Osama Hates Obama Much More than Bush

Osama Hates Obama more than he ever did Bush

Osama Hates Obama more than he ever did Bush

Osama bin Ladin, a jealous and extremely vengeful and capable man… jealous of Hussein Obama’s perceived popularity amongst rank and file Muslims world wide… is now seething like a giant cauldron of boiling water. What will he cook up now?

What will… Osama now do about Obama?

Obama delivered his Islamic butt kissing speech in Cairo. It seems to be well received by Muslims… not so well received by many folks in Israel and the US.

Gee… I wonder why?

And Obama agreed to letting Iran have their nuclear toys if they promise to be nice and not kill people with them. Gee… didn’t Iran already make that promise?

And, we all know how peaceful Iran is and how much they love peace. NOT!

Obama is tinkering with things that go boom in the night and he is too arrogant and stuck on himself to grasp that he does not understand what is really going on.

The only thing that keeps the Middle East from Exploding to Bits is superiority of the military power of Israel relative it’s hostile neighbors.

As a FREEBIE… OBama threw Israel under the bus

This will have the effect of lighting
the fuse of a Major Middle East War…

Way to go Barack

What do you “Jews For Obama” think of your HERO NOW???

The Muslim Sociopaths
and Muslim Moderates alike
now smell a well spring of Jewish Blood in the water…

What Have You Done Obama?

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I am a female voter, as my blog name implies. I vote for conservatives. I am a political opponent of Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.
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175 Responses to Osama Hates Obama Much More than Bush

  1. Foxwood says:

    It’s sad to have to say that when we get hit again, Obama will get voted out.

  2. Foxwood says:

    Another thing, do you think he will ponder what happened, or rejoice when Israel gets nuked?

  3. karmahd says:

    This is a game no one person can win, you cannot reason with extremist!

  4. VotingFemale says:

    Obama will blame it on the Conservatives…
    And, Obama is clearly a racist… anti-Jewish…
    and that is very clear now.

    He has tipped his hand.

    What do you “Jews For Obama” think of your HERO NOW???
    Foxwood says

    Another thing, do you think he will ponder what happened, or rejoice when Israel gets nuked?

  5. Foxwood says:

    Karma said:
    “This is a game no one person can win, you cannot reason with extremist!”

    Obama ain’t gonna win it. That’s for sure.

  6. SamHenry says:

    In my opinion, the end result of the Prez’s speech today will be this: He is now distrusted both in the Middle East and Europe but now at home in the US. He was not so much proffering a plan to bring everyone together as trying to touch upon the good in everyone and the respect due for differences. That is vanilla ice cream. What works is to be the President of the United States, representing a cross section of view of the groups who gathered to elect you and also of those who did not vote for you. In short, let people know who you are. All he world respects that. His words hung freeze dried in the desert sun and will be digested by the pundits for days. We are so into recycling.

  7. m2 says:

    hi guys… Johah Goldberg described Obama vs. Osama as Angeline Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston of “world” rockstardom.

    LOL …

  8. m2 says:

    Hi! How are you today?

  9. SamHenry says:

    Great – actually got out in the sun. I left a vid just for you and I’m so old, I can’t remember what it was about – it involved movie making…. Did you see something like that?

  10. m2 says:

    you just saw a vid and thought of me?
    I haven’t seen any video…

    It was overcast here and drizzly all day and abnormally cool and made me think of November!

  11. SamHenry says:

    I can’t believe it was colder where you are than up here in arctic New York.

    Went for a doctor’s appt and have been ordered to take long breaks from the computer. I was getting too compulsive about it – it was an addiction. Heck, it kind of got me away from my other addiction – food. I am so addicted to food and so impatient to cook things before I can wrap my mouth around them that I fear I will next eat a live chicken. BWAK!

  12. m2 says:


    I get addicted to things all the time. Last week I was addicted to wine. Serious. I had to have a glass every night. (Just one glass.) And normally I don’t think about alcohol like that. I have been riding my addiction to Cadbury Chocolate bars for too long. One year, I wouldn’t eat at any fast food place except Subway. And then that transitioned to Panera.

    I’m definitely addicted to movies. But my Blockbuster is being super slow about sending my Total Access mail movies… LOL

    😉 I can get addicted to internet sites too. Facebook was one for a long time, then ireport.. I don’t think I’m addicted here, but I do have an addiction to my macbook pro laptop. So I just usually shut down at 8 or 9pm!


  13. m2 says:

    my friend Kelly works at American Greetings and she will go in at 7:30 and take her computer home and sit on it at night! She’s always talking about her eyes going all bleary. I’m telling her, “Kel. Get off the computer!!”

  14. m2 says:

    I think a good thing to be addicted to is BOOKS!!

  15. m2 says:

    You are in Rochester? My friend lives there… she just got back from Iceland, and I got her postcard in the mail today. That’s so cool! I think that area of NY typically is 15-20 degrees cooler than here.

  16. SamHenry says:

    M2 I was born in Rochester but now live in a small town south west of there in a pretty little village. I can be in Roch as I was today in 30 minutes.

    I’m with you on the book part. The CEO of Google just the other day told grads to turn off the computers and the cell phones and get to know other people.

    Here is the vid. It is a take off on film credits. It is by the silly Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets and they have become very popular. I can’t always understand a word that they are saying but here goes:

  17. SamHenry says:

    M2 et al – I have to go and make dinner before 9:00 tonight! I’ not in Spain. I need to eat early.

  18. karmahd says:

    Obama is running for president of the world, he is taking his same tactics to the global stage, it is nothing but words, or as he would say “empty promises” You would have to be a mega sheeple to believe this guy???

  19. SamHenry says:

    M2 if you ever come up to see your friend, I’ll give you my number and if you have time, I’ll meet your for lunch or whatever – wine?? Wine and chocolate MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I have just become addicted to Hershey’s new line of diet dark cholates. I get the little individually wrapped pieces and then the York Peppermint Patties. If you come to Rochester we have a well known gourmet grocery store where they have what is called “the ultimate chocolate cake” and it is. Nite

  20. m2 says:

    Wine and chocolate does go great together!!
    Yes that would be fun!

    and my brother in law works at Google. I know all about their cool perks!

    I’ll check out this video, thanks!

  21. Foxwood says:

    Karma said:
    “You would have to be a mega sheeple to believe this guy???”

    There are alot of meg sheeple out there… 😦

  22. Foxwood says:

    I’m giving up Whiskey for a while. Not addicted tho, just dieting… 😦

  23. VF-Great post, did I hear you talk about throwing Israel under the bus?

    Hey M2, Foxxxx, SH,et al, Wine and Chocolate sounds GREAT!

  24. SamHenry says:

    So, Karm my man, in the parlance “mega sheeple” should not make be run for my aYiddish Dictionary it is simply large people who are sheep.”
    Boy do I have the website for you and FOX. One of my brothers has been watching it all day: http://whopooped.org/ He has a dog or is he scatological or is he just still a boy at heart.

  25. m2 says:

    OK, the sock puppet video was cute!

    The PajamasTV video had me rollin’!!!

    Thanks SH and WG!!
    … and is Pajamas TV and offshoot of Freepers?

  26. Foxwood says:

    I got my poop expert certification SH.

  27. SamHenry says:

    warrant – that was a superb video. I’m surprised you landed anywhere long enough to find it. I’ll bet you just can’t sit through a movie LOL

  28. Foxwood says:

    It’s disturbing to know who pooped what…

  29. SamHenry says:

    It’s even more disturbing to get it wrong AND now I will think that a giraffe will be unable to poop unless I pick up its tail! Kids need to know not to do that at home.

  30. HEY M2, he is great and does the Conservative Republican you tube anyway you can find him under zonation. He is so stinkin funny!

    He said he was glad Spector left the Republican Party because he was no longer a FLAT TIRE in the GOP! I thought AMEN BROTHER!

  31. WELL, SH et al, the kids are all off elsewhere and I’m FREEEEEEEEE! hahahahaha, hubby is playing xbox 360 call of duty! Glad he enjoys that stuff because he will be living it so to speak here pretty soon…deploying to Afghanistan.

  32. oh forgot to add, which sux (Afghanistan)
    Freedom is not free.

  33. m2 says:

    Bwha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    WG says: He said he was glad Spector left the Republican Party because he was no longer a FLAT TIRE in the GOP! I thought AMEN BROTHER!

  34. m2 love the avtar!

  35. m2 says:

    It’s bonnie from bonnie and clyde… a Foxwood favorite too!

  36. yes, love the bonnie and clyde story, only saw the old movie of it tho and it was very sad. I was very young and didn’t really understand the whole story. I’d like to see the updated one tho. anyway it looks great.

    Hey what the heck are we going to do about this stinking fake president? disgustamoondo!

  37. Foxwood says:

    Like I said M2, you need to find the one where Bonnie is holding the Tommy gun smoking the cigar. It’s classic.

  38. hey M2 I guess we are the ony ones here ??? hahaha I feel like it’s friday night. oh well.

  39. Hey fox you be clyde! clyde barrow, I used to have a friend and every time we went in this store the old man that ran the store was named clyde and she called him clyde barrow… guess you had to be there.

    sad about David Carradine. what the heck

  40. SamHenry says:

    The ole dawg is still here but needs to go out! I have to do “pooop patrol” in the back 40. Sorry your main man will be deployed. By the time he is, there should be others bulking up our numbers there.

  41. m2 says:

    yes, but my hubby is giving me the hairy eyeball to shut down ol’ computer here! Yours plays X-box?! LOL!! I really wish I had disc 3 of True Blood to watch, I had been renting it, but disc 3 is all rented up… Boo!!

    I just posted your link on my friends ireport and everyone had a great big laugh. Even 3 liberals!

  42. SamHenry says:

    M2 glad True Blood is on video. I was afraid it was on HBO and I don’t have that. OK I am not happy that the minute warrant parks here, I have to leave. Another time Warrant. Nite FOX – M2

  43. Indycoltsfan says:

    Good evening everyone! I want you to read this e-mail that was forwarded to me. Very Sad!

    Hi Joan and Red,

    Since Dave Jr. has been injured he has met and been overwhelmed by many, many political and military “celebs”. The list includes Bob Gates, Sec. of Defense, who came into his room and told him 3 or 4 times that if Dave Jr. had any issues to call his cell phone number. It includes Gen. Petereus who sat and talked with Dave Jr. for almost 45 minutes. The General recalled vividly all of the circumstances around the events that led to fighting that Dave was involved in. It includes Sen. McCain who arrived late on a Saturday afternoon during a thunder storm, unannounced, and talked to Dave Jr. about how similar their experiences with fate. It includes George Bush when Dave Jr. was invited to attend the vey last Christmas party at the White House for the White House Staff. President Bush and his wife entered the ballroom and immediately went to Dave Jr.. President Bush knew Dave Jr.’s name as well as when and how he was injured. Dave Jr. had a picture taken with Laura and the President that he has framed and will cherish forever. The list goes on and on of people coming in to meet Dave Jr. and the other wounded warriors at Waler Reed and Bethesda.

    Yesterday. Dave Jr. was ordered to be at the National Naval Hospital with another 12 soldiers and Marines to meet with Obama. Obama was supposed to arrive at 11:30 AM. He finally got there at 3:00 PM. He entered the room with the wounded warriors and quickly shook each of their hands. He never asked their names, where they were from, or how they were injured. Then he left.

    Dave Jr. has met the people who really care about the military. All he remembers from Obama is a weak handshake. The others in the room, younger and less exposed to the people that Dave Jr. has met, were so disappointed. Word about Obama’s “insensitive” visit has spread to the MATC ( the rehab facility) at Walter Reed and throughout Bethesda. The military sees through his phoniness.

    All I can say is that it is such a dissappointment that this man is Commander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces. He is an embarrasment to our Nation.



  44. g nite, i might check in later, chow.

  45. m2 says:

    g’nite guys…

    and indy… that is terrible.

  46. rosehips says:

    did my new avatar ever show up?

  47. rosehips says:

    dang, I guess I better change it.

  48. rosehips says:

    indy, wasn’t that letter exposed as a fake?

  49. obma is an embarrassment, disgusting, pantywaste.

  50. rose, i see a crab.

  51. rosehips says:

    still a crab? ach. I think I will retract back into my shell.
    thanks warranton.

    I am very confused. Who is good and who is evil? I don’t know who to trust.

    I trust the gals at the corner store. They cool.

  52. Foxwood says:

    I see a woman with something over her mouth.

  53. rosehips says:

    that would be Patty Hearst foxy. lol

  54. rosehips says:

    but I still see a yellow quilt. arghhhh…

  55. rosehips says:

    aha. there I am!

  56. fox you are making that up! hahahahaha

  57. rosehips says:

    warranton, no he is not. If you go to tools and clean your browser, you will see my new avatar.

  58. Foxwood says:

    Nope, she’s right… It’s Patty…

  59. LisaInTX says:

    I see your new avatar. That is cool…..and even cooler that I was told I looked like her and acted like her to a great extent in my youth….lol..
    Ahhh…. the good old days when children could be wild and free….now they are all gonna be slaves to the New World Order. Alas, I knew those days well….;-{

  60. Foxwood says:

    Morning Lisa…

  61. rosehips says:

    hey lisa! yeah, I was inspired by our convo ’bout Patty recently. Patty was cool. not sure about her now. lol

  62. rosehips says:

    I need to find a happier gravatar, I think….

  63. karmahd says:

    Rose you are now a Libertarian or was that liberation front??

  64. karmahd says:

    Yeah, hey Rose here is a novel thought; how about a picture of YOU!!

  65. LisaInTX says:

    Morning Fox!! lol

    Rose she was really a wild one as I recall….hahahaa
    Worried her parents sick, something I never did…hahahaa…much anyway. ;-}

  66. LisaInTX says:

    Well the vet has been and gone. Horse transport arrives on Tuesday. Took most of the day to arrange it all, but it is set now.
    My son is flying back tonight, should arrive stateside tomorrow!! Yippeeee. :-}
    All is going well in my little part of the world. :-}

  67. LisaInTX says:

    the down side, Obama still SUCKS!!

  68. karmahd says:

    Good news Lisa!! But now the drama starts!

  69. Foxwood says:

    Good news Lisa,

    Morning Karma…

  70. rosehips says:

    karma, I said earlier that I am looking for the pic of me with the giant beet. where you been?

  71. karmahd says:

    Morning Fox, you need to change your name to FoxBat

  72. karmahd says:

    I have been swimming and watching TV, I missed that with the beet, but sounds interesting

  73. rosehips says:

    lisa, he is not stateside yet? I thought they were reaquainting in TX, no????

  74. karmahd says:

    Looks like someone might have killed David Carridine, did anyone say that??

  75. LisaInTX says:

    Yep….today has been a real trial…been on the phone at least a hundred times since early this morning!!!

  76. LisaInTX says:

    He’s been at the airport in Baghdad since monday, waiting for his flight!!!

  77. karmahd says:

    Lisa, hide all the guns, and make him a big dinner and put a sleeping pill in it…he will need the rest.

  78. rosehips says:

    It is a favorite pic of me that was taken in the last 10 yrs, or so. haha

    I wanted to send it to Tom Robbins, but never got around to it.

    ever read any tom robbins karma?

  79. karmahd says:

    Yep I think I have Rose, hey Lisa is he wheels up??

  80. LisaInTX says:

    He finally called us last night at 7:30 to tell us he’d been delayed….

  81. rosehips says:

    holy crap lisa…that sux!

  82. karmahd says:

    Be back in a half, got to do some stuff real quick

  83. LisaInTX says:

    No kidding!!! We have a steak and beer BBQ planned for him….after a couple of beers, he’ll sleep like a baby, I have no doubt. ;-]

  84. LisaInTX says:

    NO, the tranny is there, but the clutch never made it in. They are scrambling trying to locate one and get it up and running tomorrow late afternoon.

  85. rosehips says:

    lisa, a couple beers? lol.

  86. Foxwood says:

    Too tired to be a Foxbat… I got to go to bed. Nite all.

    Rose, don’t go robbing no banks.

    Might have to do a Bonnie and Patty movie…

  87. LisaInTX says:

    I figure it had to do with all the activity surrounding Obama’s radical tour in Egypt??? Most likely they were on alert and standby….just in case something bad happened.?

  88. rosehips says:

    g’nite foxy! won’t steal no money til you get back. don’t worry.

    I think a bonnie/patty movie would be fun!

  89. LisaInTX says:

    Night Fox!!! Stay outta trouble…oh, did you get your door fixed from that break in?

  90. rosehips says:

    lisa, no beer in the bagdad international airport nightclub?

  91. rosehips says:

    lisa, you never know. probably more like too many ducks on the runway. lol

  92. LisaInTX says:

    He’s not had a beer since he left here…so I figure 2 -3 beers and a full tummy with some grade A angus beef and he’ll be out like a light. lol

  93. LisaInTX says:

    If not, I’ll slip him a sleeping “micky” like Karma suggested…hahahaa….or I could just duck tape him to a chair??? hahahaaa

  94. LisaInTX says:

    Yeah all those ducks that live on the great lake of Iraq! hahahaa…Lake of the never ending sand….lol

  95. karmahd says:

    Lisa, two or three beers??? He will down a half case minimum is my guess, and sleep a day or so, hope he does have time to chill!

  96. rosehips says:

    well, I sure hope you have a good time with your son lisa.
    I will always remember the party we had for my next door neighbor when he was leaving for Vietnam. I didn’t really understand what he was facing. He was stoic.

  97. ok, rose Patty who? I still see a crab, do I have to clear my browsing history? I don’t want to. wah wah

  98. rosehips says:

    warranton, lol. I was Patty Hearst, the radical daughter of Randolph Hearst, the media tycoon. She was an innocent abductee who was kidnapped and coerced. Poor young thing…lol.

  99. rosehips says:

    I dropped that avatar, so no worries. I liked my crab anyway. Now I am a rose bud.

  100. Foxwood says:

    Just one thing before I go. VF, Lamont and his friend Rollo was on O’Rilley tonight. Thought you might be interested. 🙂

  101. karmahd says:

    Yes Patty was innocent, you dont think daddy had the money to create that story do ya?? Naw?

  102. karmahd says:

    FoxBat, go to bed dude, you need your rest to keep the world in touch

  103. Foxwood says:

    And the door is fixed…

  104. karmahd says:

    The media machine is winding up on the new pick for the Supreme Court


  105. Foxwood says:

    Everyone wants to reach out and touch someone…

  106. karmahd says:

    Funny Fox, I like this song!

  107. I thought it might be Patty Hearst but thought it couldn’t be, oh well my guess would have been right. ho hum.

  108. SamHenry says:

    Hey Fox, we used to sing a song like that telephone thing in nursery school when we played doctor. Same song; different words. Then along came Glen. He came home and found the Wichita lineman with his wife.

  109. SamHenry says:

    Here’s a sad tale. Here’s Andy Gibb at about age 19. He was already married and he was also a few years into drugs. Ten years later he was dead. Story is that his oldest brother wanted him to join the Bee Gees but the twins disagreed. Listen to this but then listen to the tight harmony of the brothers Gibb to follow:

  110. SamHenry says:

    Remembering D. Carridine – friends recalled on Larry King Live that he had 10 rules of life to live by. One of them was “Don’t every buy anything from someone who is out of breath.”

  111. SamHenry says:

    The above was Celine Dion, the Bee Gees and “Immortality.” But as for the rest of us, we’re just trying to stay alive:

  112. SamHenry says:

    Well, it’s not enough to just stay alive, you’ve got to boogie on down – the road. Here’s the BeeGees from their 1997 live concert singing “Grease” to Olivia Newton John and her daughter. This was the only song they wrote for the track -but they did not sing it. The other songs on the track they did not author but they did sing!

  113. SamHenry says:

    This is SamHenry reporting from the spot on a darkened blog-stage. As Jimmy Durante used to say mid-20th century as he moved from spotlight to spotlight “goodnight Mrs. Callabash, where ever you are.” Hey, who turned out the lights…..”?

  114. Foxwood says:

    Well, the telephone man has to get up and get ready for work. 😦

  115. Foxwood says:

    SH, you’ve been busy. Did you get some sleep?

  116. VotingFemale says:

    Morning SamHenry!

    And I think I know who Mrs. Callabash really was…

    his favorite pipe, a Callabash, which went missing…

  117. VotingFemale says:

    Morning ZorroHombre!

  118. VotingFemale says:

    I feel an ObamaBirthCertificate blogpost brewing!


    Hey Obama? Got Birth Certificate?

  119. VotingFemale says:

    Get your “Where’s the birth certificate?” bumper sticker here:


  120. karmahd says:

    Samhenry you was up late aginnnn. Morning team, where has Ohiobelle been??? And Sam must be busy at work, I am over and out, Hey VF.

  121. SamHenry says:

    ‘Morning VF and my FOX. Yes, pollen keeps one awake even with air conditioning/heat. In this case, heat in June!

  122. SamHenry says:

    Hi Karm. I was up and got hooked on seeing the Prez in Germany. His hair has gone 30% more gray during the trip. Of course Mme Chancellor has hers colored – of dear careful here.

  123. VotingFemale says:

    Morning Karma!

    Belle has been busy in RL, I have been in contact with her… she will resurface… probably today.

    karmahd says

    Samhenry you was up late aginnnn. Morning team, where has Ohiobelle been??? And Sam must be busy at work, I am over and out, Hey VF.

  124. karmahd says:

    Ahh Hair dye, no one on here would evvvvvver use that right??? SamHenry give them hell today, Karma

  125. SamHenry says:

    Is that anything like “got milk”? Those signs are on all of the cow barns around here.

  126. SamHenry says:

    Hell is the gift that keeps on giving, Karm.

  127. SamHenry says:

    If I disappear for a second, it will be to put out the garbage (real) for pickup. At my time of life, it’s the only kind of pick up I’m into. The garbage truck is the only one that stops here.

    Did you all see where the Gov automakers have pulled the making of the military Hummers from the table at negotiations with the Chinese and the Chinese government has said its small company trying to buy Hummer is not unlike a snake trying to eat a rabbit or some other large animal.

  128. VotingFemale says:

    Hell; it’s what’s for Eternity

  129. SamHenry says:

    Thanks VF. I have to go back and do some more research but all is not well with us and Germany. When you add the Saudis and the Germans to your worry beads something’s up.

  130. rosehips says:

    ahhh a bee gees retrospective. I don’t want to wake up jonah so I can’t play them. Maybe I’ll just turn on my disco ball and hummm the tunes to myself.

    the beegees weren’t my favorites, but you gotta appreciate their mastery. They made some really good songs.

  131. rosehips says:

    What? Germany?

    good morning vf, sam, karma, foxy!

    did I miss anyone?

  132. rosehips says:

    Sam, I was going to put the garbage out myself this morning but was shocked that jonah had done it already. wonders never cease around here.

  133. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Rose!

  134. SamHenry says:

    VF are you talking a Hell Sundae with Eternal Damnation sauce?

    Hi, Rose. I guess you’re a Beatles person or perhaps not. I like the Beatles – I came to this Gee Gees thing late in life. They strove for such technical perfection and Ive seen vids of them working in the studio on…oh well if you don’t like them, you probably hope they’re entombed in the studio.

    RH you need a brighter rose. It looks a little down .

  135. samiam60 says:

    Good Morning VG, Karma, SamH, Rose, Looks like our beloved Pelosi is not out of the woods Yet!

  136. SamHenry says:

    A comforting newsflash SAM

  137. rosehips says:

    good morning sam(iam)…

    SH, I didn’t say I don’t like the beegees. Actually I like them a lot. I just don’t put them on any list when I am asked my favorites. They just don’t come to mind, but some of their songs are among the best ever.

  138. SamHenry says:

    Rose, I’m going to put Sam Henry to work draging the garbage out hitched to some kind of pony device. I don’t like being one upped by some young woman with a handsome son. I will use the allure of ingenuity.

  139. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning SamI!

    Fanci Nanci has problems…

    Her Lying Revisionist mouth has gotten her Socialist Ass in a serious sling.

    And she is going to be marshmallowed

  140. SamHenry says:

    Lying revisionist mouth – is that to say it has been relocated – to say the other end?

  141. SamHenry says:

    SamI – love the Caddy fins on the avitar. Grew up with them swimming around. Remind me of that movie made in Baltimore about siding salesmen and Danny DiVito stared. I have good friends from “Balmore” and we have to see all films shot there.

  142. VotingFemale says:

    that is to say… lying for political gain

  143. SamHenry says:

    Ah, the deep end.

  144. m2 says:

    morning guys!

    VF, did you see the “under my bus” video WG posted?

  145. SamHenry says:

    VF, Are you going to stage a virtual Tea Party on your site? [garbage truck in distance]

  146. rosehips says:

    Well the shooter of the recruits in AR was brainwashed. See. Just like Patty Hearst. He is an innocent youth who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    And David Carradine apparantly might have been murdered.
    And the Egyptians knew Obama was coming. They made a hieroglyphic of him.

  147. Foxwood says:

    I went to start my tea and missed everyone waking up. Morning Rose, SamH, SamI, Karma, VF.

  148. Foxwood says:

    I remember this used to be the commercial on the Beverly Hillbillies for Kelloggs Cornflakes.

  149. samiam60 says:

    Here is what the Soviets have to say about our Marxist Plunge:


  150. m2 says:

    Hi Fox, Sam, Rose, SH, and VF!

    that last line about “Egyptians knew Obama was coming” was HILARIOUS rosehips!!

  151. VotingFemale says:

    Morning M2!

    Post the link to that WG blogpost so we can all see it!

  152. SamHenry says:

    SAMI – very fine article

  153. SamHenry says:

    OMG and LOLOLOLOL Rose on the Pix

    Hi M2

  154. m2 says:

    here it is, WG just posted this video up in the comment thread… I was in tears nearly!!

  155. Foxwood says:

    Time for Horendo Revolver…

  156. SamHenry says:

    For those awaiting all of the lurid, unsubstantiated details of what David Carradine looked like when he was found:


    I had thought it was an homage to the actor. I’m just an aging country girl I guess.

  157. rosehips says:

    glad you liked the pic of nancy vf.

    Note that the russian article was not from Pravda, the former Soviet official newspaper, but from an online tabloid. Big difference.
    We shouldn’t give too much credence to a tabloid should we?
    Didn’t they also print an exclusive about the harem Obama was treated to last night?

  158. m2 says:

    just found this…

  159. rosehips says:

    actually that was sh who like the pic.

  160. Foxwood says:

    Love the vid! Can’t get enough.

  161. Foxwood says:

    Loved that vid also. Wise men with wise words.

  162. m2 says:

    LOL !!! The honking of the bus horn!!! ha ha ha!

    Foxwood says: Love the vid! Can’t get enough.

  163. SamHenry says:

    Oh, RH I had thought the article was a joke – that is why I said “so fine.” Take it seriously, NOT.

  164. rosehips says:

    a lot of great quotes in the vid m2. thanks.

  165. SamHenry says:

    RH what amazes me is how fast you got that hieroglyphic of the snake so fast?

  166. VotingFemale says:

    For Karma and the HDs

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