Hey Obama? FOX News is Right

FOX News is Right

It IS about your slow destruction of America

by your borrowing

Our Country into Oblivion.

Oh and it is not about your skin color, Mr President,
as fond as you obviously are
hearing your MOONBAT Freaks rant that.

Sorry that Race Card Crap is just not going to work.

You WILL be voted out of office.

Typical MOONBAT Freaks Stroking Each Other

What Dogs think about MOONBAT Freaks

(if embedding has been disabled
just left click on the video to watch it from youtube)

About VotingFemale

I am a female voter, as my blog name implies. I vote for conservatives. I am a political opponent of Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists.
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229 Responses to Hey Obama? FOX News is Right

  1. VotingFemale says:

    Seems that slime ball Garofalo loves to prove constantly to the world she has the lowest IQ of any MOONBAT in the United States.

  2. rosehips says:

    lol vf, I’m watching glen right now….can’t wait to see the rest.
    lol@ stephen colbert…

  3. rosehips says:

    what the heck! embedding disabled by request? I can’t see a dog pee on janeane? wah!

    The vids were good. It made janeane look pretty extreme and her racist rant was out of line. She should have come to Colville and listened to real people. Yes some are misguided and misinformed, but not everyone is racist and many of the people I saw and talked to were very informed. I don’t agree with them for the most part but I understand their fears. I do think Fox foments it.

  4. rosehips says:

    holy crap! My son was almost mauled by two dogs. He was talking to a girl he just met yesterday when he walked by the house she is staying at. She was talking to him from the upstairs window and then said she’d come down to see him. He bent down to pick up a beer can that was on the ground and a woman came out, thought he was stealing something and sicked her two big dogs on him. She didn’t recognize him from yesterday and Jonah thought she was kidding and played along until the dogs attacked him and then the woman recognized him and called them off. Unbelievable! He doesn’t seem to be hurt at all. The dogs just jumped up on him was all. He must have been scared out of his pants!

  5. karmahd says:

    Pisses me off when people make dogs mean, its not the dog it is the owner. Just thought I would say that, its late been out allllll day time for some sleeeeepey…

  6. arlenearmy says:

    Now that’s what I call a GOOD dog !!!! Garofalo needs to be pissed on.

  7. arlenearmy says:

    And as for her saying that the wives of republican men have Stockholm syndrome, I think she must be talking about the folks at Obama Rallies.

  8. LisaInTX says:

    Idealwoman AKA Auntie, is just NOT gonna let that death die! LOL
    What a POOR LOSER!! And no she can’t have her scalp back, I earned that one with my own death. ;-}
    NOW it seems I’m in REAL Trouble!!! LOL.….seems I threatened to ”BlackMail” her now?
    WHAT A HOOT!!! hahahaaaa….oh please…Auntie is SO demented in her delusion…. LMAO..And she claims to ‘Know” the law? Hahahaaa…ROTFLMAO
    Maybe I should contact David W and tell him about her being a stalker…which is exactly what she did to me for a couple of months.

    Ideawoman Ideawoman // 8 hours ago

    As I understand it David Williams has not given auntiebjw any reason for banning her. If his reason includes LisaInTx’s blackmail threat, then he should consult with licensed legal counsel rather than taking Lisa’s word for it. Lisa has no experience neither knowledge of working in courts and the law, whereas auntie does.

    Ideawoman Ideawoman // 8 hours ago

    As anyone can read on these comments, LisaInTx attempted to blackmail auntiebjw. Lisa has no knowledge of what is legal advice as opposed to legal information and as the exchange evolved, she attempted to divert from her blackmail threat after realizing she was wrong. The following is Lisa’s threat and when I looked back, it can be found on the bottom of page 2.

    As anyone can read on these comments, LisaInTx attempted to blackmail auntiebjw. Lisa has no knowledge of what is legal advice as opposed to legal information and as the exchange evolved, she attempted to divert from her blackmail threat after realizing she was wrong. The following is Lisa’s threat and when I looked back, it can be found on the bottom of page 2.

    LisaInTX // 3 days ago Report violation


    Since you find ‘fault” with MY comments in defensive of myself and have flagged them for removal so OTHERS can not see the evil you speak, I will end this conflict by saying this one last thing deary.

    Who can practice law in Illinois?

  9. LisaInTX says:

    Love the dog peeing on her..hahaha
    Great report. Belle will be thrilled to see FOX spelled correctly. LOL
    Rose, you might be off the hook on getting that tat.;-}

  10. arlenearmy says:

    Heehee …. running around w/no scalp. I wonder how long does it take for hair to grow back.

  11. LisaInTX says:

    LOL…Yes, I MUST Confuse my horrid crime my fellow Rightwinged Extremists, my beloved Terrorists and Pro-abortionist. Lend me your ears!
    I threatened to expose to the public that AuntieMae bites her bottom lip and if she didn’t stop calling me a WANNA BE SLAVER that I would take that info to the press and expose her for the Lip-Biter that she was!
    But calamity befell us before the BIG tribute was handed over, as she meet with sudden death and my own followed soon after.
    Alas poor Orick, I knew thee well.;-}

    Blackmail is the crime of threatening to reveal substantially true information about a person to the public, a family member, or associates unless a demand made upon the victim is met. This information is usually of an embarrassing and/or socially damaging nature. As the information is substantially true, the act of revealing the information may not be criminal in its own right nor amount to a civil law defamation; the crime is making demands to withhold it. English Law creates a much broader definition of blackmail, covering any unwarranted demands with menaces, whether involving revealing information or not.

    Blackmail is similar to extortion. The difference is that extortion involves an underlying, independent criminal act, while blackmail does not.

    The word is derived from the word for tribute (in modern terms, protection money) paid by English and Scottish border dwellers to Border Reivers known also as Free-booters, in return for immunity from raids and other harassment. This tribute was paid in goods or labour (reditus nigri, or “blackmail”): the opposite is blanche firmes or reditus albi, or “white rent” (denoting payment by silver).

  12. LisaInTX says:

    LOL…that was a good one!;-}

  13. samiam60 says:

    FOX NEWS IS RIGHT, yep they sure are but I’m gonna follow Obama’s lead. He is my president and mentor. I am taking out a TWO MILLION DOLLAR LOAN and my children and grandchildren are going to Co-Sign the loan. I will then find me a young hottie and go spend the rest of my days on a deserted Island. I am sure I won’t last long under those conditions but the loan payments will. LOL

  14. samiam60 says:

    Be sure and get Obama’s newest book:
    How I bankrupted the USA in 100 days.

  15. VotingFemale says:


    your wonderful sarcasm is so spot-on and you have a gift!

  16. m2elena says:

    Karma, did I hear you say you live in FL? I’m jealous… I visit Sarasota (near Tampa) and Destin pretty much every year.

  17. karmahd says:

    M2 I grew up in Sarasota from 11-42, and visit often. Now in Tampa, and love it here as well. Destin is one of my spots as well but a long drive but it reminds me of Sarasota in the 70’s.

  18. m2elena says:

    ha ha… sarasota in the 70’s. I like that. Destin is like my childhood… because we went 2x a year every year (stayed at El Matador)… Sarasota, I’ve been to about 4x. We stay at Siesta Key “Palm Bay Club”… OH SIGH! How I wish I was there!!!!

    I heard that “bird key” is considered deadly to live on b/c people get cancer, from the bird poop over decades, is that true?

    I love Ringling School of Art, and the museum and house, etc. I really need a vacation. Can you tell?

  19. ohiobelle says:

    Good morning my anti government anti CNN not family viewing conservative terrorist friends!!! I stayed up too late because UFC had the worst fight night ever!!

  20. m2elena says:

    wow we sound more horrible than the man-caused disasters milling about in Afghanistan!

  21. VotingFemale says:

    Hey everyone!

    asilsrewots has joined WordPress!

    Her wordpress user name is Warrantonegirl

    Please drop by her wordpress blog and say hi!


  22. ohiobelle says:

    haha yes we do! I loved the pics you had on iCry my fellow teabagger!!

  23. m2elena says:

    teabaggers unite!
    thanks… hey, did you see the guy Libertariman? he was ragging on my report, and told my my pictures were crappy. (Though he sounded quite moderate in my comments.) I went to other tea party reports and he was making biased left-slated comments ridiculing them. (So I am confused, moderate? or angry Liberal?)…. it seems he left me alone, though.

  24. m2elena says:

    what I think is funny is, he wanted to spar with me, but took the “your pictures are bad” route… lol.

  25. m2elena says:

    hello warrantonegirl!

  26. ohiobelle says:

    M2, what was the guys name that was ragging on your report???

  27. ohiobelle says:

    M2, was his name harvey50????

  28. ohiobelle says:

    hello Warrantonegirl!! I left a message on your wordpress!!

  29. m2elena says:

    no harvey was being rather nice! Can you imagine!
    Libertariman started to rag on me, then I beat him down with my word-stick.

  30. ohiobelle says:

    Do you remember his name??? Want to go fishing my conservative terrorist??? lol

  31. ohiobelle says:

    I have to walk away for a few minutes.. I will be back.

  32. m2elena says:

    it was Libertariman -that be his name. He seemed to agree with me I guess. Wouldn’t want to give Napolitano reason to believe that I’m a right wing terrorist bent on warping and targeting veteran minds. What with rockefeller and trader snowe’s new cyber-security act, we better lay low, right?

    lord I’m happy that report was leaked, to show how much disdain we are being paid by the people we elected.

  33. ohiobelle says:

    WOW!! I think Barack now understands that Chavez can’t be trusted!! He walked away from the photo shoot of his Latin tour… don’t cry Mr President… they are the terrorist.. not us!!!!

  34. m2elena says:

    who chavez walked out?

  35. ohiobelle says:

    C’mon Mr President.. did you really think your bff terrorist could be trusted!! HAHA they promised to sign his peace deal then at the last minute they all said NO DEAL!! Why did he think they would sign it??

  36. ohiobelle says:

    Barack walked out.

  37. ohiobelle says:

    Now he doesn’t even want to talk because he’s dealing with that fact THEY ARE TERRORIST!

  38. m2elena says:

    barack operates on a cushy candy cloud where he is the center of attention and lavishes love on all dictators and they magically listen to him. Then he will make “all” equal -but only according to his definition of “fair”….

  39. ohiobelle says:

    M2, He speaking now… I wonder if he will talk about his failed treaty deal..

  40. ohiobelle says:

    I haven’t heard him talk about Hugo Chavez and he didn’t mention his name when he talked about world leaders he spoke with… hmmm I wonder why???

  41. karmahd says:

    Ohiobelle it is because he wants the agreements to be behind closed doors and not in the public eye. Backroom politics is what that is I believe!!!

  42. ohiobelle says:

    WOW!! He said Chavez was better with the camera then he was with serious talks!! Bush tried to warn him that terrorist can’t be trusted!

  43. ohiobelle says:

    Hello Karma. Any agreement he makes with terrorist should be out in the open. I want everybody to know that Hugo Chavez is a terrorist and only wanted a photo op with Barack. He had no intention of signing any peace treaty.

  44. ohiobelle says:

    Nothing came from his European apology tour or his Latin America vaca… well we did just pay the Bank of Syria $900 million to rebuild Hamas! WOW that’s money well spent. What is worse, we gave $900 million to a bank in Syria or $900 million is going to rebuild Gaza aka Hamas???

  45. m2elena says:

    gosh, Chavez is probably rubbing his fat palms together and calling up the Castros to laugh…. the thugs really lucked out in 2008, didn’t they?

  46. ohiobelle says:

    M2, it was only a month ago that Hugo Chavez called Barack weak… He only wanted a photo op!

    To think we could even talk to Cuba is insane! They are just as bad as Chavez!! What in the hell is Barack thinking?? Maybe if he had a real history book then he would’ve read about Operation Ortsac (Castro spelled backwards)

  47. m2elena says:

    Cuba is awful. And Chavez is a disgrace to his country which he pressured into electing him ‘termless’… great. //sarcasm.

  48. rosehips says:

    I’m thinking about getting really drunk today and going out and getting a tattoo. hmmmm….what should I I get burned onto my skin? maybe a big “L” on the middle of my forehead? lol.

  49. rosehips says:

    only kidding. did that come off offensive? sorry if it did. I never learn. hahaha

  50. m2elena says:

    hey what’s up!

  51. rosehips says:

    sorry to butt in on your convo ladies. barack certainly is walking a tightrope. I hope he doesn’t fall.

  52. ohiobelle says:

    Good morning rosehips!! I wished we all lived near each other. We could all go to the bar, get rose drunk, hold her down, tat her up! haha
    Rose, you need a tat that says Crazy Like a Fox on one arm and I Love Rush on the other.

    M2, I bet Ahmadinejad is jacking off!! He can’t wait to meet Mr Apology.

  53. rosehips says:

    are your inlaws still visiting m2?

  54. m2elena says:

    I’m not even up on any news… so much crap happens every day. Time for a break!

  55. rosehips says:

    have they come up with a tat that changes with the climate? I might consider that…heeeheee

  56. m2elena says:

    They left this morning, it was like a drive by in-law visit…
    We went to the zoo, while their son- my hubs, went to a baseball game with his friend. I had to entertain! But all they wanted to do was oggle the baby…

  57. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, Mr CEO apology of the United States had a failed meeting with the terrorist. He walked out of his photo op.

  58. rosehips says:

    how far away are they m2?

  59. m2elena says:

    lol belle! that little jerk achmadenigadeladdls;fj blah! can’t spell his name, and I’m too lazy to google or copy and paste your text. LOL.

  60. rosehips says:

    why did he walk out?

  61. m2elena says:

    They live about 6.5 hours north, in Cleveland…

  62. m2elena says:

    hey girls, there’s more visitors stopping in shortly, i got to get off the laptop… I’ll expect a full report on your new tattoo laster rose!


  63. ohiobelle says:

    rosehips wrote: have they come up with a tat that changes with the climate? I might consider that…heeeheee


    What do you think?? lol

  64. m2elena says:

    “later” not “laster” -crap.

  65. rosehips says:

    far enough away but not too far. I do regret that I lived so far from my folks when the boys were growing up. We visited every year when they were young but once it cost full price to fly them both, it just became difficult. My family thinks the world of my boys. I can’t wait to go back east in August with both of them again. It’s been many years since we’ve all gone together.

  66. ohiobelle says:

    M2, I just fell out of my chair laughing!!

    M2 wrote: lol belle! that little jerk achmadenigadeladdls;fj blah! can’t spell his name, and I’m too lazy to google or copy and paste your text. LOL.

  67. m2elena says:

    right that is pretty far… the west is just soooo beautiful though! I remember you talking about your reunion!

  68. ohiobelle says:

    M2, talk to you later chick!

  69. rosehips says:

    lol @ global warmning tats.

  70. ohiobelle says:

    rosehips, I only live a few hours from your parents.. When you visit them we could meet up for those tats we’ve been talking about???

    Where is the kitty??

  71. rosehips says:

    yes the west is beautiful but some of the prettiest places on earth are places I have lived or been in NYS (as well as other states), especially when I lived on the outskirts of the Adirondacks.

  72. rosehips says:

    belle, a few hours? they live in selingrove, PA. it’s got to be farther than a few hours.

  73. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, what do you think of the $900 million dollars we just gave to the Bank of Syria??? It’s to rebuild Gaza aka HAMAS!! We just wrote a $900 million dollar check to terrorist!!!! That is taxpayer money well spent. sigh

  74. rosehips says:

    kitty got pulled away by her tomcat.

  75. rosehips says:

    I think Israel should pay the money to rebuild gaza, but of course that would be with money they got from us. sigh.

  76. ohiobelle says:

    Rosehips, I am less than 3 hours from Pittsburg. How far from them to there?

  77. rosehips says:

    pittsburgh is far belle. My folks live north of Harrisburg

  78. rosehips says:

    they are within 3.5 hours of nyc, wash dc, and philly.

  79. ohiobelle says:

    Sometimes Mr Belle gets upset that I am online. That’s why I take late nights off.. I always look in the den and stare at the computer and wonder what I am missing…

  80. rosehips says:

    lol belle, i know it is so hard to detach! lol

  81. ohiobelle says:

    Okay well it’s still 1 state over!! Let’s talk about those tats!! haha

    I think all of us want Gaza rebuild for Isreals sake but Gaza has been taken over by Hamas.. no return.

    Speaking of Isreal.. Did you hear they are ready to launch on Iran?

  82. ohiobelle says:

    I know!! Sometimes I fear logging on because I know that will be the rest of my day… too hard to walk away!

    rosehips wrote: lol belle, i know it is so hard to detach! lol

  83. rosehips says:

    no belle, I have not seen much news today. that’s scary that they are going to launch. what type of missiles? this could be very, very bad.

    I don’t think we all want gaza rebuilt for Israel 😉

  84. rosehips says:

    belle, do you have a nice day there in ohio?

  85. rosehips says:

    and I’m still chuckling that you and lisa thought my avatar was radishes. lol.

  86. rosehips says:

    well, I better get. much to do that somehow won’t get done unless I detach myself from my cushy seat. I need to pay some bills and get my assignment done so I can get out to the yard.

  87. ohiobelle says:

    Isreal is launching missiles to wipe out Irans nuclear facilities.

    It is very cloudy in Columbus. It is supposed to rain but I haven’t seen it yet. I am just praying I don’t have to water the lawn again. lol

  88. rosehips says:

    see you all later!

  89. rosehips says:

    bye belle! good luck with the rain.

    I hope iran will come to their senses….

  90. ohiobelle says:

    See you later!

    Your avatar does look like radishes!!!! Nobody has heard of rosehips! lol

  91. rosehips says:

    I was just reading the spokane paper and found this editorial about the teaparties to be pretty close to how I feel.


  92. rosehips says:

    belle? what have you been drinking? I thought everyone had hear of rosehips? I must be slipping in the polls.

    belle said: Nobody has heard of rosehips! lol

  93. arlenearmy says:

    Afternoon all. I woke up late. Been up all night worried about if we were getting flooded. Rained all night long.

    God Bless America & God Bless Fox News. That was the ONLY cable news that did not insult participants of the rallies (tea party) & they did us justice. In my eyes – Beck, Hannity, Cavuto & Greta (in that order) are heros. I sent each one a Thank You email, just to let them know I appreciate what they have done.

  94. LisaInTX says:

    Afternoon Howdy, but I can’t stay…got errands to run.

    I’m wondering what was written in that ‘book’ Chavez handed to Obama??? I mean, how easy would it be to slip something in it?? LOL
    Y’all be good….

  95. arlenearmy says:

    You may be on to something. Chavez could had slipped Obama a warning note. Just wished it could had been Biden instead of Obama cause we all know that Biden is a kiss & tell sort of guy.

  96. rosehips says:

    arlene, I hope the rain didn’t do any damage.

  97. rosehips says:

    does anyone know what book he gave to obama?

  98. arlenearmy says:

    Hey Rose
    No it didnt do damage … But satellite dish went out temporarily.

    We were in process of putting up a metal bldg. for the chickens. Since the ground is completely soaked w/standing water, we have to wait weeks to finish up. Meanwhile 25 baby chickens are getting almost too big for the temporary shelter we have in the garage. They are trying to fly out.

  99. warrantonegirl says:

    Hello everybody, gosh ya’ll are so sweet over here! hahahah. Thanks for the notes of welcome. I replied but I’m not sure where they went, they look like they are still on my page, HA! Oh well. I guess I’ll figure it out. smile.

  100. arlenearmy says:

    I just left your blog. I commented on it, but near my name its says that my comment is waiting for moderation. I think you got to go to your dashboard & approve my comment. VF knows more about this than I do.

    Also, you were reply to Lisa & VF but I dont see their comments. Their comments maybe awaiting for you to approve them.

  101. ohiobelle says:

    hello my conservative terrorist!

    Rosehips wrote: does anyone know what book he gave to obama?

    I believe it was a book about the United States and European relations with Latin America and it was written in spanish. I am not a 100% sure but I am pretty sure.

  102. arlenearmy says:

    Well yall I gotta go clip some chicken wings & will be back later.

    But before I go, I just want to say a special thanks to ALL of you who have posted Tea Party news on your blogs & on Ireports. It is because of you – VF, Asil, M2 (who I saw posting the tea party news) that Fox News & other mainstream media FINALLY paid attention to us. Also to the rest of you who helped those blogs by posting your comments. Every blog is supported by its comments (good or bad) . You all have carried the voice of folks on the ground. You all have caused our voices to be HEARD !!!

    Yes, THE BLOGGERS are the biggest part of this movement. So if other mainstream media & want to keep putting blame (or credit) on FoxNews & the GOP for these tea parties, then they are dead wrong. They need to point their fingers at the Bloggers.

  103. rosehips says:

    belle, do you think obama will read it?

  104. rosehips says:

    here’s my latest ireport. It’s an Earth Day video. my first of a series, I am thinking….


  105. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Rose!!

    Hi Arlene!!

  106. VotingFemale says:

    Just got back… nice day to day!

    let me go see your iReport… brb

  107. VotingFemale says:

    Rose… it is touching… and brought tears to my eyes…

    Happy Earth Day sweetie…

  108. rosehips says:

    thanks vf. It was fun to make. did you like the skewered pigzilla? lol.

  109. VotingFemale says:

    Yes!!!! And no interest payments on that pigzilla!!!

  110. VotingFemale says:

    unfortunately I have to go prepare the evening meal… some folks get to watch tv… not me


    see y’all laters!!!!

  111. rosehips says:

    see you later, vf. have a good dinner….

  112. karmahd says:

    Youuuu whooo, Boo…

  113. VotingFemale says:

    Morning Everyone!

  114. rosehips says:

    the birds outside are sooo happy. It’s springtime and finally warm!

  115. rosehips says:

    I hear the book that chavez gave obama is shooting up the bestseller list. I wonder if my library has it…

  116. VotingFemale says:

    That book Hugo gave Barack is supposedly in Spanish…

  117. rosehips says:

    I’ll have to get my “illegal immigrant” housekeeper to translate for me….lol

  118. VotingFemale says:

    just saw the cutest squirrel near by my kitchen window happily munching on a hamburger bun I left out for them. I never throw old bread away… my neighborhood squirrels love it!

  119. VotingFemale says:

    perhaps Hugo can sell personally autographs copies of that book on eBay to help finance his nuclear weapons program lol

  120. rosehips says:

    poor little cute squirrels. they are probably depending on your buns and when you croak, so will they. poor things.

  121. VotingFemale says:

    I don’t feed them everyday… it is like once a week so they have to also forage for a living. 🙂

  122. rosehips says:

    that would be a smart move for chavez. I wonder how much I can get for the copy of the communist manifesto that Fidel autographed for me yesterday?

  123. rosehips says:

    lol, i was only kidding ya about feeding your buns to the squirrels vf.

  124. rosehips says:

    i am sure they will continue on with acorns and other delectables long after you are six feet under.

  125. rosehips says:

    not trying to put you in the ground any time soon, ya know….

  126. VotingFemale says:

    I am sure when I die… they will somehow manage to go on with life…

  127. VotingFemale says:

    No Doubt, a few iReporters would pay to watch me die.

  128. rosehips says:

    unless those iranian missiles reach their proper targets….

  129. rosehips says:

    maybe we should sell tickets? lol.

  130. VotingFemale says:

    CNN Headlines:

    VotingFemale Nailed To Cross; Tickets Sold Out At iReport


  131. rosehips says:

    vf, I could never do that. that would be too crass. profitting off your demise seems so….so capitalistic!

  132. rosehips says:

    lol! I was wondering what method you had in mind…

  133. VotingFemale says:

    yeah… do it the Socialist way…

    borrow the money from taxpayers and put a bounty on my head! hahahahaha

  134. rosehips says:

    nailed to the cross. now that oughta attract a throng.

  135. rosehips says:

    lol. yes a bounty!

  136. rosehips says:

    a pigzillion dollars for vf’s whiskers!

  137. VotingFemale says:

    ahhhh to be hated by Obamacrats… Love it! 😉

  138. VotingFemale says:

    Ode to iReport Obamacrat Mousies!

    “Love to eat them mousies,
    Mousies what I love to eat.
    Bite they little heads off…
    Nibble on they tiny feet.”—B. Kliban

  139. rosehips says:

    well you know you have friends here who will break you free before any of those spikes are nailed through your flesh. ewwww…kinda grusome this early in the am.

  140. VotingFemale says:

    I discovered that poem in 1986…

    One of, if not the most famous poems by Kliban

  141. rosehips says:

    I got some cheese and set a trap.
    And sat back on my stool .
    A mousie sniffed then took a bite.
    now mousie dead, the fool!

  142. VotingFemale says:


  143. rosehips says:

    love the music and the sound effects vf! You can hear him munching those poor mouses’ heads off.

  144. VotingFemale says:

    munch munch munch


  145. rosehips says:

    yum yum

    are you going to post a new report today vf?

  146. VotingFemale says:

    Did you see iReport edited their banner?

    They removed the “Uncensored” claim…
    Guess they admit their bias finally.

    The ‘new and improved’ Banner:

    “iReport.com is a user-generated site. That means the stories submitted by users are not edited, fact-checked or screened before they post. Only stories marked “On CNN” have been vetted for use in CNN news coverage”

  147. rosehips says:

    yep, I think they did that a while ago. I noticed it last week.

  148. VotingFemale says:

    Today’s Post will be about CNN trying to cover their ass after getting hammered for their Blatant Left Wing Partisan Propaganda Attacks on Tea Parties

  149. VotingFemale says:

    guess you are busy… talk later… got a post to write and publish…

  150. rosehips says:

    ohh goodie…can’t wait.

  151. VotingFemale says:

    oh there you are!

    yeah… got to get busy with it… be back later dear!

  152. billalmighty says:

    I don’t understand what glen beck or garofalo either one have to do with american politics…except they are both very opinionated and choose to talk about it on television. besides that, they are both entertainers who should be given equal credibility…no matter which one you side with. the truth is often painful. lol. I’ve got to read some more blogs on this page!!

  153. VotingFemale says:

    Morning Bill,

    We all have opinions about things.
    And independent thinking can sort out bull crap from fact.

    Fact is Garofalo is a professional Left-Wing Activist with no quams about taking the gutter crawling approach. I am glad to see it… it show cases the mentality of MOONBAT Freaks of her ilk to the world.

    No wonder her dog pissed on her.

  154. rosehips says:

    hey bill!

    I couldn’t find the vid with the dog peeing on garofolo.

  155. billalmighty says:

    good morning
    lol! good doggie 🙂
    lol @ MOONBAT 😀

    I do think the world is already aware of the freaks from all sides. I include glen beck in that group too…he’s not an independent thinker as he claims to be… he’s a right-wing activist. he bashed mccain right along with the other conservative extremists, even after mccain was the republican candidate. I’ve got no love for the people who do nothing but rip apart those people who choose to run for office and become public servants. I have yet to hear glen beck support anyone except his own ideas. All these extreme left and right wingers would do the nation a lot of good by showing some restraint.

  156. m2elena says:

    I didn’t like McCain very much and I’m not really an extremist. I liked Palin more than McCain. I think Glenn is not an extremist at all.

    Good morning everyone!

    McCain put in that shitty McCain Feingold Law which allowed Obama to buy the Presidency with all his foreign and wall street backing.

  157. rosehips says:

    why doesn’t glen just run for president next time and see how he holds up under scrutiny? I don’t think he will be able to handle it. He would just start bawling if the media called him out.

    I don’t disagree with glen on everything. Honestly, I’ve rarely even heard him. My son gets mad at me if I try.

    boo hoooooo glen is so cute when he gets all choked up and teary eyed. lol.

  158. m2elena says:

    All Garofalo does in insult people, I’ve never seen her make a statement that wasn’t laced with hatred for viewpoints different from her own. I guess it’s all she has to give back to the world, since she doesn’t work.

  159. rosehips says:

    hey m2!

    yeah garofalo isn’t the best spokesperson for the left. she’s much too abrasive. I like her as an actor though.

  160. m2elena says:

    yeah but she hasn’t even worked since the 90’s.. at least that’s the last time I saw her. Back then she was so insecure about her looks. I have seen her bashing herself and felt embarrassed for her, comedy routine or not. She reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell… people who need Psychiatrists… I don’t think she has a grasp on world politics enough to make any statements…


  161. m2elena says:

    or any grasp on “reality”… LOL….

  162. rosehips says:

    yeah, she wasn’t even all that articulate at times in the video. She seems to have some mental issues.

  163. m2elena says:

    Palin and Beck are kind of similar. Destroyers of corruption!

    When Beck cries, I go awwwwwww!
    Beck and I go way back, back to 2002.

  164. billalmighty says:

    ah, but there’s a little different truth behind mccain-feingold than the one you imply…the wealthy repbulican party can no longer buy elections, where they have less popular candidates involved, with national part money….it was the right thing to do even though it didn’t align with even his own personal and political agenda. now THAT’S presidential behavior!

  165. billalmighty says:

    palin cost mccain the election. boo to palin

  166. rosehips says:

    yeah, m2 I can see the attraction to beck. He is not afraid to show his sensitive side. It is endearing, fo’ sho’…

  167. m2elena says:

    I don’t know, I just know the money Obama spent, the backers behind him, the accounts that would open up funnel money to the campaign and close 15 minutes later, the ridiculous “Obama Campaign” charges that were appearing out of no where on ppl’s credit cards…. Something’s wrong. I think McCain was set up to be the Republican nominee btw. Not like we had any one worth choosing. The money behind Obama was the worst most disgraceful historical moment in this election. And then the fabulous show of an inauguration, while he tells us to “cut back” and “crisis”… the g5 jets the amount of “fat” involved…. uncool.

  168. billalmighty says:

    I approve this message

  169. rosehips says:

    I agree that palin was a liability for mccain. She may have had more administrative experience than obama, but she needed to do much more homework before she hit primetime.

  170. rosehips says:

    the dnc called me yesterday, on my day of rest (HaHa) and asked me for $44. The professional fundraiser said it was a symbolic amount to commemorate obama being the 44th president.
    I politely refused even when he explained how the republicans were far surpassing the dnc fundraising efforts. boo hoo.

  171. m2elena says:

    nah, Palin was the only thing keeping the McCain camp going. But, regardless- it should have been easy for Democrats to take over an incumbent party.

  172. billalmighty says:

    no, my friend. there has been corrupt money behind many more politicians than obama….george w was partially financed by the bin laden family. I’m not for obama…but you can’t make up stuff that only obama is guilty of, when there’s so much more to it.

  173. m2elena says:

    How can anyone Surpass the DNC, when the party has been bought up by billionaire George Soros, and his collective of 70 millionaires/billionairs…
    Democracy Alliance.

    I’m not into 1-party domination. That’s why they want money. They don’t need it.

  174. billalmighty says:

    palin is an embarrasing joke imo. I can’t even argue against her supporters as I imagine them as just like her. sorry

  175. m2elena says:

    Palin wasn’t perfect. But neither is Obama, which is on display for enemies to snicker and laugh about every day.

  176. billalmighty says:

    m2…you have to look past the last 12 months in time…not just the most recent election

  177. rosehips says:

    well, I think palin has been unfairly maligned and is much more capable than what people give her credit for. But I would not feel comfortable with her as VP or President.

  178. billalmighty says:

    I didn’t vote for obama, but I don’t snicker at my president either…no matter who it is. I’m not proud of GW, but I respect him

  179. m2elena says:

    Oh billalmight, are you from ireports?
    Check out my ireports, rosehips can verify that I am not a right-wing extremist.

    Though, I suppose Napolitano would call me one.

  180. rosehips says:

    I kinda miss gw being in the news. I have to admit I think he is kind of cute, in a glen beck sort of way but cuter. I gained respect for him when he dodged those flying shoes so gracefully. lol.

  181. rosehips says:

    yes, I will verify that m2 is not an extremist. She is rational and informed….a rare thing these days, imo.

  182. VotingFemale says:

    I snicker at presidents… it is a national American pass time. And Obama gets no pass from me because he has black skin.

    Screwed up is screwed up.

  183. m2elena says:

    I think he’s a marxist. I don’t support him.
    I see that the government isn’t accepting the Tarp.
    Welcome to Fabian Socialism.
    That’s un-american.

    Bush was business as usual, as has been for the last many decades. I don’t support Keynesian Economic if Bush does it, and I don’t support it if Obama does it.

    Frankly, I think Obama is more embarrassing than Bush, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

  184. billalmighty says:

    m2 nah…I have no ireport affiliation, and I’m not judging you as right wing…..just conversing 🙂

  185. m2elena says:

    I gots to go dry my wet hair, talk to y’all laters!

  186. rosehips says:

    I have done my share of bush bashing. I still have my “smush bush” flyswatters that I made up in ’04.

  187. m2elena says:

    remember when Bush went to a locked door and tried to open it? Obama did that. No one cares. At least Bush (though fumble his speech he did) could talk confidently without a teleprompter. Obama’s Obamaprompter is ridiculous and just makes him look more like the figurehead he is, imo. 😀

  188. rosehips says:

    bill, gots to admire a guy who can walk into a fire and not start whining that it’s too hot. lol.

  189. billalmighty says:

    socialism is a conservative spin word

    what is considered “un-american” depends on who you support

    the obama bashing would imply you might be slightly right….maybe not right-wing, but right-feather

  190. rosehips says:

    yes, obama is more concerned with image and saying everything just right. he is very calculating.

  191. rosehips says:

    lol @ right feather.

  192. m2elena says:

    fabian socialism is not a spin word, but a very real policy of rule:

    Old article, but what is not happening in there? He’s doing it all.

    I came back to clarify that when I say “enemies” and “snicker”… I’m talking about Chavez.

  193. billalmighty says:

    obama hasn’t had enough time to embarass me yet, is all I’m thinking. the rest of the world seems to be taking notice in a positive way

  194. rosehips says:

    yes socialism has become a spin word. We have had socialistic programs for years and no one was whining. What would we do without medicare? we need safety nets for people who have no other means of support. I think social security should be an insurance plan and we should only get it if we need it. I know that would set off a torrent of outrage though. wah. wah.

  195. billalmighty says:

    well, conservative values and views are very close to communism….but that’s a liberal spin word that shouldn’t be used to describe republicans. that;s the point

  196. rosehips says:

    m2, at the event I went to last week after the tea party, there was printed out literature that I should have bought. There was one with Fabian in the title and I thought of you. I have to admit that I don’t usually read those types of publications and articles. I will need to take the time and do so.

  197. m2elena says:

    Hell yeah I’m a right winger, and proud of it. I have strong convictions. And the media has too long tried to implicate GOP/Republicans as religious bigot… when every conservative I know is like me. Fiscal Conservative, social Libertarian. I’m tired of them re-defining ideals to divide us. It was LIBERAL California that voted NO on gay marriage shortly after electing Obama. I won’t let ppl say “right” is a dirty word anymore. Even if they release reports that try to implicate “right wingers” (a term they use every day on Capitol Hill) as racists and revolutionaries. Screw them.

  198. m2elena says:

    Well that’s the economic theory espoused by George Soros, and his gang of power-elite. They’ve just got their puppet enacting their agenda.

    And we’ve been a government-run economy (half socialist) since 1930. I’m against Obama’s policies and I think they are destructive to us as a nation.

  199. rosehips says:

    I do agree that we need to stop being so divisive. The Dems are whining about all the mistakes they have to fix from the Bush era. Ok already, we know things are messed up. Playing the blame game doesn’t really help.

  200. m2elena says:

    what are you talking about conservative values and views? Are you trying to say every conservative is intolerant?

    I disagree. I’m not letting the media/Dems redefine a necessary party to keep this nation a republic.

  201. m2elena says:

    This past week on ireport, the only people talking about race, or religious bigotry is Liberals, because they cannot handle a different group of people (those who oppose their views) participating in protest.

  202. billalmighty says:

    the truth is:
    if you disagree with something-it’s propoganda
    if you agree-it’s FACT

  203. billalmighty says:

    both sides bash each other and always have. not everyone chooses to be on one of those sides

  204. billalmighty says:

    I’m so sick of hearing “liberal media”. conservatives have microphones and cameras too! it’s not that the message isn’t out there….it’s just not popular

  205. m2elena says:

    nah, I think the media and the power-elite backers are trying to divide us, I’m not puttin’ up with their bullshit, or stalinist spin on laws….
    “Employee Free Choice Act”
    “CyberSecurity Act”….
    I’m gonna fight for the Republic.

  206. VotingFemale says:

    Bill, that’s your opinion… and we all know…

    “All general statements are bad.”

    Disagreeing with a fact is a fool’s folly.
    A fact is a fact.



    the truth is:
    if you disagree with something-it’s propoganda
    if you agree-it’s FACT

  207. m2elena says:

    I don’t see a problem with having “conviction” for one side or the other. Are “moderates” supposed to be more advanced people?

    Rosehips has convictions for social justice.
    I have convictions for strong State government, little Federal government and individual liberty. I am not going to be made to feel bad for taking a side or position. (No matter what the media try to do with their think-tanked messaging.)

  208. rosehips says:

    I disagree bill. I think the message is very popular. Fox is #1 in the ratings.

    bill said: conservatives have microphones and cameras too! it’s not that the message isn’t out there….it’s just not popular

  209. billalmighty says:

    we can all manuFACTure anything that suits our argument….and obviously we do 😉

  210. m2elena says:

    When you have a large population who won’t stand up for convictions you open yourself up for total abuse by power-agenda driven elitists.

  211. VotingFemale says:

    manufactured assertions are just that… assertions.

    but facts, as they say, are Facts! 😉

  212. billalmighty says:

    omg! fox news! lol! the “cnn” of conservatives!

  213. m2elena says:

    bill, if you go back through these posts, you will see that many people commenting that you’d label right-wingers indeed identify Fox as the anti-thesis to MSNBC. So?

  214. VotingFemale says:

    A new VotingFemale Blog Post; Hot off the ole wordpress. lol

    CNN Caught Red Handed as the Anti-Tea Party Agatator MOONBATS they Are

  215. rosehips says:

    facts can be ambiguous depending on how you use them. If a fact is taken out of context it can be spun to be something it is not.

  216. VotingFemale says:

    shall we move to the new post? shorter comment log… faster load times.

  217. billalmighty says:

    the republican party knows all too well about power-agenda driven elitists. they invented them. that’s all I’m saying. you all are bashing obama and the dems for the same stuff your conservatives are guilty of. is this the first election you’ve been interested in? do some research. some of us have paid attention our whole lives!

  218. billalmighty says:

    i’m not labeling anyone in here. things are lining up they way they are through conversation

  219. m2elena says:

    I’m over at the other thread…

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