Cheney Frightens Obama; Insecurity is a terrible thing to have, huh Barack?

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Turns out that Obama, knowing for two weeks that former VPOTUS Dick Cheney had scheduled a televised speech, arranged to give his GITMO speech immediately prior to Cheney’s speech.

Now isn’t that interesting? And it showed a weakness within Obama that everyone already knows his has… he can not STAND for anyone to criticize him or his policies and takes it as a mortal threat to his entire being.

So… Obama musters all his personal presentation skills and stands before the US Constitution and makes his Presidential TelePrompter speech with all the flourish and all the Obama Drama he can summon.

He made excuses and false statements to justify his actions and plans knowing Cheney was going to speak next and likely would shoot his bull crap full of holes like a slice of swiss cheese… and that is precisely what Cheney did. Cheney did not hold back and for the first time in Obama’s presidency a force of great power stood up and explained Obama’ Smoke and Mirrors Bull Crap.

See, Obama needs to control the Media in order to prevent his Theatrical BS scam from being exposed.

Let’s just take a look at the punches Cheney landed on the Chin of the Enchanted One…

The 10 punches Dick Cheney landed on Barack Obama’s jaw

(ht/Toby Harnden)

The spectacle of two dueling speeches with a mile of each other in downtown Washington was extraordinary. I was at the Cheney event and watched Obama’s address on a big screen beside the empty lectern that the former veep stepped behind barely two minutes after his adversary had finished.

So who won the fight? (it’s hard to use anything other than a martial or pugilistic metaphor). Well, most people are on either one side or the other of this issue and I doubt today will have prompted many to switch sides.

But the very fact that Obama chose to schedule his speech (Cheney’s was announced first) at exactly the same time as the former veep was a sign of some weakness.

Obama Gitmo

Obama’s speech and Cheney’s empty lectern.

(Pic: Toby Harnden)

The venues for the speeches said something. Obama showily chose the National Archives, repository for many of the founding documents of the US, and spoke in front of a copy of the Constitution – cloaking himself in the flag, as Republicans were often criticised for doing.

To hear Cheney speak, we were crammed into a decidedly unglamorous and cramped conference room at AEI, favourite think tank of conservative hawks.

The former veep’s speech was factual and unemotional and certainly devoid of the kind of hokey, self-obsessed, campaign-style stuff like this, from Obama’s address today: “I stand here today as someone whose own life was made possible by these documents. My father came to these shores in search of the promise that they offer. My mother made me rise before dawn to learn their truths when I lived as a child in a foreign land.”

In terms of Obama’s purported aim for his speech – to present a plan for closing Guantanamo Bay aimed at placating Congress – he failed. The reception on Capitol Hill was lukewarm with even Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney responds

Pic: Toby Harnden

Cheney’s speech wasn’t stylish, there were no rhetorical flourishes and the tone was bitingly sarcastic and disdainful at times. But it was effective in many respects and Cheney showed that Obama is not invulnerable. Here are 10 of the punches he landed on the President’s jaw:

1. “I’ve heard occasional speculation that I’m a different man after 9/11. I wouldn’t say that, but I’ll freely admit that watching a coordinated, devastating attack on our country from an underground bunker at the White House can affect how you view your responsibilities.”

Anyone who was in New York or Washington on 9/11 (I was here in DC) was profoundly affected and most Americans understand this. Obama was, as far as I can tell, in Chicago. His response – he was then a mere state senator for liberal Hyde Park – was startlingly hand-wringing and out of step with how most Americans were feeling. This statement by Cheney reminds people of the tough decisions he and Bush had to make – ones that Obama has not yet faced.

2. “The first attack on the World Trade Center was treated as a law- enforcement problem, with everything handled after the fact: arrests, indictments, convictions, prison sentences, case closed.”

This was the pre-9/11 mindset, much criticised after the attacks. Many sense that this is the approach Obama is increasingly taking hold.

3. “By presidential decision last month, we saw the selective release of documents relating to enhanced interrogations. This is held up as a bold exercise in open government, honoring the public’s right to know. We’re informed as well that there was much agonizing over this decision. Yet somehow, when the soul searching was done and the veil was lifted on the policies of the Bush administration, the public was given less than half the truth.”

The release of the documents was a nakedly political move by Obama and Cheney called him on it. This passage from Obama’s speech today came across as completely disingenuous: “I did not do this because I disagreed with the enhanced interrogation techniques that those memos authorized, and I didn’t release the documents because I rejected their legal rationales — although I do on both counts. I released the memos because the existence of that approach to interrogation was already widely known, the Bush Administration had acknowledged its existence, and I had already banned those methods.”

4. “It’s hard to imagine a worse precedent filled with more possibilities for trouble and abuse than to have an incoming administration criminalize the policy decisions of its predecessor. Apart from doing a serious injustice to intelligence operators and lawyers, who deserve far better for their devoted service, the danger here is a loss of focus on national security and what it requires.”

Obama’s suggestion that Bush administration officials might be prosecuted for legal and policy judgments about what was an was not permissible in interrogations was chilling. I doubt most Americans have any enthusiasm for such a witch-hunt and it flies in the face of Obama’s stated desire not to “re-litigate” the Bush years.

5. “We had a lot of blind spots after the attacks on our country, things we didn’t know about al Qaeda. We didn’t know about al Qaeda’s plans, but Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and a few others did know. And with many thousands of innocent lives potentially in the balance, we did not think it made sense to let the terrorists answer questions in their own good time, if they answered them at all.”

The political climate is very different now from what it was just after 9/11 but it could change again in a heartbeat if and when there is another terrorist attack. Most Americans do not favour torture but do want the CIA and other agencies to question suspected terrorists very vigorously indeed if there is any chance they might know something about an attack on the US homeland.

6. “On his second day in office, President Obama announced he was closing the detention facility at Guantanamo. This step came with little deliberation, and no plan. Now the president says some of these terrorists should be brought to American soil for trial in our court system. Others, he says, will be shipped to third countries; but so far, the United States has had little luck getting other countries to take hardened terrorists.”

Obama’s grand announcement at the start of his administration that Gitmo would be closed within a year was clearly not properly thought out. If he fails to achieve what he promised, he will pay a big political price and Cheney was marking his card on the issue.

7. “The administration has found that it’s easy to receive applause in Europe for closing Guantanamo, but it’s tricky to come up with an alternative that will serve the interest of justice and America’s national security.”

The notion that Obama makes gestures designed to court popularity abroad is one that could find increasing resonance – many Republicans strongly suspect it already.

8. “If fine speech making, appeals to reason, or pleas for compassion had the power to move them, the terrorists would long ago have abandoned the field.”

As Cheney said this, sarcasm dripped from his lips. Obviously “fine speech making” but no real substance is not a new charge against Obama and it hits home. And Cheney successfully made the point that much of the rhetoric from the Left tends to suggest that if only the US did not waterboard people, if only the US was viewed as Obama rather than Bush, Venus rather than Mars then it would be universally loved and al-Qaeda would wither away. UNfortunately, that’s not the real world.

9. “It’s worth recalling that ultimate power of declassification belongs to the president himself. President Obama has used his declassification authority to reveal what happens in the interrogation of terrorists. Now let him use that same power to show Americans what did not happen thanks to the good work of our intelligence officials.”

Cheney is pushing Obama to declassify documents relating to the information gained from terrorist suspects who were subjected to Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. This puts Obama in a bind. If he does so, it prolongs an argument he wants to move on from and prolongs the Obama vs Cheney meme that is distracting and doesn’t really help him. if he doesn’t, he looks like he has something to hide.

10. “To the very end of our administration, we kept al-Qaeda terrorists busy with other problems. We focused on getting their secrets instead of sharing ours with them. And on our watch, they never hit this country again. After the most lethal and devastating terrorist attack ever, 7- 1/2 years without a repeat is not a record to be rebuked and scorned, much less criminalized.”

It’s indisputably an achievement of the Bush administration that it prevented the US from being attacked after 9/11. By ramming this point home, Cheney tees things up for some very tough questioning of Obama in the event that the US is attacked again.
The UK Telegraph

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    Obama’s primary button was pushed by Cheney…

    And Obama’s fear of what Cheney knows and has chosen so far not to say must keep the Enchanted One up at nights worrying over when the shoe will drop.

    The RNC knows a lot about Obama that has not been revealed…

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  94. VotingFemale says:

    Cheney has his faults, all politicians do.
    With that said, he is scaring the crap out of Obama and using facts to do it… that someone gets away with Media covered slamming of the Enchanted One infuriates the Enchanted One to go postal… and we all know when a troll goes postal they just declared themselves as a loser…

    There really is nothing Obama can do that will not be seen as a troll attack on Cheney at this point.

    The Socialists overstepped themselves in a big way with this GITMO/EIT witch hunt of their and now they have been caught quicksand… they more they struggle the faster they sink…

    And they did it to themselves…

    like I said on a previous blog article….

    Go Ahead Dumbass!

    Make My Day!

    re: the GITMO/EIT witch hunt!


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    Yeah all this waterboarding talk and it was done to three of the worst of the worst of the terrorists, the actual leaders of the movement 2-4 in the leadership group. Taking about making a mountain out of a molehill, and in doing so they implicated Pelosi, BRILLIANT move!!

  96. VotingFemale says:

    I am still waiting to hear about Obama’s stated Interrogation techniques that work as well as the EITs he banned.

    Also, the Socialists are swimming against an American tide… the majority polled feel the EITs are necessary and Ok.

  97. karmahd says:

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  98. VotingFemale says:

    There is smoke and mirrors going on with the Obama Job Approval Rating Polls which just does not jive with specific polls addressing specific issues…

    I am going to do analysis on this and come up with true stats to quantify the real approval disapproval numbers…

    That people “like” Obama’s presentation and orator skills… and like the “idea” of Obama does not hold water when looking at poll stats addressing what he is doing in specific ways.

  99. VotingFemale says:

    Well… he needs Pelosi and he needs Biden… for support and schmoozing in congress to get what he wants…

    Obama was in the tank on the witch hunt until Cheney first went public on Hannity with push back on the witch hunt… it was only within days that Obama started backing out if it…

    Obama was going to let the “photos” go public…
    and go ahead with the “Truth Commission” and all that came to a halt after Cheney took the stage and starting firing back with real facts and moves to shed light on the real story…

    Seems to me the Socialists believed their own propaganda and that no one had the power to stand up to them as Cheney finally did.

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    As to this VF, I mean- Stalin was beloved even by people he imprisoned. I think Obama has that “cult of personality”…

    VF says: There is smoke and mirrors going on with the Obama Job Approval Rating Polls which just does not jive with specific polls addressing specific issues…

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    Yes, he certainly does… people like the “idea” of an Obama, the self-described GIFTED ONE

    m2elena // May 23, 2009 at 11:09 am (edit)

    Hey, I’m just droppin a line, I have an appt. at the mall at the apple store. My MBP internal battery needs replaced. 😦

    As to this VF, I mean- Stalin was beloved even by people he imprisoned. I think Obama has that “cult of personality”…

    VF says: There is smoke and mirrors going on with the Obama Job Approval Rating Polls which just does not jive with specific polls addressing specific issues…

  103. karmahd says:

    All that the press that sides with Bama keep reinforcing is his overall approval rating. When broken down into specifics he is tanking, on the economy, partisanship, fiscal responsibility. But hey those topics are not of interest, it is much more important that we think he is cool and smart and a good speaker!!!! The fog is clearing and the rocks are evermore in site!!!

  104. karmahd says:

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  108. karmahd says:

    Middle management is the hardest job in the world, you are responsible for the output of work for usually a bunch of unmotivated slugs, and are the scapegoat of upper management, I have been all and upper can be comfy, but it also is not very rewarding since usually you are still doing the bidding of someone higher than your pay grade. That is why I try to stay unemployed, HA

  109. Foxwood says:

    I gotta figure a way to make a living unemployed. 🙂

    I’m sure the Bamster can help.

  110. Foxwood says:

    You feel like a number?
    I’m feeling like rollin’ one up now.

  111. karmahd says:

    OH hell yes, roll a big one, PS I am not unemployed just underemployed, same thing to me!

  112. Foxwood says:

    I’m facing a merger and duplicate jobs will be eliminated, but I’m pretty sure I’m safe. The only thing that could happen is they get someone younger less paid to replace the old fart.

  113. karmahd says:

    Ahhh “yutes” got to love em dont ya!! I try to stay pretty diverse and if need be I have a couple of things I can do to make money, I am just too lazy and complacent to do so right now. But the key is to work for yourself, “if you can make money for someone else you can make money for yourself” I try to keep that in mind. Off to spend money I dont have, be back later, PS what year did you graduate HS I can figure it from there, me 75

  114. Foxwood says:

    Here’s to old farts.

  115. Foxwood says:

    I’m probably the same age then. I was held back at kindergarten and gradgeated in 76.

    Trying to create my own home working environment also. I got a few things going. I’d be a DJ if they got paid. I love my music.

  116. karmahd says:

    Yeah you have a talent for that, do weddings, I saw this guys set up with a apple laptop and a couple of JBL monitors and he rocked it, basically set up the play list before hand and interject his act, sweet set up. I have a couple of web sites I am working on now, will tell more later, but it has nothing to do with politics LOL, that is a small hobby, good we are the same age, and I do not feel it, I have stayed active for job reasons and been lucky with my health

  117. Foxwood says:

    My new house has taken alot of my time. Hope I haven’t wasted the money with the buyout, but when I get time, I’ve got to get my heavy bag back up so I can get back in shape. This 10 hour driving thing does nothing but help me gain weight and atrophy.

  118. Foxwood says:

    Don’t know why I got into that CB radio thing for. That’s what got me into this business.s

  119. Foxwood says:

    And on the weddings and barmitzvah thing. I’m anti-social. I don’t like anybody. That’s why I do so good on the internet. Funny, didn’t used to be that way in my youth. As I get older, all I want to do is buy Ted Kazinski’s shack and hole up.

  120. Foxwood says:

    Foxwood said:
    “I’m anti-social. I don’t like anybody.”

    Hmmmm… Must be why everybody left… 🙂

  121. VotingFemale says:

    We didn’t all leave!


    just checking in!

    Lets get some beer and go fishing! 😀

    I know how much guys love fishing and beer! 😉

  122. Foxwood says:

    The Beatles, Stones, Birds, Beach Boys and other groups would do parodies of each others songs and sometimes joined in the studio sessions, tho they were never given credit on the album.

    This was a parody album from the Beatles ‘Let it Be’.
    The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter.

  123. Foxwood says:

    Hmmm… seems I remember when me and my buds went fishin’ we took rolling papers…

  124. VotingFemale says:

    LOVE that song Fox (gimme Shelter)

    hoooooo hoooooooooooo hoooooo000

  125. Foxwood says:

    So did I tell you about my cats?

  126. m2elena says:

    Hellooooooo … I’m heading out to a wee cookout!
    Have a lovely night.

  127. Foxwood says:

    I’ve been looking for Rick Moranis’ spoof of Neil Youngs ‘Needle and the Damage Done’ and can’t find it.

    Was so funny.

    A kockin on my door was Steven Stills
    He asked me if I wanna buy some pills
    eeeeewwww the damage done.

    Then along came Gramme Nash
    He asked me if I wanna buy some hash
    eeeeewwww the damage done.

  128. VotingFemale says:

    Mr Meowgi? tee hee

  129. VotingFemale says:

    claws on

    claws off

  130. Foxwood says:

    I’ve never cooked wee before… Can’t taste good.

  131. Foxwood says:

    Must of heard the story… He’s my outdoor cat. If I don’t let him out during the day, he’ll wake you up in the middle of the night.

  132. arlenearmy says:

    Cheney is the type who is not going to sit back & let Obama get away w/the lies.

    I keep hearing some folks say that Cheney needs to be quiet. Let me remind those folks that some yrs. ago Cheney said something to the effect that America don’t need a permission slip from foreign nations or others to protect itself or to do what is in its best interest.

    Therefore, Cheney don’t need Bush’s or GOP’s permission to speak up for America.

  133. Foxwood says:

    Your right Arlene… I want him to say more. I don’t know your feeling on Netanyahu, but I feel him and Cheney are of the same mold. I don’t think Israel needs us to tell them to hold back.

    They both are looking out for their country. I hope we don’t find out the hard way that Bush and Cheney kept more from happening in our country. We are letting our guard down and the terrorists see this. This is not a good way to learn a lesson.

  134. Foxwood says:

    Is that a flag behind you Arlene? You patriotic girl 🙂

  135. Foxwood says:

    As your cooking out and taking the extra day off, let’s remember the fallen hero’s that gave us our freedom.

    Let’s hope we can keep our freedom.

  136. arlenearmy says:

    Foxwood: Yes that’s the Flag behind me 🙂

  137. arlenearmy says:

    We’re going to have a cookout tomorrow for Memorial Day. Of course, we will honor the fallen on tomorrow & today we sat around and talked about our days in the military. Some brought up the Vietnam war & their buddies who were KIA. I really wished we had a flag pole. Im tempted to hang the flag from a tree. But I dont want the wind to blow it down.

  138. arlenearmy says:

    Hello VF
    This is a good day for camping at the lake.

  139. VotingFemale says:

    Arlene we have always had a flag bracket next to the front door… 45 degree angle with a short flag poll…

    we will be going to the local cemetery to leave flowers and little american flags for the fallen

  140. VotingFemale says:

    it turned cold here over night and only hi 60s today… weather here is so unpredictable… can be cold hot or anywhere inbetween until we get into june

  141. arlenearmy says:

    that is really great. We are gonna sit at home & do a cook out w/my in-laws (who are great folks).

  142. VotingFemale says:

    Fox, are you a vet, dear?

  143. VotingFemale says:

    And Arlene, thank you and your husband for your service to our country…


  144. arlenearmy says:

    gotta help cleaning out the boat. looks like the fish are dead. the live well must of had a leak. Oh well, I guess we will have BBQ ribs instead for tomorrow.

  145. VotingFemale says:

    glad to hear you have great inlaws, Honey…

    I was hoping you two would have a good time this weekend and you both need and deserve it…

    you got the rough stuff behind you now… tg

  146. VotingFemale says:

    i am out for a bit…

  147. Foxwood says:

    At one time in my youth, I was a very liberal, flower power, dope smoking protester. Some one told me he fought for my right to protest. I thought about it. It really wasn’t till the first gulf war that I changed.

    I kid about my dope smoking days, but I’ve changed. I know what it takes to be free. People can call me a chicken hawk, but I was a war protester, and now I know what war is for. I have people like you Arlene to thank for keeping our country free.

    If we lower our defenses we will be looking at another 9/11. We’ve already learned our lesson. We are not out of the water yet. Fools are what will make our country hurt again. They don’t understand that we always have to be ready. They have “more important” things on their mind, like how to socialize our country.

    The men and women that fought and died for our country and freedom will have died for nothing if we give up our freedoms. We must be free. And we must remember, freedom’s not free.

  148. Foxwood says:

    VF, if you read the above, no. I wish so now. Call me a chicken hawk, I’ve changed my ways. 🙂

  149. VotingFemale says:

    Fox, you are still a patriot dear…

  150. m2elena says:

    I will never know what it is to be a hippie!


    (and when I watch the documentaries on History, it looks like they were more emotional problem/burdened and strung out on drugs than “happy”…) Esp. that Haight-Ashbury phenomena, where kids became homeless and drug addicts. Looks like sad times to me.

  151. Foxwood says:

    I have some good memories, and sometimes no memories, but the past is the past.

  152. m2elena says:

    I have good memories, I went to art school. And I never had to be a hippy or liberal there, lol!

    I just realized my “print manager” was taking up 97% of my CPU energy! Woah… that’s messed up. I don’t even use a printer!

  153. karmahd says:

    I was a surf redneck dope smoking athlete who liked to drink a lot of beer, it served me well when I was young, but the older you get the more you realize you have to give up something so I quit surfing!

  154. karmahd says:

    And surely I jest, and stop calling me Shirley

  155. karmahd says:

    Ok I am here everyone can go now, he he

  156. Foxwood says:

    Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

  157. Foxwood says:

    The Five Man Electric Band

  158. LisaInTX says:

    Hi Guys. What’s UP?? Who is Joey and Shirley? hahahaa….Are we still watching “Airplane”? ;-]

  159. LisaInTX says:

    Fox and Karma,
    I was a ‘flower child’ of the 60’s…used to wear a headband and make posters, “Make Love, not War!” Then I grew up and smelled the warzone of life and had me a big dose of reality. ;-}
    Never much into drugs, but did partake of Tequila Gold with a beer chaser from time to time, when I really wanted to get STUPID!…lol

  160. LisaInTX says:

    Fox, cool song. It was one of my favorites. ;-]
    IMO–Signs have replaced COMMON SENSE! Seems more and more people lack that and must have a sign to point them in the ‘right’ direction.
    Soon young people will not even be able to read a street map, because they have GPS to tell them where to go….:-/

  161. LisaInTX says:

    I’m headed to bed since no one is home. Good night all.
    Here is a little tribute I did for my son.

  162. arlenearmy says:

    I really do appreciate your son. When I see young folks join the military nowadays, it makes me feel more proud & that my service meant something.

  163. VotingFemale says:

    Indy 500 noon eastern… that is a must watch in this house lol

    mmm… well perhaps Danica Patrick will do well

  164. samiam60 says:

    Happy Memorial day to all my friends and all Veterans.

  165. VotingFemale says:

    Happy Memorial Day Sam!!!! hugs dear

  166. samiam60 says:

    Thank you VF, I am so saddened by this Holiday more than others as I think of all the many Forgotten Veterans of a by gone day that are no longer remembered for their sacrifice.
    I am referring to like the Cival War Era and before.

  167. Foxwood says:

    Good morning Sam, VF. That’s a good point Sam.

  168. VotingFemale says:

    Good Morning Fox!

    Sam, many Americans do remember… real Americans.

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