iReport iTrolls are no longer Relevant; Moderations are working well

iTrolls are unplugged and suppressed at iReport; they are no longer relevant

iTrolls are unplugged and suppressed at iReport; they are no longer relevant

As a former iReporter who was the target of the most despicable Trolling in the history of iReports, in part because I was the longest reigning Number One iReport Superstar Worldwide and took exception to Barack Hussein Obama and the behaviors of the Socialist Party against Hillary Clinton during the primaries and the throwing of her under the bus to hand an unearned nomination to Obama… AND the filthy disgusting personal attacks on Sarah Palin and her children, I became a focal point of iReport iTrolling hatred and behavior.

Lines were drawn… folks lined up on both sides… and the iTroll attacks ran non-stop all aimed at suppressing my, and others, First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech…and it continued unabated for months.

I and others stood up to it and did not let it suppress our Freedom of Speech.

There was, in essence, a Political Blogger War.

iReport Moderation team finally stepped in and put an end to it and banned most of the worst offenders… and enhanced the strength of their moderation tools with good effect.

The end result? The iTrolls lost the Political Blogger War against Freedom of Speech and lost their ability to wage personal attacks at iReport which was effectively ended.

The War is Over; The iTrolls Lost.

Thus, that gang of networking iReport iTrolls are no longer relevant in the grand scheme of things. They just don’t matter anymore.

I ignore their blogs… and they are prevented from commenting on my blog.

Thus they are like a puff of smoke dissipating in the wind…

I and others now ignore them as irrelevant and focus our energies on the political issues at hand: That of Obama turning America into a Socialist State… and ongoing political efforts to slow it down and reverse it with presenting facts and engaging Obama Voters who do not approve of the Socialization of America and no longer support Obama… the campaign hope and promises of good things for America. He is no longer an unknown… he has revealed his hidden agenda and in the opinions of millions and millions and millions (and growing daily) Americans… he is harming America.

United We Stand


Note that comments are turned off for this particular blogpost …time to stop beating a now irrelevant  issue and move on.


For an example of the iTrolling read this related blog post at iReport and in particular, the comments from the iTrolls:

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I am a female voter, as my blog name implies. I vote for conservatives. I am a political opponent of Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.
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