Rick Sanchez: CNN’s Chief Obama Concubine is a DUI Hit & Run Murderer

Rick Sanchez: CNN's DUI Hit 'n Run Murderer and Obama Concubine

Rick Sanchez: CNN's DUI Hit 'n Run Murderer and Obama Concubine

Rick Sanchez, CNN’s Chief Obama Concubine is a DUI Hit & Run Murderer who got a slap on the wrist for killing a man who died after suffering brain damage, months of a coma, and paralysis before finally dying.

This is the pompous jerk who falsely attacks Glen Beck accusing Beck of inciting people to kill people.

Not only is that a slime ball sleazy false attack on Beck but Sanchez is a killer.

The hit and run DUI felony-level incident happened on December 10, 1990.

Rick Sanchez: the hit-and-run, DUI murderer of Jeffrey Smuzinick

Posted by Gary Shumway in Crime, Justice, Miscarriage

Published in April 10th, 2009


“It happened on Dec. 10, 1990. Mr. Sanchez, seriously drunk behind the wheel, with his dad as passenger, was leaving a Miami Dolphins game. He had barely left the stadium parking area before he hit a man who was running between cars, and who (unfortunately) was also drunk. Undoubtedly helped by invisible friends on the police force, Sanchez was not charged with causing the accident, but was later charged with (and pleaded no contest to) DUI.

But here’s the cowardly part: Sanchez initially left the scene of the accident for 2 full hours. One local report said he first went home to get his license and fell asleep. (Yeah, right.)

Here is Slick Rick’s real story from bartcop.com entitled “Rick Sanchez – DWI, Hit-and-Run criminal

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70 Responses to Rick Sanchez: CNN’s Chief Obama Concubine is a DUI Hit & Run Murderer

  1. VotingFemale says:

    Rick Sanchez is the CNN day time anchor who attacks the right and blows sunshine up Obama’s ass everyday on CNN like the pompous Moonbat Concubine he is.

  2. Indycoltsfan says:

    The hypocrasy of the left never ceases to amaze me.

  3. VotingFemale says:

    He is, without a doubt, a James Carville flunky.

  4. Indycoltsfan says:

    What about keith doberman the left wing in the tank for obama mslsd attack dog.

  5. VotingFemale says:

    The gall of these sleaze ball bastards is overwhelming, Indy.

  6. VotingFemale says:

    lol @ MSLSD

    yeah they are high on Obama Hopium…

  7. ohiobelle says:

    WOW! I never heard this before. Going home and sleeping off the buzz or drinking a pot of coffee doesn’t make him innocent of murder.

  8. ohiobelle says:

    keith doberman hahaha. I like to call him the ass clown. I can’t stand that guy!!!!

  9. Indycoltsfan says:

    What is sad is there are so many stupid two legged american lard a&&es as well as lard brains the soak up the propaganda garbage and buy it hook, line, and sinker because they are too lazy to seek the truth.

  10. ohiobelle says:

    Indy, I assume you are talking about ass clown Keith?

  11. Indycoltsfan says:

    He is lucky. I worked with a guy that spent 2 years in jail for hitting a pedistrean while he was driving and impaired by alcohol.

  12. Indycoltsfan says:

    Actually I am talking about the morons that watch his so called news shows.

  13. ohiobelle says:

    Indy, I flip during The Factors commercials and all he ever talks about is Bush. He has nothing to ever report about the current situation. He is also a liar! He said that Fox lies about their ratings and that is a flat out lie.

  14. Indycoltsfan says:

    Keith doberman looks like a guy that has a chip on his shoulders because he didn’t get casted years ago in the movie (Revenge Of The Nerds)

  15. Indycoltsfan says:

    They can’t say anything positive about obama so that’s all they do is bash bush just like the do on ireport.

  16. Indycoltsfan says:

    I am sure the lefties are embarressed and disapointed with Obama so they are probably freaking out thinking about how they are going to keep defending this fool for the rest of his term so it is easy to take the spotlight off of Obama by kick ing bush to the curb.

  17. ohiobelle says:

    You’re right about the Bush bashing. Whenever something really bad is in the news then they avoid it by talking about Bush. They are so insane. They are very good at distracting and distorting.

  18. ohiobelle says:

    I am also glad to see some of the lefties get banned from iCry. Hopefully they are starting to see their fishing game.

  19. VotingFemale says:

    And they still bash Sarah on a daily basis…

    Like the freeking losers they are..

  20. ohiobelle says:

    Sarah must really make them nervous. Notice they only attack when they fear the person or when they need a distraction.

  21. ohiobelle says:

    VF, Happy Easter a day late. I was too busy yesterday and this morning to log on. Your story from yesterday was really good. I am sorry I missed that conversation.

  22. LisaInTX says:

    Sanchez needs a REALITY check! What a jerk to BLAME Beck for being responsible for what another person does. Why not put the blame on the video games (Like Grand Theft Auto) or slasher movies….that is where America has lost allot of moral grounding IMO….

  23. ohiobelle says:

    Hi Lisa. I haven’t seen you around iCry even though I am not on there that much anymore.

  24. ohiobelle says:

    Oh my god. Somebody just passed out on Glen Beck show!!

  25. m2elena says:

    blast I’m missing Beck!! Cause my kid is watching Wubzy.

  26. ohiobelle says:

    Glenn had a guy on his show and he just passed out. Glenn came back from commerical and said the guy is okay apparently he was ill this morning and still showed up to do the show. Pretty weird.

  27. VotingFemale says:

    Happy Easter Belle! I was away doing dishes… Im DVRing Glen will have to rewind it to see what happened…

    will be back later…


  28. ohiobelle says:

    Hey guys, I am going to log off for a bit but I will be back soon. I will talk to you later.

  29. nevenera says:

    So anyhow, this lefty has no problem defending Obama as the Gallup poll still has him with a 63% approval rating, and it is going up a the moment. But that is neither here nor there.

    Ok I am a little lost on the correlation between this guy drinking and driving and his like for Obama. I don’t think your political leanings make you more or less prone to DUI… at least I have not seen any data to prove that.

    This lefty also cast no fishing lines…

    And finally not all lefties blindly follow Obama, true lefties are suspicious of anyone in charge… by nature 😛

    You know, we are not all evil 😉

    As usual I am late to the party lol!

  30. nevenera says:

    Ok, now I have said my piece defending lefties everywhere I am off to read about the story you posted.

  31. nevenera says:

    Here is another version of the story, even though it is a little more impartial, it does not make this guy look very good under any light!.

    This was posted back when it happened, and the victim had not died yet, he was paralyzed and then died of his injuries at age 35 😦


    However….bear in mind the following…

    Republican DUI / DWI Offenders – Republican Offenders – 1998 – 2008


    Now this case is comparable, however I do concede that at least this one did not get away with it


    Jury Finds Vellanoweth Guilty On All Charges – cbs13.com

    And this list (both dems and repubs) is just SAD and makes me wanna get MADD!!!!! (sorry could not help myself)


    VF if this posts twice please delete the second one…of course you can delete this one as well lol! Your post, your rules 🙂

  32. nevenera says:

    Hey VF I tried to post a comment with some interesting info on this case and others which are similar.

    If the comment did work, then it is in duplicate (I am sorry, on my end it just vanished), just ignore this message…

    I will post the comment as a reply to my “I am post” so you can see it and see if you want to have it here or not.

  33. arlenearmy says:

    This is the 1st time Ive heard this. I’m shocked. I don’t watch CNN anymore in this house. This Sanchez story sounds like the Ted Kennedy incident. Im going to that link you provided to hear the rest of the story. I am wondering why its coming out now since the incident happened in 1990.

  34. arlenearmy says:

    Ohio ….
    We missed the Glenn Beck as we we out at a tea party sign making party. Is is really true that someone passed out on the show. We will watch the re-run tonite. I can hardly wait.

  35. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Nev!

    Your comments automatically went into the moderation queue because of a change to your wordpress account’s identification data.

    No biggie.

    I just approved them now as I was not on last night.

    The purpose of this post is to factually discredit Rick Sanchez based on actual facts in view of the facts of Rick Sanchez’s own unprofessional behavior as a professional journalist daily carrying out attack dog behavior for political reasons as a Quote CNN News Announcer Unquote.

    On Rick Sanchez… you watch much of him on CNN?

    I have, and he is like the James Carville of CNN as if it is his Job to be a political left-wing operative paid to crap on Palin and the right and promote Obama and the left, in an extremist way.

    Rick Sanchez is supposed to be a “news announcer,” not a political hack gunning for folks on the right.

    Nev, I have respect for you and other Liberals. This is not about you dear.

    It is about Rick Sanchez the so-called news commentator, as opposed to an entertainer like Jon Stewart whom I do not call out and like Rush Limbaugh whom I do not call out.

    Rick Sanchez is supposed to be reporting the “news.”

    That Rick Sanchez makes accusations against Glen Beck saying Beck is trying to get people killed is outright libelous slander and not something a news announcer is supposed to be doing.

    Then comes the total Rick Sanchez Hypocrisy…

    To wit… Rick Sanchez of CNN, on December 10, 1990, with a blood alcohol level of .015 (Massachusetts legal limit is .006, btw) which is falling down staggering crossed-eyed drunk, got behind the wheel of a car, ran down a man and left him for dead and went home and obviously made phone calls looking for help from powerful friends who obviously responded with calls to police officials who were friends.

    He was obviously told things are being taken care of and to go back to the scene of the crime.

    So, two hours later he came back to the scene of the crime.

    The man eventually died and Rick Sanchez, with his connections got off scott free as if the law does not apply to him.

    Thus… I report it in on this blog post for all the world to see that Rick Sanchez is a hypocritical political paid hack who accuses Glen Beck of trying to get people killed which is a total Politically inspired like to discredit Beck.

    Yet… Rick Sanchez actually killed a man as a DUI hit-and-run driver who’s friends got him off with political favoritism.

    nevenera says

    Hey VF I tried to post a comment with some interesting info on this case and others which are similar.

    If the comment did work, then it is in duplicate (I am sorry, on my end it just vanished), just ignore this message…

    I will post the comment as a reply to my “I am post” so you can see it and see if you want to have it here or not.

  36. Indycoltsfan says:

    Hello Vf and everyone else. Check out this article. Go Texas!!!!

  37. VotingFemale says:

    Morning dear! btw, pw…

  38. VotingFemale says:

    will check out the link of yours now… brb

  39. VotingFemale says:

    seems that link is dead on arrival… mmm….

  40. VotingFemale says:

    Arlene, this is all coming out because Rick Sanchez has made it a personal vendetta, using his journalist credentials and using his job as a news announcer at CNN… to carry out bias low-ball sleazy attacks daily on anyone on the right Obama considers a political threat.

    CNN has obviously turned up the level of flaming in response to Obama’s continuing drop in his Job approval rating polls.

    That Obama’s “personal likability polls remains above 60” is also a fact… but there is a difference between liking a guy and approving of the job he is doing.

    Rasmussen Polls shows Obama Job Approval Rating has dipped to an all time LOW of 55%

    This down from 64% on Jan 22, 2009.

    Rick Sanchez is the James Carville of CNN and is on daily in the afternoon on CNN spewing his Tolling Crap on anyone on the right he sees as opposition to the great Obama.

    We all know Obama has the thinnest of skin and can not tolerate opposition, factual or otherwise.

  41. VotingFemale says:

    Nev? I am not a partisan. I am an American.

    I call out behaviors of politicians regardless of their party who’s behaviors are inconsistent with the best interests of We the People… and have called out George Bush’s behaviors many times.

    And I point out this…

    What Bush did was unconstitutional.. that he is a Republican is not going to make it go down any better than the Obama moves to do the same things.

    If you or any other liberal wants to play partisan politics and back behaviors of Obama which are inconsistent with the constitution and the best interests of We the People, that is your right to do so.

    It is my right to call out Obama on these behaviors just as it is my right to call out Bush on these behaviors.

    This is a total reversal of what Obama said he would do during his “Change We Can Believe In” presidential campaign.

    This weekend, Obama started getting slammed by Democrats for not ending warrentless wiretaps that Bush pushed through… and Obama said he agreed with Bush and will keep the warrentless wiretaps in place.

    Legal left cools toward Obama


    “A growing chorus on the legal left is cooling toward President Barack Obama as a result of recent actions by the Justice Department vigorously defending the Bush administration in what it termed the war on terror.

    “Obama Position on Illegal Spying: Worse Than Bush,” a large graphic declared over the weekend on the home page of a respected group advocating freedom on the Internet, Electronic Frontier Foundation.”


    Back a man on partisan grounds to the bitter end if you must.

    I will never do that… hell would freeze over first.

  42. m2elena says:

    Morning VF, Indy, Nev!

    So on rhayes report yesterday I left a very G-rated comment and it disappeared. It’s like an authoritarian ‘community’ over there. Ridiculous.

  43. m2elena says:

    Holy crap Indy!!! TX!? crazy!!!

  44. VotingFemale says:

    That is the way it is on iReport.
    Censorship based on Partisan bias for Obama.
    It is why I was banned. CNN could not handle the truth of my iReports.

    m2elena says

    Morning VF, Indy, Nev!

    So on rhayes report yesterday I left a very G-rated comment and it disappeared. It’s like an authoritarian ‘community’ over there. Ridiculous.

  45. VotingFemale says:

    Actually Texas is well within the US Constitution to reaffirm their State Sovereignty in view of Unconstitutional rape going on against States within the US.

    Obama is both power hungry and out of control… and he thinks he has the powers of a supreme Dictator.

    He will now get lessons in US Government 101.

  46. m2elena says:

    Seriously though. They deleted my comment, or some asshole “reported violation” b/c I told rhayes that ppl are immature and assholes. Are we not allowed to use “ass”? But I was just saying, that’s who they are- who cares… No censorship.

    2nd comment deleted that day.

  47. VotingFemale says:

    M2, could you just imagine Davidw’s reaction to this blog post and this one???


  48. m2elena says:

    Let’s see how much coverage the TX story gets!

  49. m2elena says:

    A new story, nice!
    I don’t know who Davidw is because I checked out of ireports for a month… like basically February. I’m guessing he works for CNN?

  50. VotingFemale says:

    Davidw is the manager of iReport.com and makes all the decisions about banning and moderation.


  51. m2elena says:

    yugh and that’s who auntie is always ass-kissing?
    David probably thinks I’m a jerk.

  52. m2elena says:

    Lookie der… I just set up my WordPress ID with my blog link… I’ve been kind of setting up my blog more. It’s SO FUN. ((Addicted)) 😉

  53. VotingFemale says:

    I will likely do a Blog post, aka bReport on texas and the other 10 states reaffirming their State Sovereignty in view of Obama & Company’s attempts at a Federalist Socialist Takeover of State Powers.

  54. m2elena says:

    You’ve got a lot on the plate girl!
    I didn’t know there were 10 other states also doing that. Thank goodness for blog friends.

    I miss our rosehips, don’t you?
    I have to head into work… so I will get back on later this afternoon, take care VF!

  55. VotingFemale says:

    pmobama, the entitlement hungry race minority that he is… is simply baiting people with his recent iDistorts.

    pmobama and davidbjw are too peas in a pod…

    hooo hummm… borrring

  56. VotingFemale says:

    and pmobama has now made the VotingFemale’s List of Obama Trolls 😉

  57. VotingFemale says:

    I miss rose also… and Karma.

    See ya later girlfriend!

    m2elena says

    You’ve got a lot on the plate girl!
    I didn’t know there were 10 other states also doing that. Thank goodness for blog friends.

    I miss our rosehips, don’t you?
    I have to head into work… so I will get back on later this afternoon, take care VF!

  58. yorksnbeans says:

    Are you serious VF? State mutinies?

  59. arlenearmy says:

    If Obama & company instruct or drives you down a cliff, will you jump off or will you try to flee.

    The people who followed Jim Jones were mutineers to their own families. The ones who fled to the jungles and refused to drink his koolaid were also mutineers. Everyone has the right to survive.

  60. yorksnbeans says:

    arlene – I can understand if the majority of citizens were rebellious against an enemy and mutiny was a final drastic measure, but really, Obama hasn’t had nearly enough time in office to start mutinies. IF this is what is in the works, it sounds like people are jumping the gun big time.

  61. yorksnbeans says:

    I just noticed there is a teensy-tiny smiley face up on the right hand side of this page to the right and a bit above your cat eyes! VF…did you put that there deliberately? How cute!

  62. arlenearmy says:

    I believe folks are afraid. Panic is setting in. Though Obama had not been in office that long, he is hitting is really fast & his moves are very drastic.

    Change has to be gradual. I know this from past experience when I was running an organization. When I got elected head of an organization, I had good intention and saw some changes that I felt were needed. So when I made sweeping massive changes within 30 days, there was a hostile uprising against me. Even the folks who voted me in to run the outfit & said: “Do it girl !!”.. were the ones who joined forces against the very thing they wanted me to do. York, it was a terrible scene to say the lest.

    Those life experiences have taught me that when you make too many changes overnight, somebody will get hurt … You gotta let folks have time to digest the changes. You don’t want them to choke & gag; if you do make ’em choke they will resist. They will rise against you and seek your ouster. Then you are left w/no allies. This is the truth from what I know. I’m still wearing those scars.

  63. yorksnbeans says:

    I’m not sure if this reply will end up in the right spot, but it is in response to Arlene. You are so right in that many people have a very difficult time with “change”, but considering that you went through a personal experience, you should be able to understand what Obama is challenged with. I did find it very odd that out of the clear blue last October, or whenever it was, the economy seemed to be pulled out from beneath our feet within a matter of days. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, it was a long time coming, but once it was disclosed things began to topple quickly (ie. panic settling in). I am so afraid that because of the sentiment of the protestors, more could topple unneccesarily.

  64. yorksnbeans says:

    I’ve got to go prepare dinner, but I’ll check back in later.

  65. karmahd says:

    I have to be honest here, I am very afraid about what might happen tomorrow, and that is just what some may want. I do hope it is peaceful. VF if you go take pictures.

  66. arlenearmy says:

    No need to be afraid. That’s what the dissenters want us to feel. We are not going to the rally death march. I’m looking forward to going to the tea party.

    Also, Karma look at it this way… when those folks in S.F. rallied in the streets in support of the child rapist & scorned the 4 slain police officers, were they afraid? They were pathetic, but they had no shame in their shameful protest. And to tell you the truth, I still don’t know why they were protesting. But the world do know why we are protesting.

  67. VotingFemale says:

    Morning Everyone!

    It is Tea Party Day!!!! Over 2000 Tea Parties accross the nation will protest the borrow and spend destruction of the United States perpetrated by Obama & Co… the Socialists/Marxists in temporary charge of the Government.

    Obama & Co is terrified at the procspect of losing his Poll numbers and his frightful Fall From Grace in the hearts and minds of millions of average everyday people voicing their Bipartisan views about the rape of America.
    Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are united against this abortion of a Congress and Executive Branch.

    And Obama & Co’s Media can not ignore it and sweep it under the rug… it is too big and too wide spread to ignore and ignoring it will show the Media’s true Socialist/Marxist propagandist colors to those who believed the Media to be America’s watchdog on Government.

  68. rosehips says:

    I didn’t have time to read this whole thread, but I saw nev’s comments and agree with her, absolutely, as I almost always do.

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