Obama Poll Slumping tells the story; His Karma is catching up with him; Obama’s new attacks on Palin are working against him; Good luck with that, Pal! hahaha

A recent comment posted on my blog by a fellow blogger says a lot…

KarmaHD // June 30, 2009 at 10:29 pm

After reading all the comments, I have come to the realization that Karma has taken effect on PrezObama, you cannot say one thing and do another, you cannot promise no new taxes and then say that is what is going to happen, you cannot say we have global warming and then line the pockets of the cronies, you cannot raise taxes on cigarettes where the poor will be effected then smoke, you cannot pass a stimulus bill in a midnight session because it was URGENT and then spend only 15% of it 6 months later, you cannot increase the budget and bury the youth of our great nation under a mountain of debt to fill your hollow ego, you cannot say it is the will of the people that you won when you have left the other 41 million people who did not vote for you in the dark, and lastly with the addition of the court jester Al Franken you will not have anyone to blame in 2010 because you, Mr President, and your majority in the congress and now the senate, can only blame yourself when you and everyone of your greedy sleazy politician lying scum bag self-interested group of politicians will be voted out.

That my friends is Karma and it will bite them in the ass or Karma is not my name!

Obama’s Karma keeps score… especially when Obama uses surrogates such as folks working for the Socialist Controlled Media to make Sexual Attacks and Attacks on Children and who also engages in quoting Fictitious Sources to mount Smear Troll Attacks… Obama’s Karma just gets darker and more negative… and at the heart of a person’s Karma is a hard and fast fact…

What Goes Around; Comes Around

Yesterday, in the face of the lowest Approval Rating Obama Has Ever Received (see: Obama Job Approval Rating Index June-30-2009  at  minus two and dropping), he sends his media attack dogs out to distract the public with new attacks on Governor Sarah Palin… calling her an “It,” making sexual comments about her and citing non-existent GOPers, whom Obama would have us all believe “CONFIDES” in a known Socialist MOONBAT and Obama boot-licker, Todd S. Purdum; now editor of a Socialist Political media company, Vanity Fair.

Socialist Political Attack Troll and Obama Lap Dog

Todd Purdum, Socialist Political Attack Troll and Obama Lap Dog

THIS!!! Is why…
Obama orchestrates
Sexual and Racist Attacks
against Sarah Palin
and her Children:

The Latest Obama Attack on Sarah Palin was discussed during the Sean Hannity program.


The public is going ballistic

over Cap and Trade Bill

The Largest Tax Increase

in the entire History of Mankind

The Obama Way

Who Only “Meddles”

with another country

when will benefit Obama



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243 Responses to Obama Poll Slumping tells the story; His Karma is catching up with him; Obama’s new attacks on Palin are working against him; Good luck with that, Pal! hahaha

  1. rosehips says:

    lol. what a sexist sean hannity is. Hahahahaha
    I was waiting to hear what democratic Congresswoman he thought looked like a slutty flight attendant. He could have been talking about my senator Maria Cantwell. She could qualify, if she dressed the part.

    so vf? Obama “sent” Purdum to trash Palin? what for? I don’t think Obama is afraid of Palin.

    guess what the url is to see the article on palin?

    that should be your url, vf.

    It’s too bad for Gov. Palin that she is so attractive. I can’t think of any male politician who really matches up. Maybe Gov. Romney, but he is just not sexy enough. I think Gov. Palin does have sex appeal. It is a curse in politics, especially for a woman. Maybe she should consider plastic surgery. lol

  2. tellitlikeitis says:

    June 30, 2009
    More Americans See Democratic Party as “Too Liberal”
    More believe Democratic Party’s, rather than Republican Party’s, views are about right
    by Jeffrey M. Jones

    PRINCETON, NJ — A Gallup Poll finds a statistically significant increase since last year in the percentage of Americans who describe the Democratic Party’s views as being “too liberal,” from 39% to 46%. This is the largest percentage saying so since November 1994, after the party’s losses in that year’s midterm elections.

    Most major demographic and attitudinal subgroups show at least a slight uptick since 2008 in perceptions that the Democratic Party is too liberal. The increasing perception of the Democrats as too far left comes as President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have expanded the government’s role in the economy to address the economic problems facing the country. Additionally, the government is working toward major healthcare reform legislation and strengthening environmental regulations.

    Notably, there has been no change over the past year in the percentage of Americans who say the Republican Party is “too conservative,” though the 43% who say the party leans too far to the right matches the historical high mark set last year.

    As a result, now slightly more Americans perceive the Democratic Party as being too liberal (46%) than view the GOP as being too conservative (43%).

    But the Democratic Party still compares favorably to the Republican Party from the standpoint that more Americans say the Democrats’ ideology is “about right” (42%) than say this about the Republicans’ ideology (34%).

    In fact, the 34% who say the GOP is about right is a new low since the question was first asked in 1992, and a far cry from November 1994 and November 2002, when majorities thought the Republicans’ views were appropriately balanced.

    Independents’ Views of the Parties

    Political independents’ perceptions of the two major parties’ ideological orientation are important since both parties need to appeal to the political center in order to win elections. (The vast majority of partisan identifiers predictably view their chosen party’s views as being about right and the other party’s as being too extreme.)

    Currently, independents are more likely to view both parties as being too extreme in either direction than to believe they are about right. But more independents say the Democratic Party (38%) than the Republican Party (25%) is about right.

    Independents are a little more likely to say the Republican Party is too conservative than to say the Democratic Party is too liberal, in a slight departure from the results among all Americans.

    Since last year, there have been declining perceptions among independents that each party is about right in its ideological orientation — from 31% to 25% for the Republican Party and from 43% to 38% for the Democratic Party. Most of the decline in regard to the Democratic Party has been associated with in an increase in seeing the party as “too liberal.”


    The Democratic Party continues to hold the upper hand over the Republican Party in the current U.S. political environment by a variety of measures, including party identification and party favorable ratings. However, compared to last year, Americans are significantly more likely to see the Democratic Party as too liberal, and as a result, they are somewhat more likely to view the party as being too far left than to perceive the Republican Party as too far right. That may expose a bit of a vulnerability for the Democratic Party, and if perceptions of the Democratic Party as being too liberal continue to grow, the GOP may be able to win back some of the support it has lost in recent years. But that may be possible only if the Republicans are at the same time able to convince the public that they are not too far to the political right.

    Survey Methods

    Results are based on telephone interviews with 1,011 national adults, aged 18 and older, conducted June 14-17, 2009. For results based on the total sample of national adults, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

    Interviews are conducted with respondents on land-line telephones (for respondents with a land-line telephone) and cellular phones (for respondents who are cell-phone only).

    In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.

  3. tellitlikeitis says:


    Advanced Search

    Inhofe says climate change bill will be “dead in the water” in Senate

    In this April 22 file photo, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., left, speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington as Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., listens. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
    By JIM MYERS World Washington Bureau
    Published: 6/30/2009 7:33 PM
    Last Modified: 7/1/2009 9:17 AM

    WASHINGTON — U.S. Jim Inhofe, who earlier said a criminal investigation “probably should be’’ conducted into allegations the EPA suppressed a climate change report, conceded Tuesday he is not qualified to make that determination.

    “I have no way of knowing,’’ the Oklahoma Republican said.

    Inhofe, however, stood by his prediction that a historic climate change bill narrowly approved by the House last week faces certain defeat in the Senate.

    “It’s dead in the water,’’ he said.

    Inhofe said the much-anticipated conclusion of a Senate race in Minnesota that will give Democrats the 60 votes needed to overcome Republican filibusters would not be enough to save the climate change bill.

    “I’ll tell you what a lot of people are thinking, and that is it looks like things are going to be over and we are going to get the clown from Minnesota,’’ he said.

    “They are not going to get more than 35 votes.’’

    Asked if he was referring to Al Franken as the clown from Minnesota, Inhofe confirmed he was.

    “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. I don’t know the guy, but … for a living he is a clown,’’ the senator said.

    “That’s what he does for a living.’’

    A former cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Franken on Tuesday was declared the winner of the Minnesota race and is expected to join the Senate next week.

    Inhofe’s comments on whether the Environmental Protection Agency suppressed climate change views of a veteran employee warranted a criminal investigation came Monday in response to a question on Fox News concerning agency e-mails that fueled the allegations.

    “I don’t know whether there would be or not,’’ the senator said initially. “There could be and there probably should be.’’

    In his interview with the Tulsa World on Tuesday, he also conceded that his own investigation into the matter has not uncovered anything that would warrant a criminal investigation.

    As the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Inhofe said he is also sending EPA a letter on the process used on the climate change report.

    EPA disputed the allegations over the climate change matter in a statement provided by spokesman Andy Adora.

    “Claims that this individual’s opinions were not considered or studied are entirely false,’’ the statement read.

    “The individual in question is not a scientist and was not part of the working group dealing with this issue.’’

    Nevertheless, it continued, the document he submitted was reviewed by his peers and agency scientists and information from that report was submitted by his manager to those responsible for developing the endangerment finding.

    “In fact, some ideas from that document are included and addressed in the endangerment finding,’’ the statement read.

    A global warming skeptic and a leading Republican critic of Democrats’ efforts to pass legislation addressing climate change, Inhofe again cited what he considers a lack of support even from his fellow Republicans in the past.

    He predicted that is changing.

    “The other goal,’’ Inhofe said of his current effort, “would be to discredit those who have been discrediting me for 10 years. You know from ’98 to ’05, I was alone.’’

  4. rosehips says:

    This is good.

  5. VotingFemale says:

    Obama is a Misogynist and a Racist who even stooped to attacking Mrs Reagan on camera.

    Obama hates Sarah… and his attack dogs go on command.

    It is no secret that Obama wants the love and attention showered on Sarah, all for himself.

    When Sarah’s candidacy was announced the Media switched off his spot light and turned her’s on. And, he blew a gasket.

    The Socialist Attacks on her followed… the most vile and vicious in the history of modern campaigning…

    Obama despises her because she is strong, beautiful, American, and draws attention, and because she is a White Woman.

    rosehips says

    lol. what a sexist sean hannity is. Hahahahaha
    I was waiting to hear what democratic Congresswoman he thought looked like a slutty flight attendant. He could have been talking about my senator Maria Cantwell. She could qualify, if she dressed the part.

    so vf? Obama “sent” Purdum to trash Palin? what for? I don’t think Obama is afraid of Palin.

    guess what the url is to see the article on palin?

  6. m2 says:

    Walmart and Central-Marxist Government, match made in heaven. Liberal love for a decade now, culminating in more squashing of competition.


  7. Foxwood says:

    I wouldn’t take too much credibility about what a UN scientist or Commie News Net poll says. Americans don’t watch CNN, proven. And Americans don’t like the UN, because they are a bunch of Socialist dictators, like the Honduran refugee they took in.

  8. VotingFemale says:

    When the next Conservative takes back the White House… I hope she or he will force the UN to relocate to another country.

    F the UN

  9. tellitlikeitis says:

    Social Security audit finds dead people getting checks
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    What a surprize.! Dead people getting ss checks and I will bet they are cashing them from the grave also and now people want these incompetant boobs in Washington running our health care. Not me!

    WASHINGTON — The Social Security Administration has continued to pay millions of dollars in benefits to dead Americans, and other elderly U.S. residents are at risk of losing badly needed aid because they’re improperly recorded as deceased, federal investigators warn in a new report

  10. m2 says:

    The UN is the biggest global SHAM operating. Want to know what Elitist-Socialists look like, observe the UN. Well-funded by U.S. monies. They do nothing.

  11. m2 says:

    and the UN is the reason why people should see that 1-world government is disgusting, inoperable and doomed. The UN is a failure.

  12. m2 says:

    Though I’m sure Soros is steering us there, using his bought/frauded Presidency.

  13. tellitlikeitis says:

    UN= Unified Numbskulls

  14. Foxwood says:

    Wow, M2, nice avatar.

  15. m2 says:

    It’s Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix LeStrange (Harry Potter)

  16. m2 says:

    Gee, why would “UN Scientists” hype global calamity like say “Climate Change”… Oh that’s right. It’s how they get paid.

    Patronage and Power

  17. Foxwood says:

    It’s all about the money. The UN is all about how they can fleece the US.

  18. Hey VF, great post girl. Good morning tellitlikeitis, m2, rose, blogwood et al.

    You are so spot on with Obama!!!! He truley is pathetic!

    Love what Karma wrote and how you incorporated it here. VF, you are the Queen.

  19. m2 says:

    all together now… No, he won’t!

    lol lol lol….

  20. tellitlikeitis says:

    UN= Useless Nimrods

  21. m2 says:

    UN = Underhanded Nepotists

  22. No, he won’t!

    Thanks for the lead here M2, I’m a little brain dead and need the leading.

  23. tellitlikeitis says:

    good one m2!

  24. m2 says:

    back to my work at hand, chat at y’all later!

  25. m2 says:

    Dang, —should we be surprised?

    Who railroaded the Amtrak inspector general?
    by Michelle Malkin
    Creators Syndicate
    Copyright 2009
    Watchdogs are an endangered species in the Age of Obama. The latest government ombudsman to get the muzzle: Amtrak inspector general Fred Weiderhold. The longtime veteran employee was abruptly “retired” last month –just as the government-subsidized rail service faces mounting complaints about its meddling in financial audits and probes.
    Question the timing? Hell, yes.
    On June 18, Weiderhold met with Amtrak officials to discuss the results of an independent report by the Washington, D.C. law firm, Willkie, Farr & Gallagher. The 94-page report has been made publicly available through the office of whistleblower advocate Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). It concluded that the “independence and effectiveness” of the Amtrak inspector general’s office “are being substantially impaired” by the agency’s Law Department. Amtrak bosses have effectively gagged their budgetary watchdogs from communicating with Congress without preapproval; required that all Amtrak documents be “pre-screened” (and in some cases redacted) before being turned over to the inspector general’s office; and taken control over the IG’s $5 million portion of federal stimulus dollars.
    Moreover, the report revealed, Amtrak regularly retained outside law firms shielded from IG reach. In another case, Amtrak’s Law Department appeared to meddle in an inspector general investigation of an outside financial adviser suspected of inflating fees. The consultant ran to the Law Department when the IG demanded documents; the Law Department repudiated the IG’s instructions on complying with a subpoena.
    These interventions (ongoing since 2007) have “systematically violated the letter and spirit of the Inspector General Act,” according to Sen. Grassley. IG staffers now fear retaliation – and with good reason. Their boss, Weiderhold, lost his job on the very day Amtrak received the Willkie, Farr & Gallagher report. It may be hot and humid in the rest of the Beltway, but every inspector general’s office is feeling an Arctic chill.
    The transparent sacking comes just as Amtrak is awash in more than $1.3 billion of new federal stimulus funds. It comes on the heels of the unceremonious dismissal of Gerald Walpin, the AmeriCorps inspector general who dared to probe financial shenanigans by Obama cronies. (See “Obama’s AmeriCrooks and cronies scandal,” June 17, 2009.) And it comes on the heels of the stifling of veteran Environmental Protection Agency employee Alan Carlin, the researcher who dared to question the Obama administration’s conventional wisdom on global warming. (See “EPA’s game of global warming hide-and-seek,” June 26, 2009).
    Question the timing? You betcha.
    So, who is behind the railroading of the Amtrak inspector general? As with the story of the AmeriCorps firing, which has First Lady Michelle Obama’s fingerprints on it, the Amtrak case smells like cronyism. Investigative journalist Robert Stacy McCain, who has watch-dogged the watchdog stories, noted last week that Amtrak’s vice president and general counsel is Eleanor Acheson.
    Acheson, an old friend of Hillary Clinton, also has close ties to Vice President Joe “Mr. Amtrak” Biden. She hired Biden’s nominations counsel Jonathan Meyer to serve as her deputy general counsel. The two had also worked together in the Clinton Justice Department. Meyer called his hiring at Amtrak by Acheson a “happy coincidence,” according to Legal Times. (In another “happy coincidence,” Biden’s lobbyist son, Hunter, sits on Amtrak’s board of directors.) Acheson oversees the very Law Department accused of interfering repeatedly with the taxpayer advocates in the inspector general’s office.
    Sen. Grassley has requested that Amtrak supply information on Weiderhold’s unexpected retirement, as well as internal and personal materials related to his departure and the report on Amtrak managers’ meddling. On the House side, Reps. Edolphus Towns (D.-N.Y.) and Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.) announced a probe Monday into Amtrak’s actions. They zeroed in on Amtrak’s choice of Lorraine Green to replace “retired” IG Weiderhold. (Click here for their letter to Amtrak Chairman of the Board of Directors Tom Carper.)
    Who is Lorraine Green? She’s a former Amtrak human resources executive and faithful Democrat donor with no experience in the inspector general business. Her expertise? Managing “diversity initiatives” for the agency. Watchdog out. Lapdog in.
    Can someone open a window? The fetid odor of Hope and Change is really starting to stink up the joint.

  26. Foxwood says:

    UN = Unnecessary Nihilists

  27. Foxwood says:

    No, we can’t have watchdogs over Obama. He’s agenda is too important to be questioned.

  28. newsbird says:

    Hey – I join you – UN = United Nannies
    I am still afraid Obama slips his Global Poverty Act somewhere on 1200 pages of these bills. Why do all the bills have to be over 1000 pages anyway? I think there should be a constitutional limit of 500 pages per bill. I don’t think either house has the capacity to comprehend, remember the issues or even read more than that.

    I hope Obama destroys the DEM party. Both parties need reform.

  29. Foxwood says:

    Rules for Bills:

    1) No earmarks.
    2) Cut the bills down so the public can read it.
    3) Nothing more than 10 pages.
    4) Citizens have 5 days to read it.
    5) Reps and Senators HAVE to read them before voting.

  30. Foxwood says:

    Obummer = King George

  31. Foxwood says:

    UN = Uniformed Nimrods

  32. Foxwood says:

    UN = Underdeveloped Neurotransmitters

  33. karmahd says:

    Yes Fellow Blogwood members, the pent up bad karma for Prez Obama is starting to be returned, I would not be suprised if in 3 months that his approval ratings are in the 30’s. That leaves all true citizens of freedom to focus on voting out the “clan” who put us in this situation. First stop 2010, second stop, 2012, the train is barreling down the track fast, time to get on or get off, we deserve better, it is up to us the people to demand better! Hey all, now back to work, KarmaHD

  34. newsbird says:

    I love your new rules – I think they should read each page out loud before voting

    OBAMA – One Bad American Muslim Ahole

  35. tellitlikeitis says:

    A Forecast With Hope Built In

    In the weeks just before President Obama took office, his economic advisers made a mistake. They got a little carried away with hope.

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Council of Economic Advisers Chair Christina Romer, and National Economic Council Chair Lawrence Summers.

    To make the case for a big stimulus package, they released their economic forecast for the next few years. Without the stimulus, they saw the unemployment rate — then 7.2 percent — rising above 8 percent in 2009 and peaking at 9 percent next year. With the stimulus, the advisers said, unemployment would probably peak at 8 percent late this year.

    We now know that this forecast was terribly optimistic. The jobless rate has already reached 9.4 percent. On Thursday, the Labor Department will announce the latest number, for June, and forecasters are expecting it to rise further. In concrete terms, the difference between the situation that the Obama advisers predicted and the one that has come to pass is about 2.5 million jobs. It’s as if every worker in the city of Los Angeles received an unexpected layoff notice.

    There are two possible explanations that the administration was so wrong. And sorting through them matters a great deal, because they point in opposite policy directions.

    The first explanation is that the economy has deteriorated because the stimulus package failed. Some critics say that stimulus just doesn’t work, while others argue that this particular package was too small or too badly constructed to make a difference.

    The second answer is that the economy has deteriorated in spite of the stimulus. In other words, the patient is not as sick as he would have been without the medicine he received. But he is a lot sicker than doctors realized when they prescribed it.

    To me, the evidence is fairly compelling that the second answer is the right one. The stimulus package does seem to have helped. But its impact has been minor — so far — compared with the harshness of the Great Recession.

    Unfortunately, the administration’s rose-colored forecast has muddied this picture. So if at some point this year or next the White House decides that the economy needs more stimulus, skeptics will surely brandish that old forecast.

    Worst of all, the economy really may need more help.

  36. Foxwood says:

    Polar bear expert barred by global warmists

    Mitchell Taylor, who has studied the animals for 30 years, was told his views ‘are extremely unhelpful’ , reveals Christopher Booker.

    Christopher Booker
    Published: 5:20PM BST 27 Jun 2009

    Ap Polar bears Polar bear expert barred by warmists

    According to the world?s leading expert on polar bears, their numbers are higher than they were 30 years ago Photo: AP

    Over the coming days a curiously revealing event will be taking place in Copenhagen. Top of the agenda at a meeting of the Polar Bear Specialist Group (set up under the International Union for the Conservation of Nature/Species Survival Commission) will be the need to produce a suitably scary report on how polar bears are being threatened with extinction by man-made global warming.

    This is one of a steady drizzle of events planned to stoke up alarm in the run-up to the UN’s major conference on climate change in Copenhagen next December. But one of the world’s leading experts on polar bears has been told to stay away from this week’s meeting, specifically because his views on global warming do not accord with those of the rest of the group.

    Dr Mitchell Taylor has been researching the status and management of polar bears in Canada and around the Arctic Circle for 30 years, as both an academic and a government employee. More than once since 2006 he has made headlines by insisting that polar bear numbers, far from decreasing, are much higher than they were 30 years ago. Of the 19 different bear populations, almost all are increasing or at optimum levels, only two have for local reasons modestly declined.

    Dr Taylor agrees that the Arctic has been warming over the last 30 years. But he ascribes this not to rising levels of CO2 – as is dictated by the computer models of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and believed by his PBSG colleagues – but to currents bringing warm water into the Arctic from the Pacific and the effect of winds blowing in from the Bering Sea.

    He has also observed, however, how the melting of Arctic ice, supposedly threatening the survival of the bears, has rocketed to the top of the warmists’ agenda as their most iconic single cause. The famous photograph of two bears standing forlornly on a melting iceberg was produced thousands of times by Al Gore, the WWF and others as an emblem of how the bears faced extinction – until last year the photographer, Amanda Byrd, revealed that the bears, just off the Alaska coast, were in no danger. Her picture had nothing to do with global warming and was only taken because the wind-sculpted ice they were standing on made such a striking image.

    Dr Taylor had obtained funding to attend this week’s meeting of the PBSG, but this was voted down by its members because of his views on global warming. The chairman, Dr Andy Derocher, a former university pupil of Dr Taylor’s, frankly explained in an email (which I was not sent by Dr Taylor) that his rejection had nothing to do with his undoubted expertise on polar bears: “it was the position you’ve taken on global warming that brought opposition”.

    Dr Taylor was told that his views running “counter to human-induced climate change are extremely unhelpful”. His signing of the Manhattan Declaration – a statement by 500 scientists that the causes of climate change are not CO2 but natural, such as changes in the radiation of the sun and ocean currents – was “inconsistent with the position taken by the PBSG”.

    So, as the great Copenhagen bandwagon rolls on, stand by this week for reports along the lines of “scientists say polar bears are threatened with extinction by vanishing Arctic ice”. But also check out Anthony Watt’s Watts Up With That website for the latest news of what is actually happening in the Arctic. The average temperature at midsummer is still below zero, the latest date that this has happened in 50 years of record-keeping. After last year’s recovery from its September 2007 low, this year’s ice melt is likely to be substantially less than for some time. The bears are doing fine.

  37. m2 says:

    Ahhh from tellit’s article:

    “The first explanation is that the economy has deteriorated because the stimulus package failed. Some critics say that stimulus just doesn’t work, while others argue that this particular package was too small or too badly constructed to make a difference.

    The second answer is that the economy has deteriorated in spite of the stimulus. In other words, the patient is not as sick as he would have been without the medicine he received. But he is a lot sicker than doctors realized when they prescribed it.”

    The third answer is, as a protege of Larry Summers, Geithner is heeding his duty of DESTROYING the UNITED STATES economy from the Financial sector while Obama destroys the U.S. domestically and foreign from Capital Hill. Taaa-ddddaah.

  38. tellitlikeitis says:

    It’s all about hope and change. The hope is about false hope to get you to believe that your life will get better under President Obama while the change is working behind the scenes to make it worse and to implement socialism at break neck speed.

  39. arlenearmy says:

    has anyone noticed that there utility bills increased?

  40. tellitlikeitis says:

    arlenearmy, The answer to your question is yes.

  41. m2 says:

    not just socialism, tellit, MARXISM.

    like breaking LAW in order to reward UAW.

    like EXEMPTING Unions from taxes on the new Obamacare plan.

    It’s about giving back to the “rightful owners”.
    Social Justice.

    What’s this silly notion of Equality under Law. There is no equality under Obammunism.

  42. m2 says:

    There is only retributions.

  43. SamHenry says:

    Hi all. Torrential rains here so I may gurgle. M2 now is Helena Bonham Carter wife of Tim Burton

    Tellit – your dog avitar is not a Jack Russell Terrier. I have one and there are truckloads of them in my rural area. I think you have something closely akin to an English Bull
    terrier. I will look further.

    Arlene I take it nothing new from Rush L.

  44. arlenearmy says:

    I haven’t heard anything yet from Rush Limbaugh. I did send his office another email requesting that they investigate the ebay matter. When I logged on this morning, I learned that last auction was gone.

    One of the commenters on Youtube said that he had been in contact w/the seller; & that the seller told him that he turned the document over to a news media outlet… and that was all he knew.

  45. samhenry says:

    I am glad that the seller protected himself by turning it over to a media outlet. The press has done everything it can to label this a hoax. I don’t think a man perpetrating a hoax would turn his documentation over to a media outlet however it would depend on the media outlet.

  46. Foxwood says:

    UN =Ultra-despotic Neer-do-wellers

  47. rosehips says:

    sh, torrents have their purpose. They flush things out. Give your mind a break. Enjoy.

    I have no expertise with dogs. I prefer them to be well behaved and quiet. If they can earn their keep, I’d like them even better. I would like to train one to mow the lawn. I think it is possible with a self propelled mower and perhaps some sort of adaptive device for the pooch. I think it could be very novel and I might even hire my little bff out to mow for the neighbors. Of course I will record it all and maybe we’ll even end up on Letterman. ya think?

  48. rosehips says:

    re: ebay auction. I thought I read on WND that the guy was questioning the authenticity of the document he possessed. I think he suspected it was a fake. He was being very tight-lipped about it according to the article.

    The other auction probably somehow violated the TOU. They are picky about some things.

  49. tellitlikeitis says:

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – Family of Karl Malden, the Academy Award- and Emmy-winning actor, says he has died at age 97.

  50. tellitlikeitis says:

    UN= Unlikely Neighbors

  51. rosehips says:

    The UN has its purpose. Without it we’d be worse off, imo. I am not an expert. I prefer they be be well behaved and quiet. lol

  52. Foxwood says:

    A dog mowing… Reminds me of a limerick.

    I’m looking over
    my dead dog Rover
    who I overlooked before.

    One paw is missing
    another is gone
    one paw is scattered all over the lawn.

    No need explaining
    the rest remaining
    it’s hung on my bedroom wall.

    I’m looking over
    my dead dog rover
    who ran over with the mower.

  53. rosehips says:

    another celebrity death….or is it another celebrity death rumor?

    What do all these people have in common?
    Jeff Goldblum, Natalie Portman, George Clooney, Britney Spears, Harrison Ford and Rick Astley

  54. rosehips says:


    sh said: A dog mowing… Reminds me of a limerick.

  55. rosehips says:

    that should have said foxy said:

  56. tellitlikeitis says:

    UN= Underwear Navagators

  57. samhenry says:

    I’ll have to frame that one Fox. I have another. I’ll be right back with it.

    Rose – do you think we’d win stupid pet tricks? Of course VF would not take us back if we went on Letterman. That would be it.

  58. samhenry says:

    This is a little framed poem with Grey Friar’s Bobby at the top of it:

    A friend is not a feller
    Who is taken in by sham;
    a Friend is one who knows
    our faults and doesn’t give a damn!

    JP McEvoy

  59. rosehips says:

    sh, I think we could redeem ourselves if we make letterman look bad. we can set him up.

  60. rosehips says:

    nice poem sh.

  61. rosehips says:

    did everything go well at the dentist, sh?

  62. rosehips says:

    U.N.=Unfortunate Necessity

  63. rosehips says:

    Karl Malden. I did like the show ” Streets of San Francisco” where he co-starred with Michael Douglas.
    He is indeed dead, born in 1912…bout time. RIP

  64. rosehips says:

    gotta do sum chores…

  65. Foxwood says:

    UN = Undermining Nations

  66. Foxwood says:

    UN = Unnecessary Nasties

  67. SamHenry says:

    Teeth are fine Rose – I had to make an impression for a nite guard dog thing to my jaw will realign. Dental rates are hideous.

    See ya later I have to go now myself bbl

  68. tellitlikeitis says:

    UN= Ultra Nincompoops

  69. tellitlikeitis says:

    UN= Undisputed Ninnyhammers

  70. UN=United Nothingness

  71. Foxwood says:

    UN = Undesired Narcoleptics

  72. Foxwood says:

    Unnatural Nutjobs

  73. Foxwood says:

    UN = Unwarranted Nagging

  74. are you referring to me? ahahahhahaah i.e., warrant… hahahahah

  75. VotingFemale says:

    UN = Utter Nonsense

  76. VotingFemale says:

    UN = Un-Necessary

  77. VotingFemale says:

    UN = Utterly Nugatory

  78. VotingFemale says:

    UN = Unimportant Narcissists

  79. VotingFemale says:

    UN = Ultimately Unessential

  80. rosehips says:

    my vote for the best yet. love it vf!

    vf said: UN = Utterly Nugatory

  81. SamHenry says:

    Unstable Neurotics

  82. SamHenry says:

    Unhealthy Notions

  83. rosehips says:

    are we now going for alliteration? lol

    shouldn’t this one be UU?

    vf said: UN = Ultimately Unessential

  84. SamHenry says:

    Undue Negligence

  85. Foxwood says:

    I just ordered The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee

  86. SamHenry says:

    Unseemly Nerds

  87. SamHenry says:

    Uninhibited Nabobs

  88. Foxwood says:

    UN = Undo Nationalization

  89. SamHenry says:

    “Unuff Nalready”

  90. rosehips says:

    foxy, you are now on a list….I wouldn’t try leaving the country anytime soon. lol

  91. Foxwood says:

    UN = Unwashed kNickerbockers

  92. SamHenry says:

    Update of Michael Jackson’s Body. It will not, I repeat NOT be on display. The venue may be changed – so may the will. Diana Ross is backup guardian for the children. It all makes so much UNBELIEVABLE NONSENSE (UN).

  93. Foxwood says:

    It will set next to my copy of Rules for Radicals. 🙂

  94. rosehips says:

    I think the gov’t should infiltrate all the street kitchens….there are terrorists running them!

  95. SamHenry says:

    Notice it was a relatively quiet news day. News was given over to an over wrought Governor who, unmedicated, continues to attempt to govern and to have press conferences. He has his therapist and the press confused. He confesses to the press and is tight-lipped with his therapist.

    We have the usual Michael Jackson Machinations.

    Now add to this a woman who was taken into police headquarters for questioning. She was filmed in her fullness of frontal “lobes” and out popped a baby squirrel from between them.

    This is the kind of news day any Administration would want. I don’t want it. How do I return it.

  96. Foxwood says:

    UN = Unreliable Nada’s

  97. SamHenry says:

    Hi Fox – good one.

    Is Karm our love home yet?

  98. SamHenry says:

    Rose where is all of this street kitchen stuff coming from? Have you been visiting a few of late?

  99. rosehips says:

    sh, you have me in stitches. now that is what I call “squirreling away”.

  100. SamHenry says:

    Rose- a little nutty to be sure. The woman should have been taken into custody and tested for rabies but grown men don’t think of these things.

  101. SamHenry says:

    The guys were focused on her “lobes” and not on the health issue. In fact had any one of them made a bad move, they could have been exposed to rabies. These things escape them. Question: what do you do with a well endowed woman cum squirrel? Does the Squirrel go to the humane society? Does she?

  102. rosehips says:

    Did you see this?

    Palin story sparks GOP family feud

    A hard-hitting piece on Sarah Palin in the new Vanity Fair has touched off a blistering exchange of insults among high-profile Republicans over last year’s GOP ticket – tearing open fresh wounds about leaks surrounding Palin and revealing for the first time some of the internal wars that paralyzed the campaign in its final days.



  103. rosehips says:

    sh, the book foxy just ordered was written by extreme radical leftists who advocate violence and street kitchens. They are going to influence the world by encouraging total anarchy and entropy.

    I don’t think we need a book to see that civil unrest is coming.

  104. karmahd says:

    UN= Unbelievably Neutral, Unnecessary Nincompoops, UN Under Knowledge.

  105. rosehips says:

    ok, off for a ride to the p.o. and dare I say it, Walmart. I have to see if they have ink for my printer. There is no other place to buy ink in my town, so I have to shop there. Well, Glenn Beck says they’re “the good guys” so I guess I should feel good about that, eh?

  106. SamHenry says:

    You are right Rose. We don’t need a book, a crystal ball or glasses to see clearly that civil unrest is unavoidably coming. People are not used to going without their electronic toys and without the requisite jobs to help them get them. The US is not a patient nation. We don’t have 7 year plans like the old Soviet Union.

  107. SamHenry says:

    kisses Karma – you know how good they are from a retriever.

  108. Foxwood says:

    To know your opponent one must study your opponent.

  109. Foxwood says:

    SamH said “you are right Rose” I’m just wondering if you are alright? Your watching Glenn Beck?

  110. Foxwood says:

    Someone call 911, I think Rose might sick. 🙂

  111. m2 says:

    Oh my gosh… Glenn Beck was a knock out today.

  112. m2 says:

    That Al Franken, Soros, Secretary of State Minnesota, ACORN deal.


  113. karmahd says:

    Licks back Samhenry, Beck is over, and it is raining like cats and dogs here! very wet…

  114. m2 says:

    anyone wonders how an irrelevent inexperiences divisionary asshat radio host like Franken can get elected. Look no further than Soros’ “ants”, and Rosehips Kitchen workers.


    The evil that keeps bringing it.
    Dismantle the democracy, bring doubt to the system. They’ve got it. They’re doing it. And they are evil.

  115. samiam60 says:

    So it looks like Carl Malden died now too.
    Hi everyone

  116. karmahd says:

    The discretion’s of this administration are becoming beyond obvious as each day passes. The old adage is so topical, “talk is cheap” but no so in Obamas case, “talk is costing us our future” Vote him out, the great orator is now the great irritant!!!

  117. karmahd says:

    Samiam at the ripe and I mean ripe old age of 97, that is way longer than I wish to live!

  118. m2 says:

    sorry Karma, but if Soros-funded shits can get Al Franken voted “in”… I think our next state of being is decimation.

    Obama clearly doesn’t stand for the Democratic Republic.

    I’ll be moving to TX when it secedes.

  119. samiam60 says:

    Were losing all our Libs.

  120. SamHenry says:

    Does that mean his nose died too?

  121. samiam60 says:

    M2 you look so hot today

  122. Foxwood says:

    Fox News is at it again. Now asking for the return of the ousted dictator from Honduras.

  123. SamHenry says:

    OK, OK so I went a little “overboard” I was just glad to see Sami and Karm and Fox.

  124. SamHenry says:

    May Karm live forever. May M2 and all of us end up in Texas.

  125. samiam60 says:

    Hi samhenry

  126. m2 says:

    I can’t believe you guys like this picture of Helena! I wouldn’t call her “hot” I thought she’d scare you… but I think she’s hot.

    Bellatrix is one of the best characters in the book series.

  127. m2 says:

    It’s probably why “W” is in TX. He knew what was cut loose. Wrath of Soros. The real unelected puppeteer of this nation. All hail Soros.

  128. samiam60 says:

    Question is M2, will we see another Alamo?

  129. Foxwood says:

    M2, Some guys like scary hot.

  130. m2 says:

    I don’t know Sam, maybe we can spin it so “Garofalo and friends” will be glad to have us secede.

    Yeah, that’s what I’d call it- scary hot. Ha ha.

  131. samiam60 says:

    Actually M2 your real picture avatar was alot hotter than any of the others. I can say that to a Married woman cause I’m an Old Man.

  132. m2 says:

    we could also put up a real border patrol, sam.

  133. samiam60 says:

    This is no Country for Old Men.

  134. m2 says:

    well thanks. Yeah right!
    but thanks!

    … maybe we can TNT TX away from MX and the US. and float out, create a new “continent”

  135. m2 says:

    Maybe I’ll go live in the bushes of Australia with the Bush men… It’s probably better than the iron fist of Obammunism, huh?

  136. Foxwood says:

    For scary hot:

  137. m2 says:

    I might move to Mexico, once they open the floodgates on illegals, and create an Eastern European slum here, I think beaches around the Pacific will be good.

  138. Foxwood says:

    Let TX secede, then take Mexico.

  139. Foxwood says:

    We’ll call it Texico…

  140. m2 says:

    Maybe Palin will secede Alaska… then we’ll all move up there and sell Obama’s Ukrainian-style despot our oil.

  141. Foxwood says:

    I though Witchy Woman was a good song for scary hot.

  142. karmahd says:

    One thing about liberals, they usually dont know how to shoot to well, second, I would never give up my freedom without a fight. Soros be dammed, bring is on F’eer. Come rally cry, no more bama no more bama!!! And yes samhenry Carls nose is dead, it will be used as a small island off of San Francisco for docking of Cruise liners.

  143. m2 says:

    Yes, I like Witchy Woman.
    It also makes me think of that Seinfeld episode with Elaine and the Desperado guy..

  144. m2 says:

    Soros is pretty old…

    that’s probably a good thing.

  145. samiam60 says:

    Can anyone tell me when our Reparations Tax is due?

  146. samiam60 says:

    Never mind. Obama has not passed that yet.

  147. m2 says:

    I might move to France, or Germany, b/c they had the balls to stand up for freedom during the Iran revolt, where the POTFW did not.

  148. karmahd says:

    Do you think 41 million and growing each day don’t have power?? The middle is moving right hell some of the left is coming to the middle. This whole propaganda campaign is being performed by the youth of our country!! Say 18-30, (there are exceptions to the rule M2) but they are idealistic and easily led, thus the great Orator and his perching of change has the twitts of twitter all riled up!!

  149. samiam60 says:

    M2 I am moving to the North Pole because with global warming it should be like a tropical Island by next year.

  150. m2 says:

    Yes, that tax was voted on last Friday and is currently being sold as Obamacare. We will also be paying that tax in the 11.4 trillion public debt Obama created. He is not done yet though, so you have time to scrape money together, Sam.

  151. karmahd says:

    OK Eore get your chin up!!

  152. m2 says:

    Good idea Sam! Because since the polar bears are “dwindling”, —the “Green” crowd won’t notice you knocking a few off for food stores, and protection. They don’t even realize there are more polar bears now than there were 30 years ago.

  153. m2 says:

    What does perching mean?


  154. karmahd says:

    It is what song birds do when they twitter, I have started a new fad!!! Perching on Twitter, I am so damn smart, duooop!!!

  155. samiam60 says:

    M2 ya gotta change the avatar. Making me crazy

  156. m2 says:

    Did you see my twitter meltdown this morning. Regarding our debt, hyperinflation, and FED cronies: Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke?

  157. m2 says:

    OK! Will do!

  158. Foxwood says:

    Eh, Sami, we don’t want to go to the North Pole… it will be an ocean… I think I’ll go to the southern one.

    Well… unless your building an arc.

  159. rosehips says:

    Ok, I hear my people being dissed here. So suddenly after listening to one polar bear “expert” we are all now experts on polar bears? I read about the guy who is being shut out because he says polar bear numbers are increasing. But if the ice melts, the polar bears will not be able to survive. End of the world?

    No, just an indicator.

    This is from “Polar Bears International”

    “Media reports and letters to the editor can be confusing. Scientists clearly state that polar bears are in trouble. Yet a small group of naysayers maintain that the bears are fine: they claim that polar bear numbers have doubled since the 1960s.

    First, it’s important to note that scientists lack historical data on polar bear numbers—they only have guesses. What we do know, though, is that in the 1960s, polar bear populations dropped precipitously due to over-hunting. When restrictions on polar bear harvests were put in place in the early 1970s, populations rebounded. That situation was a conservation success story … but the current threat to polar bears is entirely different, and more dire.

    Today’s polar bears are facing the rapid loss of the sea-ice habitat that they rely on to hunt, breed, and, in some cases, to den. Last summer alone, the melt-off in the Arctic was equal to the size of Alaska, Texas, and the state of Washington combined—a shrinkage that was not predicted to happen until 2040. The loss of Arctic sea ice has resulted in a shorter hunting season for the bears, which has led to a scientifically documented decline in the best-studied population, Western Hudson Bay, and predictions of decline in the second best-studied population, the Southern Beaufort Sea.”

  160. Foxwood says:

    Hyperinflation! That makes balloons fly, right?

  161. m2 says:

    Check this out, after 30 years TIME magazine is relevant.

  162. Foxwood says:

    My opinion Rose. I don’t believe it. My scientist says we’re cooling, so we need to pollute to kick start the sun.

  163. samiam60 says:

    Oh Rose you are making me just want to go out and hug a tree.

  164. rosehips says:

    sami, while you are at it why don’t you plant some trees too? that will help. 🙂

  165. m2 says:

    This also from Polar Bears int’l:

    “The hundreds of climate scientists who participate in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have concluded with at least 90% certainty that the current high levels of CO2 are driving the melt-down in the Arctic—a melt-down that will eventually affect the entire planet unless steps are taken to the reverse the trend. Given the risks involved in not taking action—from droughts to floods to rising sea levels and more intense storms—a reduction in carbon emissions is the only sensible course.”

    Wow, the biggest greenhouse gas is water vapor, isn’t CO2 only about .2 percent greenhouse gas?

    They are funded by grants I guess. Got to keep their jobs, I don’t blame them.

  166. Foxwood says:

    My scientist are bigger that yours. 🙂

  167. Foxwood says:

    OH! That’s it! We get the scientist to play killer roller ball! That’s the decision maker!

  168. m2 says:

    Meanwhile, Bush (W) had a more “green” house in TX than Al Gore…


  169. rosehips says:

    save your seeds!

  170. m2 says:

    Just how much of the “Greenhouse Effect” is caused by human activity?

    It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account– about 5.53%, if not.

  171. Foxwood says:

    I always liked Roller Ball. Not the new movie. The book was so much better.

  172. m2 says:

    Have to get some Monsanto free seeds rosehips. That damn Democrat woman is pushing Monsanto on the whole industry b/c of her husband.


  173. samiam60 says:

    Actually I do plant alot of trees for all my kids and friends.

  174. Foxwood says:

    (crowd) JONATHAN!

    (energy owner) Well Jonathan, I got some good news and some bad news.

    (Jonathan) What’s the bad news?

    (EO) All your friends and teammates are dead.

    (J) What’s the good news?

    (EO) You’ve made MVP.

  175. m2 says:

    Where’d vf go off to?

  176. m2 says:

    I’m pretty excited, I’m going to see a movie tonight. It’s overcast and drizzly-ish. Perfect theater weather.

  177. rosehips says:

    well I sure hope y’all and your scientist are right. Otherwise you’ll be apologizing to your kids and grandkids someday that you were OPPOSED to the predominant scientific opinion and you supported a handful of “fringe” scientists who challenged efforts to mitigate damages.

    I am not convinced that reducing our emissions will make a difference . I certainly have not been convinced that we are in a cooling trend. I believe our lifestyles will be the death of us. Doing nothing is risky. You are putting faith in the minority opinion. How can you feel so confident that they are right?

  178. SamHenry says:

    Hi m2 – /vf hasn’t been for over 2 hours unless I have missed something. Vf has been very scarce during the last 48

  179. SamHenry says:

    I have a question – where is is written that either the warmers or the coolers are in the majority at this time?

  180. Foxwood says:

    I don’t believe in consensus.

  181. m2 says:

    CO2 is 3.618%

    Maybe the democrats should apologize for crippling the freest nation on Earth with un-sustainable debt and causing instability fallout across the globe b/c of it. No disputing those figures. They are inevitable.

    Rose, you should pick up State of Fear.
    Read a diff. perspective.

    I try to do that a lot actually.

  182. m2 says:

    I have to get ready, thanks for the update SH.

    See you guys later tonight maybe, maybe not…
    Later, rosehips, karma, fox, SH and sam!

  183. SamHenry says:

    M2 you are right about that. It is really the key issue right now.

  184. Foxwood says:

    BTW India and China have said today, they would not stop polluting.

  185. SamHenry says:

    Fox – I’m not looking for consensus re global warming – I’m just looking for the fact that I don’t think there are ANY figures on which theory actually predominates. It is a question of which fiction is the more powerful. I don’t think we tiny ants can know the answer to this one but I do think we can calculate the financial fallout more easily. We cannot afford the Crap and Crap bill straight out and that’s a fact.

  186. Foxwood says:

    I was just being facetious, SamH. 🙂

  187. SamHenry says:

    I have only an hour left of light here on the beast coast. It has rained for DAYS and will only clear for the weekend. So I should spend the weekend doing all of the things I could not do during the week because it was raining? NOT

    Best to you FOX (go see your mother), Rose, Sami and our dear, dear, dear Karm – oooooooh yea.

  188. rosehips says:

    sh, I don’t know where you can find that info about warmers and coolers. The cooling theory has been around for a while as I have been hearing it for years. But it seems to really be picking up momentum now. I bet if you follow the money you can find out who is behind it. Hold your nose.

  189. m2 says:

    Oh, 1 more thing. Even if we are to be made guilty for pointing out the alternative argument.

    85% of Obama’s Green bill goes to Special Interests. And that means cash in the pockets of Big Media (GE), Big Corp, Lobbyists.


  190. SamHenry says:

    PS – FOX what you have said about India and China is proof positive that we have done all that is reasonable to avoid greenhouse gases. To tax the people to the point that the economy teeters is unconcinable. Again, we cannot afford it. They can and don’t do it. By the way, I just heard of another business to move to China – Baldwin – they make brass – now mostly for bathrooms and then light switches. They used to make lamps and sconces and all manner of brass things. Again, where is the US gov in support of our industries fleeing these shores?

  191. rosehips says:

    m2, I am not supporting cap and trade bill anymore. I agree it should not have been pushed through the way it was.

    How can we reduce our impact on the earth without legislation? I don’t think we can. Can we make a difference by reducing our energy consumption? I believe we can, even if it doesn’t slow down climate change.

    We can look at other polluters and dig in our heals and refuse to act because they refuse to join us. okay. You know the old saying…If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  192. SamHenry says:

    You could be right Right. My nose is very sensitive. But as I have put forth, you can’t show me enough ice cap drillings, enough water level measurements and enough assays of the stomach contents of mummies to tell us definitively what is going on. When will we get it though our heads that science is not precise or perfect and that there are some things we can never know? I like mystery and high water in my life. That said, we must do what we can within reason to save the Polar Bears. They are the canary in the mine shaft of the Arctic. But, species have come and gone before during evolution. We will miss them terribly but had we been there, we would have missed the Do Do bird as well.

    Dog Overboard….. splash – quidk swim to shore before Rose collars me….

  193. rosehips says:

    and don’t forget “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

  194. SamHenry says:

    PS ‘FOX – I knew you were funnin me but did you notice I agreed with you?

  195. rosehips says:

    I bet those do-do’s made mighty fine roasts. I think this world has suffered a great loss when do-do’s became extinct. 😉

  196. SamHenry says:

    Rose – you can teach an old dog new tricks only if you are going to pay and feed it well, be respectful and then beg it to go on Letterman with you 🙂

  197. Foxwood says:

    China owns us, we couldn’t make them do anything if we wanted to.

  198. SamHenry says:

    Dog jumping up and down excitedly from shore and yelling – Rose – in all seriousness I am in shock at how fast birds and animals adapt and change. I saw a show taped in the Galapagos about a little seed eating bird. When seeds are not plentiful, the bill narrows; when seeds are plentiful, the bill thickens and becomes like an anvil and this happens within the space of a couple of years. This is amazing to me and lets us know that evolution is not something that takes hundreds of years. It isn’t too long ago that dogs were wolves. Be careful with that basket on your way to Grandmother’s house and see you tomorrow.

  199. rosehips says:

    well, I hope the coolers are right and we can watch our glaciers grow and the arctic ice increase and we will have so many polar bears that we can start harvesting their blubber for oil and we can keep all our combustion engines in our SUV’s running endlessly.

  200. SamHenry says:

    Last word and then I do have to go

    Friend Fox, I told someone just today and I have said it before here: If we went to war with China, we would have to put in requisitions for air plane parts, Jeeps and god knows what else TO THEM before the war started. They do indeed own us and our foreign policy.

  201. rosehips says:

    good night sh!

  202. m2 says:

    Stop supporting candidates funded by billionaire socialists. Return to common sense. Elect good people who promote conciousness of waste elimination. Turn against the Democrat party for marginalizing Republican and painting them as “anti-earth”. Just because an opposition party points out the vehicle for mass enslavement/exploited “evironmentalism” does not mean the opposition is against clean air and water.

    Stop feeding the trolls.

    In this case it would be the rabid Left who is churning out sheep to promote their power-agendas.

    It would mean a lot more, as a liberal, if you went up against the “man”.

    ie. The Democrat machine.

    That is what we have to do.

    Back to getting ready!

  203. SamHenry says:

    Say goodnioght, Rose. The points now are far stretched and on thin ice lol.

  204. m2 says:

    The global cooling that was plastered by TIME mag as the next catastrophe to send your tax dollars to line Socialist Wall Street Hedge Fund pig’s pockets and power-trips, is changed to global warming. TIME says so on their site. I’m not sure how anyone can trust an operation/racket like this, knowing Al Gore is a multi-millionaire and stands to become a multi-billionare when Government mandated Carbon Credit rolls through. Since he owns the companies. GE is pretty excited.

  205. rosehips says:

    m2, enjoy the movie!

  206. SamHenry says:

    M2 I will monitor Rose on the site while you are at the movies. No changes in foreign and domestic policies will get past me. You will hear my warning bark and I will wake up VF. More of us independents have come home. The future looks bright. And Rose likes us the way we are.

  207. SamHenry says:

    Karm – Rose and I are leaving you a love song:

  208. SamHenry says:

    Rose – I hope we got M2 out the door to the movies 🙂

  209. ohiobelle says:

    Hey guys I just got home from work a little while ago. I just wanted to stop in and say good morning, good evening and good night.

    Great post vf! I’ll have more time to catch up on Friday since I’ll have the day off.

    Play nice everyone! lol

  210. Foxwood says:

    Play nice? Me!

  211. arlenearmy says:

    Obama is out there saying that stimulus has done its job. If that’s the case, then why has California been declared an economic state of emergency ?

    I can’t see how that stimulus has done a damn thing.

  212. karmahd says:

    I am loved I can now die!!! Oh the pleasure of it, I am dancing on top of daisies, like Opus in Bloom County. Thank you Samhenry and Rose for “Da Love”

    It seems at times as a species we get tied into what we consider truth and fact, the only truth and fact I know is that I do not know what truth and fact really is. Truth always has a spin and is a best guess by the most honorable of men (said non-gender specific). Facts change, what was fact when the Earth was flat is not fact now, and science has it limits and to stay within those limits is what keeps us in those limits.

    We neither know, nor can stop what has been going on for eternity before us and will continue for eternity after us, remember we created the measure of time, it is unknown in the universe, it is our little way of keeping score. So the next time you hear someone stating truth or exposing fact it is nothing more than an opinion at that specific point in time.

    The Facts and truth about this specific point in time is we have swung the pendulum far to far to the left, it is as if what is being implemented now is both a punishment and an act of retribution for the greed and excess of decades past, and a way for an insecure misfit who could not cope with the world as he saw it and is on a mission to shape society to meet his whims. This act of defiance is nothing more than a cry for acceptance, you can see it in Obamas eyes when anyone dares to question his path, and he is the Pied Piper playing the flute which all the rats will follow. I cannot predict the future nor write its history, but what we are experiencing now will be considered the second dark age of humanity, not due to a plague, or war (yet), but due to the instability of man in general. Nary an altruistic thought or non pandering path exists in politics at this point in time, and we are repeating history, and have not learned, mans undoing will be at the hands of man. For man cannot control his actions unless faced with no other course, Rose that is the time when politicians will turn to men and women, and drop the self interest and act to the will of the people, rather than the power of the moment.

  213. rosehips says:

    karma, you are a philospher extrodinaire. I will follow you to the ends of the ocean, my man.

    and I will turn my eyes upward toward the heavens and sing “hallelujah”

    karma said: Rose that is the time when politicians will turn to men and women, and drop the self interest and act to the will of the people, rather than the power of the moment.

  214. karmahd says:

    Praise Karma, LOL, cannnnnn IIIIII GeT an AMEN!!

    Disclaimer : (this is not meant to offend any religious beliefs and is merely an attempt at humor by its author) No animals were injured making this comment and the comments by this poster are not the responsibility of the VF Blogisphere

  215. rosehips says:

    the squitos are ferocious out there tonight. just got in from whacking weeds. Am watering to keep it green. I am not missing global warming one bit. This has been the most pleasant summer in recent memory. It’s been hovering around 80 for a few days and it was in the upper 80’s last week. I can live with this. I am glad to hear the earth is cooling. I hope it continues.

  216. rosehips says:

    and I wasn’t making fun either. If politicians start doing the right thing, I think I will find religion.

  217. rosehips says:

    Finished my “online” assignment a little bit ago. Ha. We have a discussion forum and I had to write a post about Why our prison population is growing so fast and is our prison system working and what are the problems? Well you just know I had plenty to say on that topic. I almost wet my pants when I read the question.

    I got to get on my legalizing drugs soapbox. What fun!

  218. rosehips says:


  219. rosehips says:

    karma run off on me?

    fireworks are going off. It’s the beginning of the holiday! Canada Day, today is.

    last year at this time I was leaving on vacation to WY. I think I need a vacation. Shoulda went to the Rainbow Gathering in NM. It started today.

  220. karmahd says:

    No Rose just on Facebook for a moment, but going to bed, very tired tonight, and not feeling too hot, OH NO, I am in my early 50’s could it beeeeeee??? Naw!!! I am like a roach, ya cant kill me…

  221. rosehips says:

    good night karma!

  222. rosehips says:

    love it karma…”Snorting Dandelions is Unbelievably Dangerous!”

  223. SamHenry says:

    Greetings to all who come aboard the great info mother ship, the SS VotingFemale, today. I am just here to leave you all the message that Michael Jackson’s body may be in cold storage at Forest lawn cemetery where his grandmother is buried. A former body guard said he had a girlfriend before he died – guess he saved the best ’till last.

    Well, dogs had me up early so it’s back to the rack. For Karm and Sami and Fox heading to work – it’s the right thing to do. And best to all the rest of you. See you all sometime today.

    And I say again, if any of you require storage “where the sun don’t shine” consider nearby Rochester and environs – rain again.

  224. VotingFemale says:

    Who is Michael Jackson?

  225. VotingFemale says:

    Morning’s Greetings to you puppy girl!


  226. VotingFemale says:

    I have a new lead story to blogpost… need to get to work on it straight away

  227. VotingFemale says:

    anyone guess what the subject will be? teehee


  228. karmahd says:

    Fireworks and the fourth of July?? Could that be it? Off to work, Karma

  229. samiam60 says:

    Morning VF, Karma and SH. My guess for your next subject. ” Large Fireworks over N. Korea”

  230. rosehips says:

    good morning fine peeps. My guess for VF’s next post…Squirrel Pops out of Woman’s Cleavage?

    can’t wait…

  231. rosehips says:

    WASHINGTON – Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein told an FBI interviewer before he was hanged that he allowed the world to believe he had weapons of mass destruction because he was worried about appearing weak to Iran, according to declassified accounts of the interviews released Wednesday. Saddam also denounced Osama bin Laden as “a zealot” and said he had no dealings with al-Qaida.

  232. rosehips says:

    Of course everything Saddam told the FBI is true. waterboarding is a great method for extracting truth….

  233. tellitlikeitis says:

    Good Morning everyone. Our congress loves to travel on our nickle. See article below.

    Congress’s Travel Tab Swells

    WASHINGTON — Spending by lawmakers on taxpayer-financed trips abroad has risen sharply in recent years, a Wall Street Journal analysis of travel records shows, involving everything from war-zone visits to trips to exotic spots such as the Galápagos Islands.

    The spending on overseas travel is up almost tenfold since 1995, and has nearly tripled since 2001, according to the Journal analysis of 60,000 travel records. Hundreds of lawmakers traveled overseas in 2008 at a cost of about $13 million. That’s a 50% jump since Democrats took control of Congress two years ago.

    The cost of so-called congressional delegations, known among lawmakers as “codels,” has risen nearly 70% since 2005, when an influence-peddling scandal led to a ban on travel funded by lobbyists, according to the data.

    View Full Image

    Gov. Bob Riley via Flickr

    Alabama Gov. Bob Riley (left) and Sen. Richard Shelby in June on a river cruise in Paris, where U.S. politicians met with defense-industry executives.
    Lawmakers say that the trips are a good use of government funds because they allow members of Congress and their staff members to learn more about the world, inspect U.S. assets abroad and forge better working relationships with each other. The travel, for example, includes official visits to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Journal analysis, based on information published in the Congressional Record, also shows that taxpayer-funded travel is a big and growing perk for lawmakers and their families. Some members of Congress have complained in recent months about chief executives of bailed-out banks, insurance companies and car makers who sponsored corporate trips to resorts or used corporate jets for their own travel.

    Although complete travel records aren’t yet available for 2009, it appears that such costs continue to rise. The Journal analysis shows that the government has picked up the tab for travel to destinations such as Jamaica, the Virgin Islands and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

    Lawmakers frequently bring along spouses on congressional trips. If they take commercial flights, they have to buy tickets for spouses. If they fly on government planes — as they usually do — their spouses can fly free.

    Paris Air Show
    In mid-June, Sen. Daniel Inouye (D., Hawaii) led a group of a half-dozen senators and their spouses on a four-day trip to France for the biennial Paris Air Show. An itinerary for the event shows that lawmakers flew on the Air Force’s version of the Boeing 737, which costs $5,700 an hour to operate. They stayed at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hotel, which advertises rooms from $460 a night.

    The lawmakers were invited to a dinner party at the U.S. Embassy and had cocktails at a private party at the Eiffel Tower. Mr. Inouye attended a dinner sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association, a U.S. trade group. Another senator on the trip, Alabama Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, took a cruise on the River Seine with defense-industry executives and elected officials from Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

    Mr. Inouye and Mr. Shelby declined to comment.

    Often, lawmakers combine trips to war zones with visits to more tranquil spots. In February, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation of Democratic lawmakers to visit U.S. troops in Afghanistan for a day. Before landing in Kabul, the eight lawmakers and their entourage of spouses and aides spent eight days in Italy, spending $57,697 on hotels and meals.

    A spokesman for Ms. Pelosi says that she was working in Italy, meeting with U.S. troops at Aviano Air Base, laying a wreath at the Florence American Cemetery, giving a speech to Italian lawmakers and visiting the Pope, among other things.

    Homeland Security
    Rep. Bennie Thompson (D., Miss.), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, led a group to Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Panama. “This trip further solidified the message that homeland security does not begin or end at our borders,” says Mr. Thompson’s spokeswoman.

    Many congressional trips have been to Iraq or Afghanistan. In 2008, lawmakers and aides took 113 trips to Iraq, according to the Journal analysis, down slightly from the prior year. Not much money is spent in the war zones. Lawmakers are not allowed to stay overnight in Iraq and receive only minimal spending allowances for their one-day visits.

    In mid-February, for example, six House lawmakers traveled to Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain and Afghanistan. Each lawmaker reported spending $1,500 on hotels and meals in Kuwait, $400 in Bahrain, and $25 in Afghanistan. They reported no expenses in Iraq.

    Scores of lawmakers are spending this week abroad on taxpayer-funded trips. Congressional offices say they won’t release details of the trips for security reasons. Disclosure rules require lawmakers to print some information about their taxpayer-funded travel in the Congressional Record within 30 days of returning home.

    Congressional Fleet
    The congressional trips are possible thanks in part to an unlimited fund created by a three-decade old law. Nearly two dozen government officials work full-time organizing the trips. Much of the costs are not made public, including the cost of flying on government jets. The Air Force maintains a fleet of 16 passenger planes for use by lawmakers.

    Documents obtained by the Journal show that the cost of flying a small group of lawmakers to the Middle East is about $150,000. Larger trips on the Air Force’s version of the Boeing 757 cost about $12,000 an hour. Two federal agencies pay for most of the travel — the Defense Department and the State Department.

  234. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning SamH! Karma! Samiam! Rosehips! Tellit! And anyone else who is here but have not yet commented.

    The new Blogpost is done. Let’s switch over to it for faster commenting…


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