisions are already being made in one way or another. If they’re not being made under Medicare and Medicaid, they’re being made by private insurers. At least we can let doctors know — and your mom know — that you know what? Maybe this isn’t going to help. Maybe you’re better off, uh, not having the surgery but taking, uhhh, the painkiller.

    OBAMA TODAY: Well, uh, uh… The, uhhhh… I’ve seen some of those signs. Let me just be specific about some things that I’ve been hearing lately that, eh, we just need to dispose of here. The rumor that’s been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the House of Representatives voted for death panels that will, uhhh, basically pull the plug on grandma because we decided that we don’t… It’s too expensive to let her live anymore. I guess this arose out of a provision in one of the House bills that allowed Medicare to reimburse people for consultations about end-of-life care, setting up living wills, the availability of hospice, et cetera. Somehow it’s gotten spun into this idea of death panels. I am not in favor of that.

    OBAMA TODAY: If you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always havin’ problems.

    Hmmmmm Mr President. The post office is having problems? Why should we allow you to run Healthcare?

  470. samiam60 says:

    AARP says they are not onboard with Obama on Health Care Reform. More lies from the Demander in Chief:

    A group usually seen as one of Barack Obama’s allies in the health care debate — AARP — says the president went too far Tuesday when he said the seniors lobby had endorsed the legislation pending in Congress.

    AARP is sensitive to the issue because polls show that Medicare beneficiaries are worried their health care program will be cut to subsidize coverage for the uninsured.

    At the town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., Obama said, “We have the AARP onboard because they know this is a good deal for our seniors.” He added, “AARP would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining Medicare.”

    But Tom Nelson, AARP’s chief operating officer, said, “Indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate.”

    Like Obama, AARP wants action this year to cover the uninsured and restrain health care costs, but the organization has refrained from endorsing legislation. Nelson said AARP would not endorse a bill that reduces Medicare benefits.

  471. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Fox. Your Cannon woke me up this morning. Will that be the Shot Heard Round the World?

  472. Foxwood says:

    I think the ARIP got a rash of calls and had to get off board with the President. I hope so.

  473. Foxwood says:

    Sorry about that Sami, My neighbors love the wake up call.

  474. Foxwood says:

    Got to get a shower taken… BRB.

  475. samiam60 says:

    Good morning Hillary, Miss Secretary of State:

  476. Foxwood says:

    “Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated.” — Thomas Jefferson

    General Welfare = Healthcare

  477. Foxwood says:

    Is she giving us the stink eye?

  478. samiam60 says:

    Pants suit $150.00, Diet Plan $200.00, Hair Do, Priceless.

  479. samhenry says:

    FOX – did President Obama put Thomas Jefferson on welfare? Things have really got very bad very fast. I think the Prez got off at the wrong train stop – Foggy Bottom.

    AARP has lost my respect.

  480. samiam60 says:

    for everything else, Obama Card.

  481. samhenry says:

    Sami – priceless. I really had thought that the write ups about this bit were WAY off. It wasn’t what she said. Note the next day she appeared in slimming dark blazer but with the same top and pants. Bill probably expressed it over to her. He grows more distinguished looking – so does she – that’s why it’s hard to tell them apart.

  482. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning SamH 🙂

  483. samhenry says:

    I love being greeted by a big smile in the morning – is this a dream or am I still watching the Obama Frown Hall Meeting?

  484. samiam60 says:

    She looks like she should be Hosting the “View”

  485. Foxwood says:

    Morning SamH, Saw your vid.

  486. samhenry says:

    Yea – you mean that Stewart film “rear window” by Alfred Pitchcock?

  487. samhenry says:

    Thanks FOX – I thought you were in the shower. My one regret is that you thought the woman in the vid was the secretary of state and not Bill Clinton.

  488. Foxwood says:

    No, I was watching Burka Blanket Beach Party.

  489. samiam60 says:

    Great Video Fox. BBl

  490. samhenry says:

    BBL – Sami is that Bye Burka Lady?????

    FOX – did you get that vid as a prize at your state fair? It’s a prize all right.

  491. Foxwood says:

    I’ve gotten into some new music. Thought I’d share it.

  492. samhenry says:

    Have good days at work for those of us lucky enough to be still working and that’s no joke and that’s no lie.

  493. Foxwood says:

    SamH, I got a Nobel prize at the fair when I couldn’t hit the bell with the hammer.

  494. samhenry says:

    FOX – how DID you come across that? Wonderful. Followed it back to the homepage of the creator. Did you see the orchestra playing with the cat. Lot’s of cat gut going down.

  495. samhenry says:

    Very good Fox but sorry about the outcome! There’s no Belle here this AM either.

    Belle asked me to let all of you know she still cannot sign on to this post. She is working on it.

  496. Foxwood says:

    I saw the cat on Fox and Friends this morning. It’ looked like something one of my cats would do.

  497. samiam60 says:

    Well another day under the Obamadastrain.

  498. samiam60 says:

    AARP: Obama Got It Wrong

  499. samhenry says:

    Take it easy, Sami – it’s hot outside, hot inside. No relief in sight – unstable politics. No change in forecast expected soon. Over

  500. Foxwood says:

    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s out the door I go.

    See you at my first stop.

  501. samhenry says:

    FOX – I’ve made another video on the health care bill – this time I am initiating a discussion of the end of life consultation portion everyone is concerned about. I have referenced its location and I voice my own concern which is a legal one.

    I have a full schedule for the day but will check in periodically as you do. Hope to catch you. Otherwise – see you this evening. Break out the booze – this will be another long hot day in the USA. And FOX – can you aim that canon away from the driveway. It makes me nervous.

  502. m2 says:

    hi guys… didn’t even turn my computer on yesterday… it was … good.

    See AARP is no longer on board.
    what do they expect when they’re cutting billions from medicare? And they intend to set up a NICE board like in Britain where “life years” are the basis, not “lives”…

  503. samhenry says:

    Hi M2 I’m writing a new post for samandimp and I am waiting for an iReport vid to upload. I have to hone my muli-tasking skills.

  504. m2 says:

    hi Sh!

    at some point in this video- (I’ll attach the uncut) he says something about “spirit” and how that doesn’t matter when the government decides…

  505. m2 says:

    “I don’t think we can make judgements based on people’s spirit, I think that would be a pretty subjective decision to be making… uh, I think we have to have rules that say we are going to provide good quality care”…

    ie. Passive Euthanasia, and not free choice of the individual, doctor, & family — but Government mandated end of life options.

  506. samiam60 says:

    Once Obamination Care gets passed the Feds can change all the rules anyway. People should experience care at a Veterans Hospital like I do before they support our Government controlling our health care.

  507. samiam60 says:

    Forgive my manners, Good Morning M2 🙂

  508. LisaInTX says:

    Morning everyone! I’m headed out the door but wanted to pass this on from Newt.

  509. m2 says:

    Sh, there are 3 talking points the Democrats are using on repeat:
    1, should we do nothing and continue to let the special interests dictate the industry?
    answer: The special interests are a major part of this plan. In the Bill, big pharmaceutical has made a deal with Democrats to support it, and they will make it twice as long for a drug to go generic. This has been supported by Obama and team.

    There is no tort reform, and the Bill in fact makes liability lawsuits worse.

    2, rumors are circulating about a death panel, and that we’re going to “pull the plug” on granmda. None of that is true.
    answer: by process of reasoning we can infer that a major cut in Medicare benefits, additional amounts of people being covered, and the President’s own words of take pain pill and zonk out, over the individual’s spirit/will to live- this healthcare initiative is nothing more than passive Euthanasia for seniors. And there will be bureaucracy, it’s in the house bill version section 1233.

    3, the WHO numbers rank us in 37th in the world for healthcare.
    answer: this is a cop-out scare tactic to changing an entire system into Socialized healthcare- the first building block of a truly Socialized nation is to socialize the medical care for all

    Americans have a higher survival rate than any other country on earth for 13 of 16 of the most common cancers.

    “But to understand how WHO derives this misleading statistic, which has been ballyhooed widely by both the media and politicians alike, you need to understand how it is created. WHO’s health care rankings are constructed from five factors each weighted according to a formula derived by WHO. These are:

    1. Health Level: 25 percent

    2. Health Distribution: 25 percent

    3. Responsiveness: 12.5 percent

    4. Responsiveness Distribution: 12.5 percent

    5. Financial Fairness: 25 percent

    “Health level” is a measure of a countries “disability adjusted life expectancy”. This factor makes sense, since it is a direct measure of the health of a country’s residents. However, even “life expectancy” can be affected by many factors not related to health care per se, such as poverty, homicide rate, dietary habits, accident rate, tobacco use, etc. In fact, if you remove the homicide rate and accidental death rate from MVA’s from this statistic, citizens of the US have a longer life expectancy than any other country on earth.2

    “Responsiveness” measures a variety of factors such as speed of service, choice of doctors, and amenities (e.g. quality of linens). Some of these make sense to include (speed of service) but some have no direct relationship to health care (quality of linens). These two factors at least make some sense in a ranking of health care, but each is problematic as well.

    The other three factors are even worse. “Financial fairness” measures the percentage of household income spent on health care. It can be expected that the “percentage” of income spent on health care decreases with increasing income, just as is true for food purchases and housing. Thus, this factor does not measure the quality or delivery of health care, but the value judgment that everyone should pay the same “percentage” of their income on health care even regardless of their income or use of the system. This factor is biased to make countries that rely on free market incentives look inferior. It rewards countries that spend the same percentage of household income on health care, and punishes those that spend either a higher or lower percentage, regardless of the impact on health. In the extreme then, a country in which all health care is paid for by the government (with money derived from a progressive tax system), but delivers horrible health care, will score perfectly in this ranking, whereas a country where the amount paid for health care is based on use of the system, but delivers excellent health care will rank poorly. To use this factor to justify more government involvement in health care, therefore, is using circular reasoning since this factor is designed to favor government intervention.

    “Health Distribution and Responsiveness Distribution” measure inequality in the other factors. In other words, neither factor actually measures the quality of health care delivery, because “inequality of delivery” is independent of “quality of care”. It is possible, for example, to have great inequality in a health care system where the majority of the population gets “excellent” health care, but a minority only gets “good” health care. This system would rank more poorly on these measures than another country that had “equal”, but poor, health care throughout the system.

    In summary, therefore, the WHO ranking system has minimal objectivity in its “ranking” of world health. It more accurately can be described as a ranking system inherently biased to reward the uniformity of “government” delivered (i.e. “socialized”) health care, independent of the care actually delivered.”

  510. samhenry says:

    M2 – why are you so surprised about this “spirit” nonsense. This is from the same man who gave us a new Supreme Court Associate Justice who had such wonderful, “sentiment” ….

    Hi Sam

    Bye Lisa

  511. m2 says:

    hi Lisa , sam…

    Sh- my grandma is in really bad shape, BUT she has a spirit!
    She’s fallen 6 or 7 times in the past 3 years… and each time people in my family say “Nanny will never be the same… we should put her in a nursing home.. she’ll never walk”…

    and EACH TIME, she comes back and defies all the negative dismissals at her condition. SHE HAS SPIRIT!

    And she was even running around chasing Elena 2 weeks ago.

    Frankly SH, I rather detest Obama and his ilk of “health advisors”.

  512. m2 says:

    if they just wrote nanny off and stuck her in bed to await death with pain meds… her muscles would have atrophied (b/c that goes quick when you are elderly), and she would have been dead years ago.

    Instead, no one had to pay for hospice, or retirement home. Her SPIRIT made her get well, with a little help from technology and physical therapists… she was able to do what no one believed she could… She had a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE, trusting her own individual drive to LIVE!

    that’s what we need, a healthcare that’s associated with LIFE. Not one that derives it’s outcomes based on DEATH.

  513. m2 says:

    Nanny has been so happy to be around Elena and my cousin’s toddler Aiden…

    That’s what life is about. Living.

  514. samiam60 says:

    I have said this before: Let the Congress be obligated to use the Same Health Care Program they are trying to pass for us, “We The People”

  515. m2 says:

    WHOm Are They Kidding?
    by Glen Whitman

    Armed with supposedly objective reports showing the American medical system is among the worst in the developed world, candidates left and right — but mostly left — are plugging ambitious plans to “fix” healthcare. Invariably, their plans call for more government intervention. Senators Clinton and Obama both want to regulate premiums and benefits while increasing healthcare subsidies, and Clinton would go even further by requiring everyone to buy a federally-defined health insurance policy.

    But is lack of government really the problem — and if so, how would we know? Healthcare interventionists frequently cite the World Health Organization’s World Health Report 2000, which studied the performance of 191 countries’ healthcare systems — and awarded the U.S. a dismal rank of number 37. While the WHO rankings are touted as an objective measure of the relative performance of healthcare systems, in reality they depend on a number of ideological or logically incoherent assumptions.

    he WHO healthcare ranking system does not escape political bias.
    The WHO rankings are based on a constructed index of five factors. One factor is “health level,” defined as a country’s disability-adjusted life expectancy. Another is “health responsiveness,” which includes desirable characteristics of healthcare like speed of service, protection of privacy, and quality of amenities.

    Both of these are sensible indicators of health quality, but they constitute only 37.5 percent of each country’s score. The other 62.5 percent encompasses factors only tenuously connected to the quality of care — and that can actually punish a country’s ranking for superior performance.

    Take “Financial Fairness” (FF), worth 25 percent of the total. This factor measures inequality in how much households spend on healthcare as a percentage of their income. The greater the inequality, the worse the country’s performance.

    Notice that FF necessarily improves when the government shoulders more of the health spending burden, rather than relying on the private sector. To use the existing WHO rankings to justify more government involvement in healthcare is therefore to engage in circular reasoning, because the rankings are designed to favor greater government involvement. (Clinton’s plan would attempt to improve the American FF score by capping insurance premiums.)

    The ostensible reason to include FF in the health index is to account for people landing in dire financial straits because of their health needs. Yet the FF factor worsens for every household that deviates from the average percentage of income spent on healthcare, regardless of whether the deviation is on the high side or low side.

    That means the FF factor doesn’t just penalize a country because some households are especially likely to become impoverished from health costs; it also penalizes a country because some households are especially unlikely to become impoverished from health costs.

    Glen Whitman is an associate professor of economics at California State University, Northridge, and author of the Cato Institute policy paper “WHO’s Fooling Who? The World Health Organization’s Problematic Ranking of Health Care Systems.”

    The other two factors, “health distribution” and “responsiveness distribution,” are no better. Together worth 37.5 percent of a country’s score, these factors measure inequality in health level and responsiveness. Strictly speaking, neither measures healthcare performance, because inequality is distinct from quality of care. It’s entirely possible to have a healthcare system characterized by both extensive inequality and good care for everyone.

    Suppose, for instance, that Country A has health responsiveness that is “excellent” for most citizens but merely “good” for some disadvantaged groups, while Country B has responsiveness that is uniformly “poor” for everyone. Country B would score higher than Country A in responsiveness distribution, despite Country A having better responsiveness for even its worst-off citizens.

    What if the quality of healthcare improves for half of the population, while remaining the same for the other half? This should be regarded as an unambiguous improvement: some people get better off, and no one gets worse off. But in the WHO index, the effect is ambiguous because the improvement could increase inequality.

    The WHO rankings have also been adjusted to reflect efficiency: how well a country is doing relative to how much it spends. In the media, however, this distinction is often lost.

    Costa Rica ranks higher than the United States (number 36 versus number 37), but that does not mean Costa Ricans get better healthcare than Americans. Americans most likely get better healthcare — just not as much better as could be expected given how much we spend. If the question is health outcomes alone, without reference to spending, we should look at the unadjusted ranking, where the U.S. is number 15 and Costa Rica is number 45. (And even the number 15 rank is problematic, for all the reasons discussed above.)

    The WHO rankings implicitly take all differences in health outcomes unexplained by spending or literacy and attribute them entirely to health system performance. Nothing else, from tobacco use to nutrition to sheer luck, is taken into account. These variables were excluded largely because of underlying paternalist assumptions about the proper role of the health system.

    If the culture has a predilection for unhealthy foods, there may be little healthcare providers can do about it. Conversely, if the culture has a pre-existing preference for healthy foods, the healthcare system hardly deserves the credit. Some people are happy to give up a few potential months or even years of life in exchange for the pleasures of smoking, eating, having sex, playing sports, and so on. The WHO approach, rather than taking people’s preferences as given, deems some preferences better than others, and then praises or blames the health system for them.

    Those who cite the WHO ranking to justify greater government involvement in the health system — like the plans pitched by the leading Democratic presidential candidates — are assuming what they’re trying to prove. The WHO healthcare ranking system does not escape political bias. It advances ideological assumptions that most Americans might find questionable under the guise of objectivity.

  516. m2 says:

    sam, i hear there’s 42% approval on healthcare overhaul. And I believe some of that is genuine desire to fix the parts that are broke… Not sign on to Obama’s Death to America plan.

  517. m2 says:

    I think the democrats cannot articulate their plan, and so some of the approval of reform does come from genuine people like us, who want to make a good system greater.

    Not wipe it clean and institute the Socialist States of America.

    That’s Obama’s problem. They’ve got their Dems out their reading the Pelosi-approved talking point list, and Robert Gibbs, and the President. But it doesn’t say anything that’s factually backed up… “ie. the ‘special interest’ part”…
    etc etc.

    Obama wants death to America… that’s all I can infer. Because if he didn’t, he’d probably be real honest and communicative about his proposal instead of reading off a list of 5 misleading statements… and that’s it. I guess plan B is to call people names.

    All that together, means that they are not honest folk. Indeed!

  518. m2 says:

    I’m heading out for a walk.

    Life to America!!

  519. samiam60 says:

    I wonder what Obama’s white grandmother in Hawaii would have thought of this man? Hmmm?

  520. samhenry says:

    M2 – In the vid – he did not really answer the question and her question was really if a person has the spirit to want to go on, can we still do everything for that person possible even when he/she is very old. He backed into the current situation saying that limits are already in place – primarily financial – for procedures for these cases but he also said that the goal of the new plan would be to eliminate waste and to do what seems most cost effective in terms of dollars and in human life. I always get nervous when the discussion turns in a direction of weighing cost and human life. I am for living wills, etc. but I am not for the government telling my doctor what tests and treatments will be needed.

  521. Foxwood says:

    M2, I’ve heard someone we know and love on the board give us those talking points.

  522. karmahd says:

    Looks like AARP needs to either edit this page or come out with a stance!!

  523. Foxwood says:

    I wished someone would address this. I can’t get to the kitchen.

    Who’s going to clean this mess anyway?

  524. Foxwood says:

    I don’t think ARIP knows which way to go. I’m sure a lot of pissed people have called them.

  525. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning everyone!

    Officials see rise in militia groups across US

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Militia groups with gripes against the government are regrouping across the country and could grow rapidly, according to an organization that tracks such trends.
    The stress of a poor economy and a liberal administration led by a black president are among the causes for the recent rise, the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center says. Conspiracy theories about a secret Mexican plan to reclaim the Southwest are also growing amid the public debate about illegal immigration.

    Bart McEntire, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told SPLC researchers that this is the most growth he’s seen in more than a decade.

    “All it’s lacking is a spark,” McEntire said in the report.

    It’s reminiscent of what was seen in the 1990s—right-wing militias, people ideologically against paying taxes and so-called “sovereign citizens” are popping up in large numbers, according to the report to be released Wednesday. The SPLC is a nonprofit civil rights group that, among other activities, investigates hate groups.

    Last October, someone from the Ohio Militia posted a recruiting video on YouTube, billed as a “wake-up call” for America. It’s been viewed more than 60,000 times.

    “Things are bad, things are real bad, and it’s going to be a lot worse,” said the man on the video, who did not give his name. “Our country is in peril.”

    The man is holding an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, and he encourages viewers to buy one.

    While anti-government sentiment has been on the rise over the last two years, there aren’t as many threats and violent acts at this point as there were in the 1990s, according to the report. That movement bore the likes of Timothy McVeigh, who in 1995 blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City and killed 168 people.

    But McEntire fears it’s only a matter of time.

    These militias are concentrated in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and the Deep South, according to Mark Potok, an SPLC staff director who co-wrote the report. Recruiting videos and other outreach on the Internet are on the rise, he said, and researchers from his center found at least 50 new groups in the last few months.

    The militia movement of the 1990s gained traction with growing concerns about gun control, environmental laws and anything perceived as liberal government meddling.

    The spark for that movement came in 1992 with an FBI standoff with white separatist Randall Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Weaver’s wife and son were killed by an FBI sniper. And in 1993, a 52-day standoff between federal agents and the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas, resulted in nearly 80 deaths. These events rallied more people who became convinced that the government would murder its own citizens to promote its liberal agenda.

    Now officials are seeing a new generation of activists, according to the report. The law center spotlights Edward Koernke, a Michigan man who hosts an Internet radio show about militias. His father, Mark, was a major figure in the 1990s militia movement and served six years in prison for charges including assaulting police.

    Last year, officials warned about an increase in activity from militias in a five-year threat projection by the Homeland Security Department.

    “White supremacists and militias are more violent and thus more likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks on the scale of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing,” the threat projection said.

    A series of domestic terrorism incidents over the past year have not been directly tied to organized militias, but the rhetoric behind some of the crimes are similar with that of the militia movement. For instance, the man charged with the April killings of three Pittsburgh police officers posted some of his views online. Richard Andrew Poplawski wrote that U.S. troops could be used against American citizens, and he thinks a gun ban could be coming.

    The FBI’s assistant director for counterterrorism, Michael Heimbach, said that law enforcement officials need to identify people who go beyond hateful rhetoric and decide to commit violent acts and crimes. Heimbach said one of the bigger challenges is identifying the lone-wolf offenders.

    One alleged example of a lone-wolf offender is the 88-year-old man charged in the June shooting death of a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

  526. karmahd says:

    The money where it is being spent in the health care reform

  527. samhenry says:

    Drive by for my drive by…

    I will leave you a message in the conference room. Nothing dire.

    For god’s sake will someone dispatch a home health care worker to Fox’s to deal with his kitchen. He may be putting his life in danger.

  528. karmahd says:

    Even more telling, where the money is being spent and who is behind it, I find the teamsters average almost laughable!!

  529. samhenry says:

    I leave here for two seconds and Karm has to talk about me, the “elephant in the room.” I’m trying to lose the weight, Karm. It is just so hard to do. I don’t call you names like prunefish (they’ve finally named all those down there who spend too much time in the water with their non-water dogs).

  530. samhenry says:

    Karm, the big elephant housing business article:

    “With low interest rates, lower home prices and a first-time buyer tax credit, we’ve been seeing healthy increases in home sales, which are a hopeful sign for the economy,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist..

    It all sounds to me like here we go again. We are still trying to make it possible for someone who has nothing to have something so that later on they can lose it and someone can buy it even cheaper.

  531. karmahd says:

    I beg to differ, my Weenie Boy swims like a fish!! In fact he needs to be scooped out of the pool usually with the skimmer due to his love of water. I cannot contest the “prunefish” of that I accept!!

  532. samhenry says:

    Dog realizes that all morning has been spent trying to verbally and intellectually out run fellow bloggers. Impossible task. Must jump ship to rest from it. BBL


  533. Foxwood says:

    So all of us that defy the government healthcare plan are white supremacists? I guess Janeen Godawfulhole was right.

  534. tellitlikeitis says:

    She sounds like a lefty but what she says make sense.

    Obama’s healthcare horror
    Heads should roll — beginning with Nancy Pelosi’s!

    By Camille Paglia

    Aug. 12, 2009 | Buyer’s remorse? Not me. At the North American summit in Guadalajara this week, President Obama resumed the role he is best at — representing the U.S. with dignity and authority abroad. This is why I, for one, voted for Obama and continue to support him. The damage done to U.S. prestige by the feckless, buffoonish George W. Bush will take years to repair. Obama has barely begun the crucial mission that he was elected to do.

    Having said that, I must confess my dismay bordering on horror at the amateurism of the White House apparatus for domestic policy. When will heads start to roll? I was glad to see the White House counsel booted, as well as Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, and hope it’s a harbinger of things to come. Except for that wily fox, David Axelrod, who could charm gold threads out of moonbeams, Obama seems to be surrounded by juvenile tinhorns, bumbling mediocrities and crass bully boys.

    Case in point: the administration’s grotesque mishandling of healthcare reform, one of the most vital issues facing the nation. Ever since Hillary Clinton’s megalomaniacal annihilation of our last best chance at reform in 1993 (all of which was suppressed by the mainstream media when she was running for president), Democrats have been longing for that happy day when this issue would once again be front and center.

    Share this story on Digg:

    More Buzz up!





    But who would have thought that the sober, deliberative Barack Obama would have nothing to propose but vague and slippery promises — or that he would so easily cede the leadership clout of the executive branch to a chaotic, rapacious, solipsistic Congress? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom I used to admire for her smooth aplomb under pressure, has clearly gone off the deep end with her bizarre rants about legitimate town-hall protests by American citizens. She is doing grievous damage to the party and should immediately step down.

    There is plenty of blame to go around. Obama’s aggressive endorsement of a healthcare plan that does not even exist yet, except in five competing, fluctuating drafts, makes Washington seem like Cloud Cuckoo Land. The president is promoting the most colossal, brazen bait-and-switch operation since the Bush administration snookered the country into invading Iraq with apocalyptic visions of mushroom clouds over American cities.

    You can keep your doctor; you can keep your insurance, if you’re happy with it, Obama keeps assuring us in soothing, lullaby tones. Oh, really? And what if my doctor is not the one appointed by the new government medical boards for ruling on my access to tests and specialists? And what if my insurance company goes belly up because of undercutting by its government-bankrolled competitor? Face it: Virtually all nationalized health systems, neither nourished nor updated by profit-driven private investment, eventually lead to rationing.

    I just don’t get it. Why the insane rush to pass a bill, any bill, in three weeks? And why such an abject failure by the Obama administration to present the issues to the public in a rational, detailed, informational way? The U.S. is gigantic; many of our states are bigger than whole European nations. The bureaucracy required to institute and manage a nationalized health system here would be Byzantine beyond belief and would vampirically absorb whatever savings Obama thinks could be made. And the transition period would be a nightmare of red tape and mammoth screw-ups, which we can ill afford with a faltering economy.

    As with the massive boondoggle of the stimulus package, which Obama foolishly let Congress turn into a pork rut, too much has been attempted all at once; focused, targeted initiatives would, instead, have won wide public support. How is it possible that Democrats, through their own clumsiness and arrogance, have sabotaged healthcare reform yet again? Blaming obstructionist Republicans is nonsensical because Democrats control all three branches of government. It isn’t conservative rumors or lies that are stopping healthcare legislation; it’s the justifiable alarm of an electorate that has been cut out of the loop and is watching its representatives construct a tangled labyrinth for others but not for themselves. No, the airheads of Congress will keep their own plush healthcare plan — it’s the rest of us guinea pigs who will be thrown to the wolves.

    With the Republican party leaderless and in backbiting disarray following its destruction by the ideologically incoherent George W. Bush, Democrats are apparently eager to join the hara-kiri brigade. What looked like smooth coasting to the 2010 election has now become a nail-biter. Both major parties have become a rats’ nest of hypocrisy and incompetence. That, combined with our stratospheric, near-criminal indebtedness to China (which could destroy the dollar overnight), should raise signal flags. Are we like late Rome, infatuated with past glories, ruled by a complacent, greedy elite, and hopelessly powerless to respond to changing conditions?

    What does either party stand for these days? Republican politicians, with their endless scandals, are hardly exemplars of traditional moral values. Nor have they generated new ideas for healthcare, except for medical savings accounts, which would be pathetically inadequate in a major crisis for anyone earning at or below a median income.

    And what do Democrats stand for, if they are so ready to defame concerned citizens as the “mob” — a word betraying a Marie Antoinette delusion of superiority to ordinary mortals. I thought my party was populist, attentive to the needs and wishes of those outside the power structure. And as a product of the 1960s, I thought the Democratic party was passionately committed to freedom of thought and speech.

    But somehow liberals have drifted into a strange servility toward big government, which they revere as a godlike foster father-mother who can dispense all bounty and magically heal all ills. The ethical collapse of the left was nowhere more evident than in the near total silence of liberal media and Web sites at the Obama administration’s outrageous solicitation to private citizens to report unacceptable “casual conversations” to the White House. If Republicans had done this, there would have been an angry explosion by Democrats from coast to coast. I was stunned at the failure of liberals to see the blatant totalitarianism in this incident, which the president should have immediately denounced. His failure to do so implicates him in it.

  535. m2 says:

    lol lol!

  536. samiam60 says:

    Send the above video to :

  537. samiam60 says:

    I do believe Hillary Clinton has said in the above video what we have been saying all along. I sent this to the White House so they can put her on their list. Every thing that comes out of Obama’s mouth is and has been a lie. This only serves to prove the point. Fox news should be playing this clip day and night.

  538. Foxwood says:

    “We still find the greedy hand of government thrusting itself into every corner and crevice of industry, and grasping at the spoil of the multitude. Invention is continually exercised to furnish new pretenses for revenue and taxation. It watches prosperity as its prey and permits none to escape without a tribute.” — Thomas Paine

  539. Foxwood says:

    More on Cookies…

  540. tellitlikeitis says:

  541. tellitlikeitis says:

  542. samiam60 says:

    Stand your ground my friends.

  543. samiam60 says:

    Everyone needs to check and verify their pw’s please. Or this site is just way slow.

  544. SamHenry says:

    Thanks for the url FOX this old split political personality is always up for a good source for information.

  545. SamHenry says:

    Tellit – I have not acknowledged you all day – hello – good to see you. I have been reading your info – good stuff – especially about the militia movement.

  546. rosehips says:

    hey peeps,

    I am back from the town hall meeting. I guess you could call it tame compared to others we’ve seen on tv. I got a lot of footage. I am uploading an interview right now to ireports. I’ll post link if it posts.

    later my friends!

  547. Foxwood says:

    I’ve been reading our founding fathers, Rose. I’ve found some good stuff.

    In 1794, when Congress appropriated $15,000 for relief of French refugees who fled from insurrection in San Domingo to Baltimore and Philadelphia, James Madison stood on the floor of the House to object saying, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”
    — James Madison

    “As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.”
    — James Madison

  548. samiam60 says:

    Bill O’Reilly hosts a Smack Down on Obama and his set up Town Hall Meeting. Its over Obama!

  549. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Evening all! I am worried about VF! There is something wrong! For all of us that are Christians say a prayer for her!

  550. samhenry says:

    Tellit – no one has heard from her but we will leave messages in the conference room.

  551. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Dears…

    There is a new blog post.

    Sorry I haven’t been able to be present as I want… sometimes we just have to do what we have to do.

    Anyways… I am on.

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