Iran Election Results reported Passed to Iranian Opposition

Think the CIA,
thus Obama,
has not known about this letter?

not yet independently confirmed copy of election results in Iran

not yet independently confirmed copy of election results in Iran

English Translation:

Your Honor the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,

Good Day,

After your worry about the election results and because you have asked for a confirmation that Mr. Mahmoud Achmadinejad has won the election, the situation shall be handled in this way, that the election results of the Islamic Republic shall be the most serviceable to your liking. Preparations have been made for all possible developments; the candidates for President have been warned and the leaders of political movements are being closed monitored and watched.

I want to hereby share with you the true results of the election:

Total registered votes: 42,026,078

Mir Hussein Moussavi Chameneh: 19,075,623

Mehdi Charubi: 13,387,104

Mahmoud Achmadinejad: 5,698,417

Mohsen Rezai: 3,754,218

Invalid/Spoiled Votes: 38,716


This letter detailing the supposed true Iran election results showing Mirhossein Mousavi as a land slide winner is reported to have been handed out by the thousands and thousands and thousands to Opposition Supporters in Iran.

Let’s see what is being reported about this letter at…

Robert Fisk: Secret letter ‘proves Mousavi won poll’ ??

Business Intelligence

Middle East business intelligence and risk management specialists.

They were handing out the photocopies by the thousand under the plane trees in the centre of the boulevard, single sheets of paper grabbed by the opposition supporters who are now wearing black for the 15 Iranians who have been killed in Tehran – who knows how many more in the rest of the country? – since the election results gave Mahmoud Ahmadinejad more than 24 million votes and a return to the presidency. But for the tens of thousands marking their fifth day of protests yesterday – and for their election campaign hero, Mirhossein Mousavi, who officially picked up just 13 million votes – those photocopies were irradiated.

For the photocopy appeared to be a genuine but confidential letter from the Iranian minister of interior, Sadeq Mahsuli, to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, written on Saturday 13 June, the day after the elections, and giving both Mr Mousavi and his ally, Mehdi Karroubi, big majorities in the final results. In a highly sophisticated society like Iran, forgery is as efficient as anywhere in the West and there are reasons for both distrusting and believing this document. But it divides the final vote between Mr Mousavi and Mr Karroubi in such a way that it would have forced a second run-off vote – scarcely something Mousavi’s camp would have wanted.

Headed “For the Attention of the Supreme Leader” it notes “your concerns for the 10th presidential elections” and “and your orders for Mr Ahmadinejad to be elected president”, and continues “for your information only, I am telling you the actual results”. Mr Mousavi has 19,075,623, Mr Karroubi 13,387,104, and Mr Ahmadinejad a mere 5,698,417.

Could this letter be a fake? Even if Mr Mousavi won so many votes, could the colourless Mr Karroubi have followed only six million votes behind him? And however incredible Mr Ahmadinejad’s officially declared 63 per cent of the vote may have been, could he really – as a man who has immense support among the poor of Iran – have picked up only five-and-a-half million votes? And would a letter of such immense importance be signed only “on behalf of the minister”?

The letter may well join the thousands of documents, real and forged, that have shaped Iran’s recent history, the most memorable of which were the Irish passports upon which Messers Robert McFarlane and Oliver North travelled to Iran on behalf of the US government in 1986 to offer missiles for hostages. The passports were real – and stolen – but the identities written onto the document were fake. Mr Ahmadinejad’s loyalists will undoubtedly blame “foreigners” for the “letter” to Ayatollah Khamenei. But its electrifying effect on the Mousavi camp will only help to transform suspicion into the absolute conviction that their leader was quite deliberately deprived of the presidency. Marjane Satrapi, the acclaimed author and the Oscar-winning director of the black and white cartoon Persepolis, was in Brussels brandishing the same document.

In Tehran, there must have been five or six thousand Iranians wearing black, many of them carrying this toxic document in their hands, although they were far fewer than Monday’s million-strong march and scarcely a fifth of their number reached Azadi Square from the centre of Tehran. Their enthusiasm to maintain their protest – led yesterday by a cavalry of a hundred or more motorbike riders – was cruelly treated by the organisers, who clearly had little idea whether they were supposed to direct them to a central venue or all the way out to Azadi. At times, they stood in the heat for more than a quarter of an hour while organisers argued about the route. This was no way to overthrow a government.

What was significant, however, was that once more the security authorities chose not to confront the Mousavi demonstrators. Military conscripts wearing bright yellow jackets and standing with their hands clasped behind their back – rather than holding batons – lined the first mile of the road but then abandoned the marchers to their own devices. This followed less than 24 hours after the frightening confrontation between up to 20,000 Mousavi and Ahmadinejad supporters at Vanak Square on Tuesday night when Iranian special forces paramilitary police protected Mr Mousavi’s men and women from the government “Basiji” militia. Although some civilians were later hurt in fist-fights on the street, the government cops brought in reinforcements and prevented the Basiji and thousands of other Ahmadinejad supporters from entering north Tehran.

Mousavi was clearly behind yesterday’s half-hearted march, for he issued a statement to the participants, condemning those who killed seven men in the dormitories at Tehran University on Sunday night “and beat boy and girl students and killed people in Azadi Square”. He sympathised, he said, with these “martyrs” and urged all Iranians to send their condolences to the families of those who had been killed.

The highly dubious election results, however, are arousing concern far outside Mr Mousavi’s millions of voters. Fifty-two MPs have asked the interior minister why he could not prevent the post-election intimidation and violence. Parliament has asked for a fact-finding investigation into the vandalisation of Tehran University property. Ali-Akbar Mohtashemi, a member of the Combatant Clerics Assembly – an important figure who founded the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and sent them to Lebanon when he was Iran’s ambassador to Damascus – has demanded a committee to investigate the election results, made up of senior clerics, MPs, members of the judiciary, the Council of Guardians and an official of the interior ministry.

But suppression of the free speech which Mr Mousavi’s loyalists demand so insistently continues. Yesterday morning, a 26-year-old student doing his doctorate at Oxford, Mohamed Reza Jaleopour, son of a professor at Tehran University, was arrested without charge at Tehran airport. The pro-Mousavi paper Green Word was again closed down.

As for Mr Mousavi, it seems that, once broken, the “mind-forged manacles of fear” are difficult to re-attach. But revolutionary governments are tough, steely creatures with sharp claws, and the Ahmadinejad regime is not about to collapse.

Interior Ministry’s letter to the Supreme Leader

Salaam Aleikum.

Regarding your concerns for the 10th presidential elections and due to your orders for Mr Ahmedinejad to be elected President, in this sensitive time, all matters have been organised in such a way that the results of the election will be in line with the revolution and the Islamic system. The following result will be declared to the people and all planning should be put in force to prevent any possible action from the opposition, and all party leaders and election candidates are under intense surveillance. Therefore, for your information only, I am telling you the actual results as follows:

Mirhossein Mousavi: 19,075,623

Mehdi Karroubi: 13,387,104

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 5,698,417

Mohsen Rezai: 38,716

(signed on behalf of the minister)

Day 5 of Iran crisis

Political football

Iran’s World Cup qualifier against South Korea in Seoul yesterday took on a decidedly political flavour. At least five of the Iranian team sported green bands around their arms or wrists – the signature accessory of Mousavi supporters back on the streets of Tehran – in an apparent protest against the disputed election back home.

But after half-time, some had removed the impromptu additions to their kit, prompting speculation they had been ordered to do so by their coach. The captain Mehdi Mahdavikia seemed to defy the team edict, much to the delight of fans waving banners with the plea “Free Iran” and chanting “Go to Hell Dictator”. The game ended 1-1.

Ambassadors berated

Diplomatic relations frayed as the government summoned an ensemble of Western ambassadors to complain about interference. According to Iranian state TV, Tehran accused Washington of “intolerable” meddling in its internal affairs, the first time it has blamed the US for playing a role in the post-election turmoil. Barack Obama took pains to note there was little difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. “Either way we are going to be dealing with an Iranian regime that has historically been hostile to the United States,” he said. Britain’s ambassador was berated for the recent comments of Gordon Brown and David Miliband, as well as the BBC’s news coverage of the crisis. France, Germany and Italy were also given a talking to.

Missing persons

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported that scores of notable figures had been arrested and their whereabouts unknown. These included Saeed Hajarian – a one-time adviser to the reformist president Mohammed Khatami – who sustained brain and spinal injuries in a failed assassination attempt nine years ago, and as such needs constant medical attention. Also arrested was Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a senior adviser to Mehdi Karroubi who came in third in Friday’s presidential election, according to the official results. Mohamed Reza Jaleopour, the son of a reformist university professor, was also detained at Tehran airport as he prepared to fly to England where he is studying for a PhD at Oxford University.

Regime splits

It emerged that the daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of the influential Assembly of Experts that has the right to dismiss the Supreme Leader, had attended Tuesday’s opposition rally. Faezeh Rafsanjani’s public display of support for Mousavi, in defiance of a ban on unauthorised marches from the interior ministry, was widely interpreted as another sign of high-level rifts in the Islamic Republic. Meanwhile Mousavi has declared today a day of mourning, urging Iranians to come together in mosques or congregate peacefully on the streets. “A number of our countrymen were wounded or martyred,” he said on his website. “I ask the people to express their solidarity with the families.”

Bloggers threatened

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the country’s most powerful military force, made its first pronouncement on the post-election crisis, warning that the country’s bloggers must remove any materials that “create tension” or face legal action. It marked another escalation of the information crackdown. But graphic images and detailed updates continued to leak out over sites such as Twitter, although the traffic directly from Iran appeared fractionally lighter than in previous days.


Videos From the Streets of Tehran Protests

Saturday, June 13th

One of the first Iran election protests videos. Translate, the video’s title is “Saturday 23 June.” In actuality, this video was taken on Saturday, June 13th in what we believe to be Tehran.

June 13th: Riot in tehran streets after election day

June 13th: BBC – Protest against Iran election results

June 14th: Iranians protest against election results, police intervene

June 14th: Iran Election Protest in Paris

June 17: Protesting in Silence – Tehran

June 19th: Poem for the Rooftops of Iran

June 20th: Basij Milita have opened fire into crowds

June 20: Wounded Girl Dying [GRAPHIC CONTENT]

June 20th: Tehran Tazahorat


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nettipäiväkirja4: Iranin sisäministerin kirje vaalien tuloksesta

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Iranians hold demonstrations in European cities to protest Iran’s 18 Jun 2009 by Deborah Seward
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for Iranians to unite behind the cleric-led ruling system despite rival demonstrations and street clashes between supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his reformist opponent Mir Hossein Mousavi …. katefettighill Mousavi has 19075623, Karroubi 13387104, and Ahmadinejad a mere 5698417 – secret letter #iranelection (via @robynmcintyre, @verkoren); AbahJake RT – Robert Fisk: Secret letter ‘proves Mousavi won poll’ – The The Gaea News – [ More results from The Gaea News ]

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395 Responses to Iran Election Results reported Passed to Iranian Opposition

  1. ohiobelle says:


    Total registered votes: 42,026,078

    Mir Hussein Moussavi Chameneh: 19,075,623

    Mehdi Charubi: 13,387,104

    Mahmoud Achmadinejad: 5,698,417

    Mohsen Rezai: 3,754,218

    Invalid/Spoiled Votes: 38,716

    Ahmadinejad didn’t win! WOW!

  2. ohiobelle says:

    I would love to stick around but I really have to get some things done.


  3. samhenry says:

    Great research VF. Fake or True, it is important means something nonetheless. Where there is smoke there is fire. To a reasonable government, this should be evidence that another vote needs to be taken. That seems to me to be the only way out of the current impasse.

  4. VotingFemale says:

    I think it is already too late for the Iranian Government to back peddle on this.

    The sense I get… if the Iranian Army has not the will to quash this Nationwide Protest, which is taking the complexion of a Revolution, it is over for the current Iranian Government.

    And personally I empathize with the Opposition Citizens, this is how I felt about Hillary being thrown under the bus by the DNC… and why I turned PUMA… and now, staunch Conservative.

    Where is my VOTE?

  5. samhenry says:

    VF – the ever faithful retriever is here – and I agree with you completely. It IS over for the current government. The military would have checked in long before this.

    Is the little emperor still out of town? I think his attendance at that conference was terribly convenient.

    I am so amazed to see all age groups in the crowds now. And of course the many women is clearly instructive.

    So what happens tomorrow? A commentator on CNN now says that the Ayatollah’s only option is to use more force. The poor protesters. Will they just be quashed and silenced? I hope not. It is so good to see the Persian people again.

  6. VotingFemale says:

    Current Twitter Feed from #GR88…

    AzAdGhaffari: Fight to the death! #iranelection #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    gr1388: Kill the Basiji one by one: drop petrol from the roof #iranelection #gr88 #iran #shiraz
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    EllenHar: RTphotog357 RT@WOTN RT@judyrey RT from Iran:”we students don’t chant death 2 america we want american constitution”#iranelection #GR88 #hhrs
    half a minute ago from web

    EANewsFeed: #IranElection: Video of Today’s #Mousavi at Rally and English Text of Speech (expand) #iran #GR88 #politics
    half a minute ago from TweetDeck

    MoraJamesLaw: RT @iran: Video: Basij Militia opens ire into crowds (expand) #iranelection #gr88 (@lotfan)
    half a minute ago from TweetDeck

    ducman900: Any news of the NIR, are they helping, fighting the basij? #iranelection #gr88
    half a minute ago from TwitterBerry

    DavidStephenson: RT @fresherv & @vanhavaris: Farsi instructions for using Tor to beat govt filters: (expand) (expand) #iranelection #gr88
    half a minute ago from web

    picenissimo: RT WIDELY FIRST AID INFO IN FARSI : مشکل پزشکی #IranElection #Tehran #Mousavi #GR88 #iranelections #medtips RT RT
    half a minute ago from web ·

    tonytrainor: RT friend w family in Iran tells me these protests & marches are really being driven by Iran’s women.demanding liberty. #iranelection #gr88
    half a minute ago from web

    EmpiresCrumble: RT Basij marking doors 4 l8r attacks. Check doors regularly, & if U C any, wipe it off w/ BENZIN/PETROL!!

    ifitrocks: Rt @ baha54 Email from Iran: “We need help… make our voice heard, more and more. There’s blood under our feet.” #IranElection #GR88
    less than a minute ago from web

  7. samhenry says:

    VF what is this business about marking doors?

    EmpiresCrumble: RT Basij marking doors 4 l8r attacks. Check doors regularly, & if U C any, wipe it off w/ BENZIN/PETROL!!

  8. VotingFemale says:

    luisteixeira63: conniemayfowlerRT @oxfordgirl Lots of gov agents arrived on Twitter last night pretendeding to be pro Mousavi #gr88 #iran09
    less than 10 seconds ago from web

    ProduceStand: RT @oxfordgirl One man on BBC with arms cut with razors, which is Basij trick. Women keep faces covered. #iranelection #tehran #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from twidroid

    socalhobbit: rt@iran09 Video: Basij Militia opens ire into crowds (expand) #iranelection #gr88 (@lotfan)
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    lemingcb: RT: @TehranBureau: Two photos just in from Tehran (will caption as soon as i can) (expand) #iranelection #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    DharmaDuck: RT @iledere: Email from Iran: “We need help… make our voice heard, more and more. There’s blood under our feet.” #IranElection #GR88
    less than 20 seconds ago from HootSuite

    Blogfeedser: RT @Politags Continuous video of Iranian protests: #iranelection #gr88
    half a minute ago from web

    ivys83: Iran Crisis (the BBC full online coverage) #iranelection #gr88
    less than a minute ago from FriendFeed

  9. samiam60 says:

    News flash: Obama not looking for a fight but ready for one:

    Sorry I know this is off topic but it is kinda important.

  10. samhenry says:

    VF have you ever heard of Here is their headline – see last sentence:

    Chaos in Iran: I’m ready for martyrdom, says Mousavi; Videos: Woman murdered in cold blood; Update: Obama calls on regime to end violence; Rumor: 30-40 dead in Tehran? Update: Obama goes out for ice cream

  11. samhenry says:

    Hi Sami

    Looks like more regulation – more heavy handed regulation. An expensive agency, etc.

    From the article : The Consumer Financial Protection Agency would take over oversight of mortgages, requiring that lenders give customers the option of “plain vanilla” plans with clear and affordable terms.

    “It will have the power to set tough new rules so that companies compete by offering innovative products that consumers actually want and actually understand,” Obama said. “Those ridiculous contracts — pages of fine print that no one can figure out — will be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to compare products, with descriptions in plain language, to see what is best for you.”

  12. samhenry says:

    The authority of the proposed agency goes too far. If they just put teeth in the regs we have now we would have a better outcome.

  13. samhenry says:



    Tehran is alive with the sound of people on their balcony shouting ‘Allah Akbar – Ya Hossein – Mir Hossein ‘

    Hearing a lot of “Allaho Akbar” MUCH much stronger than any other day… Waiting for tomorrow!

    Strange.. this night the power of Allaho Akbar and Down With Dictator and Mousavi is at least tripled!

    It is Allaho Akbar / Down with Dictator time. U dont need a clock to tell it,a window to a street and an ear will do.

    confirmed: Mousavi asked his supporters don’t go to Friday prayer, next scheduling is Saturday in Enqlab sq @ 4 pm

    نامه محمد رضا تابش را اینجا بخوانید

    BBC Caller:I voted 4 Ahmadinejad,wanna know why they kill innocent kids?my vote become a bullet&I’m responsible 4 the bloods.

  14. VotingFemale says:

    Wow… this blogpost is getting slammed by spam and Imadikhed supporters…

    all blocked of course 😉

  15. samhenry says:

    Also from Sullivan’s Daily Dish:

    If you hear the forces talking in arabic..BE CAREFUL..these guys are imported in, they are not affraid of suicide bombing and killing

    Reminds me of Iraq.

  16. samhenry says:

    Good grief. You’re in the big leagues now.

  17. samhenry says:

    And in the intellectual seat of Persian culture, Shiraz:

    Police the reason of insecurity; Dead students buried by profs

    Basij attacking Shiraz and Mashad universities, Shiraz U’s dean resigned

    some student killed by the 4a blast in Babol Univ’s dorms; surrounded by Basij forces

    Militia still attacking people in sidestreets but main roads are peaceful marchers.

    Sullivan’s Daily Dish

  18. VotingFemale says:

    After the iReport Blogger Wars I am well experienced in handling it SamH…

    They can all BITE ME!

    Allaho Akbar!

    Down With Dictator!

    Allah Akbar – Ya Hossein – Mir Hossein

  19. samhenry says:

    This thing is going to get worse

    Confirmed info: hezbollah mobilized & lebanese coming in. this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better pass it down

    Sullivan Daily Dish

  20. samhenry says:

    VF – indeed you are strong and I have no doubt that you can handle Trolls of any stripe. They do not know what they are dealing with in VF – thousands of years of cat culture and worship for good reason. The way of the cat are know only to the cat. Cats lead; don’t follow. Cats Rule


  21. samhenry says:

    They also don’t know what they are up against when they deal with the VF militia of well informed friends and then there is that dog -the loyal retriever of info
    Ahhoooooooooo AkBARK

  22. VotingFemale says:

    Twitter Stream from #GR88..

    nakotaco: RT CONF> 1 of the confessors on IRIB (with Acer laptop) is working for one of Police/Sepah’s IT departments!!! #iranelection #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from txt

    jendermerve: Tweet freely in Iran – bypass govt.censorship. Use free select country Canada (expand) #iranelection #tehran #mousavi #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    acaphene: 22 uploading giagro.worpress vids, more to come (expand) #iranelection #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    slpHDtwitts: RT all routes to Azady square were blocked & if anyone stopped walking or walking slow they hit him/her brutally #iranelection #gr88
    half a minute ago from web

  23. VotingFemale says:

    from my Photobucket

  24. samhenry says:

    On TV they just mentioned my question to you – what about the militia and the doors – apparently the militia is marking house doors for later attack.

  25. samhenry says:

    Photo bucket logo is superb. How did you do that, cat? Who can keep up with a cat. Impossible.

  26. VotingFemale says:

    danschuette: on_ecoles RT @conniemayfowler: Why is the UN silent? Why aren’t they in special session? #gr88 #iranelection BECAUSE THEY ARE USELESS !!!!
    less than 10 seconds ago from web

    slpHDtwitts: RT damned government also armed street thugs & Afghan workers with anti riot shields & wooden or electric batons #iranelection #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    jambonjamasb: god help them why is the army doing this. tanks against skin god no. #Tehran #iranelection #GR88 #mousavi please do something
    half a minute ago from web

    justme247365: Freedom is not free. Millions have died for it. #IranElection #GR88 #Iran09 #Tehran #Mousavi
    less than 10 seconds ago from web

    kalibex: RT: Besiji may be camping outside embassies now. Be very cautious if trying to go to one. #iranelection #gr88 #iran
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    EmirOmid: RT Mousavi tells supporters “I will always be at your side.” #gr88 #iranelection
    less than 20 seconds ago from mobile web

    sadenshi: RT @Change_for_Iran is asking for help – what’s best against tear & pepper gas – drinking milk didn’t help. #gr88
    less than 20 seconds ago from Power Twitter

  27. Foxwood says:

    VF, I’m expecting a visitor. S/he will let you know I invited him/her. FYI

  28. VotingFemale says:


    samhenry says

    Photo bucket logo is superb. How did you do that, cat? Who can keep up with a cat. Impossible.

  29. VotingFemale says:

    Ok, Fox…

    Foxwood says

    VF, I’m expecting a visitor. S/he will let you know I invited him/her. FYI

  30. VotingFemale says:

    One witness described police on motorbikes beating protesters with truncheons. Helicopters hovered over the city centre, ambulances raced through the streets and black smoke rose into the sky from fires lit in metal dustbins.

    Just outside Tehran, two people were killed and eight injured when a suicide bomber attacked the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution.

    Regime officials blamed their opponents for the attack. Opposition sources said they believed that it could have been staged by the regime to stir up anger against them.

    The demonstrators were trying to force a new election after an overwhelming victory was declared last weekend for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a hardline protégé of Khamenei.

    Khamenei had laid his authority on the line on Friday by publicly backing Ahmadinejad and endorsing the result. Yesterday Mousavi and two other defeated candidates were invited to an emergency meeting of Iran’s Guardian Council, the body that oversaw the election, to discuss allegations of voting fraud.

    The council offered to recount 10% of the votes at random but Mousavi, who refused to attend the meeting, held out for fresh elections.

    As the minutes ticked down to the scheduled start time of an opposition rally at 4pm, no one was sure what would happen. On Twitter, the networking site most frequently used by protesters after the regime blocked mobile phones and texting, suspicions ran high that agents of the state were posting false messages to deter demonstrators from attending.

    Riot police flooded key areas. The city appeared calm. Then a message appeared on the Facebook site of Zahra Rahnavard, Mousavi’s wife, stating simply: “Demonstration on Saturday at 16.00 in Tehran and all around the world please.”

    Crowds headed towards the university, Revolution Square and Freedom Square in the centre of the city. As in the 1979 uprising against the shah, many were from the educated middle class.

    Soon an Iranian journalist, writing on Twitter in broken English, was reporting “Streets full of population”.

    Later he tweeted that the militia had attacked the protesters with batons. Then: “Hard conflict between the people and the special guard.”

    Videos made by people on the streets were said to have recorded protesters chanting, “Death to Khamenei”. Never before had the supreme leader faced such open hostility from his compatriots.

    Soon afterwards a Twitter source said “the street is full of rocks and fire” and police or Basiji were “shooting directly to the people in Azadi St”.

    Eyewitnesses described fierce clashes, telling of incidents where 50 or 60 protesters were seriously beaten by police and taken to hospital in Tehran. People could be seen dragging away bloodied comrades.

    By late afternoon one eyewitness told The Sunday Times that at least 20 shots had been fired and many protesters had been beaten. Others claimed more drastic action.

    The regime had already arrested 2,000 members of the opposition by Thursday, including 100 senior figures, and by last night the figure had risen sharply.

    If the clashes continue, Khamenei may call on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard to quell dissent. But whether they will fight civilians is open to question. They are charged with protecting the revolution, not the supreme leader. Some are loyal to Hashemi Rafsanjani, the powerful former president who is backing Mousavi.

    Last week one young member of the Revolutionary Guard said as he watched the demonstrators: “I will not be able to fire on these people. Maybe some of us will, but I won’t.”

    Although details of casualties were hard to obtain because of the restrictions on the media, disturbing video film apparently taken from the riots appeared late yesterday. One clip showed a young women lying in the road attended by passers-by. She had been wounded in the leg and blood was pouring from her mouth. She appeared to be dying.

  31. samhenry says:

    Always that same infuriating cat comeback – that slithering in no way innocent “meow.” What’s a dog to do? I will practice aloofness and perhaps a pounce. In perilous times, a studied pounce could be effective. No one expects a retriever pounce. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  32. VotingFemale says:

    Twitter Stream from #GR88

    benjamingeiger: RT @benjaminspector: The Iran army has put their Tanks into Azadi Square!! Please share the news!! #Tehran #iranelection #GR88 #mousavi
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    SCphilkw: RT: CNN Expert says if Merchants and Oil Workers STRIKED – GOV would be DOOMED – #iranelection #Tehran #Mousavi #GR88
    less than 20 seconds ago from TweetDeck

    irishduke: RT @anitamoncrief A detailed profile of the Basij, RT for those who need info. (expand) #iranelection #gr88
    half a minute ago from web

    tigerbeat: Faces of Basiji photos by @demotix (expand) #iranelection #gr88 & their photo Friday on front @nytimes
    half a minute ago from Flickr ·

  33. VotingFemale says:

    That is what is being reported in the Twitter Streams…

    dreadedcandiru: PLS RT – Basij/police marking doors for later attack; check for marks and remove – #iranelection #gr88 – PLS RT
    less than 20 seconds ago from web

    samhenry says

    On TV they just mentioned my question to you – what about the militia and the doors – apparently the militia is marking house doors for later attack.

  34. VotingFemale says:


    samhenry says

    Always that same infuriating cat comeback – that slithering in no way innocent “meow.” What’s a dog to do? I will practice aloofness and perhaps a pounce. In perilous times, a studied pounce could be effective. No one expects a retriever pounce. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  35. samhenry says:

    But where is the little emperor Armenidijan (sp?)? It is strange that he is not even commenting from the conference he is attending or is he back in Tehran? This is very strange. It appears he does not have people inspired to go into the streets to offset those there now.

  36. VotingFemale says:

    ******* Breaking News *******

    30- 40 Opposition Protesters Murdered Today by Basji


  37. VotingFemale says:

    “Armenidijan (sp?)?”

    I spell it Imma-Dik-Hed

  38. samhenry says:

    Helicopters dropping what they now think as acid from the skies ….

  39. VotingFemale says:

    less than 10 seconds ago from web

  40. VotingFemale says:

    There are tons of new videos being up loaded…

  41. samhenry says:

    VF I’m so happy to have the official spelling. I do know you used on form of it that had to do with canine murder – dogshoot? It made me very nervous. I had a tic in my left eye.

  42. VotingFemale says:

    Iran Government Militia = BASIJ

  43. VotingFemale says:

    I found new spelling… no harm to doggies 🙂

  44. VotingFemale says:

    I am going to fill up my gas tank tomorrow…

    if Iran Oil is shut down the speculators will force the price of gasoline way up

  45. VF, this is just so tragic. I’m sure the Obmas are planning another date night, whilst the Iranians die for protesting the corrupt government.

    I’m sure THEY (wonder of whom I speak) smell the blood like sharks.

  46. rosehips says:

    wow, it took me forever to make my vid about the protests and the parade. I’m uploading it now.
    sh, you have a tic in your left eye? I get that too. I assume you are talking twitch and not blood-sucking insect. heehee

  47. samhenry says:

    “Purrrrr.” Ay caramba!

  48. samhenry says:

    Yes, Rosie – a twitch. Eooow.

  49. rosehips says:

    I’m uploading to both ireports and youtube.

  50. samhenry says:

    AFK – VF – is that an airport?

  51. rosehips says:

    yeah what is AFK?

  52. rosehips says:

    sh, have you tried uploading a vid today? or recently?
    any trouble?

  53. rosehips says:

    AFK=away from keyboard

  54. samhenry says:

    Rosie – No upload today. Last night iReport vid finally timed out and I got one of their e-mails. I really feel they are being flooded with videos and it will be this way for awhile. I just reopened my YouTube account and uploaded it there. I think you should do that and then post it here.

  55. rosehips says:

    I am doing just that. I will embed it to my wordpress as soon as it finishes uploading.

  56. samhenry says:

    AFK – Away from Keyboard? That cat –is out there somewhere stalking rat dinner. Imp and I are more refined. We eat toad sushi from mother’s garden.

  57. samhenry says:

    I think you should also embed ones that are newsey here and at tonsofwash – don’t you think?

  58. rosehips says:

    it’s been a very busy day in cyberland, eh?

  59. Foxwood says:

    Looks like I picked a bad day to write a new article.

  60. samhenry says:

    Egad – have you seen the wonderful twitter streams from Iran VF has downloaded here? It was like watching a horse race. Even Belle said it was better than TV. Then VF said so many hits here it was amazing. Everyone thought today would be a turning point but looks like tomorrow may be more informative – who knows.

  61. samhenry says:

    Rose – I once did an iReport about “CNN eyebrows.” They really do a lousy makeup job on he women and they come out with these too dark Leonard Nimroy brows. I have a good friend from Iran whose daughter has eyebrows that look like velvet. I can’t tell you how many young Iranian women I’ve seen interviewed have these same velvet eyebrows! Eyebrow envy! Better get back on topic. The cat will kill me for this.

  62. samhenry says:

    Au contraire, FOX. I just zipped over to your blog and read it. It’s a good one. Free Press is a timely subject today.

  63. samhenry says:

    Hey Rose – superb edit job. It really brought home what our daily lives are when they are thrown into relief by the war pictures from Iran.

  64. rosehips says:

    thanks sh. It took me a while to edit that. It was fun but now I am exhausted. lol. It went from sunny and nice to rainy now and I didn’t whack me weeds yet! I am thinking of braving the weather and going to the store on my bike. Jonah got back today after being at his dad’s and he is having friends over. I really enjoyed the quiet around here, but noise is nice sometimes too.

  65. samhenry says:

    Rose – you have probably already gone but be careful of the cars when the pavement is wet. I was on my bike, I was doing OK but a couple of cars weren’t. At this point you don’t need a mother! Nite

    Dog overboard….

  66. m2 says:

    Don’t ever put “political opportunism” past a Democrat:

  67. rosehips says:

    thanks sh, it really barely rained today. Just a sprinkle so the roads are dry and although there were some threatening clouds everything was fine.
    hey m2. how ye be?

    will check out your link….

  68. m2, that was disgusting. what a truly vulgar display of oppression coming straight out of the white house. Gosh, ol Frank will probally get a big Pat on the Back for that article.

    He is a total nut job. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT FRANK!


  69. M2, my stomach is hurting now…what a total wack job he is.

    Young people are being killed by the governemnt in Iran and it is repulican’s fault? what? yep he’ll be at the next white house dinner.

  70. karmahd says:

    Wow quite a post!!! All hell is breaking loose, and it seems that the world is on to the backroom decision on this election. Gonna be an interesting week in world affairs!!

    Samhenry, could not find you on Twitter?? VF?

  71. samhenry says:

    Karm – on Twitter – My ID is SamHenry2. My avitar is the same as here. My name is Lindsaj0711. Let me know if you still can’t find me.

  72. karmahd says:

    Nope Sam I could not find you???

  73. samhenry says:

    Karm – I had the same trouble finding me. The search feature you need to use to access me is the search tab at the BOTTOM of the screen. I typed in SamHenry2 and I came up.

  74. samhenry says:

    Here is an interesting tweet:

    pinksparkles_: RT: Set your location/timezone to Tehran. Security forces are hunting bloggers. Create a logjam to protect Iranian access
    less than 5 seconds ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

  75. VotingFemale says:

    That asshat will eat his words…

    m2 says

    Don’t ever put “political opportunism” past a Democrat:

  76. Foxwood says:

    Frank Sh!twad is a definitive POS.

  77. Foxwood says:

    Could I say that?

  78. rosehips says:

    What a day, eh? so much going on.

    so much twitterin’ an’ tweetin’… the birds are chirping outside right now. I hope it doesn’t rain on the rodeo.

    If you didn’t see my vid I made today, please visiit my wordpress blog. (I couldn’t upload it to ireports.) It shows footage from the local Rodeo Parade juxtaposed with Iran protest pics. Check it out! thanks…

  79. rosehips says:

    m2 is right. that guy is an opportunist… a former right wingnut turned left wingnut?

  80. HELP!!! We were living in the land of liberty, freedom, opportunity…Now we are living under extreme oppression.

    I’m sorry guys, but this is a little bit of feaking me out. REGARDING that article VF mentions above from M2….

  81. rosehips says:

    lol warrantone, extreme oppression? gee, I’ll let you know when it gets oppressive out here. Don’t feel it quite yet. How are you oppressed?

  82. hello rose, well oppressed yes, personally I do not feel protected by this government, at all. BHussein and company are WAY TOO self absorbed to care about anyone but themselves and their image.

    on a regular basis sweeping everything under the rug, Pelosi calling the CIA liars, for one. sitting around playing tiddly winks with iran, RIDING THE Fence (that is so easy).

    Bottome line BHO is so self absorbed he is good for nothing. and espcially not protecting this country or her people. He’s a closet muslim and, “if the …. turns ugly (in the US)… I will side with the muslims” in his own words.

    I didn’t say it he did.

    I have always felt that while the govt had corruption at all levels, Right now. CORRUPTION is as PeeWee Herman says, THE WORD OF THE DAY!

  83. OH AND ROSE, some of the total nut case comments of that post, good grief.

    Oh yea, Rose, I’m ARMY RETIRED, CONSERVATIVE AND I LOVE GOD. Woohoo. Obama’s DHS has me in their REGULATION.

    so, Why do I feel oppressed? I just can’t imagine why.

  84. rosehips says:

    warranton, what nutcase comments of what post?

    got paranoia? lol.

    hey gurl, I love the army and conservatives and God-knows I’m a nut case. just don’t get too whacked out, k?

  85. samhenry says:

    WG – deep breaths. We dogs stand together and protect one another. I won’t let Obama and his ilk do anything to you. I will retrieve you from that fate. Things aren’t a total loss. We’ve got 2010 and 2012. There’s hope in this world. Have a tall glass of sweet tea and put that car in the garage!

  86. Bellydancer says:

    Hey VF,
    I am glad you and others are paying attention to what is happening in Iran. We may not agree on President Obama’s response..but I know the people in Iran only want us to pay attention and support them to the extent that we can. My teacher is there now, she arrived in Tehran before the elections..her mother had died so she had to go. She is about 4 blocks from where a lot of protests in Tehran have been. This is real..and could escalate into something much bigger.

  87. hey, thanks guys, I’m fine, oppressed but fine.

    rose, what nut case comments on huffington post? Ok, here goes:1.Republicans would have plunged America into our own version of the misbegotten theocracy destroying Iran today
    2.Had we succeeded America would be another version of Iran. 3. The Republicans are utter hypocrites.4.
    If the far right of the Republican Party and we of the Religious Right had had our way by now there would be a constitutional amendment and/or laws forcing prayer in schools, disenfranchising gay men and women, banning all abortions under penalty of death, banning gay men and women from serving in the military, launching a neoconservative led and religious right backed holy war against Islam, fixing Israel’s borders permanently to incorporate all the land taken in 1967 forever into a “Greater Israel” based on the “fact” that “God gave the Jews” the land “forever,” capital punishment would be used routinely to punish a variety of crimes including being gay, civil rights for blacks, women, gays, unions would be in retreat, and — other than enforcing “morality” – George W. Bush’s style of “free market” non-governance would be permanent.WHAT ? WHAT? he is on some kind of crazy rant???? good grief!5.secret meetings with Pat Robertson or the late Dr. Kennedy — as I did when I was a religious right leader — fomenting plans to “bring America back to God.” If we’d won America would be a slicker more dangerous version of Iran.THIS IS A BUNK, how bout DOCUMENT SECRET MEETINGS OF BHO, Excluding OPPOSING VIEW Legislature/Congress/Representative.
    6. Picture Fox News as the only TV news with access to the government, and the editors of the New York Times in jail for “treason.”WHAT?????? ABC, NBC,MSNBC,CNN, ETC ETC ETC. Can I stop now? I”m not even a third way through the article.

  88. Bellydancer says:

    OMG M2..I checked out that link for Ohiobelle..I am in!

  89. samhenry says:

    Hi, BD, so good to hear from your quarter.

  90. Bellydancer says:

    thanks samhenry. Much appreciated.

  91. samhenry says:

    Are you visiting Belle?

  92. Rose, sorry – this is the article.

    m2 says

    Don’t ever put “political opportunism” past a Democrat:

  93. samhenry says:

    WG – it is a ridiculous article. You are too smart to let it get to you. The guy is deranged. Will you promise to not let the words of one benighted soul undo you?

  94. arlenearmy says:

    I suspect another diversion is in the works.

    1. Obama’s got Czars running out his ears & those Czars are NOT answerable to us ….
    2. He’s getting ready to spend trillions more $$$ that we ain’t got ….
    3. He’s taking over the auto industry…
    4. He’s trying to nationalize healthcare
    5. We got hoodwinked on the amendment to not fund Acorn …
    6. He’s damn near trying to nationalize the news media (hint: ABC) …

    And I can go on & on with what’s going down between now & 2010 or 2012.

    While our congress have countless pages to sift thru before a RUSHED vote, he tried another lame distraction over a box of fricking cheerios; but that didn’t work. So he gets an unexpected gift — Iranian civil war. While the press (including Fox News) is focused on Iran 24/7 & got our American citizens engaged over this Iranian matter, Mr. tricky dick Obama is operating in another direction.

    Folks, whose watching the hen house ?

  95. samhenry says:

    Well put Arlene. I agree.

  96. Taini says:

    Thank you for the link. It has already been proven the man that murdered the guard at the Holocaust Museum was a LEFT WING NUT, not right at all. Amazing how these idiot Socialists enjoy spreading LIES and really expect people to believe their lies!

    Copy from link: “Stay vigilant. Having failed at the ballot box the Republicans and their far right hate-filled supporters are beginning to foment violence with their crazy anti-Obama talk and hysteria. As Bob Herbert said in his NY Times (June 20) column; “I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t help feeling as if the murder at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the assassination of the abortion doctor in Wichita, Kan., and the slaying of three police officers in Pittsburgh — all of them right-wing, hate-driven attacks — were just the beginning and that worse is to come.”

    The battle between oppressive religion and freedom is not over yet– not in Iran, nor here in America.

    Frank Schaeffer is the author of Crazy”

  97. Taini says:

    Very informative report, videos and links. Tragic to say the least.
    IMO…What is going on in Iran right now may be a precursor of things to come around the world. Citizens are sick and tired of being lied too and oppressed by their elected and illegally elected leaders.

  98. arlenearmy says:

    Iranians had Shah of Iran back in the ’70’s. Such as it was, it was democracy. But they became dissatisfied & turned their country upside down & THREW HIM OUT … and got a theocracy (Ayatollah). They knew full well theocracy meant Shariah Law. So they got what they wanted.

    Now they want to go back to what they had in the 1970’s.

    Ah, folks !!! Who was dancing in the streets when 911 happened ? I hope ya’ll not suffering from amnesia. They can blame the leaders all they want. It was the people of Iran who say that Americans are the infidels. Most of them hate Americans & have learned to hate us from birth & will always hate us til the end of time.

    You think they love us ? Or do they need the “infidel’s” help in getting their messages thru the internet ?

  99. samhenry says:

    Good comments Taini. Good to hear from you again. I was wondering where you were. I’m off to bed. See you soon, OK?

  100. rosehips says:

    taini, I also was wondering where you were…that guy was a left wingnut??? oh my. I thought he was a white supremist….

  101. arlenearmy says:


    I distinctly recall reading an Ireport about the tea parties a few months ago. I forgot who wrote it, but the ireporter tried to make folks think that tea parties would lead to violence. We all know that the tea parties were peaceful rallies. Obama even snubbed the tea party rallies. We were called racist & objects of Stockholm syndrome. The only news media that covered us fairly was Fox.

    So the Iranian rallies (though folks are getting hurt), gets the news coverage. Their cries are being heard. The world will probably be more responsive to the Iranians. Why ? Thousands are getting bloodied up in the streets.

    What am I to conclude from all this? Must our own rights be stripped away from us before we do as the Iranians do ? Is the news media suggesting that the only way to get justice and to be heard is for folks to get injured or killed ?

  102. samhenry says:


    Here’s my response to someone who was very far right wing conservative who had had a tea party. At the time I was snowed by Obama. However, I did not call them racist or say that they would lead to violence. I was tired of hearing this guy yell. I said:

    These taxation without representation far right conservatives (conservatives are some that are holding them) have a flawed argument. You may have taxation but you do have representation. How about yelling at your elected representatives – you know – the ones who pass spending and tax legislation.

    You have an ultimate reason, I suspect, for all of your yelling, screaming and hurling insults, garbage and hate against ANYONE who disagrees with you. You want to attract more zealots; you want media attention to get your message out; and you want to incite your perceived ADVERSARIES to look like idiots by responding in kind.

    I have to get to work this am; so do you. I think Yahoos that Swift described are on the rampage again not thinking people who respect their fellow Americans

    So I responded to one nut case not a group.

  103. samhenry says:

    I really have to get to bed. Obviously I got conservative and far right mixed up. I have always been a liberal Republican. Give me a break. At least I have remained a Republican. Good night my friend. See you on Twitter, iReport and VF!

  104. Taini says:

    I saw how the protesters were treated and shake my head at what a mockery our constitution has become.
    When the media and putrid pundits can laugh and snarl contemptuous remarks at We The People’s concerns, just proves to me that the time for a little revolt of our own may not be far off.

  105. karmahd says:

    Peaceful revolt that is Taini, this is a war of words and ideology, any other way will play in to the hands of individuals who desire marshal law, that is civil war, and as pissed as some may be, that is not a battle I wish to see. The actions of those who wish to berate the constitution and the law that this country was founded on will find themselves in dire straights, no matter how complacent this country has become, we will not stand for a monarchy!!

  106. Taini says:

    Hello SamHenry and Rosehips. Sorry I missed you both. I was flipping thru the past reports trying to catch up on the latest happenings.
    lol! White Supremest is traditionally rooted in the Democratic Party. This man was no different as I see it. I feel sorrow that an innocent man died because of one going over the edge of sanity. And get really upset when people twist the facts to further their own agendas like that Frank creature has done. What a blowfish!

  107. Taini says:

    Hello Karma
    I pray the corrupted ones will be voted out of office and peace will be the path taken. However, when ACORN is allowed to retain monies illegally gotten from us and will be placed in charge of our future census and the laws of the land mean NOTHING, what else is left?

  108. karmahd says:

    We call them “BlowCats” in our neck of the woods Taini!!

  109. karmahd says:

    Walk softly but carry a big stick I say, I believe the stick is there when and if required, Acorn will be cracked like all the other nuts!

  110. Taini says:

    I pray everyday that common sense and honor returns to DC, but everyday I see another and yet another outrage committed against our people.
    Personally, I find all of our so called ‘leadership’ in Washington DC, revolting in and of itself.

  111. Taini says:

    lol—walk tall and smack down those blowcats!

  112. karmahd says:

    What is revolting is the arrogance that is implemented with little concern for any blow back, and how this party believes their egos can belittle anyone who questions the great Ozbama!!!

  113. Taini says:

    I know several nuts I’d like to crack personally. lol

  114. karmahd says:

    I say have a little infield practice with the blowcats, hit a few grounders LOL

  115. karmahd says:

    I become disgusted with the attitudes of our so called leaders, they have no remorse, they have no morals, they do NOT tell the truth, they are in this for the power!!! Down with the Blowcats, here here

  116. karmahd says:

    Taini, off to bed for this slugger, bottle of red, bottle of white, ohhhhh how I will sleep tonight!! Night Karma

  117. Taini says:

    I agree. The arrogance is stifling and the condescending attitudes towards those that question their insanity is getting very hard to stomach. They appear as nothing but the bully cowards they are. And like most bully’s stories, there is always someone bigger and smarter than they are out there somewhere, just waiting, to take them down at the knees.

  118. Taini says:

    Good night Karma.
    We shall slug those blowcats in our sleep tonight. lol

  119. Foxwood says:

    Drive by Taini, night.

  120. rosehips says:

    lol! Taini, I like you.

  121. arlenearmy says:


    Off the bat, …. I don’t straddle the fence. I don’t do political appeasements & pandering. And you won’t find me switching on & off in mixed company & playing Sybil.

    1. You are not making any sense. A nation of people who smuggles out videos & messages to Americans who they perceive as ADVERSARIES (or infidels), however, does make better sense than you. At least the intent of the Iranian people in a life & death situation are clear. But you’re spewing out both sides of your mouth. Try spitting in a straight shot.

    2. “Tea party” rally is NOT a single focused issue. Though the likes of that dizzy gal on MSNBC will spin it only as taxation w/out representation. The issue is much broader. Its the out-of-control federal government & Obama moving aggressively like a mad freight train against folks. And folks are backed up against the wall & are literally afraid & are trying to take a stand w/out being disruptive.

    3. Main stream media respect would had been appropriate …. and not mockery, insults & dismissive remarks.

  122. samhenry says:


    And you won’t find me attacking a colleague who has been honest in stating her ideological development. You don’t know me well enough to call me the things you have. Any further discussion with me on this level is more appropriately held in an e-mail. Have Rose of VF give you mine.

  123. samhenry says:

    VF et al, I Found this article re ACORN:

    Outspoken Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann says she’s so worried that information from next year’s national census will be abused that she will refuse to fill out anything more than the number of people in her household.

    In an interview Wednesday morning with The Washington Times “America’s Morning News,” Mrs. Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, said the questions have become “very intricate, very personal” and she also fears ACORN, the community organizing group that came under fire for its voter registration efforts last year, will be part of the Census Bureau’s door-to-door information collection efforts.

    The article goes on to state that, under the law, if all census questions are not answered that there is a fine of $5,000.

  124. samhenry says:

    And in the Middle East another front is heating up again:

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide truck bomb killed at least 34 people leaving a mosque on Saturday, hours after Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki urged Iraqis not to lose faith if a U.S. military pullback resulted in more insurgent attacks.

    Almost all U.S. soldiers will leave urban centers by June 30 under a security pact signed by Baghdad and Washington last year, and the whole force that invaded the country in 2003 must be gone by 2012.

  125. arlenearmy says:

    Sam Henry

    Samhenry said:

    “You have an ultimate reason, I suspect, for all of your yelling, screaming and hurling insults, garbage and hate against ANYONE who disagrees with you. You want to attract more zealots; you want media attention to get your message out; and you want to incite your perceived ADVERSARIES to look like idiots by responding in kind.”

    You, Samhenry chose to take it to this venue. I did not initiate it. If you pass the 1st lick on me on Main street, don’t expect me to defend myself in a dark back alley referred to as email. So who attacked whom? You said that I’m hurling insults ? Or did somebody log on to your computer to make those remarks to me ?

    And likewise, you don’t know me well enough to start smacking down on me.

    You need to re-read your comment you made at 12:07

  126. samhenry says:

    Arlene – I quoted an old iReport I had made. It was in reply to someone else – someone who had been baiting me. I thought it might have been the the iReport you referred to in your comment to Taini. The report was written a long time ago.

    It was not an attack on you. Therefore, I have nothing to defend.

    You determined to interpret it as an attack and to go on to make comments about my political fence-sitting. I will sit where I feel I need to be. I am pragmatic not dishonest. I vote for individuals not parties; for issues not whole cloth philosophizes. This is part of the freedom this country provides to me and to you.

    An e-mail is not a back alley. It is an appropriate area to continue what should be a personal conversation following personal remarks on a public blog. I did not make personal remarks about you. You misread my post apparently.

    I bear you no ill will. I simply don’t want to clog VF’s important issue-driven blog that now has a wider audience – with a personal back and forth. Again, I did not attack you. I copied out my iReport of long ago as an example of the misreading of tea parties you may have seen. I hope you will now see what was truly going on. I would NEVER make a personal attack on a colleague in this venue. I do have the greatest respect for you. You know that because I have a track record with you of exactly that.

  127. samhenry says:


    Remember – SamHenry retrieved the fax numbers for 4-5 companies for you just yesterday….

  128. arlenearmy says:

    When I read your comments (in which you did not name Taini), it sounded like you were accusing me of hurling insults. Afterall, you addressed it to me.

    At 1st I scratched my head & thought what the hell is this.

    If no offense was given, then no offense is taken.

    I have read many CNN ireports on tea parties. And none of them were yours.

    I did not say you were a fence sitter. That was your interpretation of something that you did not read. I made a statement about ME… meaning that no one will find me wobbling & I let it be known where I stand.

    This situation shows how written words can have different meaning than what’s spoken by mouth.

  129. samhenry says:

    I’m sorry I was not clear, Arlene. And here I was trying to give you an example of someone misunderstanding tea parties – that “party” being me! I hope to be going to one on the 4th. I can’t tell you how many of my good Republican friends are relieved that I have come to my senses and am down out of the clouds over Obama.

    You are so right about the written word. When you can’t see someone and their expressions, it makes a big difference.

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit tonight. I am glad we worked through this. We do good work, do we not?

    Oh, and by the way, a lot of people are out there scratching their heads about something have said. I am dyslexic and ADD and somewhere in there I try to communicate. It’s not easy being me!

  130. arlenearmy says:

    You’re right. Maybe Im tired & stressed out. I did appreciate those fax numbers. And you really worked hard on those. Now you make me feel guilty now that you reminded me of those fax numbers that I desperately needed. And I forgot to thank you. Thanks, Samhenry.

    Lets shake hands, and make up. I did not mean to say mean stuff to you. So what you say? Is all forgiven, my friend 🙂

    btw, I faxed all that you sent me.

  131. arlenearmy says:

    Well Samehenry
    I am gonna go to bed. I am glad we got this misunderstanding repaired to keep our relationship in tack.

    I would had felt bad going to bed w/out making up. Now I feel much better. I hope you do too. I guess the stress of Iran & seeing bloody bodies on the news non stop got next to me & then the back & forth on twitter made me damn faint & it made me throw up my lunch & then having to fight this David Letterman stuff on the fax & emails. I tell yah, this political stuff is rough.

    Now I got to lay down.

  132. samhenry says:

    Of course all is forgiven. We’re all stressed out and tired – especially this week. You can’t watch what has been going on in Iran and not identify with it. It’s a human story and we are all human.

    Friends have these moments and to know that things like this can be worked out just makes for better friends. 🙂

  133. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Belly,

    Nice to see you comment… wish you did it more but I understand. Yes, it really hits home when we have someone we know… or a loved one in harms way as in Tehran presently. I lost a loved friend to violence… he was murdered by Al Qaeda on 911 …was aboard the first plane to hit the World Trade Center …and the irony? he was Lebonese. A better man and human being could not be found. I still cry over it to this day when I think about it.

    It is good when folks can find common ground, even from disparate poles of the political spectrum.

    Thanks again for your comment, dear.

    Bellydancer says

    Hey VF,
    I am glad you and others are paying attention to what is happening in Iran. We may not agree on President Obama’s response..but I know the people in Iran only want us to pay attention and support them to the extent that we can. My teacher is there now, she arrived in Tehran before the elections..her mother had died so she had to go. She is about 4 blocks from where a lot of protests in Tehran have been. This is real..and could escalate into something much bigger.

  134. Foxwood says:

    ARG!! Morning……. TIRED!

  135. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Fox!

    yeah… me too. Yesterday was draining… slept fitfully last night… and with hubby underfoot it can be a challenge to balance all things.

    But I am getting caught up.

    I approved the comment from your friend this morning. He commented back on the previous blogpost.

    Hope he enjoys commenting here and gets a wordpress blog going.

    I try to keep this venue limited to commenting by bloggers only… folks with skin in the game.

  136. rosehips says:

    c’mon taini. Certainly you are not gonna let the evil spinmasters corrupt your mind are you? Are you going to continue to contend that Von Brunn is left wing? Sorry, girl but your statement that it’s been proven that the holocaust murderer is a left wingnut is far from proven. Where’s the proof?

    If it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, smells like a fish…do you really believe it is a zebra just because you read it somewhere?

    From The key group representing white supremacy was the Ku Klux Klan. Founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1866 by Confederate colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest, its aim was to preserve the traditions of the Old South, which for the Klan focused primarily around the suppression of African Americans and the protection of white women. In its evolution during the early twentieth century, the Klan came to stand for “100 percent pure Americanism,” a fervent belief in Protestant Christianity, and a staunch opposition to immigration. But still there remained a rock solid belief in the moral, intellectual, and physical superiority of white people. Through the years the Klan fragmented, reemerging at various periods; the largest regrouping occurred after World War I. The Klan arose again in the 1960s and 1970s as the civil rights movement was successfully attaining the desegregation of public accommodations and voting rights for black Americans. In the 1980s and 1990s the Klan once again appeared, but other groups formed in that period which also espoused white supremacy or white power.

    taini said: It has already been proven the man that murdered the guard at the Holocaust Museum was a LEFT WING NUT, not right at all. Amazing how these idiot Socialists enjoy spreading LIES and really expect people to believe their lies!

    taini said: Rosehips
    lol! White Supremest is traditionally rooted in the Democratic Party. This man was no different as I see it. I feel sorrow that an innocent man died because of one going over the edge of sanity. And get really upset when people twist the facts to further their own agendas like that Frank creature has done. What a blowfish

  137. rosehips says:

    I found this article that states Von Brunn had ties to the American Friends of the BNP, the British National Party.

    Here’s a blurb about the BNP:
    The American Friends of the BNP was founded in 1998 by BNP member Mark Cotterill to foster links between far-Right movements in Britain and America. The group was wound up by Mr Cotterill in 2001 after the Southern Poverty Law Centre threatened to investigate its fundraising. Mr Cotterill is now a member of the England First Party.

  138. rosehips says:

    ok, had to get that bit of business out of the way.

    Good morning everyone!

  139. VotingFemale says:

    lol… Rose! it is customary to say good morning first! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    ahhhh the smell of drama in the morning! ROLF

    Good Morning Rose!

    And as far as Von Brunn? If the slime balls on the left had not tried to use his behavior to slime all conservatives… we could all agree that Dick Heads like Von Brunn have no place in civilized society…

    so I push back in what ever way possible against the Socialist Trolls trying to paint all conservatives with the “Von Brunn” brush…

    That is the same as using “Tiller the Baby Killer” to paint all liberals as non-human enablers of allowing viable babies to be put to death for reasons of inconvenient responsibility of one’s sexual behavior… some are that… and are so for political purposes.

  140. VotingFemale says:

    so goes the drama… hahahahaha

  141. VotingFemale says:


    Email from Iran 4
    2009 June 21

    by Christine A. Scheller
    Sunday, June 21st, 2:40 a.m. EST

    Dear friends and family,

    I would like to thank all of you for your support and concern. … From watching CNN, I see that all over the world rallies and protests are taking place. Things here have become overly complicated and complex. The army has been called in. There are over 2 million troops positioned throughout Tehran, alongside police, Basij (militia) and some unidentified soliders. Many of these soliders do not speak Farsi and have been using brutal force against the citizens and people of Iran. Rumors are they are either Arabs, Hezbollah from Palestine or Russians. Nobody knows, but one thing is for sure; they are not Iranian.

    Yesterday over 150 people died in clashes with the police and paramilitary. News reports coming out of Iran are vague at best. The government news agencies are not reporting the actual number of dead and hurt. They are hauling away people like cattle as they are killed or hurt in the street. People do not hear from the people whom are hurt…they are simply hauled away to jails.

    The paramilitary has moved in armored vehicles, tanks, and are using live rounds. The people took to the streets yesterday despite a warning from the Supreme Leader himself that there would be bloodshed. The paramilitary crushed the people and their demonstrations. There was a special armored vehicle in the downtown area close to our store, which had a hose at the top which sprayed acid liquid on people, burning their faces and bodies. They used batons, guns, and other weapons.

    Clashes with riot police and paramilitary forces are being reported throughout the country. The force being used by the government against its own people is indescribable. Nobody knows what’s going on within the government itself. Businesses are closing at 1 pm…some 2 pm….the country is shutting down day by day.

    The people are shouting “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) at night, which is an act of defiance against the Supreme Leader. I can hear gunfire at night. People were running for their lives yesterday. My friend said she saw four people slain in the streets as she was driving home from work trying to escape the chaos.

    International news media have been barred from reporting from the street and have been on hotel arrest. They can only report one news story a day from their hotel rooms. Calls to the US have been limited and are all controlled. The internet speed here has been reduced significantly to prevent people from uploading their videos and pictures from all the chaos. Most communications have been disrupted and its very hard to get accurate information regarding what’s going on.

    However, through people in the streets and various other contacts, I have been able to gather this basic information. God only knows what will happen next……either people will give up and go home or more bloodshed is to come……I am safe……and once again thank you for all your support……Do not give up…Keep writing letters, keep organizing rallies…The international pressure is helping!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Foxwood says:

    “Sorry, girl but your statement that it’s been proven that the holocaust murderer is a left wingnut is far from proven. Where’s the proof?”

    I gotta defend Taini on this one. Fox is the source. I watched this one. Some things you have to hear or see.

  143. rosehips says:

    lol, yeah…got a bit ahead of myself vf. I will try to remember my manners next time.

    what slimeballs on the left used Von Brunn to slime all conservatives?

    part of the problem we have here is that some will take statements of some extreme nutjob and spin it as if this crazy person, be it a conservative or liberal, is speaking for either all conservatives or all liberals.

    I personally don’t equate white supremist philosophy as that of all conservatives and certainly not that of all leftists. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a white supremist who will say he is left wing. They are right wing extremist, but I really didn’t need to spend part of my morning hammering home that point, do I?
    I think that some right wing nuts are tying these extremists to the left wing movement just to get a rise outta us. I guess it worked. lol

  144. VotingFemale says:

    And Socialists wonder why the US Constitution has a Second Amendment…

  145. rosehips says:

    foxy, so you are in agreement that Von Brunn is left wing? because you heard it on Fox News?

    ok, can’t argue with that. debate done.

  146. Foxwood says:

    Not saying he left wing, but he has neocons on his kill list.

  147. VotingFemale says:

    Rose, I went to Von Brunn’s website… and personally read what he wrote. And he was directly against FOX News… against O’Rielly, against Bush and against the Republican party.

    I read it with my own eyes.

    He is a Socialist… as Hitler was a Socialist.

    And whether the DEM party members like that or not… it is what it is… Extreme Fascist Socialism.

  148. rosehips says:

    vf, thank you for posting that email/blogpost from Christine Scheller. very enlightening. It is difficult to know if what we hear from Iran is accurate or fabricated. This email certainly appears genuine.

  149. VotingFemale says:

    but I do not see the point in belaboring Von Brunn.,..

    Lets belabor Tiller the Baby Killer’s behavior.

  150. VotingFemale says:

    You are welcome… and as I always say… take everything with a grain of salt… especially what Socialist Media outlets… “vet as unbiased.”

    rosehips says

    vf, thank you for posting that email/blogpost from Christine Scheller. very enlightening. It is difficult to know if what we hear from Iran is accurate or fabricated. This email certainly appears genuine.

  151. Foxwood says:

    “And whether the DEM party members like that or not… it is what it is… Extreme Fascist Socialism.”

    A lot of peoples eyes are starting to open on this fact.
    Consider they were called the National Socialist Party or Nazi Party.

  152. rosehips says:

    well, can’t socialists be right wing then?

    anyway, we are just playing semantics here. I don’t know any leftists who embrace the white supremist movement. Anyone can call them leftists, rightists, moderates, freaks. They are all just labels.

    If I wear a button with “White Power” written on it, would you accuse me of being a leftist? I think not.

    Wow, just the first round and I’m already wore out. Don’t know if I will be able to finish. hmmmm…I am asking the referee to stop the fight. Let’s go out for espresso!

  153. Foxwood says:

    The original KKK was from the democratic party. Ask Sheets Bird.

  154. Foxwood says:

    There is a history on this. I watch alot of History Channel.

  155. VotingFemale says:

    I rely on my internal radar as to what makes sense and run everything through that filter.

    I personally vet sources… some pass and some fail.

    And I do not give a blanket vet to everything published by any source. I have whacked FO News in the past for specific things… and have whacked Bill O… and on those specific issues… they and he had it coming in spades.

    With that said, the ratio of taking issue with things said, when it comes to FOX vs CNN/NBC/ABC/MSNBC, FOX is way out ahead of the pack.

  156. Foxwood says:

    I’m just saying, what you think today, isn’t what it was. More people need to remember history. Sheets remembers it.

  157. rosehips says:

    okay vf, no more belaboring Von Brunn…

    Tiller was a martyr for the cause of women and society. He was very courageous to perform late term abortions to save womens’ lives and to prevent horribly deformed babies from entering this cruel world. The expense and hardship of keeping a newborn alive when it is destined to die naturally is mind boggling. Our society has lost its rationality. Life is not sacred. It is taken from us every day.

  158. Foxwood says:

    I have to agree, VF. Fox isn’t perfect, but it is the most balanced. I have always thought Orilley was not as right as some make him out to be. I tell that to some of my left wing friends, and I get a laugh.

  159. karmahd says:

    Gutten Morgan all, Vas isss uuppp.

  160. VotingFemale says:

    That is an attempt at an “argumentum ad hominem” aka “ad hominem”

    Because you define “Right Wing” as something Conservationism is not.

    Do you know the meaning of “argumentum ad hominem?”


    rosehips says

    well, can’t socialists be right wing then?

  161. karmahd says:

    Foxwood, Fox is far from fair and balanced, and I have not had any coffee so beeee careful, LOL

  162. karmahd says:

    but I like it Fox that is

  163. VotingFemale says:

    Ohio-gozaimasu Karma san!

  164. karmahd says:

    OK I am going to have my coffee be back later

  165. Foxwood says:

    All Hail the Supreme Leader! How are you this morning Karm? Yav holt!

  166. rosehips says:

    yes vf, I understand ad hominem but I do not think I am using that logic here. I do recognize it as a common ploy for some around here. ie, socialists are leftists, nazis were socialists. therefore nazis were leftists.

    I think that logic is flawed.

  167. VotingFemale says:

    had to deal with hubby flack hahahahaha

    back again…

    though he spends a lot of time on line doing what he likes to do… so it usually works out great!

  168. rosehips says:

    good morning karma!

  169. Foxwood says:

    Fox is a good source on this Rose.

  170. Foxwood says:

    I know you won’t believe this, but Conservative are finding that Compassionate Conservatism is Socialism also.

  171. Foxwood says:

    Democrats and Republicans have taken our country on this road to Socialism.

  172. rosehips says:

    I got this from wiki…I don’t know why I am debating the political ideology of white supremists. I must be insane. I am done. The KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremists etc are not leftists. I know this because I am a leftist. That makes me an expert on what a leftist is. Argument over. heehee

    1st Klan 1865–1870s
    2nd Klan 1915–1944
    3rd Klan1 since 1946
    1st Klan 550,000
    2nd Klan 4,000,000[1] (1924 Peak)
    Origin United States of America
    Political ideology White supremacy
    White nationalism
    Political position Far right
    1The 3rd Klan is decentralized, with approx. 179 chapters.

  173. Foxwood says:

    You can’t alway equate Democrats to Liberals and Republicans to Conservative. Just because someone is a Republican, it does not make them a Conservative, and vice versa.

  174. Foxwood says:

    Watch the History Channel. Again, look at Sheets Bird.
    Yes Libs can be KKK.

  175. Foxwood says:

    It’s hard to swallow. I know.

  176. rosehips says:

    vf, what sites does hubby visit? lol, I doubt you’ll tell me but just curious….

  177. Foxwood says:

    Look at history. The south was completely Democratic until recent history.

  178. VotingFemale says:

    There again… it depends on one’s definition of socialsim…

    clearly CLEARLY the name of Hitler’s party, nicknamed the Nazi party, is in truth, called National Socialist German Workers’ Party

    …Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated NSDAP, commonly known in English as the Nazi Party (from the Ger. pronunciation of Nationalsozialist (based on earlier Ger. sozi, popular abbreviation of “sozialist”).

    Now that does not mean it was the MARXIST Flavor of Socialism as is the DEM Party as its far left roots…

    nor does it mean that Soviet Socialism is exactly the same as German NAZI socialism…

    Both are Socialism… two flavors of Socialism.

    One Marxist and the other Nationalist

    Both were Socialism.

  179. Foxwood says:

    My source is history.

  180. karmahd says:

    Hola, now going to breakfast and to drop off my white robe at the cleaners

  181. Foxwood says:

    Later Casper, I mean Karma.

  182. VotingFemale says:

    And there are certian people… at the far end of the Left and Right… full blown Socialists…

    On the right those individuals are Nationalist Socialists

    on the left those individuals are Marxist Socialists…

    And while they are on opposite ends of the US Political Spectrum, they are both “Socialists”
    …two flavors with things in common and things not in common…

  183. rosehips says:

    karma, don’t forget the hood. I believe you got bbq stains on it at that last rally you told me about. you know, the pig roast?

  184. VotingFemale says:

    in my opinion, Pat Bucannan is not a Conservative in the definition of what the majority of Conservatives, including me, define themselves.

    I see Pat Bucannan as a Nationalist Socialist trying to find a home in the Republican Party and being rejected as a major Wing Nut…

    I see Barack Obama as a Marxist Socialist who hides it as best he can… yet it leaks out… and the Left does continuous damage control by manuplating Leftist Media Outlets to spread propaganda and thus put lipstick on the Marxist called Obama.

  185. rosehips says:

    agreed vf. So those who narrowly define the word “socialist” as meaning “leftist” are incorrectly assessing socialism. Nazis may be socialists, but they are far from leftist.

    from wiki:

    Hitler’s variety of National Socialism was founded on a Weltanschauung, or translated “World View”, in which history was reducible to a racial struggle in the Social Darwinian sense. National Socialism was thus a Messianic movement, centered in the Fuhrerprincip and anchored in the thesis that only through racial purity could Germany find her salvation. The movement was based on anti-Semitism, anti-Marxism and hyper-nationalism, manifesting itself through Pan-Germanism and the quest for Lebensraum.[6]

  186. VotingFemale says:

    and I predict Rose’s eyes are now glazing over and she will simply ignore my posts and keep her biases intact…

    it’s like…

    “Don’t confuse me with the facts; my mind is made up.”

    well… she has the right to do that…

  187. VotingFemale says:

    The things Nationalist Socialists and Marxist Socialists have in common outweigh that which is not in common.

    One of the things they have in common is their hatred of each other…

    And both are Quote-Unquote “Progressives” and an enemy in reality to the Constitution…
    thus to We the People.

    Rev Wright = Pat Bucannan
    in more ways than not…

    “Them Jews”
    “Them Homos”

    rosehips says

    agreed vf. So those who narrowly define the word “socialist” as meaning “leftist” are incorrectly assessing socialism. Nazis may be socialists, but they are far from leftist.

  188. VotingFemale says:

    The shell game has been played for decades in this country…

    Je Vois Tout

    That is the motto of my blog… and it means…

    I See All

  189. rosehips says:

    lol vf, I am just waking up. on my second cup of java. ignore your posts? never.

    vf said: and I predict Rose’s eyes are now glazing over and she will simply ignore my posts and keep her biases intact…

  190. VotingFemale says:


    I am a Conservative… not a Socialist; Neither a Nationalist Socialist nor a Marxist Socialist

    I see Obama as a ratio of about 40/60 Nationalist Socialist/Marxist Socialist

    and like all deep blue Socialists… a common thread is racism…

    I see Obama as a Racist… Race Bias against both Whites and Jews… Race Bias for both Blacks and Islamic Arabs.

  191. VotingFemale says:

    I see Obama as an amalgam of Socialist Flavors…

    Marxist and Nationalist

  192. rosehips says:

    about that hubby of yours….

  193. Foxwood says:

    VF, When you look at what Obama is doing, nationalizing healthcare, the auto industry, and banking, the two ends have met. Instead of a spectrum, you have a completed circle.

  194. VotingFemale says:

    Very Much So, Fox…

  195. rosehips says:

    Obama is the “Neapolitan” president then.

    or maybe the “Spumoni” president.


  196. VotingFemale says:

    I had to edit my previous comment to read correctly…

    VotingFemale // June 21, 2009 at 10:15 am


    I am a Conservative… not a Socialist; Neither a Nationalist Socialist nor a Marxist Socialist

    I see Obama as a ratio of about 40/60 Nationalist Socialist/Marxist Socialist

    and like all deep blue Socialists… a common thread is racism…

    I see Obama as a Racist… Race Bias against both Whites and Jews… Race Bias for both Blacks and Islamic Arabs.

  197. Foxwood says:

    I was a little confused…

  198. rosehips says:

    VF, I really don’t get how socialism can be tied to racism. This seems like “ad hominem” logic to me. maybe you can help me to understand it better…

  199. rosehips says:

    I don’t see anything inherently racist about socialism.

  200. Happy Fathers’ Day! to all you fathers out there/here.

    Too many comments read right now, will have to sift through later.

  201. Foxwood says:

    I’m sure I can find more. Consider Obama and Wright are, I can’t see how you think that.

    The Landreue’s in my area have been in office on and off since the civil war, and I’m not a betting man, but I would take the bet they’ve had KKK in the family. Mary is a serious Socialist.

  202. VotingFemale says:

    You will need to work that out on your own…

    That you define Conservatism as Racist is an ad hominem and it is false…

    That you define Socialism as Against Racism is an ad hominem and it is false…

    you think about and work it out on your own, dear… it is not my job to educate you… but I debate nevertheless.

    rosehips says

    VF, I really don’t get how socialism can be tied to racism. This seems like “ad hominem” logic to me. maybe you can help me to understand it better…

  203. VotingFemale says:

    And for examples of overt Left Wing Racism?

    Look no further than the Racist tactics used against Conservative Blacks… 2 million of which voted against Obama… and look no further than the Left using the Race Card to suppress any political criticism of Obama.

    “If you fault find with Obama you are by definition a racist.”

    “Tea Parties are all about a black man in the white house, straight up.”

    Well F that crap and the horse it rode in on.

  204. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning m2!!!

    And yes!

    Happy Father’s Day to All Men!!!

    We love you guys…

  205. VotingFemale says:

    and again… this Racism discussion is repeated again and again and again… and Socialists’ Eyes glaze over and they dodge and deflect and leave or try to change the subject…

    l o l

  206. Foxwood says:

    Do a google on La Raza and Sotomayor.

    Socialist can be and are racist. You have to open your eyes to see them tho.

  207. Foxwood says:

    And just because you can’t find a link, doesn’t make it not true. Who made that rule up?

  208. VotingFemale says:

    Absolutely Socialism and Racism is linked…

    It is a FACT

    And Conservatism is not linked to Racism…

    Nationalist Socialists and Marxist Socialists are both Racists… why? Because it is a powerful political weapon.

  209. VotingFemale says:

    The Translation of La Raza …The Race

  210. VotingFemale says:

    I am a Conservative and like a true Conservative unpolluted by Either Nationalist or Marxist Socialism I am Anti-Racism.

    And you can ask any Democrat or non-Democrat that crosses my path that speaks in racist terms… be they of any race… I come down on them.

    That is a fact…

  211. VotingFemale says:

    Do I take issue with Behaviors? Of course I do… and will hold accountable bad behaviors of people of any race… including Blacks and Whites.

  212. VotingFemale says:

    I do not give anyone a pass on bad behavior… it is beyond race… and will whack a white racist and a black racist equally.

  213. rosehips says:

    vf, so the burden of proof is again reversed so that I must prove a statement you make as false?
    I do not define conservatism as racist.
    I do not say that socialism is against racism. I simply said that there is nothing inherently racist about socialism. I didn’t say it is “against” racism.
    giving examples of racist statements by leftists hardly defines what leftists believe. Are these official statements or remarks made by some liberal movie star or moonbat?

    I will not work on disproving a socialist-racism tie because it doesn’t exist. That some socialists are racists I will not dispute however.


    burden of proof

    Burden of proof is a fallacy where a claimant asserts that he does not have to prove his claim, but that his opponent has to disprove it.

    Often, a debate will grind to a halt because both claimants will assert that they don’t have to prove anything, but that their opponent has to disprove each other’s case. The debate will then gravitate away from the facts and degenerate into an argument about who has the burden of proof.


    You can’t prove that there are no invisible unicorns, so it is reasonable for me to continue to assert that they exist.

    Sure, there is no evidence that the defendant committed the crime, but we will execute him if he can’t prove that he is not guilty.

    Nobody has been able to prove that psychic powers are impossible, so I am sensible to assert that I have psychic powers, even though evidence in my favour is also lacking.

  214. rosehips says:

    Happy Father’s Day, guys. I better go call my dad….

  215. Foxwood says:

    “I will not work on disproving a socialist-racism tie because it doesn’t exist. That some socialists are racists I will not dispute however.”

    be blind if you wish.

  216. rosehips says:

    about La Raza:

    Former Congressman Tom Tancredo called the group “a Latino KKK without the hoods and nooses.” And conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh compared Sotomayor to David Duke, who is a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

    “We are stunned to hear such rhetoric,” said Bazán, who has served on the group’s board since 2000. “It’s outrageous.”

    NCLR, as the Washington-based nonprofit group is known, says its mission is to reduce poverty and discrimination and improve opportunities for Hispanics. It does that by lobbying and working with hundreds of organizations around the country to run charter schools, homeownership programs, health clinics, English classes and a host of other programs.

    It also supports immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and it has advocated for such causes as allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition and get driver’s licenses.

    NCLR officials say Sotomayor paid the group’s $35 yearly dues and received its newsletters from 1998 to 2003 and has not been involved since.

  217. VotingFemale says:

    Rose? Try doing what I do…

    Try to prove the debate opponent correct and go find proof to support the opponents point of view.

    The ability to switch positions in order to look at both sides of an issue with a minimum of bias strengthens one’s ability to debate.

    Doing this provides clarity of sight…

    rosehips says

    vf, so the burden of proof is again reversed so that I must prove a statement you make as false?
    I do not define conservatism as racist.
    I do not say that socialism is against racism. I simply said that there is nothing inherently racist about socialism.

  218. rosehips says:

    foxy, feel free to open my eyes. or do you also believe it is up to me to prove that there is not a socialist-racist tie?

    And your label of Sotomayor as a Socialist is baseless. or do you have any grounds to make this claim?

  219. VotingFemale says:

    I can clearly see the racism inherent in both flavors of Socialism… and can see why it is so.

  220. rosehips says:

    lol, vf thanks for the suggestion. I have tried to do just that. I googled “socialism racism link”. This came up as the fifth link:

    I guess this proves me wrong? lol

  221. Taini says:

    I really liked how you explained the two extremes. Neither one is ‘good” for the country, and that is why we need “Checks and Balances” in place. That we do not, shows the severity of our nations discontent right now.

  222. rosehips says:

    That would be a good title for an article:

    “The Fifth Link: Lessons in Debate in the Blogosphere.”


  223. VotingFemale says:

    I see Sotomayor as a sculpted tool of Socialism… and the ironic part? I suspect she is anti-Rowe v Wade.

    I see her as a person trained in socialist ways… and she was picked because of that.

    Latinos are fairly evenly split between Socialism and Conservatism and very few are purely Socialist.

    I am pro-Native American… that does not make me Anti-White and Anti-Black and Anti-Latino.

    I do not use race as a weapon… and Sotomayor has done this… and it was encouraged by the company she keeps… the DEM Party Elite.

  224. Taini says:

    Good Morning Everyone.
    Sorry, but I can not stay on longer. We have plans with friends for father’s day.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

  225. Foxwood says:

    VF and myself have given you the tools, you refuse to take of the blinders.

  226. VotingFemale says:

    A truly skilled debater can take either side…

    A good Defense lawyer makes a good Prosecuting Lawyer and vice versa.

  227. rosehips says:

    vf, I think you use race and racism as a tool to label and discredit your objects of disdain, ie President Obama. I do not consider Obama a racist (although I do contend that we all have racist tendencies to some extent.) But you continually attack him as one. I don’t think it’s fair to call Obama a racist because of something Janeane Garofolo said about the teaparties. But I have seen you draw conclusions like that. Janeane does not represent the Dems or liberals or Obama. Neither do other extremists on either side necessarily represent their parties. If it’s not an “official” party statement, I don’t think it’s fair to consider it so.

    vf said: I do not use race as a weapon…

  228. VotingFemale says:

    Fox, she enjoys debating… someone has to take the left… hahahahaha

    in truth, Rose is a moderate… a reformed 60s commie hugger lol

    what she really is is an Ecologist… anti-pollution activist… and she has agreed that anti-pollution activists come from both the left and the right.

  229. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning everybody and there are too many to name this morning. It is Fathers day and so I will be spending the day with my conservative children and extreme conservative grandchildren. I am allowed to watch Fox News and so this is an especially great day as I enjoy what Freedoms I have left here in America.

  230. rosehips says:

    and good morning to you taini. enjoy your day!

  231. Foxwood says:

    Well, I’m outa here for a while. I see no point in a debate, when the other side will not even look at what you presented. That was the problem I had with bill.

  232. rosehips says:

    lol sami, happy father’s day to you! It’s a great day for indoctrinating american kiddies. They are so impressionable on Father’s Day as they must not question granddad on his “day” Pour it on thick but you better censor some of that Fox content. I hope you don’t let the grandkids watch The Simpson’s….

  233. yes, i did a post on La Raza and Sotomayor

    It is so unreal, when whomever comes after this mess, I KNOW they will OVERTURN based on B. Hussein ineligibility to be the pres, and overturn ALL his decisions!

    AMEN People. Can I get a witness?


  234. samiam60 says:

    Thank you Rose, my grand kids only watch Hannity on Fox. When they want to watch cartoons I allow them to watch CNN.

  235. VotingFemale says:

    That is your opinion. You are welcome to it.
    You are wrong of course HAHAHAHAHA

    If Obama were white, it would make no more difference to me than that he is half white.

    rosehips says

    vf, I think you use race and racism as a tool to label and discredit your objects of disdain, ie President Obama.

  236. samiam60 says:

    AMEN WG, you go girl……………. 🙂

  237. rosehips says:

    foxy, you gotta take a look at your presentation. your constant mocking of me being ill informed and blind is a turn off. (and I admit that my style is a major turn-off to you.) You never waver from your extreme position and your statements that Fox News is too much to the left is so laughable that I can’t take you seriously. I’m sorry but you can call me any name you want. It won’t make me look closer at what you say.

  238. samiam60 says:

    My grand kids also have a Rush coloring book and a Pelosi Dart Board.

  239. rosehips says:

    lol sami, the Cartoon News Network.

  240. rosehips says:

    and good morning warrantone!

  241. VotingFemale says:

    And Fox?

    The real object is not to get Rose to admit anything… rather it is to present facts so that folks who read this blog can compare the two sides and judge for themselves who is right or wrong.

    A defense attorney does not win a case by getting the prosecuting attorney to agree with them… they win the case by convincing the jury who weighs both sides.

    The skills of debate are honed by debating and learning…

    I continue to learn daily… and that is why I love a challenge… the better the opponent the better I like it.

  242. rosehips says:

    I am going to send VF an Obama coloring book. and some crayons. Let’s see what colors should i include? lol

  243. Foxwood says:

    Ill informed Rose is not watching FOX. You don’t therefor your ill informed. I cannot link a television. You want proof, Watch. take off the blinders.

  244. samiam60 says:

    Rose I hope you have a great day. I am sure commenting on here everyday is like Custer riding into that Indian Camp not knowing there are 10 billion of us waiting for you to appear. We all just love the fact that you are so willing to come on and challenge our way of thinking. Good for you Rose, your a real trooper. I will be sending you an arrow shirt. God Bless you Rose

  245. samiam60 says:

    Rose what colors should you include in your obama coloring book? Commie Red would be a good start. LOL

  246. VotingFemale says:

    You dont have my address! 😉

    I will have some conservative african american friends come do an intervention for you… seeing as how you are a victim of Socialist Cultism!


    rosehips says

    I am going to send VF an Obama coloring book. and some crayons. Let’s see what colors should i include? lol

  247. VotingFemale says:


    You seriously need to understand what I posted…

    The real object is not to get Rose to admit anything… rather it is to present facts so that folks who read this blog can compare the two sides and judge for themselves who is right or wrong.

    A defense attorney does not win a case by getting the prosecuting attorney to agree with them… they win the case by convincing the jury who weighs both sides.

    The skills of debate are honed by debating and learning…

    I continue to learn daily… and that is why I love a challenge… the better the opponent the better I like it.

  248. rosehips says:

    sami, you are so sweet. I really appreciate you and I’ll be looking for that arrow shirt. will it be delivered through the air?

  249. Racism…hmmm who the heck started all this???????

    I know, Obama did. NO ONE ELSE! he and Michelle are the axis of racism.

    Now actually racism (the word) has lost it’s meaning, because everytime anyone says anything about this country being hijacked by the imposter and company, We are labeled Racist. To the LEFT. it’s all about a black man in the white house, NOT.

    The whole thing about a black being elected is great, but not him. He is diabolical and was put in by the media while all other candidates were RAILROADED in a disgusting and EVIL manner.

  250. VotingFemale says:

    samiam gets it!


  251. samiam60 says:

    If I was a rock star or Jock Rose I would deliver in person but since I am not it will have to be UPS.

  252. rosehips says:

    lol vf. I am working on this. I heard it through the grapevine that you are actually in New York. I have my spies out watching. Was that you at the New York Pumas convention last week? I’ve got video footage I am sifting through and I will have my scouts out for a reconnaissance mission shortly. teehee

    vf said: You dont have my address!

  253. Foxwood says:

    Point being VF, she does not watch Fox, therefor does not get the other side. She is a coin that only has tails, you lose.

  254. VotingFemale says:

    Ohhhh… the 2012 election process is going to be a blast!!!!!!

    See… Obama the Slick Chicago Lawyer, riding on the heels of 8 years of a Conservative President, got elected as the UN-BUSH.

    Watch who gets elected as the UN-OBAMA!


    See what matters is what the majority of American Voters think… and they elect both liberals and conservatives… and swing back and forth…

    What Obama is doing is sinking the DEM BOAT!

  255. VF, Amen, Praise the Lord!

    He should be simmering down under his huge loss (of power) in the 2010 elections.

  256. VotingFemale says:

    She does not have the power to speak for the jury… she can say anything she wants… but what matters is what the majority of voters think.

    She can not declare herself the winner… she can say she is… but that is an opinion… not a fact.

    And the harder she digs in her heels… the easier it is to disprove her points.

    See political bias does not trump fact.

    We use FACTS and that is what will win back Congress and the White House.

    Obama is screwing up and is a full blown Socialist… which is contrary to the foundation of this country and it’s majority of citizens, all things being equal.

    Socialism is not what makes America what it is…
    It is what makes China and North Korea what they are.

    What Makes America Great is what Makes Japan and South Korea so strong… and why the USSR desolved in defeat…

    Socialism is self-defeating… it creates no wealth rather it takes wealth from one place and puts it into another and stunts and discourages and limits the creation of wealth… and without wealth creation for citizens to avail, there is no means to survive as a nation.

    Foxwood says

    Point being VF, she does not watch Fox, therefor does not get the other side. She is a coin that only has tails, you lose.

  257. VotingFemale says:

    It is basic human nature not to want to be screwed with…

    It is basic Socialism to screw with people.

  258. VotingFemale says:

    So no, Fox, I do not allow Socialists to dictate to me the rules… they do not get to decide the winner or loser.

    They can say anything they want… but it is mostly opinion stated as fact and that is what it is…

    just their opinion…

  259. VotingFemale says:

    I enjoy Rose debating here… and she has the ability, as do I and others, of getting under someones skin.

    She and I have both gotten under each other’s skin at times… but that usually only happens when one of us lets the emotion of anger take over…

    I can dig and burrow under someone’s skin like a mole… and drive them insane. I generally chose not to do that or go there… and reserve that tactic for trolls… since I do not allow trolls to comment here, I put that tactic aside.

    and I do take a dim view of that drama eliciting tactic by commenters on each other… it never comes to any good… and is a discussion killer for everyone on the sidelines.

    That is why I work to keep that from happening.

  260. samiam60 says:

    And so it should be VF. I agree with all you say and have to constantly battle my Italian temper to keep my focus clear. It takes time but I hope I am learning.

  261. Foxwood says:

    It’s not that shes under my skin. It’s that shes the pot calling the kettle black. I find it disingenuous.

  262. VotingFemale says:

    Folks… I have to go run some errands… and will be gone for a few hours…

    See you Dears when I get back!

    hugs to you all!!!

  263. Foxwood says:

    I think part of the problem is, she lives around her socialist in the great north west, but has never seen the socialists of Texas and Louisiana. Racists and socialists. I’d like to see her disprove that.

  264. Foxwood says:

    And she never had an answer for Sheets Bird or the Congressional Black Caucasus. Maybe there’s not one.

  265. Foxwood says:

    Or Sotomayor and La Raza.

  266. Foxwood says:

    You can point out the things right in front of your face, but with the blinders on, you can ignore them and not see them, and be happy.

  267. Foxwood says:

    From the Free Republic:

    Marxism is probably the most racist ideology to ever rear it’s ugly head on the Earth. Although its adherents claims to be anti racists, their ideology is the epitome of racism. Consider it’s founder Karl Marx. Marx was an evil white supremacist and anti Semite. Although such people would balk at that notion, claiming Marx was a Jew and go so far as to say the whole reason of his ideology to destroy the white race! The truth is that although Marx came from a Jewish background, he would be right at home with Hitler, David Duke and Richard Butler. Matter of fact, Hitler’s National Socialists and the KKK base their ideology on none other than Karl Marx. Nazism is nothing more than an acronym for National SOCIALIST WORKERS Party. That’s right. The white supremacists, Christian Identity, skinheads and Nation of Islam are real life socialists. In fact visit their hate sites and see for yourself. International Answer, Code Pink are sanitized versions of what a real socialist is.

    Karl Marx did not go to any lengths to conceal his hatred towards non white races. In a letter to a competitor of his he wrote, “… it is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his cranial formation and his hair, descends from the Negroes from Egypt, assuming that his mother or grandmother had not interbred with a negro. Now this union of Judaism and Germanism with a basic Negro substance must produce a peculiar product. The obtrusiveness of the fellow is also negor like.” Engels was also a racist writing in 1887 concerning Marx’s son in law, “Being in his quality as a nigger, a degree nearer to the rest of the animal kingdom than the rest of us, he is undoubtedly the most appropriate representative of that district.” He was the Representative of a district that had a zoo.

  268. Foxwood says:

    Forgive the use of the language.

  269. Foxwood says:

    More from the Free Republic:

    As the result of liberal historical revisionism, few Americans realize that Democrats ruled the segregated South until the 1960s. Democrats were the party of Jim Crow and Bull Connor. Senate Democrats, including former Ku Klux Klan recruiter Robert Byrd and Bill Clinton mentor William Fulbright and Al Gore, Sr. filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The stalemate was broken by Senate Republicans ensuring passage of the bill.

    The racism that never left the Democratic Party has bubbled to the surface in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the presidential nomination. The Clintons went out and got BET founder Robert Johnson to put the smear on Obama – in order to avoid the backlash that took place after Bill Shaheen and Bob Kerrey each took shots at the uppity Illinois senator.

    Even though Republican President George W. Bush appointed more blacks to positions of real power and authority, idiots like Kanye West blurt out on national television that “Bush doesn’t like black people.” African-Americans have consistently given an overwhelming majority of their votes to Democrats based on illusory promises that are never fulfilled.

    However, the Clintons are going to have to take down the black guy if they are to achieve their own political ends. It would not be the first time, since the Clintons pushed Maynard Jackson aside to install Terry McAuliffe as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

    The Lesson: Just because the Democratic Party doesn’t make blacks sit in the back of the bus anymore doesn’t mean it will ever let them get behind the steering wheel.

  270. Foxwood says:

    The National Black Republican Association has issued a petition to Barack Hussein Obama, the leader of the Democratic Party, requesting that Obama issue a formal proclamation of apology for the Democratic Party’s 150-year history of racism.

    We recognize that this is likely too much to ask of the oh so “racially sensitive” Democrats who want us to ignore their racist past and failed socialism that have caused so much harm to black Americans. So we will not hold our breath waiting for their response.


    Petition to Barack Hussein Obama for a Proclamation of Apology for the Democratic Party’s 150-year History of Racism

    We, black American citizens of the United States and the National Black Republican Association, declare and assert:

    WHEREAS, the healing of wounds begins with an apology, and the Democratic Party has never apologized for their horrific atrocities and racist practices against black Americans during the past 150 years, nor held accountable for the residual impact that those atrocities and practices are having on us today,

    WHEREAS, as a result of the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot Commission Report of May 31, 2006, the North Carolina Democratic Party issued a unanimous apology on January 20, 2007 for the Democratic Party’s 1898 murderous rampage against blacks,

    WHEREAS, inner-city minister Rev. Wayne Perryman wrote a book, “Unfounded Loyalty: An In-depth Look Into The Love Affair Between Blacks and Democrats”, and filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Party on December 10, 2004, but, after admitting their history of racism under oath in court, the Democrats refused to apologize,

    WHEREAS, history shows that the Democratic Party through its racist agenda and “States’ Rights” claim to own slaves, sought to protect and preserve the institution of slavery from 1792 to 1865, thus enslaving millions of African Americans, while the Republican Party was started in 1854 as the anti-slavery party, fought to free blacks from slavery and championed civil rights for blacks,

    WHEREAS, the Democratic Party enacted fugitive slave laws to keep blacks from escaping from plantations; instigated the 1856 Dred Scott decision which legally classified blacks as property; passed the Missouri Compromise to spread slavery into 50% of the new Northern states; and passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act designed to spread slavery into all of the new states,

    WHEREAS, the Democratic Party in the South formed the Confederacy, seceded from the Union and fought a Civil War (1861 to 1865) to expand slavery where over 600,000 citizens were killed, including many thousand blacks,

    WHEREAS, starting in 1861, anti-Civil War Democrats in the North were called “copperheads” like the poisonous snake because they (a) wanted to appease the South and accept a negotiated peace that would have resulted in an independent Confederacy where blacks were kept in slavery, and (b) showed their deep opposition to the Civil War draft by taking their anger out on blacks, murdering and maiming blacks in virtually every Northern state,

    WHEREAS, anti-Civil War Democrats in New York engaged in “Four Days of Terror” against the city’s black population from July 13-16, 1863, and the anti-Civil War chant of the Democrats, as reported by one Pennsylvania newspaper, was: “Willing to fight for Uncle Sam”, but not “for Uncle Sambo,”

    WHEREAS, the anti-Civil War Democrats verbally attacked Republican President Abraham Lincoln because he wanted to free the slaves through war and grant blacks civil rights, and drafted Northern men into the army to fight and die to make his Emancipation Proclamation a reality – a Proclamation that became the source of the Juneteenth celebrations that occur in black communities today,

    WHEREAS, after the Civil War, the Republican Party (a) pushed to amend the Constitution to grant blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment); (b) passed the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875; and (c) designed Reconstruction, a ten-year period of unprecedented political power for African Americans,

    WHEREAS, anti-civil rights Democrat Andrew Johnson became president when Republican President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and after the Civil War, the Democratic Party fought to end Reconstruction and deny blacks the promised “40 acres and a mule;” fought to overturn all civil rights legislation from the 1860’s to the 1960’s; and passed repressive legislation including the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws,

    WHEREAS, the book “A Short History of Reconstruction” by the renowned historian, Dr. Eric Foner, revealed that: (a) the Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1866 by Democrats as a Tennessee social club; (b) the Ku Klux Klan became a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party, the planter class, and all those who desired the restoration of white supremacy; and (c) the Ku Klux Klan spread into other Southern states, launching a ‘reign of terror’ against Republican leaders, black and white,

    WHEREAS, the book “A Short History of Reconstruction” by Dr. Eric Foner exposed the facts that: (a) the Hayes-Tilden Compromise of 1877 was an attempt by Republicans to get the Democrats to stop lynching Republicans, black and white, and respect the rights of blacks; and (b) contrary to legend, President Rutherford Hayes did not remove the last federal troops from the South, but merely ordered federal troops surrounding the South Carolina and Louisiana statehouses to return to their barracks,

    WHEREAS, after taking control of Congress in the late 1800’s, the Democratic Party passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned civil rights legislation passed by the Republicans, including the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875,

    WHEREAS, the Democratic Party supported the “Plessy v. Ferguson” decision in 1896 that established the “separate but equal” segregation doctrine,

    WHEREAS, historical documents show that: (a) in an effort to stop the Democrats from lynching and denying civil rights to blacks, the NAACP was founded on Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birthday, February 12, 1909, by white Republicans Oswald Garrison Villard, Mary White Ovington and William English Walling; and (b) the first black general secretary of the NAACP was black Republican James Weldon Johnson who became the general secretary of the NAACP in 1920 and, in 1900, wrote the song, “Lift Every Voice,” known as the “Black National Anthem” in collaboration with his brother, John Rosamond Johnson,

    WHEREAS, after Democrat President Woodrow was elected in 1912 and while Congress was controlled by the Democrats, black American civil employees where pushed out of federal government jobs, and the greatest number of bills proposing racial segregation and discrimination were introduced than had ever been proposed in our nation’s history,

    WHEREAS, even though Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt received the vote of many black Americans due to his “New Deal,” he banned black American newspapers from the military because he was convinced the newspapers were communists and rejected anti-lynching laws pushed by Republicans, as well as efforts by Republicans to establish a permanent Civil Rights Commission that did not get established until 1958 under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower,

    WHEREAS, Democrat President Harry Truman not only rejected Republican efforts to enact anti-lynching laws and establish a permanent Civil Rights Commission, but also failed to enforce his 1948 Executive Order designed to desegregate the military, an order that was not effectively enforced until Republican President Dwight Eisenhower was elected,

    WHEREAS, with the party slogan: “Segregation Forever!,” the Dixiecrats, who were Democrats, (a) formed the States’ Rights Democratic Party for the presidential election of 1948; (b) remained Democrats for all local elections and all subsequent national elections; and (c) did not all migrate to the Republican Party as Democrats today falsely claim, but instead those racist Democrats died Democrats and had declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than a Republican because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks,

    WHEREAS, during the civil rights era of the 1960’s, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was a Republican, was fighting the Democrats including: (a) Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox who famously brandished ax handles to prevent blacks from patronizing his restaurant; (b) Democrat Public Safety Commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor in Birmingham who let loose vicious dogs and turned fire hoses on black civil rights demonstrators; and (c) Democrat Alabama Governor George Wallace who stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963 and thundered: “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,”

    WHEREAS, the Democratic Party supported the Topeka, Kansas school board in the “Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka”, Kansas (a 1954 Supreme Court decision by Chief Justice Earl Warren who was appointed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower) which declared that the “separate but equal” doctrine violated the 14th Amendment and ended school segregation,

    WHEREAS, in 1954, Democrat Arkansas Governor Orville Faubus tried to prevent the desegregation of a Little Rock public school, resulting in Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sending federal troops to prevent violence and enforce a court order desegregating the Little Rock school,

    WHEREAS, Democratic President John F. Kennedy was not a civil rights advocate because he: (a) voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Law (that was pushed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower); (b) opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (that was organized by black Republican A. Phillip Randolph); (c) authorized the FBI (supervised by his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy) to wiretap and investigate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on suspicion of being a communist in order to undermine that Civil Rights leader; (d) was later criticized by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for ignoring civil rights issues; and (e) only grudgingly agreed to make a telephone call to get Dr. King, Jr. out of the Birmingham jail after members of the King family requested Kennedy’s help,

    WHEREAS, after the nearly 100 years of opposition to civil rights laws by Democrats, Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, who voted for the 1957 Civil Rights Act and ran for president against Lyndon Johnson in 1964, was unfairly criticized by hypocritical Democrats because Goldwater was opposed to only portions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that he believed was an unconstitutional expansion of federal powers,

    WHEREAS, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson could not have achieved passage of civil rights legislation without the support of Republicans due to the strong opposition of Democrats, and in his 4,500-word State of the Union Address delivered on January 4, 1965, Johnson mentioned scores of topics for federal action, but only thirty five words were devoted to civil rights and not one word about voting rights,

    WHEREAS, it was Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois, not Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, who was key to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and Dirksen was also instrumental to the enactment of civil rights legislation in 1957 and 1960, as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which prohibited discrimination in housing,

    WHEREAS, the chief opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act were Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a former “Keagle” in the Ku Klux Klan, who made a 14-hour filibuster speech in the Senate in June 1964 in an unsuccessful effort to block passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act,

    WHEREAS, because Republican Senator Everett successfully fought to pass civil rights laws in the face of strong opposition to civil rights laws by the Democrats, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. hailed Senator Dirksen’s “able and courageous leadership;” and “The Chicago Defender,” the largest black-owned daily at that time, praised Senator Dirksen “for the grand manner of his generalship behind the passage of the best civil rights measures that have ever been enacted into law since Reconstruction,”

    WHEREAS, the statement by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson about losing the South after passage of the 1964 civil rights law was not made out of a concern that racist Democrats would suddenly join the Republican Party that was fighting for the civil rights of blacks, but instead, was an expression of fear that the racist Democrats would again form a third party, such as the short-lived States’ Rights Democratic Party,

    WHEREAS, after Democrat President Lyndon Johnson expressed his concern that the racist Democrats in the South would be lost after the passage of the 1964 civil rights laws, Johnson’s concern came true when Alabama’s Democrat Governor George C. Wallace in 1968 started the American Independent Party that attracted other racist candidates, including Democrat Atlanta Mayor Lester Maddox,

    WHEREAS, in March of 1968, while referring to the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left Memphis, Tennessee after riots broke out where a teenager was killed, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd called Dr. King a “trouble-maker” who starts trouble, but runs like a coward after trouble is ignited, which motivated Dr. King to return to Memphis a few weeks later where he was assassinated on April 4, 1968,

    WHEREAS, Democrats expressed little, if any, concern when the racially segregated South voted solidly for Democrats; yet unfairly deride Republicans because of the thirty-year odyssey of the South switching to the Republican Party that began in the 1970’s with President Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” which was an effort on the part of Nixon to get fair-minded people in the South to stop voting for Democrats who did not share their values, and who were discriminating against blacks,

    WHEREAS, Republican President Richard Nixon began enforcement of Affirmative Action as a merit-based system to help African Americans prosper with his 1969 Philadelphia Plan (crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher) that set the nation’s first goals and timetables, as well as his 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act that made merit-based Affirmative Action programs the law of our nation, but Democrats turned Affirmative Action into an unfair quota system;

    WHEREAS, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who was a fierce opponent of desegregating the military complained in one letter: “I would rather die a thousand times and see old glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen of the wilds,”

    WHEREAS, in the early 1970’s, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd pushed to have the Senate’s main office building named after a former “Dixiecrat,” Democrat Senator Richard Russell who was Senator Byrd’s mentor and leading opponent of ant-lynching legislation, and in 2001 Senator Byrd was forced to apologize for using the “N-word” on television,

    WHEREAS, Democrats did not denounce Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd who praised Senator Robert Byrd as someone who would have been “a great senator for any moment,” including the Civil War; yet Democrats denounced Senator Trent Lott for his remarks about Senator Strom Thurmond who was never in the Ku Klux Klan and, after he became a Republican, defended blacks against lynching and the discriminatory poll taxes imposed on blacks by Democrats,

    WHEREAS, Democrats today demean and discriminate against blacks including (a) Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy who called black judicial nominees “Neanderthals;” (b) Democrat Senator Harry Reid who slurred Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as someone who could not write good English; (c) Joe Biden while he was a Senator who boasted that his home state of Delaware was a slave state; (d) Democratic Party operatives who depicted Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele on the Internet as a “Simple Sambo;” (e) cartoonist Jeff Danziger and Pat Oliphant who portrayed Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice as a “stooge” and a bare foot, “Ignorant Mammy;” (f) Democratic Senator John F. Kerry who denounced affirmative action on the floor of the Senate in the 1990’s; (g) President Bill Clinton who – following in the footsteps of his mentor J. William Fulbright, a staunch segregationist – refused to enforce a court-ordered affirmative action plan while president and was himself sued for discriminating against his black employees while he was the Governor of Arkansas; and (h) Barack Hussein Obama while he was an Illinois State senator who provided funding for slum projects in Chicago that kept blacks trapped in rat and roach infested housing, as well as while he was a US senator voted against the minimum wage bill and wrote a letter of support for former Klansman Robert Byrd that helped that racist win re-election,

    WHEREAS, the Democratic Party’s use of deception and fear to intimidate black Americans into voting for Democrats is consistent with the Democratic Party’s heritage of racism that included sanctioning of slavery and kukluxery – a perversion of moral sentiment among leaders of the Democratic Party; and the Democratic Party’s racist legacy bode ill until this generation of black Americans,

    NOW, THEREFORE, for the documented atrocities and accumulated wrongs inflicted upon black Americans, we submit this petition to the head of the Democratic Party, Barack Hussein Obama, for a formal proclamation of apology for the Democratic Party’s 150-year history of racism.

  271. Foxwood says:

    I wished the girl would do some research.

  272. rosehips says:

    Foxy, you should research your sources before you post. The group you quote have been chastised by none other than Michael Steele. He called their campaign an “insult” and asked them to stop running it. It was the campaign that links the dems to the KKK. If you go down that road, you will find yourself surrounded by extremists and you will be hard put to find any credible voice to support you. There are lots of people out there that think they are so right and so righteous but if they are dismissed as nutjobs, they end up talking to the walls. and the walls probably get tired of the same old same old too.

    this from the Columbus Dispatch, (belle’s local):

    Blackwell denies ties to ad presenter
    Black GOP group links Democrats to KKK
    Saturday, September 23, 2006
    Julie Carr Smyth
    A national group airing radio ads in Ohio cities that accuse Democrats of starting the Ku Klux Klan listed Republican gubernatorial candidate J. Kennneth Blackwell on its original list of national advisory board members, but Blackwell denies any association with the group.

    Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said yesterday that Blackwell, who is black, was approached in 2005 by the National Black Republican Association to lend his name to the list, but he declined. LoParo said the group wasn?t authorized to list Blackwell as a founding adviser on an August 2005 Web blog.

    LoParo said Blackwell does not condone the ad, which accuses Democrats of starting the Ku Klux Klan, instituting the anti-black Jim Crow laws and siccing vicious dogs and fire hoses on blacks during the civil-rights movement.

    The 60-second spot, fashioned as a conversation between two female friends, also plugs President Bush?s spending on education, health care and job training and criticizes Democrats? positions on abortion, gay marriage and religion.

    “We find the advertisements inappropriate and distasteful,” LoParo said.

    The same ad is running in Maryland, where Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, the black Republican nominee for Maryland?s open Senate seat, disavowed it Thursday as “insulting to Marylanders.” He said his campaign asked the black Republican group to stop running it.

    The Ohio ads were scheduled to end yesterday.

    A message seeking comment was left with Frances Rice, the group?s chairwoman.

    The association?s political entity, the Black Republican Freedom Fund, placed the ads on urban radio stations aimed at black audiences in Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton and Cincinnati.

    Randy Borntrager, a spokesman for the Ohio Democratic Party, condemned the ad but said he would leave debates over the details to the historians.

    “These are the types of tactics they?re using to distract from the real issues of the campaign,” he said. “It doesn?t contribute to the public discourse. It just divides people.”

    Blackwell is running against Democrat Ted Strickland, who is white.

  273. Foxwood says:

    That Michael Steele is a good GOP source. So I’d say you can take your research and trash it. I think we are at a stand still here and there is no point to the debate. Your wrong.

  274. Foxwood says:

    Like I said, I know the racist socialists here. And I stand by my source. You don’t know them here, therefor ignorant of the subject. 🙂

  275. Foxwood says:

    I apologize for the ignorant part.

  276. samhenry says:

    Good late afternoon all and happy father’s day to all who duly qualify. I am not sure I can remain on the blog because I just don’t get the difference between types of socialists. Do I have to? Can’t it be as simple as saying “hey I like you very much but according to your views, you must spend a lot of time with sheep…”? Or maybe, “I heard the cow jumped over the moon, last night. Was it from left to right or right to left.” Or perhaps – FOX – should I say something about a violin….?

  277. Foxwood says:

    Especially when the left wing media put something out and it it “is the definitive fact” against a GOP member, I think that source is suspect. or maybe I meant irrelevant.

  278. samhenry says:

    So Iran: no runs, no hits, no errors and the army on first base – do I have this down sports fans?

  279. Foxwood says:

    I’m just giving her some or the excrement she dishes.

  280. samhenry says:

    Mon dieu, le change of subject not working. VF – if you see all, call.

  281. samhenry says:

    dog overboard – nap time.

  282. Foxwood says:

    EW! The piece de resistance (sp)… Michael Steele was on FOX. So that’s proof the man is right!. 🙂

  283. rosehips says:

    Finally my ireport uploaded. It was about my fourth or fifth try. geesh.

  284. samhenry says:

    Hi Rosie – was just off to take a nap when you showed up with the vid. I saw it again. I will comment on iReport right now. Saw more of your good editing showing up – dog trainers and goose stepping soldiers, etc. And I’m delighted my editorial suggestion helped!

  285. rosehips says:

    Yes, thank you sh for the title suggestion. It may be attracting a few viewers. I added “Iranian” to your suggestion so it reads: “Iranian Revolution on Parade.”

  286. VotingFemale says:

    iReport has some serious SW issues with uploads…

    and go figure… WordPress has over 1 million bloggers and uploads are never a problem.

  287. VotingFemale says:

    I have no tolerance for racist language.
    I do not believe you to be a racist, Fox… just the opposite… but I think some words are best left unsaid.

    And if anyone here offends my African American friends, such as Arlene?

    I will descend them like Thor’s Hammer.

  288. …for the home of the Free and the land of the Brave…

    Nascar (it’s father’s day and daddy Loves Nascar)

  289. Foxwood says:

    And my appologies, I shouldn’t even have repeated them.

  290. Foxwood says:

    Just to be clear, I don’t use such language. I did repeat it. I am sorry.

  291. VotingFemale says:

    Yeah … it looked like directly quoted text… I edit offensive words even if quoted…

    end of problem…

  292. samhenry says:

    Pooch on the poop deck. NYT Today re Twitter

    Twitter did prove to be a crucial tool in the cat-and-mouse game between the opposition and the government over enlisting world opinion. As the Iranian government restricts journalists’ access to events, the protesters have used Twitter’s agile communication system to direct the public and journalists alike to video, photographs and written material related to the protests. (As has become established custom on Twitter, users have agreed to mark, or “tag,” each of their tweets with the same bit of type — #IranElection — so that users can find them more easily). So maybe there was no Twitter Revolution. But over the last week, we learned a few lessons about the strengths and weaknesses of a technology that is less than three years old and is experiencing explosive growth. For the rest of the article:

  293. When will our “Dear Leader,” Pres. Obama, take a stand? Voting “present” on the slaughter in Iran is pathetic.
    Twitter update??? what a shame.
    Me: When will America realize what a mistake they made Allowing the Left Biased Media and allowing it INFLUENCE them to vote B. Hussein in????

  294. samhenry says:

    Obama’s “openess” in government policy –


    The hard line appears to be no accident. After Obama’s much-publicized Jan. 21 “transparency” memo, administration lawyers crafted a key directive implementing the new policy that contained a major loophole, according to FOIA experts. The directive, signed by Attorney General Eric Holder, instructed federal agencies to adopt a “presumption” of disclosure for FOIA requests. This reversal of Bush policy was intended to restore a standard set by President Clinton’s attorney general, Janet Reno. But in a little-noticed passage, the Holder memo also said the new standard applies “if practicable” for cases involving “pending litigation.” Dan Metcalfe, the former longtime chief of FOIA policy at Justice, says the passage and other “lawyerly hedges” means the Holder memo is now “astonishingly weaker” than the Reno policy. (The visitor-log request falls in this category because of a pending Bush-era lawsuit for such records.)

  295. samhenry says:

    WG this is too well said:

    Voting “present” on the slaughter in Iran is pathetic.

  296. VotingFemale says:

    hugs to Fox Man!

  297. VotingFemale says:

    Obama is a weasel, in my observations…

    Sorry Obama… I call it like I see it… tell holder to get a life.

  298. VotingFemale says:

    From the #GR88 Tweet stream

    Bonny732: rt Iran source says ppl mistake water cannon vehicles for Tanks. army do not want to get involved. iranelection #gr88 #Neda

  299. VotingFemale says:

    From the #GR88 Tweet stream

    Bonny732: rt Iran source says ppl mistake water cannon vehicles for Tanks. army do not want to get involved. iranelection #gr88 #Neda

    omidkrad: RT @VideoGoddess: More evidence of vote fraud: (expand) #iranelection #gr88

  300. samhenry says:

    VF saw a video of a home invasion. Shot in the courtyard of a home, a man was forced by three men in different uniforms to lie on the ground to be handcuffed. Then he was dragged away. This was only one of many reports on the ground that say Taliban, alQuaeda, Lebanonese and etc military and paramilitary personnel have been in country helping quell cits when military will not do this to their citizens.

  301. Foxwood says:

    “hugs to Fox Man!”

    Why? I probably should have edited the language myself if I would have thought of it. Not a problem. I’ll watch it next time.

  302. samhenry says:

    nite fox – dog overboard

  303. samhenry says:

    Pardonnez-moi bon soir caramba chat.

  304. arlenearmy says:

    Ya’ll I’m still trying to figure out twitter. But I’ll get the hang of it before long. I signed up w/twitter when I used to watch CNN to follow one of their reporters. I think his name was Sanchez. I don’t watch them anymore.

  305. samhenry says:

    Hi Arlene

    I’m not good at Twitter, too. I think you are remembering Rick Sanchez

  306. arlenearmy says:

    VF, Fox & all:

    I hope that the censorship of certain language was not edited because of me. I don’t want anyone here to think I was offended by what Foxwood had quoted. Sometimes being too politically correct could cause the true meaning & guts of a subject matter to get lost.

    Actually, I never seen that document before & found it interesting. Foxwood got my attention & got me blushing w/an extra shade of brown.

  307. samhenry says:

    I’m on my way to bed. Just wanted to stop and say Hi.

  308. samhenry says:

    I never even saw it – I’m a slow reader. Regardless, you are very gracious and a very down to earth real person, Arlene.

  309. arlenearmy says:

    Yeah.. that’s him. Rick Sanchez. He was entertaining debates about Roland Burris at the time & asked viewers to sign up for twitter account. I was feeling sorry for Burris cause he was an elderly man .. standing out in the rain when they wouldn’t let him inside the building. When Burris got confirmed, I stopped twittering. I guess Burris was another mistake I made.

  310. samhenry says:

    Ah, well, girlfriend, my mistake was bigger ‘O” my.

  311. arlenearmy says:

    And you are a very talented woman who do excellent videos. Even my husband told me that your delivery is precise & to the point & that you need to put out more in venues such as Youtube.

    While you are getting ready for bed, Im just now stirring around. Had to water garden 3 times today. One of the roosters got killed by another rooster. Oh well, we finally got the fence finished so they can have more room. But we got to separate the roosters before another 1 dies.

  312. samhenry says:

    I was just at a friend’s farm today. I know all about that pecking order stuff. I didn’t realize it is very real. She has had to separate two roosters and their hens. She has one poor hen who is bald they have been pecking at her so badly so she is now in isolation. Then the group pecked a little chicken to death. Someone ought to write a chicken murder mystery. No one would set foot in a barnyard ever again.

    Thank you so very much and your husband too for liking my work. I sincerely appreciate it. I’ll put a couple more things on YouTube.

  313. samhenry says:

    Sooner wolfman

  314. samiam60 says:

    I am Greywolf, and I will always be FREE!!!!!

    Have you not Heard, have you not seen what is happening to Our America

    It is time to Wake Up America and speak with a Loud Voice

    Do not let your Freedoms slip into the Night

    Fight for the Freedoms of our Forefathers and the blood that was shed to keep us Free


    Socialism comes to us as a thief in the night!

    Stand up and Speak out today for the Freedom we have all taken for granted

    It is time to take Our Stand against the obvious move toward Socialism

    God help us all and may God Bless these United States of America

  315. samiam60 says:

    In 2012 will America be facing what Iran is facing today?

  316. samhenry says:

    sami – I have forgot to let you know that a dear friend of mine now deceased was responsible for the re-release of the gray wolf into the US. Here is what she said:

    “The wolf reintroduction issue has inspired an unprecedented outpouring of public comment,” said Mollie Beattie, Fish and Wildlife Service Director. “This speaks volumes about the wolf’s prominence in our society’s folklore, literature, and culture.”

    The Service’s recommendation for wolf reintroduction specifies introducing wolves from Canada into Yellowstone National Park and on Department of Agriculture U.S. Forest Service lands in central Idaho. The introduced populations would be designated “nonessential experimental” under Section 10 of the Endangered Species Act.

  317. samhenry says:

    VF how did you get the tweet stream you were using? You can let me know tomorrow.

  318. That is the way I see it Samiam60. Could be worse, could be better, however something will be going on. Probally something to where he can stop the elections or worse. this is a drive by bbl

  319. samiam60 says:

    This is all in Preparation for an Attack on the United States by a Foreign Power. I know it sounds extreme, but we now have a Marshmallow for a Presidentand as Joe Biden commented during the campaign:


    Lets face it, Barrack showed the whole world what a weak, inexperienced man he was as he bowed down and shook hands with those who’s only desire is to destroy our way of life.

  320. samiam60 says:

    thank you for that Link SH. I do appreciate this things as I had a pet Husky/Wolf similar to my avatar.

  321. arlenearmy says:

    I’m wondering the same thing. However, its more like 2010 or 2011. I know folks are soft peddling this matter and are not calling it what it really is. What’s happening in Iran is called a Riot .. straight up!

    See, this is one of the problems I had w/Obama not speaking more direct on this Iranian situation. I may be the only person on planet earth who thinks this, but I think he was not direct because he didn’t want to publicly endorse folks taking it to the streets. He knows that what the Iranians are doing is contagious.

  322. arlenearmy says:

    And another thing to consider is that if Iranians who are not accustomed to freedom are rioting in the streets, what do you think will happen if they had freedom.

  323. samiam60 says:

    Amen Arlene I agree wholeheartedly and just have this gut feeling we are headed that way ourselves.

  324. samhenry says:

    Arlene, that’s it. One major reason O did not endorse the Iranian freedom fighters was he did not want to identify with anyone who would take politics to the streets. This is more practical and immediate. Who he wants to support is secondary to this. How did you get so smart? I talk to chickens too but they don’t tell me stuff like that lol.

  325. arlenearmy says:
    is the website mentioned on Fox that monitors what’s happening on Twitter

  326. samhenry says:

    sami – a picture of Mollie personally releasing the first wolf.

  327. arlenearmy says:

    I am kind of afraid of the possibly of a national riot on our own soil. Actually, what’s happening in Iran is worst than a riot. It’s looking more & more like a grass root civil war.

  328. samiam60 says:

    What a great thing she did in this. How lucky you are to have known someone like this. Thank you for sharing this with me.
    Of all the dogs I have ever had in my lifetime never before had I known a dog/wolf with such keen instincts and prowess . An amazing species of all our dogs ancestors.

  329. samhenry says:

    Arlene, it’s civil war alright. I have an Iranian friend who told me 10 years ago to expect change in Iran.

    The groundwork for this happening here was laid back in the 1960 by those great ideologues associated with SDS – Students for a Democratic Society. They were on campus when I went back to school. By the way, the first race riots in the US were in Rochester, NY where I was born. I was out of town that week. Hey, my Dad is buried near Frederick Douglas.

  330. samiam60 says:

    I am certain that the American people will revolt against any form of socialist move on the part of this administration. His plans are in for a rude awakening and if he moniters the the internet he is already seeing the Rage.

  331. samhenry says:

    My pleasure sami and you must put up a pic of your wolf/husky on your website. I love and respect wolves. They are survivors.

  332. arlenearmy says:

    Well some local conservatives had to sit me down & tell me more about the Iranian situation. Initially, I didn’t feel we as a nation should had weighed in on it. I’m still trying to digest what’s happening because protesters have sacrificed their lives. And to see the videos w/my own eyes, makes it real.

    Hugo Chavez wants the election results to stand.

  333. samiam60 says:

    Arlene it just seems that people like us are the ones like Paul Revere in that we see the Redcoats coming and are waking up America to what is at hand.

  334. samiam60 says:

    My photos of Duke did not transfer to digital very good SH. they are somewhat blurred and I have not be able to improve the quality of them.

  335. samhenry says:

    I did not know it but the US involvement in Iran in stretches back to the 1950s – maybe even farther. I just pulled this up for us to read:

    [I don’t like Wickipedia but their references are often good.]

  336. samiam60 says:

    Time for me to turn in folks. 5 am comes quickly at my age and I have a long day tomorrow. Great chatting with you SH and Arlene. Gods speed

  337. samhenry says:

    Hugo Chavez, Arlene, thinks he runs the show in all the axises of evil! All of these little dictators are messing things up. He doesn’t want to lose his buddy in Iran. He will lose leverage in Oil circles to keep prices up.

  338. arlenearmy says:

    But I got a feeling that the Iranian situation will be used as an excuse to jack up the price of our fuel.

  339. arlenearmy says:

    Well SH & SI I am going to bed early tonite.

    SH, I will look at your wikopedia link tomorrow.

    Nite 🙂

  340. karmahd says:

    I am small dog who pees alot, and I am for freedom as well. Sorry Samiam I had to do that.

    Don’t you find it odd about the lack of reaction and how the balloon was floated by Iran that they did not want the US meddling in there election, this gave the Bomoites due cause to not come out publicly with a statement about how the Iranians were quelling any direction toward freedom!

    How do you think a Bush, Regan, or even Carter for Christs sake would have handled the situation! Bomwow is being tested, and his true colors are shining through, he wants eveyone to love him and kiss his feet, it was no accident that he bowed to the Saudi King, we have a 40 year old who has conned his way into office, and I have to say GOD HELP US!! I do hope we survive the next 3.5 years, and if this administration is not run out of Washington on rails, America is just plain stupid!!

  341. samhenry says:

    The oil companies will also use the Iranian situation to jack up the price of oil. We should get read up on our history with Iran. I should have been in bed hours ago but when my pals showed up – well, it’s hard. Nite 🙂

  342. karmahd says:

    I will also say after reading some of the discourse on some of the “debate” above it is getting a little personal, time to step back a little and regroup for some! Infighting regardless of point of view is pointless, and counterproductive. My goal in writing my last post was an attempt to show there are no unbiased sources, to quote them or to cite them as fact does not advance any debate. Truth will always be found by those who seek it, and that truth is never the same from one person to the next. High road.

  343. arlenearmy says:

    Oh I posted the wrong url for tweeter monitor. Its

    Ok, now I will go to bed.

    Nite all.

  344. samhenry says:

    Let’s not fail to consider that the Prez may be soft pedaling his remarks about the situation in Iran because of events in the oil industry in recent months.

  345. karmahd says:

    Funny how the price of gas has risen since Bomwow visited the middle east, hmmmm quite a coinkiedinkie!!

  346. Foxwood says:

    I don’t believe in unbiased sources either Karma, but the point was to piss a certain someone. Anything can be posted on the internet, and the poster can state they are a Dr. of Bullshit. Everyone then believes this Dr. with a BS. I don’t usually post a source because of this.

    But a certain someone believe this is how they can “prove” themselves. The only source one can rely on is as you’ve said before. Common sense.

    As for Counterproductive? No, I got what I wanted.

  347. karmahd says:

    OK Fox, just seems you might be a little pissed thats all. It is late and it was 108 here today, so I am too tired to make any point. Just have fun!

  348. karmahd says:

    Yes samhenry that is fine LOL, hey forget I said anything, I like everyone who participates here, and welcome all points of view.

  349. samhenry says:

    I’m for having fun and let’s not get personal about that! We are all trying to stay professional debaters/friends. All I want are some good ideas with or without citation. Is this OK, Karm.

  350. samhenry says:

    FOX – VF gave you a hug today; I did not get a hug today, FOX. I think you have done well. Who cares who wants to prove what. Just say it like you think it is and everything will be OK. Words are words. Ideas are ideas. Often they don’t travel together. So be happy down there in the big L.

  351. samhenry says:

    Karm – I think it all boils down to oil. Politics and religion can dance in the flames.

  352. samhenry says:

    Fox, Karm – nothing personal – dog overboard

  353. samhenry says:

    FOX _ I was going to leave you with a little music tonight but the vid I found – well – you need to go to YouTube and search for:

    Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

    It’s pretty funny and the music isn’t bad.

  354. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning Patriots!

  355. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Samiam!

    another cold rainy day an the Socialist State of Taxachusetts

  356. VotingFemale says:

    Gotta get the new blogpost put together and posted… will be busy for a bit…

  357. rosehips says:

    good morning friends!
    really enjoyed the two sam’s dialogue on the grey wolf. I found this on the “Defenders of Wildlife” website:
    “On May 4, 2009 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the northern Rockies gray wolf from the endangered list. Although the regional population has rebounded to more than 1,600 wolves, the federal delisting plan allows 2/3 of current wolf population to be killed – down to only 450 wolves regionwide. Defenders of Wildlife and other conservation groups are challenging the delisting decision in court and seeking to restore endangered species protections for wolves in the northern Rockies until a sustainable delisting plan is adopted.”,_gray.php

    I have done two or three ireports on the delisting of the grey wolf. The reintroduction of wolves in the US has been a great success. The wolf is a much heralded symbol of freedom and independence. I think it is ill-advised to delist.

  358. rosehips says:

    Here’s some interesting info:
    “Juxtaposed with his/her fierce independence – this Native American animal symbol is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Needing his/her freedom, yet still being quite gentle and compassionate – we get the picture of the “lone wolf” with this sign. In a nurturing environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle. Left to his/her own devices the Wolf can become impractical, recalcitrant, obsessive, and vindictive.”

  359. rosehips says:

    SH, that is so cool that your friend was one who released the first wolf into the US. I loved the photo. So sad that she died. She didn’t look very old. Did she die of cancer?
    What year was that when they reintroduced the wolves?

  360. m2 says:

    hey what’s up?

    what’s the native american symbol link for? I am a raven! Heeee-yaw!!

  361. Foxwood says:

    Look at #2 just below it.

  362. m2 says:

    yes, I want to get that book. The Levin one.

  363. Foxwood says:

    I couldn’t find “I’m lonely!!! Boo!” but I did find this.

  364. m2 says:

    this one’s perfect,

  365. Foxwood says:

    Herb Albert and the Marijuana Grass was one of my favs.

  366. m2 says:

    but here’s the actual song, you have to click the “play” button:'m+Lonely

  367. Foxwood says:

    Hero’s. That’s a good show. Can’t wait for next season.

  368. m2 says:

    last fm only does 30 sec previews. Poops.

    It’s raining and thundering here, I’m SO TIRED OF RAIN!

  369. m2 says:

    that dude in the clip was the guy that played Spock on the new Star Trek. I haven’t watched heroes but I hear good things about it.

    Hey I just realized that I own half the books in the top 15 on Amazon…

    The Sookie Stackhouse books and Twilight Saga… lol

  370. samhenry says:

    Morning Rosie – Fox – other Sam and M2. Hey, M2 – know you like the tropics. I was on Tortolla in the good old days of money and time and ran into a little bird called a bananaquit.

    Rose – info on Mollie and the Wolf to follow

  371. Foxwood says:

    ACORN is changing their name to Community Organizations International. When people talk about ACORN, Libs can say, “that’s old news”. Now we will see more globalization. Use your brain on this one. INTERNATIONAL.

  372. samhenry says:

    Rose – here’s Mollie’s obit in the New York Times. Two wilderness areas are named for her – one in Alaska; the other off the coast of LA. A wolf pack is also named for her.

    Her parents and mine were friend since I was a baby. Her mother was originally from Rochester. Her father was an airline pilot as was my Dad. Mollie and my Dad both died of brain tumors. Her cousin, Barry, was the man I loved about which I did a video. He also died of a brain tumor.

    Sami I also encourage you to read the Obit. Her achievements were remarkable.

  373. Foxwood says:

    Wade Rathke is disbanding CCI in New Orleans.

  374. Foxwood says:

    This is the same Wade Rathke that got away with embezzling 1 million dollar’s and got away with it because the Tides foundation replaced it.

  375. VotingFemale says:

    Finally got the new blogpost finished…

    was fighting massive issues due to Firefox memory leaks re: video uploads.

    let’s switch over to the new post for faster comment reloads and I will go reboot…

  376. samhenry says:

    Rose and Sami – citations from New York Times archives on Mollie – she also authored a book.
    Correction: Area of conservation named for Mollie is off Texas coast nor LA.

    Here is a beautifully written bio of Mollie by a noted author. Her grandmother, Harriet, was not only someone I knew but Barry changed my name to Harriett!

    One of her best quotes:

    In the long term, the economy and the environment are the same

    Chronology 2nd reintroduction of gray wolf into rockies.

    1995 – date for reintroduction of wolves into Yellostone and Idaho. More info on this

    Tons on the internet about Mollie

  377. samhenry says:

    Sorry for the diversion, VF. Great women in US history are worth it, n’est-ce pas?

  378. JoWazzoo says:


    Ms/Miss/Mrs/Mr .. (How do you refer to a Barney Frank type delicately? dunno – You are in his district? No? Honorable Fag … not sure …why I am going this direction – Either you or Pelosky started it)

    Mam…Up yours you freaking 3 star general – you WILL refer to me as Senator. Yes, Mam ^H^H^H Senator (under breath FY Aole)…heh.

    Boss lady (no disrespect)…da Boss .., Honorable VF. (Do you have a freaking FAQ? TIA…)

    1) I used to live in Boxford. Really. 2) My good long time friend Mr. Bob (aka Foxwood – Note, he is busy – I think he is a commie fwiw) 3) I really don’t know what I am doing in WordPress or more in particularly here. I mean how to find my way around. I am not st00pid – just ignorant. Bigg diff. Dems – Stoopid & Ignorant Repubs – Mostly ignorant 4) Bob said I did something bad, or caused some confusion or something. If that is the case, I am sorry. I am just tired. And POed among other things. Workin on the Iranian situation – a chance in a lifetime. 5) Now Mr. Bob will tell you that I am either FOS or a liar or a BullShipper. I readily admit to the latter. 6) As I told him early in our friendhip, I am an old (20+years) line Net person. Sometimes I can be a bit obfuscating. WTF? While you are there you can look up olde JoWazzoo and all the answers to the universe will unfold. Maybe not quite Auri material (Stargate) but close enough. Add Honorable &/or Reverend for bonus points.

    If enlightenment comes my way, I will have a dose of joy. In the meantime, I remain your humble servant. BTW, do we know each other? Ever eat at Woodman’s? FWIW (do not EVER divulge to anyone) I was Chair of the Republican Town Committee over in Boxford (among other things which I refuse to admit). Yep, not only did I get a couple of tee shirts, but I have a pic with da man Newt.

    Your ne Pal, I remain JoW bye [MeADrink]

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